Andrea's weekend

Andrea's weekend

It was the weekend, and I had been looking forward to this night for weeks. My best friend, Will, had moved back to our home town after living out of state for close to ten years. He had gotten a band together and tonight was the bands first gig.
My wife Andrea was in the bathroom getting ready. I was setting in the living room when she called to me. I walked back to the bathroom to see her standing at the full length mirror in the nude. She turned around and pointed at her pussy and asked me what I thought. Andrea had shaved her bush bald, and it looked very sexy.
When Andrea was ready to go all I could do was say wow. She had on black fishnet stockings and a black garter belt, over this she wore a pink thong. With a mini skirt and a silk blouse she was ready to go. Andrea likes the feel of silk on her bare skin so she didn’t wear a bra and her big tits bounced with every step she took.
I stood there looking at my wife and felt the heat in my pants grow. Andrea is 5’4”, with brunette hair that goes half way down her back. She has green eyes, full lips, and the high cheek bones of a classic beauty. She is 36DD-24-34, with a perfect ass and nice shapely legs. I went to her and picked her up as I kissed her deeply. I set her down on the counter as I slid my hand to her right breast. Finding her nipple was hard as soon as I touched it I lowered my head down and took it in my mouth. As I did this I lowered my hand down to her hot, tight pussy. Rubbing her clit with my thumb I heard her moan as I rubbed her tight slit through her silk panties. She was dripping wet already so I picked her up and turned her around to fuck her from behind as I watched her face in the mirror. As soon as she felt me going for my cock she pulled away from me and told me that I would have to wait until after we got home, she had to get ready.

When we got to the bar I helped set the band while the woman set around and started to drink. Everyone was getting lose and having a good time. Soon it was time for the band to play and we kicked back and had a great time. Every time that I got up to dance every man in the bar watched me with open lust. At the first break some of the band went out to the drummers van to smoke some weed, they asked Mike if he wanted to go and he said no. I asked if I could go and they said sure, go ahead. I had never smoked weed before and I knew that I wanted to try it.
When I came back in I said that I didn’t feel anything after smoking weed for the first time. Mike told me I had to smoke more to get off.
After another set of good music and good times the band went out for more weed in the back of the van. I went with them to smoke more grass. When the guys from the ban band came back this time they told Mike that Andrea had gone to the bathroom.

Just as the band started on there third set I set down next to Mike and grabbed a handful of his cock, before taking his hand and putting it between my legs. I hadn’t taken my thong off as I loved the feel too much, especially as my pussy was soaking wet. I could feel that I was very turned on. So while people set all around us and Pam set right beside me, Mike played with me through my underwear in the next 5 minutes.

After a few minutes Pam asked me if I wanted to dance. I went to the dance floor and after a short time started to dirty dance with Pam. Pam openly touched my tits while I semi-rubbed my cunt into her leg, only as a joke. Mike sat there with a very hard cock. I don’t think at there was a man in the house who us them dancing who wasn’t turned on. The dance floor cleared a bit as we danced. Even the women watched, and I saw more then one woman touch herself as we danced. I wasn’t sure what to think.

It was a roaring party. The combination of weed and alcohol had me a bit drunk and stoned by the end of the fifth act. I wanted to go home and get some sleep, but Mike didn’t want to go, and I was still horny anyway.
What didn’t help my sleep was the sudden arrival of two friends, Brenda and Linda.

"What do you think, you wanna come and chat?" Brenda asked me as they stood several feet from me.
"Why not," I replied.
We went into a couch room, and sat down. I was really feeling stoned now.

"Andrea? How do you feel?" a voice came from far away. I opened my eyes and saw Brenda and Linda sitting on either side of me. Perhaps I should have been worried, there were rumours that they were raging lesbians, but I really didn't care at that point. As long as they didn’t try anything, I was ok.

"Fine," I said, rubbing my nose.

