House Guest (part 2)

House Guest (part 2)

When Linda came home from work, Joe and Melissa teamed up together to fix a great dinner for her. After cleaning up from dinner, they all took a walk around the neighborhood to help settle their stomachs.

There was talk of going to nightclubs and movies, but nobody could agree on what to do. Since Joe was going back home in the morning, they wanted to do something fun.

When they got back to the house Melissa had an idea. She said, “Let’s have an underwear party”. Linda looked at Melissa and said, “A what?”

Melissa told them of when she was in college, “There would be a bunch of us girls in our dorm and we would get together in one of our rooms and have fun. We would arrive in overcoats or bathrobes wearing only underwear underneath. We drank and danced to music in our underwear. It was crazy but fun.”

“Yeah, that’s crazy, but I’ll do it,” Linda said.

After five minutes, they all met in the living room wearing bathrobes. Melissa turned on some music and Linda opened a bottle of wine. They all took a glass and each person took a sip. Linda raised her arms and was swaying her hips to the music as she said, “Time to strip.”

While moving to the music, she began to undo the belt of her robe. The robe opened and she slipped it off her shoulders, tossing it aside. Linda was wearing a matching baby blue set of bra and panties. Her body was so good, shapely thighs, tight ass and her bra really showed off her cleavage.

Then Joe took off his robe. He wore these navy blue briefs. These briefs were the sporty style without the fly. He jokingly stood in a masculine pose as the two women clapped and whistled.

Finally, it was time for Melissa to take off her robe. She paused and took a drink of wine first, then disrobed. She chose a set of pink bra and panties that were so sexy that Linda commented with, “Oh yummy, too sexy.”

First, the two women were up and dancing to the music. After a minute Joe joined in. They danced to David Bowie and then some salsa dance stuff. With more drinking and dancing Linda was really letting loose. – – – Shake Shake Shake ,,, Shake your Bootie!!!

Then some slower music came on. Joe sat down for a minute and had some more wine. Joe made no effort to hide it. He was watching their crotches and they saw him watching. When seeing this, Linda moved behind Melissa and kept swaying to the music. She reached in front of Melissa and put one hand on her belly and the other on her shoulder. The two moved in unison and slowly turned as they danced. Joe was turned on by this vision of two women together. Their tight asses inside those panties was a delicious site. He always wanted to see women together like that. When they were back facing Joe, Melissa kissed Linda on the cheek and moved away, returning to her glass of wine.

Then Linda held out her hand to Joe and they started slow dancing. His hand was on her ass as he kissed her shoulder and neck. As they embraced and rotated around the living room, Linda wanted to make sure her best friend was having as much fun as she was. When another slow dance song came on Linda asked Joe if he would dance with Melissa. As he agreed, Linda sat down and said, “Dance with him, OK Melissa.”

Melissa slowly got up and extended her hand for him. Linda pointed her finger at Joe and said, “Now Joe, you behave yourself. Watch those hands, alright.” Joe looked at Linda, trying to hide what he knows with a smile.

He held Melissa with one hand on her back and the other holding her hand. While pressed up against her, Joe felt arousal in is briefs. His cock was getting hard. Melissa could feel this bulge against her and she just closed her eyes. He continued to get harder until the song ended. He let go of Melissa and without turning to show Linda his hard on, he walked toward the bathroom. As he walked, he said, “After that wine I need to piss.” This was just an excuse as he walked to the bathroom. ” When he came back he had a soft dick as he said, “That’s enough dancing, let’s go to bed.” With that closing, they all picked up their robes and got ready for bed.

Joe had already finished his routine and was naked in bed. He kept thinking of the two women dancing which recalled his favorite fantasy. He fantasized about two women together ever since he saw his first porno.

As Linda brushed her teeth, she thought about Joe dancing with Melissa. She washed her face, applied some moisturizer and then was done. She walked toward the bed and took off her bra. She got in bed with Joe, keeping her panties on. While resting on her side, she placed her hand on his chest and gave him a hug.

“Joe,” she asked. “You liked dancing with Melissa, didn’t you? Then Joe replied, “This morning you told me that you were not possessive or jealous. You also said that the two of you share everything.”

