Harry Potter and the Sisters Black Chapter 5

Harry Potter and the Sisters Black Chapter 5

Harry slowly come to, a throbbing pain in his crotch forcing him to wakefulness. He sees the ladies curled up to either side of him. A small moan escapes his lips as he tries to sit up.

Both the sisters are instantly awake. Bella gently helps him to a sitting position while Cissa casts a healing spell on his crotch.

As memory of the activities of yesterday Harry’s eyes narrow. “Bella, yesterday, did you deliberately disobey me and wear your maid’s uniform outside of this room?”

Meekly Bella nods her head.

Harry curses for a moment, “Cissa where’s that strap?”

Bella quietly gets off the bed while Cissa reaches over and grabs her wand, quickly summoning the strap.

Harry climbs off the bed while Bella bends over the end. She reaches back and raises her skirt. Harry’s briefly reminded of his fantasy about his aunt from a few days ago before he draws his arm back and delivers the first blow against Bella’s ass.

There’s a red welt starting to form as Harry draws back his arm. This time Bella screeches as the leather strikes her flesh. A second welt is starting to show when Harry earns another shriek by landing the third blow.

Bella feels like her ass is on fire, as is her cunt. Her juices are running down her legs, unfortunately, her punishment from two days ago is still in place and prevents her from coming when her master brings the belt down for a fourth time.

Harry surveys his handiwork as he draws his arm back and delivers the fifth blow. Another shriek is his reward. Much to Harry’s surprise, his cock is hard as a rock as he prepares to deliver the sixth blow.

Cissa watches as her sister lays red faced at her feet while their master draws his arm back. Cissa’s own ass stings slightly in sympathy for what her sister’s taking. Cissa actually does orgasm when her sister’s screech tears through the room.

Bella’s ass is almost completely red as Harry brings down the seventh and final blow. After the shriek has died away, Harry drops the strap to the floor, positions his raging cock at Bella’s soaked entrance and enters her in one hard stroke. Harry sets a fast pace, his hips slapping against her flesh. After only a few brief minutes, Harry delivers his seed to the woman.

Pulling out, Harry helps Bella stand up. “Cissa, go get breakfast ready and bring it up here.” He leads Bella to the bed while Cissa gets dressed and leaves on her assigned duty.

Bella leans her head against Harry’s shoulder as they lay on the bed together and sobs out the pain.

As he holds the crying woman, Harry’s insides are warring. On one hand, there’s the innocent Harry who still believes the world is black and white, where a good person doesn’t deliberately inflict pain on others. On the other hand there’s the Harry that’s been beaten, insulted, ridiculed, and whom the sisters have been subconsciously working to promote who understands that the sisters are now his responsibility thus he must punish them when they do wrong.

The war is still going on as Bella begins to run out of tears. She looks up at her master, well aware of the turmoil within him, and says, “Thank you for disciplining me, master. I broke one of you only rules so I needed to be punished.” With a gentle smile, she lays her head back down.

Bella’s words have a profound effect on Harry. His mind quiets as he digests what he heard.

Cissa walks in carrying a tray with food on it. The three eat in silence before dressing for an outing. They walk down to the kitchen and find Petunia at the stove, whistling just a bit.

When Petunia sees Cissa she waves the other woman over. The two hold a whispered conversation that ends with Petunia blushing very hard while Cissa walks over to the table, giggling lightly.

Harry asks, “What was that about Cissa?”

“Nothing important for the moment master, just a small request on her part that I need to consider.”

“Very well,” Harry says just moments before there’s a knock on the door.

Three wands appear in three hands as Bella walks to the door and looks out. Nodding, Bella opens the door and allows Tonks to enter. As soon as the door is closed, she hit by three Finite Incantatem’s. The pink haired witch just stands there for a moment before grinning, “Getting a little jumpy are we folks?”

Harry grins, “Yeah, jumpy enough to have Stunned Albus yesterday.”

Tonks looks shocked, “You mean that you got the drop on Albus?”

“Yeah, after he popped in without announcing himself.”

Tonks shakes her head, “Well, you guys ready to get this day started?”

Harry nods as he stands up, “Cissa, please come with me. Bella, pop over to #12 and keep out of sight.”

Both woman nod their heads while Tonks looks on in wonderment, “Harry, do you mind explaining what’s going on?”

“I’d prefer not to, you’ll understand when we visit the ministry.”

It’s a disgruntled Tonks that produces a length of silk rope, “Very well. Here’s the portkey to take us to the Ministry.”

