Asian Dream (part 2)

Asian Dream (part 2)

-Continued- Part 2

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One year later I bought a condominium and asked my Chinese lover to move in with me. After living there a month, Nikki invited a good friend from college to stay with us for a few weeks. She just moved into town and was looking for an apartment. When the day came, we went to the airport to pick her up.

Her friend was named Keiko. She had a grandmother on her mother's side that was very disapointed with her parents relationship. Her grandmother was upset that her Chinese daughter married a Japanese man. By the time Keiko was three, her grandmother had come to except and respect her father. It was really best for Keiko to have both sides of her family together.

On the ride back from the airport, Nikki and Keiko talked about old times. They laughed about parents and exchanged family stories. Keiko said to Nikki, "Looks like you got yourself a great guy here." Nikki smiled and said, "Thanks."

Her hair was dark and shoulder length like Nikki's. They also had similar body shapes, slim, cute butts and medium size breasts. Keiko had a very outgoing and sexy way of presenting herself. That style was even more impressive than her beautiful face. Even though she lived most of her life in California, Keiko's dad kept the home life very japanese in style. For example, she never tried pizza until she was fifteen years old.

We got back to the condo and put her bags in the guest room. Before showing her the whole place we sat in the kitchen to relax with an iced tea. Keiko was wearing a short dress that had a very flirty style which really showed off her legs.

Again with women's short skirts. Here was a situation were I tried to behave while this new fantastic woman tempted me with the hem of her dress only six inches below her panties. Her legs kept crossing, swaying and bouncing. There were a couple of times in the kitchen that I positioned myself for a chance to see her panties. However, out of fear of being caught, I kept my eyes above her waist. While looking above, out of the corner of my eye, I only saw her thighs tempting me. It was obvious she was the kind of woman that liked to look and feel sexy.

Then we showed her around the different rooms as Nikki talked about decorating ideas. The final presentation was the patio area which included an inground jacuzzi. The jacuzzi was shielded with a fence and high bushes.

Keiko looked at the private nature of the hottub area and said, "Oh good, you have privacy. I love it when I don't have to wear a swimsuit." As she walked into the next room she turned her head and asked, "You don't mind, do you Greg?" She didn't wait for an answer.

I looked at Nikki for a response and all Nikki said was, "Well, that's just Keiko being herself."

After dinner I was putting on my swim trunks to go in the jacuzzi. Nikki was in the bedroom with me and as I put a towel around my neck she commented, "That's odd, you never wore swim trunks in the jacuzzi before." I didn't know how to respond, so I just remained silent and walked out towards the patio. The truth is that I really wanted to see Keiko naked. Even better, I prayed that alll three of us would end up naked in there together.

I sat in the jacuzzi with my swim trunks on, thinking of the two women in my home. The water massage felt good as I leaned my head back and took a relaxing breath. After about five minutes, Nikki and Keiko appeared at the patio door. They were both wearing bathrobes as they walked through the doorway. Keiko looked at me relaxing in the jacuzzi and said, "Oooh, now this is what I have been waiting for."

Keiko removed her bathrobe revealing her soft naked body. She took a step away from Nikki and dropped her robe on a chair. Nikki still had her robe on as Keiko asked, "Are you coming with me?" Then Nikki took her bathrobe off and placed it on the same chair. The two of them stood side by side, naked, soft and sexy. Keiko's pubic hair was just like Nikki's, cut to about 1/3 the natural length.

Keiko approached the edge, squatted down and placed her legs over the edge. At this time I felt no inhibition to taking a quick look at her crotch area. Nikki followed behind her and they both got into the water. There nipples were just barely under the surface of the water. The two of them sat next to eachother, touching side by side. I sat across from them with my teased penis.

After another five minutes soaking and talking, Nikki asked me if I could go get some drinks. As I walked away from the hottub, Nikki announced, "Greg, its OK, you don't have to wear your swimsuit." I continued on to the kitchen to get the beverages.

I returned with three soda cans and placed them at the edge. The two women looked at me and my shorts, but didn't say a word. They looked at my shorts more than my face. It was clear what they were thinking. The thought of being nude in front of Keiko had been exciting me since dinner and as I was getting the drinks I knew it was about to happen. My dick was getting aroused, but I was a little nervous at the idea of revealing myself. These nerves prevented a noticeable erection.

I pulled my swim trunks down to my feet and tossed them over with the bathrobes. Part of me wanted to control my erection and yet something inside of me wanted to show Keiko. There was no rush in my movement to get back in the jacuzzi. Both women kept looking at me and rather than jump in the water to hide my soon to be arousal, I picked up a soda and took a sip. By now I was half erect as the women grinned slightly and then Keiko looked away.

