Cruel Intentions pt 2

Cruel Intentions pt 2

When Sarah awoke she was sitting on one of the stools in the bar area. She had also been fastened to it so she couldn’t get off it. ”Don’t worry hon. We’re not ganna leave you like this its just those boys took a lot of energy out of you and Cindy likes her girls to last which is rare” Sarah looked up at Mel who was now completely naked she was joined by Cindy who was also naked, Cindy had a glistening liquid around her mouth and chin Mel leaned over and kissed Cindy passionately then looked at Sarah you’re turn.

Mel left to join the boys in the other room’ Cindy approached Sarah smiling Sarah couldn’t really move so she was helpless Cindy was standing right next to her then she grabbed Sarah’s left hand. Cindy was holding Sarah’s hand with both of hers she slowly guided it down towards her pussy “Use your fingers on me bitch!!” threatened Cindy. Sarah’s fingers were now at the entrance of Cindy’s pussy, Sarah submitted and inserted two fingers into Cindy’s slot she slowly began rotating them in a circular motion Cindy started to moan and Sarah’s fingers were already wet with Cindy’s come she had obviously came just before with Mel.

Sarah added another finger now she was working them in and out slowly then she would quicken the pace, Sarah figured that she may as well get this over and done with there was no getting away so she would have to please her captors. Cindy placed her hand on Sarah’s shoulder and gripped it tightly, Sarah removed her fingers from Cindy and just rubbed her pussy, Cindy felt a warmth grow in her body she couldn't take it anymore she walked behind Sarah and began undoing the fastened ropes that held her then released her. Sarah got to her feet only to be grabbed by the arms pushed backwards to the bar then she was forced onto her back.

Still standing but leaning backwards over the bar Sarah noticed the affects of the drug were wearing off soon she would be able to get out of here. Cindy then forced herself on Sarah French kissing her and leaning her over so far Sarah's back was flat on the bar top, Cindy placed a hand behind Sarah's head and the other on her left breast still kissing her. Sarah had never kissed anyone with so much..Suction it really surprised her. Sarah stared up at Cindy through their long embrace they had been this way for the last three minutes.

Sarah stared into Cindy’s eye's a gorgeous sky blue, A cute little button nose and short blonde hair Cindy was quite a looker. Then Sarah realised Cindy was standing before her with a smile on her face. "You know Mel told me what you two did before me and the guys got here,. i don't think it's fair if we get all the fun" 'Wh..What do you mean?" asked Sarah, "simple you are going to help us, wanna know what we do," asked Cindy smiling. "we go around town find all the perfect little princesses like yourself and turn them into slut’s which is what they are, but you are ganna be one of us" "why?" asked Sarah, "because it's our way to teach girls like you a lesson."

"What do i do?" asked Sarah Cindy sniggered "not you your type the kind that barely have to pick up a pen to pass, the kind that flirt their way through while hard working girls like me and Mel have to work for it". "Your just Jealous" said Sarah souding like her old self again. "now I’m leaving and I’m ganna tell the cops what you and your sick friends did to me" said Sarah standing straight. "poor child" said Cindy "you have no idea how deep this goes do you i think it's time you met the people who are responsible for you being here" Cindy knocked on a near by door door and soon after the door opened and Sarah gasped.

Stacy walked in with her hand around Mel's' waist, "Hey girl how you doing" said Stacy smiling "St..Stacy!" Sarah stuttered. "You got it thought I’d check up and see how everything is going, "your responsible for this." said Sarah still shocked "that’s right Sarah honey you are the one i want to join us you will be the 8th member" "i'll never be part of this." replied Sarah "ha ha oh honey that's what they all said, that's what Mel here said and even Cindy there but you know what they are all part of it and by morning so will you".

