Country Girl – Part 2

Country Girl – Part 2

I got up the next morning feeling a sense of refreshment. I don't know if it was the beautiful Spring day, or the enormous orgasms I had the day before, but it didn't matter. I felt great. I took a shower, and dressed in a peach suit with a short jacket, and a short skirt that showed my long, curvacious legs. It was one of my favorites. It accentuated my ass and tits. The short jacket had one button, and the top of it made a wide V shape. The cleavage of my breasts was definitely noticable protruding from the tight, white shirt under the jacket. I was feeling very confident when I walked out the door to leave.

As I was walking to my car, I noticed the work truck by the barn. There stood Jeremiah and Stan, both looking up towards the house at me. I suddenly thought to myself, I hope Jeremiah didn't tell Stan about what he found yesterday. How embarassing would that be? I hurried into the car and put on my seat belt, started the engine, and put it in reverse. I glanced back around toward the barn, and the men had gone back inside. I'm probably just being paranoid, I smiled to myself.

I drove about 40 miles to the largest town around the area. It was beautiful that day, and it was great to see traffic and the bustle of people. I had lived in the city for a long time, and it was comforting to see that again. I went to a few businesses, and submitted my resume'. I could tell the manager at the local bank was impressed with me. I had experience in accounting and handling large business accounts. I politely spoke with him for a few minutes, and he gave me his card, and said he would keep in touch. I could tell he was trying not to let his eyes stay fixated on my large breasts. I smiled to myself, shook his hand, and walked back to my car. I could feel his eyes follow me through the windows, so I walked a little slower and sexier. I love to tease men with my long legs and plump ass.

It was almost lunch time, so I stopped at a Wendy's. A burger and fries would be good right now. I knew I had better take advantage of the fact that I was even near a Wendy's! They didn't have one in the little town by my Mom's house. I went inside and stood in line, studying the menu as I waited. I noticed the teenage boys behind the counter looking at me and smiling at each other. They were three young black men, at least 16 years old. It was nice to see men of color too. There were only white people by my Mom's house. I couldn't help but smile a little bit. It is flattering when a young boy at his sexual peak thinks I'm hot. There were still 3 people in front of me, and I tried to concentrate on the menu instead of the boys. I didn't want them to know I knew they were looking at me. I took off my jacket, and draped it over my forearm. I heard the young mahogany boys gasp, and the whispers got more intense. My nipples were hard, and showing through the tight material of my shirt. I had on a very thin bra, so it was easy to see the outline of my big nipples. Finally, it was my turn, and I stepped up, placed my order, and paid for it, stepping to the side. I could hear them trying to impress me with comments like, "man, get outta the way, I got this!", and "dude, this is my specialty, get back!". I just smiled, and stared at them the way I do when I'm out at bars looking for a good one night stand. I know it made their young black cocks stir in their uniform pants. I got my food, and sat down and ate. I didn't really give the boys too much more thought. I knew there would never be a chance I could suck one of their young dicks off anyway. I didn't want to waste the effort on a lost cause. I finished my lunch, cleaned my mess, and left the restaurant.

I looked at my newspaper, and realized I only had three more places to go. It is exhausting looking for a job. At 3pm, I was finally arriving at my last place of business. It was a privately owned business, that needed an accountant to handle the books. It turned out to be a spa, owned by a local business woman. She had a full time job, and this was more of a hobby to her. "A public service" as she liked to call it. There are few spa's in the area that allow guests to get pampered, so she definitely had a good idea. We sat down in her office, and talked for about a half an hour. She is a single woman, in her late thirties. She's about 5'7", and not fat, but not too skinny. She was "thick", as the black men in the big city like to say. Very sexy and shapely. As we sat there and talked, she told me the room I was in would be my office, and I would have complete privacy while there. I liked the pay she was willing to give, and she was very down to earth, and easy to talk to. I accepted her offer, and told her I could start the following Monday. I signed a few papers, and was out the door, almost dancing to my car. I found a job!! The sooner I could move out of my Mom's house. It was alright, and Mom didn't bother me, but I needed privacy.

By that time, it was almost 4:00, so I got on the highway, and headed back home. I knew Mom would be starting dinner soon, but I wasn't ready to go home yet. I went over to my nephew's house, and talked with him and his friends. We always have a good time over there. We sit back, have a few drinks, and smoke some weed. My nephew, Jerod, has some pretty cute little friends too! Zachary is just adorable. If I was younger, I would fuck him for sure. Oh, he's legal, but he is only 21. I would feel crushed if he rejected me. I see him looking at me sometimes, but I don't want to embarass him in front of the rest of his friends by coming on to him. You never know how that's gonna go over. So, I sat, laughed, and had a good time at Jerod's, and finally decided it was time to go. He told me he was having a party that Friday, and invited me to come. "Only if Zack is here!" I said with a teasing smile, and looked directly at Zack. Jerod just laughed, "Oh, he will be. That's why you need to come." I smiled, and said I wouldn't miss it, as I gazed at Zack with my bedroom eyes, and took my plastic cup with the remains of most of a drink, and left.