"We brought you in where it was quieter," Linda said. I took a look around. It was nice and quite, cool too. Nice place to chill out.
The thought crossed my mind that maybe they would rape me. Would that be pleasant, I wondered. In my horny state I toyed with the idea of licking out Linda while Brenda sucked on my nipples. The thought didn’t last for long though, I wasn’t a dyke.

I tried to think of a conversation topic, and in my slow state I came up with what I’d just been thinking. "Are you girls really lesbians?" I jokingly asked.

"Yes, we are," Linda said, moving closer and taking off her shirt. I suddenly realized that something wasn’t quite right.

" Let's find out if you’re one," Brenda said, from behind me. She suddenly swung me round and pressed her lips against mine. I sat immobile, startled and scared. But I didn’t make any physical resistance to her.
Brenda began to move her tongue into my mouth. I panicked, and, releasing myself, backed myself up towards the end of the couch.
Linda just smiled, and wormed towards me. She was stronger than me, and I was stoned anyway, so she had no difficulty in pinning me down.
Brenda came on top of me, and seductively licked her lips. I was going to be raped by two horny girls!

I felt Brenda’s tongue slowly edge its way inward. Screw it, I thought, and gave in to my desires. I responded.
Brenda's mouth was very soft, softer than any boy I had kissed. I fenced with her tongue for a moment, then Brenda clamped down on my tongue with her teeth and pulled it out. Linda giggled, and pinched my nipples. Brenda finally let her tongue go. I licked my lips and pulled Brenda close for another kiss. What the fuck was I playing at?
I felt Brenda's hand reach out and play with my small, rounded breast. Her fingers began to tweak my nipples through the material of my lacey bra, causing them to harden and rise. When she had manipulated them to aching stiffness, she went in for another kiss, while moving my bra. She pulled it below my left breast and sealed her lips over my nipple.

"Oh God, that feels so fucking good," I mumbled in a little girl voice. I couldn’t help myself. I felt that this was wrong, but I was too horny and desperate to care.

While Brenda continued with her sensual act, I felt a movement on my right thigh and looked down to see Linda kissing the inside of my knee. I uncontrollably shivered in delight. As the roving mouth grew closer and closer to my panties, I breathed faster. My eyes were open in wonder and pleasure as Brenda slowly withdrew from my breasts. My hand went to her leg and massaged it hesitantly. Linda continued on my thigh.

"You like that, don't you?" Brenda asked with a smile.

"Oh yes," I sighed. "Does that make me a lesbian?"

"Absolutely," Brenda nodded.

"Oh well… ok," I said, enjoying the manipulation of two mouths and four hands on my body.

"It's too hot for these," Brenda said, taking off her bra, and kicking off her black thong. I gasped. She was beautiful.
"Here, let me help you," she said, reaching behind me and releasing my bra. I felt a lot of relief when my bra sprang off my engorged breasts, leaving me bare and unencumbered. It was nice to feel the cool air on my titties.

Linda began to slowly kiss her way up my thigh. Sucking slowly just under my tummy, she started to tease the elastic of my thong. She made eye contact with a meaningful smile on her face. Did I really want to go this far with another girl? I nodded.
Linda had my panties off in seconds.

I liked the feeling of soft, warm skin against my own. I also liked the feeling of Linda's hot lips touching my inner thigh, then moving directly to her pussy.
The feeling of Linda’s lips on my wet horny cunt was amazing. I gasped and stiffened, not expecting to be eaten, and not expecting the intensity of feeling that shot through my pussy and loins.

"Oh… oh God," I gasped in surprised wonder. How could Linda just go down on another girl like that? How could anything feel so good? Her entire body was on fire. Her pussy and thighs quivered in time with the flickering tongue in her wet mound. Linda was giving her a world class eating, the first eating Andrea had ever received. Being a lesbian was certainly a good thing.

"Would you like to try it?" Brenda asked, before kissing her ear.

"Try what?"

"Eating pussy?"

"Oh God, I don't know if I can”, I replied.

"Try," Brenda said with a sympathetic smile.

"Well… how?" I asked, suddenly nervous.

"Just lay down and I'll take care of it," Brenda said, rubbing her own breasts.

