Chrissy Major

Chrissy Major

I have always considered myself a little bit strange. Strange, by the means that I, ever since I was about 11, have been attracted to pregnant women. I don't know how the attraction came about, maybe because women like to have sex more when they are pregnant, or might it be the fact that it feels so incredibly good when one of those whores is bouncing up and down, as fast as she can, on my long cock. Or is it even the, ever growing, size of their tits?

Now, I also have had some sort of obsessions with breasts. Many guys unlike me, really like to eat a women out. Get down, stick their head in their hot juicy cunt, and slurp all the juice out of them. I, however, have an unusual obsession with breasts. Like pregnant women, I don't know what sparked the obsession with tits, it's just something about the female body which seems to jump out and say "Hey, I'm a slut with big boobs, so come and fuck me until they are sore."

Today, I am writing because I have found out the answer to my questions. I now know what started the attraction with pregnant women and women with large breasts. Luckily for me, those two features become intertwined and I have one of the best fucking times of my life, and it all began in a small town of Lameville.

Don't be fooled, Lameville is not a lame place, well except not for myself. My name is John, and I had recently grown up, age 14… "beyond my potential" if you can call it that. I have been going to Day care for the past 13 years and 8 months of my life, mainly because all my friends were there and plus I was lonely after school at home. Day care had become a sort of home for myself, and I wasn't about to leave.

There were mainly 3 people who ran the place, and I have gotten to know them pretty well in the time that I have been there. There is an older lady, about 50 years old, he name is Lisa. Still, brown hair, but had back problems. She is the owner of this Day care and has been for as long as it has been open. There is a 54 year old man, his name is Shawn… he is the wife to Lisa and is always around, but he shuns himself from the rest of us while he goes out to the back studio and plays his music. Then there is Chrissy.

Chrissy, is some girl. She is now 29 years old and is married. She has been around Day care ever since I was born, which is about 14 years. So, she has always been there for me. Chrissy is also one hell of a hot bitch. She was a young woman who was thin, had a 38 C breast size, always wore really tight shirts and pants, and had a really high sexy voice. She has always wanted children, but was having some fertility problems. She would bang her husband for hours and hours a night… until she had "milked" all of the cum out of him and her pussy had swallowed it all. She tried this for a solid few months with no result. So, what did Chris(as we sometimes called her) do? She went and she saw a fertility doctor… The doctor told her that if she ever wanted to have kids she would need an ovarian tube transplant because of a genetic defect which wasn't allowing any eggs to get by and get fertilized.

After she got the transplant she was out for a while and we all got worried why she was gone. It took a month for her to get her strength back, and a little longer for the ovarian tube to get back in place and start working. She called the doctor one day and asked if it was ok to start having sex again. In essence, the doctor said it would be ok, and told her that she could start banging all that she wanted. So she was off…

That night, she banged her husband all night. Taking turns on who does the work, because they both got tired after a while. Then it came the moment of truth. After 2 weeks of fucking her husband, feeling sick one morning she got that impression that maybe she could be pregnant. So, Chris went right out to the store and bought a home pregnancy test. And she was practically taking the test in the car on her way home. Soon as she was inside the house she finished and waited 90 seconds(the time it took for the test to work). She spent the 90 seconds looking at herself in the mirror… feeling her breasts, seeing anymore signs that she might be pregnant.

When the 90 seconds were up she looked at the strip, and with success, she was pregnant. She jumped for joy and thought that all those hours of banging her husband had paid off. Chrissy, was actually going to have a baby.

When I came in to Day care on Monday I knew there was something happening. Chrissy was telling everyone about her pregnancy, and she was getting so many congratulations. I, now knowing that I was in the same room as a pregnant lady made my heart jump, my brain race at a mile a minute, and my cock start to harden up. Luckily for me, I can cross my legs, which prevents people from seeing my erection. So I went in and said hi to her and a quick congratulations before sitting down.

Over the first 4 months of her pregnancy, everything seemed to be going normal, I observed. Then at month five, when Chris had gained close to 16 kilograms(33 pounds). She seemed to be getting a little frisky. By frisky, I mean she started staring allot at my crotch. Sometimes, actually, I would be pretending to sleep while staring at her now, pregnant 36 D breasts, and if I was careful enough I could catch her looking at my crotch, almost begging for something to be there. And these occasions started to become more numerous.

Then one day something happened that almost sent me over the edge. After returning back from a trip to the YMCA, I was really horny. Mainly because I had seen Chrissy's really sexy body, and also had gotten to stare at her bathing-suit-covered tits for a majority of the time that we were swimming. Once we got back to the house all bathrooms were naturally used for changing into regular clothes. I went upstairs to use the private bathroom. I knew that Chrissy was in there and I really didn't want her to see the major erection that I had from being with her, and her pregnant body for the past 2 hours. I did the best to think of the ugliest memory I could remember. And my erection went down half way.

