Harry Potter and the sisters black chapter 6

Harry Potter and the sisters black chapter 6

Just over a week later, Harry’s looking out the window at #4 with a slight smile on his face. His mind drifts back to the roller coaster the last week had been.

He chuckles as he replays the scene with Bella and Cissa after they got back from their little tryst at Malfoy Manor.


Cissa walks into the room with a smug grin on her beautiful face and Bella pulls the ledger from her pocket.

Harry pats down his pockets for a moment before cursing, “Cissa dear, would you pop over to #12 and pick up the books I’d pulled in the library.”

Cissa grins pleasantly before she reaches into her pocket and pulls out two things the size of a deck of playing cards. She produces her wand and casts the spell to expand the objects back to their original size.

Harry grins as he sees that Cissa picked up the books he’d pulled. “Thank you Cissa dear,” Harry says before giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

Cissa blushes as Bella pulls the ledger from her pocket and expands it. The two women go to work reviewing the ledge while Harry picks up Walking the Line. Harry goes over to his desk and starts to read while his ladies go about their set task.

The book, Harry discovers, is less on actual spell casting and more about redefining the line between Light and Dark magic. The author challenges the views on many spells, including the Unforgivables. Harry notes some of the arguments hold some validity, such as using the Imperious on an attacker during a hostage situation, while others a bit of a stretch, like using the AK to stop a rampaging magical creature. Still on the whole, the author makes more valid points than Harry’s comfortable admitting, such as using Crucio when trying to apprehend a target who’s got a strong Shield Charm in place without killing said target.

Harry’s about half way through the book when he makes the decision to set it aside and digest what he’s already read. He looks up and sees that it’s almost time to eat, so the three head down to the kitchen.


Harry shakes his head as he forces his mind away from the other book for the moment.

Instead, he shakes his head as he lets his mind drift to the series of incidents that happened during supper that night.


As Harry leads the procession in, Petunia gives him a very pleasant smile. Harry smiles and nods in response as he goes over and sits down at the table while Bella sets the table and Cissa makes a pot of tea.

During the course of the meal, Petunia gives Harry several apprising glances and Harry keeps switching his attention from his presently overly innocent ladies to his aunt.

Harry feels a petite foot rubbing against his ankle. As he looks at Bella and Cissa, they both just smile innocently as the foot makes its way up his leg at which point Harry bats the foot away with his leg. At the round table, Bella is sitting directly to Harry’s left with Cissa sitting opposite her while Petunia is looking directly at her nephew. As Harry looks around the table, he can see his aunt blushing mildly. Harry asks, “Can I help you with something aunt Petunia?”

Petunia clears her throat and says, “Not at the moment Harry dear, thank you though.”

Harry looks suspiciously at the three women sharing the table with him. “Cissa honey, would you mind telling me what’s going on?”

Cissa opens her mouth to deny that anything’s going on but then her master locks gazes with her and his eyes bore into her mind. Despite her intentions, Cissa says, “Master, I’m sorry, but your aunt enjoyed our time together and asked for another session. I knew of your fantasy from a few days ago so I struck a deal with her. If she helped to bring your fantasy to life, I’d do whatever it took to arrange another session.”

Harry can feel the rage welling up inside but he swallows the angry words as he sees his aunts expression. The woman looks to be close to tears and humiliation is etched on every line of her face.

Harry holds up one finger as his aunt begins to open her mouth. “Narcissa, I’m very upset with you. You went behind my back to arrange a scene that had no chance of coming to pass. Go up to our room and wait for me, I’ll be up eventually.”

Both Bella and Cissa silently get up from the table and walk out of the room.

“Now Aunt Petunia, first off, I’m not mad at you, I just wish to know why you went along with this.”

“I’m so sorry, but I was desperate. I’ve been without any form of companionship since before Dudley was born. I was willing to do whatever it took.”

Harry closes his eyes as he fights to retain his composure. “What *exactly* was the deal you made with Cissa?”

“If I’d let you sleep with me, she’d see to any further issues I had during the rest of your time here.”

Harry shakes his head as he massages his temples, “I’ll talk with Cissa and see what I can do. In the interim I would appreciate it if you would curtail your attempts to seduce me.”

“Very well Harry. Might I ask what you’re going to do to the ladies?”

“Honestly I don’t know. I’ll try to do something to help you, but beyond that, I don’t know.”

Petunia nods her head as Harry stands up and walks up to his room.

In his room, Harry finds Cissa stripped naked and hanging from the shackles on the ceiling while Bella kneels next to her dressed in the maids outfit with her head on the floor.

Harry quickly closes the door, “Bella dear, please release Cissa.”

Moments later, Cissa is kneeling next to her sister, head on the floor and her arse high in the air.

“Stand up Narcissa.”

The blonde jumps to her feet and stands with her feet shoulder width apart, her arms clasped behind her back, her chest pushed out and her head down, studying her feet.

