Dave's Slutty Sister

Dave's Slutty Sister

I’d known Dave for three years. When I started comprehensive school he had become a good friend of mine, and I regularly went over to his house to hang out. We’d usually play video games, listen to music, kick a ball around – the things all regular teenagers do I suppose, and I was more than welcome at his house by his parents who must have taken a shine to me.

However, the best thing about spending time at Dave’s was getting to see his sister Becky. Becky was two years older than me and Dave, but she went to the same school. She had big blue eyes that were complimented by full black eyelashes and an energetic frame of mascara. Her hair, which was full and wavy extended to halfway down her back. It was originally brunette, but was dyed peroxide blonde in a way that highlighted her roots and was almost kind of tacky, yet it gave her the appearance of being a complete slut, which, as most of the school knew, she was. She would always stroll around the hallways confidently wearing the shortest skirts she could get away with, and at the same time showing off her ample cleavage. Some guys preferred pert innocent looking tits, but this wasn’t the case with Becky. She had these really round, full breasts that always drove me nuts even though most of the guys in school had probably shot their load all over them. In that aspect I always thought she was out of my league – she rarely talked to me apart from the odd “hey” when she wasn’t busy texting one of her boyfriends. She was usually dating older guys, and wasn’t interested in anybody who didn’t have a car and money – she was one of those girls.

One night I was at Dave’s however, and she seemed pretty hung-up over something. I told Dave I had to go for a piss, and as I was walking down the corridor to the bathroom, I heard her in her room on the phone to one of her girlfriends. She was saying that her boyfriend had just finished her and that now she had no one to fuck her. Obviously, being a young male adult on his way to the bathroom, my cock jumped in my pants and I stopped. As you could imagine, I felt very sorry for her, having no one to fuck and all… the poor girl! Peering through the brief gap in the doorway, I could see that she was only wearing a red bra and a matching thong that showed off her outstanding curvy figure. She was marching around her room frowning, and I could make out a tattoo on her lower back of a red rose, just above her round arse. Her thong was riding right between the two cheeks, and at that moment all I could picture was me fucking my friend’s sister as hard as possible. I practically ran to the bathroom to rub one off, in my friend’s house no less.

After that I was at Dave’s house every night of the week. Becky was always dressing in short skirts and tops that left nothing to the imagination. One Tuesday night, she was dressed in my favourite outfit. A pair of black knee high boots with killer heels, over a pair of fishnet stockings that you could just see the top of underneath a red and white plaid skirt. Over that she wore a tight low cut top and she had obviously gone to the trouble of propping up her cleavage, something I noticed she had been doing a lot lately, even at school. She looked as she probably intended to look: like one of the dirtiest, sluttiest nymphos in the neighbourhood. It was no coincidence that she only went out when her parents weren’t around. That was usually while I was there though, so I was only treated to the sight of her for 10 minutes a night at most. She dominated my sexual fantasies however – every night when I masturbated porn didn’t come into it. The thought of fucking her was enough to drive me wild. I kind of wanted her to notice me, maybe talk to me so I could put a voice to my fantasy. It came to the point where the fact that she was my best friend’s sister was irrelevant. All I wanted was to fuck that girl.

One night I mentioned to Dave that his sister seemed to be out every night. He laughed and then said that since her boyfriend had dumped her, she had been desperate for sex and couldn’t get any as every boy in her grade had fucked her already and wouldn’t touch her again. It explained why she was out every night dressed like a pornstar at any rate. In one of my lesser moments of trying to play it cool however, I nearly let slip by saying that I’d kill to fuck her, but managed to catch my tongue and just laughed. I mean, you can’t violate the code right? You don’t sleep with your best friend’s sister… do you? Dave knew his sister slept around, as did I, but the thought of such a nasty girl, such an easy girl lapping up my cock in my best friend’s house was too tempting for me. I wasn’t looking for anything emotional, anything meaningful… I just wanted to fuck the shit out of her. She fitted into my fantasy so well. And with this information… well I had to go to the bathroom, just for a few minutes…

Walking down the corridor, I habitually slowed down as I passed Becky’s door. Surprisingly however, I was sure I could hear soft noises coming from her room. Suddenly intrigued, I leaned towards her door, careful to see if there was anyone around. There wasn’t. And then I realised what was going on.