I got back in the jacuzzi and continued to drink. Their clevage seen through the surface of the water gave that look of a subtle female posture that teases a man. The two of them were so close, it was clear that their thighs and arms were touching.

Nikki switched over to my side and put her hand on my shoulder. She started to rub and massage my neck to let me know that she didn't forget about me.

Keiko started talking about how she broke up from her relationship six weeks ago and that things felt normal again. She talked about meeting new people. I said, "Yeah, Nikki told me about Joe and I'm sure you will find another guy real soon.

Keiko added, "Ahhh yeah, that was Jo, short for JoAnn. Did Nikki tell you that I date both men and women?"

I was surprised and wanted her to keep talking about it. There were opened ended comments and questions that kept us on the topic. I said, "Well, someone as attractive as you could have your choice of some really great people."

The thought of seeing this beautiful woman eating another women was getting me hard. Nikki was smiling and did not seem at all uncomfortable with what Keiko was saying. Nikki put her hand on my thigh and moved it towards my cock. There was a slight twitch from her head when she discovered my throbbing dick. She knew that Keiko's revelation was getting me hot. When she felt my totally hard cock, she whispered in my ear with a giggle, "Oh you dirty dog."

Then I said to Keiko, "I think its great that you live your life the way you want and not the way society tells you." Nikki knew that I was just trying to score points with Keiko. Then she said, "Oh thank you so much Greg. You know I had my first time with a woman six years ago. I was a little scared, but I still really wanted to do it. We met in my aerobics class and became very close."

Keiko kept talking about her experiences for a few more minutes until she had enough of the warm water. She got out of the jacuzzi and walked over to her robe. I kept looking at her slim, tight body.

When she was gone Nikki said, "Wow, I see that you really find Keiko attractive."

I responded with, "It was the things she was saying that did it. I couldn't help it. I'm sorry.
She responded, "Oh I understand about male fantasy."

I asked, "How does it make you feel?" Nikki said, "I'm OK with it, I mean its what she wants, so why should I mind." I added, "The whole thing seems wild and very exciting."

Then I asked her, "Are you attracted to Keiko, do you want her?" She was silent and uncomfortable with this kind of question. After I asked this I wished that I didn't. I should have been more subtle in my pursuit of this issue.

She did not say anything and left me alone in the jacuzzi. Then I made my plan of action to repair the damage I had done with Nikki. In bed that night, I appologized and said, "My fantasy got ahead of my brain and I just wasn't thinking.

From the discussion that followed I found that she was not mad at me but that she was troubled by memories of Keiko. It turns out that Keiko had propositioned Nikki several years ago and Nikki only wanted to stay as friends, not lovers. This made things hard on their friendship for about a month after the proposition and then things got better. After all that, they still managed to remain good friends. She knew that Keiko was still attracted to her and that the offer was always there. Now with what I said in the jacuzzi, it got Nikki thinking again.

The next night we all went into the jacuzzi again and for the most part we kept the topics away from sex. We were still naked of course.

We all went to bed later that night. Nikki wore panties with bare titties and I was nude. After we got under the covers, I stayed in bed and touched Nikki's body. After a half hour, I could not sleep. I got out of bed to get a drink from our own bathroom and while I was close to the door I heard very soft music coming from the living room. My devilish curiosity wanted to go see what Keiko was doing. Nikki was fast asleep so I went out into the hallway and closed the door behind me.

I walked down the hallway in the nude and saw a dim light by the sofa. Keiko was sitting there in her panties and topless. She had a drink in her hand, while listening to soft music.

I said, "Hello, I couldn't sleep." She replied, "Me too, I like this music. It is very relaxing."

I wanted to hear more about her relationship with Nikki, but was unsure about how to bring it up. Luckily, Keiko said, "You know, Nikki tells me that she really loves you."

I replied, "And she loves you very much too. Like sisters." Keiko thought for a moment and said, "I have always loved Nikki and I have to admit that I am also very attracted to her. Anyone can see how beautifull she is. She only wants to be my friend and that's fine."

There I was standing naked with my cock dangling in front of her. I was listening to everything she was saying and at the same time completely taking in the vision of this desireable woman in half her underwear. I felt bold in what I said next with a confession. I said, "I am devoted to Nikki but I have to admit that I find you very sexy and just irresistable."

