Caitlin & Rosemary: Welcome To My Limbo

Caitlin & Rosemary: Welcome To My Limbo

Hey, my name is Kiyoshi Amitsu, twenty-one years old, living in a house on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. I live a fairly average life financially, but that wouldn't be so without the small amount of help I receive. My life might be pretty normal by social standards, but my household life is really something! I live with the two most perfect… BEINGS in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. I live with two girls, one named Caitlin, and the other named Rosemary. They're not your average girls though; they're very special to me for who and what they are. But you must be asking yourself, what's so special about them? Are they your lovers or something? Well my friend, yes. But I should start from the beginning, and explain to you just why they mean so much to me. But I must warn you; I'm not going to leave out any of the naughty, and particularly awkward details. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Throughout high school, I would normally doodle on my pages. I loved art, but not really the realistic type. I loved cartooning, and did it quite regularly. I did it all through high school, and this made it difficult to keep high grades. But somehow I made it through, The Arts and English being my top subjects. With those high eighty to ninety percent marks, I went to an art school in Tokyo. I figured I needed the experience in order to pursue a career in cartooning or illustrating. So I took a class that lasted a good three years, me being eighteen when I entered the school. Those times of my life weren’t too fun; in fact it was somewhat boring, even for me, a calm sort of person. I tell you, school is not fun, but it's worth it.

I worked, slept, drew, ate and so on, all in a sort of pattern. It was pretty much the same thing day in and day out for the whole three years. That is of course, unless there was a holiday, such as Christmas. The whole campus got in a festive mood, and I was quite glad to help out with it all. The other students and teachers all appreciated my help, too. I can't quite say why, but I am just a helpful person by nature, always lending a hand when I can. I guess it just makes me happy to see people lives running smoothly for them. Again, I can't say for sure, though. But to the point, I lasted that way through school, getting out when I was twenty-one years of age. At that point, I began to search for a place to call my own.

I'd be damned if I was going to keep living with my parents, so I searched for a home that made me comfortable. After many failed attempts and lost hope, I'd found one. Unlike the others, it was fairly large, and that suited me just fine. I liked my space. It was jus outside of Tokyo, not too far away from a local college. The location was good; it seemed to cry out solitude. Inside, most of the floors were covered with hardwood, aside from the rooms that I deemed to be bedrooms and guest rooms. The kitchen and bathroom were tiled, the walls being all white, all over. I would soon pain those, just after I moved in. The place was a real fixer-upper… that probably being the reason I could afford it in the first place. It had all sorts of plumbing problems, and broken circuits, not to mention all the painting I did in the bedroom that I said was going to be mine. I pained the walls a gentle cream colour, to offset the dark green carpeting sorta. After a few months, I hauled my furniture in and set it all up, and boom, I was in.

At first, I thought I had it made. I had my own place, a career to pursue, and all sorts of dreams. But then there was finance. I had a little smidge of a student loan to repay, and I had to buy food and pay taxes. I couldn't have done that with cartooning. All the local papers and such didn't NEED any more cartoonists. I was stuck being a freelance cartoonist, sending my drawings out to sell, or making up prints for people to buy online. But it still wasn't enough, so I went and looked for a real job. Though I wasn't really qualified for anything other than journalism and drawing, and I didn't like the time-consuming idea of journalism. So instead, I got myself a job as deskman at a local toy-company. I was a secretary of sorts, directing and assisting all visitors. It was a real pain, having to dress professionally and getting to know the place. But I would anything to stay on my feet, really.

It still wasn't enough though. When my first bill came in, I could barely pay it off, and thus resulting in a lack of food. I needed to think of a way to fix that problem, but it was hard on an empty stomach. I sat alone in my large living room; seated on one of my many chairs, leg bobbing as I thought to myself. I thought and thought until my brain got sore. Nothing really seemed to present itself, and staring at the plain white walls, lit up by lamps, didn't help one bit. Deciding that I needed something, I got up and went to my kitchen to get a glass of water. After filling the glass, I went back out into my living room and sighed, my sigh seeming to echo through the quiet house.