The door was only slightly ajar, but what I could see certainly matched the noises! There was a full length mirror on the wall, and in it I could make out Becky lying on her bed, underneath the sheets, but with her legs apart. The back of her head was pressing into her pillow, with her eyes shut and a look of grimace on her face, and her body was writhing emphatically under the sheets. It became pretty clear what was going on… Becky was fucking herself with her door unlocked and two teenage boys next door. I couldn’t believe it. My heart began racing… and my cock was on the same wavelength. Careful so that she wouldn’t see me, I stayed silently where I was for another 30 seconds before my little man was at full mast… I simply had to rub one off. No doubt about it.

At this point I even pondered catching her in the act, hoping it would lead to something, but I realised that was unlikely and for once chose not to think with my dick. Still, what would any teenage boy do? You’ve imagined fucking this girl for weeks, and here she is, making herself cum in front of you without her even knowing. During the time it took me to erase these crazy thoughts, she had reached orgasm. Groaning loudly, and covering her mouth with a pillow, I heard a muffled “Oh fuck!” before I turned towards the bathroom, intent on getting rid of my huge boner in the most appropriate way.

I was so amazed by what I had just seen that I didn’t bother to lock the door. I just grabbed my cock out of my shorts as quickly as I could and started jerking it instinctively, shutting my eyes and reliving the images that I had just witnessed. I couldn’t believe my luck… this would last my fantasies for months! Put simply, I was completely lost in making my cock explode when all of a sudden, as these things tend to do… yeah you guessed it. The door burst open.

For a split second I thought it was Dave but then I realised it was Becky, wearing a long t-shirt that showed off her slender smooth legs, only just covering her modesty. Wow.

At first, we both froze. She was staring right at my cock, speechless, when she managed to regain her senses. Realising I was standing there with a 7 inch boner in my hand, I suddenly spun away and shouted “woah!” yet it was only then that she swallowed her breath, and murmured wide-eyed, “sorry… unlocked!” before backing out of the doorway and closing the door quickly.

I stood there for a moment shocked, yet at the same time strangely excited. This girl who I had dreamed about fucking for weeks had just caught me literally red-handed, as I had just caught her seconds ago. Then it dawned on me. What if she knew I had watched her fucking herself? Hell, she knew I was a teenage boy and she probably knew that teenage boys are sex-obsessed… but it didn’t stop my momentary excitement quickly giving way to panic.

At this point I lost my erection surprisingly quickly, so I was forced to put it away (I couldn’t well finish…) and took a deep breath. Apprehensively, I walked out into the corridor, which was thankfully empty. Becky’s door was shut tight. I quickly walked past it without looking twice, and took a deep breath before heading back into Dave’s room, who was embroiled in whatever game we had been playing. He barely even noticed me come back in the room.

For the rest of the night I was practically silent, and I went home replaying the incident over and over in my mind. As weary as I was though, I still couldn’t get forget her reaction when she had initially walked into the toilet; she had stared at my cock for at least two seconds before leaving. Whether she was just registering what she was seeing or was impressed by what she saw I couldn’t decide, but needless to say it was the latter in my fantasy later that night, and the former when I woke up the following morning. It was hardly the first time she’d seen a cock though… in fact she’d seen more than her fair share if the stories were true. It wasn’t as if she was a prude or likely to get offended by it… the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it could be salvaged as innocent enough.

I still didn’t go to Dave’s for the rest of the week though. I even managed to avoid Becky all week in school, but then the following Monday, Dave said that he had the new Adam Sandler flick on DVD and that I should come over and watch it. Despite my initial reaction to forge another lame excuse, it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to stop going over there completely, so I swallowed my pride and agreed. What a decision that turned out to be…

Luckily, Becky wasn’t there when we got there, but I still couldn’t concentrate on the movie as I was constantly waiting for the sound of the front door. After the flick, Dave’s mother came in and said they had ordered Chinese food and that she had ordered a plate for me… as low as my heart sank; I couldn’t refuse the poor lady could I?

