Asian Dream Part 1

Asian Dream Part 1

It was time for our morning run. Nikki and I had been doing this every Saturday morning for the last five weeks, but today felt different. As I waited for her in our apartment's parking lot, the events of the night before kept running through my mind.

Now I thought, what did my asian friend say exactly? She said, "Greg, its so good to have you as a friend." Then she gave me a closed mouth kiss. There were no tongues, but still we were only friends. It was so unexpected, but also it didn't seem romantic. So what was it? We had been friends since she moved into my apartment complex six month ago and she had never done anything like that.

Nikki's family came to California from Hawaii when she was only eight. The heritage of her family was a mix of Chinese, Filipino and Japanese. The family went back seven generations living in Hawaii. The sight of her was that of a soft, mysterious asian face and dark shoulder length hair.

While I thought of how beautiful she was, I also considered the impossible. Could I have her in a way that so many guys fantasized. It might have been odd in asia, but in this country It was very common for asians and whites to be involved.

She was so gentle and kind, how could I think of such things. The idea of Nikki on her knees or taking her in a doggy style position felt wrong. She was 27 years old, but looked like a girl. Since I was two years older than her everything should be fine. It might have felt wrong, but my needs as a man said it was absolutely right.

There have been many times that I have seen her crossing her legs like a proper lady. That must have been from her old fashioned Chinese upbringing. During moments like that, all I could think about was there must be some wonderful panties underneath it all.

Then Nikki appeared ready for exercise as she said, "Good morning Greg." The asian beauty wore something totally different than all the other mornings and it really caught my eye. She was wearing a mid length T shirt and peach colored tight spandex shorts. These tight hugging shorts really showed her shape. Before, she always wore simple loose shorts that were cute, but not sexy.

I wanted to stare, but I was in control. This site of her wearing this was a treat, 'but what is this change?' I asked myself. I took a quick glance of her body and couldn't stop thinking of how sexy she looked. With a snug fit, her shorts showed a nice V shape dividing her legs from her pelvis. Her crotch was nicely outlined with the garment's snug fit.

Then I began to stretch and she followed my example. Her legs were moving with her ass and crotch swaying and bouncing. My head kept moving back and forth as I took in more quick glances of Nikki. After thirty more seconds of stretching we headed off on our regular route. Sometimes when we ran it was normal for one of us to go ahead of the other for a short distance when we felt a burst of energy. With the vision of her butt, I wanted to be trailing.

I let her get ahead a couple times as I got a few good looks at her butt. She kept looking back with her smile and asian charm. This was major motivation for exercise.

My pace increased so that I came up even with her. We stayed even for the last stretch of our route and then sprinted to finish it off. We walked and stretched while panting with every breath. She asked me if I wanted to do anything today. There was an idea I thought of the night before that popped into my head. I said, "We could go to the beach and hang out. Also, a friend of mine said I could borrow his jet-ski if I wanted. What do you think?"

She thought and replied, "That sounds great Greg, when do we go?" "In an hour, is that OK", I replied.

The chance to see Nikki in a swimsuit had been on my mind for months and now is the right weather for such an occasion. An hour later we were in my car listening to her favorite CDs.

When we got there It was still early, so the beach was just starting to fill up. We placed our towels out on the sand and now we were ready to strip. My shirt came off quickly so that I was in position to have a glance at her while she stripped. She took her shirt off showing her bikini top covering a pair of wonderful firm breasts. The best was yet to come. She unzipped her shorts and slid them down to her feet. Her bikini bottom was a sporty tight fitting piece that showed a sweet shape. I knew that it was common for asian females to have a slim figure like Nikki.

We sat on our blankets and I applied sunblock on my face and shoulders. She did the same to her and then laid on her belly with a request for me. She asked, "Would you rub some on my back, please?" This was an awesome task for me I thought.

Then I squirted a few dots between her shoulder blades and began to rub. At this point, I had never touched Nikki's body so firmly. I made this moment last with slow deliberate strokes. Her frame was slim and her body was firm. My hands moved up and down her back. Then she asked, "Can you get my legs to please?"

This was no problem. I squirted some lotion on the backs of her thighs and calves. Then I rubbed in her calves and moved upward. I started massaging her young thighs and was ready to move to her upper thighs. My hands got closer and closer to her ass and I stopped almost two inches from her bikini edge. I already felt that was closer than I should have gone, but I liked it. She showed no objection, which was a relief.

We stayed on our blanket for about ten minutes when I offered to treat her to something at the refreshment booth. We got icecream cones and walked over to some benches to sit down. Some people used the benches for lying in the sun, but we would just sit.

