Experimentation: Vol.2 4CCG

Experimentation: Vol.2 4CCG

Volume 2: Experimentation

Chapter 6: Plans
The Next Weekend…

The sun rose over the Saturday morning, casting that familiar yellow glow in the bedroom. Alex woke up, her head a bit cloudy from the drinking last night. “Hey Cynthia, you awake?” She asked from the top bunk.
Cynthia had been laying on the bottom bunk, awake for a while, “Yeah, I am,” she smiled. Cynthia had a wonderful dream about all 4 of them again. But she tried to push it aside.
“How long you going to wait to call him?” Alex asked, still laying on her back.
Cynthia smiled, “I will later. Maybe after dinner,” Cynthia smiled, looking up at the bunk above her.
“You’re gonna call him today?” Alex asked, casting doubt on Cynthia’s plan.
“Well, yeah…” Cynthia responded, closing her eyes.
“You’re supposed to wait eight days,” Alex said matter-of-factly.
“What!?!” Cynthia asked, leaning over to look up at Alex.
“Yeah, eight days, any less and you seem desperate, any more and you aren’t interested,” Alex said, rolling over to look down at Cynthia.
Cynthia looked up at Alex, “You just made that up didn’t you?” Cynthia said to Alex. Cynthia got out of her bunk, naked. She walked over to her dresser, opening up her underwear drawer. “I’m calling today,” Cynthia reiterated.
“Eight days…” Alex trailed off from the top bunk, seeing Cynthia put on her panties. “What’s his name again?”
“It’s Josh,” Cynthia said, looking at Alex, smiling. She then found a bra, and strapped it on, “I think there is some chemistry between us.”
“Right…Chemistry,” Alex said, putting air quotes around chemistry. “I think you just want to fuck a guy to prove something,” Alex said, laying back down on the top bunk, staring at the ceiling.
Cynthia blushed a bit, “That is such a lie!” she said, angrily, “I really like this guy…I have seen him in the halls before.”
“Okay…don’t throw a fit. Go shower, I want to get in when you’re done.” Alex said to Cynthia.
Cynthia was about to say, “Come join me,” but she hesitated, “Ok,” she said, leaving the room. Cynthia went to the bathroom, but the door was closed. Julie was in there. Cynthia knocked on the door, “I need a shower!”
“Uhh…” Julie started to respond, “Ten…fif…twenty five minutes…tops,” she said.
“What are you doing in there?!” Cynthia asked, annoyed.
“I think you know the answer to that!” Taylor yelled from inside the bathroom.
Cynthia sighed, and then walked away, sitting on the couch in the living room. She grabbed the remote, turning the TV on. She flipped through the channels.
Alex walked into the living room, in a black bra and panties, “Hey, occupied?” Alex asked Cynthia, sitting next to her on the couch.
Cynthia sighed, “Just listen,” moans from Julie and Taylor could be heard from the bathroom.
“Oh!” Alex said, realizing quickly what was going on. They sat there, staring at the TV for a moment. “You want to take a peek?” Alex asked Cynthia excitedly.
“Come on Alex, you know I’m not gay!” she said, looking at her. She then looked at the bathroom door.
“Oh come on…just imagine both of their sets of huge breasts, all wet and soapy, rubbing together…” Alex said, trying to convince Cynthia. “And all those juices flowing, orgasmic ecstasy…” She trailed off.
Cynthia started to get a little wet. She thought about it, then said again, “No thanks…”
“Let’s go,” Alex said, grabbing Cynthia’s hand and jumping up from the couch. Cynthia let Alex lead her to the bathroom door.
“Just a quick peek,” Cynthia said. Alex slowly turned the knob, opening the door into the steamy bathroom.
Inside, Julie sat on the toilet, with the lid closed, as Taylor was between her legs. Taylor was licking her pussy hard, as Julie had her hands on the back of Taylor’s head, pushing her in farther, “Yes Taylor Yes!” Julie moaned out.
Alex and Cynthia looked on as Julie came, arching her back, pushing her head back against the wall. Taylor’s mouth stayed buried in her shaved pussy. Alex slowly closed the bathroom door. “That looked fun,” Alex said happily, smiling at Cynthia.
Cynthia walked away, sitting back on the couch. Alex watched her leave, and then went over by her, “I don’t get you Cynthia. Just admit you are at least Bi…”
“Yeah, so its enjoyable…but I want to be with men. And I want to date men, and marry a man…” Cynthia said.
“Well, I wanna marry a man too…but that doesn’t mean you cant fuck a girl occasionally…” Alex said. “You know what, I’m not going to wait,” Alex said, grabbing the towel she had brought from the room, and walking back toward the bathroom.
Cynthia watched her leave, and then sighed to herself. She walked back into her and Alex’s bedroom.

Alex opened the door, as though no one was inside, closing it behind her. Taylor was sitting on the edge of the counter, next to the sink, completely naked, with Julie kneeling between her legs. Julie’s brown hair covered Taylor’s crotch, but the moans told the story well enough. “Hey,” Alex said simply, tossing her towel on the counter next to Taylor. Alex walked past them, leaning in the shower to turn the water on. Alex leaned back out of the shower, quickly un-clasping her bra and dropping her panties.
Alex looked back at Julie pleasing Taylor, the pair seemed not to care or even notice Alex. “I’ll be real quick,” Alex said, stepping into the hot stream of water, closing the shower curtain. Alex’s dark Hispanic skin was quickly covered in soap, as she rubbed herself clean. Taylor’s noises peaked, telling Alex that Taylor had just cum. Alex, peeked out the side of the shower curtain. Julie was sitting on her knees, relaxed after her session of giving Taylor oral pleasure. Taylor’s trimmed pussy was still shuddering from her orgasm. Alex pressed her hand against her pussy, roughly rubbing herself. “Ohhh,” She moaned loudly and on purpose.
Julie laughed and turned around to look in the shower, knowing Alex was just begging for attention. “You don’t have to tease us, you could just jump in,” Julie said, chuckling.
“But this is more fun…” Alex said, pulling the curtain back, revealing herself, hand still buried in her crotch.
“Alright, I’m coming in,” Julie said, jumping to her feet. Julie, her brown shoulder length hair already dripping from the shower she had taken just earlier with Taylor, stepped into the shower. Julie stepped into Alex, her large breasts pressing against the tops of Alex’s smaller tits. Each girl planted a hand in the other’s pussy. They stared each other down, smiling, and moaning softly.
A minute or so later, Alex was on her back in the shower, Julie laying on top of her, in the classic sixty-nine position. Julie had gotten quite a bit of practice tonguing pussy in the past week, especially on Taylor, while Alex was still new at it. Still, the lapping and tonguing was quite heated, and so were their passions.
Taylor, finally overcoming her series of orgasms, was now watching Alex, her former roommate, and Julie, her roommate/girlfriend, eat each other out. Taylor watched, taking in the wonderful sight, cause after all, in a dorm like this, who needs porn? Julie started cumming, half-grunting into Alex’s engorged clit as she sucked on it. Julie had several orgasms in a row, the norm for her. It took longer for Alex, her orgasms were different. Alex slowly built up, her whole body and psyche showing the effects, to a powerful orgasm. When she came the world around her took notice, the waterworks were quite a sight, and taste for that matter, something Julie would enjoy.
With both girls cumming and now on the downslope of a morning sex session, Taylor had a brilliant idea. Taylor walked over and flushed the toilet, then rushed back to the shower to watch the aftermath. The two girls, barely aware of their surroundings following their orgasmic experiences, panicked, and rushed out of the shower, the two beautiful naked bodies falling over each other. Once out, the three of them laughed hysterically for a good minute, before they all grabbed towels, and headed back to Taylor and Julie’s room.

