Biggest Is Best

Biggest Is Best

It was another hot Summers morning, the bright sun streamed thru the tinted windows where the distant city skyline already shimmered in the heat haze.

Michelle rolled from her side onto her back before pulling herself upright.

She was still stiff and sore from the previous weeks operation and today the bandages were to be removed by her plastic surgeon. Her new tits would be released today and she thought of her new size with apprehension and eagerness.

This was the sixth or seventh breast enlargement in the last ten years but this by far her largest size yet. Her first set had been the size recommended by the surgeon and she had been happy with these for years before her hsusband had wanted her to be bigger.

She agreed to go up in size from her recommend size of 200cc of silicone to a 400cc of Saline fill but soon after Steve wanted more so she went up a size to 500cc and finally she agreed some time ago to 660cc. A few had gone wrong over time which needed more hosopital trips to fix but Steve always weanted bigger and bigger implants to play his games with.

The 660cc were about as big as the surgeon would do and he advised her not to do it. But it was still not enough and finally she agreed to go up to a 1200cc implant, the largest commercially availble.
Finding a surgeon prepared to do the work was a long task as most refused due to her small frame and petite build. However Mr Moore true to his name agreed as he specialised in larger sizes.

Her shoulders ached from the wieght as she washed her face and body with a face towel.
Today will be a real shower she thought, after the the dressings are off. She looked forward to the support of her bras afterward to ease the shoulder pain from the weight of these new implants which seemd enormous covered in the hospitals dressings.

The doctors sugery was empty on thier arrival and they took a seat until Mr Moore called them into the adjacent consulting room.

Michelle laid on his little bed with the white covers on the foot end and the crisp plactic covered pillowed at the head. Mr Moore with the practiced ease of the expert sliced thru the bandages with a set of stainless surgical scissors and removed the outer bandages and then the gauze dresings over each breast.

Kerry looked down and to her shock the two round mounds of each breast stood up proudly, far higher than she had expected and sick feeling over came her, Oh my god she thought Im huge, I wont be able to buy clothes or hide these as she had with previous boob jobs, These are just awful round balls she thought.

Sorry did I hurt you asked Mr Moore seeing the tears in her eyes, no Michelle replied, just abit surprised.

Well you did want the high profiles 1200cc implant overfilled to 1500cc he stated.

Sorry what size did you say?

1200cc high profile filled to overfilled to 1500cc, just as your husband had asked the day before the surgery.

I told him that this would give you a large ballon shaped result but he said that was what you wanted.

I see she replied.

The 14 DDD Bra she had bought with her intending to wear home to ease the discomfort was woefully undersize for the new breasts now standing hard and round on her chest.

She got down from the bed craddling her inflated tits and stood in front of the mirror. She lowered her arms to her side and looked at herself by turning first left then right to see her profile.

Two ballons on a stick, she thought. She had heard Steve use the term before and now she knew what he meant, literally.

The breasts were strecthed tight over the implants and the skin was numb in places.

The stitches were evident under each breast from the operation and were now half way up the lower curve of the breast and not in the fold underneath anymore.

Ill see you in another week said Mr Moore to remove the stiches. Rub some vitamin E cream in twice a day to help the skin settle in. No lifting or house work for 6 weeks either.
The brest tissue is still settleing and a risk of tearing the incsion site exists so be gentle with her, directing his comments to Steve.

My girl will make an appointent for you for next week, he finally said.

Michelle gingerly replaced her track suit top she had worn in and they proceeded back to thier nearby car.

She silently slipped on her seat belt and held it away from her chest, she could feel the heavy weight of her breasts pulling downward.

Youd better take me to the department store so I can get some new bras she said softly.
You happy with them? she asked Steve.

Not too bad he replied, hope theres not too much swelling as Id hate them to get any smaller, or you might need to re do them.

Michelle nodded, saying nothing.

The store had no standard bra sizes to fit her new tits and finally a specialsied Mternity bra size was found that fitted.

Michele was more relaxed now as the weight of her new implants was supported by the bra.

The day had continued to heat up and it was quite uncomfortable at home by the time they arrived back at home

I need a shower she said, I suppose you want something when Im out?

That would be nice if you can he replied.

She enjoyed the shower and washed her hair, oh that feels good she thought.

Her new tits were huge and sore, they kept getting knocked in the shower by either her elbows or arms.
The size when she washed them was massive, easliy standing straight out at least 8 inches and were so large in diameter that they almost touched in the centre of her chest and went straight out and then dived back in to her rib cage just before going her armpits.
They looked like someone had jsut stuffed a couple of honey dew melons into her and they felt jsut as hard.
She dropped the soap on one occasion and when bending over the more than three kilograms of saline pulled straight down and she felt as each breast was being pulled off her chest.

She toweled herself off after the shower and slipped into a black satin G string and a pair of high heel stilletto shoes.

She was naked otherwise as she went down stairs.

Steve sat on the burgundy leather lounge waiting for her, naked except a towel wrapped around his waist.

Michelles new tits jutted out bizarrly as she turned left and right to show them off to him.
Kneeling down in front of Steve she opened up his towel releasing his erect penis.

She wraped her delicate fingers around his shaft and stroked gently up and down, his clear seminal fluid streamed from the engorged head of his penis.