“Tonks the reason I don’t want to explain this now is that I don’t want to waste time when you’ll be able to find out during our trip,” Harry says as he grabs the robe. “Alright Cissa grab on.”

Narcissa grips the robe a few moments before they all feel the familiar tug behind the navel.

The three arrive at the lobby to the ministry to find it almost deserted. After having their wands weighed, Tonks leads them through a maze of corridors until they’re standing outside of door marked, “Properties Division.”

“Dumbledore told me to make sure you got here alright, now would you please tell me what’s going on.”

“In a few minutes Tonks,” Harry says as he opens the door. Much to his dismay, Harry instantly recognizes the redhead waiting in the office. Harry’s voice is ice cold as he says, “Hello Percy.”

Percy’s voice is filled with contempt when he answers, “Good day Mr. Potter. I would appreciate it if you would restrain yourself from using any familiar form of address as I’m here on official business and my time is precious.”

“Well Percy, since your time is so precious, why don’t you produce the forms for me to authenticate and we can get this entire matter finished as quickly as is possible.”

“Once more Mr. Potter, I must ask you to address me either by my title of Undersecretary to the Minister or as simply Mr. Weasley.”

“Mr. Weasley is your father Percival and to earn your vaulted title was to betray your family.”

Jus then the Minister of Magic walks into the room, looking strangely upset, “Is this true Weatherby? Did you actually forsake your family just to get ahead?”

“But, but, but Minister…”

“Hush, I’ll deal with you later, for now, though, leave.”

Percy hangs his head as he walks out of the office.

“Now Mr. Potter…,” Fudge’s voice catches in his throat as he sees the glare Harry’s giving him.

Thoughts speed through Harry’s mind for a moment before he says, “Minister, I don’t believe there is currently a department to help new businesses get started in the Wizarding world, am I correct?”

“Yes you are; might I ask where you’re going with this?”

“Well Minister, I do believe it’s time to correct that oversight. In fact I think it would be the perfect position for you junior undersecretary to fill, the head of the Economic Development Bureau. Set up to help ensure that start-up businesses have as much support as is reasonable to make sure they have all of their licenses and permits in order don’t you think?”

Fudge isn’t gritting his teeth together, barely, “That sounds like a wonderful idea Harry.”

Harry gives the minister a predatory grin, “I’m glad you agree Minister. I even have a perfect first assignment for him. Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes”

Fudge is almost seething as he says, “Sounds like an excellent plan Harry.”

“Excellent Minister, excellent. Now, let us get down to business as I’m sure all our time is fairly precious.”

It’s only by will alone that Fudge keeps the anger out of his voice and expression. “By all means Harry,” he nods to another person that had escaped Harry’s attention.

The man looks in his early twenties with brown hair and is thin as a rail. His voice is baritone as he hands over a clipboard and says, “Please make sure the facts of the matter are in order.”

Harry reads through the information, name, date, etc, until he comes to Purpose of transfer. His innards churn as he reads the word Servus secus. With a shake of his head, Harry makes sure everything else is correct before he hands the clipboard back, “Everything is correct, sir.”

“Very well Mr. Potter, then you’ll just need to sign at the bottom of the page,” the man says as he returns the clipboard to Harry.

A few strokes of a quill later, Harry lays the clipboard on the counter. The man picks it up and removes the papers. He attaches a different set of papers to the clipboard which he then hands to Narcissa. The man then grabs a second clipboard which he hands to Harry, “Due to Ms. Lestrange-Black’s status, it’s quite understandable that she not be here; however, she will need to sign the papers.”

Harry looks at the Minister with a deceptively sweet grin, “Minister, I doubt it would be a problem for you to authorize a portkey to transport the woman in question here to expedite matters?”

Almost grumbling, Fudge reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a handkerchief. He casts a spell on it before he hands it to Harry, “There you go Mr. Potter.”

Still grinning, Harry hands the cloth to Tonks, “Tonks, please make sure this gets to were it needs to go. I’d send Cissa, but she’s still needed here.”

Tonks nods her head and quickly moves out of the room before Fudge can question her. Less than ten minutes later, both Bellatrix and Tonks appear in the room.

Fudge goes for his wand by reflex, only to stop less than a quarter of the way through the draw when he finds himself looking at four drawn wands. He looks down at his hand sheepishly, “My apologies, reflex you know.”

Harry nods his head, but doesn’t lower his wand until Fudge’s hand is well away from his wand.

