Getting My Way With Debbie Part 2 – Strip Poker

Getting My Way With Debbie Part 2 – Strip Poker

Once again you join me in my local pub. It’s a kind of ritual; you’ll find me in my local every Friday after work without fail. There’s nothing better than having an alcohol fuelled night of fun, especially when that fun was more than pub humour. And the company I kept always helped keep a smile on my face. We had been playing pool most of the night and I was really crashing and burning, I tend to put the cue ball off the table and under the surrounding tables more often than I actually pot a ball with it once I get drinking.

But the real reason I played pool was that we played in teams, one guy with one girl and Debbie had brought along a friend who had stolen my gaze from the minute she walked in to the pub. Her name was Ruth and was 18 years old, about 5ft 6” I suppose, hard to tell when girls wear heels, UK size 10 with some nice curves. Unlike Debbie her tits were all hers and came in a nice C cup of a handful, and her ass looked like a peach in the fitted jeans she’d squeezed herself into that night. I took great time and pleasure in helping her with her cue action and took plenty of time to absorb her petit but gorgeous body.

We were all getting very drunk and quite rowdy. There were about a dozen of us and we had quite a set of lungs on us, exercising them regularly; having gained control of the jukebox earlier on in the night. By 11.30 it was time to leave and time for me to get my mojo into action. I had a free house this weekend and planned to make the most of it. Debbie, Rory and Ruth all lived in a nearby town but to save them a taxi fair I offered to put them up for the night. This wasn’t the real reason I offered but that’s kind of obvious.

We took our time making the short walk to my house due to our inability to walk in a straight line and looking after the ladies myself and Rory had on our arms. Debbie on his, Ruth on mine. We got in flicked on the TV and grabbed some more drinks from the fridge. Beers for the guys, wussy alcopops for the girls. The channel the TV switched on with was showing a celebrity poker game which gave me and Rory an idea. Recently we’d been polishing up our poker skills with impromptu late night games, accompanied by some great weed. Despite me fucking his girlfriend, I held no contempt for the lad and we get on well.

I whipped out a deck of cards and convinced the girls to have a quick game of poker for a laugh. They agreed and I dealt out the cards to the four of us for a couple of practise hands. It was only once those hands had finished the girls twigged I had no poker chips. So, the quick thinkers me and Rory are, we suggested strip poker. The girls laughed it off but then the alcohol had worn away their inhibitions so when we added some persuasion to our suggestion they relented. Debbie gave me a slightly evil and knowing glance before giving Rory a cuddle. I shot her back an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ look and I knew Rory wasn’t ready to pass over this opportunity; I saw him checking Ruth out at the Pool table too.

We grabbed some more drinks from the fridge before pulling the sofa and armchairs around the coffee table in the lounge. I started dealing the first hand and me and Rory folded straight away getting bummed with awful hands while the girls fretted about with picture cards. This is going to be like taking lambs to a slaughter I mouth to Rory. The subsequent hands progress pretty evenly; well that’s what the girls are thinking. Rory and myself are playing stupid so the girls don’t twig they’re getting a raw deal. As the girls reveal their bodies bit by bit as they remove each piece of clothing the smiles on us guys faces get wider, and if I wasn’t mistaken, the girls’ smiles got broader as we stripped too.

As if by pure coincidence we all get down to our underwear at the same time, and we have to shift our legs to attempt to hide our erections, but only slightly, and we can tell the girls are similarly turned on by the growing moist patches on the crotches of their panties. We guys were picturing the girls naked and the girls were no doubt creating pictures of our cocks in their minds. Rory packed pretty well, his bulging boxers would put most men to shame. His cock was a good 8 inches in length but couldn’t rival mine in girth but that didn’t stop him from capturing a girl’s attention. We weren’t the only ones with erections; I could have sworn there was a cold chill in the house as both girls’ nipples were struggling against the fabric of their soon to shed bras.

Me and Rory couldn’t help but shoot each other knowing glances; we had been throwing away good hands to speed up the undressing process and we were close to having our fun. We had the girls naked in the next four hands but like gentlemen offered to strip naked too to make them comfortable. As we both shed our boxers both girls gasped, Debbie possibly acting to ward off any questions from Rory, but Ruth’s was totally genuine. I grinned at her and I had the feeling my crotch had her undivided attention. The lust in her eyes was plain for all to see and turned my still growing cock harder. If there weren’t four of us in the room, I’d like to think that Ruth would have leapt at my cock like a starving child but if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have had much say anyways. At this point most games would finish but this wasn’t the plan me and Rory had almost psychically created. The girls had continued drinking so they took almost no convincing to continue with our new rules. The winner of each hand, now that we were all naked, got to dare one of the others; no holds barred.

