Carol was riding with her daughter Michelle. She was down in Louisiana at Fort Polk and
they were passing her daughter's last few days in the Army before she was discharged. It turned out that Michelle had a few days leave coming, she could either take the leave and
receive her discharge from the Army at the end, or she could stay on active duty for approximately the same amount of time and do work details until the financial paperwork came through. Michelle decided to take her final days in the Army as leave. In trying to pass the time, they had grown tired of being hit upon by all the male GI's when they tried to windowshop in the town outside of Fort Polk's main gate. The same problem arose, although magnified, in trying to stop somewhere and have a drink. Thus the present plan had been formed. They were riding in Michelle's old '95 mustang convertable and had an iced down twelve pack. They were on their way to the closed down "North Fort" of Fort Polk. This section was built at the beginning of WWII and had been last used during the Vietnam War. You could get a real good perspective of what Army life had been like back in the forties. The only problem was that North Fort was off-limits which meant that noboby was allowed to go there and if anyone did they could be arrested by the military police.

It was a beautiful sunny day so they decided to chance it and take the back roads. On
the drive there, Carol was sipping a beer and started comparing herself to her daughter.
Carol was 47, attractive, one hundred fifteen pounds, five foot seven inches tall, she had
shoulder length blond hair, long slender legs and delectable 32A breasts, she only displayed
her age if you took the time to notice the fine lines at the corners of her eyes and lips. Michelle
was 24, good looking, one hundred twenty pounds, five foot three inches tall, she had dark
brown almost waist length hair, 36C tits and her figure was more "curvy" than her mothers.

Carol and her daughter had passed an enjoyable afternoon. They had visited numerous
buildings and although most of them were empty they came across the odd piece of
furniture or equipment. They had visited the tiny PX stores where soldiers could buy
items of clothing or candy, soda or beer. The barracks were unimpressive except they
had both made faces at the twenty toilets lining the walls of the latrine with nothing to block
your view of your neighbor on the next stool. They had just come out of a movie theater
when they heard, "Stop! You are in an off limits area and are subject to arrest!"
They quickly looked around and found themselves surrounded by four Military Policemen.

Michelle tried to explain what they were doing. "Just shut up! This area is off limits and if
you are in the Army you know what that means!" was barked at her and her mother.
Carol was allowed to get their purses from the car. Their identification was examined and
looks passed between the MP's. "Look's like we have some violators who are too good to
obey the rules!" one MP barked. The one looking at their purses and both drivers licenses
said, "Hey, we have a mother/daughter act here!" Looking up he continued, "and they even
dress alike!" Carol was immediately aware of Her and Michelle's matching tube tops and
cutoffs that barely covered their butts, and flip flops. She also reddened a bit as she
remembered that Michelle had talked her into wearing no underware today.

"Search Them!" shouted one that was wearing sergeant stripes. Carol was pushed against
one side of the humvee and Michelle on the other. One of the soldiers started running his
hands over Michell and cupped her breasts. Michelle shouted "Watch it asshole!" and shoved
the soldier away. "Just settle down!" the soldier said and started to turn her around to face the
humvee again. "Keep your hands to yourself!" Michelle screamed and slapped him in the face.
"OK, that's it!," snapped the sergeant, "Let's she how well she appreciates her fellow soldiers!"
Michelle just increased her struggles and a second soldier stepped up to help hold her.
"I've had enough!" snarled the sergeant, "Let's let Mommy give a demonstration on how to
be appreciative of the troops!"

Michelle looked confused at what was said and it was just starting to register with Carol when she was grabbed by two of the soldiers. While one held her arms the other grabbed her cutoffs and pulled them down to her ankles. Then her tube top was pulled down to just under her breasts.
Carol cried out in surprise when they tossed her onto the hood of the humvee and her cry turned
to pain as the hot metal touched her bare butt and calves. As the sergeant held Michelle, the others stripped off Carol's cutoffs and spreadeagled her on the hood of the humvee. She was crying from the pain of the hot metal of the humvee on the back of her naked body, but the soldiers were ignoring her cries as they tied off her wrists and ankles to the body of the vehicle.

One of the soldiers jumped up between her legs and dropped his pants to his knees. When he went to shove his dick into her the heat from the metal of the vehicle caused him to pull back. He stared at her for a minute and then he noticed her tube top still around her stomach. He produced a knife and sliced open the tube top and pulled it down so his balls would hit the fabric rather than the vehicle as he was fucking. He then went to penetrate Carol's pussy but was stopped by its dryness. "Hey, she's as dry as the Mohave!" he exclaimed. He then shouted for one of his buddies to get a full bottle of beer out of the Mustang. Carol lay there waiting for the first dick to enter her. Her eyes were closed to the hot, bright sun, and her world was the heat on her body from the sun and the sun-heated metal underneath her. Her world was violated by the soldier jamming the beer bottle into her vagina. He had shaken it first and she felt the beer foam out and fill her cunt. He then poured the rest over Carol's loins and thighs, giving her body some relief from the heat.

Carol let out a yelp of pain as his ten inch long three inch round shaft was driven full length into her beer lubricated cunt in one push. She heard Michelle screaming "No! Don't do this to her! Let her go and I will do everything that you want!" Carol felt the full weight of the soldier pressing her body onto the hood of the humvee. Before he continued with her violation he placed his mouth by Carol's ear and said, "If you give your full attention to giving me and my buddies the best fuck of our lives, We will let your daughter go." Carol did not really believe him but she had no other option. When he started fucking her she adjusted her hips to his pounding as best she could and used all of the different muscles in her pussy to work on his massive prick.The pain from the intrusion of his massive member into her tight vagina was not enough to release her from the humiliation she felt by strangers using her on the hood of a vehicle in front of her daughter. Finally he sped up his thrustings into her and cried out as he dumped his sperm into her flesh filled cunt.

