Hit Lady

Hit Lady

Copyright 2002
FK Publications

Outside in the distance, she heard the low rumble of traffic coupled with the sound of a plane a few miles off, light sounds that only added an additional mystique to the errie and deserted warehouse in which she stood, smoking away on her Marlboro until it burned itself down to the filter.

Dropping the cigarette to the concrete floor, sexy Helen in her late twenties raised her right black leather stiletto boot and brought down its sole, killing the thing while reaching into her black suit jacket, producing another, firing up and inhaling immediately after.

As a few ashes fell upon her black slim business skirt, the seam only a few inches below her knees, dark-haired Helen looked around with her brown eyes, inspecting the lonely place located in the Queens area of New York City.

While she stood there and waited, seeing four thirty in the afternoon on her watch, the brunette suddenly heard footsteps in the distance. Her attention heightened, the lady continued to stand there still as a statue with her weight slightly shifted. Listening further, she finally made out the figure of a man approaching as the guy turned a corner and headed toward her, holding a briefcase.

At last, at a steady pace, the guy came closer, eventually standing a few feet in front of her. With a wide eyed expression, the man asked, “ Helen?”

“ And you are?”

“ Sam…, your previous phone contact.”

“ Ok…, what have you got for me?”

Before he started with business, he relaxed himself somewhat, smiled, and then remarked, “ So you’re the famous lady…I’m honored to see you in person.”

Disgust in her eyes, she inhaled from the cigarette and rudely replied, “ In this business that I’m in…fame is the last thing I want…don’t flatter me…, keep it all for someone else.”

“ Ok…, no problem…it’s just that I’m not used to seeing a woman in your, well…, line of work.”

“ Look…, you said you’ve got something for me…, right?”

“ Yes ma’am…, sorry…, here it is.”, replied the guy, giving her a hand written piece of paper with some basic info on it, also handing her a photo of some other man.

“ As you can see for yourself…”, said the gentleman, “ His address is written down, some of his daily habits are there too.”

“Ok…, this’ll do…, how nice, Hawaii…Honolulu.”

“ That’s right…I’m sure you’ll like it there.”

“ I will…, now where’s the cash.”

“ Right her, ma’am.”, answered Sam as he opened the case, revealing fifteen bundles each containing fifty twenty dollar bills.”

“ Ok, great…I assume it all adds up to what we agreed upon over the phone?”

“ Oh yea…fifteen grand, all here…all for you.”, answered the man, closing the briefcase and handing it to the beautiful and assertive looking lady, her stature radiating an air of mystique, a gothic touch going well with her arcane personality.

“ Now remember…, don’t bother me with any bullshit…I work alone, I’m independent… get paid for each individual job on a pay as you go basis…I don’t work for you…I’m not on any fucken payroll…, how does one say it, I’m…”

“ Self employed?”

“ You got it…never forget that…, if you ever need me again…you know how to make contact.”

“ Yes ma’am…I understand completely…, however, I’ve got just one question.”

Taking another drag, she simply asked, “ Yea…?”

“ How long will it take?”

“ Usually it’ll be down in less than two weeks…but to be official, just tell your boss it’ll be done in no longer than a month’s time…, but like I said, two weeks should be sufficient.”

His head nodding, Sam replied, “ Great…, then I guess we’re all set.”

“ Yep…there ain’t much more to say, now is there.”

“ Nope…, good luck.”

“ Luck’s got nothing to do with it…I leave nothing to chance.”

“ I’m glad to here that…then I guess it’s simply…how shall I say…, best wishes.”

“ That’s better.”

“ Take care.”

“ You too.”

Still standing there, sexy and mysterious Helen watched the man turn around and leave, staring away until he finally disappeared around the same corner from where he emerged a few minutes ago.

Alone with only her thoughts, Helen fired up a fresh Marlboro and left the building herself, the sound of her boots echoing throughout the lonely structure, adding to the macabre like atmosphere already surrounding her darkened disposition.