The door opened and Chris stood there, for a second before we both approached each other, trying to go our ways. So, now I was faced with a decision. Have a chance, maybe to rub up against her sexy, plump, body, or let her go and then go in after her. I made my decision, and being the horny bastard that I am, I knew what I had to do to satisfy my sexual desires. I started to go into the bathroom squeezing through the space between Chrissy and the door. I tried my best not to look at her but to think of her, and the moment I got into the situation I had extreme regrets. I got an immediate erection which made a "pant tent"… or in this case a "swimsuit tent". And my rock hard member started to rub up against her preggo belly.

Well, this you can imagine, almost sent me through the roof, and also really got me scared because I knew that she felt it and I knew I was done for. Instead of reacting in a way that I thought was going to be really angry, she gave me the most puzzling look.
She then said to me, "Wow…"
I looked into her face and I was turning a red in my cheeks from the embarrassment.
Chrissy then broke the silence and followed up, "I think I'm going to have to call your mom."
She took a cell phone out of her pocket and dialed my mom's number at work.
"Yes, hello? This is Chrissy Major from Day care and John has just asked if he could come help me with moving some baby material in my house, and since I'm not allowed to lift more then 15 pounds, I thought this was a great opportunity for this to work. Dan(her husband) is off on a business assignment, so I really would like the company."

As soon as she said those words, my heart jumped, and I think I almost fainted I was so excited. My cock, was rock hard and I was unsure what to do next. I knew that my mom would let me do this because she is usually cool like that.
She got off the phone, "I'm extremely glad that you volunteered to come help me with some things at my house." Chrissy gave me a wink and for the second time I almost fainted.

Throughout the rest of the day I was really nervous about what was to come. I knew Chrissy went home at 5 O'clock every day, and as 5 grew nearer and nearer I got even more nervous.
3:30 "What is really going to happen? I don't know what is really going on." I kept saying to myself.
4:00 "God, Chrissy is so sexy, but what really did she mean… Am I really going to help her move stuff."
Thoughts continued to run through my head for the next hour. When it was 5 before 5, Chrissy told me that she was going to pack up and leave and told me to help her get some stuff out. She had a bunch of clothes which I helped her carry out to the car. Then, before my eyes it was 5 O'clock. I went inside and said my farewells to everyone to retire for the evening.
"Why are you going home with Chrissy," asked Lisa.
"Oh, just going to help her with some baby stuff, my mom is ok with it. Thanks, see you tomorrow," I replied.

I got into her car and waited for her to get in. When she did, she had put on a dress from the bag that she had in the back, that she had me take out. This was no ordinary dress… this was one of the early dresses that she had gotten, around month 1 of her pregnancy, this dress wasn't stretchable at all, so it was designed for the women who were 1 month pregnant. So, she got in and boy oh boy… I almost came in my pants right then and there… She looked so god damn sexy, I had never seen anything in my life like her. Her tits were hanging way down… in appearance that they had grown from a 36 D at the beginning of the month to a 36 DD at this time at the month. Her pregnant belly was sticking out from the dress and it felt like she had to get some sort of a machine to get it to fit on to her, I personally couldn't figure out how she was able to do it.

On the way home she stopped at McDonalds for a bite to eat. A "bite" was no small manner… She got a Big Mac, with 2 orders of French fries(large), a McFeez(or something like that). By the time we got to her house, she had demolished the whole thing. On the way however, she hadn't said a single thing, she just ate and ate and ate. I was a little surprised… I could eat a burger fast, but I guess my eating habits are nothing, with those of a 5 month pregnant women. All through the trip home I had an erection that I couldn't seem to get rid of.

We got to her house, sometime at around 6:30, still, Chrissy in her oh so sexy tight dress. She told me that we should be able to get all this done tonight because it was the middle of the year and there was close to 3 hours left in daylight. Chrissy and her husband Dan had a van of baby stuff out in the back yard and I knew my job. She told me to get working and that she needed to change, and she'd be back in about 5 minutes.

So I worked away, bringing the baby stuff in as fast as I could, trying in every way to impress her. After about 5 minutes, Chrissy came back down, and for the third time that day, I almost fainted. She was wearing a very revealing bra, which only covered the front portion of her tits. And for pants, all she had was a thong on.
She came over to me and said,"It's so hot out, I needed a change of clothes."
I gave her a nervous smile and while I brought in the baby stuff she supervised. At the later portion of the hour of 7 O'clock, when I was setting up the crib I didn't realize that Chrissy had snuck up behind me. So I finished assembling the crib, being too think to look back and see if she was there. I closed my eyes, wiped my forehead, sighed, turned around and stood up right into Chrissy's tits.

