Evening Drive

Evening Drive

It's amazing when I sit back and think about what I done when I was really horny before I got a computer at home. Now it's easy to masturbate and make it interesting. I can have 25 people watching me play with my pussy at one time. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Technology is astounding.

Before I got my trusty computer though, I still had fits of complete, almost out of control lust take over me. I would rape my own ass with a dildo, and watch it in the mirror. Or maybe play with and tease my clit until I pissed all over the floor. Of course I would have a towel down. I would always prepare for my own little romps.

A friend of mine introduced me to a phone "dating" service. You call in, record a greeting, and listen to other people's introductions. Of course it wasn't always so innocent sounding. There was a "fetish" category, and I loved to listen to all the men on there. Begging for a freak to come fuck for the night. It was entertaining, that's for sure. I talked to a few guys on there, but never hooked up with any of them. I guess I was too suspicious at first.

One night, my pussy was burning up. I kept rubbing my clit a few quick turns, and then stopping. I wanted my pussy to be on fire for awhile before I made it cum. I love to tease myself. It was a hot summer night, so I put on a little dress I got from Victoria's Secret. It was nothing fancy, but it was short. I didn't wear any panties, so when I sat in the front seat of my car, the hem was right at the top of my thighs. Two inches more and my pussy would be out for everyone to see. It was exciting. I opened my sunroof, and just started driving. I know where alot of men hang out, so I just started cruising, wanting the attention of all the stares I knew I would get. Everytime an SUV would pull up beside me with a man driving, I would pull my left leg up a little bit, hoping to reveal my tuft of brown hair at the top of my juicy pussy. I didn't have on a bra either, and my cleavage was hanging out, so I'm sure that distracted them. I drove around for a while, but that did get boring, and my pussy was getting wetter by the minute. I was driving and rubbing my clit at the same time. Shoving a couple fingers deep in my cunt to get the thick juice all over them, and pulling them out only to suck it off. It was so erotic to think I was doing that with so many people around me, but they didn't know.

I needed something to shove up my cunt while I was driving. I needed to get fucked so bad. I wanted to fuck my pussy at a stop light for some strange guy I would never see again. I wanted to open my cunt so he could see the juices all over my leather seat. I was almost out of control at this point. I had to do it. I had to fuck my pussy the way I needed it to be fucked. But I wanted an audience. I finally saw a grocery store up ahead, so I pulled into the parking lot, and shut off my car. My breathing was a little shallow. I had to regain my composure before I went inside. I did make sure I was at a store that wasn't in my neighborhood. I didn't want to run into anyone I might know. I was a respectable business woman most of the time. But, at that point in time, I was a slut with a pussy burning with desire.

I finally got out of my car, adjusted my short dress, and walked into the store. I love wearing heels and short dresses. I love to get all the stares from men, young and old. I went to the produce section, and went right to the cucumbers. I had my pick of about 50 different shapes and sizes of pussy pleasers. I picked out a thick, long one that had little bumps all over it. My pussy was burning with desire just thinking about shoving it in my nasty fat hole. I walked toward the check out, and the tops of my thighs were rubbing together. I could feel the pussy juice accumulating more and more. It felt good letting my thighs rub against my shaved pussy lips. The breeze easily wisping across them. The store wasn't busy, and there were three check out lanes. The express didn't have anyone in it, but the other two did. The old lady at the express lane looked at me with disgust because of the skimpy hooker clothing I had on. I didn't care. I just smiled to myself, knowing I looked like a slut meant I had dressed appropriately for this outing. I chose to go in the end lane. There was a young man there, probably 18 or 19. I saw him looking at me when I first came in the store. "Horny little bastard", I thought to myself, and waited patiently for him to check out the older gentleman in front of me. I was looking at magazines on the the bottom shelf, bending over slightly, hoping to give them a peek at my juicy pussy. The older man wasn't paying attention, but the cashier was. I could see him starting to speed up, trying to hurry up and check out the man. I stood up, turned to him and smiled. I knew he wanted to see my pussy, and that satisfied me. I knew I had to tease him. The older man was done, and now it was my turn. I gently laid the cucumber on the belt, and looked into the young man's eyes. I glanced down at his name tag, and back up to hold his gaze. "Well, Mark, is it?" I leaned over and pressed my tits together so my cleavage would practically pop out of my dress. "How's it going today? Are you hard at work?" I just smiled. I wanted to talk nasty to him. Like I was trying to take advantage of a little school boy. Mark nervously grabbed the cucumber, and weighed it. "This is a pretty big cucumber! You're going to eat the entire thing?" he asked. A sly grin on his face. I was almost embarassed at first, then I felt my pussy spasm. He knew what I was going to do with it, so I played along with him for a little bit. "Yes, I'm going to use the whole thing. That's for sure. The entire cucumber will be used today, that's for sure". I smiled and penetrated him with my pretty hazel eyes. There was nobody behind me in line, so I reached down and gave my pussy a quick stroke to get some of the juice on my fingers. I lifted them back up, and I thought Mark was going to fall over. I put my fingers on my lips, and rubbed my own pussy juices all over my lips. Almost like a personal lip gloss. I could see his young dick hard in his pants. I paid for the cucumber, and told Mark if he was getting off work now, he'd be getting off again in 10 minutes. He didn't know what to say. I just walked out of the store with my big cucumber I was going to use to fuck my pussy silly that day.