Outside in the warm sunshine, Helen quickly looked both ways and then walked up to her rented blue neon, unlocked the door, threw the briefcase upon the passenger seat next to her purse, and finally parked her gorgeous and firm ass behind the wheel, starting the engine afterward.

Driving along, Helen returned to her motel room and went inside with both her purse and the case of money. The attache case on the table now, good looking Helen reached down into her leather handbag and pulled out a black box no larger than eleven by eight inches and only four inches in depth.

Since the thing had a lid on top of it, Helen sat down and flipped the small metal latch, opening it. Peering down at the contents, she smiled to herself and remarked, “ Nothing like a custom made piece…, what a work of art.”

One by one, the lady removed the pieces and parts until she had them all laid out on the table. Starting with the disassembled barrel, she pieced the unique rifle together, the thing having a barrel made up of five separate shorter cylinders, also designed to take a silencer. At last, the object of death was put together, stock and all, the three foot long weapon also having a powerful scope mounted to it.

Looking at the thing in her hands, she slowly moved her lips to the barrel and kissed it, mumbling to herself, “ Oh…, you and me…just you and me, you’re my only friend, my only companion in life…, I don’t give a fuck for anyone else…it’s only you and me.”

Somewhat transfixed by the weapon, she began licking the barrel’s end, allowing her tongue and saliva to moisten the immediate area around the bullet’s exit hole. Her pulse getting faster and faster, she momentarily laid the thing to the side and got up. Once on her feet, Helen removed her jacket, threw it to one side of the bed, then next unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. When her blouse was off as well, Helen unclipped her bra followed by an elegant and quick panty peel, the black piece of underwear sliding down her legs and over her exquisite boots.

With nothing on except for her stockings and footwear, the super attractive brunette took hold of the custom made weapon, a work of precision craftsman ship, and strolled over to the bed. Turning around, she lowered her shapely ass to the mattress and finally laid herself back.

Inspecting the instrument in her hands, Helen got more and more excited. With an ever growing passion, she licked away at the barrel’s tip, making it as wet as possible. At last, as her cunt throbbed and her vagina vibrated, she turned the thing around, spread her legs, and slowly inserted the smooth metal shaft into her dark and hairy opening, rubbing the barrel against her sweltering clit!

In and out the thing went, going down inside four or five inches before it came back out, again being plunged down into the darkness of her moist interior. Over and over she pumped away, fucking herself with the uniquely designed light weight instrument.

A minute later, she burst forth, piercing the room’s silence, “ Ohhhhh…, yea, yea…, yessssssss…, it feels soooooooo gooooood! Finally, she came, her orgasm smearing itself all over the rifle’s front end.

Slowly, her heart rate returned to normal as she pulled the barrel from her pussy, laying it to the side. After she caught her breath, Helen sat up and again took up the weapon. Upon her feet now, she went to her suitcase, opened it, and removed a thick pipe cleaner and some napkins together with a cleaning solution. The liquid on the cleaner and tissue, Helen shoved the wire thing into the front of the rifle’s barrel, removing all her cunt mucus. Using the paper, she finished off the barrel’s outer area and simply laid the gun back down to the table. The cleaning stuff returned to the suitcase, Helen went back to the bed, removed her stockings and boots, and finally got up, going to the shower.

All cleaned up, Helen returned into her clothes and boots, disassembled the rifle, put the pieces and parts back into the black box, and replaced it into her purse. That done, the lady removed a box of business envelopes from her suitcase and distributed all the twenty dollar bills among the fifty separate things. Taking up her keys and the empty briefcase, the brunette also took up the envelopes and her purse, left the motel room, and simply locked the door behind her.

Her nice ass behind the car’s wheel, Helen drove around the area, stopping at one ATM machine after another, depositing each envelope full of cash into different checking accounts with different banks, each using fake names and social security numbers, doing this to avoid any suspicion from the authorities, making sure none of the transactions would exceed three hundred bucks. Finished with the money, she drove up behind a restaurant and tossed the useless briefcase onto a dumpster, got back on the street, and returned to the motel.

In the lonely room, Helen picked up the phone, dialing the nearest Gray Hound station.

“ Hello…, can I help you?”, asked a female voice.

