Coerced Adultry – Cont'd

Coerced Adultry – Cont'd

We are living next to the water’s edge of a large river that runs into an Eastern bay. It is a beautiful spot with all the entities one would want from the shore. We don’t know how long we will be able to live there as my husband is in the military and could be transferred at any time so we have decided to purchase the property for the future so it will always be a place to go back to and renew our memories.

A recent happening has caused our lives to change, to say there is a new chapter would be an understatement as our lives have had a new beginning. Our permanent guest is a member of my husband’s unit and has always been a wonderful person. He was just a good friend until recently when my husband cooked up a plan to have him fuck me while I was drunk. The same night I found out that Walt, my husband, and Rog, our guest were having a sexual affair. I wasn’t as unconscious as they thought for I became aware of what was happening and decided to get the most enjoyment out of it as possible.

I confronted Walt the next morning and told him not to tell Rog about it as I wanted to talk to both of them together that afternoon. The atmosphere between all of us was a little strained that day because of what had happened. We had gathered on the deck overlooking the water after lunch so I thought it would be a good time to clear the air. I informed Rog that I knew what had happened but even in my state I was certainly surprised, and before I continue I wanted to say that it was some of the most pleasurable sex I have had. I wasn’t prepared for you and Walt’s sexual activity afterward but I also have to admit it was sexually stimulating for me to see you enjoying each other. I don’t know if Walt had told you but it was the first time I had been with another man since our marriage.

I can understand Walt’s voyeuristic desires for we all have these fantasies at one time or another. But for you both to plan a rape of me, I just can’t understand it. Even with what has happened I want us all to continue as we were, as much as possible, but if you desire, it would be most welcome for you to have sex with me, as Walt has shown that he is OK with me having sex with you. I want you and Walt to continue to enjoy your relationship for you and Walt could not have enjoyed, nor made me enjoy, the sex we had last night unless you were bi-sexual and not gay. One item I want to point out is that if either of you go with another partner without the knowledge of all of us we are finished and you will be out of here. I am really looking forward to the evening.

Before dinner we had cocktails then wine with dinner and started enjoying our choice of mixes after dinner. I was obvious that everyone was excited about the evening. We enjoyed dancing and for the first time ever I let another man kiss and massage my body in front of Walt. He was enjoying it as when we danced I could feel a very firm erection. The evening was a prelude to the night with all of us enjoying each other’s body. I had put on a full skirt loose blouse with no panties or bra. It was a release and I felt free from old inhibitions. After we all became very loose with all the alcohol Rog sat on the floor in front of the couch, observing that I had no panties on he spread my legs and put his lips on my knee then used his tongue and lips to work his way up to my vulva. As Rog was giving me a terrific amount of pleasure I took Walt’s head and gave him a very deep and long kiss while I stroked his cock. After releasing his cock from it’s inter sheath I took as much down as possible. About this time Rog had brought me to a climax and I drew so fast and furious on Walt’s cock that he unloaded down my throat. I pulled Rog’s head up and gave him a long kiss letting him enjoy the semen of Walt.

I wanted to get to our king sized bed and enjoy all that space where we could move as we wished. We all had our showers and met back at the bedroom with only a robe to remove. After the preliminary introduction of explored each others body I had Walt turn and I got on top for a 69. I felt that if he wanted to see another man’s cock entering my vagina this would be the best vantage point. I took down Walt’s cock and he went into my vulva like a very hungry man. Rog mounted my vagina from behind while Walt massaged my clit. It didn’t take long for us all to climax, Rog’s semen running down unto Walt's face and hair while he cleared the secretions from my vagina. Walt turned to let Rog take his cock while I took Rog’s cock. This was a threesome but there was a loose end. I quickly made a triangle and Walt again hungrily took my vulva. We had a longer but not in any way less enjoyable sexual union. We all unloaded about the same time and had to lay back for a much needed rest. Throughout the night someone would wake up and desire more sex of some kind. We all were so uninhibited that there was so much semen and secretions in the morning that we and the bed were hard like starch had been sprayed on us.