The two guy's entered the room from behind Sarah and each grabbed one of Sarah's arms and dragged her toward the girls, "now' said Stacy lets go down to the cellar and the real fun can begin. A blind fold was placed over Sarah's eyes and everything went black and quiet, Sarah felt herself being lifted up she tried to fight but the Jeff and Simon were too strong then she was placed onto something she was laid out onto her back it was a like a bed but hard and stiff made of wood. Sarah could feel her hands being tied down, then her feet she was totally helpless like she had been most of the night.

Sarah made a promise to herself, that no matter what happened tonight she would never be part of this she would never join these girls and degrade others like they had her. It was still silent she could not hear a thing, she began to think how Stacy had betrayed her why she would do this to anyone, Stacy was good looking as it was why would she want to punish those like her. It suddenly hit her these were the girls who had been watching her at school, she recalled the day it started.

Sarah was on her way to class when she noticed Stacy hanging around some girls in the toilet's Sarah went over to them "hey" Stacy turned around smiled and returned the Hi and told Sarah she would be in class soon she just needed to talk to these girls for a minute Sarah thought nothing of it and left for class. Stacy was late for class but got there about half way through, when the lunch break was on and the girls were at their table Sarah took a quick glance to her left a group of girls were watching her, for the rest of the day it seemed like they were keeping an eye on her

Sarah then flashed back to the night she stayed over at Stacy's house, when Stacy was in the shower Sarah found some photos on one of the draws on them were pictures of a girl who was horribly scarred, her teeth were all crooked and she was very overweight. she figured it must of been a cousin or something. It was now all tied down and blind folded that Sarah realised that the person on the photo must have been Stacy, now she began to realise why Stacy must hate all the good looking girls so much but why hate them now, suddenly light flooded her eyes as the blindfold was removed.

The three girls stood around her, Sarah looked around she was in a well candle lit room it looked nothing like the club itself. "Hi honey miss us" laughed Stacy "well it's time to start with the induction if you will, tonight you will become the 8th member of our little group here how about i introduce you to the rest". "You already know Mel and Cindy oh and Jeff and Simon as well. but the other two are yet to be revealed why don't you meet them, through the doors on the left came two naked women in hoods their faces covered. They walked over to Stacy who lifted up each of their hoods and kissed them both deeply they turned to Sarah it was April and Jennifer.

"Now" said Stacy our newest inductees will begin the night go now children" April and Jennifer approached Sarah, April stopped at the end where Sarah's feet were while Jennifer stood at the head of the table right above Sarah's head.
"Begin" said Stacy, Both girls got onto the table Jennifer crawled towards Sarah's lower body while April was positioning herself over Sarah's head. Sarah felt hands on her breasts fondling them and kneading them then Jennifer began to suck on her right breast, Sarah felt her body start to react her nipples erecting her body developing Goosebumps.

April lowered her pussy down onto Sarah's face, Sarah's hands were tied so she couldn't do much April then slapped Sarah. Sarah did it using her tongue, entering April's cunt and kissing it. Stacy was watching on and motioned for Jennifer to begin her part, Jennifer moved down Sarah's body then arrived at her pussy and like lightning drove her tongue in, as soon as she hit, Sarah let out a yelp of surprise as she felt Jennifer's tongue penetrate her young pussy which reacted as well, while Jennifer worked over Sarah's cunt April was grinding her’s down on Sarah's face Sarah was now getting into a rhythm with her tongue and it was driving April wild.

Sarah was begining to react to the two girls heaving on top of her. as much as she fought it the feeling of lust inside her was growing. Jennifer’s tongue was going as deep as it could into Sarah’s pussy it was now that Sarah let out a deep moan Stacy smiled. Sarah’s tongue continued massaging April’s clit and causing her to buck and moan. Sarah was now slowly starting to enjoy eating April’s wet cunt and forced her tongue deeper and deeper it was something she had never really felt before. Sarah noticed out of the corner of her eye Jennifer had stepped off the table and was putting something on, a strap on dildo, April then got off the table Sarah's hands and feet were released then Simon picked her up and forced her on all fours.