It was almost 10pm before I pulled into the driveway at my Mom's house. The lights were off in the house, of course. My Mom went to bed by 9pm at the latest. I shut off the car, and just sat there, and enjoyed the alcohol and marijuana buzz I had. I noticed the barn was still lit up, and the work truck was in front of the big doorway. I sat there with my cup and sipped on my drink, watching the barn for movement. My window was down, and I could feel the mild, gentle breeze blowing softly. I saw Stan put something in the truck, and walk back towards the barn. Stan was not bad looking, and he was definitely built. I noticed he had big feet and hands one day when he was working in the pasture right behind the house. I imagined he had a big dick. I was starting to feel a tingle in my pussy again as I thought about the farm hands and their cocks. Jeremiah surely had a huge cock as tall as he was! I started rubbing my pussy lips through my panties and stockings, and I could feel the heat rise from between my thighs. I started rubbing harder, and my breathing started getting faster and deeper. I made myself stop, and thought, "my god! I just practically raped a horse yesterday! What is wrong with me? I'm so horny I can't stand it!" I finally gathered my thoughts, and sat upright in the front seat of my car. I went to take another drink out of my cup, and it was empty. "Damn it! I need one more drink!" I knew Mom didn't have any liquor in the house. She didn't keep any alcohol in her house at all. I respected her and didn't bring any there either. I still just wanted one more. I looked back down at the barn, and decided to go see if Stan and Jeremiah had a beer. I got out, and started walking toward the barn, unlatching and latching the gate as I went through. I reached the front door of the barn, and I didn't see or hear anyone, so I said, "hello! Stan, Jeremiah! Are you here?" I heard a small noise come from the back of the barn, and walked toward it. I passed the stables where I had jacked off the black stallion the day before, and masturbated myself so good I pissed all over the place. I blushed slightly with my own embarassment as I passed. The black horse was there, but he brown horse was not. I moved through the back door, and saw Stan and Jeremiah washing the brown horse down, and brushing him off. I didn't even startle them as I walked out by them. It was like they were expecting me or something. "Hey guys! What's up?" "Hey, nothing much. Just getting the horse ready for the sale, that's all." Jeremiah replied. "Oh, that's cool. You got a beer?" I asked. Stan looked at me, and realized for what seemed like the first time what I was wearing, and quickly told me to get one out of the cooler on the truck. I could hear them whispering to each other as I walked away from them to get the beer. I was pleased with the attention. I had my suit jacket on, but it was unbuttoned, so you could see my nipples poking through the thin material. I walked back out by the men, and popped open the beer. I had brought them one too, and told them they needed to take a break. They said they were almost done with the horse, and then they would sit down and take a break. I couldn't help but notice the horse's dick was swinging around as if he was aroused at the brushing. I giggled right out loud and didn't mean to. Stan looked up at me, and just smiled. "What are you grinnin' about?" He asked, even though he knew. He was testing me to see if I would say it right out loud. I always get bolder when I've been drinking alcohol, so I told him "that horses' dick is huge! He likes that when you guys brush him. It looks like he's getting off on it!" I laughed right out loud as I answered, and both the men started laughing. I was sitting on a bale of hay, and because I had drank so much alcohol, I was unaware of the almost lewd way I was sitting. My legs were parted enough to see my underwear and stockings. I realized this, and closed my legs quickly, trying to catch one of them looking at my wet snatch. Neither one of them seemed to notice, and I was almost disappointed when I discovered that. How come they aren't trying to get a glance of my snatch box? I decided to take off my jacket to give them a full view of my big tits stretching the material of my shirt to it's limit. I stood up and took it off, and Stan just smiled at me, but Jeremiah just kept brushing the horse. I sat back down, and made sure my legs were slightly parted to give Stan a peek of my upper thighs. I slowly drank the beer, and waited for them to get done. My pussy was getting hotter and hotter as I was sitting there. The horses' dick made me think of when I masturbated the black stallion to orgasm. I wanted to see if Jeremiah would say something about finding the cum on the stall floor yesterday. "Have you ever seen a horse cum?" I asked. Both men looked at me with surprise in their face, and sat silent, staring at me. "Well, have you ever seen a horse cum, or not?" Jeremiah got a small twisted grin on his face, and said, "Well, I've never seen a horse cum, but I have seen horse cum." He looked at me with a knowing look on his face. I played right along with him. I was getting hornier just sitting there listening to all this, and watching the horses' big cock. "Oh really. And where did you see horse cum at?" I asked. "Right there in the stall with the black stallion. It was in there yesterday. I don't know what he was thinking about, or looking at, but he busted his load all over the stall." By this time Stan and Jeremiah were both looking at me with lewd grins on their faces. Stan stood up, and walked over to me. "Have you ever seen a horse cum? Hmmmm you little farm slut?" I