His girlfriend's mom

His girlfriend's mom

Sandra locked the bathroom door as the chime of the door bell filled the house. Stripping her nightie off looking at her sweet milky skin in the mirror, her perky breasts with round pink nipples and her stomach flat and sexy she thought about the fuzz that was her mound. She slid her hand down to her crotch and touched herself. She decided she would shave it considering she and Tom would probably be fooling around later.

Tom waited on the porch considering pushing the button again when the door opened. Standing in the doorway was Rachel, Sandra’s mother. At forty Rachel was five six. Blonde hair that hung loose on her shoulders she had deep brown eyes and full lips that drew Tom’s attention as she smiled.
“Uh…” he said.
“You must be Tom,” Rachel said.
“Uh huh.” Tom said as his eyes moved down the long night shirt she wore. From the wide V at the neck that revealed the ample bosom of a voluptuous 36DD to her seductive hips and then her endless legs he took in the sight before him.
Rachel smiled feeling naughty for coming to the door only in her night shirt but enjoying the feeling of the teenager gawking at her. “Come in,” she said turning and walking with a seductive sway to the living room. “Sandra just got up. She’s in the bathroom.”
Tom followed Sandra’s mother into the living room.
“Have a seat,” Rachel said gesturing to the sofa.
“Thanks Ms. Jackson.”
“Call me Rachel,” She said. “You want anything to drink?”
“Water… please.”
“Be back.” Rachel said winking.
As Rachel poured the water from the pitcher she thought about how nervous she was making Tom. She should get him to relax a little. A devilish thought crossed her mind spurred by her early morning encounter with her fingers.

Sandra stepped into the shower. The water was hot and sweet on her skin. She closed her eyes and let it run over her body enjoying the feeling of its sweet embrace. Reaching for her shaving cream she lathered her mound and turned away from the stream. Razor in hand she slowly began to rid herself of the fuzz on her mound. It didn’t take long and soon she was facing the stream again washing excess shaving cream from her baby smooth pussy.
Rubbing her hand on her mound her finger slipped between her slit. She felt a chill pass over her in spite of the hot stream showering her. She bit her lip and slid her finger against her clit again feeling a desire to have her pussy filled. She slipped her finger inside her opening feeling the sweet silky meat inside welcome the touch.

Rachel returned with the glass of water in hand taking in the boy as she approached. He was tall and lean. Not particular muscular it seemed but not bad he had potential. “Here you go,” she said.
Tom reached for it looking up at the massive mammories above him as Rachel bent over him a sweet seductive smile painting her face.
Rachel tipped the glass as he took it spilling its entire contents on his shirt and pants.
“Oh I’m so sorry,” Tom said jumping to his feet as the cool water drenched him.
“Oh it’s my fault,” Rachel said trying to act innocent. “Come let me dry you off.” Taking his hand she led him through the kitchen to the laundry room. “You’re going to have to take those off.” She said. She turned bent over and opened the dryer. There was nothing in it but she really didn’t bend over to check inside anyway.
Tom’s eyes were wide. He licked his lips as in the single incandescent light above he gaped at the view before him. It was a clear view of the woman’s thick shaven pussy, her large lips wet and invitng.
Rachel turned still bent over. “You’re going to catch a cold if you don’t take those off.”
Hesitant Tom peeled his shirt off and then his pants. His boxers were dry.
Rachel extended her hand for them.
Mouth still agape Tom walked over and gave her the clothes his eyes still on her ass round and tight and her pussy.
Rachel smiled at the sight before her, the shaft pointing up in his boxers. Potential indeed. Tossing the clothes into the dryer she set it on fifteen minutes.
“You’re quiet a sight.” Rachel said. She took Tom and turned him against the washing machine kissing his neck.
“We can’t do this.” Tom said pushing weakly against her his conviction hindered by his desire to have her.
“Oh yes we can.” Rachel said running her tongue along his neck as she slide her hand down his boxers and took his throbbing shaft into her hand.
“Ummmm.” Tom moaned as she began stroking him while her teeth now nibble his neck.
Rachel pulled back tossing her shirt off.
Tom’s eyes grew even wider as he stared at the naked woman before him. He’d seen Sandra naked before but her body was far from as developed as Rachel’s was. He swallowed hard as Rachel reached out and tugged his boxers. They dropped to his ankles.
“But Sandra’s…”
Rachel silenced him with a kiss.

