House Guest (part 3)

House Guest (part 3)

-continued- part (3)

The three of them ate dinner while making plans for a nightclub later on. Except for the planning, the talk was fairly quiet during dinner. Even with the quietness, Linda and Melissa had smiles on their faces. They looked at each other in happiness and awe of the earlier event. Joe felt the emotion of the moment.

The three of them spent a few hours dancing and drinking at their favorite club. This was extremely different for Joe. Just as before, he had never spent time like this with two women at the same time. Both women dressed sexy and he liked the way they both stayed close to him.

The next morning they all had breakfast together and agreed to go to the boardwalk that runs along the beach. Joe wore some simple shorts and a T shirt. Melissa wore shorts and a halter top while Linda wore shorts with a tube top.

These clothing items looked very very good on the women and would catch the eye of any horny guy. Joe felt like this was a friendly competion between the two women for his attention. Or maybe they were trying to impress each other. Linda had not worn a tube top in public in almost ten years. She wanted to do something more daring than usual. The nipple outline was not subtle on this garment. The nipples were obvious from ten feet away and Linda noticed the looks she got on the boardwalk.

They all put on roller blades and toured the beach area for more than an hour. Melissa had iced tea and sandwiches back at the car. The three of them sat and ate while Joe asked the question. He wanted to know about the future. He said, "I don't want to make a choice between the two of you. You're both fantastic and I feel a lot of changes in my life right now. My hope is that things remain open and free with all of us."

Linda said, "That's the way it has always been with us. How do you feel Melissa?"

"I want both of you", she said.

Things started feeling better when Joe gave them the news. "My company is transferring me to Phoenix. My visits will not even be half as frequent. I'm sorry, its either the transfer or I'm unemployed."

Linda felt a little disappointed, but she knew they would still have some time together. Melissa felt bad for both of them as well as for herself.

Joe said, "Let's be fair. If I'm not around very much, I don't want to spoil your opportunities for new relationships. We have an open relationship, right Linda. Now Melissa, I would say that you and I are pretty much the same way."

"Its OK Joe," Linda replied. She looked at Melissa and asked, "How do you feel Melissa?"

"Oh, I'm alright. You're the one I'm worried about. Let's make the best of the time we have," she said.

Linda said, "That's a good attitude. Ahh—Melissa, would you share my bed tonight with Joe and I? Its king size, with room for all of us."

"That would be great," she answered.

After a talkative dinner that night they watched TV and read magazines. As it was time for bed, they brushed their teeth and washed their faces.

The two women sat on the edge of the bed in their bras and panties. Joe approached the women and he said,"I feel that Linda should be the center of our attention. Its her bed right. So she should be in the middle. "

The two women took off their bras and got in bed. Joe removed his boxer shorts and got in the other side next to Linda. Joe rubbed her belly and kissed her shoulder and breast.

Melissa laid on her side looking at Linda's beautiful profile. She stroked her hair and nibbled her ear. Melissa ran her hand to her shoulder and down to Linda's breast. She fondled the luscious flesh of her friend, with nipples aroused.

Joe moved his hand down to Linda's panties and while massaging her crotch they all drifted off to sleep.

Joe woke up the next morning to find both women in Linda's bathroom talking about something. Joe stayed in bed as the two did their washing. Linda came out of the bathroom and said, "Good morning lover!!!" Melissa came out and said, "I'm going to make breakfast. Do both of you want some?"

"Great, I'll help. What about you Joe?" Linda asked. Joe replied, "Oh, I'm gonna nap here a little longer. Thirty minutes later Joe got up to piss and wash his face. While brushing his teeth, he walked to the bedroom door and could not hear any activity in the kitchen. He went back to the sink and rinsed his mouth.

Joe walked back to the bed to put on his shorts. He heard some noises coming from outside. Then he drew back the curtain to the window that overlooked the pool and saw the two women talking.

Linda was sitting upright on a towel at the edge of the pool. Melissa was in the water swimming close to the edge and both were naked. They had been talking about Joe's leaving and their own friendship. Melissa swam over to Linda and stopped near the edge.

She stood up in about four feet of water and looked at Linda. The two held hands and then Linda caressed Melissa's face. Melissa kissed her hand and said, "We will always be like sisters."

Melissa rubbed Linda's feet and then kissed her on the knee. Then she kissed the inside of her thigh, Linda arched back with a tension releasing sigh. Then she kissed her other thigh and Linda reclined on her back. Melissa stared at her bald pussy.

Joe stood at the window as held his johnson. He was taking in every detail of this vision and was getting stiff in his shorts. He took off his shorts and started to masturbate.

