daddy's and my secret

daddy's and my secret

It all started when I was 15 years old. I had 34C breasts and had an average looking body. I wouldn't say I had the best looking body ever but it was nice.

i was in our basement that day and i was on one of my favorite game sites when all of a sudden a pop-up for porn came on to my screen .at first i first ignored than it popped up again and again. it soon got me excited and i logged on to the site.

i soon found out that there were many ways to masturbate, and i was very interested because all i have ever done is finger myself. i was still a virgin so this excited me even more!
well i found out very weird things like you can put anything up your pussy you want pretty much.

soon after i expierimented with it! i saw a woman stick a dildo up her pussy,so i decided to give it a try. as i was sticking it up me i heard someone come down the stairs and they turned the cormer and there i was naked masturbating. i looked at them and it was my step-dad. my step-dad is very good looking and looks very young considering he is 40. his name is Richard.

he just stood there staring at me and i just laid there my face beat red and stared at him.
"i'm sorry really i am" richard said as he turned away from me.

"ummm please don't tell mom about this richard please!" i said.
of course he said he wouldn't it would be our secret and i believed him too.

a couple days later i was smart enough to go to my room when i wanted to masturbate. when i was about to havea orgasm i heard a knock at the door, the door flew open and there was Richard standing looking at me once again.
as i started to put my clothes on he interrupted me and told me to continue that it was a good show. i was mortified and withdrew. he than proceeded to come into my room and he closed the door behind him. he asked me if i was enjoying myself and i said yes. but i also noticed his huge cock about to frickin pop out of his pants. he than noticed what i was looking at and he unzipped his pants and took out his massive cock. and while i maturbated. he sat there jacking off.

he than got on my bed and tried to mount me but i fought back he than slapped me very hard across the cheek.

"suck my cock you dirty bitch" he said.
i than placed his cock into my mouth and began to suck it as i was sucking it i started to cry.
"if you don't stop crying i'll give you something to cry about." he said.
i couldn't control my crying so he took his cock out of my mouth and got off my bed and went out of my room. he was back in about five minutes , but with our german shepeard. i didn't know what he was going to do but i started to yell at him telling him to get away from me and to get the dog away.

"oh but honey do't you want to have sex with bubbba?" (our dog) he said.
"NO YOU FUCKING BASTARD" i screamed at him in response.

he left the room once again and brought back some rope and dog treats.
i screamed " what the fuck do you think your gonna do?"

he didn't say a word just proceeded to tie my arms and legs to the posts on my bed. and put dog treats leading up to my pussy. Bubba soon found the trail of treats and found my pussy and there was a treat right inside of it. he started to lick my pussy and got the treat. but i guess he decided what he liked because he started licking deeper and deeper into my pussy.

that lasted about 5 minutes and i had already had an orgasm. but than Richard tied me up to where my ass was in the air. and let bubba mount me. bubba than found my pussy again but this time with his dick. as bubba started to insert his cock into my pussy i started to scream that i was stil a virgin and that i didn't want to do this but richard didn't listen he was sitting in mychair whackin off to bubba fuckin trying to get into my virgin pussy.
bubba than stuck his dick all the way inside of me and i screamed in pain. but soon my screams turned to pleasure because bubba could keep up his pace of pumping into my pussy and it felt so good after a while bubba started pumping faster and faster. and bubba's dick was starting to swell ( i had heard of dog's locking onto thier partner and i prayed that this wouldn't happen) well it started to swell more and i tried to pull away but it had happened we were locked together. he soon cummed inside of me and we were locked together for about 5 minutes. afterward he pulled out of me and richard than got up and took bubba away and he than placed his hard cock inside my pussy and started to pump but it wasn't as fast as bubba's or as steady. but richard was muh bigger and thicker than bubba also. after awhile he took his cock out of me and started rubbing some og my cum and bubba's cum on my asshole.
but this just egged him on and he pushed his cock into my ass one inch at a time.
i screamed in pain ashe inserted his full 9 inches into me. after about ten minutes he cummed in my ass. and collapsed on top of me from exhaustion when i should be the one exhausted. he than pooped out of my ass and put his oants on and left me tied up for about and hour.
after the hour was up he came in and untied me but he also fingered me and played with my tits while doing it. he left my room and he took the rope and treats with him and he also took my virginty innocents and dignity with him too. but that's done now and i still have bubba as a dog and for the past two years i've lived on my own enjoying my boyfriend's hard cocks in me but mostly enjoying bubba's cock in me!!! so i guess i could say it was good Richard found me masturbating in our basement for the first but not the last time.

THE END——— but there may be more. if you leave nice comments.

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