With passion clouded eyes, I focused on Linda feasting on her own pussy, while Brenda got into position. She simply knelt over my face and lowered her pussy until it touched my lips. I felt longing and desire.

I cautiously kissed it, then licked my lips. The skin was exquisitely soft, and oh so hot against my lips. The feeling was marvellous, and the aroma was fascinating. Growing bolder, I extended her tongue and pressed it into the folds of moist pussy flesh. Drawing it back, I tasted it again. I could find nothing bad about the taste of Brenda's pussy, and with that in mind I sealed her mouth over her cute little shaved beaver and began sucking. My tongue snaked up into the tunnel of Brenda's vagina. I tasted the womanly saltiness inside and decided I liked it. From the groans Brenda was making, it seemed she liked it too.

And so, I eagerly began eating the first pussy of my life. Of course, the return of Linda’s mouth to my own pussy was making me unbelievably horny. After a few minutes of Linda going down on me, I felt so desperate to cum that I would have eaten my own mother.

I licked up into Brenda's pussy repeatedly. Brenda gasped and mashed her tits with her hands. It was obvious that she liked it, even though I was unsure about how to eat another woman properly. But still, it was very erotic seeing Brenda's smooth pubes and naked body above me. Brenda had very nice titties, similar to mine, and much smaller than Linda's.

It's strange, I thought, I had barely noticed another girl's breasts before. Then again, I hadn’t done anything like this before. It was funny how making love to another woman… women, could change me in such a short amount of time.
"I am a lesbian," I gasped up into Brenda's pussy.

"Relax and enjoy it," Brenda smiled down at me. "Being a lesbian is a wonderful thing. Besides, none of us are really lesbians, we are simply bi."

"Oh, right," I said, lashing Brenda's pussy with my tongue. Being below Brenda's pussy, Ihad an advantage. All the pussy juices drained directly from her pussy, down into my mouth. I’d have probably found this disgusting a couple of hours previously, but now I found myself swallowing convulsively as my mouth filled with the sweet juice. I couldn’t get enough- I lapped it up, sucked it from her pussy, and played with her clit, all in a choreographed symphony of movements. I loved being a lesbian. Brenda had such a sweet pussy.

Linda looked like she just wanted to crawl up inside of me and eat me from the inside. She was so damned sexy, especially while her mouth was glued to my pussy. I felt like the lucky slut I was.

Brenda was about to cum. I could tell because she was panting like a bitch in heat. She dropped her hands to my breasts and mashed them viciously. I didn't mind. I was too stoned to care too much about rough play.

Panting explosively, Brenda let out one long cry and stiffened, jerking spasmodically on my mouth. I continued eating her pussy until she pulled off and fell to the couch beside me.

Linda took a fold of my flesh in her teeth and pulled it. I cried out and looked down. Screw Linda, I thought.

"Dam," Brenda said in surprise. "She back in my pussy again." And I was.

I moved over to where I could lick Brenda's pussy again. She was moaning and licking like there was no tomorrow. She shrugged and leaned down, helping Linda lick me to my own climax. It didn't take long, as my loins were on fire. I felt the heat building in her pussy and licked Brenda hurriedly, knowing it would all end in a moment. I just loved the taste of her pussy, and sucked and tongued Brenda frantically, while feeling two tongues and one finger in my own pussy. It was just too much.

"Oh fuck," I gasped. I grabbed Brenda's ass and pulled it down to my mouth, holding it in a death grip as her my pussy bucked, clenched and exploded.

"Oh God," I gasped again. My body was shaking out of control. As my pussy spasmed, their tongues continued stimulating my pussy, bringing on yet another orgasm on the tail of the first. When the third orgasm started, I collapsed, exhausted.

Linda rolled off my pussy and deeply kissed me. I could taste my own juices on her tongue and face and licked it liberally, cleaning her beautiful face of all my juices. They were actually quite sweet as well.

"I love the taste of pussy," I groaned. “And I want to do this again.”

"You can taste my pussy any time you want," Brenda said. “Maybe next time we’ll bring our collection of toys”.