Bellatrix hands the clipboard to the unknown gentleman who’s staring at Harry with wide eyes.

The clerk jerks his head before perusing the form and nodding his head.

“Very well Mr. Potter, that should take care of everything. Now, on to your rights and responsibilities in regards to these lovely ladies,” the man says while slyly eyeing Bella’s ass. “Your rights are virtually limitless. These women are now your sovereign property. You may do what ever you wish to with them. They may be sold or their services rented in order for you to generate a source of revenue. Your responsibilities however are a tad more in-depth. Any action they take, you may be held accountable for. Should they attack anyone without just provocation, you may be forced to make the needed amends. You cannot be imprisoned for their action however, unless those actions are on your direct orders. Are there any questions?”

“Not at this time. However, I may contact you if any questions arise, if that’s acceptable.”

The man nods his head, “Very acceptable Mr. Potter. Now, I wish you a good day, and go enjoy your new property,” the man ends with a wink.

Harry’s blushing slightly as Tonks leads the lot of them out of the office. As the door closes, Fudge speaks up, “Harry, may I have a moment of your time?”

Harry nods his head, his entire posture one of impatience.

“My boy, as I’m sure you know, things have been very volatile as of late, with many people actually calling for my resignation. I was hoping to be able to convince you to issue a statement in support of my maintaining my position.”

Harry’s tone is glacial cold, “Minister, you have spent the last year engaged in a campaign of slander against myself and Albus Dumbledore. It will take much more then a few small token of good will for me to forget that. I will not reject your request out of hand, but I will not acquiesce easily.”

Fudge swallows loudly, “Well, I understand completely Harry. Just let me know if there’s anything you need.”

Harry nods before having Tonks lead them out to the lobby where Harry hesitates a moment before saying, “Tonks, you and Cissa pop to the Leaky Cauldron ahead of us. If there are any Aurors there pop back immediately, and we’ll find a new address to Floo to.”

Both of the women nod their head and Apparate out. Harry waits thirty seconds before he Floo’s to the LC with Bella only a few moments behind him.

As soon as Harry’s feet are solid, he draws his wand. When Bella appears, Tom’s wand is almost instantly leveled in her direction.

Harry shouts, “HOLD IT TOM!”

The old man’s eyes never leave the former Death Eater. “She’s a wanted felon Harry.”

“No she isn’t Tom. As of a few minutes ago, she’s my property.”

“You mean she’s given you full rights? How?”

Harry’s voice is a whisper, “Servus secus.”

Now Tom’s eyes do shift to the young man, “You cast it against her?”

Cissa says, “Against both of us actually.” She lifts her head, giving the aging bartender a look at the medallion at her throat.

“That’s not the official Potter family crest,” Tom’s voice is hinted with amusement as he finally lowers his wand. “Harry, if you don’t mind a suggestion; unless you want a riot out there, have Mrs. Lestrange, hide her appearance.”

“Do you have any suggestions Tom,” Harry says as he looks around the room, which is strangely empty.

“A simple cloak should do, if she’s careful.”

Harry looks at Bella, “Use the cloak if you have one, pop out if there’s any chance someone might be able to recognize you.”

Bella nods her head as Tom hands her a brown, full length cloak complete with hood. She quickly dons the apparel, not bothering to hide the disgust at wearing something that obscures her identity.

Still, the group makes its way to Gringotts without drawing any undue attention to themselves.

They wait patiently in line, much to the sisters’ chagrin. They soon reach the teller goblin. As soon as Harry hands over his key, the entire group is quickly escorted to a private room where an elderly goblin greets them.

“Greetings Mr. Potter. I’m glad you could join us on such short notice.”

Harry asks, “What notice sir?”

“Our records indicate that you were sent notice three days ago to present yourself here for the execution of the will of one Sirius Orion Black.”

“I’m afraid your records are in error sir, I received no such notification.”

“Are you positive Mr. Potter? Our notifications are magically enchanted to make notice when they are opened.”

“I’m quite sure sir. I haven’t received any owls in the last few days except for one from the ministry.”

The goblin looks upset as he snaps his fingers. Instantly, a younger goblin appears next to him. “Fetch the notification book at once.”

The young goblin nods his head before disappearing with a sharp *crack* and another *crack* moments later announces his return. Handing a book to the elder goblin, the youngster disappears.