I'd lived there for a month, and I had never questioned the place before that point. I began to wonder why I bought it. It was obviously far too big for me. There were more bedrooms than I needed, as I didn't have any guests. I was completely alone, left to work and sleep, and try to live. It seemed like a sad slap from reality. I didn't like it. But upon taking a sip from my water glass, an idea hit me, and I had wondered why exactly it didn't get to me before.

"The house is so big… Because it wasn't MADE for one person!" I spoke to myself, hearing my own voice vibrate from the empty halls.

After getting over the fact that I must have been a blockhead for not figuring that out sooner, I went to sleep to wake up early the next day for work. All through that day, I went about with my planning. My home was maybe a ten to fifteen minutes drive away from the nearby college. The proposal was simple, really. I would rent out my spare rooms to students who needed them; in order to avoid paying the expensive residence fees the school had to offer. On my free time at work, I worked on an ad to put into the paper. I can't remember what it said; it was something like, two rooms for rent, $600/month, located 10 – 15 minutes from the Yiroshaka College. It worked well enough for me, and as soon as I got home, I called in to the local newspaper company, and sent in my ad. All I had to do then was wait.

It took another week, but when the newspaper came out on one Saturday morning, I saw my ad. Success, that's what I thought. Within time, students would have been calling my number and arranging to see the house. And I didn't have to wait long, maybe an hour after I picked up the paper; I got a call from a girl. She said that she and her sister attended the college, and asked if they could see the rooms, as they were interested. I told them that they could come as soon as they wanted, noon at least. They said that was fine, and hung up the phone.

"Yay!" I cried out to myself, throwing my coffee into the air.

Of course, I had to clean that up.

At noon, I made up a servable lunch of sandwiches. Cheap, yes, but I didn't have a lot to spare. I took a shower, got dressed in fresh clothes, made sure I was presentable, and waited. Before long, I heard a knock at me door, and eagerly went to open it, smiling in my excitement. I was about to greet the girls, but when I saw them, my voice choked in my throat. They were by far the most beautiful girls I had ever seen in my life. They were goddesses amongst the already breathtaking generation of college girls. I think I stared at them, probably with budging eyes. I wouldn't have been surprised if blood had trickled from my nose due to the pressure from the metaphorical steam that rushed from my ears. If you were there, you would have understood my reaction quite well, I assure you.

The one closest to me seemed to have a bright smile on her face, as if she was happy to see me. She had pink hair, or it could have possibly been purple, or a mixture of both. It seemed to flow from her head in beautiful waves down to her upper back, framing her flawless face, with big, bold, cute red eyes. I couldn’t dwell on it, so I made my gaze quick as I scanned her form. She was wearing a bright yellow tank top at the time, and a pair of jean shorts. The tank top was stretched to its limits due to the large swell of her chest beneath it. They pert breasts actually kept the top from covering her slim stomach, and her breasts seemed to be very, very large indeed. Looking lower, her shorts were worn low on her hips, but that was probably because her hips flared out in an almost unnatural way. Her legs were exposed, sleek and sexy I’d say, but she was still fairly short. She wore sandals on her feet.

“Hello? Sir?” I heard a voice speak to me, and I immediately shot my gaze to her eyes, laughing softly.

“Sorry, I left town for a moment.” I laughed. “Come in, make yourselves comfortable, and I’ll show you around shortly.”

I watched them as they entered, and when they did, it gave me an opportunity to look over the other girl. She was no less amazing. She was taller, about as tall as me, her form thinner, just by a bit, but no less appealing. She wore a jacket, seemingly a cowhide one, and tight-fitting jeans, and a pair of shoes that seemed to show that she was an intelligent one. She wore glasses, much like I, accentuating her beautiful golden eyes. Her hair was orange, a healthy, shimmering ginger colour. It flowed off her head, past her shoulders, all the way down to her hips. It was breathtaking. Her form, somewhat smaller than the first girls, moved with the same, girlish, innocent sensuality that caught my eye. Her breasts were smaller, by a bit, still above average though. But her hips flared out slightly more than the first’s, and she had a better rear, as I compared the two. Not only that, but her skin was somewhat paler than the first’s, but that didn’t take anything away, if anything, it added to her purity.