I suddenly realised something. The band had stopped. I looked at the clock and saw it was 12.10. Shit, the party ended half an hour before. Mike would be wondering where I’d got to.
Quick as I could, I slipped on my thong, pantyhose, miniskirt, blouse and shoes.
"That was beautiful," I said, going towards the door. "I’ll see you girls around".
I quickly kissed both Linda and Brenda, and then made my way back.

The band was almost loaded up and it was time to go home. Mike was wondering if I was ever going to turn up- I told him I’d met up with some friends, and we caught up on each other. Turned out Will and Pam rode with other people to go to an after hours party. We, however, were off home.
On the way to the car I couldn’t help thinking about my experience. I started feeling horny again, and looked at Mike.
We where not even out of the parking lot before I got down on my knees in the car, and started digging his cock out of his pants. My thong dug into my ass crack, but I didn’t care. It just turned me on even more.
I played with it for a bit, toying and kissing, before taking all 8” of his cock down my throat at once. I sucked hard, licking it with my tongue. In the end though, we got home before her could cum.
When we got to the house I got out of the car while he put his hard cock away. I stood on the porch under the porch light with my blouse all the way open and with my skirt hiked up as I rubbed two fingers around my dripping wet cunt.

I didn’t know what the fuck had got into Andrea, but she was very turned on. I opened the door and pulled her in the house as fast as I could; at the same time I was so horny that I thought about fucking he right there.
Andrea always gets very turned on when she flashes her tits, but she always got mad if I wanted her to show her pussy, now she not only flashed her cunt but fingered herself at the same time.
I locked the door and turned around to see her blouse, skirt, and shoes lying in the floor on the way to our bedroom. I walked back and thought how good her tight pussy would feel.
As soon as I got to the door she grabbed me, pulled my pants down to my knees and pushed me down on the bed. She took my cock in her mouth in one big gulp as I pulled her around to eat her tight shaved pussy. She was wetter then she ever had been as I sucked on her clit and slid two fingers in her cunt while I worked a finger up her even tighter ass.
After she came twice she pulled off of me and turned around, eager to take my cock into her pussy.
I lay down on the bed, so that she could ride me like a cowgirl. She got on top of me, and slowly placed her hot, soft pussy lips over the head of my cock. She began to move down my shaft, engulfing all of me inside her. When she finally got to the bottom, she wriggled around for a bit, then began to move up and down.
She rode me like she had never ridden me before. Grinding my cock into her pussy and then rising up until the head of my cock was almost out of her only to slam down on it as hard as she could.
After a few minutes of this I could tell she was nearly at orgasm. Riding and grinding my cock deep in her cunt she grabbed my hand and put it on her clit. I rubbed it until she was screaming like never before.
I could feel myself nearly cumming, but Andrea suddenly came so hard I thought that she was going to pass out. After that she took my hard cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I came all over her mouth, face, and tits. Andrea got down on her knees and sucked my cock clean.

When I woke up in the morning, Andrea was still fast asleep.

I woke up feeling shit. What the hell had happened last night?
Oh right, the band. And…fuck…that thing with Brenda and Linda!
I wasn’t sure what to think. I realised that in my drunken, stoned state, I had participated in a lesbian orgy with two of my friends. And yet…I liked the idea. I remembered Linda’s lips on my pussy, and I began to feel my cunt becoming wet. I touched it, and my hand was soaking. I put it in my mouth and sucked myself from it.

I was completely naked, and reached into a side drawer, taking out my two dildos. I really needed to use them.
I had a long thin one, and a larger pink one. I got the thin dildo, and placed it at the entrance to my vagina. I moved it in, feeling the pleasure. I moved it in and out a few times, before putting it away and picking up my favourite.

It was still sticky from the last use, so I washed it in the sink. While I was there, I got a mirror. I wanted to watch this.
I was still amazed, at how real it looked and felt. When I turned the dial, the powerful vibrations shocked me and I dropped it onto the floor, where it spun wildly in a crazy circle. I got the giggles, as this pink cock whizzed around, out of control, at my feet.
I lay on the bed, facing the mirror, on the wardrobe, with my legs spread wide apart. My neatly shaved fanny was dripping at the prospect of having this inside me.