I won the next hand with 3 Aces and a pair of deuces, the best hand I’d had all night. I chose Debbie but figured I’d start gentle with the dare. The dare was to open the front door and stand there naked, regardless of anyone walking past, for a minute. She protested a little, but that was mostly because it was cold outside and she willingly completed her task. Rory won the next hand and dared Ruth. Her task was to open the curtains and stand there, illuminated by the lights in the room, and start rubbing her pussy and clit and tits for 2 minutes; again regardless if anyone saw. Admittedly the probability of anyone walking past my house, situated at the end of a cul-de-sac at half 12 was pretty slim but hey what the hell, you never knew what might happen.

The next hand me and Rory got dealt shite hands and were unable to bluff Ruth out of winning. She came up with her dare and burst out into a girly giggly smile. I kind of knew what was coming. She told me and Rory to kiss each other on the lips; we did this, knowing the girls would soon be putty in our hands and be doing our bidding.

I won the next hand, much to Debbie’s disgust; I bluffed her out with no more than a pair of 3s. I turned my attention to Ruth, taking in her seemingly perfect body while I decided upon her dare. I expected she was thinking that she’d have to kiss Debbie but I figured that was pretty lame and took it to the next level. I tell her she has to pleasure Debbie’s hyper sensitive nipples with her tongue. Ruth tentatively moved over to Debbie and soon started flicking her tongue across Debbie’s nipple, adding in the odd suck or nibble. By the look on Debbie’s face Ruth was doing a more than admirable job and planted a definite thought for the very near future. Ruth pulled herself away from Debbie, shooting me a playful smile and we played another hand.

Once again I win; beating Rory’s four of a kind with a royal flush, much to his annoyance but not feeling too hard done by considering I wouldn’t be daring him but one of the girls instead. I instruct Debbie in no uncertain terms to give me a tit wank and Rory whips out his camera phone to take a photo. By now myself and Rory are close to full mast and the girls are struggling to avert their eyes from our throbbing members, but then we see no reason to withdraw our gazes from their sopping pussys.

Debbie kneels down before me and wraps her considerable tits around my monster member and starts to jack me off with them. Due to my immense length, the head of my shaft continually brushes her chin and sometimes her lips; this is driving her mad and she eventually loses control. In one fell swoop she releases my cock from her tits and engulfs my cock with her sweet mouth. She got to work pleasuring my monster love stick giving the same effort levels she had given the encounter before; no doubt with my warning from then still in her mind. I turn to Rory and he mouths “No worries” to me, little does he know that he’s a week too late.

Debbie’s doing a great job on my cock, secretly getting turned on by sucking someone else’s piece of meat in front of her boyfriend. Ruth and Rory were also getting incredibly turned on by this; Rory stroking his member and Ruth playing with her clit. It didn’t take long before Ruth was on her knees, Rory standing over her, having his cock serviced by the blonde bombshell I planned to savage later on. The girls were insatiable as they slid our rods in and out of their mouths, and me and Rory could not help ourselves but to smile, in between the deep breaths we had no choice to take.

Ten minutes of pure pleasure later we decided to swap partners. With me switching to Ruth and Rory moving to his girlfriend Debbie. I really couldn’t stop lusting after Ruth and having seen the look on Rory’s face it was a dead cert that she was not going to disappoint. Debbie leapt at Rory’s cock and instantly deep throated him and started to hit a rhythm only a couple could have. I was so tempted to show Ruth the same level of mercy I showed Debbie only a week ago but restrained myself and allowed her to demonstrate her talents on my rock hard pole. 5 minutes of slurping, voluntary gagging and attention I was struggling to keep myself together. Rory was on edge too but the guy had survived ten minutes of Ruth’s ministrations and deserved to be that close.

Looking down at Ruth’s face she looked so sweet and innocent; she hadn’t put much make up on which kept her face looking young. I knew exactly what I was about to do, regardless of whether Ruth knew or wanted what was coming. Just as I was about to cum I yanked my throbbing shaft from her mouth and shot load after load of sticky hot semen over her pretty face. I continued to plaster her face in jizz, constantly aroused by the abuse I was delivering. By the time I had eventually stopped cumming I realised there was barely a spot on her face untouched by my sticky mess. Rory meanwhile was busy pumping his load all over Debbie’s gravity defying tits and making a comparable mess.