Linda held her knees and spread her legs wide for her. Melissa opened her mouth with her tongue in position, ready to lick and suck Linda's clit. She began with a flicking motion and then slowly ran her tongue up and down her slit. After licking she grabbed the clit with her lips and gently sucked. Then she sucked harder as Linda moaned. Her hands went up to hold the tits.

As she had her tongue on that most intimate area, she smelled Linda's bitch scent. She sucked and licked as Linda's breathing got heavier. As Melissa went back to licking the lips, Linda put a finger on her own clit and began to rub.

Joe reached over to apply some of Linda's lotion on his hand and then put it on his cock. He stroked and stroked while watching Melissa's head buried in Linda's crotch.

Linda's legs were spread wide for Melissa. She wanted to make her cum. Joe loved the sight of Melissa's head burried between her thighs.

Joe was close to cumming but wanted it to last, so he slowed his pace down. Melissa's mouth became more aggressive as she sucked all the lips and then stabbed the cunt with her tongue. Then she placed one finger inside while she licked her clit. Melissa was finger fucking as she licked and sucked.

Joe couldn't hold on any longer. While Melissa was in her serving position, Joe was pumping his load on the bedroom carpet. Melissa kept performing as Linda's juices kept flowing.

She poked and finger fucked as Linda yelled, "Do it, do it, that's it" She kept on with the stimulation and Linda was close to coming.

"Yes that's it, oh fuck" She was twisting her shoulders and shaking her head. "Ahhhh Oh shit," At this moment Melissa went right to the clit and sucked hard and fast.

She came and Melissa continued with her mouth until they both relaxed. Then she went back to caressing Linda's thigh.

Three weeks had passed since Joe had moved to Pheonix. Linda wanted to go away for the weekend with Melissa, so she made reservations at a hotel up north. Linda drove for more than an hour until they reached Monterey and stopped for lunch. Then they went farther north to Santa Cruz where they checked into their room. Nothing odd about two sisters sharing a room.

Later that night, after a brief nap they went to an amusement park at the beach. There was a lot of activity with all the lights and noise. They played pin ball, ate cotton candy and kissed in the scarry dark tunnel ride. After all that fun it was time to head back to the hotel.

Linda started a bubble bath in the tub and was covered to her shoulders in bubbles. Melissa entered the bathroom naked to join her. She stepped in the tub behind Linda and sat down. She rubbed her shoulders and kissed her back.

Melissa was feeling very close to Linda. Close, as in more than just lovers. Linda was in control at her career and in control of her sexlife. She has never been tied down to one lover or had any feelings of commitment. She knew that eventually Linda would want the company of a man. When that day came she wanted to remain as Linda's main interest, both emotionally and sexually. Melissa would try to keep this interest by being totally available for Linda. She made preparations for this weekend to take care of Linda's needs.

As she massaged and kissed her shoulders, Melissa said, "I will do anything for you." Linda smiled as she looked over her shoulder. She grabbed a wash cloth and began to rub Linda's shoulders. The cloth ran down her back and down her arms. "I will always be there for you as a friend and a lover. I will keep myself waxed for you, all over. I can handle it if you are with other people." Mellissa said with a lie. However, the part about "doing anything for you" was the absolute truth.

With Melissa's knees bent and legs spread, Linda sat between them. Melissa's crotch was pushing softly against Linda's backside. While riding Linda's butt, she put her hands around her abdomen and continued to wash. She discarded the wash cloth and began massaging Linda's belly. Her hands moved up to Linda's breasts and she began to fondle. The soapy water felt slippery on her nipples. She loved Linda's breasts and wanted to possess them.

She leaned back and asked Linda to do the same. One hand stayed on the breast and the other went lower. She touched Linda's smooth bald pussy. Melissa's whole hand held the crotch. Then her middle finger focused on the slit. Her finger was in the lips making circle motions. Linda spread her legs as wide as the tub would allow.

Melissa fingered her slit while fondling her breasts. When Melissa put both hands on her breasts, Linda brought a hand down and masturbated her own cunt. She masturbated for more than a minute until surrendering to Melissa's touch. The warm water and Melissa's gentle hand felt beautiful.

Melissa rubbed and poked as Linda fell in to a deeper stimulation. Linda was being stroked and hit with a delicious finger fuck. While fingering, she felt Linda's firm thighs. Linda wanted it and Melissa continued.

She rubbed and rubbed as Linda's torso began to jerk. As she shook, waves in the tub splashed up against their shoulders. She was about ready to orgasm and as she braced herself against Melissa's chest, she arched her back and lifted her ass off the bottom.