“Oh I know, we’ve understood this for a while” she said. “I’m saying you two look good together.” Joe already knew things were cool so he was free to think about other things. Joe couldn’t get the fantasy of two women out of his mind.

As she kept talking about Melissa, her hand moved down to his cock and was surprised to find he was already rock hard. She put two and two together and realized it was all this talk about Melissa that did it. “Joe,” she reassured him, “If you two end up fucking, that’s fine. In fact I’m happy for both of you.”

Joe was thinking of all the scenarios of two women going down on each other. With all those situations, could he get involved somehow? A Threesome!!! With as wild and free thinking as Linda was, it had real possibilities. Joe thought, he should plant the idea and say something tonight since he leaves in the morning.

She continued to fondle his balls and massage his penis. Then she asked, “Do you want to fuck her?” Joe figured that it was time for confession. He took a deep breath and said, “Earlier today, Melissa sucked my cock.”

Linda pulled back with her mouth open in complete surprise and found it hard to speak. She looked away for a moment to gather her thoughts. Then she sat up completely and still didn’t know what to say. One thing she wanted was more information. “Was there anything else?” she finally asked.

“Well, before that, I went down on her,” he replied. Then Linda fell back down and just stared at the ceiling. “Are you OK?” he asked. “Yeah, I ahhh” then she was silent.

Joe thought he really fucked up and now had to say something. “Both of you are really great. You’re both gorgeous and really smart. I don’t know who is prettier.” She was still quiet and Joe thought he should shut up for now. He could be forced to leave tonight.

Within a minute she turned to him and said, “I’m not mad. If you made her happy, then I’m glad.” Joe was very relieved to hear this and she seemed to become more curious with every breath she took.

She was getting voyeuristic in her questioning. Joe asked, “Can’t you get all this stuff from Melissa, since I know that you’re dying to talk with her, right? As long as you’re not mad at her, its too juicy for you to avoid.”

She laughed a little as Joe figured, she’s turned on by this. This threesome might not be as difficult as he thought. However, he wasn’t sure if Linda perceived a threesome as resulting in female to female contact.

She helped set it up by leading with the next question. “Joe, she’s my best friend. How do you feel about it?” she asked.

Joe slowed down and thought he should be very careful about this. He showed reluctance by saying, “I really shouldn’t say.”

“Well, you could at least say if it was good or something,” she said.

“That is so shallow. I can’t believe you would take the conversation there,” he replied. This didn’t really bother him. He was just setting her up. “Well”, she said, “Just say whatever you want.”

Joe thought and said, “One thing that really stuck in my mind was her uhmm—-. Linda, do you remember when we spent our first night together? Unlike being trimmed like you are now, you had a shaved pussy.”

Linda replied, “Yes, I remember.”

“Well Melissa told me that she went to a spa and had the waxing treatment, especially down there. All I can say is it looked fantastic and it felt so incredibly smooth. Have you ever thought of doing it? You could ask Melissa about it. She called it the Brazilian.”

Linda said, “Oh yes, I thought of it a few times. I just never had enough nerve to try it.”

“It would be so hot, so sexy, just so____oh please do it. I think you’ll love it,” he said. “We’ll see”, she said.

Now felt like the right time to talk about the other thing and he would try to be slick about it.

Joe was ready to say it. “Linda, you asked me before about how I felt about it. If you really want to know how I feel about it, you two are best friends and I’m a guest in your house. Something wasn’t right.”

The look of confusion fell upon her face as she asked, “What is it?

Joe said, “Well, I ahh I,,,, you should have been there with us. That would have made it better”

Linda looked at him blankly while computing what he said. Then she rolled her eyes and with a big smile stated, “Oh, this is so much bullshit about what you feel. You just want to live a fantasy between two pussies. Yes, that’s it.”

“You don’t seem disgusted, so you’re not upset. Is that right?” She just kept smiling.

He added, “It is more than just me receiving sex from both of you. When I see two women together, that really blows me away. I got the idea when I saw the two of you dancing and holding each other in your underwear. I’ve always had the fantasy of two women together. You know that about guys don’t you?” Joe was on his side looking at Linda while she lay on her back staring up at the ceiling.

All she could say was, “Joe, I like men, you know that.”