I got back into the drivers seat, and pulled back out onto the main road. I wanted to take my time, so once again, I just started rubbing my clit as I was driving. I was getting into it at one stop light, and I noticed an older man, probably in his late 50's watching me with a perverted smile on his face. I just smiled and kept rubbing, throwing my head back slightly just to give him a little more of a show. He drove beside me for about a block, and yelled something out about following him to his place. I just kept driving. I didn't want to do that at this point. It was getting dark at this point. I was getting brave now, pulling one of my titties out at a stop light, just hoping a car would pull up beside me. There wasn't much traffic at this point. I didn't want to draw a whole bunch of attention to myself. I had an idea. There was a truck stop about 25 miles away, and it was always packed with people coming in off the interstate. I started driving, and before I knew it, I had my fingers in my pussy, trying to shove my whole fist up there. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the cucumber, and adjusted myself on the seat so I could slide it in my wet, fat, pussy. "ohhhhh yyyeeessssss!!" I said. I started talking as if someone else was using it on me. "Yeah, fuck my pussy you little bitch! Fuck my fat juicy pussy with that big cucumber! Use it! Rape my pussy you bitch! Take it" I was fucking it hard and fast. I'm amazed I still had the capacity to drive. I was there before I knew it. I pulled into the parking lot, and sure enough, there were the big trucks lined up, one after another. There had to be at least 75 to 100 trucks out there. I still had my sunroof open, and I cruised slowly through the big parking lot, passing truck after truck. I saw a driver standing on the side of his truck taking a piss. He just looked at me as if it was no big deal. I just smiled at him, and kept driving, all the while, I was slowly letting the cucumber slide in and out my pussy. I noticed a group of men ahead and knew this was it. I reached up, and pulled my tits even further out of the top of my dress, so basically the nipples were the only things not showing. I raised my left leg, and pulled my dress up so my entire pussy was showing, and took the cucumber in my left hand, and started fucking myself. I slowly approached the men, and I could tell they were smoking weed. They tried to hide it at first, because they didn't know who I was. I pulled up beside them, and immediately they saw my tits. One guy walked over to the side of the car, and leaned down. "Baby, as good as your pussy looks, you shouldn't have to make it cum. It would be my pleaure to lick and suck on your pussy until I have the privaledge of drinking your juices." By this time, all 5 of them were gathered around my car. Looking in the windows and through the sun roof. I just smiled at him and said, "I was hoping to put on a little show for you boys. How would you all like to watch me fuck my pussy, and jack off while I'm doing it. You can even shoot your nut all over my face. I would prefer that." Of course they all agreed, and I heard them talking amongst themselves about how this just couldn't be happening. There was a big space between two of the trucks across from there, so I pulled in, and parked my car. I laid my seat back and propped my long legs up on the dash. My pussy was wide open, and I could see the juice glistening all over, including the tops of my thighs. I pulled my tits out of the top of my dress, and started squeezing my nipples. I pulled one of them into my mouth, and sucked on it. I could hear zippers being undone outside of my car. I looked up, and there were men all around just watching me, stroking their cocks. It was so perverted, but it was so erotic. I got the cucumber and licked my pussy juice off of it. I felt a sudden squirt of hot cum on the back of my head. Somebody had just jacked off on me. A complete stranger, someone I will never see again, and I don't even know his name. "Oh yes! Make those dicks cum all over me. Use me as your little white slut cum bag!" I shoved the cucumber in my pussy, and let it sink to the bottom. A loud moan escaped my throat. I heard more zippers. More people were coming to watch. I slammed the cucumber furiously in and out of my hot snatch. I felt more cum; on my thighs; on my tits; on my face; in my hair. I just kept my eyes closed and let the moment