Babysitters weekend part 1

Babysitters weekend part 1

Nathalie was 19 years old, brown shoulder long hair and brown eyes, nice curvey figure and small b-cup breasts.
As usual Katie had phoned her up to book her for Friday night babysitting. While she was getting ready her phone rang, it was Katie: “Hi sweetheart, would you mind staying over at our place tonight? It’s probably gonna be later than usual tonight and it would be easier if you just stayed.”
“No problem” answered Nathalie “I’ll just back some overnight stuff and be right over.”
She arrived over at the Dawson’s house at just after 8pm. Frank and Katie were still getting themselves ready. “The babies are tucked up Nats so they shouldn’t be a problem” said Frank. “Just help yourself to anything in the fridge. There are also a few videos in the living-room and if you fancy a drink there’s enough in the cellar”.
“Cool, thanks you guys” replied Nathalie.
“I’ve made you up the guest room so just stick your stuff there” said Katie. “We’ll see you in the morning”.

After they had left Nathalie went to check on the toddlers who were sound asleep, made a sandwich, drank a few glasses of wine and got on her comfortable pj’s. They were made up of a vest and cotton pants with just a pink thong underneath.
Then she turned to the videos. “True Romance, XXX, The Cell, City of angels… damn I’ve seen all this stuff she mumbled to herself.” Then she saw a few dvd’s in straight black cases. “Oh, what’re these?” It turned out they were all porn movies most from a teeny series but two were hand labelled “F & K” with different dates on them.
She stuck one of those in the DVD and suddenly saw Frank and Katie on the screen.

It didn’t take long until Frank and Katie were having fully-blown sex on the screen. Frank’s dick seemed huge. Katie was sucking it ferociously her c-cup breasts being fondled by Frank. At the same time she was stroking her neatly trimmed pussy.

Nathalie lay back on the sofa and took of her pj bottoms. She was mesmerized by the film. Seeing Frank’s dick moving in and out of Katie fascinated her and she started fingering her own pussy to the film. It didn’t take long until she was totally immersed in her own thoughts, she was completely naked stroking her tits and bare little pussy. She fantasized about Frank licking and fucking her. She moaned on the sofa rubbing her tits and clit, fingering her pussy until she came.
She was completely exhausted and just lay on the sofa resting her eyes and horny body.

What was that noise? She opened her eyes, for a second not knowing where she was. She looked around slightly dazed and looked at her watch. It was 3:30 am, she had fallen asleep. She groaned and lay down again when suddenly the living room door opened. Frank and Katie were home and she was lying on their sofa completely naked !!!
Shit !! she thought grabbing a fleece blanket to cover herself. “Hi honey”, Katie said. “You’re still awake are you? Did the babes give you any trouble?” “No not at all” Nathalie replied concealing her nakedness “They were as good as gold.” “Did you have a nice evening? Oh, what did you watch? “ Frank asked.
Then it struck Nathalie. She still had the private film of The couple in the DVD player. “Oh, nothing in particular” she said shakily. But Frank had already grabbed the RC and was pressing play. Frank and Katie appeared on the screen.
“Oh I see” Katie said. “Did you enjoy the film?”
“Um…err” Nathalie could say nothing and Katie now seemed awfully close. “Sweetie, it’s ok. No need to be embarrassed. We don’t mind you watching us. Did it turn you on?”
“Well, erm…” Nathalie was gobsmacked. “Do you want to see us live”, Frank said unbuttoning his shirt. “yeah sweetie, we’ll give you a good show” Katie said stroking Nathalie’s neck.

“Come with us” Katie said grabbing Nathalie’s hand and pulling her up.
Dazed Nathalie got up, not thinking straight. The blanket fell to the floor and Nathalie suddenly stood in the middle of the living room naked.
“Wow”, Frank said letting out a whistle.
“You naughty girl”. Katie gave a wry smile. “You have gorgeous tits”. She cupped them in her hands and bent her head down to kiss one.
Nathalie just stood there not knowing what to do. “And a fantastic butt” said Frank who came up to the two girls grabbing it and gently massaging it. The 38-year old swept Nathalie’s brown hair back behind her shoulder and kissed her neck.
“And look at this flat belly, honey. And she’s shaved bare, too” the 34-year old Katie commented still massaging Nathalie’s tits gently.
Nathalie was in a daze, her breathing becoming more and more heavy, her nipples standing on end, tingling from Katie’s touch.
“Honey, would you join us tonight?” Frank whispered while nibbling on her earlobe and neck.
Nathalie just breathed heavy leaning back on Frank’s strong naked abdomen. Frank was now rubbing one of her tits, slightly twisting her nipple while his other hand moved down her belly.