After making up some some bullshit name, Helen responded, “ Yes, my name’s Lisa Parker and I’d like to reserve a bus ticket so I can go from New York to LA”

“ Ok Ms. Parker, that’s fine, the earliest time of departure for that destination is tomorrow at eleven…, should I go ahead with the reservation?”

“ Yea…, go ahead.”

“ Ok…well, you’re all set…is that cash or charge?”

“ It’ll be cash.”

“ Fine…, you can pay tomorrow…see you then.”

“ Bye.”

The phone hung up, Helen went to her purse and looked inside, seeing that she still had five hundred in cash.

“ Yea…, that’ll be enough for the bus and boat ride.”

Knowing that she couldn’t go on a plane with the weapon, she simply decided the best way to get from New York to Hawaii would be to take a bus to the west coast and then book a ride on some cargo ship that takes on a few passengers every now and then.

Content thus far, Helen again raised the phone, this time calling the car rental company, saying, “ Hi…, this is Ann West, I rented a Neon from you guys two days ago.”

“ Yes.”

“ Is it ok if you give me a ride to the Gray Hound station on Foulton Avenue after I drop off the car tomorrow at say…ten?”

“ Yea…I know where that is…I’ll have someone take you there.”

“ Oh great…thanks…, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

All alone with the silence, Helen replaced the receiver and reached into her purse for a novel, reading the time away. Finally, the sexy creature removed all her clothes and went to bed.

After the sun rose the next morning, naked Helen raised her spectacular ass up off the mattress and strolled into the shower where she stood over the small drainage opening, pissed down at it, and then turned on the water, cleaning herself off, leaving her dark mane nevertheless dry. Finished, she stepped out of the bathroom and ventured over to her suitcase, dressed herself in a black tube top, a pair of well fitting blue jeans, and ofcourse her amazing high heeled boots.

Seeing the time, nine thirty, Helen quickly got her stuff together and then took her purse and suitcase out to the car. With everything ready and set to go, she checked out at the motel’s office, returned to the Neon, lowered her denim covered butt, and then drove off, headed to the rental place.

“ Hi…, I’m Ann, I’m her to drop off the blue Neon and get a ride to the bus terminal.”

“ Ok…, no problem.”

When her things were transferred to another vehicle, Helen sat down in the passenger seat while some guy got behind the wheel, turned the ignition, and drove off.

“ Nice day, ma’am.”

“ Oh yea…, pretty good.”

“ So are you from around here?”

“ No, just passing through.”

“ You got one of those jobs that keep you on the road allot…, right?”

“ You could say that.’

Finally, he pulled up to the terminal and let her out, allowing her to remove her suitcase from the trunk. With the large black leather purse hanging from her right shoulder and her fingers wrapped around the suitcase handle, Helen went though the entrance and over to the checkout window.

“ Hello, I’m Lisa Parker…here to pick up my ticket I reserved yesterday.”

Glancing down at a computer screen, the blond receptionist replied, “ Ok…, Lisa Parker…, yes, you’re here…that’ll be one ninety for the cross country trip.”

“ Ok…”, said Helen as she reached into her purse and produced the cash.

The ticket paid for, Helen grabbed it from the woman’s hand and gave the receptionist her suitcase who placed it upon a conveyer behind the counter.

With forty five minutes left before departure, Helen strolled over to a McDonald’s going with the terminal and ordered some coffee together with a Big Mac and some fries. Her tray in hand, Helen went over to the smoking section and placed her tight ass into a chair. Finished with the food, she nursed the coffee while firing up a cigarette, just sitting there until it was time to go. At last, she got up, boarded the bus, and was driven off, her purse right next to her as she simply held on to it and stared out the window.

After making a few stops here and there for food and rest, the large bus arrived the next morning at the LA station. Having slept very little, Helen slowly got up, grabbed her purse, and dragged herself off the bus, headed into the terminal. There, she waited and then retrieved her suitcase. The thing in hand, the brunette went up to a pay phone and looked though the yellow pages, finding the address of a motel. After that, she dialed a taxi service and was finally taken to where she’d spend the night.