The elder goblin lays the book on the desk and quickly opens it. He flips through the pages for a moment before finding what he’s looking for. ”Ah here it is. Notification to Harry James Potter concerning the execution of the will of Sirius Orion Black. Opened immediately upon reception. Required a response within five business days or the execution would be delayed until the date specified, the twenty-first birthday of Harry James Potter.”

Harry’s entire expression ices over for a moment, “Perhaps sir, we should deal with the matter of the will immediately. I suspect I know who it was that deliberately delayed the delivery.”

“Very well Mr. Potter.” The goblin once more snaps his fingers and a piece of stone that looks like a flat Pensieve appears on the desk along with a sheath of papers. “The entire matter is relatively straight forward Mr. Potter. The deceased left a recorded message to explain the entire matter.” With a final snap of his fingers, the lights dim and the disk starts to glow.

Up from the stone rises a twelve inch high image of Sirius appears. “Well Harry my boy, if you’re seeing this then the shit is truly in the soup. I’m guessing I’m dead, hopefully I went down fighting.

“Now Harry, I know you well, so pay attention. MY DIEING WAS NOT YOUR FAULT! So don’t blame yourself. If you had any hand in my death, then it was minimal and accidental.

“Also Harry, I’d be remiss in my duties as your Godfather if I didn’t tell you this. Harry, I’m suffering from Igneus Cruor, the Burning Blood. It’s a rare disease that affects less then one in one million pure blooded wizards; and it’s only wizards, never witches. The disease is terminal, if you had any hand in my dieing then I should probably thank you for the Burning Blood is a long and very painful way to go.

“Now, on to the distribution of funds, monies, and properties. In a word Harry, you get everything. I’ll ask you to help keep Remus in good stead. His pride won’t let him take charity, but I’m sure between you and Hermione you can come up with something that won’t offend his pride.

“Next note Harry, fifteen million galleons isn’t even a drip in the bucket for the Black family, so I want you to make sure at least that amount finds a new home. Use it to cement your allies and hopefully forge some new ones. If you like, you can talk to Rupert, the goblin you should be watching this with, can help you set up other ‘bequeaths’ in my name for such people as Remus and the Weasleys.”

Sirius’ grin becomes positively predatory, “Also worthy of note Harry is that if you accept, then before you leave this office, you’ll be a legal adult. All the paperwork needed for emancipation is already in place, you’re sixteen, or close enough so as not to matter, with access to proper resources. With one signature Harry, you can be master of your own destiny.

“There are so many things I want to tell you Harry but this damn thing has a limited memory and my time’s almost up. So before I go I have one last thing to say to you Harry. Always fight evil Harry. That is the cause for which James, Lily, and I gave our lives for. Fight evil by what ever means necessary, if that means fighting by Dumbledore’s side, then so much the better. If not however, if you have to break with Dumbledore to continue the fight against evil, then tell that old bastard to take his carefully drawn out plans, shove ‘em up his arse and light ‘em on fire.”

Sirius is grinning as he starts to fade away, “Kick ass and take names Harry. I’ll see ya on the other side.” With that, the spectral form is gone.

Harry wipes a tear from his eye as the lights come back up. “Very well sir, if it alright, could we deal with the galleons that need to be redistributed?”

“Easily Mr. Potter,” Rupert says.

“Very well, here’s how I want the monies to be redistributed, all in Sirius’ name. One million galleons to the following people; Hermione Granger, Ronald, Ginevra, William, Charles, Fred, George, Arthur, and Molly Weasly, an additional one million to Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes, three million to Remus J. Lupin, one million to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and five hundred thousand galleons a piece for Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood should distribute the monies nicely.”

“Very well Mr. Potter,” Rupert says as he finishes writing down Harry’s instructions. “Now, there’s another small thing the deceased failed to mention in his recording, a small side note that if he were to, as he put it ‘kick the bucket’ before you were of age, then you were to be given full emancipation. All the files and paperwork are already in place Mr. Potter, if you wish to act, the time is now.” He pushes a piece of parchment across the desk, “If you sign this Mr. Potter, you will be an adult in every regard except the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.”

Harry nods his head as he thinks for a moment, for once in his life, carefully weighing his options. His hand is trembling as he takes the proffered quill. A few brief seconds later, and it is done, the parchment glows for a moment before the emblem of the Ministry appears on it with several ribbons attached.

“Will there be anything else Mr. Potter?”

“Yes, I’m very curious as to what other papers you might have sent me that I didn’t receive. As well as what type of investigation is Gringotts going launch into how someone broke the seal without your knowing that it wasn’t me?”