I felt that because many men had more than one wife or a wife and another female live in, why not a female having more than one sexual partner. This wonderful sexual activity went on for a week, during which time nothing was missed. We had sex in ways that I had never heard of but it was all absolute pleasure. The next week end Walt and Rog got orders to leave for two weeks military maneuver the Monday. I found this to be an inconvenience but I guess we all needed the break to regain our strength. This would mean that Kathy would be coming to live with me as her husband was in the same unit. Kathy and I have been friends since childhood and all through school. We shared a dorm room all through college. It was really great when her husband Jim was stationed at the same place as we are.

Kathy had two children that loved the access to water where I lived so it was great to have them and Kathy here as often as possible. During one very cold winter night all the power went out in the dorm so we decided to use the same bed and share all of our blankets to keep warm. I cared very much for Kathy and I felt she felt the same for me. After we got warm Kathy moved close and kissed me. At first I was shocked but it was like electricity going through my body. It felt so right, I returned the kiss and she moved to my neck and chest. She worked on each breast and used her tongue under my arms, a sexual stimulation point I wasn’t aware of. I was now secreting and near orgasm, as she moved down and going across my stomach I had a large orgasm. This was a first for me with another female and it was wonderful. Kathy seemed as she had experience but it was to my benefit. When she went into my vulva and started rolling my clit and letting her tongue slide into my vagina I went into an orgasmic wave, I was out of my mind.

When she came up I grabbed her head and gave her the deepest and longest kiss ever. I told her she was the most wonderful person in the world to me and I loved her deeply. She returned the love and said we would have to give each other pleasure whenever possible. After a while I felt she deserved what she had given me so I started to give her the same. She gave a little instruction along the way but I was able to give her the same intense pleasure. Then she taught me the 69 position where we both would get the same pleasure at the same time. I certainly thought I had gone to heaven. After that night we were aware of our deep love for each other but we still had the sexual attraction for males and so if one didn’t work out we could always enjoy the other.

The first night that Kathy arrived at my home we got the sleeping arrangements sorted out first. She put both children in a room across the hall rather than next to us, this made sense and if there was any noise it would be further away. She had a 12 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. I made the comment that was getting a little old for sleeping together and she said that Jim and her had discussed this but had decided that it was their choice. The children had moved so much with them in the military that the only persons that were permanent were each other, their father and me. Kathy stated that they both had biology in school and she had questioned them on reproduction. She said they seemed to know as much as her on all species. I suppose that seems a little over cautious at their age.

Kathy and I are so close that a rare bond exists and when I am with her I always remember the quote I heard somewhere that certainly mirrors our feelings. The quote is ‘The blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearless on any subject; with whom one’s deepest as well as one’s most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely’. After the children were in bed and we had started enjoying a few cocktails I told Kathy about what had transpired the last week between Walt, Rog and I. She was surprised, not shocked but couldn’t understand why Walt had gone to so much trouble. Kathy said that Jim was constantly bringing up how sexual it would be to see two females making out. He gets excited every time he sees girls kissing or holding each other on TV. He even brought it up about us living together in a dorm room for 4 years and asked if we had sex just once. Kathy said she would like to join our group but didn’t think she could without Jim.

I told Kathy that as things had moved into a different level with me that there is a possibility that we could work something out to give him a thrill. Maybe we could set Jim up similar to how I was set up. Some night when I am staying over at your house we can pull the ‘passed out’ routine insuring that Jim has had a lot to drink and you and Jim can remove my clothing and put me to bed. Either you could make a move or encourage him to do so. If it happens then I can confront him the next day and maybe we could work you both into our group at my home.

For the next two weeks we had more sex and companionship than anyone should be able to enjoy, but we just couldn’t get enough. Near the end of the second week I started my period so that mint getting out ‘big john’. That is a large double ended strap on dildo. Kathy was an expert in its use, she had me screaming and climbing the wall many time. She could slip it from the vagina into the anus so fast that it felt like there were two. I gave her oral during this time and used ‘big john’ as often on her as she wanted. I certainly hated to see the two weeks come to an end but I knew that Walt and Rog would come back very hungry. After Kathy left and before Walt returned I changed all the bed clothing and I noticed on the children’s bed that there were traces of what appeared to be dried semen. Good luck to the kids, as they have probably found out; there isn’t much in this life that’s better.

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