As I ran the plastic cock up and down the crack of my swollen, pink quim, it felt dirtier and sexier, than ever. When I tried to slide it inside, even though I was very wet by this point, it wouldn’t go in. Fuck.
Looking around, I spotted some face cream, and dipped the knob end in. It now looked like it was covered in spunk, which turned me on even more. Still watching myself in the mirror, the dildo now slid inside past my pussy lips very easily, slowly filling me. It took a while to get it all in, but it was fantastic as I savoured every inch of my pink friend as it filled my pussy more than my husband ever had. I loved the idea of fucking myself and watching, at the same time.
I increased the speed of my fucking, and started to rub my swollen clit with the other hand. When on the verge of orgasm, I remembered the speed dial. Stopping for a moment to recover, I quickly turned the dial. It took a couple of pushes to get a rhythm going, but when I did, I thought that I would go crazy. The vibrations had me bucking like a bronco, and my fingers were nearly tearing my clit out.

I screamed, as an orgasm tore through me.
I somehow managed to turn the dial, slowing down the vibrations, while continuing to fuck myself, slowly, for another few minutes, until I got my breath back.
When I had controlled my breathing, I went to the toilet for a pee. My fanny was still throbbing, as I had a long, enjoyable, piss. I washed the cock, again, and gently dried it. After hiding it in my overnight bag I went and had a shower.

Drying myself was fun, rubbing the towel over my breasts. I started getting horny again. Time for a phone call.
"Hi, Linda, it’s me?"
"Hi Andrea. I guess you want some more of last night?"
“I’ll see you and Brenda in an hour”. I put the phone down, and thought about what clothes to wear. Thong, bra, jeans, blouse, shoes. When I was ready, I got in the car and drove off to see my lesbian friends.
I got to Linda’s house in a few minutes. After parking the car, I went up to the house and rang the doorbell. Brenda answered, and showed me inside.
“Andrea, have a drink.” She handed me a bottle of wine and a glass, and told me to go upstairs where Linda was waiting.
I took a deep breath, and followed her command. I wasn’t doing this under the influence of drugs or alcohol (yet). I really wanted to fuck these two girls again.

I opened the bedroom door, and went in. Linda was inside, only wearing a bra and panties.
“Hi Andrea.”
“Hi, Linda”, I responded.
Linda made her way to a side table. The lights had been dimmed, but I could see that Linda was standing by a collection of sex toys. I felt nerved, and drank some wine.
I had brought my big pink dildo from home, and showed it to Linda. She gently took it from me, and ran her hand up and down it.

Linda told me to take a seat with my drink. She also made me promise not to masturbate. I accepted, and sat down on a chair facing the bed.
Linda got up on the bed in her underwear, and smiled down at me.

“This is for you, so watch carefully. And I don’t want to see your hand anywhere near your pussy, lover”.

Linda slowly pulled her bra below her breasts, carefully stroking them with her hand. She began to pull her panties down and to the side.

Pausing, she slipped two fingers in her wet cunt, and quietly moaned in pleasure.

I was already on edge, but Linda decided to get up off the bed, and walk over to me. She positioned her wet pussy over my face.

I could smell her overpowering womanhood above me, and was tempted to eat it there. But I remembered her demands to stay still and watch.

She showed me her tight ass, and began talking dirty.

“I’m going to put your pink friend deep in there. I’m going to feel it deep inside me, where it was once deep inside you”. I’m going to be filled by it, I’m going to cover it with my juices, then you can take it deep down your slutty throat and lick them off.
Linda put the dildo on the bed, head up, before slowly lowering her pussy onto it.