I figured me and Rory had quite a hold over the girls so we saw no need for another hand of cards to bend them to our will; plus they currently looked rather the worse for wear. Never short of ideas, I ordered the girls to lick each other clean. Ruth had the task of cleaning Rory’s cum off of Debbie’s boobs, while Debbie had the task of removing the enormous amount of my cum from Ruth’s smothered face. It was quite a sight seeing these two svelte girls hoovering up cum off of each others sexy bodies. They were going at it with a sense of lust and hunger, as if their lives depended upon it. This alone was enough to rekindle our slowly softening cocks, bringing them slowly to attention.

Once they had licked each other clean we manhandled them into the 69 position on the carpet, and let their imaginations guide them. It was all but an instant before they each made a beeline with their tongues towards each other’s sopping wet cunts; the girls were so wet their juices were running down their legs. As they took in each others aroma they lapped up the seeping juices, savouring the sweet taste of another female. I grabbed my mobile phone from my jeans and switched it to video camera mode; I wasn’t skipping on the opportunity to record this action.

The girls moved to their own rhythm as me and Rory settled on the sofa to enjoy the ensuing action. The girls were putting on quite a show and we couldn’t help but start to stroke our steadily growing in arousal sex organs. Debbie now had Ruth on her back with her legs spread; nipple in mouth and her fingers slowly spreading her pussy lips. Ruth was lying back and enjoying the touch of a female on her body, the light touches of female fingers probing her pussy and the nubile tongue attacking her nipples. I was capturing all the action on my mobile and zoomed in on Ruth’s pussy as Debbie inserted two thin fingers in Ruth’s snatch; causing a small sigh and long breath to escape from her mouth before being cut short by a long deep kiss by Debbie.

I couldn’t have expected this to happen quite as well as it was but for the moment had no intention of intervening. Debbie moved her mouth down Ruth’s body to join her fingers between her legs. Debbie started to attack Ruth’s clit with her tongue as she picked up the pace with her two fingers fucking the tight aromatic pussy before her. Ruth was in ecstasy and was writhing all other the floor with ragged breathing as an orgasmic wave overcame her. Debbie, turned on even more now, didn’t give Ruth much time to recover before squatting over Ruth’s face allowing access to her pussy and rosebud ass hole. Ruth, despite still recovering from her first female induced orgasm set upon Debbie’s dripping pussy with her tongue. Initially flicking her way around the sensitive labia causing Debbie to furiously rub her clit and massage her tits and play with her nipples. Ruth started to fuck the pussy positioned above her with her tongue, forcing it deep inside and probing it around, before flicking her tongue across Debbie’s chocolate starfish. This was getting too much for Debbie who, without warning, came all over Ruth’s face before collapsing on top of her from the orgasm that had just hit her.

As a result of this unexpectedly potent show, both me and Rory had stroked ourselves back to our full devastating sizes and moved over to the two prone girls. We lifted Debbie onto the sofa before helping Ruth to her feet; still unsteady as I had to keep her from falling over. Stability and energy restored, but a minute later, I led her to my armchair where I sat down and lifted her up so her pussy was barely an inch from the head of my pulsating shaft. She positioned herself before slowly lowering herself onto my impaler. She slid down easily, despite my girth, due to be so aroused and having cum minutes earlier at the hands, and tongue, of Debbie.

She looked into my eyes with a look of fear and trepidation but with such obvious lust that she was not about to let my cock get away without fucking her senseless tonight. She inched herself slowly down my shaft until she was halfway down; the pleasure was already engulfing her teenage body and she allowed me to pull her down the final 5 think inches of my weapon. As I bottomed out she let out an awesomely loud gasp and I could feel my cock filling and stretching every inch of her insides. I had filled her up like no other man and I planned to fuck her like no other man had or ever would do. Her pussy was even tighter than Debbie’s sweet fuckhole, more than likely due to the fact Ruth hadn’t had a boyfriend for nearly a year.

I kept her sitting there, with my cock fully encased inside her allowing her body to accustom itself to the 10” intruder stretching her insides. I gave her a long deep kiss, allowing our tongues to meet and explore each others mouths, and allowing me to taste Debbie’s pussy juices. I grabbed her pert and considerable breasts, taking them into my hands and massaging them, tweaking the nipples with my finger tips; pleasuring her body from every angle. With her pussy still accustoming itself to my cock I moved my mouth to her nipples teasing her with my tongue and nibbling on her small pink mounds.