The two of them walked into my living room, observing their surroundings carefully. The pink-haired girl seemed excited, giving me the impression that she was the more spontaneous of the two. She pointed out the odd thing that caught her eye, and asked what the other thought of it. The other seemed slightly more bashful, and it seemed cute to me. She was a bit quieter, and more down-to-earth, I assumed. They seated themselves on my couch, and I closed the door, making sure everything was all right. They had removed their footwear at the door, thankfully. I didn’t quite want them to mess up my floor. I followed in after them, and they looked to me, and I knew they were going to ask something, so I let them. Who would I have been to stop them?

“So, you’re…” The pink-haired girl started.

“Kiyoshi? Kiyoshi-san?” The second finished.

“Yeah, that’s me.” I nodded with a smile. “I’m the one who set the ad out. Who might you two ladies be?”

“Well, I’m Caitlin.” The pink-haired girl stated, gesturing to the other girl next to her afterwards. “And this is Rosemary, my older sister.”

“Ah I see.” I thought for a moment before I reached out, and shook their hands politely. “Pleased to meet you both.”

“Likewise.” Rosemary smiled.

“Can you show us around, Kiyo-chan?” Caitlin asked enthusiastically.

“Chan?” I repeated this, and then chuckled. “Feel free to call me by whatever you want, no need for formalities here. And sure, if you want to get right down to business, I’ll show you guys around for as long as you like.”

“Oh, alright.” They both said at first, regarding my first statement about the formal Japanese extensions to one’s name, though “chan” was the least formal of them all. It was used for pet names, nicknames really. But they didn’t know me well enough to use that suffix, thus showing further that Caitlin was fairly shameless, it seemed. Just a giddy girl, but that was fine, I found it rather cute. Rosemary followed my statement with some hesitation, obviously more used to being polite. I didn’t care much either way though; I always thought the additions to one’s name were stupid.

“Can you show us our rooms, first?” Caitlin asked.

“We’d like that very much.” Rosemary finished.

I did just that. It took many hours of answering questions and engaging in idle chitchat with the two college girls. I first showed Rosemary her room, which had a red carpet, and I hadn’t bothered to pain the walls, so they were still white. I had gotten all sorts of furnishings into it though, a comfortable bed, a dresser, end tables, lamps, everything that was needed. In fact, I had them since I’d moved into the place. Rosemary seemed to be content with her room, but she always seemed curious as to how close Caitlin’s room would be. I told both of them maybe two times each that their rooms were just down the hall from one another. I had no idea why that seemed so important, and I didn’t give it much thought. It was nice to see how much they enjoyed each other’s company though.

While I spoke about the rooms briefly and led them through the halls, I could hear them whispering to each other. I didn’t know what they were saying, but the occasional giggle would sound up from behind me. It made me wonder what they were talking about, but I knew if I looked back, they would have stopped. Their voices were very pleasing to the ears, Rosemary’s comparing to that of the gentle sound of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore on a summer’s night. Caitlin’s was more up beat and cheerful, always shining with happiness. But their whispers, still flowing with those tones, just made me curious. They could only have been giggling about me. Nothing was wrong with the house after all. Was I too skinny for them? Perhaps my hair was messed up? I consciously checked my hair as I walked into what would be Caitlin’s room.

“This will be little Miss Caitlin’s room.” I said with a chuckle.

“Oh, the carpet is blue.” Caitlin said. “But the walls are white.”

“Hm?” I looked back at them then. “The walls? Are those going to be a problem?”

“Well…” Neither of them seemingly wanted to complain.