Once in the bedroom, the three girls dried off. “Cynthia is going to call that guy today,” Alex said.
“She must want to fuck his brains out,” Taylor said simply. They all went about drying off their naked bodies.
“Yeah, she must be desperate for a cock,” Julie said.
“I think she’s just trying to prove to you two that she is straight,” Alex said.
“She’s so stupid…but fun to watch, this ought to be interesting,” Taylor quipped.
“Hey, I got an idea…” Julie said, “When she brings the guy back here, we all just jump him and fuck him senseless.”
“Yeah, beat her at her own game,” Taylor said.
“I don’t know,” Alex said, “We don’t want her to become a super bitch.” Julie and Taylor accepted that, they couldn’t do too much to Cynthia without setting her off.
“But the whole fucking senseless thing I am a fan of,” Alex joked.
“I have another idea,” Julie said, “I want to do a 69, but with three, like a triangle…”
“Like a lesbian love triangle?” Alex asked.
“Yeah,” Julie said, all three girls sitting bare ass naked on the bottom bunk.
“I’m game,” Alex said, “But I don’t think I can handle it right now, how about tonight?”
“Ok,” Julie said. Alex stood up and went to the door.
“I’m going to get dressed, and hopefully seduce my roommate in the process,” Alex said, walking out of the room. She quickly traversed the area between the bedrooms, walking in to her bedroom, still completely naked. Cynthia was laying on her bed, in her underwear, talking on the phone. Alex quietly walked over by her, where she very slowly and sexily put on her panties, bending over and giving Cynthia a good view.
“Yeah…Yeah…That sounds fun…ok…ok…I’ll see you then,” Cynthia said, talking on her cell-phone.
“Was that Josh?” Alex asked, putting on her bra.
“Yeah, he’s coming over tonight,” Cynthia said.
“You going to fuck him?” Alex asked.
“None of your business,” Cynthia said happily.
“I’ll take that as a resounding yes,” Alex said, now with her tight jeans almost all the way on, she slowly zipped up the zipper, looking at Cynthia with that sexy ‘look at me’ look.
“Sounded like you had fun in the shower, I heard a lot of screaming,” Cynthia said.
“Well some of that was because Taylor flushed the toilet,” Alex said, referring to the rush of icy water.
“I…I don’t even want to know,” Cynthia said, not quite understanding what Alex meant. “What are you doing tonight?” Cynthia asked Alex.
“Me Julie and Taylor are going to try out the Lesbian Love Triangle,” Alex said, her back to Cynthia, looking for a shirt in the closet.
“That sounds …fun…” Cynthia trailed off.
“Like a 69…but with three…like a 609 or something like that…” Alex said, walking back towards Cynthia, a white t-shirt on now. “Well, shower’s open now,” Alex said.
“Yeah,” Cynthia said, the duo then walked out of the bedroom. Cynthia going to the bathroom, and Alex going to Taylor and Julie’s bedroom. When she opened the door, Alex saw Julie down on the rug on all fours, her massive tits hanging between her arms, and Taylor behind her. They were doing it doggystyle, which puzzled Alex, until she walked in and saw the double-sided dildo that was inside both women. Taylor was humping Julie roughly, Julie’s ass rebounding and jiggling from every thrust. Both were moaning and breathing loudly. Taylor was herself on her knees, but upright. Alex, quickly pulled her jeans down, and then panties as well.
“Hey,” Taylor said, her tits bouncing as she fucked her girlfriend, her blonde hair swinging with her motion. Alex quickly became naked below the waist, and then threw one leg over Julie, somewhat straddling her, putting her pussy right in front of Taylor’s face. Alex made no demand nor request, merely expected to be eaten out, and she was. Taylor pushed her face into Alex’s unshaved pussy, making out with her other lips, as she continued to fuck Julie and herself with the long thick purple dildo. Taylor savored the taste of Alex’s sweet pussy, wanting her cum badly. Julie came loudly, but was still fucked hard by Taylor, their pussies taking up all of the dildo on the apogee of each of Taylor’s pelvic thrusts. Alex came for the second time in the past few minutes, not as powerful as the shower one, but still enjoyable. Taylor was still working both of them over as she came hard. But by that time, Julie was going again, pushing back at Taylor, so she was still getting fucked as she came, and Alex was working Taylor’s head on herself with her hands. Just then Cynthia opened the door, just a towel wrapped around her athletic body, her blonde hair wet, and her tits trying to bust out of the towel.
“We’re out of shamp…” Cynthia said, trying to say shampoo but stopping when she saw the happening inside, holding an empty bottle of shampoo in her hand. Julie and Taylor looked at Cynthia, like she was a deer in headlights, Alex turned around to see her also. Cynthia just stopped, and turned around as if no one was in there. All three orgasmic girls laughed loudly.
“Okay, I’ve had about enough for the morning,” Alex said, putting her panties and jeans back on. Taylor and Julie sat on the edge of the bottom bunk.
“”I think we’ll go back to sleep for a while,” Taylor said, the purple dildo in her hand. Alex went to the door, and looked back to see Taylor and Julie sucking off each end of the dildo, sucking each other’s juices from the pleasuring device. When Alex left they went back to the naked spooning position they had been from last night till about thirty minutes ago when they took a ‘shower’. The newly made couple/roommates, pulled the covers up over them, as they hugged each other, trying to go back to sleep.

