Gail Holmes

Christina pulled her hair to one side allowing it to fall over her shoulder, taking a good at herself in the mirror; she deserved a rest, although it didn’t show in her face. It didn’t make sense to her, how can she feel tired when she sleeps so deep, her friends told her that she could sleep on a rope, she’d need no rocking she could only agree. The weekend would do her good, she never really took time off, and she’d not seen her Aunt for some years now.

“Don’t take to long or you’ll be missing your train!” Her mother called up the stairs. “Dad’s waiting in the car!”

“Be right down Mum, just putting a few things in my bag” Christina replied as she placed her hair back to normal.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Dad!” She stated when she got into the car. He was taking her to the station save her bothering about public transport it would take nearly 3 hours to get across the city, when she finally reached the main line station it appeared to be deserted, which please her, it looked as if she’d have a carriage to herself. She’d not taken the journey since her school days; however, this was the only time she’d actually been on her own. Susan, a girlfriend in her office had given Christina a novel to read on the long journey, telling her that it would make her wet to say the least, Susan was a great fan of the author she’d all but one of her books.

The day was a hot one; Christina had dressed as cool as she thought appropriate, she’d a short denim skirt with a white gipsy off the shoulder blouse, it was to hot for a bra, she didn’t really need one in any case her breasts stood firmly on there own, her hair was ash blonde, its length reaching her waist, being very slim she carried off the attire with a delicate style of sexiness.

Walking to the far end of the train hoping that it would be passenger free which indeed it was, opening a door she entered the carriage, placing her luggage onto the luggage rack over the seat, then settled down with the book, it was quite a thick novel. Christina turned it over to read the cover; Tuckers Island, thumbing through some of the pages as to get an idea of the story, it appeared that Susan was right; it did seem horny. Christina looked at her watch; 11.30 she knew the journey would take around 4½ hours, with only three stops on the way she could relax; lifting the novel she sat back into her seat as the train started to move out of the station.

Christina was well into her story when the train pulled into the first of its stations, as she’d thought no one would walk down this end of the train so she still have her comfort and tranquillity; as soon as the train started to pull out of the station Christina was back into her book; as Susan had said it was quite raunchy, it was certainly having an effect on Christina her mind was awash with the sexy paragraphs, the story was of three college girls, what she’d do to be in their position she could but wonder. Before long she’d placed the book to one side of her and dozed off to sleep, she not awakened when the train pulled into its second stop, unaware that a passenger had entered the carriage and now sat opposite her. Any normal man would have moved to one side, after seeing the beauty before him and her pose he’d no other preference, what man wouldn’t he’d thought to himself as he sat down. Henry’s eyes we’re glued between her legs.

Christina had fallen asleep her legs slightly apart; from his viewpoint and the shortness of the skirt he’d a breathtaking view. He looked up to her face; angelic was the only word that came to his mind, she was old enough to be his daughter, of which he’d two. He condemned himself for being so lusty over such a young girl; nevertheless, it never stopped him dropping his eyes once more; her panties were a pale green; with lacy edges, his mind went into turmoil, he needn’t have looked down; he was aware that his cock was rock-hard, he tried to move it to a un-cramped position without undoing his flies. If it hadn’t been that Christina stirred he have managed to do it. He watched her closely, it emerged that she was in some sort of dream.

Christina was working through her dream, she was one of the characters in her book and was going through a moving experience, Chapter 11, Bendy the big black buck was fucking her, and his cock was horrendously thick; thick as a babies arm, and the rate of his movements were speedy. Christina knew she was about to cum, reaching down to her sides she gripped the duvet, spreading her legs extensively. Trouble was she was not in the story, she was on a train; she’d placed a hand each side of her gripping the edge of the seat then spreading her legs wide, letting out an almighty moan.

Henry was devastated by her actions, he’d full view of the gusset of her panties facing him, his cock went solid, more so than he’d ever known. Christina forced herself back into the seat, her breathing now laboured, again she winched as she went through yet another orgasm. Henry could only surmise as to what she was dreaming about, but whatever it was someone was giving her an almighty seeing to, and she was loving it. He was being tantalised by the sight before him, he couldn’t but help himself reaching forward he took the edge of her panties, they weren’t tight by a long chalk, they felt soft and silky between his fingers, leisurely he eased them to one side. The scene enthralled him; the soft blonde down was very sparse her pussy stood out prominently; with his free hand he extended his finger easing toward her pussy.

