Happy Birthday_(1)

Happy Birthday_(1)

I was fairly young when my parents would let me venture off to my boyfriends house. I was 15 at the time. I was fully matured by then. With a nice round ass and 24 b cup boobs i was very good looking for my age.

One day when I went to my boyfriends house he wasn't home yet from playing cards with his pals. So his mom being as awsome as she is told me to make my salf at home. So I told her I would prefer to go into Jason's room and rest a little before he got home. "hmm rest up before Jason gets home huh wounder what you go planed" said Jason's mom (Rebecca) knowing what I had planed with just what i was wearing which was a very short skirt and a shirt that let my boobs just about flop out every step i took.

Jason and I have been planing this day for a long time no. I was still a virgin and was very nervous. But with Jason's birthday coming up i agreed to do it for him.

When Rebecca took me into the room she had a smerk like she had something planed. Then i realized that one of my boobs had popped out with out me noticing and she was stairing at it. Seeing an older adult female or male noticing me kinda turned me on. But i continued to tell her sorry but all she did was look at me with that smerk and said its fine dear.

When I got into his room I closed the door and crawled on to his bed which was very very comfrontable. I was lookin around the room when i saw some magazine in a funny spot inside a cabnet. I got up and grabed one. To my suprise it was a Hustlers magazine and playboy magazines.

To my shock this had my mind traveling the magazine and making me rather horny. As I was looking at the magazines more and staring at the beautiful women and thier lustful tits I started spreading my legs to rub my pussy as I have so many times before.

As I moved my thong aside I started to rub my pussy only getting my self hornier and wetter by the second. Before i even realized it I had a wet spot on the bed and two fingers penetraning my pussy. When I was getting ready for my much needed orgasim i laid back and laid on jason's tv/vcr controllers turning his tv on to this loud women screaming in ectasy. I was frozen stiff when i heard this gorgous women screaming when all of the sudden the door slammed open with Rebecca saying "Whats going ohh….."

Here I was with my boobs hanging out of my shirt, two fingers in my pussy,porn magazines over the bed and the porno playing on jason's tv playing all while my boyfriends mom was standing at the door stairing at me. I couldn't say a word, nor move a muscle. Rebecca finally broke the silence with saying "Come to my room now.

When i walked into her room the first thing she said was "How wet is your thong i can throw it in the dryer." I couldn't believe what she said. But yet i stood there still not being able to move a muscle. So she said it again, "How wet are you." I still could not say a word. She must of got fed up with me becuase she said "Fine let me check for you."

It was like slow motion for me. she raised her arm up between my legs and poked the front of my thong. But when she poked it, she pushed it into my pussy and i let out a moan. It felt so great. Once she realized what happend she didn't know what to do and she kept it there. Soon i started panting it felt so good.

When she snapped out of it she looked at me with her finger still up it and said "you like that huh. Lets find out how much you do like it" As she got done saying it she shoved me onto her bed. I start whining saying i don't know if this is a good idea. What about Jas….As Rebecca interupted me saying "He wont be home untill 9:00 he's already called thats what i was on my way up here to tell you." As I started to come up with some other lame excuse i was interuppeted with my own moan as she moved my now soaked thong aside and started fingering me. Soon enough i was nothing but in moans. She was able to squeeze 3 fingering into me. And she made sure i did not have an orgasim even though i was ready to blow. But yet she kept telling me to wait for it as better things was to come.

By this time i had only my shirt left one and her tongue was buries deep into my pussy. She quickly found my G-spot as a started screaming out Becca i cain't hold it no more. She then took a long enough break to say "do it baby let me have it. Show me what you got." She then put her tongue back into to my pussy with her fingers joining the action to finger me again. I was in heaven. I never felt anything such as that. I was moaning for five minitues straight.

Then we heard something in the hall way. The first thing that we both said in a whisper voice was jason??? We looked at the clock and it said 7:30. Jason wouldn't be home that early. Or would he be. When suddenly the door popped open. But no one was there. Then Duke (the family dog) jumped onto the bed smelling all of my liquids i have exposed ot of my body. It was a relief to see it was just old duke.

Duke was a great big 85 pound great dane. They knew how to feed this dog. As rebecca was still between my legs she looked up at me with the smerk has had before. When she looked at me and said "I think its my turn to have some fun." when she got up and got into her dresser drawer and to out hand cuffs. This really turned me on. When i would be fingering my self at night i would fantasize about rough play. Before i could finsih what i was thinking i was hand cuffed and she was down by my pussy agian. But this time she was standing flickering her finger in and out of my pussy getting me wet again.

And then I heard the scariest words of her mouth come out" Come here boy, Come here Dukie." I was flipping out saying what are you gonning to do with duke. All she would say was" you'll find out very soon baby."

She walked out of the room and left duke in there sniffing around my pussy and the floor licking up my vagina juice off of the floor. When Rebecca returned she had somthing in her hand that i could not see. She said "hmm he's not doing what i wanted yet huh. Don't worry plan B is under way." As she unscrewed a lid from some bottle i couldn't make out she said you are gonna like this. I was really getting scared now. then she took her hand into the bottle bringing out peanut butter on her fingers. i looked at her and laughed. "I thought you was going to have duke do something to me." When all of the sudden she looked at me with a straight face saying.. I am.

She then took her fingers and rubbed the Peanut butter all over my pussy and rubbing it deep into my pussy cave. When i wasn't moaning from her fingering me i was yelling trying to get her to stop. When i loudly yelled out..I"M STILL A VIRGIN. All Rebecca could say was "you'll thank me for this" as she steped out of the way to let Duke muscle his way to my peanut buttery pussy. With my trying to save my virgin pussy from duke. As duke was trying to to depart my closed legs i looked to the side as Rebecca was sitting in her sofa chair completly naked rubbing her self. As this caught me off guard it was just the break Duke was looking for as her found my pussy and started eating the peanut butter but in return eating my pussy. He quickly devoured the peanut butter outside of my pussy and when searching for it inside of my pussy and it was not mixed with my pussy juices. Then he took his powerful tongue over my g-spot numerous of times only to put me into another orgasim.

As duke licked up every drop of cum into his mouth i gave up. all i could do was lay there and enjoy it. when suddenly i felt the bed bounce. I looked up to see Duke starting to mounth my pussy. As he could not get it in Rebecca jumped up from her self givin orgasim and said oh let me help . As she grabed Dukes hard dick to locate it over my pussy as he rammed it in there. It hurt so bad. I was in tears as he continued to ram his 9 inch dog dick into my pussy. When suddenly the pain turned into pleasure. I could feel his dick growing bigger and bigger and then my pussy walls began to tighin. When Duke let his load of cum into my pussy my cum met him with a screaming moan.

After that I passed out on Rebecca's bed only to have her wake me up after she was done. I had enough time to get my thong, and my skirt on when Jason came up to me with a greeting hug only for me to tell him "i'm sorry baby. i'm way to tired to do it tonight." In Jason's disgust he said "Fine. Thanks for the birthday present i'll talk to you later." When he was left alone in his room with porno magazines left in there and a porno still playing in his room……………..

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