Day Off

Day Off

Masha stood in front of her mirror and pulled her long, blonde hair back into a sleek knot and then applied her favorite red Chanel lipstick. She noticed her white silk blouse had come undone and her large, full breasts were arching to push their way out of their little lace prison and feel the cool spring air tickle their nipples. She couldn't help but reach inside and slide her soft fingers into her bra and squeeze those swollen nipples.

As she did, the top two buttons popped off and rolled onto the floor. "Damn!" she exclaimed as she bent down to pick them up. As she bent over, she slipped on one of the buttons and fell to the floor. This was not going to be a good morning. Now her big boobs had fully escaped her silk top and so in a little fit, she sat on the floor and ripped off her shirt, and yanked the ribbon out of her hair and tried to look down over her swollen mounds to see why cool air was rushing between her thighs. She couldn't see over her tits, and so she used her hand instead to find the small hole in the crotch of her pantyhose she had torn when she fell.

She reluctantly stood up and went to the phone and called her office, "This is Miss Alisova, I won't be in the office until around noon. Please cancel my appointment with Mr. Solomin." She put down the phone and heard a buzzing outside her window. She walked over to the window to see what the noise was. She looked down and saw one of the young men that did lawn maintenance for the condo was right below her window trimming her hedges. Suddenly, as if summoned from above, he pushed back his hat and looked up at her.

There she was in the window; her full cascade of red hair falling over her shoulders, almost grazing her unbelievably hard nipples that topped off the most perfect massive orbs he had ever seen. He shook his head in disbelief. Masha gasped a little and then crossed her arms over her chest, but could not cover that much of her womanliness. She stood frozen like a deer in headlights. When she looked down at the boy, with little black curls coming out of his baseball hat and a wide grin, she suddenly exhaled and laughed.

He hung his head down and looked away, but when he gazed back up, he saw that she had begun to take her pretty, little fingers and tweak those pink nipples. He felt himself growing hard against his dirty jeans. She took her finger to her mouth and began to move it in and out and then took it out and circled her tongue around the red painted tip. Suddenly she disappeared. The boy stood there not sure if he could move if he wanted to. Then she appeared downstairs at the patio doors. She stood in front of the glass doors in her tight black skirt, her nylons, and her high heels with her big boobs pressed against the glass. She motioned for him to come over; he looked over his shoulder, raised his eyebrows, and made his way up the stairs to her door. He stood there waiting. She began to hike her skirt up until he could see the little hole in her nylons. He could see her smooth, plump pussy lips were pushing their way through that hole like they wanted attention

She thrust her pelvis forward and pushed her pussy to the glass and motioned for him to come closer as he did, she stepped back to slide open the glass door, but not the screen. He could smell her perfumed skin as she was about a foot away and as he got closer he saw she was even more beautiful than he imagined. Now she pushed her body into the screen and said very softly, "Mother always told me not to talk to strangers, but she never said anything about this. Place your mouth against my pussy through the screen and see if I can feel how good you are."

He willingly dropped to his knees and placed his mouth against her pretty pink crotch. Her scent was intoxicating: sweet and light. He wanted to plunge his tongue through the screen into her wetness, but she seemed to like her barrier. She said a little louder, "You can come in if you play by my rules." He looked up at her and nodded. She opened the screen and took him by the hand. "Come, let's both play hooky." He lunged forward to touch those irresistible tits, but she caught his wrist and said, "Now, Sweetheart, you be a good boy and you will be richly rewarded. I bet the girls on campus don't have tits like this, now do they?" He sheepishly smiled, "Not any I know." Then she took his head and thrust it into her soft, huge pillows and rubbed her nipples back and forth across his face. "That's it, now take it in your mouth and suck me." He obediently wrapped his mouth around her swollen nipple and did as she wanted. She took his hand and pushed it into the hole in her nylons.

"That's it, yes, oh yes, if you are as good with your cock as you are with your hands and tongue, I don't think I will be able to handle it."

He reached down and unzipped his pants and then leaned forward and yanked her pantyhose to the floor and pressed her back onto the kitchen table. She hopped up and spread her legs resting one foot on two different chairs. When she saw how thick and big his cock was she purred, "Oh, well I guess I'll let you take over the job. Looks like your not a little boy after all." He took his big cock and rubbed it on her fat pussy and slid his finger around and around her anus. She leaned forward and played with her big boobs and begged him to give it to her: "Come on now, be fair, I really need that dick of yours now!" She reached down and began to rub her own clit and pushed herself towards him to try to capture him, but he pulled back again, and then when he saw the look in her eye, he plunged forward into her and she let out the most amazing scream, "Oh God, you are huge! Oh my God, please please fuck me."

He pumped into her watching the jiggling of her boobs as they were bouncing up and down and he could feel her tightening around his cock and begin to shake. Her thrusting sped up, and she began to buck and called out, "Oh baby you are so good, so good, give it to me like that." And as her breath grew shallow and she gasped out, "Fuck me baby." And exploded in a wild orgasm, he pulled out of her and let his cum cover her belly. With that, the two straightened up and parted ways, ad for he rest o the day had an excellent day at work.

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