As soon as I walked in the kitchen Becky was sitting at the table. “Great,” I thought to myself, “she must have come in the back way”. I deliberately avoided any eye contact with her, but then Dave’s dad became my new best friend when he decided in his wisdom to sit me directly opposite the girl. Shit! To make matters a million times worse, she had just come in from school, and she still had her school uniform on, and she looked sexy as hell. She had a tiny blue school skirt on that was unbelievably short in length (how did she get away with it?), the tight white blouse that had the top few buttons undone, and the striped tie lazily resting between her propped up tits. I could even see the top of her black bra, a particularly sexy choice I thought. Her rack looked so inviting… more inviting than the meal in front of me at any rate, and it dawned on me that I was in possibly the most awkward situation I had ever been in. All I wanted was for her to leave the table immediately, before I lifted the table up with my erection.

Then she rubbed my nose right in it.

With half a smirk on her light brown face, she suddenly looked up at me, dead in the eye. “We haven’t seen you for a while Shaun. Usually you two are inseparable!” Bitch!

I swear, I nearly choked on my food. Luckily, Dave thought the remark was a dig at him and laughed in that insincere way siblings do when they are arguing, and replied “very funny.” Dave’s mother told them to stop it, but Becky didn’t take here eyes off me.

By this point, I was desperate to leave. To be honest, I was kind of gutted that she was mocking me, as I’d been perhaps hoping that she’d see me in a sexually different light. That was nothing compared to the general awkwardness of the situation though, so I decided to regain some face and not allow her to have her way. Getting up, I put on my best ill face, apologised to Dave’s mother and declared that I wasn’t feeling too good, and that could I possibly use the bathroom. Like an angel, she smiled and said of course, and then added, almost curiously, “take as long as you want”.

I made towards the kitchen door, satisfied that my plan had worked but still miserable that I could never make eye contact with Becky again. I left the kitchen and headed towards the stairs when suddenly I heard her voice from the table and I froze.

“I’d better go up and check on him, to see if he’s OK.”
“OK sweety!”

I bounded up the stairs! Although I had initially been anxious of seeing Becky, I had to admit that I was intrigued about what she would say about catching me relieving myself, and I knew hers was a ploy to confront me. Why else would she come “and see if I was OK” having never previously even spoken to me? I was just her nerdy kid brother’s best friend! Getting a hold of myself, I tried a touch of self-assurance. Surely she wouldn’t be angry with me? Maybe she’d just laugh it off as one of those things. Considering my panic, I could put up with the odd joke here and there as long as she didn’t embarrass me by telling Dave. I could live with that!

I shut the door of the bathroom and took a deep breath, running my hands through my hair. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and sighed, waiting for the inevitable. Ever the one to oblige, the door slowly opened and her head peered around the doorframe. I looked up at her, expressionless, and she stepped inside the small room, turning to shut the door.

She remained by the door, her hands behind her back and smirked. Standing there, in her tiny skirt, her leg warmers pulled up to her knees and her wavy blonde hair reaching over her considerable breasts, I had to admit I felt nothing but frustrated by the sexual radiance emanating from her, almost taunting my senses. Even at this point all I could think about was what a fox she was.

And then she just came out with it.

“Did you see me fucking myself the other day?”

I froze. Her words were cold, and she appeared anything but impressed. Still, I played along. “No,” I managed unconvincingly.

“Then why were you jerking off in this bathroom?”

She’d obviously planned this moment, something I wish I had done bearing in mind how long I had spent thinking about it. I didn’t know to say. I was going to say I hadn’t been masturbating, that I had simply had an uncontrollable erection at the time. Luckily I realised that would just be stupid and she would laugh even more. She was being extremely forward in her interrogation, enjoying putting me through this torment – enjoying her position of power. I remained silent and just looked down.

She turned around, at which point I thought she was going to leave, but to my surprise she locked the door, and turned around to face me again.

“Look,” she started, “I’m not going to tell Dave. The truth is, I always thought you were a bit of a dork, but I liked the look of what I saw the other night.” She smirked. “I bet you did too, right?”