I straddled the bench first and sat down and then Nikki did the same facing me. As we ate our icecream she told me things were going well at her company and she liked her new supervisor. She also taught me a few basic words in Chinese. Since english has been her main language, her level of chinese was about what would be learned in one semester of a college coarse.

This talk was hard to follow as her asian charm overpowered me. Her girl like face was like a puzzle with her sexy body. She was straddling the bench. Her legs were spread with her crotch in full view of anyone close by. I was dying to look at her crotch, but couldn't while she was looking at me. There were a few times that she lowered her head or looked away giving me my chance.

Her legs were spread and the bikini was snug against her crotch. I wasn't sure if she was naive about men's interest in this vission? She could have been teasing me or just flirting. It was probably just a comfortable position for her. This was the same position that I was in. It felt natural and comfortable.

While she ate her icecream, I saw her tongue move around the cone. Her lips wiggled on the frozen treat. This was stirring lustful images in my mind. This was the way that most people eat an icecream cone, but with Nikki it looked better. I couldn't help think about my cock in her sweet mouth.

I had planned on these visions causing an erection. That is why I masturbated before I left the apartment. It helped but I could only risk sitting there for another minute before I would show a hard-on in my shorts. I stood up and walked over to a trash can to throw my napkin away. I did this to stop her leg spreading show and move on to something else.

I saw her stand up with her sporty tight bikini hugging her crotch. She walked over to me to throw her napkin in the can. Then we walked back to our blankets. We stretched out on our blankets and sunbathed for about 15 minutes. Then she asked, "You said something about your friend's jet ski."

I said, "Yeah, we have to walk over towards the boat shack. That's where he said he would be."

We started walking and a few minutes later we saw my friend Dave and he lent us the jet ski.

We got up to our knees in the water and I hopped on. Then she hopped on the back and wrapped her hands around my waist. The surf was not very rough as we rode away from the beach. As we rode there was some slight jerking and bouncing from the engine's thrusting. It had occurred to me that with this back and forth jerking motion, Nikki's crotch was rubbing and grinding against the seat. With the vibration of the engine she could be getting horny. We rode for ten minutes in a cove area and then headed back to the beach.

Her soft hands were firm on my waist and if her hands went a few inches lower she would feel my hardness. When we got back to the beach, I immediately jumped in the water to hide my erection. I steadied the jet ski so that she could dismount. As I looked at her face I noticed a slight change. This could have been the excitement of the ride or could it have been a pleasure feeling below her waist. There was no way to be really sure.

As the cold water began to relax my hard-on, she asked if we could switch with her at the controls. So I climbed on the back with my semi-hard dick and explained the use of the throttle and brake. As we rode off I cautiously placed my hands around her abdomen. She gave no objection as I felt her firm, sexy belly. This feeling was so good that I began to get hard again. Then with my full erection, I wondered if she could feel it in her lower back. Probably not, since she was leaning forward and I was trying to hold myself upright. I knew that if she keeps leaning forward, everything would be cool.

I was worried that this day could screw things up with Nikki. Or, I thought it could push things in a certain direction, telling her that I am a sexual person and I am ready for sex. Her waist felt fantastic and my hands wanted to go lower. My cock bumped against her lower back a couple of times over the course of the ten minutes and I was so hard. All I wanted was to rub her crotch and eat her tasty cunt.

As I repositioned my swimsuit and dick with a free hand, her crotch was grinding against the seat. My hands felt her abdomen while her thighs straddled that huge vibrating engine.

As my hands held her abdomen, I saw her arch her shoulders in a way that made it seem like she enjoyed my hands being there. With her crotch on the vibrating seat and my hands on her belly, she could have been getting turned on.

When we got back to the beach I jumped off into the water to hide my erection and steadied the jet ski. Nikki's face apeared flushed and her head looked downward. It was possible that she knew about my erection. Probably not, since she was too busy with her own body's stimulation. I figured that the sensation on a person's back is not like the feeling in their hands. She looked up and then she dove into the water as I held the jet ski.

After a minute my dick began to soften and I moved the jet ski up to the beach where my friend Dave was waiting. Dave's first words to me were, "Isn't it awesome when you ride with a chick?" Dave was pretty sure what had happened to us out there. All I could say was, "Oh yeah."

I returned to the water to continue cooling my penis. As Nikki swam closer to me, It felt awkward, so nothing was said by either of us about the ride.

Nikki and I took a walk as I concentrated on non sexual thoughts. We were close to the water so I could hide again if my erection returned. Nikki seemed to struggle to find a topic of conversation to get away from the sex. She finally suggested going to her friend's place tonight which seemed pretty simple. She said, "My friend Tracy will have wine, music and dancing."