Melissa continued as Linda was getting it. She stroked and rubbed as Linda felt the release. Then they laid back and rested in the water. They both got out of the tub and dried each other off. Linda kept looking at her beautiful friend and wanted to do things to her body.

Melissa knew that Linda's libido was stronger than hers and that she would need to work to keep her satisfied. Melissa would use her cunt to keep Linda happy.

Linda began to rub Melissa's buttocks and kissed her. It was a nice slim body that Linda loved to hold. Her tongue moved inside of Melissas mouth touching her sensitive lips. Their tits touch each other as they kissed. Linda kept caressing her ass as her mouth moved lower to her breasts. Linda grabbed both tits and licked a nipple. Then she took the whole nipple and felt the little ball in her lips. Melissa needed to give her whole body to her.

Melissa moved on to the bed and while facing away from Linda, she got on her hands and knees. Linda kissed her butt and tickled her thighs. Linda knelt on the floor next to the bed looking up at her but. Melissa's bald pussy was above Linda's face. She saw Melissa's upside down snatch and wanted it.

As she started to touch her crotch, Melissa's legs spread wider. Linda's mouth moved up underneath her to taste it. She licked the cunt and moved her tongue around in it. Melissa started to feel her own sensation of Linda's tongue. Her mouth gently teased Melissa with a slow tour around her box. Linda placed a finger inside to stroke her vagina. The stimulation made her moist with pleasure.

She licked and sucked as Melissa stayed in that most vulnerable position. Her legs were spread apart and her genitals were totally exposed. Melissa was using her cunt to to keep Linda close, but this sex work didn't feel like a chore, it was total pleasure.

She was being violated from behind by a nasty tongue. She felt so increadibly dirty and had to say something. "Oh Linda, Oh—-Oh please make me your slut. I will be your pussy, please." Linda was turned on by this submissive talk. She kept licking and probing that female slit. Linda's tongue was a snake and it explored her opening. She sucked, licked and finger fucked.

Melissa was squeezing the sheets and ready to climax. Linda knew she was close as she sucked her clitoris. Her head was shaking while her ass maded an up and down jutting motion.
She was cumming and Linda was there to continue. She licked and rubbed until Melissa calmed down.

Melissa thanked her and said she had something special for her. She told Linda that she went to an adult shop to get something special. Linda was very curious. She reached in to her travel bag and pulled out a device. It was an tan colored strap on dick. "I know how much you like a stiff dick, now I can fill that need."

Linda viewed the shaft with delight. "What an outstanding idea and thoughtfull." It was about two inches longer than Joe's erection and slightly thicker. It had bumps and ridges on it. The bumps were not like studs but more like rolling hills. Melissa asked, "Can I try it out on you?"

Linda replied, "Please do" as they both stood up.

Melissa stood behind her and reached around to touch Linda's crotch. Linda's lips were already slippery from the turn on of licking Melissa. She rubbed her mound while fondling her breasts.

Melissa grabbed a tube of KY jelly to lubricate the stick. Linda went to the bed and laid on her back. Melissa approached and before strapping it on she held it in her hand. She put KY jelly on her lips and the dick. She began to rub the head on Linda's cunt. She rubbed and slowly began to insert it in to her.

It was a snug fit and yet comfortable. After a few slow motions, Melissa went deeper. Linda could take it all the way in to her cunt. While Melissa fucked, Linda put her finger on her clitoris. She rubbed as Melissa stroked. The bumps and ridges were sending waves through her crotch. Melissa gripped the cock, pushing in and pulling out.

Melissa removed the dick and proceeded to strap it on. Linda got on her hands and knees and said, "Do me this way." Melissa kneeled on the bed behind her with her new johnson. She held Linda in the doggy style position ready to enter her. Melissa fit it in to her opening and slowly pushed forward. She moved back and forth, fucking her softly.

Melissa felt a strange thrill, being in that masculine position, using her hips to drive an erection into somebody. Melissa was in control and was dominating that sexy ass. As the lubrication got better and better, Melissa pushed harder. This rythym wasn't hard for Melissa to learn, since she had seen herself fucked this way by men several times.

Linda was on her hands and knees taking this dick inside her. This position gave a wonderful view of Linda's great ass. Melissa loved the view as she rubbed her butt. This doggy style intercourse was so wild and animal like, Linda couldn't help grinding her butt against Melissa's thrust.

Linda put her hand under so her finger could rub her clitoris. This helped with the stimulating intercourse. This artificial dick was thick. Any bigger and Linda wouldn't be able to handle it. Melissa bought just the right size. On her hands and knees with a really big dick inside, she was like an out of control animal. She was a horse getting fucked by a stallion.