“Hey.” I walked over to them then, looking to each of them. “If there’s anything wrong with your rooms, you can just ask you know. I have no problem painting the walls or changing things around if you really want me to. All you have to do is ask, I’m more than willing to comply to the requests of two lovely young ladies.”

“Really?” They both seemed to blush at my comment. I was a little taken back myself as that was very unlike me. But then again, I did like to compliment, I liked seeing the reactions I got, whether they be a smile or an embarrassed blush, or even a threat, it just amused me, and made me feel good.

“Well, can I ask that my walls be painted blue too?” Caitlin asked.

“Robin’s egg blue.” I said. “It would go well, since the shade is light and soft. Wont hurt the eyes, and it wont exactly blend with the carpeting.”

“That would be nice.” She responded. “Thank you, Kiyo.”

“Not a problem!” I said, reassuring them that it really wasn’t anything to interfere with my life. “What about you, Rosemary?”

“I’m alright…” The ginger-haired girl responded, still blushing, and seeming a tad bashful. Really, it just concluded more of my assumptions about their character. They both seemed very nice though.

“You sure?” I asked.

“I’m sure.” She answered.

I wasn’t going to ask again. In order to keep them around, I had to give them their space and freedom. Whatever they wanted, they got, it wasn’t of any expense to me. I resumed showing them the rest of the house, explaining to them and chatting with them. Of course, in moments of silence, they’d whisper and giggle to one another. They did that while I showed them my room, and it made me uneasy. I thought they were laughing at my drawings or something. It was good, since they were made to be comical, but offsetting at the same time; because they could have thought they were just stupid. Regardless, I showed them off briefly, and then went and showed them the kitchen, which was fairly big as well, enough to easily fit three working people. Though I said to them that they didn’t need to worry about meals. Breakfast and dinner, ‘d make for them if they so wanted it. They seemed grateful.

It wasn’t long until they agreed to move in. They liked the personal attention that I gave them, they said, and they also added in that they particularly liked me. I wasn’t sure what they saw in me. I’m skinny, with black hair, a little short, reaching to my upper nape, and I even wore a pair of dorky glasses. Whatever they saw, I figured, wasn’t on the outside. They must have liked how nicely I was working with them. And I could only guess that the location was a real plus. They said they could go to college and their part-time jobs easily, and they could both afford to live there. I was glad to hear that, making little to no arrangements. I wanted them to stay too, for reasons of my own. They were beautiful, and I thought that their breathtaking forms and cheerful personalities would inspire me to draw, and to go day from day without worry.

Oh, I got inspiration alright.

We got along famously. A week after I first saw them, they’d moved in and went on with their lives. At first, we were somewhat distant. I didn’t know what to talk about with them, but they always had something to talk about. All I’d have to do is ask them how they were, and how their day went when I saw them. They’d tell me about it, if they had time, and it always gave me things to talk about or ask questions around. They seemed to like the idle chitchat between us, and I eagerly became an active member of their lives rather than staying away from them. Over time, I gradually became friends with the beautiful girls, and they seemed to welcome my company more and more. Soon, they smiled each time we spoke, and they thanked me for everything I did for them. They always seemed glad to see me.

I couldn’t blame them. I got up early each morning, made them breakfast as they woke up, talked to them, and then drove them to the college. If it were a workday, I’d be heading to work right after. They usually complimented me on how professional I looked, to the point where Caitlin would begin to tease me. I didn’t like thinking I looked like some guy in a tux. I liked more casual things. Rosemary would join right in, telling me how good I looked in the suit, and it would bother me too. I wasn’t quite sure though, if she was even aware of the fact until I told her. When I did, she’d stop, though Caitlin drove a harder battle. I’d drop them off, and tell them I’d pick them up, and then go to work until the time I did have to pick them p. By that time, work would be done, and I’d catch them on the way home.