“Now Narcissa, I’m extremely upset with you. I want to punish you very severely but I don’t think I could come up with anything sufficient to the task so, I’m asking you. What shall your punishment be?”

Cissa looks up and swallows hard, “Might I ask how badly I’ve offended you master?”

Harry locks eyes with her and she almost takes a step backwards, “I’m very angry with you Cissa.”

Swallowing again, Cissa responds, “May I have a minute to consider master?”

“You may.”

Cissa’s mind races, her loyalty to Harry and the drive to follow his orders wars with her natural desire to avoid pain. Through it all though, the plan that she and her sister had worked out is foremost on her mind. Finally she says, “There are a couple of items I would like to retrieve so we can begin my punishment, it that is permissible master.”

Harry nods and Cissa quickly goes and retrieves the box she acquired during their trip to the Alley. Out of the box, Cissa pulls a strange looking device. It’s about eight inches long; it comes to a point at the end but swells towards the bottom, before pinching off just above the base, which is a flat plastic disk. Next, she pulls out a long silvery cylinder. Finally, Cissa goes over and grabs the strap before returning to her place in front of her master.

She takes the cone in hand, “Do you know what this is master?”

“Not really Cissa.”

“This is what’s referred to as a butt plug. It’s normally used to loosen a person up for sodomization. This one is special though. Please tap it with your wand.”

Curious, Harry complies and the plug glows a soft red for a moment.

Cissa hands the plug to Harry before she turns around and bends over, “Would you please push the plug into my arse master?”

Hesitantly, Harry sheathes his wand and steps behind Cissa. With one hand, he parts her taut asscheeks then he slowly pushes the plastic plug into her, eliciting a prolonged moan. When the plug is all the way in, the base glows a soft yellow.

Cissa slowly straitens up, before she turns around and drops to her knees. After placing a kiss on each of her master’s feet, Cissa looks up at Harry and says, “Thank you master, the plug is spelled now so that it can only be removed by your expressed consent.” Harry blushes slightly as Cissa continues, “I’m afraid I’ll need my sisters’ help for the next part of my punishment master.”

Harry nods at Bella who stands up.

“Sister dear, I need you to lie on the bed face up and naked.”

Grinning evilly, Bella quickly has the uniform on the floor and is lying on the bed with her legs spread wide.

Handing the strap to her master, Cissa bends over the foot of the bed and Bella moves down so that Cissa head is between her legs.

“The second part of my punishment is that I have to eat out my sister while you deliver fifty blows to my arse.”

Harry shudders for a moment before he says, “Cissa dear, if you can make your sister orgasm before I finish your punishment you can give her ten blows to her cunt, but if she doesn’t come, then she gets to give you those ten blows.”

Both of the women shiver from the thickness of Harry’s voice.

Cissa takes the silver cylinder in hand and presses her finger against the bottom and it starts to shake. Cissa slowly pushes it into Bella as Harry brings the first blow down on her arse.

The crack and splotch of red rewards Harry’s effort, along with a small yelp from Cissa. Harry repeats this forty-nine more times, each time Cissa screams a little louder. Just as the final blow lands though, Bella screams out as she comes. Cissa’s ass is bright red as she turns around and looks at their master, “Who wins master?”

Harry smiles benignly as he hands the strap to Cissa. Bella screams when the belt comes down between her legs and her voice is hoarse when Cissa is done.

“Bella dear, can you stand up?”

Her legs are a bit unsteady as she stands up and goes over to beside her master.

Harry takes the strap from Cissa and hands it to Bella, “Now Cissa dear, switch spots with your sister.”

Cissa gulps as she positions herself on the bed with her legs spread wide.

“Bella hon, you may start when ever you’re ready.”

Grinning, Bella brings the strap down as hard as she can on her sister’s waiting cunt. When she’s done, Cissa has almost lost her voice.


Harry shakes his head once more, still unsure what prompted him to set the sisters against one another then to punish them both. Still, Aunt Petunia was in a better mood since Harry told Cissa to act as though Petunia had made good on their deal.

Scratching his head, Harry contemplates Cissa’s butt plug, over a week later, she still insisted on wearing the thing; asking permission before using the lavatory and replacing it as soon as she is done.

Harry goes over to his desk and sits down before his mind takes him down another path, the trip to Gringotts and what happened afterwards.


When the appointed day arrived, Tonks, Harry and the Black sisters are waiting in Harry’s room, at exactly 9:55 a nondescript owl flies into the room and lands in front of Harry. When Harry removes the letter and opens it, he finds only a time written, 9:59.

“Every one wands out then grab on, this should activate in a few minutes.”

However, as soon as everyone is touching the letter, the portkey activates.

Moments later, they arrive and manage to keep their feet as they scan the room.

Rupert is sitting behind his desk, looking completely nonchalant, as though people arrive in his office all the time prepared for a fight.