Christina gave a deep breath as she sense the thick finger slide up inside her pussy; to her it was just another additive to her dream. Henry was astonished as to the ease it went in, Christina started to work matching his thrusts; this was all to much for him, she couldn’t have been in a more favourable position if he’d have wanted, quickly he undid his flies, his cock was more than ready for any form of action.

Edging himself down; he guided his cock toward her pussy; Christina although still fast asleep felt it spread her outer pussy walls as he leaned heavily onto his cock, straight in no problem, the feeling was excellent, he couldn’t have wished for better; although wet, she still appeared very tight to him. He started fucking her in gentle movements; the last thing he wanted was for her to suddenly awaken, his cock felt as if it was being eaten alive, her pussy muscles were working overtime; he couldn’t memorize a better fuck, by the feel of her she’d not had to much cock, her pussy fitted him as it were a glove.

Christina was in full swing now, her dream was escalating, she was Elaine in the story, her virginity had just been taken, the huge black cock was driving her insane, colour was no problem to her but the massive cock was, she sensed it dragging it’s large helmet down within her pussy walls, only to be forced back up again. Orgasm came orgasm went, she was on a high, never did she consider that so much gratification could be had from such a man, okay Bendy was old enough to be her father, but God! Could he use this cock of his.

Suddenly Christina reached around Henry, gripping his buttocks pulling him into her, thrusting herself up to meet his movements. As he speeded his pace Christina started to moan loudly. Was it him; or was it someone in her dream he speculated, he knew before long he cum, for the life of him, for once he was unsure, did he let her have his load or pull out. He thought of the mess, he’d not had sex for months, not even a wank; they’d sure to be plenty. Sod it he thought, with luck he’d more than likely be able to pull out afterwards, she’d know of nothing of it.

It was as if she was ready for it; Henry had gone into turbo, fucking her like it was going out of fashion then he held deep, blowing an almighty load. Christina threw her head back.

“That feels good…that feels good, I can feel it pumping!” She bellowed out, but still deep in her dream.

Henry pulled his cock out swiftly, assuring none of his seed spilt from her pussy, he pulled her panties neatly back across her pussy. He knew the next station would be on them in no time, after checking his attire an idea had come to him which would relive him of any guilt from his assault on her.

As the train slowed on reaching the station Christina was still in a world of her own. Henry dived straight out of the door as the train came to a stand still. Christina still hadn’t woken even after the jolt of the brakes. Henry stood out side the open door looking in, now was his chance. He leaned across to Christina; shaking her by the shoulder.

“Sorry to wake you miss but do you mind if I join you?” He pleaded.

Christina came to immediately, quickly arranging her clothing.

“I’m sorry I must have dropped off, yes please do come in. Where are we?”

“Only one more stop then we’ll be at Crewe!” Henry replied. “You alright miss, you look as if you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards”

Christina stood and turned toward the mirror, as to straighten her hair, it was then that it happened, there was a loud fanny fart; her panties were now fully creamed.

“Jesus Christ!” Christina blurted out, her hand shot down over her pussy.

“You sure you’re alright Miss!” Henry questioned knowing only to well of her dilemma. He’d shot his full bolt up her; what goes up must come down he thought to himself.

A fanny fart was bad enough, but the sudden flow into her panties was unexpected, she would have minded but she’d checked herself before getting onto the train, and now to wet herself. But she couldn’t have done she thought, if she’d have wet herself it would be running down her legs. She knew she’d have check.

Turning back to Henry. “Would you mind keeping an eye out of the door, I have slight women’s problem, if you wouldn’t mind!”

“Anything to help!” Henry replied. “Can I offer you a hanky!” Henry asked without turning back to her.

Christina never answered, lifting her skirt she pulled her panties out to look down, the substantial load of sperm had plastered the gusset of her new panties, she’d another pair in her case, but there was no way she could change them here and now. She managed to get a tissue out of her handbag and push up inside her pussy. She remembered the dream, but never had she recognized that a woman could cum, not in the way her panties were telling her. Whatever would she have done if the guy had come into the carriage as she was having orgasm she thought to herself?

“Sorry did you say something?” She asked turning back toward Henry.

“I just wondered if I could help in any way?”

“No, I’m fine now thank you!” Christina turned sit back down; her position was again near opposite Henry, she placed her hands between her legs, restricting any chance of vision. She felt somewhat uncomfortable the gusset of her panties appeared to become even wetter.