After walking the length of the beach we returned to our blankets and continued to sunbathe.

Later that evening I was finishing my dinner and thinking about the time we will have at the party. I figured that this could be a special time with the asian beauty.

I was showered and ready for the night as I knocked on her door She was dressed in a simple white summer dress with a blue flower design. The length of the dress was really short. This looked very sexy and tempting for Nikki. I had seen her wearing business suits with knee length skirts for work. That was only on a few occasions for important meetings. She usually wore nice slacks for the professional woman.

The short loose dress made her look like a little girl, innocent and yet super desireable and sexy.

I drove my car and had a few quick looks at her legs, barely covered by her dress. Short skirts and dresses have always brought out the pervert in me. The panties they wear underneath cover as much as a bikini at the beach. But now when they are covered they are meant to be unseen. I couldn't stop thinking about her panties underneath. At the right angle I would have seen them, since her legs are spread about six inches apart. As we parked and got out of the car, my penis was halfway erect.

We arrived at her friend Tracy's place at 7:30. Including Tracy, there were eight people there, five girls and three guys. Nikki and I made it ten. With soft background music playing, the mood seemed pretty mellow.

There was a little drinking and some talking. The only other person I knew there was Tracy. When Tracy saw Nikki, she gave a look of surprise at how great she looked. Tracy said, "Wow Nikki, this is pretty sexy for you. I love it."

Tracy introduced both of us to the crowd and then asked if she could talk to Nikki alone. As they moved into the next room, it seemed that Tracy sensed something between us and wanted to hear it from Nikki.

I talked with the other guys while waiting for their return. One of the guys was Tracy's boyfriend and we talked about hobbies and sports.

When Nikki returned I got two glasses of wine for us as we sat with the others. Nikki talked with the other girls as I periodically glanced at her legs. The light here was better than in my car so the sight of her shapely legs was really turning me on. This asian prize came to the party with me and only wanted to sit with me. I wanted her to know that my lust for her was domminating my mind.

The party continued with conversation and typical friend talk. Nikki recited her grandmother's recipe for Chinese soup and what the best spices were in asian cooking.

Tracy sat on the other side of Nikki showing us her photo album. I was wondering about the talk the two of them had earlier. I wondered if Nikki said anything about our time at the beach or the kiss from last night.

Tracy took her boyfriend into the next room and began to slow dance. Nikki was holding my hand and I felt that she was going to ask me to dance also. Nikki turned to me and said, "Let's dance." I said, "Great."

My penis had already started to stir in my boxers while Nikki sat with me. If I slow danced with her, I knew that I will lose control. I didn't care, I wanted her to know about my lust. I knew she would feel my cock.

We moved into the next room for dancing, where the light was dim. Nikki's dress was loose on the bottom and a little strechy on the top part. The kind of stretch that gives support without a bra. It was clear that she was without a bra and it made my penis stir even more. There was no doubt that she would feel my cock in less than a minute.

She put her hands around my neck, while mine were holding her waist. After a few steps, Nikki looked at me with a smile and then put her head on my shoulder. I responded by softly pulling her waist closer to me as we swayed with the music. Her whole body was pressed against mine. I was feeling worried and excited for what I knew was about to happen in my boxers.

Her tits were pressing against my chest. Her panties were almost as close to my cock. At this point my dick was half way hard and I knew I would have a complete erection in seconds.

I got harder and harder and then that was it. There was a stiff bone jammed into her, half way between her navel and her cunt.

Then I felt a slight shake of her head and shoulders. Her feet stopped moving and she seemed to hesitate in her breathing. That reaction seemed to last forever, but it was really only two seconds.

Nikki went back to relaxing her posture and moving to the music. Then she began to hold me tighter as we swayed to the music. My cock was feeling her belly and I loved her chest. My penis was feeling electric as she pushed her hips into me.

We kept moving to the music and I hoped this moment would continue forever. I wanted more stimulation for my penis, but rubbing against her body was not right at this time. We just continued to press against eachother. She excepted my erection and my hands began to massage her back.

There was a large window in the room and with the dark outside and light inside, I could see our reflection. As I looked at Nikki's back, the light fabric of her dress gently moved over her ass. What a firm and youthful ass it was. I wanted to rub my cock against her feel that ass, but I was able to maintain control.

The song would be ending soon and I knew that it would be awkward with my arousal. I wasn't sure how to handle the transition. As the music ended, Nikki helped me by directing me into the kitchen. As we moved she said, "Let's get a drink of water." Nothing was said about my erection.