“If you’ll give me a moment Mr. Potter, I’ll have the answer to your first question and I can assure you, Gringotts is going to be launching a full investigation into how our magical protections were circumvented. We pride ourselves on the confidentiality of our clients, this breach has severely injured our reputation and we will make sure the culprit is brought to justice. I believe you said you had a suspicion as to who could have perpetrated this?”

“Quite correct, the only man who could have done this is my keeper, Albus Dumbledore.”

As soon as the words leave Harry’s mouth, the door opens and an elderly voice says, “Did someone say my name?” The smile that adorns his face dies instantly at the set of glares he receives. “Is there a problem?”

Harry is the first to respond, his entire demeanor colder than the artic, “Yes there is professor. It would seem Gringotts sent me a notice regarding Sirius’ will that required action in a timely manner that I never received. One of the more interesting facts is that according to their magical records, the notice was opened immediately upon arrival. Would you happen to know anything about this situation?”

Albus meets Harry’s gaze for a few moments before he looks away, “I’m sorry Harry. Yes, I received the notice and neglected to forward it to you. I won’t lie to you about my intentions, but can we move this discussion to a safe location?”

Harry stands up, managing to look regal and intimidating despite being shorter than Albus by several inches, “Yes we may professor. However, I came to Diagon Alley for several explicit purposes and I shall not be dissuaded from them by the situation that you have brought down upon yourself. As such you will remove yourself to #12 and await my presence. Good day sir.” With that Harry turns back to Rupert, “Will there be anything else sir?”

“Yes, I’m afraid that there are several more items to deal with, unfortunately, those will require an appointment so that all the paperwork, title transfers, and other such things can be adequately prepared. Is there anything else *I* can do for you sir?”

“Yes, if you could arrange for a copy of all current assets, titles, positions, etcetera to be delivered here quickly, I would appreciate it.”

Grinning, the goblin snaps his fingers and says, “Easily done sir.” Moments later, a rather large ledge appears on the desk. Rupert quickly hands the ledger to Bella. “There you go ma’am I suspect Mr. Potter will want that reviewed in a most timely fashion. Now Mr. Potter, as I stated, there is a need for you to return here at a preset date in order to deal with other matters concerning your inheritance.”

“Very well sir, will three days be sufficient?”

“Yes Mr. Potter, three days will more than suffice.”

“Oh, and one more thing, would it be possible to arrange a portkey directly here so we can avoid the lobby?”

“Of course Mr. Potter, an owl will be sent to you with the portkey and will arrive promptly at nine am if this is acceptable.”

“Nine am in two days is quite acceptable, good day sir.”

“Will there be anything else sir?”

“Yes, I would like to know if there is a means of laying hands on my gold without the need to return here all the time.”

“Indeed there is Mr. Potter,” Rupert snaps his fingers and a set of silk bags appear on his desk in various colors. “These are Bottomless Money Bags. While not quite bottomless, they allow you to access your cash monies from anywhere. You simply think of the amount you want, reach in, and the money will appear in you hand. It will only work at up to five hundred galleons and will only work for you Mr. Potter. If you’d please pick a color, we can finalize this.”

Stunned, Harry selects a simple black bag, Rupert picks up the bag and says, “Key please.” When Harry relinquishes his key, Rupert flips the bag upside down, on the bottom is the Gringotts crest and a keyhole. He presses the key against the hole and it quickly disappears, “There you go Mr. Potter, when you need to access your vault directly, then a Gringotts goblin will be able to retrieve your key. Is there anything else?”

“No sir, and thank you for all your help.” Harry turns to Cissa, “Well my dear, what did you wish to do here?”

“Well master, my sister and I wished to visit Ollivanders, as wands select their users based on their personalities, it might be advantageous to acquire new wands.”

Harry nods his head, “Very well then. Bella, your cloak.”

Dismay once more etched in her face, Bella once more draws up the cloak to obscure her face.

The five walk out to the lobby where Albus promptly Disapparates after Harry glares at him for a moment.

The quartet moves to Ollivanders without any trouble, though when they step in, the old man instantly turns and draws his wand. He draws a bead on Bella for a moment; he stares at her for several seconds before sheathing his wand. “Ah, Missus’ Black, I see you’ve changed since last I knew. I hope you can forgive my reaction. Now, I see you need new wands. Perhaps…”

And thus begins the routine search for a wand for each of the ladies as minor, and on occasion not so minor, mishaps occur. For example when Bella tried the Holly wand with Unicorn hair, 13” long, three rows of wands were knocked down.