Henry noted the signs of her uncomforting stance, the way she kept shifting in her seat. He wondered as to what she would consider, should she have known that he was responsible for her discomfort.

“What’s your book?” Henry asked looking down at the book beside her.

“Oh, it’s just a novel a friend gave to me to read on the journey!” Christina reached out taking it into her hand.

Henry noticed the title, “Tuckers Island; I think I have heard of that…I thought it was only available on the net? Never seen it in book form; is it good?”

“Very!” Christina smiled to herself. “I’d let you have it but I have return it when I get back home”

Henry was getting hornie again, whether it was because he knew he’d filled her to the brim he didn’t know, but he’d give his eyetooth to fuck her again. Nothing more was said until they reached Crewe, then it was only goodbyes.

Christina made straight for the station toilets, she couldn’t believe the mess she was in, not knowing how it was possible from just a mere dream, even the tissue she’d pushed up herself was in shreds, she quickly rinsed her panties under the tap; wringing them as dry as she could with her hands. The back of her skirt was smothered, thankfully only on the inside, but it could still be felt as she walked.

She caught a cab outside the station giving the cabby her destination. Her mind went back over the dream, and then to the sudden awakening as the man entered the carriage. She remembered the sensation of her pussy at the time; it really had felt as if she’d had a good fucking, and a first-rate one at that. Her thoughts went back to the book; at least she’d have a chance to continue reading it tonight, hoping it would have the same effect on her.

When she arrived her Auntie and cousin, met her at the door, he was quite a hunky dish, thick set with broad shoulders, she wouldn’t mind him taking part it one of her dreams. She’d not seen him for at least five or six years that was when they used to play together. Thoughts of sex never appealed to either those days, well not by her at any rate; her cousin Alex took her bags.

“I’ll take them up to your room!” He smiled.

“Yes show her where it is Alex I’ll put the kettle on!” Her Aunt said as she made her way to the kitchen.

Alex stood back allowing Christina to mount the stairs, there was method in his madness, he’d a birds eye view up under her short skirt as she climbed the steep stairway. Christina was aware of his notions, and climbed the stairway as leisurely as she could.

“Second doorway!” He mentioned as they walked down the landing.

Christina opened the door and stepped in, it was a lovely cosy room with quaint leaded windows, the quilt on the bed was hand made more than likely by her Auntie. As Alex put her case onto the bed her book dropped to the floor, he bent to retrieve it without noticing its title, placing it onto the bed beside her case.

“You should be comfortable in here, it’s the only bedroom on this side of the cottage!” He smiled.

“I’m sure I will, I’d like to take a shower after the cup of tea, is it still in the same place?” She knew they’d modernised the cottage somewhat.

“Same place! Come down as soon as your ready Mum will have the tea on the table!”

When Alex left the room Christina pulled her skirt up viewing her panties, they were nearly in the same condition as the pair she’d changed from. Knowing that she couldn’t go down stairs sit drinking tea in the state she was in she collected fresh panties and clothing and headed for the shower, when she undressed she couldn’t believe the mess, even though she’d removed her panties it was still oozing out of her. Stepping under the shower she gripped her pussy muscles hard, there was another fanny fart and the remainder bubbled out of her. Again she speculated her doubt that she could have been responsible for such a volume. It was nice to get back into fresh clothing, again she rinsed the soiled panties taking them back into the bedroom hanging them over the radiator, it wasn’t on but at least they’d dry.

I’m sorry for the delay, I just had to take a shower, I felt so hot and bothered.

“You look worn out, I’ll expect it was the journey, in this heat you couldn’t expect to feel fresh!” Her Auntie expressed as she sat down at the table.

If Christina could have given an answer she would have told her she felt well and truly fucked, but she hadn’t a clue as to why. Nevertheless, how could a dream take so much energy out of one? The tea was going down a treat but she still felt uncomfortable, she didn’t realise she cum so much, she thought back again, what if the man had got on at the station before, he’d have seen everything; God, how embarrassing she considered. It wouldn’t be so bad when she was reading it in her bedroom; the bathroom wasn’t to far away. Her mind was awash with the sexy tale in the book, she’d not had a good fucking as late, perhaps she would look into it when she got back home. She quite fancied Alex, but they’d grown up as kids, he’d more than likely not fancy her anyway; had some girl of his own in tow.