At the motel, the sexy lady picked up the receiver and dialed information, hearing, “ Hello, can I help you?”

“ Yes…, do you got any phone numbers for charter ships…, you know…, cargo companies that’ll take on a few passengers?”

For a second, the individual on the other end hesitated but then the female voice replied, “ Ok…, yes, I know what you’re referring to…call this number and they should be able to help you.”

“ Ok.”

After the lady gave Helen the number, the brunette hung up the phone and dialed again.

“ Hello.”

“ Hi…, I’m interested in going on some cargo ship as a passenger.”

“ Ok…, where do you wanna go?”

“ I’m here now in LA, I wanna go to Honolulu in Hawaii.”

“ All right…here’s some phone numbers of a few ships that are docked in the Los Angeles area…but you gotta work out the price and details with the ship’s captain…choose the one you think’ll work best for you.”

“ Thanks.”

With three numbers written down, Helen dialed the first. However, it wasn’t what she expected. As a result, she dialed the next one, “ Hi…, I hear you take on passengers.”

“ Yes ma’am…, we do…, but here, hold on, let me get the captain.”

“ Hello…, Captain Wenz speaking.”

“ Hi…, I’d like to come on board as a passenger.”

“ All right…, I take it you already know I’m going to Hawaii…, that’s my next stop.”

“ Yes I do.”

“ Good…, I’ll cost you three hundred…is that ok?”

“ No problem…, how long will it take?”

“ About two days.”

“ I’ll take it…when do you leave?”

“ Tomorrow at ten A.M.”

“ Ok, I’ll be there, where’s your ship docked?”

After he gave her directions, he asked, “ Ok ma’am…what’s your name so I can write it down in my log?”

“ Sue Johnson.”

“ All right Ms. Johnson…be here a little before ten.”

“ I will…, thanks.”


Getting out of bed the next morning, Helen called a cab and had herself taken to the docks on the California coast. After giving the captain the cash she was escorted on board, showed to her room, and finally settled herself in for the journey.

When the peaceful two day trip on the Pacific as over, sexy Helen stepped off the ship and stood upon the island of Oahu, looking around for a moment, taking in Honolulu’s pleasant tropical air.

Intrigued by the climate, the brunette strolled over with her purse and suitcase to a public phone. There, she called a cab asking for a ride to a nearby sea side Holiday Inn.

After she was dropped off, Helen went into the building’s front lobby and went straight to an ATM machine, removing three hundred bucks with one of her bank cards. Stuffing the cash into her purse, the good looking jean clad female went up to the receptionist and said, “ Hello…, I want a room facing the sea.”

“ Ok…, your name is…?”

“ I’m Kathy…, Kathy Walker.”

“ All right Ms. Walker…, it’ll be ninety five per night.”

“ Fine.”, replied the dark-haired lady, reaching in and removing the money.

After she was given one of those electronic sensor cards to unlock the room door, the receptionist said, “ Your room is 315…just use that elevator overthere and follow the numbers.”

“ Thanks.”, replied Helen as she spoke further, “ Can you rent a car for me…have it delivered here as soon as possible?”

“ Yes…we’ll call you when it arrives…any particular rental company, we’ve got…”

After choosing one of the six rental firms offered together with a particular car model, Helen grabbed her suitcase and went up to the room. Once there, she was struck with the beautiful view through the room’s large balcony window. Next, she got all her stuff set up and then stepped into the shower. Afterward, she went into some clean clothes, a black snug T-shirt, another pair of jeans, and obviously her boots. A few minutes later, the phone rang with, “ Hello…, Ms. Walker?”

“ Yes?”

“ The car’s here.”

“ Ok…is it parked out front in the lot?”

“ Yes…, you can step down anytime for the keys and sign the release.”

“ Great.”

Moments later, Helen was down in the lobby where she signed the papers and took the keys.

Outside now, she looked over the car, a black Ford Torus. Upon opening the door, she lowered her ass behind the wheel and then removed from her pocket a map of the area together with the paper and photo she was given back in New York, the address and picture of the guy she’s supposed to do in. Looking at the small scrap sheet, she smiled and said to herself, “ Ok Harold Price…let’s see what your place looks like.”