Finally though, the small group leaves the wand makers shop with two new wands and Cissa makes a rather strange request, “Master, would you mind if I slipped off and did some shopping on my own? There’s a surprise we wanted to arrange.”

Harry looks at her for a moment before nodding his consent.

Cissa skips off merrily as the other three make their way around the Alley. When ever they enter a shop, Bella peels off and waits outside rather than risk having to abandon her master. They accomplish next to nothing of importance over the course of the next hour when Cissa returns, magically appearing at Harry’s side, carry a medium sized, non-descript box.

“Thank you master, my shopping is done.”

Harry nods and quickly collects Bella. Tonks produces the silk rope once more and the four of them feel the jerk behind the navel.

Moments later, they once more appear in the entry hall of #12.

“Bella, go find Albus and bring him to the library; Cissa, I’d appreciate it if you could arrange refreshments and Tonks, there’s a house elf here under sentence of death, find him.”

Both Bella and Cissa nod their heads and set about their tasks while Tonks looks at Harry dumbstruck for a moment.

“Oh, Tonks, I’m sorry, I was rude, would you please find Kreatcher, but please don’t kill him, I want to take care of that myself.”

Tonks hesitantly nods her head and makes for the kitchen while Harry heads towards the library.

Harry arrives to find the library devoid of life so he begins to peruse the books and he finds Sex Alica: Servus secus and its decedents by Intorqueo Fossor. Harry quickly pulls the book from the shelf and continues his browsing. A few books down, he finds another interesting book Walking the line: Using Dark spells for Light Purposes by Charles Pane. Harry pulls this book as the door opens and Bella calls out, “Announcing Albus Dumbledore.”

Albus walks into the room looking only slightly old.

“Ah Harry, looking for some interesting reading?”

Harry glares for a moment before taking one of the chairs in the room, “Now, I believe you were going to explain to me exactly why you tried to interfere with the execution of Sirius’ Will.”

Albus moves across the room as Cissa enters carrying a try with tea and biscuits on it. She sets the tray on the table and then walks to stand to the right of Harry’s chair while Bella walks to the left.

“Harry you have to understand, I’m trying to comply with your wish for a normal life as much as is possible so I decided to withhold the letter for a few more days.”

Harry looks Albus straight in the eye, “Don’t lie to me old man. You were trying to control my life as you have for the last fifteen years. Now tell me the truth or this interview is at its end.”

Albus sighs, “Very well Harry. I was terrified that you would take the money, the power, and everything else and decide to strike off on your own; that you would deny the Order the use of the Black family properties; that the power would go to your head and corrupt you like it did Tom.”

“Good, now that wasn’t very hard now was it? For now though, I grant the Order of the Phoenix permission to use #12 Grimmauld Place until further notice. Also, if you could arrange for Dobby and Winky to be sent here I’d appreciate it. I wish to employ both of them at reasonable wages.”

Albus smiles, “Very well Harry. It will be as you request. Will there be anything else Harry?”

“Yes, when’s the next Order meeting, I will be attending.”

“Harry, please…”

“Albus, you and I both know that I’m the only one who can finally ace Tommy boy, thus I’d like to know what he’s up to.”

“Very well Harry, the next meeting is in a week's time. I can’t make any guarantees, but you’ll be given the chance to make your case.”

“I suppose that’s the best I can ask for.”

“Thank you Harry, now if you’ll excuse me, I shall send Dobby and Winky here immediately.”

“Very well, good day Albus.”

“Good day Harry,” the ancient mage says before disappearing.

“Now,” Harry says, “where’s Tonks?”

Tonks steps through the door, “Right here Harry.”

“Did you find the little shit?”

“Sorry, he seems to have disappeared.”

“Don’t worry about it, he’ll turn up in time.”

Just then there’s a pair of sharp cracks and all four instantly have their wands leveled against the intruders.

“Bad Dobby, bad bad Dobby, Dobby frightened Harry Potter.”


The house elf stops as he’s about to bash his head against the fireplace.

Harry continues in a normal voice, “Dobby, if you wish to work for me, I must insist that you stop punishing yourself for every little deed. I’ll let you know if you’ve upset me and how to make things right.”

Dobby looks at Harry, his eyes even wider than normal, “Mister Harry Potter sir would actually be willing to have Dobby as his own house elf sir?”