Nathalie opened her eyes slightly and saw that Katie was now also naked. Her dark-blonde flowing over her shoulder, her big D-cup breasts heaving. Her glance went over her curvy body to her neatly trimmed pussy.
She saw Katie coming up to her, saw her head move in and just closed her eyes. Next second she felt warm, full, sensuous lips connect to her mouth, a tongue darting in and out. She returned the kiss, connecting to Katie’s tongue, feeling those heavy breasts on her own.
At the same time Frank was kissing his way down Nathalie’s back, each touch of his lips giving her small shocks. His hands had wandered to her pussy and were stroking her mound and the base of her cunt lips.
Nathalie in turn was exploring Katie’s round, full body with her hands. She had never had sex with another girl before but pushed all thoughts from her mind.
Katie and Frank exchanged evil looks they knew this girl was theirs for the taking, it could not have been easier if they had planned it. Frank was kissing Nathalie’s ass and licking her ass crack while Katie kissed Nathalie’s mouth neck and tits.
Then Frank applied pressure to Nathalie’s hips turning her. Still kneeling, he kissed her belly and her mound while Katie grabbed one of Nathalie’s legs and pulled it up. Frank laid the leg over his shoulder and moved deeper, his tongue probing. It touched Nathalie’s cunt lips and Nathalie let out a loud sigh. He pressed his face in closer while Katie’s hands moved down spreading Nathalie’s cunt lips. At the same time she was kissing her neck.
Frank’s tongue found the clit flicking over it then moving along her wet lips and darting into her love hole, while at the same time massaging her ass and crack.
Nathalie was in ecstasy her hands ruffling Frank’s dark hair, pushing his face into her pussy.
She felt hands all over her body, Frank’s hot breath between her legs and Katie’s warm body pressing into her back. She moaned, her knees bucked and Frank pulled her down to him.
They kissed passionately then Frank moved up and sat on the sofa.

Nathalie, on her knees, bent forward kissing Frank’s chest and stomach moving steadily down. Katie urged her on.
She took Frank’s throbbing tool into her hand and gently massaged it. His 8’’ cock was red and swollen. She stuck her tongue out and gently licked it. Katie urged her on “Go on sweetie, lick it, suck him off, take it in your mouth… “. She was in a pre-orgasmic daze and moved her sweet lips to the cockhead then opened her mouth and let it sink inside. “Oh god, yeah baby…” she heard Frank moan. He pushed her head further onto his dick.
Her head bobbed up and down she felt Katie next to her kissing her neck fondling her hard nipples and wet cunt. “Move over so I can join you” Katie whispered. Nathalie moved slightly to one side and Katie moved in next to her. They both kissed and sucked on Frank’s tool, their tongue’s meeting at the head. They kissed and sucked in their tongues, then the dick their bodies entangled into one warm, horny knot. Nathalie sucked in the balls holding the cock for Katie to suck and lick and vice versa.
Then Frank said in between moans “Nathalie get up on my cock”. Nathalie looked up at him got up and straddled him. “Wait sit on me with your back towards me” Frank groaned. She turned her back towards him and Katie positioned Frank’s tool between Nathalie’s soaked cunt lips. She pushed down and felt how Frank was stretching her. They groaned while Katie knelt in front of them and licked Nathalie’s pussy and Frank’s dick. Further and further in it sank until all but the balls were in Nathalie “Gawd, you’re a tight little bitch” Frank said “ I want you to ride me …”. Nathalie complied under loud moans she was absolutely ecstatic. She moved slowly up and down on Frank’s cock while at the same time he massaged her small hard nipples and Katie sucked on her clit. It didn’t take long before she was reaching her first orgasm “Oh yeah … fuck me… suck me …” she moaned and groaned. She was riding up and down at a steady rate now feeling Frank deep inside her his dick filling her tight pussy. She moved faster pumping it in and out then cried loud as her first orgasm hit her “fuck yeeaaah…. I’m coming … gawd yes… “she pushed down deep onto the dick her pussy clenching around it in orgasm “ooohhhhh fuucccckkkk… !!!!” At the same time Frank's cock bucked inside Nathalie. "I'm gonna come he moaned. He pumped a few more times and suddenly Nathalie felt the gush of hot cream inside her. She screamed in ecstacy while Katie renewed her efforts on Nathalie’s clit munching and nibbling ever faster “Come for me sweetie.. “ she moaned into Nathalie’s crotch. And come she did the juices flowed out and Frank pushed her up. At the same time Katie moved her head into the void and sucked on the swollen cunt lips licking out the mix of Frank's and Nathalie's flowing honey.. “Gawd… “ Nathalie moaned “mmhhhh, you taste so sweet “ Katie groaned while Frank held Nathalie pinning her on Katie’s face…
At last Nathalie’s knees bucked and she fell backwards into Frank’s waiting arms. He caught her and carried her “Where are we going ?” Nathalie whispered weakly. “The bedroom sweetie” Frank replied carrying her up the stairs.

To be continued…

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