“Ah, Mr. Potter, a little early, but that’s quite alright, if you and your companions would please lower your wands we may begin.”

“I’m sorry Rupert, but there are people who wish me dead, so I’m getting a little paranoid,” that said, Harry cast Finite on Rupert. When nothing happens, Harry puts his wand away and the other follow suit.

“Before you apologize, Mr. Potter, let me say there is no need to. As you stated, there are a great many people who wish you dead and I’d be a great deal more concerned if you hadn’t taken to practicing rudimentary protective measures.”

Harry nods at he sit down in one of the chairs, “If that is you opinion Rupert, I’ll honor it. Now down to the business at hand.”

Rupert grins, “Straight to business, my kind of wizard. Very well Mr. Potter, there are several thing we need to discuss. First is your parents Will. After that, we will need to discuss the future of both Estates.

“In regards to the Potter Will, you gain an overall net worth of approximately 75%. The amount in gold monies is slightly less than that, but the properties, pieces of art, magical artifacts, investments, and other items more than balance that out. Do you have any questions at this point?”

“Yes sir, what sort of investments?”

Grinning, Rupert says, “A wide variety of magical companies, but I’d prefer to hold off on this until we finish with the rest of the items if you don’t mind sir.”

“Not at all Rupert, at you pleasure then sir.”

“Thank you Mr. Potter, now there’s the title to deal with. As your assistants may have noted, the patriarch of the Black family will receive the title of Baron Black. However, the Potter family line was much more dominant in olden times and received the title of Duke to their credit. Do you have a preference as to which title you wish to use?”

Harry looks at Narcissa, “Suggestions my dear?”

“Duke is of higher stature master, so I would naturally recommend that you assume that title, also, it is the one that comes to you via direct bloodline.”

Harry nods his head and turns back towards the goblin sitting across from him. “Duke it will be sir.”

“Very good Mr. Potter; now on to the issue of the monies and investments, you have a goodly deal of investments in both companies and rental properties.” He snaps his fingers and a tome appears on the desk in front of Harry, “This, sir, is a complete compilation of both the Black and Potter Estates, as of today; including price quotes for the stocks available for public sale. Now Mr. Potter, I would advise you to have your assistants review the entirety of the contents before making any suggestions, but I would recommend a 20% increase in property investments and no less than a 50% increase in other forms of investments. Gringotts offers excellent rates of return on Certificates of Deposited and the Ministry is currently debating whether or not they wish to issue War Bonds at the present time.”

Harry nods as Cissa picks up the book and puts it into her robes. “I’ll consider it and get back to you within a weeks time.”

“Very good Mr. Potter, I do believe that that should conclude our meeting for today. I was the personal agent of Mr. Sirius Black before his demise and I hope that you will allow me to be your agent as well.”

Harry stands up and extends his hand to Rupert who quickly scrambles up and takes it with a perplexed look on his face.

Tonks says, “So Harry, back to your place?”

“Not yet Tonks, I need to do some shopping first. I was so furious with Albus last time we were here I completely forgot.”

Tonks shuffles on her feet for a moment before agreeing; after carefully weighing her chances of taking the other three and concluding she hasn’t a chance.

Harry tells Tonks what he’s looking for and the young Auror blanches, before leading the group out the bank and through several different stores. As the trip progresses, Harry spends his money fairly freely, getting new wardrobes for the sisters as well as himself and insisting that Tonks pick out a few items for herself, in addition to picking up a target dummy, designed to be almost indestructible but also mimics spell effects. Harry also places a hold on a set of dueling dummies, like the target dummy, but mobile. Also, he picks up special Auror wand sheathes, spelled to shoot a wand into the users hand with a sharp jerk of the arm.

Finally, the quartet returns to #4.


Harry still can’t believe he’s actual nobility. Oh Merlin, the number he could do on Vernon now. Child abuse and neglect was bad enough, but for the target of that abuse to be a ducal heir.

But Harry knows he would never do that; his aunt might get caught in the backlash, and that was to be avoided if at all possible.

With a small chuckle, Harry casts his mind to the night of the Order meeting, and the many revelations that came about as a result.


The night of the meeting of the Order of the Phoenix had come and the trio had discussed how they were to respond to various situations, include Ron and Snivilus.

They hear a soft pop in the hall outside the door moments before there’s knock on the door and they hear Tonks ask for permission to enter the room.

Bella goes over and opens the door to admit her niece who is promptly hit by three Finite’s.

Tonks doesn’t even bat an eye as the spells connect with her. Nodding to her aunt, she says, “Wotcher Harry, ready to head out?” Tonks walks over and pulls out another length of silk robe.

Harry grabs a hold of it while the other three Disapparate. All of them arrive at the entry hall of #12 at the same time.

Their arrival is heralded by a male shout and a female squeal.

