Banned to the farm 6

Banned to the farm 6

I woke up about six thirty and got up and put on my clean shorts with out my panties and a blouse that just barley covered my tits. I had stopped wearing any underclothes because I was getting fucked so often. I fixed myself some serial with yogurt on it and toast. I drank two glasses of milk thinking I need to keep my body fit to receive all my lovers.

I than went out and fed the chickens & the hogs. Next I got the large sack of dog food and drug it over by the kennel. I wondered where Pete was. He always would be waiting for me at the back door. When I got to the dogs pens I spied Pete over at the bitch’s pen licking her pussy thru the wire fence. I couldn’t believe that I felt a little bit jealous. I thought shit, if that doesn’t take the cake jealous over a dam dog.

I fed each of the nine and almost got knocked down by Bruno. When I bent over to put food in his dish he jammed his nose into my crotch and lifted me clear off the ground. I was glad I wore shorts because he couldn’t get his tongue in me which would have made me horny and want to fuck him. What with Mr. Redding due at any time with his Ass I new it wasn’t the thing to do. I managed to grab a hold of the fence to keep me from falling down.

Next I went into the barn and pulled some hay down for Raven and gave him some oats. I said, “Well Raven this is your lucky day, we have a treat for you” as I brushed him real good and stroked his big cock. I stopped when I saw that his dick had come out of its sheath and some pre cum began to leak out of the end of his dick. I went out to the corral and let the other two horses out into the upper pastor. Then I went back and got Raven and put him into the corral.

I closed the gate and turned around and just about jumped out of my skin. There stood this great big guy in overalls. He must have been 6’7inches tall. He was leading an ass and a riding horse. I said “Mr. Redding?” He nodded yes. I had expected him to come in a truck and not ride over on his horse. I looked him over and guessed he was some where in his 50’s. He had huge hands and feet. I couldn’t help myself, I looked at his crotch and I could see a huge bulge that ran clear down the inside of his leg stopping just above the knee. I sucked in my breath as I felt my pussy quiver and I could feel I was getting wet.

He said in this deep voice, “well I guess we better get started.” I was startled and came back to reality. I said “I don’t know how much I can help as I have never done this before.” Just hold the Ass’s halter so she can’t get away from the stallion. I’ll do the rest.” I noticed he looked me over pretty good and it made my pussy heat up and begin to secrete my juices.

I lead the Ass into the corral and he said “lead her over to the corner of the fence so she doesn’t have anywhere to go.” The next thing completely shocked me. He rolled up his sleeve and inserted his whole arm up that Ass’s pussy. He moved in and out of her a couple of times and when she arched her back he with drew his arm. He then went over to Raven and rubbed her juices that had accumulated on his arm and rubbed it into Ravens nose. Raven snorted and I could see his dick slide out of his sheath and was quickly getting very hard.

Mr. Redding led Raven over behind the Ass and Raven immediately mounted her. He then took a hold of Ravens dick and guided it into her pussy. I noticed she was secreting her juices out of her pussy and some of it ran down her leg. As Raven began to ram that magnificent cock in and out of her cunt I couldn’t help my self. I reached down and began to rub my pussy. I came immediately, and within seconds I came again. I was fascinated and I couldn’t take my eyes off Ravens cock as he plunged it in and out of her.
Suddenly I could tell that he was starting to cum. He clamped down on the ass’s hips and bit the ass’s neck and then he began to shudder as he held her to him. He must have cum a ton because it took about three minuets before he dismounted her.

I looked down at my crotch and could see a wet spot. I was afraid that Mr. Redding would see it so I turned away from him and started to lead Raven back to the barn. He said, “no leave him in the corral” He will need to mount her at least three times to make sure she is pregnant.” I will wait here until he mounts her again then I will leave her over night if I see he can do it on his own.

I asked him how long would that be. He said “a couple of hours I think.” Why don’t you come in and have some lunch” I was beginning to wonder how I could get him to fuck me. My pussy was on fire. He said “thank you but I need to ride over to your neighbors on the south for something. I’ll be back in and hour. It will take that long for your horse to get up another head of steam, and he left.

I went over and set on a bench by the barn and watched him ride off. I thought there goes my chance. About that time Pete came around the corner and straight for my crotch. I thought good old Pete, always there when I need him. I pulled my shorts aside and let him lick my pussy. There must have been a pint of cum juice for him to lick. I was so hot.