She bounced up and down a few times. I spoke to her: “It looks like you’re lubing yourself up”.
“That’s because I am, hon”, replied Linda. I felt puzzled at this, and it must have showed, because she continued to explain.
“You see, I’m not going to fuck my pussy. I’m going to fuck my ass”.
I didn’t know what to say. I’d never had anal sex with Mike, and I didn’t want to. But Linda was, well, someone different, and I found the idea of watching her use my dildo on her rear hole a turn on.
She took the dildo out of her cunt and placed it by her asshole. She slowly sat down upon it.

She screamed as the pink cock went past her sphincter. She looked like she was in real pain, but she didn’t stop lowering onto the dildo until it was most of the way inside her.
“Mmmm. Like a little pain with my sex”, she said. I just stared.
Linda laid back, getting used to the feel.

After relaxing for a few moments, she got into the doggy position, and began to fuck her own ass.

She looked like she was enjoying it, moaning and groaning. I began to wonder what it would be like in her place, as the dildo slipped in and out. She frantically rubbed her clit.

After a final squeal, I knew she had climaxed. She let the dildo slip out, and dropped it on the floor.
She spoke in a little girl voice. “That was great. My little ass feels sooo stretched, wouldn’t you say. She stuck her hole by my eyes for me to see.

It was really stretched. But it was also really beautiful, and I felt a strong desire to stick my tongue deep inside it.

I was still staring at it when I suddenly felt Brenda’s hand on my thigh. I suddenly realised that she’d been watching most of the show.
“I like those boots,” she said. Those were the same boots that Mike had been giving me grief over earlier.

“You look like a hooker,” she said, measuring me with her eyes, the boots reaching over the knees and almost touching the hem of the mini dress I was wearing. “You’re my little toy, aren’t you. Go on, say it.”

“Oh yeah Brenda, I’m your dirty, slutty, filthy sex toy that you can use whenever you wish.” I couldn’t believe I was being so dirty, but Brenda loved it.
“Whenever I wish? Hmmm, I might just have an interesting use for you”.

I kept looking at Brenda’s hand on my thigh; her fingers caressing me, touching the top of the boots and the bottom of the short dress. I found her staring into my eyes.

Brenda’s fingers found their way up my thigh and she yelped in surprise. “Oh, you little tart!” she said when she touched the stocking suspenders realizing I was wearing garter belt.

“Always prepared,” I whispered hoarsely, grateful to my persistence in ignoring Mike’s protests. He had called me the same, but this was different.

“I want to kiss you,” I continued and closed my eyes. All I wanted was to feel her soft lips on mine.

“Later,” she said. We’ll be having lots of fun later. But Linda and I thought we’d go and have lunch first. And I suggest you wear these. She produced a pair of jeans.

I took off my skirt, and put them on. I wasn’t sure what these two were planning, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

We went outside, and walked to the café. I couldn’t help but notice that Linda walked with some difficulty.

Lunch was fairly boring. We made pointless small talk, but I knew what was really on all our minds.
Brenda spoke up. “I’m just going to the toilet”. She gave me a meaningful stare as she left.
I waited a few seconds, before getting up and following her. Brenda was waiting for me in the otherwise deserted toilets. She grabbed me and pulled me into a cubicle, locking the door. I assumed that this would be a quick sex session or something, but I wasn’t quite right.
She whispered. “You might think you’ve been teased enough for a morning, but you’re wrong.”
Brenda reached into her handbag and produced a small dildo. “Bend over”, she ordered.
I did as I was told, not quite sure what to expect next.

I felt Brenda undo the jeans button, and they fell to the ground. She got my thong, and peeled it off. I reckoned it was probably soaking, but it was only when Brenda placed her dripping fingers by my face, that I realised how desperate I was. I sucked my juices from her fingers, loving the taste.

Brenda rubbed the dildo around my entrance, before sliding it in. She kept on going until it was in to the hilt, completely submerged in my pussy.
This is where I get fucked by her, I thought. I was really anticipating it, and it surprised me when Brenda pulled my thong back up, followed by my jeans. She slapped my ass, and motioned to the door.
I had to say something. “Brenda…it’s still in there. I can’t walk around with a dildo inside me, can I?”
“That’s the idea, sweetheart”. Brenda unlocked the cubicle, and walked out. I felt I had no choice but to follow her, and walked out into the open. Shit. What a feeling. I stopped and leaned against the sinks. Brenda continued to walk away.