Alex said he’ll take you out to the local night club for a treat!” Auntie smiled.

“To be honest I really don’t think I’m up to it, I feel so tired!” Christina expressed not wanting to hurt either of them.

“Then rest you shall, we’ll have an early evening meal then you can pop up to bed as soon as you wish!” Auntie stated.

Christina looked toward Alex; he did look somewhat hurt by her answer. “I’m sorry, what about tomorrow?”

“Whenever you feel up to it” Alex said, “We have the whole weekend in front of us!” He was hurt, and it showed, what Christina didn’t realise was that with luck he could have taken her out and fed her some wine then he’d more than likely have his wicked way, he fancied her something rotten.

The evening meal went down a treat one could never say that her Auntie wasn’t a good cook.

“It’s no wonder that Alex doesn’t want to leave home with your cooking!” Christina implied looking at her Aunt then to Alex.
“He’ll leave when he’s good and ready!” Her Auntie smiled. “Trouble is he can’t find the right girl yet!”

After the meal Alex and Christina sat in the lounge chatting, the more he spoke the more she fancied him, mind you he was hansom, had muscles in all the right places. Christina could see he’d turn any girls head. She went to her room about 9.30.

“No problem my dear I think I could do with an early night!” Her Auntie chuckled. “We’ll see you in the morning!”

It was too hot to get into bed; Christina undressed leaving just her panties on and picked up her book once more. She knew she’d only be able to read for a short while; tiredness was becoming her.

The more she read; the hornier she became, it was a job to put the novel down, but tiredness took her and she fell asleep, she didn’t even have time to save her page before lying the book onto the floor.

Her dream was now more vivid than the last time; this time she was on a cruiser; her two friends were with her. But once again there was a black male accompanied with a white one, the white male was a teacher at the at the college, he was real dishy, Christina had turned onto her side with knees up under her chin, it was him fucking her this time, okay he was nowhere as big as Bendy but his presence could be more than felt; he was taking her from the rear. His rod was deep inside her, she gripped her knees tightly as she came, he took little notice of her moans, in fact he moaned as he sensed her pussy clenching him; he’d not thought he could get into her this quickly, but she must have been gagging fort it.

Alex was standing outside the bedroom door, he speculated as to just what she was moaning for, it sounded real hornie to him. He tapped lightly on the door but there was no answer, gently he open it just a jar. The sight before him was more than tantalising, Christina was lying on her side rocking backwards and forwards, her head buried in her knees. Alex looked down at her private parts, which bulged within the pussy area, her panties looked as if they showed a form of dampness. Slowly he walked into the room silently closing the door behind him. He looked around the room as he strolled across to the bed, on the radiator by the window hung two of her scanty panties that she’d rinsed out earlier. Picking up the book from the floor beside the bed, it was still daylight so he thumbed the pages, it was hornie to say the least, he placed it onto the cabinet beside the bed.

He’s hand went down to his cock, which was by now swollen beyond all means. It was obvious that she was dreaming; Alex sat onto the edge of the bed and reached between her legs stroking her pussy through her panties undoing his flies at the same time and pulling out his cock, it bounced with relief once freedom was accomplished.

Alex sat for moments rubbing it, his finger still gently moving gently over her pussy, Christina loved it; it was assisting the sensations within her dream. Alex tugged lightly at the lace at the edge of her panties it moved easily to one side. The sight of her pussy sent wildness to his brain, moving in behind her; he aimed his cock at her pussy, his only hope is that she didn’t wake. No sooner it was between her pussy lips Christina gave a loud sigh, her dream had just excelled, pushing her body back onto his cock as she sensed it driving up inside her.

Alex only had to lie behind her as she was doing all the work, he’d hate to consider as to what she was like in bed without her dream. The sensation of her pussy was unexplainable, he’d fancied her as a lad, whether it was this he couldn’t tell; nevertheless she was more of a fuck than he’d ever fantasize; and he’d done more of that than he’d have like to have admitted. She arrange her body to allow her absolute depth, Alex picked up on it immediately; moving his own body to accommodate the extra bulkiness of his thickened cock, which immediately took her through orgasm.

Alex was grateful that her bedroom was at the back of the house or his mother would surely have awakened due to her noises; mind you he was making a few himself, one thing about a girl being fucked this way, she did show her feeling, and by the sounds of her moans and groans she was more than enjoying herself. Alex moved his arm over her gently clasping her pert breast, immediately Christina’s hand covered his in a gentle manner.