Chapter 7: Splat!
Later That Day…

Cynthia returned to the dorm room with Josh. They had gone out for drinks, and really hit it off. Cynthia was really wanting to fuck him, but she was hesitant to go that far on the first date. However, Cynthia did invite him back to her dorm room, which could lead to something. She opened the door, and they both stepped inside the dark and quiet suite.
“I don’t think any of them are home,” Cynthia said to Josh. “Here, sit,” Cynthia said to Josh, pointing to the couch. She went to check both rooms for any company, and found none. She stopped to turn on a lamp, grab the remote, before sitting next to Josh.
“I had fun tonight,” Josh said, looking over at Cynthia.
“Me too,” She said, turning on the TV and flipping to Conan.
So how do you like your roommates?” Josh asked.
“I don’t know. Sometimes they can be a little pushy, but I think we get along alright,” Cynthia replied.
“Can I ask you a question?” Josh asked.
“yeah,” Cynthia said.
“Do you guys, like, walk around naked, and shower together, is that what a bunch of girls do living together?” Josh asked.
“Why, is that what you fantasize about?” Cynthia asked.
“I was just curious, because it seems like something girls would do,” He said.
“Yeah, girls you see in porn maybe,” Cynthia joked. “Well, yeah sometimes we do stuff like that,” She admitted. “Do you and your roommates do stuff like that?” Cynthia asked joking.
“No,” Josh laughed. They quietly watched TV some more. Cynthia laid her head onto Josh’s shoulder, and he put his arm around her.
“I’m kind of tired,” Cynthia said.
“Do you want me to go?” He asked.
“No,” Cynthia said, yawning. Josh really liked her, and he suspected that she really liked him. He really wanted to make a move of some kind, but was nervous. “Fortune favors the bold,” Josh thought to himself. Cynthia thought to herself that she should show that she likes him, but not make a move herself. She doesn’t want him to think of her as a slut, or that she wants a one-night-stand. Cynthia laid back, her head in his lap, facing up. She looked up at him. “Hi,” She chuckled. Josh leaned down and kissed her lips, and Cynthia immediately felt a rush of blood to her whole body, that euphoric feeling that overwhelms you when you are kissing someone for the first time. She kissed back.
Josh leaned back, looking down at her, as they exchanged smiles. Cynthia reached her hand up, playing with Josh’s short black curly hair. She ran her hand down his chest. Josh simply stared into her brown eyes. “You’re so beautiful,” He said quietly. “But I think I should go…” He said.
“stay,” Cynthia whispered.
“I don’t want to take advantage of you,” He said, staring into her eyes.
“Oh I didn’t drink that much, and who said anything about sex…” She replied. Josh placed his hand on her forehead and ran back through her curly blonde hair. “It’s Saturday, where you have to be tomorrow?” She said.
“Nowhere,” Josh replied.
“Then stay, we can kiss some more, then go sleep in my bed…and I mean sleep,” She joked.
“If you insist,” Josh said, feigning concession. Josh leaned down and slowly kissed Cynthia again, their lips and tongues locking in a loving wet kiss. Just then the front door burst open, three girls walking in loudly.
“Hey!” Taylor said. “Who’s the cock?” She asked, half-drunk. Taylor, Alex, and Julie all came in, half-wasted, and wearing their clubbing “gear”, otherwise known as just enough clothes not to look slutty.
“Hi,” Cynthia responded, not acknowledging the question. Cynthia sat up, next to Josh, they held hands between them. The three girls piled into the love seat beside the couch. “This is Josh, Josh this is Alex, Taylor, and Julie,” She introduced everyone.
“Hi,” Josh said.
“I hope we weren’t interrupting,” Julie said.
“Oh no,” Cynthia said.
“If you want to use the bedroom, I can sleep with Julie and Taylor tonight,” Alex said.
“What do you mean ‘use’ the bedroom?” Cynthia asked innocently.
“She means you two can go fuck in there and she won’t interfere,” Taylor said.
“Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose…” Cynthia said.
“Oh, its alright, the three of us were going to do some ‘experimentation’ anyway,” Alex said sexily.
“Well, in any case, we won’t be having sex tonight,” Cynthia said.
“Speak for yourself,” Taylor said, looking at Josh.
“And none of you will be fucking Josh either,” Cynthia said.
“You’re crushing his dreams already,” Taylor said.
“Well, if he can’t fuck any of us, then he can watch the three of us go at it,” Julie said.
“No thanks,” Josh replied, gripping Cynthia’s hand tighter.
“Suit yourself,” Taylor said, rubbing her hand down Julie’s bare thigh down to her skirt. Julie moaned, allowing Taylor’s hand to rub against her panties. Alex grabbed Julie’s little t-shirt and pulled it off her, and Julie quickly had her bra off, letting her huge D cup breasts hang free, a hand against her pussy. Her large nipples were erect, and she moaned as Alex sucked on her right tit.
Cynthia noticed that Josh was getting an erection, not wanting the girls to seduce him, she said to him “Let’s go.”
“Don’t leave,” Taylor said. Taylor looked and could easily see that Josh was excited. “That looks like a big cock, I just want to taste it, then shove it in my wet pussy and fuck you all night long,” Taylor said in a deep sexy voice, while she felt up Julie.
“Yeah, lets go back to your room, and just cuddle and fall asleep,” Josh whispered into Cynthia’s ear. Cynthia sat watching the three girls for a moment, Josh staring into her eyes.
“I’ve got a better idea,” Cynthia said. Cynthia thought to herself, this guy was just offered a foursome with three hot girls, and instead he wants to cuddle with me, I think he passed whatever test, he should be rewarded. “Okay, Taylor, you really want to taste his cock, come over here and taste it,” Cynthia said loudly.
Taylor glanced back at them. She quickly analyzed the situation. It could be some kind of trap, or maybe Cynthia is just bluffing. “Ok,” Taylor said simply. Taylor stood up and started to walk over to them.
“What?!?” Josh asked Cynthia.
“It’s okay,” Cynthia whispered to him, smiling brightly to him.
Taylor stood in front of them, her blonde hair all done up for the club, and her 5 foot 7 figure looking very good in the tight skirt and shirt. Her 36 c tits were tightly constrained, but showing their size. She stared at Josh, with her piercing blue eyes. Taylor slowly fell to her knees in front of him. She reached forward and undid the button on his jeans. Although Taylor is dating Julie now, she had done her share of cocksucking in high school.
Cynthia on the other hand had never given a blow-job before, but had had sex with her longtime high school boyfriend. Taylor tugged Josh’s loose jeans down to his knees, his boxers coming down also. Cynthia stared down at his crotch, waiting to see his cock. It popped straight into the air when Taylor released it. Cynthia was pleased to see that Josh’s cock was about 7 ½ inches long and fairly thick.
“Ooohh,” Taylor moaned when she saw the cock, slowly reaching for the base of his shaft. She slowly gave him a few strokes, before she kissed the head of his dick. Cynthia looked over and saw that Josh was wide-eyed, hardly believing what he saw, and that Alex and Julie were watching Taylor, each of them with a hand on the other’s pussy. Taylor’s wet lips pressed against his head, as she took more of him inside her mouth, sucking on the tip of Josh’s cock. Taylor pulled off to look up at Josh, getting the shocked face she was hoping for, she giggled. Taylor slowly licked from balls to the top of his cock, “Mmmm, tastes good,” She moaned.
Taylor descended her mouth on him again, taking in at least half of his thick cock. She quickly moved her head up and down, her tongue licking all over him, her hand stroking up and down on the remaining part of his cock. Cynthia looked over at Josh, she put her hands on his cheeks, and he looked at her. “Enjoy it,” Cynthia mouthed to him, smiling. Then Cynthia kissed him, making out passionately while Taylor sucked him off. Josh put his hands around Cynthia, kissing her deeply.
Taylor just kept on blowing him, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth and even some into her throat. She massaged his balls with her other hand. Cynthia put her hand on Taylor’s head, pretending she was Josh, and pushed Taylor to go faster and faster. Taylor looked up again, seeing Cynthia and Josh making out, not the result she was hoping for. Taylor turned back to see Julie and Alex fingering each other. “Hey, save it for the triangle,” Taylor said to them, before she resumed sucking Josh’s cock.
Cynthia tugged Josh’s shirt up and off. She put her hands on his chest, feeling him as they started kissing again. Cynthia broke the kiss, to whisper in his ear “Blast it down her throat, don’t warn her.” She giggled and resumed making out with him. Taylor was still sucking and sucking on him. Josh got to the point of no return, and as instructed, did not warn Taylor of his impending orgasm. He came, hurtling semen into Taylor’s unsuspecting throat. She choked a little as she pulled back, but keeping the head in her mouth. She sucked on him until he had deposited his entire load in her mouth. Taylor, load in mouth, stood up in front of them. She looked at Cynthia then quickly spit the entire load of jizz onto Cynthia, the gooey substance landing on her shirt near her breasts, and dripping down to her skirt. Alex and Julie started laughing hysterically. Taylor blew a kiss to Josh then walked over to Alex and Julie, tugging them with her to the bedroom.
“That was interesting,” Josh said to Cynthia, who was still stunned.
“That’s not how I thought it would end,” Cynthia said, scraping some cum off her shirt with her finger, then tasting it. “I thought about giving you a blowjob at the end of the date…but now…” Cynthia said.
“Now what?” Josh asked.
“Now I have to at least show up my roommates…” Cynthia said, grabbing Josh’s slippery and half-erect cock, giving it a few quick strokes. “Let’s go to my room,” Cynthia said smiling.

