An unexpected turn of events …

An unexpected turn of events …

Only a few moments had passed when I heard the front door-bell ring … it was the sound I had been dreading ‘cos it almost certainly meant that Gemma had told her elder sister what we had been doing!

The only slight glimmer of hope was that – if she was ringing the door-bell – she wasn’t phoning the Police! … On the other hand it could just be the postman …

It wasn’t – it WAS Ellie …. standing there in all her beauty … looking deliciously angry!! “WHAT have you just done with my sister”!! she shouted at the top of her voice. Worried that the other neighbours might hear I hissed “Come in here if you have something to say” stepping to the side so she could come in (not that I thought she would).

She stepped straight inside and kicked the door shut behind her, wrenching the handle out of my hand. “You’ve just fucked my little sister … she’s only 12 you know”!! (She had told me she was eleven – but I wasn’t about to argue the point!) “You’ve ruined her life”!!

“I didn’t do ANYTHING she didn’t want me to” … now how’s THAT for a lame defence! “HOW COULD YOU”!? she continued “She’s a CHILD – for Chrissakes”! “Anyway – I thought it was ME you were always spying on, you lecherous BASTARD”!

She was right – it WAS her I had been watching ever since I had moved in … she was fourteen – and an ABSOLUTE FOX!! Slender, muscular, athletic, blonde, tiny titted … what more could a man (like ME anyway!) want!?

“Now LOOK Ellie – this needn’t get out of hand ….” I don’t honestly know WHAT I had in mind as an alternative (CHRIST – I was a fully grown man & had just half an hour earlier brought her 11 or 12 year-old sister to two (maybe three) screaming orgasms!)

“YOU’RE FUCKING RIGHT IT NEEDN’T” she screamed – backing me up the hall. “YOU WILL FUCK ME TOO – RIGHT NOW – OR I’M CALLING THE COPS” I thought I must have mis-heard … “YOU WHAT”?

“I’ve dreamt about your dick inside me since the first day you moved in … and NOW you’ve fucked my little sister – so you WILL do ANYTHING I say … or I’ll go to the Police – and you’ll spend a VERY long time regretting … ”

This was DEFINITELY not going the way I would have planned our first intimate encounter …. FUCK – I had fantasised about HER long enough! This just wasn’t right!


… FUCK – I never imagined she could be THIS dominant! – she’s only 14! … but on my knees I got – thinking ‘I’ll turn this to my advantage in a minute’ … thing is – it WAS to my advantage already – just not QUITE in the way I’d anticipated!!

“YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO CHILD-MOLESTERS IN PRISON …” she asked (I assumed) rhetorically … I didn’t answer … she kicked me squarely in the bollocks! …. Now THAT – I HADN’T been expecting!

Even though she had just disabled my manhood – from my doubled-over position on the ground I was able to look up and admire (albeit briefly) her muscular legs and ludicrously tall spiked stilettos.

That was BEFORE she kneed me in the face (right in my right eye-socket), and kicked me again (with even MORE force) straight in the stomach. GOD – if it had been anybody ELSE receiving this treatment from such a GORGEOUS girl, I could have appreciated her pointed ‘patent’s being used to such effect!

“YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT …” she fell, knee first, onto my exposed throat; rendering me completely helpless … I would have been EXTREMELY turned-on if it had been ANYONE else (but me) she was dominating SO effectively! It was wasted – I wasn’t even aware of the sensuousness of her stocking-clad knee against my oesophagus!

I was close to unconscious by now, but still aware of her unzipping my flies … grasping my (are you surprised!) flaccid prick, and pulling it, unceremoniously, from my trousers.

She leant forward from her position (still kneeling on my wind-pipe), and I was only vaguely aware of the soft warmth of her mouth engulfing my manhood, and its’ resultant hardening!


The next thing I was aware of … (as I regained consciousness) was that ‘MY’ Ellie was sat on top of me, bouncing up and down, with my mind-of-its-own dick inside of her!

I awoke to this realisation – unfortunately – just in time for her to achieve orgasm! …. which she did with great volume and energy …. she thrashed around, issuing guttural noises from deep within her throat, and finally slumped forward on top of me, harshly whispering in my ear “IF YOU THINK I’VE FINISHED WITH YOU YET … YOU’RE VERY MUCH MISTAKEN …”

When I finally awoke to full consciousness, she was still towering over me, with her right stiletto heel pressed hard into my chest, and growled “If you EVER touch my little sister again … I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU! … in future you will ONLY answer to ME … AND you WILL do whatever I tell you”!!

Turns out she WASN’T the virgin her sister had taken her for – but BETTER YET – she was intent on continuing MY enslavement … only draw-back was that she seemed to be putting the mockers on any relationship with ‘my-little-whore’ – her sister! – I just hope I’m more conscious for the next episode!

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