Melissa's erection kept thrusting, totally filling Linda up. She rubbed, held and lightly spanked that ass to maintain control.

As she kept pumping, Linda reached under again with a finger to massage her clit. This rubbing pushed Linda to the next level. This thrusting and rubbing continued for another minute to the point where Linda was there.

She was getting closer and ready to cum. Melissa continued to pump until Linda had all of it. She came and came. They needed to rest.

The next morning the two of them talked during breakfast in the hotel lounge. They talked about feelings for each other and how they both missed Joe. Melissa was thinking a lot about herself and sex with Linda. She stated, "I don't know if I am a lesbian. I do know that I sure love having sex with you. What do you think?"

Linda was calm as she answered, "We are giving each other pleasure and we feel close as best friends. Are you still attracted to men?" "Oh yes, definitely, except now I am only thinking of you," Melissa answered. "Me too, I think of you all the time, but men – – oh please."

Melissa thought and said, "I just need a break. Men think about sex 25 hours a day, its too much. If they're not masterbating to porn, then they're trying to look up our skirts."

"Oh Melissa you're getting me hot," Linda replied. "I'm serious, I need a rest from it," Melissa said.

"Well they're bad boys. They're horny little devils. What can anyone do? I want a man to have some enthusiasm about sex." Linda said.

"How about Joe, he was pretty good, wasn't he?" Linda said, "He should be coming for a visit in a few weeks." Melissa liked Joe a lot but wasn't sure about sharing Linda. Linda sensed her emotion so she stopped talking about Joe.

Melissa talked about going to the beach and with that Linda mentioned something about the area. Last night Linda looked at a travel brochure for the surrounding bay area. She said there were more than five clothing opptional beaches in the area. Melissa was unsure of the idea of going to a place like that.

Melissa said, "I think of a beach full of much older guys standing around hoping to see a naked woman. It does not seem fun."

Linda replied, "Oh wait, most regular beaches are like that any way. How about that beach we always go to next to the pier. Everyone is wearing bathing suits and there's always guys hanging around looking at the younger women. They find those women attractive wether they're in bikinis or naked. Some of those guys are nice and some are assholes. It is the same at any beach."

Then she said "I went to a beach like that in Europe and the variety of people on that beach was just like here. Some younger and some older. Half the people were wearing bathing suits anyway. The site of bare bodies was so common to them that nobody cared. If it bothers you, just wear your swimsuit. No one will care. Also, its not like you see people sixty-nining right on the beach."

"Well, what about the police?" asked Melissa. "According to the brochure, half the places are officially allowed by the state or town. Now with other locations, the authorities just turn their back to the situation."

With that reassurance Melissa agreed and they were off. They arrived at a parking lot for a beach owned and maintained by the state. When they reached the sand, they headed for the clothing opptional end of the beach.

After a few minutes they knew they were in the right area. They saw a topless woman sitting on a towel and a little farther down were more naked people.

They found a nice spot to spread out their blankets. Both of them sat there wearing their two piece bikinis. Looking around showed the variety Linda had talked about. Some were older and some were younger. Some of the women were wearing tops and others were topless. Only about a third of the women were completely naked. For the men, most were naked.

Melissa had turned her back to find some drinks for them in their bag and when she turned back around, Linda was topless. Melissa reacted with a gentle smile. She responded by taking her top off. The two of them felt free and natural.

After drinking, they applied sunblock on each other and decided to go for a walk. They passed a group of teenagers, two boys and two girls, all with swimsuits on. At that age they might not feel comfortable being naked although they must have seen each other naked in private. They remembered being seventeen.

Their breasts stood free in the air and their bodies felt alive in a new way. If they closed their eyes and listened to people talk, it sounded like any other beach. Melissa was walking in the soft waves rolling up the beach. The water was not good for surfing today, only swimming. Melissa dove in to the water and waited for Linda. Moments later Linda jumped in with her and played in the gentle surf.

They walked out of the water and headed back to their towels. Linda applied a little more sunblock and put her head down on the blanket. After about ten minutes she noticed that Melissa was gone. She looked around and saw her at the waters edge talking to a man and woman.

Linda got up and walked over to them. The woman wore shorts and a bikini top while the man was naked. Melissa saw her approaching and held her hand out for her. As Melissa took her hand she introduced her new friends. She said, "Linda, this is Steve and Carrie." They all said hello. Carrie was getting a volleyball game together and Melissa wanted to join. Carrie asked Linda and she said, "Yeah, I'd like a little exercise."