Harry looks towards the kitchen and sees Hermione and a fuming Ron. Before he can say a word, Ron comes storming over to Harry followed by Hermione.

Hermione shrieks, “Harry how could you? Enslaving those poor women, I expected better of you!”

Simultaneously, Ron yells out, “You bastard, you get every fucking thing you want.”

However, when Ron pulls up his fist to punch Harry, four spells fly over Harry’s shoulders and hit Ron.

Hermione shrieks again and all the commotion seems to have woken up Mrs. Black.


As the ruckus reaches a crescendo, Harry bellows, “EVERYONE, ENOUGH!” The very foundation of the house seems to shake from Harry’s words.

Everyone stops and stares at Harry, who now has his wand out. First, he turns towards Mrs. Black. “You stupid hag, your only remaining son is dead and you still rant and rave. Winky, Dobby,” the two house elves appear instantly. “If that portrait doesn’t release its self from the wall, you are to pull it down and burn it. If it comes down willingly, find someplace appropriate to its status to hang it.”

Next he looks at Bella, “Put your wand away and go see about refreshments and if Albus is here yet.”

Finally, the young man’s attention is drawn to Hermione, “Mione, would you be willing to listen to my side of the story before condemning me?”

Hermione is blushing profusely even before Harry’s words, but she does nod her consent.

When Harry turns towards the stairs, he sees what’s become of Ron. The sisters seem to have followed the plan, except Harry is curious as to what the extra spell was.

Ron is currently naked, plastered and stuck to the entryway hall.

As Harry leads the way up the stairs, Bella sets about her appointed task. Hermione is silent as she follows Harry to the library.

Harry takes his normal seat while Narcissa takes up her normal place at Harry’s right side and Hermione sits down across from him.

“Now Harry, please explain to me what happened.”

“I was taking a run at Privet Drive when I heard a commotion in the alleyway. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I went to check it out. My hand was on my wand and I was positive there would be a guard from the Order not far behind me. Once I was completely in the alley, I heard someone cast a stunner behind me. There was no where for me to dodge to and it hit me. Next thing I know, I’m waking up in some cell. Peter comes in and gives me a piece of parchment with a spell written on it and then leaves. As soon as I’ve read the spell, it bursts into flames and I pass out again. Next time I wake up, I’m naked and bound to the cot. Bella and Cissa come in and strip down, telling me that they want the honor of being able to say they shagged the Boy-Who-Lived before he died. I’ll skip the details, but suffice it to say, during the act, I could feel my magic building up. I didn’t have any other spell in my armory that could get the job done completely. The stunner and AK would have incapacitated the women, but I still would have been bound to the bed. An Alohomora could have gotten me free of the chains, but I still would have been in a sealed room with too very powerful witches and I was without my wand. So, I had no choice but to believe what Peter said when he dropped off the spell, that this was his way of saving my life. I cast the spell, not knowing what it would do and then I passed out. When I came too, the sisters were suddenly a great deal more cooperative. They released me from the chains and then, went to get my wand because I asked them too. Peter was just outside the door, I’d be willing to swear he was waiting for us; but anyways, he handed over my wand, transformed, and scurried off. Cissa made a portkey to bring us here, where we notified Professor Dumbledore of what happened. Since then, I’ve just been trying to keep up with everything that’s happened as of late.”

By the time Harry is done, Hermione’s white as a sheet.

“So you mean to say Harry, is that you honestly didn’t know what the spell would do?”

“No I didn’t.”

She’s up and on Harry before he can blink and he’s the victim of one of Hermione’s infamous crushing hugs.

“I’m so sorry Harry; I shouldn’t have said what I did to you.”

As Hermione lets Harry go, Bella walks into the room carrying a tray with a teapot on it, “I’m sorry master, but Albus isn’t here yet.”

“That’s alright Bella, but please close the door.”

As Bella complies Harry signals both of the sisters to move in front of him, “Now ladies, I have a simple question, who cast the extra spell?”

Bella is blushing and looking down at her feet as she hesitantly raises her hand.

“Alright Beatrix, what spell did you use?”

Bella’s voice is disheartened as she says, “A shrinking charm master.”

Harry arches his eyebrow as Bella looks up at him, “A shrinking charm?”

Swallowing loudly, Bella says, “Yes master a shrinking charm, one that was aimed at his genitalia.”

Harry’s expression is stuck between a laugh and a wince as he says, “Bella, I’ve got to punish you for disobeying me, but under the circumstances it’ll be a very light punishment.” Harry then turns to Hermione, “Mione, you’re welcome to stick around if you like, or I can send one of the ladies for you when I’m done with Bella’s punishment.”

Blushing, Hermione says, “I’ll stay, I want to see how much you’ve changed.”

Harry shifts his gaze back to Bella, “Lose the robe my dear.”

Bella’s robe hits the floor as soon as her master’s intent becomes clear, revealing the maid’s outfit.