Joe decided to suspend conversation for a few minutes. He ran his fingers up and down her arm, softly contacting her skin. He kissed her on the shoulder and rested his hand on her abdomen. He kissed her again as he gently rubbed her belly. At this moment she did not protest. Joe let the idea stir in her head while he slowly moved his hand down to her panties. While he had his tongue in her ear, his hand rested on her crotch. He felt the outer fabric of the panties and wanted to know if she was aroused.

“Linda, now think of this. You must have known for many years that so many guys have this huge fantasy of two women together. Since knowing about this major interest that men have, did you ever consider doing it?

“I’ll say it again, I like men, OK,” she replied. “I also like your hand.” After saying this she lifted her panties and guided his hand inside. There was a little moisture on her lips, but not dripping wet. As he massaged her lips, Joe thought he should seek a compromise.

“Linda, I have an idea that is not too extreme. What if the two of you kissed? You know with tongues, that would really get me off,” he said.

She answered, “Well, we’ve kissed before with just our lips. Now French kissing that’s ahhh__ well I don’t know.” He was kissing her neck and nibbling her ear.

“Linda, the two of you are so incredibly beautiful. Oh please, could you kiss her? Will you ask her? Could you ask Melissa how she feels?”

Linda seemed amused and replied, “What’s in it for me?”

“For both of you. You both know how beautiful the other one is, right?” he pleaded and reasoned. He kissed her shoulder while touching her slit. This rubbing was starting to arouse her. She smiled and said, “OK, I will ask her. I don’t know how, but I will tell her about your kissing fantasy.”

Hearing that, Joe whispered, “Now that kind of effort deserves a reward.” He pulled the sheets down and slipped off her panties. As he kneeled on the floor at the side of the bed, he spread her legs and kissed the inside of her thigh.

Her pussy was moist with a clitoris that showed signs of swelling. He lightly ran his tongue over her soft mound. Then he ran his tongue from side to side across her lips while smelling her sex. As he reached to massage her breasts, the tip of his tongue rested on her clitoris. She loved the swelling electricity, as he tasted her lips. Her nipples felt good between his fingers while he held her tits.

Melissa had placed a blouse in the dryer to wear to work the next day. While walking back to her room she moved slowly near Linda’s door and heard part of their conversation. She wasn’t sure if the sex between them was still a secret. All she knew was that her best friend was going to French her.

Walking back to her room, she started to think about having Linda’s tongue in her mouth. She wondered about this kind of thing with a women for many years but never had the nerve do it. She clearly wanted to be with men and yet this idea of experimenting felt strangely erotic to her. She got back to her bed and began to masturbate.

Back in the other room, Joe placed a finger inside her vagina and began to pump his hand. He vibrated his hand as his tongue licked her clit. Then he curled his finger to hit her special spot. As he moved with his rhythm, she softly moaned. Joe removed his finger and lapped the scent of snatch from his hand. He continued to suck her cunt lips.

As Joe licked and probed, Linda’s climax got closer and closer. While thinking of her tongue inside Melissa’s mouth, she was lifted to the next level. Now she was ready to cum. While she was jerking back and forth with pleasure he continued with sucking her clit. He sucked and licked as she got her reward with a juicy cum. He kept eating.

When the sun came up, Joe and Linda prepared for work. Joe found it difficult to return to their conversation of threesomes and kissing. He decided to let the idea spin in her head for a while before bringing it up again.

Later the next day Linda got a delivery at work from Joe. It was a dozen roses with a card that read, “Thank you for being such an understanding lover. Love Joe” Along with the card came a gift certificate to her favorite day spa where patrons are offered the full treatment.

Later on that day, Joe called at her office to talk. Linda said she loved the flowers and thought the gift to the spa was so thoughtful. Joe felt encouraged by her happy mood and even more so when she brought up the Melissa issue. She said, “Joe you may still find it hard to believe, but I really am happy about you and Melissa. To be selfish, I can’t wait for your next visit.”

Joe replied with, “I will be there this weekend. Friday afternoon actually.”

Linda was looking forward to his visit with great anticipation. This also kept her thinking about her agreement to kiss Melissa. She was looking forward to the spa visit and was worried about how Melissa would react.