Steve reached forward and groabbed her left nipple and twisted it roughly.
She flinched with the pain but did not move, she knew now was not the time to dissapoint Steve.

She stroked him faster and he moaned softly, his grip on her nipple became harder and harder as he began to tug and pull in time with her own strokes.

She swallowed hard, knowing the pain to come, but she knew what he wanted hear too.
Squeeze my new tit bags she whispered to him.

Steve relased his cruel grip on her nipple and roughly grabbed her swollen breast.
Pain shot thru her her body as he squeezed her savagely.

With his other hand Steve reached down and rubbed her clitoris thru the thin satin of her G string, as usual she was wet with excitiement, she always was for the first part.

The satin fabric was damp with her fluids as he slipped his fingers into her well lubricated slit.
He deftly siipped the G string to one side and manipulated her clit making Michelle groan with pleasure.

His other hand now pumped at the hard round breast the implant was so overfilled that her tit felt like an hard ball, with a bit of effort he could get his fingers to sink in an inch or so before the pain made Michelle flinch and try to pull away.

She enjoyed being abused ike this and having her breasts hurt but even she had a limit when the pain overcame her arousal.

His hand was wet with her cunt juices and he now had trouble maintaining any rythme.

He removed his sticky fingers from her and placed them in her mouth.

Michelle eagerly sucked them before licking between the web of each finger to get the last of her juices off them

Her own hand was coated with Steves fluid and having licked the final taste of herelf from his fingers she bent forward and took his cock into her mouth.

She felt the warm fluid leak from him as she worked him while sucking gently and Steve moaned softly as she bobbed up and down on his member his own passion increaseing.

Steve grabbed her hair and pulled her head off his cock, she knew what he wanted and she lay down on her back , raised her hips up off the floor and slipped off her fluid soaked G string.

Steve straddled her chest placing his shiney cock betwen her new tits.

Michele clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

Steve reached down and pushed each round hard ball which were now her breasts togetherr over and above his long cock.

Michelle arched her body against Steves wieght in pain as Steve pushed her week old implants together, she could feel the tissue inside each implant pocket tearing as he forced them together, she panted hard trying to absorb the pain.

Steve started to thrust back and forth christening her new tit sacks as he called them with thier first titty fuck.
She twisted and groaned as the waves of pain racked her upper body.
Steve squeezed harder as his paced increased, please dont burst she begged silently to herself over and over.

Steve was pushing inwards on each breast and now in adddtion to forcing them together he stated pumping them gripping each implant, gougeing his fingers down the sides of the breasts trying to force his fingers in under the implant under her armpits between the saline filled bag and her chest wall.

Her groans rapidly became high pitched shrieks of pain and to silence her he pushed her wet G sting into her open mouth muffling her enough to concentrate on his own pleasure.

Fuck you, you cheap piece of silicone stuffed shit he screamed at her, get your big plastic tit sacks fucked by my cock.

Her breasts were pure raw pain as Steve thrust harder and harder, with each forward thrust he dug his fingers deeper into her untill she could she that he had at least half the lenth of each finger now forced under her implants worming their way into the pockets behind.

She choked on her on G sting and he taste of her own cunt juices washed over her tongue when ever she breathed in.

His paced became frantic and she knew he would soon be finsihed, the grand finale wqs upon her and thru the blurr of pain she waited for his final cruel act.

With a huge grunt he became rigid and his hot seed exploded between her breasts and flooded up under her chin. His orgasm triggered his final powerfull crushing squeze to her tender new body parts.

The room drifted in and out of focus for Michelle as the pain came in fierce burning waves.
She did not feel the hot spill of his sperm or the pumping action of his penis as he encased his cock with her hard tits.

Fuck that was good Steve murmered, pulling the G string gag from her mouth while getiing up off her chest.

In a final act of torment he grab each red nipple and roughly pulled her up to a sitting postion, his final pain filled act went un noticed by Michelle as she slumped forward and then flopped onto her side.

She driffted in a semi daze for some minutes and watched in a dreamlike state as Steves sperm slowly trckled from between her huge round breasts and down on the white nylon carpet where it congeled into a small pool.

She moved slowly down and licked the fluid off the carpet so it would not stain, carpet fibres stuck to her tongue, but she jsut swallowed them along with the salty fluid of her husband.

Steve had got up and grab the local business directory,

How do you spell piercing he asked, is i e or is it e i, ?

Its Ok Ive found it, said Steve.

Michelle felt the pain subside a little and she raised herself to sitting postion and propped herself up against the leather lounge, totally exhuasted.
Her breasts were swollen even more and her gently probing felt fluid starting to pool around the implants. Both nipples where chaffed and red. The left nipple was the worst for wear with the skin broken and the nipple itself cracked with a slight trace of blood evident. On the sides of each breast near her underarms were fingernail cuts and the first signs of bruising were appearing from the gougeing inflicted on them.
She let out a sigh of relief for they had survived their first day, she knew more was to come but now spent Steve would be gentle with her for the rest of today, tommorow was another story though.

Have you got the larger diameter needles and nipple rings there Steve asked the person on the phone,

Well can you get book my wife in for tommorrow please,

She wants to get her nipples peirced as soon as possible.


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