Sandra was no longer standing in the shower. Sweet knee weakening sensations drove her to sit in the tub while the water from above pelted her. One leg each raised up on the rims of the tub a hand squeezing her small supple breasts she had the other on her mound with a single finger between her slit rapidly moving up and down teasing the small nub that was her clit.
With eyes closed and her breathing growing faster as her small body burned with desire she arched her back and pursed her lips as her body shuddered to a sweet climax. “Hmmmm.” She moaned massaging her mound, sliding her finger into her pussy and rubbing her sticky wetness on her leg. She licked her lips.

Rachel guided his shaft towards her pussy as she kissed him.
Tom closed his eyes as he felt his head touch the large lips that he’d seen earlier when she bent over to open the dryer. He moaned as he felt his head push past her silky opening and slipped into her.
Rachel wasn’t surprised that he had limited girth but he was long. She was sure she could feel his head touching the depths of her pussy. “Fuck me,” she whispered.
Tom turned her and pressed her against the washing machine. He began stroking her slowly.
Rachel closed her eyes as he stroked her. She felt her nipples rubbing against his chest with each thrust into her body. Sensitive as they were the sensation sent further ripples of pleasure to her core to be added with the sensation of his pelvic bone pressing against her clit each time me pushed himself into her. “Deeper.” She moaned.
Tom placed his hands on the side of the washing machine for added support pushing himself harder and deeper into Rachel. He felt her pressing against him and heard subtle sounds escaping her lips each time he pushed into her spurring him to push even harder.

Sandra step out of the shower. She glanced at the clock on the wall. She’d already spent fifteen minutes in the shower. Poor Tom must be downstairs suffering. He was so shy he was probably just staring at her mother.
Sandra quickly dried off and slipped into a G String. Looking at her breasts and then the bra she ignored it picking up the tank top. She could see her nipples pressing against the fabric. Tom would like that she thought smiling as she pulled her shorts on. Admiring herself in the mirror she reached for her tooth brush and started on the task.

Rachel felt herself approaching a climax. Her body quivered. She rolled her eyes as she swallowed feeling herlsef weak on her feet.
Tom felt his body tighten and his cum rush from his head into his girlfriend’s mother.
“Mmmm. Nice Tom.” Rachel said as he pulled out of her.
The dryer stopped.

Sandra sprayed on some perfume and stood in front of the mirror.

Rachel pulled Tom’s shirt out of the dryer and tossed it to him.
Tom put on his shirt and reached for his boxers. Rachel had those and his pants in hand.
He frowned as she got down on her knees.
Rachel held the boxers for him.
Tom stepped into the boxers.
Rachel started up but before covering his member took it into his mouth tasting her pussy juice and his cum savoring the sticky fluids.

Sandra started down the hall for the stairs wondering where her mother was. “Mom!” She called.

Rachel stood and handed him his pants winking.
Snapped back to reality Tom hurriedly put on his pants.

Sandra frowned as she entered the kitchen just as Tom and his mother emerged from the laundry room.
“Where were you guys?” She asked.
Rachel leaned against the refrigerator and crossed her legs. “You nice boyfriend here was helping me with the washing machine. You know how it shudders sometimes.”
Still confused Sandra didn’t push it. “Are you ready Tom?”
Tom nodded smiling weakly feeling a guilty pleasure wash over him as he was about to take out his girlfriend and probably get lucky after just fucking her mother.
“Come on.” Sandra took Tom’s hand. “Mom I’ll be back later.”
“You kids have fun.”
“Bye Rachel,” Tom said smiling.
“See you next time,” she said winking before Sandra caught her.
As the door slammed Rachel uncrossed her legs and let the residual cum that had started trickling down the inside of her thigh when Sandra came into the kitchen to continue its trail. She ran her hand up her leg and licked the creamy fluid from her fingers. She smiled thinking already about ways to get Tom to herself when he came back later with Sandra.

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