“No Dobby, but I’m willing to hire your services. The pay is 1 galleon per week and that’s not open for negotiations with a work schedule the same as the one at Hogwarts. Are the terms acceptable Dobby?”

“Yes sir mister Harry Potter sir, you’re most generous sir.”

“Very good Dobby, now Winky will you accept the same terms?”

The female house elf looks down at her feet, “Master is no need to be paying Winky; Winky is good elf; Winky just wants to serve a good family.”

Harry studies the elf for several seconds before he thinks to himself, “Hermione is gonna kill me for this one.”

“Winky, I know you want to serve a good family, so I’ll offer you the opportunity to serve mine. I’ll accept you into my service effective immediately if you wish.”

Winky looks at Harry, “Would sir take Winky as a proper house elf?”

“Yes Winky I would.”

From the look on her face, Harry could have just given her the entire world on a silver platter and she wouldn’t be as happy. She snaps her fingers and her dress is replaced with a tea cozy while her dress is magically in Harry’s hands.

Dobby says, “What is masters first order?”

“First off, you’re my friends first so call me Harry and second, get this house cleaned up. There are infestations every where. I’m also going to see about completely redecorating the house, but for now, get down the elf heads in the hall and get this place spotless. Oh and look out for Kreatcher. He’s insane and very dangerous; if you find him, I want you to restrain him. Now will you be needing anything?”

“No sir, master Harry sir. Hows should we be’s getting in touch with master Harry sir should anything come up sir?”

Harry looks at Cissa, “I’m sure you can arrange something.”

Cissa nods before going and whispering something in Dobby’s ear.

“Yes ma’am master Harry Potter’s slave ma’am.”

Harry glares at Cissa and says, “I don’t know what you told him and I don’t think I want to know what you told him. Now I believe you wanted to visit Malfoy Manor today, is this correct?”

Bella looks Cissa in the eye for several seconds before the blonde says, “Yes master I did. Originally I’d planned to go alone but the more I think about it the more of a bad idea it seems. So I was wondering if you would be willing to accompany me to the Manor.”

Harry nods and Cissa grabs one of the teacups and quietly casts a spell. All of them grab the cup and soon they are on their way to Malfoy Manor.

The group lands in a large entrance hall, the floor tiled marble and the walls spotless, a pair of beautiful staircases give access to the upper levels.

Cissa leads them up to the second floor and straight to her room. As soon as the door is closed, Bella grabs her master by the shirt and pulls him into a soul searing kiss.

When the two finally separate, Cissa is completely naked and Tonks is standing there with a shocked look on her face.

Bella says, “Master, my punishment will be up in five minutes. So I’d like to ask a sexual favour from you.”

Harry can barely nod his head as he’s so light headed.

Bella quickly strips down to the buff while her sister sets about doing the same to Harry. When all three are naked, Cissa says, “Mind if I warm him up for you sister?”

Bella giggles, “Of course sister, since I get the main course.”

Cissa giggles as she takes her master’s semi-hard length into her mouth and starts to gently apply suction as she pushes her face towards his crotch.


Just down the hall from Cissa’s room, Draco’s sitting at his desk reading up on some very nasty curses when he hears the door to his mothers room close.

Wondering where she’s been for the last few days, Draco leaves his room and heads towards his parents’ bedroom to say hello to him mum and give her a hug.

When he opens the door however, his heart almost stops beating. His mother is on her knees with Potter’s cock in her mouth while his aunt Beatrix is sitting on the bed, completely naked, and fingering her cunt, while his cousin stands to the side watching the whole scene play out.

When Potter turns his head to look at him and say, “Hiya Draco,” Draco’s world suddenly goes dark and he falls to the ground.

Harry looks at the unconscious form of his school foe, “Tonks could you take Draco back to his room?”

Tonks casts a spell on Draco’s limp form while Cissa slips Harry’s cock out of her mouth long enough to tell Tonks which room Draco belongs in and then returns to her oral service.

After a minute Tonks walks back into the room and sees Bella lying on the bed impatiently rubbing her crotch as her sister slowly teases their master. With a grunt, Harry grabs two fists full of blonde hair and releases his seed into Cissa’s willing mouth. Bella watches enviously as Cissa’s throat rhythmically contracts and releases.

After Harry’s finished, he releases Cissa’s head. He’s at half mast when Bella purrs, “Master.”

Harry looks over and sees the raven haired witch bend over the side of the bed, her ass high in the air.

The tone of her voice is enough to get Harry hard again as she says, “Remember that favor I asked for, will you still grant it to me?”