was shocked at how he was talking. I was trying to tease them and strike up a sexual conversation, but I wasn't prepared for that response. "Wh-what do you mean?" I asked, knowing damn good and well what he meant. "I mean, have you ever seen cum shoot out of a big horses dick?" He sat down next to me and ran his rough fingers up my stocking covered thigh. I was getting uncomfortable, and started squirming around. I tried to get up, but Stan grabbed my arm and pulled me back down onto the bale of hay. "You just sit down and relax. We have a video to show you ma'am. I think you'll recognize the star." Stan then went to the truck and got a small camcorder, and came back and sat down. He inserted a small tape, and I couldn't believe it when I saw myself petting the large black stallion, and going into the stall next to him. "I don't want to see anymore! Turn it off!" I said. I could feel the sting of tears in my eyes. "Please don't tell anyone! I won't do it again!" Stan laughed and said, "we won't tell anyone, but I want to see you jack that horse off too! He's jealous! His friend got a pretty woman to jack him off, and now he's out here with a case of the blue balls." Jeremiah came over and stood beside me. I could see the bulge in his pants. My pussy was pulsing. I just couldn't believe I could be horny at a time like this! What is wrong with me! I should be upset. I felt Jeremiah's hand squeeze my right tit, and I gasped. "What are you doing? Get your hands off my breast!" I tried to sound like I was shocked and didn't want anything to do with this, but I knew deep down, I wanted to jack that horse off and fuck both these men right there in the barn. I wanted to be treated like a slut. I drank the rest of my beer and got up. I slowly removed my stockings, and panties. I kept my suit on. I thought it would be a nice image on the camera to have a woman in a business suit jacking off a horse cock. I kneeled down by the horse and took his big cock in my hand. I stroked it up and down, and almost immediately, he blew his load. Thick white goo came out in wads all over the ground. I couldn't look away. It was fascinating to me how much the horse was cumming. I just kept stroking. "Look at her. The little slut." I turned to see what the men were doing, and they both had their dicks out, watching me, and stroking their own hard cocks. "Keep stroking that horse cock you bitch! Put it to your mouth!" I did as I was told, and put the big spotted, wet dick to my lips. I looked at them, and they moaned. I stuck my tongue out and let it slide over the head of the horses flacid cock, teasing the men. I wanted them to jack off right in front of me. "You fucking nasty little slut. You like horse cock, huh? I'm gonna shove my cock so far down your throat you're gonna think you have a horse cock!" I just smiled and continued to lick the horses dick. I started rubbing my clit with my other hand, and you could hear the juiciness of it in the quiet night air, along with the sounds of Stan and Jeremiah stroking their own cocks madly. I finally got up, and went back to the bale of hay. "You both want to see me make my own pussy cum? Hmmmmm?" I smiled and talked in a low, sexy voice. I knew I had them under my spell by now. I leaned back and pulled my short skirt above my fleshy pussy mound. I parted my lips and started rubbing my clit with one finger, slowly. "You like that I'm a nasty slut, don't you boys? Did it make your dick hard Jeremiah? When you found out I made that horse cum? That I made my own pussy cum so hard I pissed all over? Could you still smell it when you came in?" I asked him, while rubbing my clit in the same methodical motion. "Oh yes. I jacked off out here when you left. I could smell your pussy all through the barn." At that moment, Stan started moaning and stroking his dick faster. He stepped closer to me, and made his cum shoot beside me. "I want you to cum right on my face!", I stared at Jeremiah with a lewd wanton look, and that made him go over the edge. "You want to taste this dick, huh you slut? You want me to shove this dick right down your little slut throat! You bitch! I'm cumming! I'm gonna shoot my load all over the back of your throat! You hungry bitch!" At that, Jeremiah grabbed the back of my head, and forced his cock into my mouth. He held on with both hands, and thrust his hips forward, fucking my throat. I almost gagged on his dick it was so far down. I held my composure though. Finally, his orgasm subsided, and he stepped back, pulling his soft cock out of my mouth. I grinned and wiped away the cum that was dribbling out of the corners of my mouth. "Well", I said as I got up, "I guess I better get to bed. You gentlemen have a nice night." I picked up my panties and stockings, put back on my shoes, and made my way back to the house. I smiled broadly as I took a shower and laid down on my crisp, clean sheets. Damn, I've got to fuck both of them at once! That's all I could think of before I went to sleep. How would it feel to have a dick in my pussy, and one in my ass. Maybe I could get them to show me how to fuck the horse. They would love to see that! I giggled. I heard my dog coming into my room, so I rolled over, patted his head, and closed my eyes. I wanted to enjoy the other four days I had before I started my job. I drifted off to sleep thinking about the nasty, lewd acts that had just taken place in the barn. I was ashamed of myself. What if they told someone? The news would travel like wild fire here! Everyone in the town would know before the sun came up. I tried not to worry about it now. Tomorrow was a new day!

to be continued…..

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