April grabbed Sarah by the hair and pushed her face back into her soaking wet pussy Sarah could feel her legs being forced apart Jennifer lined up the massive strap on at the opening of sarah's cunt “Fuck her!!” yelled Stacy and with one hard stroke Jennifer’s nine inch strap on was buried in Sarah’s pussy, Sarah groaned deeply into April’s vagina. As Jennifer continued to slam in and out of Sarah it felt so good but she continued to lick April out, but now Sarah’s body started shaking uncontrollably she felt like she was going to explode.

Jennifer new what was going on and was pumping harder and harder fast then slowing down only to fasten the pace again. Sarah felt the pleasure build within her and started to buck then something in her exploded wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her and she came several times as well as did April as Sarah sucked on Aprils clit then April came on Sarah’s face most of it flooding her mouth but her face was glistening with Aprils juices. The two girls then stood up leaving sarah on the ground.

Stacy motioned for Mel to open a door at the end of the room. Mel did and about 7 males emerged from the room and walked toward Sarah.” you see we have to break you so these guys are the next part go ahead guys go ahead. The men continued toward Sarah who backed away but backed into a wall and the men grabbed her. Sarah was in the middle of the mob of men they were mauling her body they grabbed her tits and slapped her ass. The girls looked on smiling. one of the men knelt on Sarah hurting her and keeping her pinned to the ground.

Sarah was starting to cry all that had happened this night was getting to much for her as the group of boys continued to maul her body she wished she was home with her family she wished that this was all just a dream. Then one of the men grabbed her head and pushed his dick through Sarah’s lips "Suck that cock yelled the Stacy, Sarah cried in disgust and tried to jerk her head away, but the men held her so tightly that she could barely move. There was nothing Sarah could do as the boy pushed his cock past her lips and into her warm mouth. Sarah had never done this before eating out a girl was one thing but now she was being forced to suck some guy’s dick it was the most degrading night of her entire life.

A second man emerged from the group and took position behind her he out his hard cock. Sarah was gagging and gasping for breath Her face was pale and she was crying her eyes out then she felt the pressure of the boys cock-head against the lips of her pussy. there was nothing she could do. she had been unable to do anything against the girls and two boys because the drug had made her loose all feeling and she had been unable to do anything but know she was trying as hard as she could to get out of this but she knew it was hopeless she kept reminding herself she would never break she would never be a whore or a slut never and she would never help these people.

At was that moment the manshoved his dick inside her it was huge bigger than Simon or Jeff’s the man continued pushing his cock-head deep inside her the man dug his hands into Sarah’s hips and fucked her hard.But now Sarah’s cunt was reacting as though it loved everything his big cock was
Doing to it, the man backed out a couple inches and thrust into her again stretching the walls of her pussy, Sarah shivered and gasped her body was reacting. Now the boy in front was fucking her mouth just as hard the man groaned with pleasure Sarah sensed he was going to cum soon.

Sarah could feel the other man's cock inside her tearing her apart with every thrust
Then a moment later she felt the cock in her mouth blast it's warm slimy sperm into her mouth. It began to drip down her chin her lips coated in the man's jism.
Then another blast of cum hit her right in the face dripping from her forehead and even her eyelashes. Then even more was shot onto her face landing on her nose and cheeks.

The man fucking her now began to groan, Looping his legs around Sarah’s thighs. Sarah grunting from the thrusts couldn’t help let out a sigh of pleasure. The man who she was sucking off pulled out of her mouth stood up and backed away but as soon as he did another one replaced him with his own. Sarah tried to say something but was cut off by the next man's cock driving into her mouth. The one fucking her then wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her even tighter into him.

His groans became more frequent his grip on her tighter then Sarah shrieked as his jism exploded inside her grasping cunt .Her pussy felt rubbed
Raw by the rapid friction of his long prick. Sarah lost it tears running down her eyes
She didn’t care anymore she just prayed to god that it would not make a baby up inside her. But hope disappeared when she realized that there were more boys waiting to squirt her full of sperm, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

End pt 2
Pt 3 will follow shortly,

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