If it weren’t a workday, I’d go home and have the house to myself. At that point, I’d go and draw some cartoons or something. I’d do that for hours until about noon. I’d then get up, eat lunch, and start scanning around the house. I’d clean. I’d do the dishes, clean the floors, and look around for other things to do. I’d go and peek into the girls’ rooms, and see what I could do in there. Normally, I’d end up gathering their clothes for doing the laundry. I had a small basement section of my house used as a laundry room, which was accessible from my kitchen. I’d go down, and wash the clothes, which always seemed to be a sort of trip. It was always interesting, and maybe a bit perverted, seeing what clothes the girls wore. Not only that, but they normally had stains in them, which hinted on to their actual nature, that I had little to no clue about at the time.

I’d unload the clothes, and notice some things. Picking up a white blouse, I’d notice stains on the breast-parts of the shirt. I had been doing laundry for years, so I usually knew what they were. It seemed that they would occasionally spill milk onto their blouses, and it would stain before they could wash it out. Sometimes those stains were big, sometimes not, but they were there quite often. It was awkward, and made me wonder. But what hinted me into a deeper side of them, were their panties. It seemed wrong to look, but I did. They wore skimpy panties most of the time, thongs and such, but there was always a stain in the crotch. It would never fail, each load I did, there’d be a stain in it, a dried out sort of stain. Once, I’d sniffed it to see what exactly it was, which was wrong too, but I couldn’t help it. It was the only way I was going to tell. But when the scent hit me, it made my stomach churn, but I didn’t find the smell bad at all. It was the smell of the female sex; I knew it anywhere.

I was curious. Living on through the weeks with them, their activities confused me. Judging by the stains in their clothes, I always guessed that they were very sexual, both of them, even the quieter Rosemary. I blamed it on hormones at first, which was probably a correct assumption. But they showed no signs of it. Occasionally, they’d talk about the odd, dirty thing. Hell, even I did that, it was just fun, but other than that, nothing really. They never spoke of boys, or too much about sex, yet they obviously got aroused every day by something or another. Yet everything seemed so clean. I doubted I’d even find signs of them masturbating, if I looked. All they did was run off to be by themselves to study. This was okay, I figured, since the nearby college was a well educated all girls’ college. So I always left them alone. Besides, it wasn’t my place to interfere with that. I would just stay to myself, reading or doodling, maybe even writing like I am now.

But the curiosity was too much. Maybe I’m just a perverted guy, but I always wondered why they acted the way they did. A normal person would have just deemed it normal behavior, but for some reason, I didn’t. Possibly, I was just being shallow. But I’d never interfered with anything they wanted to do, ever. I’d leave them alone if they wanted, or let them go out. I felt like their father half the time, telling them they shouldn’t stay out too late. But one night, just once, I decided to check up on them. I didn’t even know what subjects they were studying, so it would have just been a quick visit to Caitlin’s room. I walked through the halls, which were deafly quiet at the time. But as I neared the bedroom, a light sort of groan broke the silence. I wondered if maybe one of them didn’t feel good. But it was followed by other moans and groans, all muffled, as if to be silenced. My ears toned in on the sound, and I knew it was Rosemary. What could her problem have been? I walked up to the door, which was open, a crack, and peered in, having my breath sucked straight from my body silently at the sight my eyes beheld.

“Be quiet Rose, or Kiyo is going to hear you.”

“But Cait… I… I can’t…”

“You can, unless you want him to see you like this.”

I was blown away. There I saw them, the two, sweet college girls I had let into my home, engaged in devious acts of pleasure. But the manner was most bizarre. Rose was seated on the floor, her smooth, voluptuous form exposed. Her breasts heaved with every small, sharp intake of breath. She was panting, obviously at a sexual high. He face was flustered red, her eyes closed, her facial expression reflecting that of only pure lust and satisfaction. I looked on in wide-eyed awe. Her thighs were spread, her toes wiggling and curling with her panting and occasional spasm. She had her arms straight down, just behind her, clawing at the carpet. Cait was on the floor, nestled nicely between her sister’s spread thighs. Her knees were curled beneath her, and she was leaning down towards Rosemary’s crotch, her panty-covered ass resting at her ankles. Its full, firm shape teased my senses. She was obviously pleasuring her sister, eating her out I guessed. My hot, shallow breath fogged my glasses, which had slid down my nose. But I wasn’t seeing things when Cait had pulled away, licking her lips as she glanced mischievously up at her sister.