Later we moved back to the living room and sat down. I wanted to have some alone time with Nikki as I felt this was our time for something really special. After another twenty minutes she suggested that we leave. We said goodbye to Tracy and walked out to my car. I was hopeful about what would happen in the next hour with my asian fantasy.

We got out of my car and walked back to the apartment complex. I did not want for us to go back to our separate apartments. I wondered how I should keep us together. Then Nikki asked, "Do you want to watch a video that I rented?" I agreed with a relieved "yes."

I was not interested in the video and I hoped that Nikki was only using that as an excuse. In the last six months she had only invited me to her apartment once before to listen to a new CD she had been eager to buy. So I considered that these invites are so rare that this was not a coincidence.

The tension and anticipation for something was building. My desire for being with an asian woman was approaching satisfaction.

While we were in her apartment, she stood by her VCR and made no motion towards actually getting the TV-VCR ready. Nikki was fairly quiet as she picked up the video and showed it to me. I sensed that she wanted to say something but was very hesitant.

While I sat on the sofa I got her attention and slowly said, "Nikki, would you lift up your dress for me?" She stood there with quiet nerves and excitement. Her head looked downward and her voice was silent.

Then she looked up and took a few steps toward me. She looked right in my eyes with an unlikely combination of fear and calm. Her fingers grabbed the edge of her dress and slowly raised it to her chest. There was a magnificent sight of pink panties covering a female crotch. Now it was ok for me to look right at her crotch while she looked at me.

After about ten seconds, I moved off the sofa standing in front of her. I put my hands on her shoulders and moved my lips to hers. We slowly kissed and then her tongue was inside my mouth.

She placed her hands around my neck as our tongues exchanged places. As we kissed my erection was back in total hardness. I placed my hands on her ass and began to rub.

Then with a slow, comanding voice I said, "Nikki, take off that dress." She took a step backward and kicked off her shoes and got ready to disrobe. She slipped out of her dress and stood before me in pink panties and bare tits.

This was my time to get naked. Quickly I removed my shirt, shoes and socks. Then I loosened my belt, unzipped my pants and removed them. My cock was pointing straight in the air and ready to jump out of my boxers.

I pulled my boxers down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I let Nikki stare at my hard penis. After about five seconds I moved closer to her and returned to frenching her tongue. One hand was on her ass while the other caressed her tit.

I slowly moved behind her still touching her breast. My other hand went down. Down past her belly to the place I think about most. I placed my hand on her panties and began to massage her crotch. My hand touched and fondled her crotch as my cock rubbed against her buttocks. Then I pulled her panties down to her ankles and continued to stimulate her.

Her pussy hair was short and nicely trimmed. Her nipples were becoming hard and her cunt was getting moist. My finger moved between her snatch opening. It was slippery and firm. My cock kept rubbing on her cute buttocks.

Then she turned around and dropped to her knees. Her eyes were inches from my purple head. Then she looked up at me with her mouth open and I could see her tonuge. Again she looked at my penis and reached for it. She softly held it in her hand while her other hand cupped my balls.

She gently fondled my balls as she stroked my dick. She tickled and stroked as she admired my shaft. Then she opened her mouth and put my cock inside. My throbbing stick was inside her sweet mouth.

She moved up and down on the hardness. Then she moved to my balls. She licked and licked my sac as my balls felt good. She took one testicle in her mouth and calmly began to suck. She rubbed her tongue on the ball and then bounced and sucked it. Nikki returned to having her cock in my mouth. My dick was so hard, from her soothing tongue action. I leaned my head back and took a deep breath.

I pulled Nikki up and motioned for her to sit on the sofa. Then she leaned back on a pillow spreading her legs for me. Her cunt was stimulated and I was going to give it the full attention. I held her legs apart as I got closer to her genitals. My tongue reached out and touched the edge of her fishy lips. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her lips as I smelled her sex. Then my tongue went to hit her clitoris with a back and forth rubbing motion. I grabbed her clit in my lips and began to suck. I sucked, sucked and rubbed with my mouth. This was making her give Oohhh and Ahhh like sounds.

Then I placed my middle finger on opening and pushed up into her vagina. There was about ten seconds of finger fucking. Then I sucking her clit while rubbing her inside with my finger. After two minutes of this we moved to her bed. Nikki invited me into a sixty-nine position, which I eagerly complied.

Nikki sat on my face as she sucked my cock. Her cunt was there for my mouth to have. We licked and sucked for about five minutes. Her cum juices were tasty as she was shaking her ass and legs. I was about to cum as her lips rubbed my penis head. She sucked and stroked as I came in her mouth. As the cum dribbled out of her mouth she stroked with her hand the last few drops from my dick.

There it was, I had my asian beauty.

—To be continued—

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