Harry moves to the sofa and signals Bella to lie across his lap. When the raven-haired woman is properly situated, Harry pulls her skirt up exposing her naked bum. “No knickers my dear, scandalous,” Harry says as he runs his hands over her arse. “Now, I want you to count each of the blows.”

As Harry draws back his hand, Narcissa speaks up, “One moment master.” She then casts silencing charms before nodding to Harry.

“Thank you Cissa,” Harry says before he brings his hand down on Bella’s butt.

Bella yips a little before saying, “One master.”

Harry stares at the slightly pink spot where his hand connected with Bella’s flesh for a moment before he draws back his hand for a second blow.

This time, Bella’s yelp is slightly louder and the spot a touch pinker when she says, “Two master.”

The process is repeated until Bella finally says, “Twenty-five master.”

Harry pulls Bella’s skirt back down while she murmurs a small drying charm for Harry’s trousers.

As Bella stands up and the silencing charms are lifted, they hear a small sobbing in the hall and the door to Ron’s room slam shut.

Harry clears his throat and says, “I’m guessing Albus is here. Bella, please get dressed and fetch him up here.”

Bella’s face has frustration written all over it as she complies with her masters orders.

A few minutes later, Bella walks in followed by Albus, “Harry my boy, would you happen to know anything about Mr. Weasley’s situation upon my arrival?”

“Are you referring to his being stuck to the wall?”

“Yes I am, my boy.”

“Then yes, I do know about his situation. He attempted to attack me and the sisters responded accordingly.”

Hermione moves as Harry retakes his seat and Albus seems to glide into the room and he takes the seat she just vacated.

“Very well Harry, I can accept that answer. Now how do you wish to handle tonight?”

Harry quickly replies, “I’d like to be in from the beginning and from there I can deal with any objections.” Harry cuts his eyes to Hermione, “Mione, I hate to ask this of you, but would you mind stepping outside for a few minutes?”

Hermione nods her head despite the curiosity burning inside of her and walks out the door. As soon as the door is closed, Harry casts a locking, silencing, and Imperturbable charm on the door.

“Now Albus, if we do this right, I’m hoping that we won’t have to reveal the prophecy. I’m expecting the most strenuous objections from Molly and Snape. I’ve planned on how to deal with Snape, but I would appreciate you help in dealing with Mrs. Weasley.”

Smiling, Dumbledore says, “I’ll be glad to help you with the formidable Mrs. Weasley. Might I ask how you plan to deal with Professor Snape?”

Harry glares at Albus, “Don’t worry; I won’t hurt Snivillus unless he attacks me but I’d rather leave out the details for now.”

“Harry, I wish you would show Professor Snape the respect he’s due.”

“Albus, I do give his all the respect that he has earned, exactly none. He has refused to let go of a school boy feud, so I don’t feel his is worthy of any respect from myself, but hopefully, that will be dealt with tonight.”

“And if he does, as you say, let go of the feud?”

“All I have ever done is retaliate; if he doesn’t attack me, I won’t have cause to retaliate.”

“Ah, a case of ‘live and let live’?”

“Correct sir. If he wishes to do more, then I’m more than willing, but I’m man enough to let bygones be bygones and put personal differences aside from the duration of the war.”

Albus is smiling by the time Harry is done with his little speech. “I continue to be surprised by you my boy. I am very proud of you at this moment. I am sorry to say that if Professor Snape refuses to cooperate with you, I am afraid my ability to monitor his actions will be fluctuating this coming year. I’ll be paying much closer attention when he meets out punishments but may occasionally be unable to verify the culprit if someone takes it upon themselves to teach him a small measure of humility by pranking him.” Even a blind man could see the mischievous twinkle in Dumbledore’s eye as he meets Harry’s gaze.

Harry grins as he says, “I appreciate that sir, but hopefully that won’t be needed.”

“I agree, but just in case. Anyways is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Yes there is sir. I’m curious as to the quantity of portkey’s we’ve been using lately.”

“Ah, that’s rather simply answered. Since the return of Lord Voldemort is now being publicly acknowledged, the Aurors have been given much more latitude in creating and employing portkey’s than is normal.”

“Thank you sir, but I would like to talk with Fudge to see if he’s amiable to an idea I’d had.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“Simply put sir, I’d like to learn how to Apparate early and have Tonks permanently assigned to me as a bodyguard.”

“And is she willing?”

“Of course sir, I’d never suggest something like this without asking her first.”

“Very good Harry; I trust you have something to offer Cornelius in exchange?”

“Yes I do; the minister cornered me the last time I was at the ministry and asked for a public endorsement. This is going to be the last coin I’m going to ask for, for a while to pay for that endorsement.”

“Ah, and he’s already provided other coin, so the compensation should be equitable.”

“Correct sir.”

“Is there anything else Harry?”