The next soldier stood over her and pulled out a dick as large as the last one that abused her.
He commented that the hood was very hot and maybe she was too hot for the humvee hood and
needed to be cooled off. Carol then felt a liquid spraying down across her shoulders and neck
and around her upper torso. She licked some liquid that had fallen on her dry lips and the taste
made her also notice the smell as Carol realized that she was being pissed on. Again she started
to feel shame but the relief that the urine provided her heat battered body made her appreciate
the piss. The soldier settled himself between her legs and quickly lining up his dick to her cunt he
drove himself completely into her, bringing a cry of pain from Carol, a grunt of effort from him and
a spurt of semen out of her pussy as there was not room for both it and the huge dick now occupying her slit. Carol heard his grunts each time he rammed his massive member into her. Also in the back of her mind she noticed that Michelle was now naked and being forced to suck the cock that had just climaxed in Carol. Again she felt the hammering of her groin speed up and heard her abuser cry out as his cum exploded into her with his violent climax.

The third soldier also expended his urine on her body and again Carol felt her cheeks redden as
she appreciated the relief the piss gave her body from the heat. Again a body knelt between her thighs and again a massive dick violated her now sore pussy. The shaft being repeatedly shoved into her snatch, though large, was not as big as the first two that had abused her. So she did not have the pain of her pussy being stretched during the fuck. This soldier also punctuated his efforts with a grunt every time his penis drove its length into her snatch. Carol felt his thrusts and heard his grunts as he continued to violate her. Finally her tender pussy was able to cause him to climax and his body collapsed onto hers as he expended his sperm into her.

The sergeant was the last one to use her. He climbed up onto the humvee and as the last two soldiers had done, he also pissed over her body. Carol looked up at him and as he dropped his pants she cried out as she saw his obscenely massive fourteen inch long three and one half inch round monster. He knelt between her thighs and quickly pushed the head of his shaft between the lips of her slit. Once he was ready he then gave a powerfult thrust of his thighs and drove most of his length into Carol. Carol felt the pain of her pussy tearing to try to accomodate his girth. All the remaining cum in her spurted out as all available space was needed to hold his jumbo sized dick. He still did not have all of his length in Carol and he had to push and push his member into her as her cunt stretched to complteley accept his dick. As Carol was completely filled by the sergeant she now felt her clit respond as it was roughly massaged by his thrusts into her. She cried out as this massaging forced an unwanted physical climax out of her. The first orgasm was followed by a chain of them one after the other as her clit was continually excited by his cock. The sergeant rapidly increased his pounding of her pussy and his cum exploded into her.
He stopped himself from ramming his full length back into her as he wanted to leave all of his considerable burst of cum inside her.

As he again stood beside the humvee and fixed his pants he ordered, "OK, lest get the area cleaned up and get these bitches back to the station." He looked at Carol and Michelle and said "Your tour of old buildings is also going to include the MP Station. Hope you appreciated the effort." They then had their wrists hancuffed in front of them. Michelle was placed in the backseat of the humvee and Carol was back in the passenger seat of the mustang. Sitting there Carol felt the burns on her body and the pain from her cunt. She smelled the ordor of cum and urine rising from her body. Also the last load of sperm was leaking out of her and soaking the
seat under her. As the vehicles started to pull out Carol heard her daughter scream and through the back window of the humvee saw the sergeant forcing her daughter down and she just
knew he was forcing that monster of a dick into her. She screamed "Stop him" and threw her body against the soldier driving the mustang. He managed to keep the car under control and stopped the vehicle. He then slapped Carol and told her to calm down. When she kept on screaming he pulled out a rag and foreced it into her mouth muffling her screams. "Now you
know you have to be punished, and fucking your pussy is not a threat but an asshole
reaming might get your attention." he said. His voice immediately penetrated to Carol and she stopped all movement and sounds.

He pulled Carol from the car and bent her naked form over the side of the mustang. Her crying
out from the sun heated metal caused the soldier to pause. He then removed two beers from the cooler in the mustang. He poured one over the hood and side of the mustang. He then forced Carol to bend forward over the area. He kicked her legs apart and Carol thought he was jacking off from his movements but then she felt the her asshole pierced by the neck of a beer bottle and her ass was filled completely with foaming beer. The bottle was dropped and replaced by the soldier's massive penis. Carol tried to plead for him to stop but the gag smothered her effort. She then screamed into her gag as her bum was savagely opened buy his forceful thrust of his ten inch long penis into her virginal ass. Crying into her gag as the rape of her ass continued, she also heard him grunt with effort as he rammed his dick as hard as possible into her. Finally he gasped and slammed his meat to her one last time as his cum spewed out the end of his dick
and into her.

He roughly threw Carol into the passanger seat of the mustang. Dropping into the driver's seat,
he reached a hand over and pushed his middle finger into her sore pussy. "You were waiting for your daughter to receiver her discharge from the Army and here you are collecting discharges of your own. Maybe we can get you a few more when we get you back to the station." Carol was numbed by the idea and wondered what was in store for her and her daughter when they were at the station. No one knew where they were.

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