Christina almost felt as if she’d two cocks up her now, her pussy felt that stretched, her lover had changed it was the hansom black guy now, and God, could he fuck. Alex was astounded when she called out his name.

“God, Royce! That feels wonderful.” She moaned.

Alex could only but fuck her harder. Whether or not this was her boyfriend at home he didn’t know or care at this stage, he was fucking her now at a tremendous rate; how the hell she didn’t wake he didn’t know. Her wailing now could have woken the dead, Christina forced her head between her knees, orgasm followed orgasm, never had she been fucked like this by anyone, it was every woman’s dream to have never ending orgasms and that how it was, they followed so close there was little space for breathing.

Alex readied himself he knew he was about to blow he forced his cock deep holding her tightly then blew his full load, his cock swelled beyond all belief, he could feel the back pressure within her pussy, still it gripped him tightly.

He held for moments as to catch his breath, and then slowly withdrew; instantly his seed showed as his cock was pulled from her, it was a pleasant sight. Alex pulled her panties straight then stood at the side of the bed, his eyes never left her as he adjusted his clothing; even then she was still being fucked in her dream.

“How did you sleep my dear!” Auntie asked as she brought Christina’s breakfast to the table. “I take it you feel more energetic today!” She said with a smile. “I don’t know what’s happened to Alex, he’s normally up with the lark!”

“Did I hear my name mentioned” Alex chuckled as he came into the kitchen.

“I was just saying; it’s unusual for you not to be up early!” His mother replied. “I’ll get you you’re breakfast sit you down!”

“And how was your night?” Alex quizzed pulling his chair in underneath him as he sat.

“Wonderful, haven’t slept that sound for ages; I was so tired I never even got into bed!” Christina replied.

“You’re not missing home then?” Auntie said with a smile turning back from the cooker.

“What of Royce?” Alex stated. “Are you missing him?” He felt his cock twinge as his awareness of the previous evening came back to him

The sound of the name shook Christina; her mind went straight to her lustrous dream. Again she recognised that she’d woken with more than damp panties. But Royce, why would Alex come up with that name. Auntie came back to the table and sat picking up her teacup.

Alex realised he’d made a mistake as to mention the name by the look on Christina’s face.

“What will you be doing today then?” Her Aunt asked.

“A stroll into town I think; it’s been a long time!” Christina smiled.

“And you?” Her Aunt turned to Alex.

He knew he didn’t want to be alone with Christina at this present moment for fear that she’d mention about him asking of Royce.

“Not to day I have some things that I have to go over, I have to have them ready for work on Monday!” Alex’s replied without looking at Christina.

“You and work, you should rest from it at weekends. We have Christina here, I’d have thought you’d more than likely of liked to go out with her.”

Even Christina was looking at him with a pleading grin. He knew that his mother was right. He’d just have to take the chance.

“Suppose you’re right I’m sure I can make up time later!”
Christina had changed once again knowing that she’d be with Alex when they went out, needless to say he was astounded by her attire; it made him fancy her more than ever. After a shopping spree in the town Christina asked he’d like a coffee somewhere, knowing he knew more about the town than she herself did.

“I’d rather a beer!” Alex smiled

“Then that will do me fine, I’m quite thirsty, and I’d enjoy a nice shandy!”

Alex knew some of his mates would be in the pub, having Christina on his arm made him feel quite pleased with himself. As he’d thought three of his mates were in the bar, he took Christina over to a table and sat her down returning to the bar.

“Where the fuck did you find her!” One of his mates inquired as he reached the bar.

Alex looked back toward Christina she’d a smile on her face. She knew precisely what was going through their minds.

“I’ll have two’s up after you Ronny!” Chuckled another.

“They’ll be no two’s up; she’s my cousin!”

“Thank fuck for that!” The one called Ronnie mentioned.

“Why do you say that?” Alex quizzed.

“Well stands to reason; if she’s you’re cousin your not up to fucking her. Christ she fucking hansom, she can have my cock any day!” Ronnie surmised. “Can we join you!” He asked.

“What have you sitting there lusting after her, I’m sure by the look on her face she knows just as to how you feel!”

“Perhaps so, so why not invite us over?”

Christina gave him a smiled when he came back with the drinks.

Are you taking your friends up on their offer!”