Linda had spoken to Melissa about how she knew of the sex between them. Melissa was relieved at Linda’s attitude so that now she could tell her best friend about how hot it was. The talk involved lusty enthusiasm and no disappointment or jealousy. They also talked about the waxing and how good it looked. With all the sex talk, Linda was still unable to ask her about the kiss.

On the night before his return, Linda and Joe spoke on the phone about his fantasy. He said "If you didn’t ask her, its OK and may be its better if I asked Melissa himself. Good night and I can’t wait to see you,” Linda added, "One other thing, Melissa broke up with her boyfriend. She's alright with it." All Joe could say was, "Oh."

Joe drove up to the house and used the key that Linda gave him. He announced himself but there was no answer. He figured they were out in back so he left his bags in the living room and headed for the pool.

As he stepped out on the patio, Linda and Melissa were laying on lounge chairs. Both women were topless while sunning themselves. When Linda heard his steps on the patio, she jumped up to give him a big hug and a kiss. Joe returned the kiss and patted her on the ass. Melissa remained in her lounge chair with a feeling of apprehension and at the same time happiness at his sight. While saying, “Its such a pleasure to see both of you again”, he moved behind Melissa’s chair, put his hand on her shoulder and kissed her on the top of her head.

Standing next to these topless women, he felt over dressed. So he said, “I had such a long day at work, I think I’ll cool off in the pool.” Linda added, “That’s great honey” He began to strip right at the side of the pool. While placing his shirt and shoes by the patio chair, he noticed Melissa’s interest in his action. Then he put his socks and slacks with his other clothes. He was standing there in his boxer shorts ready for his last item. Both women’s eyes were fixed on the boxers.

Joe liked their attention as his thumbs were hooked on the inside of his shorts. He kept the shorts were they were as he saw Linda put a hand to her chin, while anticipating this man’s next move.

After hesitating a few more seconds, he whipped off the shorts and dove into the pool. When he came up for air, he saw Linda’s face showing interest in Joe’s boldness. Melissa was not surprised.

It would be too long of a wait for dinner, so Joe asked if they had any snacks. Melissa offered to go find something in the kitchen. As Melissa walked to the patio door, Joe watched her tits bounce as she walked. Linda watched him, watch her. Linda asked, “How about snacking on her pussy?” There was no frown as she asked this. She knew that’s what he wanted as she kept thinking of kissing Melissa.

While Joe swam he said, “I will ask her about the kiss OK?” Linda was hot with the idea as she just nodded her head in approval.

Two minutes later, Melissa returned with some crackers, carrots and vegetable dip. The two women had a few bites and then both decided to go swimming. After a minute of swimming, they all congregated in the shallow end.

Joe broke the ice with, “We all know what happened the last time I was here, right? I am a very lucky man to be with two very beautiful women.” He grabbed Linda and gave her a kiss while holding her breast. Then he kissed Melissa while rubbing her ass.

Then he left the two women and said, “I need to eat something.” He stepped out of the pool and ate while the women relaxed in the water for a few minutes. Joe sat on the bench with a towel as the women climbed the stairs out of the pool. Joe notice how quiet Melissa was and it was from the obvious sexual tension they were all feeling. Joe realized that this tension added to the excitement in what he was about to propose. As the two sat down, he decided that now was the time he would say what he has been thinking and planning.

“Melissa,” Joe said. “You know that I loved making love to you right?” She nodded figuring he was getting at something serious. “You probably know that men have all these sexual fantasies. All these fantasies can really motivate men to take chances and try new things. Then we plan on taking a chance and can’t think of anything else. Is this making any sense?”

What he was saying was so wordy that she couldn’t make sense of it, but figured that it was about the kiss. She just nodded with a yes and felt nervous with anticipation.

Joe was finally direct and said, “Melissa, I have a huge sexual fantasy of seeing two women kissing. Could you and Linda help me with my fantasy?

This is what Melissa was waiting for and she pretended to be shocked. She hesitated for a few moments and then replied, “Well it is only a kiss. What do you think about it Linda?”

Linda answered, “Joe already asked me about it and he pleaded with me so much that I said OK.”