"I'm so sorry!"I cracked out.
"Oh well, you should be you naughty boy," she said in response.

I was confused and puzzled, it would be nothing more then a dream to go all the way with Chrissy, but this was unbelievable. The sensation of her tits in my face made me feel very awkward and uncomfortable.
"Go to my bedroom now," she barked.
I did as was told by her and she followed.
"Now get on the bed," she yelled as soon as we got in there.

Chrissy put on a nice show for me. She, started to walk around "looking for her glass of water"… Bending down, showing me, her nice plump, juicy ass. Then reaching over me, her tits in my face "searching" behind the bed. After about 10 minutes of this she told me to stay on the bed, no matter what. With a big pound, her enormous, God damn sexy body, plopped down right next to me.

We lay there for a minute in silence before she gives me another command.
"Take off your shirt," She instructed me to do.
In response to her command, I took off my shirt.
When I took off my shirt, she sat up on the bed, and tried to get at the bra at her back, but was having trouble.
Chris asked me to get over there and undo her bra. Still, a little nervous, I complied and undid the latch to her bra. Her enormous, bra-labeled now 38 DD breasts flung free from the bra as she let out a slight moan. I dared to turn around and see the only and hoped to be, most luscious boobs that I would ever see. I started to turn around, but before that she spun around and gasped at the size and moaned at the jiggle that they made, from her spinning around as fast as she did.

She then preceded to instruct me in the "art" of foreplay.
"Here, you need to first, let go of all your nervous feelings and put your hands on my tits."
I did as instructed, and my cock was the hardest it has ever been; sticking up so much that you could see it a mile a way(not literally of course).

Chrissy sat down on my lap telling me where to put my hands. The second her ass touched my cock she let out a moan and said
"Oh!!…(while moaning, and sticking her toughen through her lip) We're… going to need to take care of that soon."
My cock then started pulsing at a rate I had never seen it. She was moaning every time she felt my hard one pressing even more against her ass.
She kept instructing me how to do foreplay, and this lasted a good solid 20 minutes. It ranged from her telling me how to shake up her tits in some special positions. How to chew them, and also how to rub them good so a women get's so aroused that she will be always ready for sex if you rub her like that. All throughout that time, she was holding off her orgasm for the prize.

Me, knowing how these things work, know that usually… women love to give oral sex before going for any penal sex or anything of that sort. But this time it worked out a little different.

Chrissy, was almost continuously moaning at the pulsing feel of my cock, still, she was sitting on my lap. She then told me to take off my shorts and boxers, and once again I did as I was commanded, all this time, still fondling with her breasts, nibbling on them, just playing with them, never in my life will I forget that sensation. She then, with some difficultly took off her thong. I went hey-wire… I started to bring my hand up to my dick and to begin masturbating to the sight of the sexiest woman alive, but I was stopped. She grabbed my hand and told me that I would have to resist temptations. Hesitantly, I did as I was told.

For the past 3 years of my life I have wanted to have a woman, a pregnant slut, a women so heavy, yet so sexy, pound up and down on top of my cock. I have masturbated to a scene like this countless times before and it had made me orgasm so many more times then the other times.

Chrissy was starting to explain how to please a woman the best. She started to talk about the G-Spot, and that the best place to fuck her was as close to the G-Spot as I could get. So then she pointed to her shaved(yes shaved, not sure how she managed how to do that) pussy and tried to point out where her G-Spot was. Still, all this time I was playing with her tits, admiring them, telling her how sexy they were and how large they had gotten. I was telling her that this was my fantasy all of my sexual years, and that I really like to fuck her.

Chrissy told me to lie there perfectly still and try to have an erection that would stand up like a flag pole. So I just looked at her for a while and there it was. Chrissy Major, the hottest, most sexiest, heaviest, and most-fuck able slut around, was actually going to have sex with me. I was in La-La land all through this time… I kept on thinking that this was unreal-real… but no, it was real.

She asked one final question, "Are you ready?"
I replied with a nod to my head and a nervous gulp.
She positioned her now almost dripping wet cunt over my pulsing, rock hard cock. She had herself all on top of me, pregnant body, tits, ass and all. And finally she couldn't hold it any longer. She let go of her legs and her whole body came down on top of my cock. I think from then on nothing would be the same.