Recovering my breath, I tried to think rationally about the whole situation, but the dildo inside me was stopping any rational thinking.
Another girl entered the toilets, and looked at me quizzically. Fucking hell, did she realise what was in me? I gathered my strength, and walked out. I felt like everyone was looking at me, but luckily I didn’t have to walk through the entire building- Brenda and Linda were waiting for me outside.
Linda took my arm, and began to talk. “You’re looking a bit odd Andrea, are you sure you’re ok?”
I certainly didn’t feel normal. What’s more, the dildo was making me feel extremely horny, hornier than I ever thought I could be.

By the time we got back to the house, I was gasping. When we got upstairs to the bedroom, I kicked off my boots and lay on the bed. “For god’s sake you two, fuck me! Fuck me long and hard!”
Brenda looked at Linda. “What do you think? We could fuck her, or we could tie her up in the cupboard all afternoon with that thing still inside her.”

I cried out. “No, please, please fuck me. I’m begging you to fuck me.”
Brenda advanced towards me. “We only fuck bad girls who need to be punished. Are you a bad girl Andrea?”
“Yes, yes, I’m a bad girl, punish me for being such a slut. I need to be taught, please teach me”.
“Take off the jeans”. I complied eagerly. Brenda moved my thong to the side, and removed the dildo. It slipped out, and I felt my pussy was stretched and widened by the long penetration.

Linda climbed on to the bed with me, and, crouching down, moved her head up to my thong. I could feel her sexy breath through the wet material.
She grabbed the strap with her teeth, and pulled it down to my ankles, leaving my waiting snatch exposed and ready. Linda pulled my thong off and threw it at Brenda, who threw it back, giggling.
Linda spoke up. “I wonder if it’ll go inside her?”
“Why not find out?” replied Brenda.

Linda rubbed the thong around the entrance of my pussy, before slipping it in. It went inside me easily, as Linda stuffed it down my wet tube.
“We should take a photograph for you, Andrea”,
“A mirror will do, thanks”.
Brenda held a mirror in front of me. I could see just a bit of my thong poking out, and it looked and felt amazing.
Linda playfully grabbed the strap, and wriggled it out. We giggled.

Brenda put the mirror to the side, and put on a sympathetic voice.
“I’m ever so sorry sweetie, but the fun’s over.”
I thought she meant that it was time to go home, but I was very much mistaken.
“You’ve been a bad girl, and bad girls are punished.” Brenda took my thong and rubbed it all over her pussy, covering it in her juices. She passed it to Linda and she did the same, before putting it beside her and getting a roll of tape.
“What the…”
“Ah, poor Andrea. She’s frightened. Well I’m so sorry, but as Brenda said, you’ve been a bad, bad girlie.” She caressed my thigh. “And bad girls are punished for being sluts.”

I relaxed a little, and accepted that I was about to be punished.
Linda reached out and deeply kissed me, flicking her tongue around my mouth. When she withdrew, she picked up my thong and placed it where her tongue had been only seconds previously. It filled a lot of my mouth, but I could still breathe through it.
When Linda put a piece of tape over my mouth, I couldn’t any more. I was just getting used to the feeling when Brenda handcuffed my ankles together. Linda put some rope around my wrists.

As if that wasn’t enough, Brenda proceeded to strip me of my pantyhose, before using it to tie my legs to a bedpost, and my arms to a pole higher up. Basically, I was sitting with my legs stretched horizontally and my arms stretched vertically. Oh yes, and I had a very dirty thong in my mouth.

Brenda spoke. “Andrea, lift yourself up with the pole”. I managed to lift my arse high in the air.
Linda produced what has to be the biggest dildo I have ever seen in my life. It was long and thick, with ridges and bumps. I had a good idea where it might be going, and I was concerned. I seriously doubted I could handle anything that big. Unfortunately, I couldn’t voice my concerns due to the thong and duct tape.
Linda placed the dildo underneath me. Oh, shit. I couldn’t hold myself up for much longer, but if I lowered myself down that thing would rip me apart. I just held on for dear life.
Brenda walked up to me with my miniskirt, adding to the confusion. She put it over my head, blindfolding me.