Carrie moved on to find other players while Steve stayed behind. Linda asked, "Are you two a couple?" Steve replied, "No, we just met today. I moved here two months ago from Chicago. Now I live in San Jose. I like California and this is my first time here at this beach."

Then Steve introduced the two women to Armando, a suave latin guy, tall with perfect hair. Linda watched Melissa flash her tits and flirt in front of these two naked men. This was funny since a few hours ago she was taking a break from men.

After a minute of small talk, Steve noticed a group gathering around the volleyball net and said, "We should get ready for the game." They all moved over to the game site as teams were being picked. Linda and Melissa were on opposite sides, while Steve was on Linda's team. The serve had started and play was on.

Melissa had a naked female teammate in front of her. This woman had her legs shoulder width apart, leaning forward with her hands on her knees. She could see the very subtle crack of her lips from her cunt. Melissa saw and thought it was perfectly good.

The game went on for more than twenty minutes and at the end Steve being a good sport, praised both teams for good play. After the game, half the players went in to the water to cool off. Linda and Melissa followed them. Linda had been talking to a woman about Northern California as it compares to the southern coast. Her name was Mary and she said, "Each has it's charm, I'm sure." Mary was topless and had been here many times. Her breasts were nice to look at, but without staring. Mary had short hair almost like a tomboy, but it was cut with a nice style.

Melissa asked Mary, "What do you recommend for us when looking for a restaurant in the area?" Mary said, "There's a great place for Italian cuisine about 5 miles from here." She gave directions and they thanked her.

The two got back to their blankets to drink and eat some fruit. They noticed that of the many completely nude women, only one had a bald pussy. Melissa wanted to do something more and take another step in exposure.

She said, "Hey Linda, watch this." Melissa removed her bikini bottom showing a bare ass and bald crotch. Linda saw this and felt compelled to follow her example, but was motionless.

Linda finally stood up not sure what she was doing. She put her hands all over her pelvis as if to cover her body which was already covered by the bikini bottom. Then a feeling of calm came over her and the bikini brief just slipped away.

Linda invited her to walk the length of the beach. They walked and felt their bare asses exposed. Their crotches were bald and the cunt lips were clearly visible. They strolled to the end of the beach marked by big rocks and bushes. They walked away from the water towards an area of tall grasses. The two moved behind a large rock to explore farther.

Hidden from people's view were two people. It was Steve and Mary. She was brushing her hand along Steve's upper arm as he gripped his belly. The two women crouched down so as not to be noticed. Mary was standing behind him placing both hands on his shoulders. She kissed his back and shoulders. Mary still had her bottoms on while Steve was still naked and now partly erect.

Linda and Melissa, with their eyes wide open, didn't make a sound.

Mary moved around to face him and got on her knees. She put her fingertip on the side of his shaft and ran it up to the head. She kept running it up and down, from base to tip.

Then she took his balls in her fingers and softly rubbed. He was totally hard, but she was only using her hands. She tickled his scrotom and moved his balls from side to side. He was wanting her sweet mouth, but Mary kept building his arousal with a light touch of her hand.

Mary carefully examined the hansome shape of his cock. She looked at it from the bottom and the top of his erection. The anticipation of feeling her tongue was driving Steve crazy with lust. She placed her finger on his penis head and felt the slippery moisture appearing from his excitement. Now Steve's head was self lubricated and each movement of her finger got him harder.

Mary stuck her tongue out pointed straight toward his dick and was ready to lick. She placed her tongue on his tip and centered it on the hole of his penis head. She jammed, swirled and licked the hole. She licked and licked, then put her lips on his head. She slowly began to suck as she held his balls. Mary fondled his balls and continued to suck.

Mary used a super slow and steady bobbing motion on his cock. She was softly taking his whole shaft in and out. She was very good at this oral skill and Steve's face showed true delight.

Melissa enjoyed watching this act as she touched her own crotch. Linda was quietly massaging her breasts and needed to masturbate.

Mary's lips were moving up and down his hard shaft, getting the total feel of his maleness.

Linda was very aroused but got control and helped silence Melissa. They did not want to disturb the moment.

Mary kept sucking and Steve was ready to explode. She sucked and stroked as he came. She stroked as his juice fell all over her tits. Steve looked loose and satisfied. Mary pulled his hand saying, "Let's go wash off." Luckily they moved off in the other direction.

The two women began to masturbate again. This continued for another two minutes until Melissa said, "We need to get back to the hotel, I can't function here."

While walking back to the car, Melissa said to Linda, "After watching those two, I know that I still want men. Linda, if we each find a male companions, I hope they will allow the two of us a monthly roundevous as sisters. I'm looking forward to Joe's next visit, let's call him OK Linda."

-The End-
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