Back Country Tales: The Beginning

Back Country Tales: The Beginning

The bonfires were almost ethereal, smoke curling thickly up higher and higher, vainly trying to obscure the moon. But nothing could cover the moon that night. It was full and bright, casting shadows that grew taller and more proud than the people they were made from. I sat on Slicker's tailgate, taking a deep a gulp from the Bud Ice I had in my hand. It was hot and muggy, and I was in a foul mood. Slicker was off getting laid somewhere. That was why we called him "Slicker" cause no one is slicker than him.

Jim and Lady were making out on the cabin steps, lost in each other. I saw this and felt knives in my gut. I coulda killed Jim if he wasn't my friend. Damn parties. Why did I even go? Rock music blasted out of the house. I used to get into it and Randy Jackson always let me play Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd as loud as I wanted. Now it was Godsmack. Hate rock for my hate mood.

I lit a cigarette and took a deep drag on it.

"Oh fuck it!" I cursed, flicking the cigarette away. I didn't even like to smoke. They were Jims' smokes. There were hundreds of kids there at the Jackson cabin. About every teen from Redcreeck was there. I hated groups of people, they got on my nerves. I took another drink, thinking of Angela. Now there was a chick.

5'8" of tan, smooth beauty. Her blue/black shiny curls stretching down to her awesomely shaped ass. A gorgeous, toned body with a almost-latina like face. Eyes that could be hot as fire and cold as ice. She was the biggest bitch in the world, and I loved her more than anything, except maybe, Lady. Lady was just the opposite. She was short and fiery with blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Tan skin that covered strong little muscles crafted from farm chores. She was possibly the sweetest person in the world.

And I couldn't have either. I didn't want Angela anymore, seeing as how she had problems staying with one guy. . . . . . . oh well.

I got up and strolled over to the large cabin. Damnit, this sucked. I walked up the porch steps and entered the smoky confusion. I saw a large couch, moth-eaten and ugly. On it were two people kissing. I didn't recognize the guy on top, but I did recognize the blue/black hair curling off the edge and dusting the floor. I felt sick. Turning on my heel, I left the damn party, muttering,

"Fucking idiots." to no one in particular.

June 27,
7:45 a.m.

I was enjoying the time of day before the sun really began to come out and make it hell on earth. I was cleaning my .22 mag. No scope, just plain iron sights. I heard a vehicle roaring closer and closer on the dusty gravel road. My house was the last one on the dead end road, so I figured it was for me. Way out in the field, there were shining targets set up on the fence posts. Pop cans up close, they were just shimmering dots on the horizon. I jacked a round into the chamber of my favorite rifle and sighed. I used to really get a kick out of this, but like everything else, it was just lousy anymore.

I heard the truck stop in my driveway and the engine get killed. It was Slicker's truck. Loudly, I heard the radio keep giong. "Benny and the Jets" was playing. Damn Elton John. That song always got to me. Soon, Slicker came around to the back of the house. I turned to see him and Lady strolling closer. Turning back to the targets out on the flat land, I ignored them. Slicker called to me,

"Hey Deadshot, I can't stay! The old man wants my help!" He said. I waved behind my head to him.

"Alright, see ya round!" I answered. Soon I heard the truck start up again. Well what was the fucking point of even coming out if he was just gonna leave again?!?

I shouldered my rifle and breathed out, eye focusing on the first pop can. Squeezing the trigger, I saw it fly off into the air. Satisfied, I loaded another round. I started to aim, when I felt a wave of bad mojo come over me. I put down the gun and buried my head in my hands. What the hell was wrong with me? I'd just finished high school, I was leaving for T.U. in two months! I should have been frikkin happy! What was going on?

"Damn it! Damn it all to fucking hell!!" I screamed in rage. Why did I feel so shitty all the time?

"You alright Deadshot?" I heard someone say to me. I spun around to see Lady, looking at me strangely. I felt a million emotions washing over me. Why did she have to look so damn pretty?

"Yeah, I'm. . . . .I'm fine. It's just so hot. . . . . ." I muttered, trying to hide the love I was sure she could see in my eyes. She walked over and sat in the lawn seat beside me. I was fiddling with my gun uselessly, trying to find a way to dissapear.