I heard Brenda sit down in the chair watching. It seemed that Linda sat on top of her, and the thought of these two naked girls weakened me even more.

My arms were turning to jelly. I’d never been particularly strong, but surely I could do better than this? I just held on. They were becoming sore and painful with the exertion of holding myself up. I was exhausted.

I couldn’t hold myself up. Uncontrollably, I started lowering. I couldn’t see anything.
I felt the head of the dildo touch my pussy. I managed to hold here for a couple of seconds, but to no avail.
The huge plastic cock parted my pussy lips, and penetrated the opening of my wet cunt. It was bigger than anything I had ever felt there before. It began to slowly slide in me.
The feeling was indescribable, a mixture of intense pleasure and pain. All I could do was bite the thong in my mouth and moan. I let go of the pole and felt my arms dangle as I was engulfed even more.

I don’t know how the fuck I managed it, but I felt relief when my butt finally touched the bed. God, I’d handled this thing.
Having said that, it was still hurting me, and I stayed in the same position for a few moments while I got used to it.

“Having fun, slut”, asked Brenda.
“Go on, fuck yourself like a dirty whore”.
I gathered myself together, and pulled myself up a little. Jesus Christ! It was amazing. I relaxed and slid back down the pole.
I raised myself again, a little higher this time, before sliding back down. I did it again, and again.
“I think she likes it”.
I certainly did. I moved myself up and down the pole, higher and higher and faster and faster.

The pleasure was intense, and I knew that I would soon orgasm. The heat and pressure was building.
I screamed, even through the thong, as I climaxed. I just sat there, still impaled by the dildo.

I heard someone get up and walk over. Next thing I knew, the skirt was being lifted off my head and I saw Brenda standing there. She untied my hands from the pole and each other, and did the same with my ankles. She peeled off the tape, and removed my thong.
“Ok, honey, you can take out the dildo now”.
I rolled over onto my side, and pulled it out. Brenda stuck a mirror in front of me, and I could see my hole stretched wider than I could have believed possible.

It was time to go home. I put back on my soaking thong, pantyhose, miniskirt, boots, bra, and blouse. I said my goodbyes, and went to the car. I could hardly walk due to the massive penetration I’d just endured.

When I staggered through the door, Mike was there to great me. He looked very horny.
Babe, I’m going to give you the fucking of your life”.
Oh, great. My pussy was so sore the movement of my thong against it was causing me pain. “Erm, Mike…”
“What? Come here Andrea, you sexy, foxy girl”.
Just what I wanted. There was no way that I could stop him fucking me, yet if he did, it would hurt like hell, and my vagina was so stretched that he’d suspect something anyway.
I remembered Linda’s face as she shoved the dildo into her arse. I was still an anal virgin, but…she seemed to enjoy it. I made up my mind.
“Mike, would you prefer fucking my arse for a change?” The response was sudden. Mike span me around, and ripped off my skirt. “Wow…” He roughly pulled down my thong, and got out his rock hard cock. I prepared myself.

Andrea’s thong was very wet, I assumed that she must have been as horny as me. I couldn’t believe that she’d finally consented to anal sex, and I was prepared to make the most of it.
I got some Vaseline, and smeared it over my throbbing organ, before placing it against my wife’s rear hole. I pushed, and the head popped in. I kept on going until I was in to the hilt, then started pumping away like a rabbit in heat. Andrea was moaning and screaming, probably with pain, but I didn’t care. It would be nicer for her if she just got on with in.

Thrusting in and out of her was bliss for me, and it sounded like she was now enjoying it too. I tried to last as long as I could, but eventually I let go and let myself cum violently into her. Andrea released herself from me, and went to sleep almost immediately. She seemed tired for some reason.

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