Harry Potter and the Sisters Black

Harry Potter and the Sisters Black

Harry awakens with a groan. He feels the back of his head as he looks around the room. The room he's in looks to be a cell, one steel door, one cot, one chamber pot, and four gray stone walls. He doesn't feel anything unusual.

He thinks to himself. "Ok, let's try to figure this out. I was at Privet this morning. I went for my normal run. I thought I saw something in an alleyway and went to investigate it. Suddenly, my head exploded in pain."

He reaches into his sleeve, only to find his wand gone. As panic starts to set in, the door creaks open. Harry gets a glimpse of a sliver hand pushing against the door just before a familiar man steps into the cell. "Wormtail!"

Just as Harry's preparing to launch himself at the intruder, the Animagus holds up his silver hand an "Please Harry, don't make me hurt you.” He scurries forward and grabs Harry's hand, pressing a small piece of paper into it. "We're even Harry. I can't free you, but that's just as good. You saved my life, and I just saved yours. Please remember that in the future."

In a flash, the balding man is gone and the door closed. Harry looks at the paper, only two words are written on it: Servus secus.

"Hmm, sounds like a spell of some sort," Harry thinks, just before the paper bursts into flames and is incinerated.

Suddenly, darkness once again overtakes Harry.

When Harry comes to again, he finds himself unable to move his limbs and the room's suly gly gotten a lot colder.

He opens his eyes to find his arms shackled to the cot and himself without of his clothing.

A familiar female voice says from the door. "Ah, little Potty's awake."

Harry looks and in walks Beatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy.

Narcissa's clipped and cultured voice breaks in. "The Dark Lord wishes to reward Beatrix and myself for capturing you.” She closes the door. "So we are to do with you as we will for the next two days before he arrives to put you to death."

cla class=MsoNormal> Both of the women divest themselves of their clothing.

"Since you put poor Lucius into Azkaban, I'm afraid that I haven't been about to get any form of physical relief, so you have two months of frustration to help take care of and my sister just wants to be able to say she shagged the Boy-Who-Died."

With no further warning, Beatrix walks over and climbs onto the cot. She places on knee on either side of Harry head and lowers her crotch to Harry's face. "Come now boy, surely you and either that mudblood whore or the daughter of the blood traitors have been fooling around."

Harry's completely at a loss of what to do as Beatrix reaches down and pulls his head up to her slit by his hair. He exhales and accidentally brings the tip his tongue into contact with her cunny, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Beatrix.

As Harry contemplates what to do, he feels a hand wrap around his half-erect cock. "Hmm," says Narcissa. "What a delightful member you have boy. It almost makes me grateful you put my husband away."

Narcissa lowers her head to and takes Harry's cock into her mouth, a few quick sucks is all it takes to have Harry at full mast. She then quickly straddles Harry and guides him to her waiting entrance.

Beatrix says, "Come on boy, eat my cunt," as Narcissa starts to bounce on Harry's dick.

He feels his magic start to build up as the pressure in his cock does. He tentatively runs his tongue along Beatrix's outer lips. He finds a small nub that causes Beatrix to gasp every time his tongue comes into contact with it.

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