A pair of dark shades over her eyes, Helen fired up a cigarette, started the engine, and drove off, letting the map guide her to the appropriate street.

After twenty minutes went by, the foxy brunette drove down Ocean Side Blvd., remarking to her own ears while she kept her eyes on the house numbers, getting closer and closer to the desired address, “ Not bad…, nice neighborhood…I bet each of these joints here are worth what…, five, six, perhaps ten million big ones, maybe more.”

Finally, she got to the right place, stopped the car, and looked over across the street.

“ Ok…, what do we got here…?”, mumbled Helen to no one but herself, “ A huge one story home built on the sea shore with it’s own private beach and everything…” Viewing the layout before here, she took note of all the palm trees and bushes surrounding the place, producing an air of serenity and semiseculusion.

“ Good…I think I’ll do it from overthere.”, said Helen as she studied the property’s edge between Harold’s place and some neighbor’s expensive dwelling, finally driving away and back to the Holiday Inn.

The next morning, Helen got up early at five, dressed herself the same way, and left, going back to Mr. Price’s residence. Parking the Ford up the street, sexy Helen then got out of the vehicle and strolled up to the house a few hundred yards from where she parked the Torus. Slowly, she went along the property’s edge until she was concealed by an over growth of bushes. Squatting, the female lit up a cigarette and simply stayed there and waited, keeping her eyes on Harold’s place, seeing the home through a small break in the thick vegetation. Twenty five minutes later, at six thirty, just when the sun was rising, a sexy blond stepped out upon the back patio dressed in nothing but a skimpy bikini. However, a few seconds after that, a middle aged guy came out as well, following the woman to the beach. Recognizing the man from the photo, Helen whispered, “ Ok Harold…I see you’ve got some nice chick with you…well, that’s great…enjoy her for a few more days…after that…you can kiss her ass goodbye together with everything else, ha, ha…”

Smoking one Marlboro after another, Helen watched the two take a swim for the next thirty minutes until they left the ocean and returned inside. After another half hour, the guy left, this time all dressed up in a suit and tie, going to work or whatever he does to make the big bucks.

The following day, at the same early time, Helen was there again, hiding under the brush, watching him go out to the beach, take a quick swim with the sexy bimbo, and then leave a short while later.

For the rest of the week, Helen went there and watched, content that would always come out around six thirty and take a swim.

Helen spent the weekend enjoying the tropical island, driving here and there until Monday morning came. At five, she raised her ass from bed, put on her tube top and jeans, the boots going on last, and finally grabbed her purse, going down to the Ford. Driving along, she eventually made it to Harold’s place and parked the car a half mile away. Her boots on the sidewalk now, Helen strolled down to his home and again hid in the bushes, removing the black box from her purse.

With an elegant precision, she assembled her joy stick, that is, the rifle. In the end, she placed the silencer on the barrel’s end and waited. At last, fifteen minutes later, the guy and his super hot girlfriend emerged. Slowly, the brunette, an evil grin on her face, raised the gun to her shoulder and peered through the scope, finding the man in the crosshairs. Nevertheless, just before she was going to pull back on the trigger, the guy jumped forward and grabbed the girl’s shapely ass, embraced her, then threw her down to the sand, both of them only a few feet from the water as the small gentle waves rolled in from the calm sea.

“ Man…!”, cussed Helen lightly, “ If I wanna see a fucken porno flick…I’ll just go out and rent one…why now…, damn it!”

Going on, she said to herself while still hiding and watching the two make out, “ Nice…, how great, now give it to her in the…”

His trunks pulled down to his thighs, the man pumped away at the bimbo’s ass, banging her over and over, not knowing he was being watched. Finally, he came, filling her up and withdrawing afterward.

“ All right…c’mon you two…now go in the water and clean up.”

Sure enough, they both got up as the guy slipped completely out of his shorts, dropping them to the sand. Together, Harold and his girlfriend strolled naked into the salty water.