She started to bounce up and down on top of me. I was in seventh heaven here, she was facing me so I could see her tits as she was bouncing up and down.
"Ohh… yeah… John… uhh!!! If… you …OH YEAH!!… want… you can… play… with…my…. tits….," She almost spelled out of the moans and groans.
And that's exactly what I did. I started to grab her tits and bounce them up and down while she road my cock like there was no tomorrow.
"God!!! John!!! You… are so… damn… hard…!!! Fuck ME!!!," she bellowed as I believe I hit the G-Spot.
I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did, because with the hottest slut around, nobody could last more then 3 or 4 minutes… And I started to get depressed because usually after my masturbation session, I go limp and don't go hard for another hour.
So, just when she was slowing down, almost ready to have an orgasm, she shot me a glance and she started to buck and fuck even faster. All 170 pounds of this whore pounding all down on my cock, coming down even faster. Chrissy was starting to moan louder then ever. I heard her moaning so loud that probably the neighbours could hear us. Soon, we were fucking so hard and saying such dirty comments to each other, like
that something had to give. We were literally shouting at each other dirty stuff when she started to scream.
"OH GOD YEAH!!! I'M CUMMING!!!", shouted Chrissy at the top of her lungs.
"OH FUCK ME YOU CUNT, MAKE ME CUM TOO!!!", I shouted back at her.
We both started to orgasm at the same time.
Chrissy continued to scream and I began to scream. 170 pounds of fat pounding down on my cock like there was no tomorrow.
Her orgasm kept on coming, I was done in about 15 seconds while she lasted for close to a minute.
I said, "Thanks."
She replied, "Oh no you little bastard, we aren't done yet."
In response I said, "But I'm limp, I can't go anymore."

Chrissy sounded like she was almost offended. She lay down on the bed and immediately started to suck my now limp cock. She started saying things to me again like,
"Oh God John, your cock tastes so fucking good." and
"John, come for me baby, let me swallow all your cum."
After about 4 minutes of her sucking me and this dirty talk I was rock hard again and ready to fuck. This time, she was extremely pleased and preceded to instruct me how to fuck her up the ass. She made it as quick as possible so that we could get fucking right in an instant. Chrissy told me to wait right there while she went into her closet. She pulled out some Anal-Lube, and I started to moan at the though of something even heavier, pounding away at my now, rock-solid cock.

Chris lubed up my dick with plenty of ass lube and she also rubbed in some in her own ass. In the same way she did it with her cunt, she positioned her ass hole right over my cock and let go. I almost screamed because there was a mixture of pain and also extreme pleasure. She started to ass fuck me just like she fucked me through her cunt. Since I had just orgasmed close to 8 minutes before I could tell that this was a chance really to please her because I knew I wasn't going to cum for a while, so I tried to make the experience as best as I could for her.

I told her to get on facing away from me, so that it would give her more pleasure. She was confused by my actions and wondered why I was taking that sort of action… I told her that I would show her. So she continued to pound away at my cock while I brought my hands up to her chest and grabbed a hold of her enormous breasts. I could get a much better grab in this position, plus I didn't have to keep putting my hands down to rest. So I started to shake her tits all around, from side to side, all over the place, squeezing them tight. To my surprise, I came really fast. It was only about 10 minutes after we had started. I had an orgasm and blew all of my cum into her ass hole.
"YOU FUCKING CUNT, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUMM!! OH YEAH!!! I'M CUMMMIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!"I shouted as I blew my load into her.

We then were pretty much worn out… by this time it was 9:45. And I was ready to go to bed. Chrissy started to drive me home after we got all cleaned up, and she was wearing her nightclothes, but was driving with one tit exposed for me to feel free to have a little bit of fore play before I go home. During the foreplay I started to get really horny, and told her to drive off on to a side road where no one ever goes.

I begged her to give me a blow job before the night was over. So, in the car, she came over me and I started to play with her tits again. She sucked on my cock for a good 5 minutes before I blew my load into her mouth, from whence then she whispered me,
"Fuck my tits, John!"
I don't know why, but I had a sense to what she was talking about and she got in the back seat and started to strip again. She lay in the back of the car, her pregnant belly, large tits, and all. So I jumped in the back of the car and started to tit-fuck that little bitch.
"Oh god Yeah! Your tits are so great Chrissy, please let me fuck them some mo!!!—."
At that point we both had another orgasm before the night was over, and I splattered my spunk all over her hot, preggo tits. She licked most of the cum off but the rest she got off with a paper towel she kept in the car.

When we got to my home I asked her if we could ever do this again. She simply replied to me
"If you ever need any help in the next 4 months… I'll be there for you."
She pulled out of my driveway.
Mom then asked me how was Chrissy's. I replied with a simple,

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