I got up and went into the barn and got the horse blanket. I removed my shorts and got down on all fours and let Pete lick my pussy and ass where my juices had run down the crack of my ass. Pete mounted me and I guided his wonderful prick into my wet vagina.
Oh did it feel good as he slid it in and I came. I felt that cock plunging in and out of my pussy and I came again. As his knot began to swell I reached back and pulled his hind legs to me so I could feel his knot sliding inside my pussy walls. It got bigger and bigger and I felt that knot begin to rub across my “G” spot. I became so turned on that I kept pulling Pete closer into me and suddenly I erupted into one of those great orgasms and a considerable amount my liquid came shooting out of my pussy. I collapsed onto my elbows and just laid there as Pete unloaded his doggy cum deep into me. He pushed in a little more and I felt the end of his dick enter my cervix and he shot more of his cum straight into it.

Pete turned around, but I new we were hooked and it would be a little while before his knot subsided. I laid my head on my hands. My pussy was still throbbing as I felt more of Pete’s cum shooting into me. At that moment I became aware of someone standing next to me. I looked up and it was Mr. Redding. He was standing there holding the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was as big around as Bruno’s knot and bout 10 inches long. He was flogging it. I tried to get away from Pete but his knot was holding me tight. He said, ”I came back to ask you to keep an eye on the horses to see if they would breed again. Had I known how horny you were I would never have left. Now you are going to get the fucking of your life. No dog will ever be able to satisfy you again.

Just about that time Pete became disengaged from me. Before I could move Mr. Redding reached down and lifted me up by my waist and shoved that huge cock into me. I screamed from the pain as I felt my pussy tear. He said, “I see you like it doggy style” as he drove into me. He held me by the waist like a rag doll. I was bent over and I reached for the stall fence and grabbed hold of the gate. I could see blood running down my leg. He was plunging in and out of me like a jack hammer.

Suddenly the pain began to change to pleasure as he poll axed my pussy. My juices were raging and as big as he was I realized he was not completely hard. He began to swell even more as he became rock hard. He fucked me and he fucked me and he fucked me. I began to scream not from pain but from shear ecstasy. Oh shit, Oh shit I’m going to cum, yes, Mr. Redding fuck me, fuck me hard. Yes, Yes, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I screamed and came and came all over his huge cock. I felt his cock bulge and he grabbed me and rammed his cock in as far as he could and I felt him erupt deep into my vagina. He filled my pussy with his cum. He must have had a lot of stored up cum because a great deal of it squirted out of my pussy onto my legs and the floor. My legs went limp and I would have fallen to the floor if he had not been holding me. He lowered me onto his lap and we set like that for a long time with his dick still in me. Even soft he filled my cunt.

I looked down at my crotch and could see a little blood trickling from my pussy. I said Mr. Redding I have to get up and go into the house. I think you split my vagina. He said “I’m sorry, seeing you with that dog made me go a little crazy, and call me Tom.” I smiled and said “I’m glad you did, that was wonderful.” He lifted me off his huge pole and I felt suction and a massive amount of blood mixed with cum came poring out of me. Between Pete and Toms cum plus the blood really filled me up and because of the size of Tom’s cock it wouldn’t let anything out.

I started to walk but my legs wouldn’t hold me and I collapsed to the ground. Tom picked me up and carried me into the house with Pete right behind. I said “take me to the bathroom so I can shower and see how much damage is done. I could see the worry on Toms face. I took off my shorts that were a mess and my blouse. I saw Tom starring at my tits. I was a 34C and my nipples stood straight out. They had grown this past month.

I showered and took the shower head and ran the water up into my vagina cavity. I held it there for quite awhile because it felt so good. I dried off and asked Tom to hand me the hand mirror. I examined my pussy and could see a small tear at the base of my vagina. It was still bleeding, but not to much. I took some antibiotic cream and rubbed it into the tear and it stopped bleeding. I put on one of my Aunts old fashioned pads and went into the bedroom and put on a pair of panties and another pair of shorts. I put the blouse and shorts I had been wearing into the washing machine. I took a see thru top and put it on knowing you could see my tits and my nipples.

