Denise and Eddie

Denise and Eddie

I had arranged to meet up with Denise. She’d just finished moving flat, and we were going out to celebrate. Her boyfriend Eddie came along; they been going out for a couple of months only and though I had met him, I didn’t know him. Denise and I have a kind of off and on thing going on; you wouldn’t exactly call us lovers, but we do make love quite frequently, though there was an understanding that our relationship was not about exclusivity. Both of us saw other women (and men, since we’re both bisexual rather than lesbian). Eddie, apparently, didn’t know about us, and in fact didn’t know about Denise’s bisexuality, and she had suggested that we perhaps try something on that weekend. Eddie was certainly a good-looking guy and I was quite happy to get a threesome on with him and Denise.

We went out for a meal and then on to a pub, where we had way too much to drink. We also smoked a couple of spliffs (it was that kind of pub!) and played a bit of pool, which allowed Denise and I a good opportunity to show off our legs and cleavage. Eddie, as well as a few other guys in the bar, was definitely interested in my body – at least in looking at it!

By the time we got back to Denise’s flat, we were pretty high. Eddie got a mattress ready for me in their bedroom and went to bed. Denise went through to try to get him warmed up, but she soon came back through to the lounge saying that he wasn’t “up” for anything that night. We were both feeling pretty sexy, so we took off our clothes and fooled around a bit on the sofa. Denise ate me out, and then I returned the favour. I remember wondering, as my tongue was deep inside her pussy, and she was moaning away, just about to come, what Eddie would say if he walked in on us! Soon enough we’d both come twice, once each to tongue and once to fingers, and we went through to the bedroom and fell asleep ourselves. The next morning I woke to Eddie getting up and walking naked through to the bathroom, where I heard him switch on the shower. He took a while, but when he came back he was still naked and I got a really good look at his body. His cock was swollen and red, as if he’d been wanking in the shower; and his pubic hair was shaved away to a tiny triangular tuft, just the way I do my own. I’d never seen this on a man, and rather liked it. I was struck by the size of his prick; it wasn’t erect, just swollen; but it was fucking huge! It was certainly going to be quite something when it WAS fully erect, that was for sure! He looked at me, but I wasn’t sure if he’d realised that I was awake. He got into bed with Denise and started playing around with her. I think she was still asleep, but she soon began to moan quietly and thrust her hips gently back towards Eddie who, I could see quite clearly from the way the blanket was moving, had his fingers in Denise’s pussy. It wasn’t long before I could hear the squelching sounds as she moistened up, and soon I could smell her juices flowing. I sat up, leaning on the end of their bed to get a better view of the action. Definitely awake by now, Denise had thrust her hips right back so she was more or less on all fours, asking for Eddie to start shafting her. No slouch, he pushed the bedcovers onto the floor and got into a kneeling position behind Denise. He got a little bottle of oil from the bedside table and, turning to look straight at me, squirted some oil onto his dick and rubbed it in. He’d known I was awake and watching, I could tell. His cock was now completely erect: the shaft was as thick as my wrist and it was at least ten inches long- the guy was hung like a fucking horse, literally!

Eddie spread copious amounts of oil along the full length of his prick; working the foreskin back and forth as he did so, making sure he was well lubricated. Then he positioned his boner between Denise’s cheeks, spread them open as far as he could, giving me a fantastic view, and – to my amazement – began to slide his boner into Denise’s ass! This I couldn’t fucking believe! I knew that Denise did anal, but I could not believe that she was able to take a horse cock like Eddie’s up her shitter!

To my further amazement, it went in relatively easily, though Denise was having to work pretty hard not to cry out. From the look on Denise’s face and the way she was having to bite down on the pillow, I realised that dirty old Eddie was fucking her in the ass for the first time, right in front of me! Before long he was in her to the hilt, working in and out with long slow strokes, and Denise was a lot more comfortable. I was very excited by now, and had begun to play with my clit, slipping a finger in and out just for good measure. I still couldn’t believe, watching Eddie stroking his cock in and out, just how long and fat it was; nor just how stretched Denise’s bung was as he plundered her.

Before very long, Eddie flipped Denise over on her back and, withdrawing from her asshole, straddled her chest. Denise pressed her tits together and Eddie fucked her cleavage. A further surprise was in store when he began to come. I had never seen anything like it, either in real life or in porno films. Eddie had a genuine million-dollar money shot! His jizz was really thick and creamy, and he came in massively strong spurts, covering Denise’s throat, face, chest, and hair. She took several gouts right in her mouth, and still Eddie was good for more. I moved in and took a couple of jets of cream in the face, then took his boner in my mouth and swallowed the last few spurts, savouring the taste of Denise’s asshole mixed with Eddie’s semen.

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