Hot Tub Relaxation

Hot Tub Relaxation

It has been a long day and I am relaxing in the hot tub. It feels good just laying back and letting the bubbles relieve my stress. I always sit with just the right jet massaging me all over my body and I begin to feel the warmth move up my abdomen. Without ever opening my eyes I reach over to grab my chilled glass of wine when I suddenly can't find it. I open my eyes to see two eyes staring back at me. From what I can see I assume these eyes are attached to a very nice gentleman.

"Looking for this" he ask as he holds up my class of wine.

I grin and say "yes, I am."

"You can only have it if I can join you."

Now that is an offer a lady can't refuse. He grins and climbs into the tub wearing nothing. I just look him over and realize he is hard as a rock. He comes over to me and holds the wine out of arms reach.

"How thirsty are you?"

I giggle a bit and play along, "very thirsty."

"Very, heh?"

"Yes, very thirsty so let me have my wine, please sir."

"I think I can provide better than that and he moves over to the top step and his hard cock is above the water pointing at me.

"Take me in your mouth and drink all I offer you."

"All this for that little glass of wine?"

He just grins and ask me to come over there "NOW."

I move over to swollen cock and go down on it as he takes hold of my hair and directs the rhythm. I am gasping as he pushes me below the water once and realize I must grab my nose to keep from swallowing too much water. Suddenly he explodes in my mouth and holds my head to take every last drop.

"Here is your wine to wash down the cum," as he hands me my wine. I drink while watching him stare at me. I turn my back to him to put my wine glass back on the edge as he comes up behind me.

"Don't move, just stay in that position," as my knees are on the shelf he spreads them wider and reaches down to stroke my pussy then my ass. I push back to accept it. He seems to like that because he comes up closer to me. He is sliding his already hardening cock up between my crack.

"Ever been fucked in the ass in the hot tub?" he whispers.

"No, and I don't want it either," I say.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back while holding my shoulders down and tells me I will thank him for this after I am through giving him pleasure. He shoves his hard swollen cock into my tight ass and I want to scream from the force but think I should hold it in. Gradually I feel relaxed and begin to give my ass for his pleasure. I actually think I am purring as I begin to climb that peak to ecstasy. I can't believe the feeling I am having. I suddenly shudder and he works it still till he peaks then I shudder again. I fall back into the water when he pulls out of me.

I thank him for this and he grins and tells me "I knew what you needed even if you didn't, baby."

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