Keiko looked at me with her soft asian charm and said, "I am attracted to both of you but what can I do? Nikki won't go down on me and you can't fuck me. My other options are always there for me. I will probably masturbate when I get to bed and that will have to be enough. As she said this her legs parted while her hand cupped her crotch area.

For the last minute my cock had been stirring. Then, when she started talking about masturbating, my erection went to 100%. Keiko looked at my hard on and just shook her head and said, "What sacrifices we make for friends."

Then she added, "It all comes down to Nikki. If she says OK, then you can have me. Have me in all the naughtiest ways. However, my friendship with Nikki has to come first. It all comes down to her."

It was time for me to return to bed with Nikki. My erection was so hard and when I was under the covers, I began to rub and kiss Nikki's shoulder. I also nibbled her ear and kissed her cheek.

Then I placed my hand on her panties and started to stroke her crotch. Then she woke up while spreading her legs. As I stroked her crotch my mouth took her nipple and began to suck. After sucking, I pulled her panties down and put my tongue right down on her cunt lips. I sucked her cunt and licked her juices. My hands kept pushing her thighs apart as my mouth kept sucking her clit.

She interupted me and said, "Let me get up." She leaned over to me and began to blow me. She had me lay down as she continued to suck. After a minute of sucking she got on top of me and put my dick inside of her. She was squatting on me the way a girl takes a pee in the woods. With strong thighs she kept moving up and down. As she kept pumping, I was about to explode. Then I reached my climax and shot cum deep inside of Nikki. She went up and down a few more times and then fell back down to her resting position.

The next morning Nikki and I talked about Keiko and I asked her if Keiko's staying here was a problem. She replied, "I'm not jealous if that's what you mean. I really find Keiko's influence exciting and gives us something new in our life. I know its hard to resist someone like Keiko."

Then she added, "You asked me about me being attracted to Keiko and I reacted in a very negative way. The truth is that I am attracted to Keiko, but with having sex, its too big a line to cross. Also I'm worried about you. I don't want to hurt you or get you mad."

At this point I realized I had struck gold. I also realized from the last time, that I need to be more careful about the way I express my idea. So I calmly said, "I will always love you and I don't want to control you. Let's just be free and see what happens OK." She seemed releaved as she smiled and said, "OK."

I hesitated and figured now was the right time to say it. "So as you know, I am also attracted to Keiko and since you said that you're not jealous,__What about me?" Nikki thought and said, "Like you said, let's just see what happens."

During breakfast, we planned a trip to the beach. We arrived about noon with our blankets and a picnic basket. After we placed our blankets on the sand, the two women began to take off their shorts and then their shirts.

The sight of their bikinis was wonderful. I looked at their asses and breasts. When Keiko turned around I looked right at her tight bikini crotch area. We all sat down and had a drink of juice. The two women sat with their athletic crotch regions pushed down against the blankets. Legs shoulder width apart showing their horny crotches. I did not want to be at the beach. I wanted to be at home with my face buried in Keiko's snatch.

The two women began to apply sunblock on eachother. It was an erotic sight. Nikki's hands were all over Keiko, thighs, belly and shoulders. I sat in a way to hide my arousal. We all sat around and continued to drink. Then Nikki asked me if my friend Dave was here again with his jet-ski. As I said, "probably", I realized that Nikki and I had never talked about the last time we rode the jet-ski. I still didn't know if she realized what happened during that ride. I said, "Let's all walk over to the boat area and see". Five minutes later we saw Dave and he let us borrow the jet-ski.

I said, "Nikki, you ride with Keiko. You remember the controls, right?" She said, "Alright" and they were off. With Nikki in front, Keiko's thighs were spread while her hands held Nikki's belly. As they drove away, Dave walked up to me and said, "Greg, are fucking kidding me? Those two are incredible." I couldn't say much as my mind kept focusing on how happy I was.

When they returned Nikki gave the controls to Keiko and said, "Now its your turn Greg." I walked into the water and sat behind Keiko. As we rode off I placed my hands on her belly. As we rode my hands felt her tight, smooth abdomen. My hands held her body as her crotch straddled the seat of the jet-ski.

The feel of her feminine body against my chest and waist was getting me excited. My erection was building as I kept grabbing her waist. Unlike my ride with Nikki in the previous year, I did not hold myself back from Keiko's body. My hardness was rubbing alot against her lower back.

When Keiko slowed the jet-ski down I spoke into her ear. I said, "Nikki told me that she is not jealous about my attraction to you. Everything will be OK." My cock kept growing and I felt Keiko pushing her pelvis backwards. My hands kept feeling her sexy belly. She didn't say a word and just kept driving.