Chapter 8: Come Together
A few minutes later…

“Your roommates seem nice,” Josh said, smiling to Cynthia, as they sat on her bed. Josh’s pants had been around his ankles since Taylor started to blow him in the living room, and he got rid of those on the walk into the bedroom. He was naked except for his socks, which he took off when they sat on the edge of Cynthia’s bed.
“Yeah, you must think they’re real fun!” Cynthia laughed.
“I thought you were just yanking my chain when you said you guys did ‘stuff’ together,” Josh said.
“No, I was serious. Last weekend they practically raped me!” Cynthia said, smiling brightly.
“That’s hott,” Josh said, not trying to imitate Paris Hilton, after all she didn’t invent the phrase. “What does that mean anyway?” Josh asked.
“They tied me down, and they had their way with me,” Cynthia said.
“Wow,” Josh muttered, his cock twitching to life at the thought. “Where?”
“Right here, in my bed. I woke up with my hands handcuffed to the posts,” Cynthia said simply.
“Isn’t that a little dangerous? Like, did you want them too?” Josh asked.
“Well, they were trying to prove a point, and they were right. At first I resisted, thinking they were joking, but once they got going I was enjoying it…a lot,” Cynthia said.
“I wish three girls would tie me up and rape me!” Josh exclaimed. “So, what do you want to do now?”
“Well, I didn’t want to have sex, it is still our first date…” Cynthia trailed off.
“Yeah, that’s cool. You want to just cuddle or something?” Josh offered. “I can put some clothes back on if you want…” Josh said.
“Why do you give in so easily? Don’t you just want to fuck me?” Cynthia asked.
“Cause I want to make you happy,” Josh said simply. Cynthia blushed.
“You’re too perfect!” Cynthia said. “There has to be some catch, you have to have like ebola or something!” Cynthia joked.
“Not that I know of…” Josh said.
“Ahhh…Fuck it!” Cynthia said, standing up and walking to the dresser.
“What?” Josh asked, puzzled. Cynthia turned around from the dresser with a condom in her hand. She tossed the little plastic package to him. Josh caught it and simply held it. “Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret.”
“Just put it on,” Cynthia smiled, standing a few feet from him. He was naked but she was still clothed, a big jizz stain on the front of her t-shirt.
Josh obeyed, opening the package then pulling the rubber onto his cock. Cynthia stood in front of him. She had blonde shoulder length curly hair. She was about 5 8, two inches shorter than Josh. She had a slim athletic body, with b cup breasts that were nicely formed. Slowly Cynthia turned around, facing away from him. She bent over until she was looking at him through her legs. Her tight red skirt pulled up to reveal her black panties. Slowly she bent back to standing straight up. Cynthia took her jizzed on t-shirt off, tossing it aside, facing away from Josh, her white bra straps naked on her back. She looked at him over her shoulder. She put her hands in the waist band on both hips, and slowly tugged her tight skirt down. When she stood upright again, she flipped her blonde hair, turning to face him again.
“Do you want me?” She asked.
“You know the answer to that,” Josh said quietly, looking into her brown eyes. Cynthia turned around again, undoing her bra in the back, letting it fall to the ground, baring her back to him. She sexily took off her panties, and stood facing away from Josh, completely naked. Josh stood up and walked the few feet to her. He hugged Cynthia from behind, feeling her breasts. Cynthia felt his cock poking against the small of her back, she leaned her head back to kiss him over her shoulder. Cynthia reached her hands back to grab his ass.
“I call top,” Cynthia said, smiling to him. Josh laid down on the bed, and waited for her. Cynthia climbed up on the bed and mounted Josh, she kneeled over him. Her pussy was dripping with anticipation. She looked down at him, seeing the desire in his eyes. She grabbed his 7 inch cock and held it up to the entrance of her love slit. She lowered herself slowly, her pussy taking in his hard cock. Cynthia moaned. Josh grabbed her breasts, massaging them. She lowered herself, laying on top of him. Cynthia started to rock her body up and down, humping Josh’s cock. Her pussy felt very tight, clenching around Josh’s cock. Josh moaned, and Cynthia moved her lips over to his, kissing him as they fucked.
“Ohh baby,” Josh moaned, tightly hugging Cynthia, pressing him against her, he humped back at her, making the sex a little rougher. The pace increased. “Oh yes!” Josh moaned louder.
“Oh give it to me!” Cynthia yelled, breathing heavily. Their bodies were sweating, sliding against each other. Josh put his hands on Cynthia’s tight ass, and helped her hump faster and faster. Cynthia arched her back, almost sitting upright, moaning rhythmically. Her chest was heaving rapidly and her tits were bouncing about. She pushed her hands down on his chest, closing her eyes. “Ohhhh!” Cynthia came loudly, her pussy squeezing Josh’s cock like a vice. Her juices ran all over his crotch, and they could both smell her sex juices. Cynthia collapsed on his chest.
“Oh my god!” She moaned, her eyes still closed. Josh’s cock was throbbing inside her orgasmic pussy. “Hold me…” Cynthia said, feeling dizzy. Josh obeyed, and hugged her lovingly. “I hope that topped Taylor,” Cynthia said.
“Who?” Josh asked. Cynthia laughed.
“Okay…now, I want you to cum on my tits,” Cynthia said, lifting her head up and looking at Josh. Cynthia slowly crawled her way down Josh’s body, keeping her eyes on his. She reached his cock and removed the condom, tossing it aside. Cynthia took half of his 7 inch cock into her mouth and sucked on him. She jerked off the rest of his cock. Her slurping and sucking was enough to get Josh to near orgasm.
“I’m about to cum,” Josh said, staring at Cynthia sucking his dick. Cynthia smiled, his cock lightly gripped by her teeth. She sucked harder and faster. She had her other hand on his balls and felt when he was about to cum. Cynthia lifted her body up, and jerked him off onto her B cup tits, rubbing the head of his cock all over, spreading the gooey cum all over her. Cynthia moaned as Josh came on her.
“That was fun,” Cynthia said, crawling back up on top of Josh. She laid on his chest.
“What’s that?” Josh asked.
“What?” Cynthia asked.
“Listen,” Josh whispered. They could hear moans and screams of the girls on the other side of the dorm.
“Lesbian Triangle,” Cynthia muttered, putting her head comfortably down on Josh’s chest, a wide smile on her face. They both slowly fell asleep naked on her bed.

