Banned On The Farm 3

Banned On The Farm 3


The following morning (Sunday) I woke and realized my Uncle had stayed over in town to visit his wife. I fixed a bowl of cereal and went out and did my chores and of course Pete was right there following me.

My pussy and my ass were still really sore. So I locked Pete in the barn just in case. I decided I had better wait a couple of days before I tried any more dog fucking. Uncle Charlie came home about three thirty and had a beautiful bitch St Bernard with him. He said he had decided to increase the number of pure breeds he had so he could help meet the costs of my Aunts convalescence. We chit chatted about a lot of little things like how was I doing in school, did I like it here, and he complimented me on the good job I was doing. I did notice he seemed to look more at my tits than my face.

A couple of days later my Uncle said going to town for feed and to sell some of our vegetables mostly tomatoes to the local store. He said he would be back no later than three. I said is Hank coming to work in the field today. He said no, he was sick and wouldn’t be here until the following Monday. I watched Uncle Charley drive down the old road until I couldn’t see him any more.

I was just starting my period so I thought if I wanted to get fucked I better do it to day. Pete was right there following me. When I went into the dog run to feed our now nine dogs, I left Pete outside so he wouldn’t get in a fight. When I fed the bitch I noticed that she was dripping a little out of her pussy and thought she must have come into heat. The St. Bernard in the pen next to her kept sticking his nose through the fence because she would back into the fence and he would lick her pussy through the fence.

I went into his pen not just to feed him but because I got hot watching him lick the bitch. I first washed down the pen area and then stooped over to pour him his quota of dry dog food. He stuck his nose right between my baggy shorts & leg and tried tonguing me. I thought oh shit does that turn me on.

I was thinking, I’ve already had Pete why not try something new. I went back to the barn and got an old horse blanket and brought it back to the pen. I took off my shorts and panties and hung them on the gate. I got on my hands and knees on the horse blanket. I didn’t remember the dogs name but it didn’t matter. He stuck his nose in my crotch and began to lick my ass & pussy. I was getting hotter by the minuet and my pussy began to lubricate. He stuck his tongue deep into my pussy and I came all over his nose. The more I came the more intense his licking. He didn’t seem interested in mounting me he just kept licking.

I became so horny that I reached around a grabbed his cock and started jacking him off. As he started humping my hand I scooted my ass back between his front legs and that was all it took. He jumped on my back and put his paws above my hip. His nails scratched the side of my tits.
As he began humping me I decided I didn’t want to take any chances on his finding my ass so I guided his prick into my wet and waiting pussy. As always he was humping me in that mile a minuet fashion. Oh it felt so good as he slid in an out of me so fast. His dick was not as long as Pete’s but was bigger around and I came immediately. I was a little fearful but as the knot got bigger and bigger I found that it was not hurting me like before. His knot finally went inside me and stayed; he fucked me hard for about two minuets then he pulled me into him, and his cock pumped an enormous amount of cum into me and I couldn’t stop coming, one climax seemed to over lap the other.

He kept making these very short convulsive jabs and with each jab he squirted more of his juices inside me. I seemed to cum on every second or third squirt. He finally stopped and lifted his leg and turned around so we were ass to ass but he kept right on spurting cum into me.

I couldn’t seem to get enough and was afraid he was going to pull out of me so I grabbed his hind legs and forced him deeper inside me and I fucked him hard. When he finally did pull out of me I was in frenzy.

He laid down to lick himself. I was so hot and my pussy felt like it was on fire; so I pushed him onto his back and grabbed him by his knot and shoved the his cock back inside me. I couldn’t get the knot in but I did get his six & half inches in front of that knot in me. I began doing squats on his dick. Only when my legs began to shake did I finally calmed down a bit. As I raised myself off him my ass pressed up against the fence and the dog in the next pen started licking the dog cum out of my pussy. God I couldn’t help myself I just held my ass there and let him lick me clean. I turned my head and I looked at him and said “I guess you want to be next.”

I fed the tired out dog and entered the next pen with my horse blanket. I spread my legs and let him lick my engorged pussy. He licked until my legs became to get week to stand. I again got on my hand and knees and let him enter me. He fucked me just like the first one. I couldn’t seem to get enough and when he locked me in and shot me full of his very hot cum I was still on fire. I wanted him to fuck me forever. I believe it must be that knot going in and out of my pussy that was causing me to have fuck fever. Again when he pulled out I grabbed his dick and reinserted it in my cunt. Like I said my pussy was on fire and I reversed the situation and fucked him as hard as he had fucked me. I didn’t think he had any thing left until I felt his hot liquid shoot up my pussy. Not like before but still I could feel that hot cum shooting into my insides.