“Yes there is, I’d like for Hermione to have the chance to present her case for induction into the Order tonight as well, if she wants the chance at least.”

“And what about young Mr. Weasley?”

“I’m sorry to say that inducting him would be next to impossible. Mrs. Weasley aside, I don’t really think Ron has the maturity to handle it, as tonight helped to underscore.”

“I’m afraid I must concur with your assessment concerning young Mr. Weasley’s suitability at this time. When do you intend to extend the offer to Ms. Granger?”

“As soon as we’re done here sir.”

“Then let us conclude this conversation for the time being so you may converse with Ms. Granger.”

“As you wish Albus,” Harry says as he stands up.

The old mage rises and lifts the charms on the door before taking his leave.

As Hermione walks back into the room, Harry quickly reseals the room and extends the offer to Hermione who eagerly accepts.

The quartet make their way down to the kitchen to find it filled with Order members.

As soon as Harry steps through the door Molly bustles over to them and says, “Harry dear, it’s lovely to see you, but a meeting is about to begin so you’ll have to leave.”

As she starts to push the group out, Harry speaks up, “Actually, Mrs. Weasley, I’m here to attend the meeting.”

“Harry, you must be joking, the Order is for adult members only. Now why don’t you go catch up on your homework and leave the war to us adults.”

Bella’s voice is filled with contempt as she says, “Look you stupid cow, our master has done more to fight the Dark Lord then you ever will!”

Molly looks at Bella for the first time and screeches, “Lestrange!” She then goes for her wand, only to find herself in a Full Body Bind.

Unfortunately, the screech had the desired effect of drawing everyone’s attention to the group. Most of the Order is going for their wands as Dumbledore shouts, “STOP!”

Albus strides into the kitchen and over to the table where he sits down at one end, “Now, Ms. Black has left Voldemort’s service so she is welcome here. As for Harry and Ms. Granger, they are here to present their case for induction into the Order.”

Harry sits down opposite Albus with Hermione beside him and the sisters stand behind and to the sides of him.

All the members sit down at the seemingly impossible small table when from about midway down comes a familiar sneer, “Albus, you can’t seriously be considering letting the little spoiled, attention seeking, glory hog into the Order of the Phoenix.”

Before Dumbledore can respond, Harry quickly speaks up. “I have a rather straightforward question for you, Snape. What is your problem with me?”

“You’re just like your father, a spoiled brat who gets everything he wants.”

Harry looks at the greasy haired man for a moment before he breaks out laughing, “Are you serious? If you like, I’ll lower my mental shields and let you see what it was like for me growing up.”

Snape sneers evilly, “I’ll gladly take that offer you worthless brat.”

Harry leans back against the back of his chair as Snape fingers his wand and casts the spell.

This is less like an attack and more of a gentle poking. With just a small amount of effort, Harry starts to feed the images of his childhood to Snape. After just a few moments, the potions master tries to pull back, but Harry mentally grabs him and forces the rest of the memories through the link before finally releasing him.

The rest of the Order members look on as the two nemeses lock gazes, and then they notice that Snape’s coloring gets even paler than normal, until there is a slightly greenish tint to his skin.

Minerva barely manages to produce a bin when the connection is broken for Snape to empty his stomach into.

The entire Order of the Phoenix looks on in horror as the greasy potions master finally finishes and looks up to the messy haired young man at the end of the table. “Potter, Harry, I don’t deserve anything more than your contempt, but, I offer my apologies.”

Albus’ face is whiter than his beard, “Severus, is it truly that bad?”

When the spy looks at the old man, he has rage written all over his face, “It’s worse than that you contemptible old fool!”

Albus’ skin acquires a slightly green tinge, “Why didn’t you ever tell me Harry?”

Harry shakes his head, “I tried to, sir; many times I tried to. At least up until this summer, when things actually became tolerable.”

“Do you wish to redress any of the wrongs they have done to you?”

“Perhaps we could discuss this later, so as not to delay these good people.”

Just as Dumbledore is about to agree, Minerva speaks up, “Please continue Mr. Potter. I, for one, am most interested in what could have prompted Severus’ rather violent reaction.”

The entirety of the room is shocked when a rather furious Molly Weasley speaks up, “I quite agree. What have those damn muggles been doing to you?”

Snape looks at Harry, “May I move things along by simply showing them what you showed me?”

Harry nods his head in resignation, Snape casts a spell quietly, and a thin line of light emerges from the tip of his wand and connects with the head of every person in the room, except Harry.

Several seconds later, there is suddenly an uproar in the room.

Molly shrieks, “Those worthless muggles, I ought to go over there and turn the lot of them into garden gnomes!”

Similar sentiments are being expressed around the room with variation depending on the person’s background. Several members stand up and head for the door, intent on making good on their threats.

When Molly comes over and tries to smother Harry, the young man finally loses it.