On the other side of the suite, a few minutes earlier…

Julie, Taylor, and Alex were all naked now. To recap…Julie and Taylor both had big tits, and Alex had the small B cups. Taylor had the blonde hair and was the tallest. Alex was the shortest and had dark skin and a hairy pussy. Taylor’s pussy was trimmed and Julie was shaved.
“So how exactly do we do this?” Alex asked.
“Okay, I’ll lay down first,” Julie said, laying on the carpet in the middle of the room.
“Okay, Taylor, lay down, and lay your head on my thigh,” Julie said, with on leg held in the air, and the other flat against the ground. Taylor laid down, and now had Julie’s shaved wet pussy an inch in front of her face.
“And Alex, you lay your head on her thigh, and I lay mine on yours,” Julie said. Alex laid down, and placed her head on the inside of Taylor’s thigh, her wet pussy in front of her face. Alex had to scoot over a bit, and then Julie laid her head on Alex’s thigh. “And that’s the lesbian triangle,” Julie laughed.
“This ought to be interesting,” Alex muttered. Taylor giggled as Alex’s speaking had tickled her pussy. Taylor tasted Julie’s pussy, lightly lapping at her dripping slit.
“Mmm…” Taylor enjoyed Julie’s wet pussy. All three girls went to work, gently tonguing the pussy that lay before them. The quick tongue flicking and lapping was getting them all very excited. It wasn’t long before fingers were entering into the mix, and the pleasuring increased overall.
“Ohhh, fuckin eat me,” Taylor moaned into Julie’s slit. The aroma of female sex juices filled the air as did the sound of heavy breathing. All three girls had their faces buried inside each other. They all savored the feelings and sensations both of giving and receiving. Taylor was the first to near orgasm. Her pussy seemingly demanded that it be fucked, Taylor ached to be filled. She arched her back, her glistening b ody pressing her pussy into Alex’s face. “Yesss…” Taylor moaned.
Alex tasted Taylor’s cum, lapping it up, and she kept on sucking. Taylor quickly recovered from her first small orgasm, and returned her tongue to Julie’s hot wet pussy. Julie knew that Alex would take some time to cum, as Alex usually has one powerful orgasm, rather than a few weaker ones. Julie took advantage of Alex’s thigh, using it as a pillow as she ate her out leisurely, her pace steadily increasing.
Julie would be the next to cum, spurred on by Taylor’s tongue on her clit. Taylor lapped up her cum and went on sucking. The moaning of Julie quickly subsiding as she resumed her work on Alex. Soon enough, Alex was sucking cum from Taylor once more, her second orgasm hitting her much harder than the first. “FUCK!” Taylor tried to scream but was muffled by Julie’s pussy. Taylor’s body spasmed uncontrollably, as she forced her face against Julie, and continued to moan heavily. Of course, Julie couldn’t withstand such an onslaught of pleasure, driving her to orgasm.
“FUCK ME!” Julie screamed, coming hard, her face buried against Alex’s hairy pussy. Julie came, doing the same to Alex as Taylor had done to her. Alex was thrown over the edge, coming very hard, her pussy spasming and shooting cum into Julie’s screaming mouth. Though all of their mouths were currently being used for screaming or yelling, they each had a finger or two in the pussy in front of them. The three women had become a snowball of pleasure, rolling down the hill or ecstasy at an ever increasing pace. Each girl wanted the ball to keep rolling, and thus tried their hardest to pleasure their partner. They all separately hoped that by pleasuring, the pleasuree would not lose their focus, and thus the pleasure perpetually goes round and round the lesbian triangle. A rather sweaty, juice covered, screaming, moaning, panting, lesbian triangle it had become.
The orgasms piled on. Taylor and Julie would come again, and again, before Alex would have another power-gasm, as they called it. After the second round, the group no longer followed any sort of pattern, nor did any of them really comprehend anything anymore. They were all subject to a seemingly endless string of orgasms that were coming and going, and coming again. Of course the snowball had to break up somewhere, they couldn’t go on forever.
“Oh FUCK!” Taylor said, unable to hold her head up anymore. They all laid back, resting on each other’s thighs. They all panted loudly.
“Well…that was interesting,” Alex muttered between pants.
“Oh my fucking god…” Julie moaned, her hands rubbing her tits.
“I think I came four times…” Alex said.
“I lost count at six…” Taylor said, all of them still panting.
“I don’t think I can count that high…” Julie giggled. They breathed heavily in silence for a little bit.
“You know what’s next?… Lesbian Square,” Taylor giggled.
“Doesn’t have the same ring to it,” Julie laughed.
“I don’t know if it gets any better than that,” Taylor muttered.
“No…it does. I really…really wanted a big cock, just …oh my god, I wanted to be FUCKED, you guys get that too?” Alex asked.
“Yeah, I really wanted to get fucked,” Julie said.
“Where’s Cynthia’s boyfriend?” Taylor asked, and they all laughed. Eventually they would pick themselves off the floor. Taylor and Julie slept together, as they were dating, and Alex go the top bunk to herself. Of course none of them could think of anything other than the triangle that had given them all so much pleasure.
“We need to get laid…” Taylor said matter-of-factly

Chapter 9: Lets get laid
The Next Day…

Julie, Taylor. and Alex collectively decided that the three of them needed some serious deep dicking. They planned to go to their favorite nightclub, and each pick up a guy. It amounts to more of a state of mind and a stated goal than a plan, but it was on all of their minds all day.