"What's been up with you lately, Deadshot?" She used my nickname. Everyone had always called me Deadshot, cause I'm a dead shot with guns. I hated when she called me that. It made me feel distant from her. I just shook my head. "C'mon, tell me. . . . .please?" She batted her eyelashes playfully.

My stomache turned at the sight. I hated that too. She had no idea what I felt for her. "Save it." I snapped, getting up. I carried my gun inside and she followed. I could almost feel her indignation. Inside the air-conditioned darkness, I stowed my gun and walked into the living room. I flopped down on the couch and she followed, collapsing in an old armchair across from me. She was staring me. I did my best to stare back. I lost.

"You didn't used to be this way, Deadshot, you-" She started, but at the sound of my nickname, I practically shouted at her,

"Don't fucking call me that!" Shocking us both. I lowered my voice, "Call me by my name, please Lady."

She had her sparkling blue eyes opened wide, "Okay, Will, what's the matter? When's the last time you came over, so just the two of us could hang out?" She asked, her eyes boring into my brain.

I looked at her steadily. I wanted to say, Cause I love you, and I want to fuck you senseless. But instead,

"I've been busy." I meekly offered. She looked at me hard and nodded.

"Okay, Will, you wanna be an asshole, you be an asshole, I don['t have to deal with it." She said quietly, standing up and making to leave the room. I couldn't let her go feeling that way about me! Not knowing what else to do, I stood and grabbed her by the shoulders.

"What the fuck-" that's all she got out before I pressed my lips against hers. She immediately fell into the kiss, her lips soft and pliant. It broke before I really had any time to really enjoy it. She stepped back and looked at me hard, breathing heavily. So she'd felt it too.

"Is that. . . . that it? Is that why you've been avoiding me, why we haven't gotten along?" She asked. I just nodded. This wasn't going well. She had a boyfriend for Christ's sake!

I went over to the couch and sat down. "I don't know Lady, I can't help it." I said helplessly.
She sat down beside me. She was about a foot shorter than me. God, she was so beautiful.

"I thought you were still hung over Angela." She said. I nodded,

"But in a different way. That's just. . . . .lust, I guess." I said in that same confused voice I hated. Lady looked at me, locking our eyes.

"So you don't lust for me?" She asked. I opened my mouth, tried to answer, couldn't, closed it, opened it again. Christ, I felt like a fucking fish. She laughed.

"I know you do, Will, I saw you staring at my tits when we went swimming last week. Thank God Jim didn't notice." She was smiling now. I laughed a little. Then her face got serious. She reached under the hem of her t-shirt and slowly pulled it up over her smooth tan torso, over a simple white bra and over her head, tousling her shiny blonde hair. I just stared at her in confusion. Of all things, I hadn't expected this.

She kept her eye contact with me as she leaned in to my face. We were so close now.
"Do you want me Will?" She asked.

I stared at her. It was wrong. Jim was my friend. She didn't really love me. But, there was everything I wanted at that moment. I took it. I kissed her hard. My tongue slipped between her lips as I pushed her back on the couch. She put her hands on the back of my head as we slipped tongues across eachother. She broke the kiss and pulled my shirt over my head. Never in danger of becoming fat, my body was very fit. The shit I did around the farm kept my upper body extremely cut. My tan was dark and earned after years in the fields. I never really thought of it till she pulled my shirt off and drew me down to kiss her again. Her soft small hands caressed my back as I delved my tongue inside her mouth.

She began to pull me tighter, closer, and I reached around and unsnapped her bra, sliding it free of her shoulders. Her breasts sprung out, full but petite. Probably a B cup. I moved my mouth down to her left nipple, sucking it into my mouth and licking it slowly. She went nuts, clawing at my head while my hand massaged her other nipple. I reached down and began to fiddle with the button of her shorts. I unzipped them and slid my hand inside, under her panties. Down over trim soft pubic hair, I felt a spring of heat and slickness. It made my dick harder, if that was possible. I grabbed her shorts and panties and shoved them down her tone thighs. She made no protest, only looking up at me in the strangest way.