When we got back to the beach Nikki was there waiting for us. Then she walked up to the jet-ski and saw the bulge in my shorts. When I got off the jet-ski, She bit her lower lip and said, "I know what you're thinking about. " I responded with a whisper, "These things can't always be controlled."

As I stayed in the water cooling my hard-on, I saw a new side to Keiko's personality. She was silent and had a look on her face of quiet thoughts going on in her head. Nikki interrupted with a cheerful offer. She said, "Let's go out to eat somewhere. Hey Keiko, I hardly ever have sushi and Greg has never had it. Could you show us the best way to experience it?" Keiko's mood perked up as she said, "Yeah, great. I read about a good place in yesterday's paper."

After they got dressed at home, they found themselves at a popular sushi bar in the downtown area. After a round of saki, Keiko talked about some of her favorite ways to have sushi. She ordered for all of us in fluent Japanese. For almost an hour there was a playful mood with flerting and laughing. I felt the scent of sin in the air. We all really enjoyed our time at the sushi bar and I intervened to prevent us from drinking too much since I had plans for tonight.

When we returned home I was alone with Nikki in the bedroom when I brought up the subject. I said to her, "Nikki, you said this morning that you are attracted to Keiko. Do you remember?" She calmly and slowly said, "Yes." "It would be a facinating thing to be involved with. What do you think?", I asked. She sat on the bed looking down at her hands in her lap. Then she looked up and said, "I do want Keiko. But even though she already propositioned me, I don't know how to tell her.
I'm nervous."

I tried to calm her by saying, "Let's not say anything to Keiko and see what happens." With out saying a word, she just nodded her head.

Later that evening, we were finishing our nightly soak in the nude. After Keiko got out of the jacuzzi, I looked right into Nikki's eyes. She just nodded knowing what I was thinking. We got out of the jacuzzi and met Keiko in the living room. Keiko was wearing her robe and we were still naked. In a totally courageous move, she walked up to Keiko and kissed her gently on the lips. Then Nikki stepped back and with her head tilted back, started to massage her own breasts. To Keiko the message was clear. Keiko's robe dropped to the floor as she approached what she had always been waiting for.

Keiko returned the kiss. Then they kissed again with Keiko slowly slipping her tongue past Nikki's lips. I could see the sensation building in Nikki's posture. They frenched eachother as Keiko's hands moved down to Nikki's buttocks. My cock was getting hard as the two asian bodies touched. Keiko lowered her lips to take Nikki's nipple. She licked and rubbed those asian titties.

Then Nikki took her hand and led her to the sofa. She asked sweetly, "Sit down and lean back for me." Keiko leaned against the back of the sofa with her legs together. Nikki knelt down in front of her and slowly moved her legs apart. Nikki moved her head closer and closer to her friends genitals. She took a deep breath as she hesitated. She was preparring to taste her first cunt.

Her tongue reached Keiko's lips as she gently licked the cunt. Nikki's tongue went back again and again to taste the female sex. At this site I lost control and began to masturbate. Nikki kept sucking her pussy as my precum was lubricating my penis head. After two minutes of eating Keiko, I approached Keiko on one side and slowly reached my hand out to her breast. I touched her nipple as I stroked my cock.

After one more minute of eating pussy, Keiko got on her knees and looked at my erection. She took it in her soft hands and began to massage it. As Nikki stood to the side, I was inside Keiko's mouth. She slowly moved my dick in and out of her mouth. Her hands were fondling my balls and I could not believe this experience.

As she continued to suck, Nikki placed her hand on Keiko's crotch. She rubbed her clit while I got a lovely blowjob. Keiko stopped and asked, "Greg, get behind me please and Nikki, would you sit on the sofa?" With out saying a word, Nikki was on the sofa with her knees together. I was behind Keiko feeling her bare buttocks. Then Keiko slowly pushed Nikki's knees apart and got closer to her cunt.

As she began to lick, my dick was ready for fucking. As she went down on her, I took Keiko from behind. Her cunt was already so wet from the excitement, all I did to prepare her was move my finger in and out a few strokes and rubbed her clit for a few strokes.

I pushed my dick into her as she ate the cunt juices. My cock continued to ram her from behind while I massaged her cute ass. I kept pumping Keiko while she sucked. Her licking got more intense as I got closer to orgasm. Then my thrusting was too much and my cum was shooting up into Keikos cunt. After a few more licks and thrusts we all lay on our backs to recover.

One year after that encounter, Nikki and I were married. We still got occasional visits from Keiko with some of the visits being very erotic.

The End

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