“Ah, sure what do you want?”

"my lord for too long I have been denied having my full sexual pleasure, please my lord I need to be sodomized."

Harry can but gape in shock. “You want me to…”

Fuck me up my arse master, yes.”

Harry looks at Cissa who’s grinning widely, when he arches his eyebrow, she nods her head.

Harry walks towards Bella hesitantly, “Alright Bella, but I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Bella reaches behind her and spreads her asscheeks, “Relax master, it’s just like normal with a few minor exceptions.”

When Harry is directly behind her, Bella continues, “Alright master, place the tip of your cock against my asshole.”

Bella shivers in anticipation as she feels her master’s cock head press against her backdoor.

“Now master, you press forward firmly but be very careful. Though it doesn’t matter with either me or my sister, if you go too quickly you’ll hurt the woman.”

Harry starts to press his hips forward, being mindful of Bella’s warning. When the tip of his cock finally manages to enter Bella’s rectum, both moan in pleasure. For Harry he can’t remember ever feeling anything so pleasant; Bella’s ass is tighter and hotter than anything he can remember.

“Oh master, that feels so good. Now, keep pressing forward until you’re buried in me completely. I’ll tell you if I need you to stop.”

Harry’s desperately fighting for control as he pushes his way into Beatrix. His control is nearly exhausted by the time his balls come to rest against Bella’s cunt.

“Oh Merlin master, you feel so good. Now you just shag me like normal.”

Harry pulls back until just his crown is still in Bella and then pushes forward again. By the time Harry’s all the way back in both he and Bella are right on the brink. When Harry begins to pull out, Bella shrieks as she orgasms; the spasms around his dick are too much for Harry and he shoots his load into to Bella.

Harry slumps down on top of Bella for a moment before regaining his senses. After he pulls out, she turns around and drops to her knees. She places a kiss on each of his feet, “Thank you master; that was the most intense orgasm of my life.”

“Ok,” Harry’s voice is very hesitant as he turns to Cissa; the blonde’s face is completely flushed and Harry can see moisture running down the inside of her thigh. “Cissa, can you get what you wanted quickly? I’d rather be out of here quickly.”

Cissa nods her head and sets bout retrieving small personal affects while Harry and Bella quickly get dressed. As Cissa’s about to leave the room, Harry clears his throat. “Cissa, you might want to get dressed.”

Blushing again, Cissa dons her robes and leaves the room.

Tonks is standing in the corner trying to process what she’s just seen. She thinks to herself, “Alright, let’s review what just happened. First Aunt Bella grabbed Harry and kissed him hard. While that was happening, Aunt Narcissa stripped naked. After that Aunt Cissa stripped Harry while Aunt Bella divested herself of her clothing. Once all three were naked, Aunt Cissa proceeded to give Harry a blow job that was only temporarily suspended by her son’s appearance. She showed no more concern for her son then making sure I put him back in the proper room. When I got back, Aunt Cissa had just finished with Harry and Aunt Bella begged Harry to butt fuck her. Then Aunt Bella had to walk him through the process so he must be new to this. Then he actually managed to make Aunt Bella orgasm from being sodomized.” Tonks blushes at the thought. “He must be one hell of a lover.”

Meanwhile Cissa quickly walks to the manor’s library and pulls several books starting with The Noble Houses of Wizarding Britain. The rest of the books are on various subjects including potions and dark magics. Before returning to her master, Cissa opens the book on the Wizarding families. She flips through and finds the coat of arms for the Potter family. The crest is a simple crossed sword and wand on top of a shield in green and red.

Cissa produces her wand and casts a charm on the disk of her choker, altering it to the proper coat of arms.

Gathering up her books, Cissa shrinks them and puts them in her pocket before she returns to her master, “I’ve got everything together master. We can leave whenever you wish.”

“Tonks, the portkey?”

Tonks reaches into her robe and pulls out the silk robe. Everyone grabs a hold of the robe and moments later, they land in Harry’s room at #4.

Cissa says, “My lord, I’ll go and see about arranging food if that’s alright.”

Cissa disappears out the door to have a very pointed discussion with Petunia.

While Cissa sets about doing her task, Harry sits down at the table and invites the other two to join him. “Bella, when Cissa gets back I want you two to go over the entire ledger with a fine tooth comb. Find each and every advantage that I can use against both the Ministry and Dumbledore if needed.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house, nefarious plans are being laid concerning Harry Potter

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