take shape. I suddenly felt fingers rubbing on my hard clit. "Ohhhhhh! Mmmmm yesss!" It felt so good. I could feel him rubbing faster. I felt more hands on my tits. I moaned again. "Oh my god! That feels so good! Squeeze my tits and rub my pussy you nasty fucks! Let me get out of the car and get on the hood! I need someone to suck my pussy until I cum!" With that, I got out of the car, and climbed up on the hood. I got on my hands and knees at first to give them a good look at my fat pussy lips from the back. My pussy was practically drooling at this point. I turned around and sat down with my legs propped on the bumper. I pulled my dress up and exposed my glistening snatch. "Who wants to suck my pussy? Who wants me to cum on their face?" By this time, I was looking at about 30 men, and practically all of them were more than willing to oblige. I looked around the crowd, and saw a short older man, probably in his late forties, standing to the side. He had his dick in his hand, stroking it as I was talking, looking at my pussy as if it was a steak, and he hadn't eaten in weeks. I said, "you, in the blue shirt and grey hat. Come here." His eyes lit up, and he walked toward me. I spread my thighs a little further apart, and asked him, "do you want to taste my sweet pussy?" He nodded his head with his eyes transfixed on my cunt. "Then you can taste it first. I want you to put your lips around my clit, and then suck gently on it. Not too rough, make it last." He nodded and quickly got into position as I laid back on the car. He put his hands under my ass cheeks, and let his mouth rub over my wet, swollen pussy lips. "Oh yesss! Please lick it! Let me feel your tongue!" He ran his tongue around the outside of my pussy lips, teasing me, making my pussy cream even more. I could hear all the other men stoking their cocks and moaning. I was writhing with pleasure, squeezing my tits, and pinching my nipples. Humping this strange mans face. He finally plunged his tongue deep in my hole, and started sucking my pussy juice out. "AAaaaahhhhhhh!! Yessss!! Suck my cunt you fuck! Suck my pussy juice! Oh yes daddy!!" I felt cum hitting my tits. A man had climbed up on the car so he could cum all over me. I didn't even think about it, but I grabbed his dick and started sucking on it, trying to drain his balls. "Oh yeah bitch! Suck this cock off you slut!" He moaned again, and the last of his nut shot off in my mouth. I tilted my head up, spit it on my tits, and rubbed it all over. My pussy man was sucking my pussy good. I picked the right one, that's for sure. He started sucking on my clit, and then licking it at the same time. "Oh yes daddy! Taste my little pussy!" With that, he shoved two of his fat, thick fingers in my pussy and started fucking me. "Oh yeah! Oh god! Yes!" I started thrusting my hips up to his face and onto his hand. I felt another finger go in. More cum shooting on my face. He was fucking me like a mad man, and I loved every minute of it. At that moment, my whole body was over taken with pure ecstasy. I could hear my pussy gripping and sucking at his fingers, and that made him suck and lick even more. My pussy was finally cumming after getting teased for almost 6 hours. One after another, they all stepped up and shot their cum all over me as I was in the throws of my orgasm. Rubbing their dicks all over my face, letting their nut drip down into my hair. My pussy man was still on my pussy, but he was now just licking softly, with his fingers just sitting in my pussy. Finally, he pulled his mouth away, and pulled his fingers out. He grabbed his cock, and a couple strokes later, he was cumming all over the front of my pussy. Huge globs of white, thick cum splattering all over my already dripping pussy. I fell back onto the car, and caught my breath. I got off the car, and stood up. "OK guys, that's pretty much it. Thanks for the great time." I got in my car, pulled my cum filled hair back and put it in a pony tail, and started the car. I looked at all the men standing around. Some of them just started walking back to their trucks, but others were still there putting their dicks back in their pants, and watching me. Hoping I would change my mind about leaving. I just smiled at them, put my car in reverse, and headed back out to the highway. I couldn't help smiling to myself as I drove home. I love playing with my pussy for people.

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