“Hey,” Alex said on her cellphone in the dorm.
“Yeah?” Taylor asked, over at a friends during the day.
“I’m going to the store, you want anything,” Alex asked.
“No, I’m good,” Taylor replied.
“I’ll be back soon,” Alex said.
“I’ll see you at about six, then the clubs,” Taylor said.
“Later,” Alex said, picking up her purse. She walked to the door and left, leaving only Cynthia and Josh in the dorm, and they had been in there for a while. Alex walked down the few flights of stairs and out of the dorm, saying hi to a couple of people along the way. She got to her car and drove to the store.
Alex shopped in her grubby Sunday clothes, just sweats and a t-shirt, without the preparation that would go along with the club visit. Alex went into the store, getting a cart from the front and slowly walking the aisles of the supermarket, picking up a few essential items. Alex came to the frozen aisle, rounding the corner pushing her cart. At the far end of the aisle she saw two guys, looking pretty good. This got her attention. Alex didn’t look straight at them, but snuck in glances here and there, and she noticed they were doing the same. The guys slowly walked towards her, as she progressed down the aisle as well. Alex stopped, opened a freezer and looked at some Ice cream, bending over. She timed it perfectly, with the boys just getting to her in their leisurely stroll. She made an effort to stay in this position and make it very obvious.
The guys stopped behind her and just looked. Alex came back up from her bent over position, and turned to face the boys, flipping her dark pony tail over her shoulder. “Hi,” Alex said, smiling.
“Hi,” The taller guy said.
“I’m Eric,” The other guy said. They were both around six feet tall, and Alex was very attracted to both of them.
“Brad,” Brad said to Alex, actually coming off as shy.
“Alex,” Alex said, smirking at them. She went back to pushing her cart, and soon the guys were walking next to her, abandoning their shopping responsibilities.
“So, where do you live?” Eric asked, and Alex told him which dorm hall she lived in.
“You get along with your roommates?” Brad asked.
“Yeah, pretty well,” Alex said, starting to blush, hoping they didn’t see through her on that one. They went on with a quick discussion of majors, or the lack thereof, the dorms, classes, and so on. In the next aisle, the small talk ran out. They walked along silently for a little ways. Alex had started to think about her roommates during the small talk, and especially some of the stuff they had done. She was already a little excited, but the whole idea of getting fucked after last night, was amazing, but her imagination went to a place where both of them were fucking her. Alex did well not to just shove her hand down her pants right there. A few more steps of silence.
“Umm…this might sound a little…forward, but would you guys want to come back to my place?” Alex asked, smiling at them.
“Yeah,” Eric said.
“For…what?” Brad asked, his eyes going a little wide. Alex looked around for any bystanders.
“I need to get laid,” Alex whispered to both of them. She got wide eyed blank responses from them both.
“Oh and don’t worry, there will be other girls there…” Alex said. Now the jaws dropped.
“Yeah, that sounds like fun,” Brad said.
“What’s the catch?” Eric asked, skeptical.
“There’s just one little…tiny catch…you have to have decent sized cocks,” Alex said, stopping the cart, the boys standing on either side of her.
“What…you want us to whip them out right here?” Eric asked.
“Yeah.” Alex said simply.
“Well…he needs a little motivation before he comes out of his shell…if you know what I mean,” Eric replied. Alex smiled, looked down the aisle in both direction, then lifted her shirt up exposing her small pert, and currently aroused, breasts.
“You can touch em,” Alex said, just before two hands grasped her tits. The shirt went back down. “So, just let me see the dicks, and then you can come over and fuck me and my roommates…” Alex said strongly.
The guys, now erect, both checked if the coast was clear and then pulled down their pants, and pulling their dicks out. Alex grabbed one in each hand, giving them both a quick stroke. “Yeah…these will do nicely,” Alex said, gripping Eric’s six inch cock, and Brad’s eight inch cock. A cart came around the corner and the boys hastily put their dicks away before the woman pushing the cart rounded the corner.
“Follow me home,” Alex said, pushing the cart down the aisle, the guys following. Alex pulled her cell from her pocket and quick dialed Taylor.
“Hey, I got two hot guys,” Alex said.
“Really? At the store?” Taylor asked.
“Are you bringing them home?” Taylor asked.
“Yep,” Alex replied.
“Im on my way,” Taylor replied. Alex dialed Julie.
“I got two hot guys, were on our way home,” Alex said quickly.
“I’ll be waiting,” Julie replied. “do they have big dicks?”
“They’ll do just fine,” Alex stated, pushing her cart into the checkout lane.
Alex put her groceries on the belt and then paid the cashier, the boys quickly checking out behind her. She got to her car and loaded the groceries, then she looked for the boys, loading their car. When they were ready they looked over at her, a ways a way in the parking lot, and the looks told the story. Alex drove keeping one eye in the mirror to see if they were still with her. A few minutes later she was at the dorm.
Alex parked, grabbed her groceries, and waited at the front of the dorm for the guys. A minute later, they caught up with her. Eric carried her groceries, and Brad had a bag of his own, as Alex led them up to the room.
Alex turned the knob and pushed the door in. Julie and Taylor were sitting on the couch, looking expectantly at Alex.
“Taylor, Julie, this is Brad and Eric,” Alex introduced. They all exchanged hello’s.
After the groceries were set aside, the five of them all sat down.
“So whats on the agenda for tonight?” Taylor asked devilishly.
“I brought this,” Brad said, grabbing a bottle of tequila from his bag. Suddenly it was a party. They all ventured into the kitchen and started making some strong margaritas. At first the guys were a little shy towards Taylor and Julie, favoring Alex, but once the alcohol was put into play, everyone was friendly.
The small talk went on down with the alcohol, giving way for the direct questions. “So I hear there will be some sex tonight,” Eric said to Taylor, but loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Yeah I heard that rumour too,” Alex said.
“Oh you guys wouldn’t be horny would you?” Taylor asked, grabbing Julie beside her.
“Yeah, we were going to have a little fun,” Julie said, as her and Taylor started rubbing and grinding on each other, “I guess you guys could join if you wanted to.” Taylor and Julie laughed.
“That sounds like fun,” Eric said. Julie and Taylor, hand in hand, walked into the living room and sat on the love seat together. The other three followed and sat on the couch to watch. Julie and Taylor were rapidly topless, each tearing the shirt off the other. Both girls had large d cup breasts, and they were extremely horny tonight. Alex was sitting between Brad and Eric. Julie and Taylor were making out and touching all over each other. They both moaned as their hands wandered. Alex became very aware of the stiff cocks on either side of her.
“What should we do now?” Alex said, slapping her hands down on the thighs on either side of her.
“Let’s fuck,” Brad said evenly, looking at Alex.
“Yeah,” Eric said, staring at Taylor and Julie.
“Sounds good,” Alex said, leaning to her left and into Brad, kissing him. Brad grabbed her, and they made out sloppily. Brad was aggressive with his tongue, pushing into her mouth and all over her face, Alex moaned. Alex pushed her small hand down against Brad’s cock, rubbing it through his jeans. Alex pulled his jeans down enough to get access to his cock. Alex broke the kiss to bend over as she sat, sucking on Brad’s eight inch cock. The thick meat went into her mouth and she tongued all over it, sucking on the tip. Brad’s hand found the back of her head, pushing her faster.
Meanwhile, Eric stood up throwing his pants and boxers to the floor. He walked over to the love seat and stood just next to Taylor and Julie, both deeply engaged in each other. The hands had by now wandered into each other’s panties, both had their pants pushed down enough for access. Julie first noticed Brad’s cock next to her face. “About fucking time,” Julie said, leaning the few inches to get her red wet lips around Eric’s dick. Taylor quickly followed suit, sitting on the edge of the love seat. Taylor kissed and licked the side of Eric’s shaft as Taylor blew the end.
Brad’s cock had Alex’s mouth all over it. Brad sat back and relaxed. Alex was sitting beside him, bent over sucking his dick. He put his hand on the small of her back where her t-shirt was pulled up by her position. He pushed his hand down the back of her sweat pants, and found her red panties. He pushed further down her ass crack. She had a very firm ass. He reached his other hand over and forcefully tugged down her pants and panties, revealing her ass. Alex moved a little bit to help Brad get her pants down far enough. Brad pushed his hand down again, now his fingertips found Alex’s dripping pussy. She continued to suck on his cock, as he started to finger her. His right hand was under Alex, finger in her pussy. He reached his left hand around in front of her, and down to the front of her pussy. His left hand teased her clit, while his right hand pushed inside her, and while Alex sucked him off.