She had had enough time to get as used to my monster member as she ever would so I grabbed her waist with my hands and raised her body upwards along my cock until there was all but 1 inch left inside her. My animal instincts took over and I slammed her down my shaft, before lifting her up and repeating the fucking motion. It didn’t take long before Ruth was whipped into a fucking frenzy and soon was pumping up and down my cock under her own effort. She was lost in her own little world, in a state of bliss. I glanced over to where I had left Rory and Debbie and saw Debbie in the reverse cowgirl being fucked like there was no tomorrow. Damm those two were horny, then I thought to myself so were me and Ruth.

With Ruth being light, I stood up with her still impaled on my cock, and had her wrap her legs around my waist. I laid her down on the sofa arm rest and continued my assault on her pussy. The look of sheer bliss and wanton lust on her face only drove me further in my fucking. I had an almost perfect angle of ttack and was burying myself to the hilt on every thrust. Rory hauled Debbie over to the armchair and placed her in the same position as Ruth before continuing his eager action. We glance at each other and know instinctively what’s coming next; we pull out at the same time and swap positions. Allowing Rory to feel the sensations Ruth’s cunt and giving me the opportunity to once again brutalise Debbie.

Once again I give her no mercy and bury all 10” inside her in one swift motion, causing her to exhale and whimper. It doesn’t take many strokes before the pleasure obliterates any notion of pain or discomfort despite me filling her stomach with my meat. I keep up a relentless pace bottoming out almost every other stroke like I had with Ruth. These girls are such fantastic fucks and me and Rory are quite obviously close to cumming. I know I can cum three times in one night and I hope Rory can too; I still want a piece of Ruth’s ass and still have a plan or two up my proverbial sleeve.

We turn the girls over so they’re on the feet standing over the armrests and continue to fuck them, now from behind. The girls are close to one huge orgasm each; Debbie screaming for me to fuck her harder and to fill her up with my cum. Her body’s convulsing with beads of sweat covering her torso as she digs her nails into the sofa armrest. I can’t hold on much longer but when her pussy starts contracting around my cock there’s no going back as I empty another monster load from my cock deep inside her. Rory is but a split second behind me, pumping another load of cum from his balls, this time inside Ruth as opposed to Debbie. Both girls’ pussys wring every last drop from us before we can withdraw and exhausted we take a seat.

As I said, we still had more planned for the night. Me and Rory headed to the kitchen and cracked open a coke from the fridge and headed back to the lounge to find the girls lapping up the cum that was dribbling from each others’ cunts. This almost instantly had me and Rory ready for action again. We’d both decided while grabbing our drinks that both girls were going to get it hard in the assholes and had just about agreed on fucking Debbie, and hopefully Ruth too, with both our cocks at the same time. Our cocks were getting pretty desensitised, having cum twice already so we figured we could last long enough to give all of us a night to remember. We decided on a different and more comfortable setting so picked up and the girls and slung them over our shoulders and hauled them up to my bedroom. After placing the cock sluts on the bed Rory whispered in my ear that he was up for a hardcore threesome with Debbie and myself, regardless of what she had to say. This appealed to me, especially considering how I had had my way a week previously with her.

Rory lifted Debbie onto my bed and started attacking her pussy with his tongue and with a fervour that was hard to believe. I placed Ruth into my easy chair, planted a long deep kiss on her lips and advised her to enjoy the show. I walked to my bed and positioned myself next to Debbie’s head. She didn’t need any prompting and took my member inside mouth before sucking me fully hard again. Satisfied that I was more than hard enough for the task ahead I checked on Rory’s progress, after initially attacking his girlfriend’s pussy, his tongue was all over her puckered anus and he was just about to start penetrating her rosebud with his finger. I was just about to turn back to Debbie’s mouth for her to resume sucking when I felt Ruth’s hand grab my cock and pull me to the chair. She told me pretty bluntly that she knew what me and Rory were planning but she wanted me to fuck her virgin ass hole first. Before I could even reply she turned around, bent over and thrust her beautiful derriere right at my crotch. I could see no option, and even if there was I would have ignored it, but to take this gift and obliterate it. I stuck my cock into Ruth’s pussy a couple of times to lube myself up and then in one swift motion rammed 6 fat throbbing inches of my love meat inside her, destroying her anal cherry. She grunted from the impact and almost collapsed on the chair. I could get use to this I thought; taking my sexual rage out on anal virgins and cock hungry teens.