I looked up to see her grinning. Where on earth had this sudden warmth come from? And did she just say she liked the look of what she saw?!? The momentary doubt didn’t stop my cock from stirring. My heart started to beat a bit faster. Then, she started to walk towards me and my mind started spinning.

“You know, I haven’t been fucked for weeks. I bet you’d like to fuck me wouldn’t you… is that what were you thinking about?” As she said this, quietly and seductively, biting her lower lip, she took my hand and placed it on her arse. Her skirt was hitched so high that I could feel the bare flesh of her smooth arse cheek.

She was looking down at me with a suggestive look on her face. I didn’t need a second invitation.

Instinct overtook me and I suddenly forgot about everything that had happened. I stood up, putting both my arms around her, and squeezing her tight round arse. I was easily a foot taller than her, her petite body clenching up against my body.

I had slept with two girls previously, but neither of them had been anywhere near as erotic or charged as this. Here I had in my arms an instrument of pure sexual pleasure… like a toy whom you could fuck anywhere and anytime you wanted. She was pure sexual desire. She had become my ultimate fantasy of a cheap slut who would let you take her regardless of who you were, because you provided a sexual release for her. To her, I was just another fuck. To me, she was everything I’d dreamed about during my adolescent years.

My cock was solid now, and she could feel it as she rubbed her body against me, turning me on immensely. She giggled as she teased me, stroking it with her hand before sliding down my zipper and wrapping her fingers around the shape of it, still inside my boxers. She pulled it out and slipped back the foreskin in an excited way that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I realised that there was no way I was going to last two minutes with this chick!

She tugged on my knob a few times, as I began to undo the buttons on her blouse, caressing those spectacular breasts that I had dreamed about for so long. I buried my head into them, undoing the strap on the back as the black lingerie peeled away, exposing two of the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. I wondered what it would feel like to slide my cock in and out of them, to have her kissing the tip while the warmth of her flesh bought me to orgasm.

“You have amazing tits” I managed as I began slowly sucking her nipples. Of course, she had been here before many times, and she made a point of flicking her hair back exotically, still slowly tugging my cock back and forth. She made soft moaning noises, our breathing both getting quicker as she spoke. “You’re going to have to be quick OK, or they’ll get suspicious.”

I groaned, and she smiled. “Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance soon. Especially if I like what I see…” She smiled devilishly, and I moved my right hand over her soft flat stomach, down towards her pussy. “Mmm…” she responded to the anticipation of being touched.

I rubbed my hand gently over the front of her delicate lips. It was warm and moist between her legs, and as I caressed the top of her thighs, she moved closer to me and her breathing began to get heavier.

Taking the hint, I slipped my palm inside her thong, a skimpy little pink affair, and I began softly stroking her clit, which, as I had hoped, was pierced. As I moved my hand back and forth, I could feel her beginning to become accustomed to me and she closed her eyes. The ring was clearly providing an extra amount of pleasure for her, and I realised I was building her up, to which I responded. As I did so, she looked me directly in the eye, biting her lip as if to coax me into plunging my finger into her cunt. She was shaven, and she was beginning to get quite wet, despite the fact that she was expectedly wide, and as I felt her warm juices beginning to run over my fingers, I quickly slipped two into her pussy. She re-closed her eyes and gasped excitedly, tightening her grip around my shoulders, her fingers squeezing my shoulder blades. I pulled my two fingers in and out a few times, when she opened her eyes and said with a noticeable amount of reluctance: “Sorry…You’re gonna have to fuck me now if you want me…”

I badly wanted to eat her out, to bring her to orgasm with my tongue and have her moan in the same way as the night I caught her masturbating, to taste her pleasure and satisfy all her desires… but with a sigh I resigned myself to the fact I would have to wait for that chance.