I let two more of the dogs fuck me. The last one was the smallest of the lot and his dick wasn’t as big as the others so I let him into my ass. I was still a little tender as he entered me, but he was even faster than the other dogs. He was almost a blur he was humping my ass sliding so fast in and out. It really felt oh so good.

My pussy was pretty bruised and swollen but I fingered myself any way as I enjoyed the sensation of having his pole jamming my asshole. When his knot began to swell I thought Oh shit am I going to be able to take it. Well I could and did. He swelled up inside me and his big baseball of a knot sliding in and out of my ass made me cum. Finally he stayed in me and shot his load up my ass. It seemed like a hot fire hose was shooting up my ass. I came twice more and when he plopped out of me cum squirted out my ass hole.

When I could finally stand up I had cum & blood coming out my pussy and cum out my ass hole. My period had really started fully. I weakly staggered over and fed all the rest of the dogs. Each time they tried to lick my crotch I was able hold them off. I was so weak but I told each of them they would get there turn another time

I grabbed my shorts & panties and the horse blanket and went back to the barn.. Pete was fit to be tied, his dick was hanging out and he tried to hump my leg. He had this forlorn look so I looked at my watch and it was just past one. I looked again at poor Pete and since I hadn’t put my panties & shorts on I said “OK lover I guess I have one more in me but we can’t take all day”.

I put the blanket down and got on my hands & knees spreading my knees wide. He stuck his cold nose into my crotch and I let him lick all the cum out of my ass and some in my pussy. Pete was the best pussy licker. I then aloud him to mount me. He did a magnificent job fucking me royally. There was something special about Pete; because he always seemed to be able to position his cock in me in such away that when his knot was fully inside me the end of his cock would penetrated my uterus (cervix). I got off several more times before he broke away from me.

It was hard to believe I was able to cum so much. I made a mental note to start eating yogurt and drink a lot of milk I got dressed and went into the house and got a tape measure and went back out to the barn and measured the size of Pete’s knot. I gasped when I saw that even at it’s slightly reduced state it was a full six inches in diameter. I went back into the house and took a shower. Like before I used the shower head to douche my pussy. I ate a quick Sandwich and fell into bed with just a sheet over me I was tired & my pussy lips were swollen to three times their normal size.

I woke up about six that evening and my Uncle was standing in the doorway looking at me. The sheet had fallen off the bed and I was lying there stark naked. My legs were parted and My Uncle could see right up my crotch. I could see a slight bulge form in his pants but he turned away and said “you better put something on, dinner is ready.” “You were moaning, so I came in to check if you were ok.” I wondered how long he had stood there looking. I decided to dress in a mini skirt and low halter that just barley covered my nipples.

After dinner I finished the dishes and went into the family room sitting across from my Uncle. He was reading a breeding book. I picked up a magazine on animal husbandry and sat down across from him. I parted my legs just enough so it wasn’t obvious. I could see he kept looking over the top of his book at my legs and the seam up my inner thighs. I changed positions every five minuets or so and made sure my legs flew open for just and instant and let him see my lace panties. I did that several times until he finally got up and went outside. I could also see that he had quite a bulge in his pants. It seemed like he was gone quite awhile so I walked out on the porch but couldn’t see him. I heard the dogs moving around so I walked over to the kennel. It was pretty dark but I could see the outline against the moon of Uncle Charley. My eyes almost bugged out of my head, there was my uncle with his pants down fucking the new bitch. I couldn’t see real well but it looked like he would pull back eight or nine inches from her and than slam his cock into her. Every few strokes the bitch would whimper. I could not take my eyes off them. Just as I started to rub my swollen pussy he stopped pumping her and I new he had shot his load into that bitch. I turned around an ran for the house. I quickly got undressed and put on my night gown and jumped into bed. I heard my Uncle come in and go into the bathroom. He always looked in on me before he went to bed so I threw the sheet partly off me exposing one leg. I pulled my gown up to my thighs and let one tit protrude out of the top just exposing one nipple and closed my eyes. I heard him coming toward my room. I could hardly breath and couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I could feel him standing in the doorway. He stood there for about five minute’s before he turned and left. I sucked in my breath and it was hard to understand why his standing there made me so horny. If I wasn’t so sore I would have fingered myself. As it was I could feel my wet pussy.

The next morning as I was doing the chores I walked over and examined the bitch. I could see her pussy was all swollen. I got all excited and horny thinking about my Uncle fucking her. I got kind of dreamy and wondered what it would be like fucking my Uncle.

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