I paused, I had no choice, her ass had contracted around my cock so tightly I couldn’t move, to let her adapt to the first barrage. As soon as she started to loosen her grip I started to withdraw before ramming heartlessly back inside her, burying every single inch of my monster cock into her now very much stretched ass hole. My swift attack on Ruth had encouraged Rory to give up on being the kind boyfriend; slowly working on what he thought was a virgin ass with his finger and tongue. He had flipped Debbie on to her hands and knees and ploughed his veiny throbbing dick inside her ass like a rabid dog humping his bitch. Debbie squealed which only encouraged Rory to fuck her inside out. He built up a steady and deep rhythm, taking great feeling from the fucking he was dishing out.

Ruth was loving my cock though, despite the grimaces on her face and obvious pain she was insatiable; shouting at me to ram my rod as deep and as hard as I could in to her dirty fuck hole. I duly obliged and pounded away like I had with Debbie. Remembering what me and Rory had initially planned to do I started to play with Ruth’s clit to aid the progress of a growing orgasm I could feel deep inside her. She came and once again clenched her ass tight around my cock and finally gave way to gravity collapsing on to the chair. I withdrew my self from her grip and moved to the bed to join the loving couple. Debbie was loving the sensation of having a large cock up her ass again and was lost in her own little world. Rory withdrew and laid back on the bed bringing Debbie with him and laid her on top before re entering her, he had no plans of letting me fuck her ass at this point. I couldn’t and didn’t argue; I wanted to see her face when she saw me fucking her pussy while Rory penetrated her ass. I slowly positioned myself and lined up my prick with Debbie’s glistening slit. She was still in a world of her on and didn’t see me lining up for the kill.

I thrust my cock deep inside her, treating myself to her sensation that I was growing accustomed to. Her eyes flew open as the shock instructed her to protest but also to marvel in the pleasure. Before she could make her complaint Ruth planted a long deep kiss on her lips and silenced her. She squirmed both in protest and ecstasy for the first couple of minutes as I found my footing and started to build a rhythm. Rory eventually got bored and slightly jealous of the view I was getting and had decided he had fucked her ass enough. We all stood up and Debbie accepted her role of fuckdoll again. She jumped into Rory’s arms and he brought her down onto his cock so he could kiss her and massage her tits. I entered slowly this time, inching my cock up her ass. To ram it up in my characteristic style would only cause us to fall over as we all lost our footing. I didn’t get to see her facial expressions but Rory’s told me everything I needed to know. We took her waist in our four hands and lifted her petit frame up letting her escape, if briefly, most of our shafts. As if synchronised we brought her earthbound, ramming our cocks hard and deep inside her stomach, enjoying the grunts and moans of pleasure that was filling her body.

We really took Debbie apart, manhandling her, helpless and in the arms of two guys hell-bent on fucking her within an inch of her life. She was losing energy as the waves of orgasms took over her body and she was soon quite literally a fuckdoll for us to abuse. Ruth was turned on by this show we were providing and had already brought herself to a very loud orgasm before planning a surprise for me. Me and Rory could feel ourselves nearing our own orgasms which renewed the vigour in which we were fucking the helpless Debbie. Out of nowhere I could feel Ruth’s tongue on my own asshole; licking and teasing my own anus. She then promptly thrust her tongue up my shit hole. I started to struggle to stand straight, no girl had even mentioned doing this and here was this now seemingly sex crazed angel doing her best to push me over the edge.

This was it; Ruth’s tongue had progressed to my balls, licking and sucking them from bellowing as I tore Debbie to shreds, and was really having an profound and accelerating effect on my upcoming orgasm and was struggling to hold myself back. Rory was close too, I could see it in his eyes. Knowing we were about to shoot a monumental load deep inside both of Debbie’s fuck holes simultaneously we went for one last huge drive. We lifted her so high that Rory popped out and on Debbie’s descent ended up joining my cock in her asshole, causing it to stretch beyond anything we could have imagined; and bringing about a look of pain and utter disbelief on Debbie’s face. The assault of our cocks had her body spasming uncontrollable as we tore into her. We both came together, forcing our burning jizz deep into this destroyed ass hole and filling her stomach with our sticky deposit. This orgasm nearly floored us it was that intense and our balls felt like they had quite literally been sucked dry we had pumped that much cum into Debbie’s destroyed ass.

We lifted her off us and surveyed the damage we had caused from the accidental but unregrettable, on our part, double anal thrust. Her ass looked like it would never recover. The last orgasm that hit Debbie had caused her to pass out so we laid her on the bed before I turned to Ruth. I went to apologise, I knew I couldn’t come again that night but before I open my mouth she put a finger to it and said “There’s always tomorrow”.

To be continued?

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