He said we better get back to the horses and see if Raven has been doing his duty. Our timing was perfect. As we came out the back door we saw Raven mount the ass. In spite of all that had happen I found myself getting horny all over again. I again watched with fascination as Raven drove that beautiful cock into the Ass. I closed my eyes an imagined that was me Raven was driving his cock into. My pussy began to secrete a lot of juice and I could feel the pad getting soaked. Raven was in full swing driving his cock in and out of that Ass’s pussy.

I must have let out a small moan because Tom looked at me and smiled. He reached over and pulled my shorts down and my panties and pad came with it. He lifted me up above his head and placed his head between my legs and lowered me onto his face. My legs were lying over his shoulders. I grabbed his head and came as he drove his tongue up into my wet pussy. My pussy was on fire again as he licked and sucked my pussy lips and clit. He had a very large tongue just like my Uncle but not as wide. He ate my pussy for about twenty minute’s and I lost count how many times I came. We must have been a site, with me sitting on his face with my legs draped over his shoulders. I must have been making a lot of noise in my ecstasy because both the horse & the Ass were starring at us.

I told Tom to put me down because I couldn’t take any more. He lowered me to the ground but my legs were so weak that he had to steady me. I put the pad back between my legs and put on my panties. They had dried out but within minutes they were wet again from all my juices. I was glad the bleeding had not returned.

Tom said, “Well it looks like your stallion knows what to do. Leave them together until dark and then put the stallion into the barn. Tomorrow put him back into the coral and let them breed some more. I will come back about four in the afternoon to pick up the Ass.” I said “do you have to leave, I'd like to return the favor as I stroked his cock thru his jeans?” “Yes, he said, I have work to do and my son is due back from college tonight it’s his summer break. I said “Please don’t tell my Uncle about the dog” “You don’t have to worry about me telling anyone. How old are you.” “I will be sixteen in a couple of months.” “I could go to jail for fucking you, so we will keep it just between us.”When can I see you again?” “Give yourself a day or two to heal and I’ll meet with you somewhere.” “Do you have a phone number where I can reach you I said” He nodded and wrote it down on a business card. “I’ll call you when I’m all healed and the coast is clear. He smiled when I said you are a wonderful lover.” He got on his horse and left.

My Uncle called and said he was going to stay in town as my aunt was not doing well. For the next three days I did no fucking. I had a real time of it. Between Pete trying to either lick my vagina or one of the other dogs try to get at me every time I fed them was not easy, because I would start to get horny every time any of the dogs tried to fuck or lick my pussy. What made it worse was my pussy would start to secrete my juices when one of the dogs tried to get at me and they would realize it and try even harder, especially Pete.

By the 4th day my pussy began to heal real good so after feeding the animals I went into the barn to clean Ravens stall and Pete came up and suck his nose in my crotch. I said Oh Pete you horny lover I guess the least I can do is let you eat my pussy. I squatted down and pulled my lose shorts aside and Pete dove right in. Oh it felt so good as I felt his tongue run up my vagina and across my clit. After three days of not having a cock in me it was heavenly. It only took Pete about two minuets before he made me cum. That really set him in motion. He began to run his tongue way inside my pussy, and then curling it to draw as much of my cum out as he could. When he drew his tongue out it would rub across my clit and after about ten minutes he made me cum three more times.

I was so horny but I didn't want to take a chance splitting my pussy again so I left Pete in the barn and went out to the smallest of the dog’s pen. I decided I may not want to hurt my vagina but I could still take it in the ass. I took my trusty horse blanket and laid it down in his stall and took my shorts off and strung them on the gate. Then I got down on my hands & knees and let that beautiful animal eat my wet pussy. He didn't hesitate a moment. His tongue began to lick my pussy inside and out. Finally he mounted me and I felt that wonderful doggy cock enter my ass. I took it all including his knot and I began to cum as I felt that big knot rub the insides of my ass hole. Up and down my insides went that knot and that nice cock. I felt him begin to shoot his doggy juice's up into my ass and I knew I was locked into him, but I didn't care he was making me cum over and over. He turned around so that we were ass to ass so I grabbed his hind legs and held him tight against my ass as he kept shooting more cum into my ass. Finally his knot went down and he extracted himself from me. I was very weak from cumming so much so I grabbed my shorts and went into the house.

I showered and cleaned my ass & Pussy with the shower head and went to bed. As I drifted off to sleep I thought wouldn't it be nice to get fucked by my Uncle and Tom at the same time. The thought made my pussy warm. Then my dad came into the picture and that's the last thing I remember.
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