“ENOUGH!” Every person in the room can feel the raw magical energy pouring off of Harry in waves. “Yes the Dursley’s have been atrocious in the past but things have gotten better since the Blacks have started living with me. Now can we please continue the meeting?”

Reluctantly, the Order members seat themselves, many still grumbling about raining down fire and brimstone on the accursed muggles.

Albus, who hadn’t even attempted to stop those inclined towards inflicting violence against the Dursley’s, speaks up, “Thank you Harry, now would like to make your case for induction into the Order?”

“Actually Albus, I’d rather simply have any member of the Order who has an objection to my induction voice their complaints and concerns so I can address them rather than take up peoples time and then dealing with the concerns.”

Albus smiles, “If that is your decision, I’m more than happy to abide by it. Now, who objects to Harry’s joining the Order of the Phoenix?”

Everyone present casts their eyes towards Snape who simply says, “I’ve done many things to wrong Mr. Potter, I’ll not try to bar his admission for he has earned it.”

Albus clears his throat and says, “If there are no more objections…”

Molly hesitantly speaks up, “Pardon me headmaster, but I do have an objection.” She turns to face Harry, “Harry, ever since I met you over five years ago, I’ve thought of you as another son. I don’t want you to have to join the fight against evil so soon. You should be finding closets to snog girls in, not participating in a war. I think that you are too young to understand what type of a commitment you’re getting yourself into.”

As Albus opens his mouth, Harry raises his hand to silence him. “Molly, I appreciate how you feel, as does Professor Dumbledore, make a point to ask him about the conversation we had at the end of the school year. However, I am going to be in this war, no matter what anyone does to try to stop me. First off, Tommy-boy is hell bent on killing me; why, who knows, but he’s not going to wait until I’m of age before he makes another attempt to kill me. Secondly, even if I didn’t actively try to be a part of the war, history has shown that the war tends to seek me out. Finally, I have to ask you this, does anyone here, except for Albus, have the experience facing Tommy that I do. Let’s recount the times I’ve faced old Snake Lips. The first time I faced the Dark Wanker was when I was only a year and a half old, how I survived, no one is still sure about. Fast forward ten years, skip the hell the muggles put me through, and we come to a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who just happens to be working and playing host for the single most evil wizard of your generation, who I somehow managed to defeat, how I managed that nobody really knows and I was only eleven at the time. The next year, I’m very sure you’re aware of Molly; that was the year the entire school thought I was some type of evil racist wizard who was randomly attacking muggle born students. I was mocked, ridiculed, and ostracized for the entire year for something that I didn’t do. It finally came down to a showdown in the Chamber of Secrets with the Basilisk and Tom’s shade given form. I still have the scar from where the Basilisk bit me if you want to see it. I only managed to defeat the overgrown Gardner snake with the help of Fawkes. In third year, there was Sirius’ escape and the mayhem that ensued. In that year, I didn’t face Tommy directly but I did face his right hand man. I chose to let Wormtail live when Sirius and Remus wanted to kill him which then led to his escape and Sirius’ capture. That was also the Year of the Dementor, which led to my public humiliation due to my reaction to Dementors. Now let’s see, what happened fourth year, oh now I remember the Tri-Wizard Tournament and the whole school once more turning on me, thinking that I’d somehow managed to sneak my name into the Goblet of Fire. Every student was either mocking me or was acting as if I was on my deathbed. At the end of the year, I was kidnapped by Crouch Jr. to participate in a ritual to revive his dead master, and through my own cursed nobility got Cedric killed as well. As for last year, I won’t even say a word except that I hope that Umbitch gets to see the inside of a prison cell for a very long time to come. Now, do you have any further objections Molly?”

Molly’s face has gone a rather nasty pasty white by the time Harry finishes his triad, “No Harry, you’ve made your point well.”

Harry hesitantly stands up and walks down to where Molly is sitting. He gently wraps his arms around her shoulders, “Mrs. Weasley, I didn’t want to come down so hard on you; but you have to understand, Tom wants me dead, my best chance of survival is to get as much training as I can and to know as much as I can. Thus my odds of survival increase dramatically if I’m a member of the Order.”

Molly turns in her seat and wraps her arms around Harry and her eyes are full of tears, “Harry, I’ve always thought of you as one of my children borne of another woman. I just want what’s best for you, but if this is the course you chose for your life, then I’ll support you in it.” She reaches her hand up and pulls Harry’s head down so she can lay a gentle kiss on his forehead.

Albus’ eyes are gleaming with unshed tears as Harry walks back to his seat. The old mage clears his throat, “Are there any more objections?” When none are forthcoming, “Then I hereby nominate Harry James Potter to be inducted into the Order of the Phoenix with the full rights and responsibilities that accompany that. All those in favor, please stand up.”

As one, everyone in the room rises to their feet. “The motion is hereby passed, welcome Harry.”