Alex was too much of a gentleman to repeat as to what their offer was. “They asked if they could join us, I declined their offer!” He grinned placing her glass in front of her.

“Intend keeping me to yourself then?”

“I’m not with you?”

“I forgot to warn you I could lip read?” Christina smiled.

“So you know as to their opinion of you then?”

“Well other than taking me to bed, they wanted little else” Christina replied.

“You gathered that?”

“Yes I gathered that, that was what they were saying!” She smiled. “Anyway…now tell me; why did you mention the name Royce to me at breakfast this morning?”

“Royce! Did I!” Alex knew now he was in a corner, he didn’t quite know his way out.

“You asked me if I was missing Royce!” Christina put her hand up under her chin; she was looking daggers at him.

Alex had to think fast, he didn’t want to let her find out just as to how he’d come to hear about Royce.

“Well you were making noises as I passed your bedroom door, thinking that you needed help I came into your room; it was then that you mentioned the name Royce!”

“That’s when you picked my book up off the floor and put on the bedside cabinet!”

“That’s right, I didn’t realise that you were awake?”

“I wasn’t! What did you do then? I found the book there this morning I knew I had put it onto the floor!”

Christina was only now beginning to realise just as to what had happened, this was how her panties were full of cum again when she woke.

“How say you! I just picked you’re book up and left!”

“I take it that was after you’d had your wicked way with me; only leaving me to find out when I woke up?”

Alex was stumped for words, he knew she was right, but could he be confident that she was not awake at the time, if she was then he’d be in real trouble should he say no.

“Yes, yes you are right, I’m sorry for that!” Alex felt so humiliated, he knew there was no way back now, if she had have been asleep, he could be in trouble, if however she’d have been awake, then he was clear of any of any misdemeanours.

“Is that normal for you; I mean to take a girl whist she slept?”

“Hell no, I would have sooner you’d have been awake, trouble was you looked so lustrous and sexy, you must have been having a dream of some sort, you were having orgasms like they were going out of fashion. I just couldn’t resist you!”

“You must have known I’d wake up to a vast flooding from between my legs, could you not have pulled out? I can only think you’d not had it for sometime the disarray you left me in!”

“I didn’t think you’d realise in the morning!” Alex confessed.

“So you didn’t think the load you’d left me with would not seep out when I stood up from the bed?”

“The thought never entered my mind, you were still having orgasms as I left the room. I thought you’d think it was because of your dream?”

“I can assume that you enjoyed yourself?” Christina finally smiled toward him.

“Can take it that you’re not taking umbrage then’ yes I did enjoy it, to be quite honest it was the best I’ve ever had, and I don’t ever remembering cumming so much!” Alex replied with a grin.

“I do agree, with the amount that seeped from me during my shower, did take some beating?”

It was all coming together now, the load that leaked from her this morning and the other load on the train. Perhaps the man hadn’t just got onto the train; just using the station as an excuse.

“So how do you feel about me now then?” Alex felt somewhat guilty, knowing that she knew now that he’d had his wicked way with her.

“I think I or’t to punish you!”

Alex smiled at her reply. “In what way pray?”

“I think I’d like you to take me when I’m fully awake!”

“I didn’t think you could be so cruel; but I will agree to you’re terms; I’ll take you up on you’re offer; and then only if I’m forgiven afterwards?” Alex couldn’t believe his luck, of course he’d fuck her, he’d be more than proud to accommodate. The thought made his manhood stiffen.

“OK, I know I’m going to get what I want now so bring your friends over, lets see if we can wind them up!” Christina smiled at him then over to the bar.

The nightclub went down a treat; it so happened that Alex’s friends were also there, both Christina and Alex had spent the afternoon shopping, she wanted something sexy for the evening, she was a real turn on at the club, all Alex’s friends were asking her of a dance. She couldn’t believe as to what she was deciphering from their lips as she read them. Men can be so crude when they’re on their own together, she was looking forward to getting home and getting Alex into her bed, that’s if she doesn’t fall asleep again she mused to herself.

The cottage was in darkness when they arrived back after the nightclub, Alex had explained that his mother wouldn’t wait up for them, she enjoyed her sleep, it wasn’t always like this, at one time his mother would wait up all night, this was mostly due to her insomnia, now with the sleeping tables she was out like a light.

“Would you like a coffee?” Alex asked as they entered the kitchen.

“No, I’d sooner a shower and the bed, if that’s alright with you?” Christina said with a broad smile.

