I am 22 and realised early on in life that I need a good severe punishment accompanied by maximum humiliation to fulfil my innermost sexuality. I eventually found a couple who understood what I craved and telephoned them to arrange a meeting. The husband told me to attend their house weearing a vest with no bra, cotton knickers, stockings held up only by garters and a simple dress on top.

I arrived duly dressed as instructed and was led into the lounge where David, the husband was chatting to another man. To my horror I was introduced as a young lady come for a sound thrashing on her bare bottom. I was taken aback and felt both sheepish yet excited at this brand of humiliation. Emma led me off to another room to prepare me. On the table were several canes, and a variety of straps with 2,3 and 6 tails.There was also a sort of padded table and 3 ordinary chairs. Emma told me to take off my dress and I did so. She then instructed me to take off my knickers completely, and once I had done so she ordered me to lie across the padded table. She left the room and after a few moments I could hear voices. The man was obviously leaving but the door to the room where I lay was open to the hallway and I blushed to think he would see me in vest and stockings, my bare bottom exposed and ready for my thrashing. He commented on my buttocks as he passed and then the front door opened and closed. I assumed the man with David had left.

David then came in and said that I would receive 12 strokes of the cane then 12 strokes of each of the straps, 48 in all, administered in 8 lots of 6. Emma told me to get up off the bench and face David. I did so and she told me to roll my stockings down to just above my ankles. This felt very sluttish and added to my humiliation as David wallked round the room clearly having a good look at me, and when I tried to cover my pussy, he got really furious. He picked up the cane and told me to hold out my hands, palms upwards. There I was, naked from the waist down in front of 2 other adults. As I held out my hands, Emma tucked up my vest to show the whole of my tummy area. David then caned me on my hands 6 times. I was then told to get back on the padded table. Emma was to punish me first, the hand caning having been extra. She started with the cane. The first stroke landed on my buttocks with a loud swish and a smack and then the burning pain came. Hardly had I felt the pain than the second stroke came. I managed to stay in position as Emma changed to one of the straps. I got one stroke from each of the 2 and 3 tails and 2 strokes of the 6 tailed one. I then had to get up, and was told to stand legs apart in the corner, hands on head for 10 minutes. Emma pulled down my vest again but otherwise I was still fully exposed. After 10 minutes I was to go through to the lounge and ask for the next part of my punishment.

I stood facing the corner, feeling totally humiliated and my bottom was burning, but strangely, I felt elated. This experience of pain and humiliation was what I had been looking for. However, unknown to me David and Emma had really organised the session to play to my desire for humiliation and when the 10 minutes had passed I went from the corner through to the lounge. To my consternation, not only were David and Emma not alone and the man had not gone away, but there were 2 young girls about 16 and 18 there who looked on with great interest at my exposed lower body and red backside.

David told me to prepare myself as before and be waiting for him bent over the padded table, buttocks uppermost. I returned to the other room, blushing with shame at these young girls seeing me half naked like this, but tucked up my vest again, clambered onto the padded table, and took up the position. He came in after a little while and administered the next 6 strokes. Again the instructions were similar, but when I went into the lounge the next time there was a teenage boy there who turned out to be one of the girls' brother. I was really embarassed now as he looked closely at my hairy crotch and at my tight vest outlining my excited breasts, my nipples showing the state of arousal that this whole exercise had brought about in me. Again I was told to return, but this time lie on my back with legs spread and hands behind my head. I took up this position aware that when Emma came into the room she would be able to see my sex totally exposed. However I had not reckoned with their fiendish game plan for it was the man friend who came and proceeded to apply one stroke of each belt to each of my upper thighs.

This went on all afternoon but gradually the humiliation increased. The next time it was one of the young girls who caned and strapped the back of my thighs. When I returned to the lounge I then had to let the boy remove each of my rolled up stockings from my ankles. To do this I had to lift one leg at a time and place it in his lap which meant that David had to steady my balance by holding my buttocks, and the young boy was able to see right up to my glistening pussy lips as he removed the stocking from each foot. It was then his turn back on the padded table and I had to adopt a kneeling position but head down so that my spread buttocks were thrust up in the air. He then gave me his 6 strokes. That was half way and on my next visit to the lounge I had to remove my vest so that I was completely naked. As an interlude in my punishment I had to allow David, the other man and the boy to feel and caress my bare breasts and tweak my nipples.

The other girl then had me on the padded table, on my back with legs apart in a spread V and concentrated on my inner thighs which were particularly sensitive and tender. David then returned to my bottom and Emma my thighs before finally all 5 of them watched my last 6 strokes, or perhaps I should say 4 of them held me still while the younger girl gave me 6 strokes of the 2 tailed strap across my breasts, flattening the nipples on each impact. Finally, it was the boy's privilege to masturbate me to orgasm using his fingers on my swollen sex lips and working wonders on my clitoris. I had experienced everything I wanted and hope to return for even more humiliation soon.

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