I pulled out my wet fingers, and beckoned me to the toilet seat as she pulled down her panties and kicked them away. As I sat down I realised we were both still wearing all our clothes, save for her bra, but as she leaned over me, her legs either side of my body, ready to sit down on my pecker, I had nothing but those famous tits in my face. She took her time, allowing me to enjoy the view, carefully guiding herself onto my cock, which quivered in anticipation of filling her wet pussy. As she lowered herself down slowly, she let out a moan as first the tip and then gradually the body of my rock hard knob easily slid into her hole, her moistness helping to fit my whole cock in straight away. It felt amazing, the raw pleasure of filling her up, without a rubber to mask the feeling. As she moved around a little, getting comfy, she looked up at the ceiling and took in a sharp breath of satisfaction. Impressed by her appetite, I held her towards me, at which point she looked down and a smile formed on her pretty little face.

“Right then!”

With that she immediately began to bounce up and down on my stiff member, slowly at first, and then quickening her pace. Her pussy wasn’t the tightest, but her tits bouncing up and down in my face, her ecstasy as she went wild on top of me, was incredible. I squeezed her arse as tightly as possible, motioning upwards in the same rhythmic manner.

As I squeezed she started talking dirty to me.

“You like fucking me don’t you! Feels good don’t it!”

I cleared my throat. “You wouldn’t believe…”

Suddenly, without warning, she leaned forward towards me and shoved her tongue down my throat, wrapping her arms around the back of my neck. Her tongue was uncontrollable and a little all over the place, but the passion in her kiss was remarkable. With my eyes closed, I felt more relaxed, as if all I had to concentrate on was returning her kiss, which I did duly. Her hair tickled my face, but I didn’t mind… at that moment I felt simply fantastic.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Her whole family was just down the stairs… I had come in this room to get away from the fact that I’d never be able to have her and now here I was fulfilling my sexual fantasy… in more ways than one. As I sat there on the toilet, letting this dirty little slut have her way with me, I couldn’t help but smile. I though of her words… “you’ll get another chance”… I was certainly going to take it. I wanted her to take me into her mouth, let me spray my juice all over those round titties. I wanted to taste her pussy, let me make her squirm as I gave her as much pleasure as I could before turning her over and taking her up the ass. Surely she took it up the ass… I wanted to know what it felt like.

She drew away from the kiss, but her animal-like attitude didn’t let up. “Yeah! Yeah that’s it, fuck me! Fuckin’ feels good!” I let my head fall back against the wall, content to let her ride me and fill my head with dirty talk. I groaned as I felt the delight of climax building quickly inside me.

With all these thoughts running through my head, I simply couldn’t hang on any more. The whole situation just simply got the better of me. After about three minutes of this absolutely amazing fuck, I gave up. “Oh shit I’m cumming!” I managed to whisper, to which she replied, gasping, “Fuck it… come inside me.” With any other girl, I would have refused, but caught up in the ecstasy of the moment, I shot off the biggest load of cum I’d ever felt deep inside her, as she groaned, whispering “all of it… I want it all inside me!” It was all I could do to keep myself from shouting in ecstasy. The horny slut kept on riding me until the last of my jizz had gone deep inside her. She leaned back, her arms around my head, with a satisfied smile on her face – nothing compared to the satisfaction on mine.

We sat there gasping for a moment, trying to get our breath back. She got off me, my little man still standing proud, and adjusted her skirt that she hadn’t taken off in the frenzy of our passion. “Oh god,” she began, “I needed to get fucked like that.” I stayed where I was, breathless and in the middle of thanking God for what had just happened to me. Slowly, I began to regain my senses, and sat up.

“Next time, I wanna make you cum” I panted. “I want to blow your mind, fuck you in every hole you’ve got.” She giggled again, that magnetic giggle that suggested pure lust. “Easy tiger. Give me your number and we’ll sort something out.”

As I was wiping my cock off, I told her that she could not tell Dave; that I still valued his friendship. She laughed, and said she had no reason to spoil our little ‘planned get-togethers’. She even gave me one last kiss on my cheek (probably her trademark I gathered) and then opened the door, beckoning for me to follow. Our session was over, like that. We were returning to normality.

In her kitchen, nobody seemed any the wiser. Her mother smiled at me. “Do you feel better now Shaun?”

I was in no position to answer a question like that after what had just happened to me, so I smiled politely and nodded my head.

“He just needed to get a few things out of his system, that’s all,” smiled Becky, fluttering her eyelashes and retaking her seat.

I sighed to myself and got on with my food…

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