Alex knew her meaning by the content of her smile.

“D’you mind if I join you?”

“Now there’s an offer I can’t resist, it will make a good start to the day!” Christina implied looking at her watch.

“Well you know where the shower is!”

“What of you’re mother she’s quite close to it isn’t she?”

“Believe me a herd of wild horses wouldn’t wake her if the were stampeding through her bedroom” Alex laughed. “Once she’s take those sleeping tablets; she out for the count!” Alex mused. “There will be clean towels in the airing cupboard!”

“Don’t be to long; I’ve waited all day for this!” Christina smiled.

The shower was invigorating, Christina soaped her body, taking special care around her private parts then assuring any soap was rinsed away. She’d never shower with a male before this would be her first; she was looking forward to it. She heard Alex enter the room; a sense of lust went through her entire body.

The curtain was pulled back gradually, Christina scanned her eyes over the muscular body before her, his cock at the moment was flaccid, but it sent an air of sensitivity through her; twinges could be felt deep within her pussy. Stepping back allowing him room; Alex stepped in beside her, his arms going around her slim body he then pulled her close, kissing her gently on the lips. Christina sensed his cock between them, reaching down she clasped into her hand, pulsations started along it’s length, slowly she slid down his body nibbling as she went, her hand still holding his cock which was strengthening with her movement. Finally her mouth made contact with his organ leisurely she engulfed it in, Alex leaned back against the wall of the shower, he’d waited so long, now his reward was on it’s way. Never had he ever taken oral love like this, her mouth and tongue were like a seventh heaven, sensations so far he’d never experienced, blood was being propelled into his cock in rapid gushes. Her hand lifted; kneading his balls in such a way he’d almost thought it was time to cum; his hands went onto her shoulders then under her arms. He lifted her gently up in front of him, now it was his time, kissing her hard on the lips, which she responded to admirably, soon he himself moved down her body gently biting her skin, her nipples stood out proudly as he reached them, he engulfed each in turn into his mouth; sucking, nibbling and squeezing them within his hands. With one hand manipulating her breast he moved back up to her mouth kissing once more, this time each of their tongues searched each other’s open mouth.

He wanted her real bad now, as did she of him; once again he moved down her body, this time passing her breasts. Christina leaned back onto the wall, allowing him space. His hands lightly clasped her knees easing them apart, then moving forward his mouth engulfing her pussy, his tongue toying with her clitoris; her hands went down cupping his head, Christina gasped loudly with each movement he made, this had to be the tongue from heaven, orgasm came, it ripped through her body, his finger was felt, juices started to flow as he gyrated it within her.

Christina wanted cock; and wanted it now; with her hands still cupping his head she eased him back up her body to her mouth, kissing him passionately.

“Now!” She pleaded, easing him away then looking down she took his cock into her hand, adjusting her posture accordingly lifting her leg, placing her foot onto the wall as she guided him into her.

Alex pushed gently sliding his thickened cock up inside her, Christina placed her arms around his neck, pulling him toward her, then kissed him on the lips his tongue was working at the same swiftness as his cock. She held him tightly lifting her body, as soon as his position was right Alex eased her against the wall, his speed accelerating; Christine wrapped her legs around his body pulling herself toward him.

Alex turned her bodily, stepping out of the shower, and then lowered her onto the sheepskin rug in the middle of the room. Once laid out he started to fuck her in earnest, every muscle in her body twitched sending spasms from her pussy outwards; Christine had never experienced orgasms like it, her mind went into turmoil, switching from the real to the imaginary and back again. Once more she was in her book again, innocently being fucked by two of the characters in the story, even her back passage felt as if it was full of cock; something she’d never have dreamed of in the real world.

She felt herself being turned, now she was in a kneeling position, Alex had entered her from the rear, again he increased his pace, but this time he’d gone in deeper, his cock was literally reaming her pussy; Christina bowed her head letting out a low gutterish growl throwing her head back at the same time, her fists were gripping the edge of the rug breaking a finger nail as she did so, but her pain was not felt. She was rocking with him now, both we’re breathless at the physical exertion being used. Alex felt his balls swell; he knew he’d cum buckets her pussy was still taut regardless of the fucking he’d given her. He forced himself deep then allowed nature to take its course; Christina sensed the rush as his cum pumped deep up inside her, arching her back she pushed herself back onto his cock, assuring herself of deepest of penetrations. His cock felt good, the awareness of his swelling could be sensed deep inside her, she gripped her pussy wall, squeezing every last drop from him.