Melissa stood up slowly with a nervous wave in her body. She hadn’t felt like this since the first time she got on her knees to give a blow job so many years ago. Then Linda also stood up and walked over by her side. As the two got closer to each other, Joe calmly said, “Thank you for doing this.”

The two women were facing each other with their tits just inches apart. Melissa had forgotten that she was topless until she saw Linda’s nipples in front of her. She was frozen and yet tempted by the sight of Linda’s luscious breasts. She knew that when they kiss, their breasts would touch. She couldn’t stop looking at Linda’s breasts.

While she stood frozen, Linda moved forward and embraced her best friend. Their lips touched and Melissa’s eyes opened wide. She was still in shock with her arms at her side. As Linda repositioned herself, Melissa’s shoulders began to relax and she closed her eyes.

As their lips touched, Linda felt her tits rubbing against Melissa. This sensation was truly erotic for her and she kept kissing Melissa. Now Melissa’s mouth began to relax and feel the sensation of another woman’s lips. Linda felt the gentle softness that she never knew from kissing men.

Linda wouldn’t wait for Melissa to do more. She opened her mouth and softly ran her tongue along Melissa’s closed lips. Melissa loved this sensation but felt hesitant to do the same. Linda continued to move her tongue across her lips and then started with a faster fluttering motion.

With this technique, Melissa was losing control. Then Melissa opened her mouth and their tongues touched. This was an erotic shock for both women. Their breasts were pressed together and their nipples were definitely erect. Now their tongues were probing each other’s mouth. Linda’s hands held the back of Melissa’s head, while she rested her hands on Linda’s hips.

Joe looked on in amazement at the sight of Linda’s jaw. Her cheeks had that look of flexing and tension that comes from deep French kissing. He was getting hard and the future was not for certain, but he had confidence.

This was the most erotic sensation that Melissa had ever felt. Her cunt was burning as she fought the desire to suck Linda’s tits. Their tongues bounced from tongues to lips. Their lips were soft and sensitive.

Linda did not want this to end and Melissa was not 100% sure how her friend was reacting. Melissa slowly pulled away as the two women looked into each other’s eyes.

Joe was completely erect and he knew he could ignite this connection. “That was so awesome. I am so hard and so turned on right now,” he said. The two of them looked at Joe and saw his erection. “Could you do that one more time, please?” he begged. There was no objection as Linda embraced Melissa again.

Melissa immediately went back to licking and probing her best friends mouth. Again the erotic sensations filled each woman as their moist lips touched.

Joe approached Linda from behind and kissed her on the back. While Linda was busy, he placed his hand on her ass and then moved it around front to her throbbing mound. He placed his fingers inside her bikini and had never felt a woman this slippery with out some kind of lubricant. Now he knew this would go all the way.

He slipped Linda’s bottoms off and began to rub her slit. Just like her friend, Linda’s cunt was on fire. He whispered in her ear, “I love your bald Brazilian.” She was so wet as Joe stroked her crotch area.

Linda couldn’t hold off any longer. She slowly placed her hand on Melissa’s side and began to inch her fingers toward her breast. Melissa could not sit still with this anticipation. Her breathing made it difficult to kiss, so she pulled back only to take a breath.

Linda’s hand finally made it to Melissa’s breast and as she gently squeezed, Melissa arched back in delight. She rubbed and pinched the hard nipples.

Joe moved over to Melissa and started to pull her bottoms off. She quickly positioned herself to accommodate him and then she was nude. Men have kissed and touched Melissa like this many times, but now this felt like the sex of a life time with a woman.

Linda loved this feeling of another woman’s breast. She placed both hands on the breasts and lowered herself to lick the nipple. She finally tasted the nipple, the erotic tip of a firm tit. While Linda softly licked and sucked, Joe reached around, placing his hand on Melissa’s abdomen. His hand went lower and lower, heading for the sex button.

He put the tip of his finger on her clitoris and began to rub. Linda kept her hands on the breasts while she went back to Frenching. Mouth, tits and cunt, Melissa was getting it all.
Melissa needed a break as she sat right down on the patio with her face staring at Linda’s crotch. Melissa stared at the bald snatch and became motionless. She never licked pussy and now she knew this was the moment. She pulled herself out of this shock and took a breath.