I slid my slick fingers around and around her clit, finally rubbing it lightly. She jumped and smiled. I ran my hand down to her slit and slipped one finger inside her. She was very tight, but wet enough to get a cedar chest inside her. Angela had never been like this. It took forever to get her wet and about half an hour to get her to cum. But Lady was wet as a spring, hot and responsive. And, I actually felt real love, not infatuation. I fingered her slowly and ardently, watching her eyes shut and emotions play over her contorted face. I slipped a second finger in and she moaned loudly. I thought it was just a moan, simple as that, but she grabbed my wrist and began to arch her back wildly, whimpering loudly. She was cumming!

I smiled and watched her wind down. She opened her eyes and immediately unsnapped my shorts.

"Stand up, Will." She ordered. I did, and she sat on the couch completely naked, facing the bulge in my pants.

She unzipped them and pulled them and my briefs down my legs to let them pool around my ankles. My dick was hard as a rock, tan skin and a red/purple head throbbing for her. It was decently wide and a little over seven inches long. She looked at it and actually licked her lips! God, that got me going. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it, squeezing gently. I had a thought that she might give me head, but pulled me forward by my dick and laid down on the couch, her thin legs spread wide. I got on my knees between them and extended my hands on either side of her pretty little head. I felt around with my dick, stroking in her wetness, and finally finding her pussy opening. Once found, it was mine to take. I thrust in, sinking the full seven inches inside on one movement. It was incredibly tight.

Jim must not be very well endowed, I thought to my self. Lady was gasping heavily, her hands locked on my back and ass. I pulled out and shoved all of it back in, pleased with her reaction. Christ, I was gonna cum soon. As I pushed back in, she arched her slim back off the couch and met my dick with her cunt. She obviously wanted it rough and fast. I began to pick up speed, slamming back into her each time with the force of a jack hammer.

If you've fucked before, you know the type of fuck where you're going as fast as possible and hard as possible, just lost in the feeling. That's what it became. She was moaning in a high-pitched voice periodically as I fucked with energy I've never felt before. Soon she stiffened up and came, contracting around my cock. Even as caught up in the moment as I was, when I began to cum and pulled it out and shot on her stomach and thighs. I almost collapsed on top of her, but didn't. I just leaned back and viewed her cum-covered tummy and the rest of her beautiful body. Awesome.

Then I remembered that I loved her, and I felt terrible. I 'd just been used. Shrugging, I walked naked to the bathroom to get a towel for her. This was gonna be interesting.

July 3
10:46 p.m.
Jackson Cabin Keg Party

Lady had left without saying much. I didn't know how to feel. Part of me felt great, but another part was feeling crappy. But my mind was on other things now.

Jim, Slicker, and Switch were standing with me in front of this joker. He, like us, was drunk as a skunk. But he'd tried to copp a feel with Lady at this party. He'd almost raped her, but she'd kicked him in the balls and gotten Jim. Jim had gotten us.

I was glad to see Switch. He'd just gotten out of the Juvenile Center. i hadn't seen him in a while. He was a decent guy, but had a dangerous temper and a love for all kinds of knives. Not a good combination. He'd cut our Algebra teacher a little last year and gotten sent away.

But he was back now, and we were a full posse now. The guy lying on the floor was Jack Hardy, a member of the worst family in Redcreek. He had about seven brothers who were all bad asses in some way or another. But that hadn't crossed our minds. My temper was boiling at the thought of his filthy hands on Lady, and I was guessing Jim felt the same.

"So, bitch, you havin' fun yet?" Slicker asked, flicking the ashes from his cigarette at the dick on the ground. He looked up at us and in the moonlight the blood covering his teeth looked black. He spit at Slicker, and croaked,

"Fuck you, fuckers. My brothers are gonna fuckin kill you!" He shouted. Switch started forward, his right hand unsheathing a knife from his belt in the back. Jim stopped him.

"Your backwards fuck buddies aren't here right now, dickface. You're alone, and you-" Jim was saying loudly.

"Guess again dick wad." Came a voice behind us. We all spun around to see five Hardy boys (no pun intended) standing menacingly close. I had time to thank God for my chance at Lady before I died. This was gonna be a long night.


Now before you all get pissy, this is a long story, the beginning only there to set up a backdrop for the rest of it. It has promise, I assure, and many more parts are to come with my personal spin on the act of sex. Tell me what you think. If this story can make it.

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