Quickly, Helen aimed the gun at his back, again lining him up in the scope’s crosshairs. While the guy stood about five hundred feet away, the brunette pulled the trigger. Suddenly, a light whistling sound came forth from the barrel. A fraction of a second later, a red spot appeared in the center of the man’s back as Mr. Price fell face down into the water, his body still now, bobbling up and down with the small waves.

At the top of her lungs, the naked blond let out a scream, the truth of the matter sinking into her brain.

Nodding her head in satisfaction, Helen quickly disassembled the gun, placed the parts into the box and returned it to her purse, walking away afterward. When she got to the sidewalk, she casually strolled back to the car, got in, and returned to the Hotel, her job done, earning fifteen thousand bucks for only a little more than a single week’s worth of work.

Back at the Holiday Inn, she went up to the front desk and simply told the receptionist she would like to keep the room for three more days, wishing to enjoy her stay in Honolulu. That done, Helen went upstairs and turned on the radio, tossed her purse to the side, poured herself a drink, and stepped out onto the patio, looking out to the ocean water, loving the view.

The next three days, Helen drove around and simply ate at restaurants, took long walks on the beaches, and did whatever struck her fancy, having enough cash in the bank to last her more than six months, even longer, depending on how she spent it.

On the third day, her last day at the Holiday Inn, Helen spent the morning on the beach going with the place. When it was only an hour before her time to leave, she strolled to the building, entered the structure, and then went upstairs to the third floor. Dressed in her jeans, a T-shirt, and her stiletto boots, the brunette went down the hall until she stood before her room door, number 315. However, when she was about to reach into her pocket and produce the electronic card, Helen noticed that the door was slightly open. Curious, she slowly pushed at it until her eyes met the eyes of a young man dressed in a porter’s uniform. Her gaze quickly going down to the bed, she realized he had removed the rifle’s black box from her purse, the thing open, exposing the respective pieces and parts.

“ What the fuck are you doing…, asshole?”, yelled Helen as she slammed the door shut behind her.

Stuttering, he eventually managed, ‘ I, I…, I was just looking at this.”

“ Don’t you know you ain’t supposed to go through people’s things…what are you doing here anyway?”

“ I was just gonna straighten out the room…that’s all.”

“ And you felt you just had to look in my purse.”

“ The box looked funny.”

“ You look funny.”, answered Helen, staring at the nerdy guy with glasses thinker than a car’s windshield.

A little angered by her words, he replied, “ Do you want me to report this…that’s a concealed weapon you’ve got here…it’s a rifle, and that’s not all…”

“ What…tell me more.”, said Helen, an evil sarcasm in her voice.

“A few days ago, I heard something on the news.”

“ What?”

“ I think you know…some guy was shot…the lady with him said she didn’t here the discharge…, so someone used a silencer like this one here.”

“ What makes you think it was me?”

“ Why else would you have a concealed rifle…if it was for hunting…it wouldn’t be stored like this…taken all apart…, you’ve got a precision made thing here, I bet you’ve got special shells for it too…, only hit men do that…, or in your case…, hit women.”

An evil grin on her face now, Helen slowly went up to him, stopped a couple of feet before the guy, and said, “ You ain’t gonna say shit to anyone.”

“ And why not…, all I gotta do is leave this room and go downstairs…tell everyone on duty, they’ll call the cops…and then it’s up to the law…you can try to run, but I’m sure they’ll get you one way or another.”

Still staring into his face, she said again, “ You ain’t gonna say shit to anyone.”

“ Why not?”, replied the twenty three year old, radiating a smug expression.

“ How long’s it been?”

“What are you talking about?”

“ Oh, c’mon…, any guy that looks like you is probably dying for tits and ass…, so how long’s it been since you last had a girlfriend?”

“ Ah…, I…”

“ That’s right…I bet you never had one…did you? You’re what…, in your early twenties already and still a virgin…, ha, ha!”

“ Just what are you getting at?”

“ Don’t you know…?’, asked Helen, pulling her T-shirt over her head.

“ Ma’am…?”