Melissa wanted the wild thing so she raised her neck slightly and stuck out her tongue. Linda showed no restraint with her body. She put one foot up on a chair to give a different angle for Melissa, while Joe came over to steady her shoulders. Melissa’s tongue touched her lips as she smelled Linda’s excitement. She ran her tongue up and down the female crack. This sensation gave Melissa’s mouth so much energy.

She used her fingers to spread the lips while she licked and sucked the clitoris. She started jamming her tongue in to her hole. Then she sucked her lips and swallowed the taste of cunt.
With seeing all this, Joe couldn’t stop from masturbating. Melissa looked over at Joe jacking off and stood up. Melissa put her hands on both people’s genitals and massaged them. She asked Linda, “Can I blow your boyfriend for a minute while you watch? Linda smiled with, “Sure.”

Melissa dropped to her knees with her hand on his balls. She took his shaft between her thumb and index finger. She examined him, moving the cock from side to side. She did it like she was checking the goods at a horse auction. Then she fondled his balls while putting the tip of her tongue on his penis head. Then with a quiet rythym she bobbed on his erection. She sucked and sucked to get him ready for something new. Linda looked on with admiration. She was jealous of Melissa's technique. She took notes.

Then Melissa got up and walked over to a lounge chair. As she reclined she asked, “Linda, would you go down on me?” She didn’t need to ask. With cushions on the ground, she knelt down by Melissa, ready to taste her first pussy.

Melissa spread her legs as Linda blew a breeze across her crotch. Melissa was flat on her back waiting for Linda’s tongue. Linda’s mouth got closer and closer. She stuck out her tongue and the very tip grazed her clit. The she ran her tongue up and down her snatch. Linda loved the fishy cunt aroma. Then she sucked and poked her lips.

Joe came up behind Linda and put his hand between her thighs. He touched her pussy and it was slippery. He was hard and ready to take Linda from behind. As Linda ate pussy, he placed his penis at her opening. He rubbed his penis head on her lips. He rubbed and rubbed and slowly pushed inward. He focused on the feminine shape of her buttocks.

Now he was pumping her doggy style while she sucked Melissa’s snatch. She licked and sucked while Joe moved in and out. His hands held her shapely ass while he thrusted. Linda placed a finger inside to get her G-spot. She finger fucked while he fucked. While stroking her finger she licked the clitoris. Melissa told her to keep going, that, “You have a talented tongue.”

This was too unbelievable for Linda. She was having intercourse while going down on a beautiful woman’s genitals. Joe kept thrusting.

Joe couldn’t last another second as he shot cum into Linda’s cunt. He continued for a few more pumps and then withdrew.

Melissa called out, “Hey Linda, sixty-nine.” Linda immediately went into position on top of Melissa. The two of them licked and sucked. Melissa tasted some of Joe’s cum. Some of it dripped out into Melissa’s mouth, where she swallowed. Joe walked over to help Linda along with her orgasm. His hand worked in coordination with Melissa's mouth. Melissa was getting too stimulated to do it for Linda.

Melissa started to jerk her pelvis and shoulders. She was at the pinnacle and one more step would do it. Linda licked and sucked harder as Melissa began her climax. The rush of pleasure melted over her body.

As Melissa came down, she resumed licking Linda. Joe had his finger in Linda as he moved it in and out. He liked Linda's butt in the air while he rubbed. He liked the shape of her buttucks while she sat over Melissa's face.

Then he stopped and gave Melissa full access to Linda. Melissa gave up her seat so Linda could lay down. Melissa resumed the stimulation. Linda held her knees to help spread her legs wide for Melissa. She kept sucking Linda’s clit while approaching her climax. She was close and Melissa kept going. Linda said, “Oh-Oh-shit—shit I’m gonna cum, Oh.” She licked and sucked as Linda was ready for her release. Linda’s legs and hips jerked and popped. Her orgasm was starting as Melissa kept rubbing her clit. She continued while Linda’s body shook. Then Linda rested.

After that, they all went into the pool to get refreshed from their workout. As the three came together, Linda asked Joe, “You knew that would go farther than just a kiss didn’t you?” “I hoped,” he replied. Linda embraced Melissa and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

-To be continued-

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