Eric reached a hand out to each girl’s closest tit, both of them were large and excited. After the novelty of the cock beside them wore off, Taylor and Julie went back to fingering each other, but they still took turns sucking on his dick.
“Oh fucking yes,” Eric moaned. “Taylor…christ that’s good,” He moaned again.
“I’m Julie,” Julie said, pulling her mouth from his cock momentarily.
“Whatever, its fucking great,” Eric said.
“I think you’ve had enough of that, we want to fuck you not blow you,” Taylor said.
“Yeah,” Julie said, pulling back. Taylor stood up, pulling Julie with her. They both dropped whatever clothes had remained on their bodies. Julie laid down on the carpet, and quickly Taylor was on top of her in the sixty nine. Taylor was on her knees, lapping at Julie’s sweet pussy.
“Where do I go?” Eric asked.
“Fuck me,” Taylor moaned into Julie’s clit. Julie was lapping up at Taylor’s slit, the warm juices pouring down her tongue. Eric got down on his knees behind Taylor, putting his cock against her slit and Julie’s tongue. Julie licked up the shaft of Eric’s cock then dove back into Taylor’s pussy. Eric thrusted into Taylor, putting his whole cock inside of her. Taylor moaned deeply into Julie’s pussy, thoroughly enjoying the cock filling her up inside. Taylor had a very tight pussy, and the tongue inside of it probably didn’t feel bad to Eric either, as he started to fuck her doggystyle.
Alex and Brad were in a sixty nine on the couch now, all of their clothes having been tossed away at some point or another. Brad was on bottom, reaching up to Alex’s small hairy dripping pussy. His tongue had never tasted a pussy so fucking sweet before. Alex was trying to deepthroat Brad’s cock, but she couldn’t do it. She came up choking a few times, laughed, and went back to work, jamming the cock into her mouth.
Taylor came, her pleasurable noises muffled by Julie’s crotch. Her pussy quivered on Eric’s cock and dumped juices on him and down to Julie as well. Julie pulled Eric’s cock out of Taylor’s pussy, and sucked the juices off of it. She looked up through Taylor’s legs at Eric and said, “Fuck me now.” Eric didn’t need to be told twice, quickly moving around to the other side. Taylor hadn’t stopped eating Julie through her orgasm. Eric grabbed Julie’s legs, holding them upright on either side of Taylor’s head. Eric sat down, just behind Julie’s ass, and pushed his cock down against her lips. Taylor lapped against both cock and pussy. Eric rocked his body against Julie’s jamming his cock inside of her, spreading her lips pleasurably so. Taylor stopped to work solely on the clit, as Eric fucked Julie.
Alex had seen, out of the corner of her eye, the fucking in the middle of the floor. She quickly remembered the REAL reason for this whole party, and she did a 180 on top of Brad. They were now face to face, and cock to pussy. She paused as their eyes met again. “Hi,” Alex said, not having anything to say.
“Hi,” Brad said, smiling. Alex instantly pushed down to kiss Brad, their lips melting together. Brad wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly. Alex sat up after a moment and grabbed his cock, pushing it against her lips. She looked back up at him and started rocking back and forth on top of him. She started slowly at first, since it had been some time since she last fucked a guy. Brad didn’t rush her, and let her work her tiny little pussy against him, stretching the walls of her love canal. Alex moaned, sounding halfway in pain halfway in pleasure. Soon the pleasure took over, occupying sole occupation of her thoughts, and the sex went from cautious to feverish. Brad started to hump against her once he sensed she had reached the extent of her humping ability, and still wanted more. The cock pushed deep inside her but they could not get the whole eight inches inside of her, but neither could care at this point.
“Fuck I’m cumming!” Julie yelled loudly, breaking her mouth from Taylor’s pussy at the last second. Taylor and Eric both already knew that Julie was cumming, Taylor had even tasted it already. Julie tried to keep eating out Taylor but was unable to. Her moans and deep breaths tickled at Taylor. Julie wanted to keep pleasuring Taylor, they were lovers now, and so she pushed two fingers into Taylor, her hands had been holding Taylor’s pussy wide open. Julie two-finger fucked Taylor rapidly as she laid her head back in orgasmic agony. Julie did this for several seconds as her orgasm stopped and started, as she seemingly came five times in rapid succession. The finger combination was doing a number on Taylor’s G-spot, and the way Julie was pushing her hand had the web between her index finger and thumb pressing against Taylor’s clit on every thrust. Pleasuring both of these places at the same time elicits a strong response, which Taylor uncontrollably but happily provided. Taylor screamed out, breaking her mouth away from Julie’s pussy, which Eric was still trying to fuck, but it had contracted strongly around him not really letting him do anything.
Alex was now pinned down by Brad, as he was now on top of her, fucking her into the couch. Alex laid there moaning and breathing heavily, her small tits bouncing with every fucking stroke. Alex was feeling her orgasm coming and coming hard. Brad laid on her, their sweat covered bodies rubbing together as they fucked. Alex’s jaw dropped and she made almost no sound as she came, she practically stopped breathing, her whole body freezing as she had a gigantic orgasm. Her whole body shivered and filled with pleasure, tingly all over. Just after the peak of her uncontrollable pleasure, she composed herself enough to look up at Brad and say, “Fuck me harder Brad.” He didn’t stop, hammering away at her quivering squirting pussy. A minute or so later Alex was on the verge of passing out, her orgasm was that intense.
“I’m gonna fucking blast,” Eric said, yanking his cock out of Julie’s orgasm ravaged pussy. Taylor lunged forward, pushing her mouth on top of his cock, her body still on top of Julie’s. Taylor sucked hard on his cock as he shot his load of sperm into her mouth. Taylor kept the load of white goo in her mouth, and slowly got on top of Julie, face to face. Julie looked up at Taylor, seeing her mouth and knowing what was cuming. Taylor pushed her lips against Julie’s and the jizz came running out, as they started making out, the jizz spread all over their faces as they made out deeply. They had talked about the fantasy of making out with a load of sperm in their mouths just today, while they were anticipating tonight’s activities. Eric sat back, the girls making out with his load in their mouths and on their faces.
“I’m close,” Brad said sitting up, having nothing to do with his cock, Alex being temporarily out of action. Julie and Taylor got on all fours and sexily crawled to the couch where Brad sat, his eight inch cock waited to blast forth, covered in Alex’s sweet juices. Julie got there first, plunging her mouth down around his cock. They quickly took turns sucking him off until he was ready to shoot. They pressed their cheeks together looking up at Brad, as they both jerked him off, their faces anticipating the blast. Brad supplied the giant load, spurting goo on both of their faces. They giggled as he showered them in spunk, before they started to make out again.
Brad laid down next to Alex, facing her. She was nearly out of it, barely able to move. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, hugging together.
Cynthia and Josh walked in the front door, feeling the effects of the alcohol they had consumed earlier, and they saw Julie and Taylor making out on the floor, both of their faces covered in sperm, with some naked guy sitting next to them, and Alex was laying naked on the couch with some other naked guy. “What the hell, I thought you guys were lesbians!” Cynthia said.
“Who said lesbians can’t fuck guys occasionally,” Taylor replied.
“Want to join in?” Julie asked, laying on her back, Taylor on top of her.
“No thanks,” Cynthia said, walking with Josh to her room. Despite her negative view of group sex, or sexual deviance, whatever you want to call it, the sight was still very hot.
Cynthia and Josh were safely in her room, laying on the bed together. “Can you believe them?” Cynthia asked.
“Not really…they are like the girls out of a porno or something,” Josh said.
“Maybe girls really are that horny, I know that made me hot,” Cynthia said.
“It’s just…it seems strange to be that open,” Josh said.
“Do you think we should go out there and join them?” Cynthia asked.
“I don’t know…I mean, I don’t know if our relationship is ready for us to be having sex with other people,” Josh said.
“Yeah, I know what you mean…but damn if that’s not a hot idea,” Cynthia giggled.
“Yeah,” Josh laughed with her. Josh kissed Cynthia deeply, hugging her tight. They kissed for a minute or so, then sat silently looking into each other’s eyes.
“Let’s go,” Cynthia said, standing up and pulling Josh with her.