After everyone is seated, Albus says, “We have a second nominee to consider tonight, Ms. Granger, would you like to make your case at this time?”

Hermione stands up, “Thank you sir, I don’t have any elaborate speeches planned out or any other extreme reasons why I should be allowed in. All I can say is that I have never turned my back on Harry and I never will. Where ever he doth do, so too shall I go.”

To everyone’s surprise, there’s a bright flash of light from Hermione.

“Most amazing Ms. Granger, now, as the Witch’s Oath just made proves, Ms. Granger fully intends to make good on her proclamation. I would like to speak in favor of her admittance so we might make full use of her capabilities and as she will most likely receive the information, I feel it would merely be a hindrance in our campaign against evil to wait for Harry to relay the information to her and her response to us. Are there any objections?”

Molly once more speaks up, “Hermione dear, I’ll tell you the same thing I told Harry, I love you like my second daughter. If this is your decision, I won’t interfere.”

Hermione blushes slightly, “Thank you Mrs. Weasley.”

“Please Hermione; I’d appreciate it if both you and Harry would call me mum.”

Hermione looks up with a small smile on her face, “Ok… mum.”

Albus clears his throat against the lump that’s formed there, “All those in favor of allowing Hermione Jane Granger to be inducted into the Order of the Phoenix with the full rights and responsibilities that accompany that. All those in favor, please stand up.”

Once more, the entire Order, including Harry, quickly rises to their feet.

“The motion is herein passed, welcome to the Order of the Phoenix Ms. Granger.”

The night passes without much being accomplished, but an extreme party atmosphere pervades #12, though Harry does set up a meeting with both Albus and Severus for later.

When they returned to Privet, Bella had immediately attacked Harry, driving him on to his bed while Cissa cast the same stripping charm on him that they had used on Ron.

Despite the silencing charms on the room, a sharp ear would have heard the female shriek of pleasure that came several minutes later.


Harry’s still unable to comprehend the amount of mayhem that happened that night.

Harry’s eyes find the Sex Alica book. He should never have let the sisters get their damn hands on it. Ever since they read that damn book, he hadn’t had a moment’s respite.


Harry was sitting at his desk, having just finished his first read through of Walking the Line while the sisters are supposed to be going through his ledger.

Unfortunately, only Narcissa is still at their appointed task. Beatrix, having long lost the ability to comprehend what she was reading in that damn ledger, is amusing herself by reading her master’s book. However, when she spots the Sex Alica sitting on the table, she can’t help herself.

The raven-haired woman starts to eagerly thumb through the pages noting several spells to try later when she comes across the spell that bound her and her sister to their new master.

The book has a complete description of the spell and its effects, but what truly catches Bella’s attention are the pages after the spell.

Potissimus Mancipium: The Primary slave spell. This spell is designed to augment the power and effect of the Sex Slave Curse. The spell will allow the master to draw even greater amounts of energy from his thralls while allowing the mental bond between them to expand further so they may cater to his desires more efficiently. The draw back is that the thrall’s dependence upon their master is increased significantly. Their sexual requirements will increase as will their need to simply spend time with their master.

That part was good, but the next spell has Bella licking her lips at the possibilities.

Universitas Mancipium: The Total Slave spell. This is the final key in the Sex Slave Curse tree. Allowing a wizard to draw on all of the knowledge and almost all of the magical energies of his thralls, it is also the one that demands the most from him. This spell alters the thralls’ body that it needs to draw its sustenance from the master. The form of this drawing is normally to have the thrall perform fellatio and to take the nutrition needed from the semen provided. The sustenance can come in any form including sweat and, if desired, urine. It is strongly recommended that the master restrict the use of this spell severely, lest friction injury occur in a very unpleasant location.

Bella’s pussy twitches at the possibilities as she closes the book. She then walks over to where her master is sitting with a seductive sway to her hips. In a saucy voice, Bella says, “Master,” the sex seems to drip off the single word, “there’s a new spell I want you to try out on me.”


Shaking his head in disbelief, Harry is glad, not for the first time, that he had the presence of mind to check out what the spells did before he actually used them.

Only a direct order for them to stop trying to coerce him into using the spells had allowed him to get a break. Still, they continued to make subtle and not so subtle hints. Such as leaving the book open to the pages with the spells and making small remarks about wishing they could serve him better.

Harry eyes his bed suspiciously as he wonders what trick the sisters will try next. However, his attention is drawn to the window and to his amazement, the moon is already up. Chiding himself for wasting the day reliving past glories, Harry quickly gets ready for bed.

The sisters are sleeping on their cots, for the moment; however, Harry is fully aware that before he wakes up in the morning, they will be in his bed giving him what Cissa has taken to calling his morning workout.

Harry climbs into his bed naked, to help facilitate his morning wake up call, and idly wonders what the next day will bring before sleep suddenly overtakes him.

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