“ Well…, you wanna do it or not…, c’mon, if you don’t tell anyone, you can have me for an hour or so…, c’mon…, it’ll be easy…you’re not obliged to report this…, fuck the cops…, please yourself instead.”, said the wicked beauty as she unclipped her bra, the thing going to the floor while he stared straight at her two succulent mounds.

Slowly, the guy shoved his face into her breasts as she remarked, “ Good, then we’ve got a deal?”

“ Yea, ok.”

“ Fine…, now take all your shit off…, let’s go…I ain’t got all fucken day.”

“ Ok.”

After he stood naked before her, Helen turned around and opened her trousers, pulling them down and over her boots. The pants off, she did a panty peal and also pulled them over her fantastic footwear. With only her boots on, Helen turned her head back and asked, “ What do you think of my butt?”

“ It’s so…, so perfect!”, answered the fool as he sank to his knees, pressed his lips against her left half, and began kissing away, showing her posterior all the respect in the world.

“ There you go…, kiss my ass, that’s it…, I like that!”

For the next twenty minutes, he worshipped her behind, kissing on and on, his hands shaking as he lightly held on to her hips!

“ Man…, can you kiss ass…never had my backside respected like that before…too bad girls don’t go out with you…, they don’t know what they’re missing!”

Next, she stepped away from him and ordered, “ Great…, now lay down on your back.”

“ Ok.”

When he was on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, the booted brunette stepped over him and finally sat down on his waist, her face toward his. Gently, she took hold of his dick and inserted the thing into her hairy cunt. After his organ was inside her darkness, Helen fucked away, bouncing up and down, saying, “ Ok…, how’s that?”

“ You’re amazing…how do you do that…you’re cunt’s not only tight, but powerful as well…I like the way it squeezes my dick!”

“ Hey…, some girls got it…some don’t.”

As the guy laid his head back and closed his eyes, Helen continued to move up and down. However, while she screwed away, she reached over to the bed with her left hand and began removing parts of the rifle, putting them together piece by piece. Less than two minutes later, the thing was assembled, the silencer on as well.

“ Still like my cunt?”

“ It’s great…!”, replied the guy, lost in the realm of pleasure, oblivious of the world around him, “ Oh yea…, you’re terrific!”

At last, he came, releasing his load up into her pussy!

When he opened his eyes and caught his breath, he suddenly asked in confusion, “ What’s this…, what are you doing?”

“ What the fuck does it look like?”

“ You got that thing aimed right against my forehead!”

“ I sure do…don’t I!”

“ No…, don’t, please!”

“ Guess I’m your first and last woman…, too bad, what a pity…, and you’re such a great ass kisser.”

“ Ma’am…, no, please!”

“ Fuck you!”

A fraction of a second later, the gun discharged, making only that light whistling sound as the silencer muffled everything else out.

As a pool of blood slowly formed at the base of his skull, Helen raised herself and stood over his dead corpse with each boot to a side. Looking down at his immobilized frame, she said, “ And I didn’t even get a chance to cum…, that ain’t fair…, oh well…, I’ve got something here that’s better than your cheep dick.”

Turning the rifle around, she unscrewed the silencer and slowly shoved the barrel’s end up her snatch, pushing it in further and further until she moaned, “ Oh…, yessssss…, this is so much better…, yesssss!

In and out went the black metal shaft, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm. Thirty seconds later, she burst forth, cumming herself, watching her cunt juices run down the barrel’s rounded surface!

The thing removed from her opening, Helen quickly cleaned it off, took it apart, and returned it into the black box. Wasting no time, she removed her boots, showered off, got dressed again in the same clothes, slipped the footwear back on, put all her things together, and quickly left the building with her purse and suitcase, not even bothering to check out.

Her ass behind the wheel of the rented car, evil and diabolical Helen started the engine and drove off to some parkinglot a few miles away. There, she abandoned the car, called a cab from a pay phone, and had herself driven to another dock area, different from the first. Upon finding another cargo ship, Helen got on board and returned to the mainland, disappearing once again into the shadows of seclusion, emerging eight months later in Florida, taking on another “job”.

The End

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