Are The Woods Safe?

Are The Woods Safe?

The tree was chosen in advance. You could tell the hooks were in it before today. In fact as I allowed you to tie me to the tree I wondered how often you had done this before. My hands were above my head. Next, my feet were spread. I actually am not sure what will be done to me but I have relinquished the control totally to you. I am laying a lot of trust in you.

Suddenly you pull out a blindfold and put that on me. My senses have just increased. He moves a twig over my body making me shiver. Then I feel the sting on my breast as he gives the switch a swing. Ow, I scream. You suddenly put a ball in my mouth and tape it in. You do the switch on my upper thighs too but I can't even squirm. I can feel your hand tracing over my body stopping to feel my wetness. Then suddenly nothing. I wonder what to expect next. Nothing at all. I strain to hear and can't hear a thing. I am scared. I feel the panic rising in me. I wiggle what little I can wiggle. Soon tears are rolling down my cheeks. I am scared to death that I have been left out here.

I don't know how long it has been but it feels like forever when I suddenly feel a kiss on my lips as the ball is removed. I feel a hand between my legs stroking my clit till I am wet with anticipation then suddenly you move away again.

I listen for the sound of the leaves crunching under your feet but I can’t hear anything except for the sounds of nature. I love nature I tell myself as I hang there vulnerable.

I feel something gently moving up from my feet. Is it him or is it a bug. I shake a bit and struggle against the restraints as it continues up to my inner thigh. With my legs spread wide and anchored I can’t stop what is happening to me. It has stopped in the crease between my leg and my pussy. Suddenly I feel another moving up the other leg. I am becoming hysterical and really struggling to get free as the other moves in the upward motion to the same but opposite spot on my inner thigh. Suddenly the first moves and I think I feel a sting on the lip of my clit as the other stops then does the same thing. I feel another sting then the other seems to move inside my lip to my clit. I am moving a bit but can’t move much. Suddenly both are stinging me it seems and one is now on my clit. The next joins the other side of the clit and I feel as though they are unison stinging me from opposite sides over and over. I am scared but at the same time they are messing with my most erotic zone. I can feel my body relax and actually respond to it. Just as I began to accept it they were gone.

My mind is racing and I am not sure if I know what just happened. Have I been stung by a bug or was it Master teasing me. I hang there still without knowing if anyone is near. I wait patiently the only way I must wait.

I soon hear voices. Oh no, no one should be on this deserted trail.

“Wow, now look what we have found!”

Another male voice responds, ‘seems to me it is an offering presented to us for our pleasure.”

“I told you guys I had found a present like this once before. We are to use it as we wish but not release her the note says.”

I squirm and try to speak with the gag in my mouth.

One hand begins to stroke my tits and another is between my legs.

“She is wet guys so she must want us bad.”

“Hey, lets try that double penetration we were watching on the video last night.”


I begin to shake my head no to no avail as I feel a cock at both sides of me. Suddenly I am being stretched from both sides as the two cocks ram home. The one behind is pinching and kneading my tits as the one in front is stroking my clit. I feel like I am being stretched beyond the limit. I begin to relax and enjoy as they continue to pump and grind at me.

The one behind lets go with a yell and pulls out. The one in front is still having his way with me. I am relaxing and almost enjoying it till the other shoves his cock which is larger than the first into my lubricated ass. I try to scream but they take it to mean I am loving it. The one in front cums and I can feel his juices run down my leg when the one in back finally cums also.

They all are slapping hands it sounds like and then they all slap my ass and tell me thanks for the fuck, babe! I can hear them leaving talking about what a great find that was.

I don’t know how long I hang there with cum flowing down my leg from both my cunt and my ass. I hear some footsteps and try to cower a bit for the unknown has become unexpected.

Suddenly my mouth is released from the gag. Then my feet are released. Next my hands are taken down and lastly my blindfold is taken down.

Looking into the familiar eyes that first left me here I see a smile curving up at the corners of his eyes and lips.

“Why did you do that to me.”

“You enjoyed it all so don’t deny it,” he says while helping me lay on the blanket under the tree. “Besides it will make great entertainment at our next party.”

“What do you mean?”

“I video taped the whole scene and we can show it our very own personal porno flick.”

My mouth is just hanging open in shock till suddenly a cock is shoved in it.

“Suck it babe like you never have sucked it before. Make me very happy.”

“Yes sir.”

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