My eyes widened, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Between Rosemary’s smooth, tanned thighs, stood something I would never deem to be on a woman, ever. A proud male member stood erect from her… no, hir. It was large, long and thick, veiny and a reddish hue with blood pulsing through it. I could have sworn it was eleven… no, twelve inches long, and very thick. It made me look like a young child compared to hir amazing girth. It explained Caitlin’s movements, her long bobbing movements I didn’t seem to notice. She was eagerly jerking her sister’s cock, grinning up at hir as Rosemary withed and squirmed in pleasure, probably on the peek of orgasm. I could barely pay attention though, my mind all twisted and confused. Hermaphrodites regularly died at birth… How could they even exist?

“I bet he’d want to see you like this.” Caitlin cooed. “I bet he’d be so turned on…”

“C-Cait! Please… I’m so close!” Rosemary rasped. My heart was racing, my face more than likely a deep red.

“Mmm, I can’t wait.” Caitlin purred, licking her lips.

I watched on, my mouth agape. I felt like a sinner, for some reason. I watched as Caitlin went down on Rosemary once more, amazingly taking the full length of hir proud cock to the large, full sac beneath it. I found myself barely able to breathe, my hands trembling. I felt my own cock straining against the material of my jeans, but I couldn’t act on it. I felt a mixture of arousal and confusion as I watched and listened. Rosemary couldn’t hold back hir moans any longer. Thinking of the time, I would have been in my own room by then anyways. Hir moans filled the room, in combination with the wet, tasteful slurping noises that Caitlin produced. The whole room seemed to flow with a sexual aura. I was turned on, as Caitlin said. She must have known her way around men… or maybe, the deepest sexual desires of human beings altogether. My whole body was shaking, as if I could feel some of the lustful electricity flowing from Rosemary as shi got closer and closer to that one, final moment. Or at least, I thought it was the final moment. Her moans and whimpers soon turned into cries of ecstasy, which shi covered up by cupping one hand over hir mouth. I saw hir nearly bite down on her fingers as shi came, and a gasp emitted from me at that moment.

Shi came, and came, and came. It went on for a long while, a minute perhaps. I was astounded and afraid all at the same time. I could hear Caitlin gulping, as if she were eagerly drinking down what sounded like liters… God be my witness, possibly gallons. My senses were blurred, I couldn’t think, my mouth was dry, I couldn’t make any noise. Rosemary was in a state of pure bliss, I could see, but shi soon came down to earth as shi climbed down from hir peak. Caitlin moved up then, sitting back on her knees, her firm, round butt molding around her ankles slightly. Rosemary opened hir eyes, and I made sure I couldn’t be seen. Hir eyes were beautiful, as shi wasn’t wearing hir glasses. By the movements made, I saw that Caitlin had leaned in quickly to kiss her hermaphroditic sister with a fiery lust. Rosemary fell to hir back under the weight, and embraced this kiss, wrapping hir arms around hir sister and holding her as close as shi possibly could. They kissed for several minutes before they parted to regain their breath.

“Now it’s my turn.” Caitlin cooed. “I need you to pleasure my cock.”

At that point, I was out of there, quickly down the hall, but being as silent as a mouse. I was shaking, my mind a blur. I hadn’t even had enough sense left in me to put my glasses in their rightful place in front of my eyes. I moved quickly to the kitchen then, thinking I needed a drink to calm down. I got a bottle of rum out from one of my cupboards and put it shakily on the counter. Next, I grabbed a glass, but it slipped from my hand and fell to the floor with a loud crash as it shattered. I sighed and leaned against the counter, grabbing the rum, opening it, and taking a swig straight from the bottle instead. The warm alcohol seemed through my body, seemingly numbing my nerves for a moment. I shook my head, readjusting my glasses and thinking, biting down on my bottom lip. What sort of demon spawn had I let into my home? Sex-demons, that’s what they were. My curiosity killed whatever vision I had of the two girls for several minutes before I pieced it together.