Chapter 10: Let’s Go

Cynthia and Josh walked into the living room. Alex was up on top of Brad, fucking him again, still on the couch. Julie and Taylor were eating each other out and Eric was sitting next to them watching, and waiting for his cock to come to life.
“So…how’s it going?” Cynthia asked, looking at Alex.
“Uhh…uhh…fucking great…uhh,” Alex said between moans, humping up and down on Brad.
Cynthia stood beside Alex, “Want to lick my pussy?” Alex quickly reached over to Cynthia’s jeans, tugging. Cynthia had to help her, getting rid of all of her clothes. Completely nude, Cynthia stepped back next to Alex, squeezing one of her bouncing tits. Alex wrapped her arms around Cynthia’s waist, anchoring her face to Cynthia’s pussy. Alex’s tongue worked all over and inside of her, and her body was humping up and down the whole time.
“Alright, I’m ready,” Eric said, on the floor next to Julie and Taylor.
“About time,” Taylor said, rolling off of Julie. “Fuck me,” Taylor moaned, spreading her legs. Eric immediately positioned himself on top of her, thrusting his cock inside of her dripping pussy.
Cynthia put her head back, closing her eyes as Alex’s tongue tickled her clit. “Oh Alex,” Cynthia moaned.
“Hey Josh!” Julie said, spreading her legs, laying next to Taylor and Eric fucking.
“Yeah?” Josh asked, turning to see Julie waiting to be fucked. “Umm…hey Cynthia…”
“What?” Cynthia asked, her eyes closed.
“Can I fuck your boyfriend?” Julie asked loudly.
“Ohhh Fuck…mmm…YES!!” Cynthia moaned. Josh wasn’t quite sure if she was talking to him or just excited. Half a second later, Josh was throwing his clothes on the floor. He jumped down on Julie, her huge tits rocking on her chest as his body pressed on hers.
“Oh that’s fucking good,” Julie moaned as Josh’s seven or so inch cock filled up her vagina, gliding in and out of her drenched lips. Josh threw himself against her repeatedly, fucking her hard. Her tits bounced on top of her. She still had cum all over her face, and she occasionally tongued the outside of her lips to taste it.
Taylor came from Eric’s fucking, screeching loudly. She threw her hands out to the side, her right hand landing on Julie’s chest. Taylor grabbed Julie’s large tit, squeezing it hard as she came.
“OW!” Julie said, as Taylor painfully pinched her large tit. Julie returned the favor, pinching Taylor’s large erect nipple hard in her fingers. Taylor was cumming at the time and it felt more pleasurable than anything else. Josh laughed at seeing the little fight, but kept fucking the hell out of Julie’s dripping slit.
“FUCK!!! AHHH,” Alex screamed, arching her back, unable to keep her mouth on Cynthia’s wanting pussy. Alex’s orgasm was extremely powerful, literally rocking her world. Once again she was on the verge of passing out. Seeing that Cynthia was unattended to, Brad sat up, Alex’s numb body strewn across his. Brad assumed Alex’s position, grabbing Cynthia’s ass cheeks, and jamming his tongue in and out of her sweet pussy. Alex took a short break, regaining her composure, she laid across Brad’s lap, sucking his cock. Brad kept on eating Cynthia.
“Oh fuck,” Julie said, moaning. She was about to cum, Josh fucked her harder and harder. Julie came, squirting all over Josh’s cock. Julie laid back breathing heavily after her orgasm. Taylor was next to her, doing the same thing.
“You know what we need?” Taylor asked Julie.
“What?” Julie responded.
“That fucking eight inch cock over there,” Taylor said, pointing to Brad.
“Brad, get over here and fuck us,” Julie yelled. Alex relaxed her liplock from Brad’s cock, allowing him to go fuck Taylor and Julie. Brad got up and stood over the two girls. Cynthia laid down on Alex on the couch, forming a sixty-nine. They both ate each other out intently, but keeping one eye on the floor beside them.
“Who’s first?” Brad asked.
“Me!” Julie said.
“No, me!” Taylor giggled. Taylor got up on all fours, looking over her shoulder at Brad. “You want this don’t you,” Taylor said, slapping her ass.
“We have a winner.” Brad said, getting down to doggystyle fuck Taylor. He pushed his cock between her lips and started to fuck her from behind. Josh and Eric now had nothing to do. Julie, wanting to be position properly, got on all fours right beside Taylor, waiting for a big cock. Eric stepped up to the plate and started to fuck Julie from behind. Josh went over to the couch and sat behind Cynthia. Alex’s tongue was tickling Cynthia’s clit, and Josh pushed his cock inside of Cynthia’s dripping slit. Cynthia nearly came right that second, but held off, getting fucked and licked a little while longer before she came in orgasmic bliss. Her pussy felt like pure desire and pleasure burning into her body. She felt almost like she was floating, cumming very hard. Her pussy squeezed on Josh cock, nearly sending him over the edge. Josh couldn’t hold off long, pulling out and blasting his load on the outside of Cynthia’s pussy, drenching her lips and pouring down on Alex’s mouth and tongue. Alex didn’t hesitate, still eating Cynthia. Josh sat back to watch and recover.
“Fucking, Taylor quit hogging it,” Julie said, wanting the big cock inside her.
Fine,” Taylor moaned, then looked over her shoulder, “Switch.” Brad and Eric switched girls. Brad’s big cock was now inside Julie’s pussy, stretching it further than it had before. The humping had both of their asses recoiling from the blows, flesh on flesh smacking noises filled the room, accompanied by the heavy breathing and moaning of six people.
Julie was ready to burst, orgasm after orgasm ravaging her body. She came with the eight inch cock inside her, and she couldn’t hold herself up on all fours. She fell flat on the floor, Brad still fucking her from behind. “Oh god, Oh god, that’s it, I can’t take any more,” Julie moaned.
Brad got up and maneuvered around to in front of Taylor, who could take more. Eric was fucking her doggystyle and Brad put his eight inch cock in front of her face. Taylor quickly sucked the head into her mouth, tonguing all around. She sucked down on his shaft, getting much of his cock down her mouth. Taylor moaned loudly, a cock in her throat. She kept going, cumming a few times as she sucked and fucked.
Alex and Cynthia reached the end, both coming once more as they ate each other out. They weren’t able to keep on going after their powerful orgasms. They ended up laying on the couch watching Taylor taking a pounding. Josh and Cynthia cuddled on the couch watching the show. Julie was laying next to the show and watching as well.
“Fuck her harder!” Julie encouraged.
“Yeah lets see her wince,” Alex laughed.
“Shove it down her throat,” Julie said to Brad.
“Fuck her in the ass!” Alex giggled. Cynthia laughed out loud.
“Yeah, put it in her ass!” Julie said.
“Should I?” Eric asked, looking to Alex and Cynthia.
“Oh yeah, she want you to, she just doesn’t know it yet!” Cynthia said, laughing, seeing her chance for revenge. Taylor shook her head no, but with an eight inch cock in your throat it’s a little hard.
“What, we cant hear you,” Julie said. Julie jumped up and ran into her room. She returned a moment later with a bottle of lube. “Here,” Julie said, tossing the lube to Eric. Eric pulled out of Taylor’s wet pussy, and drenched his cock in anal lube. He pushed his index finger into her ass, working it in. He poured a bunch of lube on her asshole, then put two fingers inside her. For good measure he poured some more lube on her hole, then he positioned for insertion.
“Here it comes!” Julie said.
“It wont hurt!” Alex said laughing.
“Fuck her ass,” Cynthia said. Eric pushed his lubed up cock against her asshole. It wouldn’t budge, the flesh refusing to spread far enough for the head to enter. Eric grabbed her hips, and pushed harder, but still no insertion. Eric grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as far apart as possible, and then he humped Taylor’s ass. This time his cock pierced her hole, opening up her ass. Taylor moaned and screamed out in pain, but Brad’s cock took all of that noise along its length in her mouth and throat. Taylor didn’t stop sucking him off, so Brad didn’t tell Eric to stop. Eric didn’t observe much caution, really fucking her hard.
“Do you want him to be gentler?” Brad asked, trying to pull his cock from Taylor’s mouth. Taylor grabbed Brad’s ass and kept him from pulling out, sucking him deeper. The other girls laughed.
“She wants it hard and deep!” Julie said, egging on Eric. Eric pounded her ass mercilessly. Taylor’s ass was on fire, getting fucked for the first time.
“Well, I’m coming down your throat,” Brad said to Taylor. She just kept sucking him and he blew a load in her throat. Brad sat back, and Taylor could speak for the first time in a while.
“Fuck me!” Taylor moaned. She was in a lot of pain, but she was the kind of person that would never step back from a challenge. Even though the girls were joking, they had put out the challenge that she couldn’t take it in the ass, so she took it in the ass. The girls challenged that she couldn’t take it hard, so she took it hard. Taylor had to win at everything. “Give me that hard cock,” Taylor moaned.
“I’m gonna cum in your tight fucking ass,” Eric said, ravaging her butt.
“Give me that cum,” Taylor moaned, as Eric moaned deeply, blowing his wad in her ass. “Ohhh, that’s soo good,” Taylor moaned. Her hand was between her legs playing with her clit. When the warm load of spunk poured down her ass she was thrown over the edge. Taylor came. “Fuck…mmm. Give me your fucking sperm,” Taylor moaned.

Later that night…

The guys had all left, and it was just the four girls in the living room. They were all sore from the fucking they had taken. But to say Taylor was soar would be an understatement.
“Fucking shit,” Taylor said as they sat watching TV. “Taking it in the ass fucking hurts,” Taylor said, rubbing her ass. They were all wearing sweats or whatever they had thrown on.
“Well duh!” Cynthia said.
“I didn’t want to show weakness you know,” Taylor said.
“Did it feel good though?” Julie asked her.
“I don’t know, sort of. It turned me on to think about it, and I was playing with myself, but its hard to tell when it hurt that much…I came so…” Taylor said.
“What’d you guys think of Brad?” Alex asked.
“Big cock,” Julie said.
“Glad I didn’t take that in my ass,” Taylor said.
“No I mean, like as a guy,” Alex said.
“What like as a boyfriend?” Cynthia asked.
“Yeah,” Alex said.
“It’s hard to tell, I just had sex with him,” Julie said.
“I think I like him,” Alex said.
“Guys are overrated,” Taylor joked, rubbing her sore ass.
“So Cynthia…” Julie said, “You and Josh had anal sex yet?”
“Ouch! No,” Cynthia responded. “We’ve only been dating for a day!”
“Yeah but he’s a guy, and there are only so many holes he can put it in,” Alex joked.
“Yeah, she just met Eric today and they had anal sex,” Julie joked.
“Can we talk about something else,” Taylor said.
“Hey Cynthia, wake up,” Julie said, poking Cynthia.
“ugh, I’m going to be hungover tomorrow…I don’t have to class do I?” Cynthia asked.
“Yes,” Alex said firmly.
“Thanks mom,” Cynthia said sarcastically.

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