Alex eased her forward allowing her to slump forward onto the rug, then turning her over; he leaned over kissing her gently on the lips.

“That could only have been the best so far, by no means has any woman given me so much pleasure!”

Christina lifted her hands cupping his face, then pulled herself up kissing him back, but held her kiss until she had to break for air.

“God, I wish I could stop for a month, that! That was sheer ecstasy. Putting it bluntly that is the best fucking I have ever had! And from a townie to!”

“I think you’ll find that we have more stamina than your country lads! Alex laughed. “Would you like a nightcap now?”

Christina smiled at his remark. “Yes that’s something you do have; staying power! As to the nightcap, yes! Nevertheless I think I’ll be needing another shower first, I be down directly!”

Alex reached down clutching her hand helping her to a standing position, Christine wobbled as she stood.

“Steady now!” Alex chuckled.

“God, my legs there almost numb!” Christina laughed.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright in the shower?”

“Of course, you go down I’ll be but a few minutes!” Christina let go of his hand and headed back to the shower, which was still running.

“Hope you’re not on a water meter?” She laughed.

Christina stood for a breather once in under the shower it was nice and refreshing. Suddenly she felt a bubbling in her lower tummy, she smiled to herself realising as to what it was. With her hands on hips she gripped her pussy muscles as hard as she could, unexpectedly there was a loud belch; spunk splattered down both her legs; thankfully the power of the shower washed it away immediately. She couldn’t believe not only the thickness, but also as to the amount, it was no wonder she was so plastered with it when she woke that morning.

Feeling fresher?” Alex smiled as Christina walked into the kitchen in her housecoat. “Would you like a white chocolate drink or just a chocolate drink?”

“I’ll go for the chocolate one, I think you gave me enough of the white stuff to last me a week!” Christina smiled as she sat, finding her own wit funny.

“Was it that bad?”

“Well if you do that everyday; twice a day, you’ll drain yourself dry! I’m glad you did it whilst I was awake this time; you had me worried this morning. I thought something was wrong with me; especially after it happening on the train on the way here?”

“What happened on the train then?”

“I’d fallen asleep; when I was woken up I was plastered in the stuff, I had to change my panties as soon as I got to the main station!”

“Who else was in the carriage then?”

“That’s just it, no one that was until the station before, then a elderly man got on; it was he that woke me asking if I minded him sharing the carriage!”

“Do you always sleep that deep?”

“You didn’t complain this morning!” Christina smiled picking up her hot chocolate. “But yes I do have that problem, I’d been reading my book, got a bit tired; putting the book down and I was gone!”

“Tell me…who’s Royce?”

“Nobody really, just a character in the book!”

“The way you were moaning, I thought he was for real. I hope you’re not going to read tonight?”

“No way, I’m miles to tired to even think of it. Where are you sleeping tonight?”

“I see your point but I couldn’t, if Mum found me in your bed she’d have fit!”

“Perhaps another session tomorrow then…that’s of course if you’re up to it?” Christina smiled lifting her mug up to her mouth.

“Should think I could managed that!” Alex chuckled. “So you think the old guy had his wicked way with you then?”

“I really don’t know, it’s just that when he woke me I stood up to straighten my skirt, it was then that I had the same problem as I did yesterday morning with you, I was smothered in the stuff. As I said, I thought it was my own doing, which was until I’d woken with your filling. I’d have thought that I’d have wakened though?”

“Well you didn’t wake from me! How old was this guy?”

“Fifty maybe sixty…I don’t know for sure. It’s funny really; I mean with you the dream became stronger towards the end just before I awoke, well it was the same on the train. God, how embarrassing, I can only think he did! Whatever would I have done if I should have awoken with him ploughing into me”

“Well you’ll never know now, but if he did I’d bet by bottom dollar he enjoyed you! You’re a exceptional fuck!” Alex laughed as he stood from his chair. “I’m off to bed, no reading of that book of yours!” He smiled.

The rest of the weekend went well, Christina more than had her fill from Alex, enjoying every minute of it. Needless, she never read the book, or fell asleep for that matter on the way home. However, she did finish the book that night, again it gave her exceptional orgasms.

“So how did your weekend go then?” Susan asked as Christina entered the office.

“I don’t know for sure; I think I feel more tired than I did to start with!” Christina smiled.

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