They were simply…

I couldn’t explain it. By day, in public, before other people, they acted like normal girls. They didn’t flaunt their highly attractive bodies around, nor did they tease. They held back any sort of sexual feelings they had. But at night, when they were alone… they must have let it out. All of it, every little bit. Or so I thought. But what amazed me most were their dual-genders. They had male phalluses, though they also had cunts. They were girls, with extra. There was certainly no more like them, I figured. They were unique beings, born once in a lifetime. I thought maybe I should have been afraid. They were something totally new: living, breathing hermaphrodites. It was the truth, and I’d have to learn to accept it. But that wasn’t what was bothering me so much. What bothered me was my own reaction.

I always thought myself as straight as a ruler. But looking down to my crotch, I saw my arousal. My cock had pitched a tent in my jeans. I was confused, and maybe a little insecure. Why did I find it so… arousing? So irresistible? Maybe it was the girls… or the fact that they had cocks. Could I have been bi-sexual all this time? No, that wasn’t quite it. I’d never gotten any sort of thought or feelings for another man. Maybe I just had some sort of odd preference… I wasn’t heterosexual; I knew that for certain, it would have been impossible with such thoughts and facts. I was my own preference… that’s it. I had a lot of thinking to do, and taking another swig of the rum didn’t help. The girls I lived with were now not just girls. They were something that I couldn’t get over. The visions that unfolded before me were burned, scorched, imprinted in my brain. The mind-numbing rum did nothing; the thoughts wouldn’t leave. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I capped the bottle, put it away, cleaned the glass off the floor, and then went to take a shower. Still the thoughts wouldn’t leave.

My cock was painfully hard. I needed to relieve myself. It seemed so indecent at the time, but I had to do it, for health purposes… That was my excuse. While the hot water rained down from the showerhead onto my naked body, I leaned against the stained-glass door of the shower, my eyes closed. I pictured the girls, in their evil, dirty deeds as I gripped my cock. I began to stroke it, jerking myself off with an oddly inflamed passion. Pleasure burned through my loins, and wanton racked my mind. I wanted those girls; I wanted to enter their world. I wanted to kiss them; I wanted to fuck them. I let out a moan of my own as I eagerly masturbated to the fantasies running through my head. It didn’t seem to matter anymore, my preferences, my fears. All that mattered was clenching the welling thirst for pleasure that had somehow boiled up within my soul. I wanted those girls; I wanted to touch their cocks… The ones that made me look small… I wanted to… My mind was blurred, my breaths short, hot and heavy. I hit a rapid orgasm before I realized it, spraying my seed with force against the lower part of the opposing wall.

I pried my fist from my delighted member, opening my eyes and coming back to reality. I nearly slipped up in the water as I looked around. I’d frightened myself; I was amazed and shocked at my very own thoughts. With alarm, I turned the water off, got out and dried myself with a towel. My mind and heart were racing as I put on my boxers and pants, heading straight for my room, leaving my shirt on the floor, the shower door open and the towel bunched up on the floor. I went to my room and collapsed on my bed, wide-awake. Why? Why did I do that? I rarely masturbated by my own will… But it seemed like a force that opposed my will drove me. Those girls were inhuman, and I couldn’t be worried. I was beforehand, but only at the fact that somehow… some way, they’d lured me into some sort of world, a world that haunted my mind. The succubae, those evil sex demons… Somehow they’d put a spell on me, somehow they’d managed to lure me into a delightful little hell, and yet, I remained at the gates.

The decision was mine:

Turn back?

Or embrace the darkness?

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