Hypnotism! Doing it my way!

Hypnotism! Doing it my way!

I was young. How young? I don't remember exactly but what I do remember is, I was still a virgin
so I wasm't 15! That year, my Father made all kinds of money, bought a new car and came home one night with a weird look on his face and began to sing, Bye Bye Blackbird!
"Pack up all your cares and whow, here we go…" then paused, his face flushed, my Mother and I holding our breath as he blurted out "to the Catskill mountains for a week!"
We stood there flabbergasted as Daddy never ever acted like this!
"Were going to the Wanna Wanna resort (or whatever it was called) he shouted" doing a little damce laughing. "All meals are supplied, a huge golf course, Olympic size pool, bowling, five bars, a stage show like they have in New York, I mean if you stayed there a month, you couldn't use all they had to offer! So pack you duds, we leavie in the morning"
My Mother was thrilled but I had no idea what he was talking about. Yes I heard what he said but my world was four blocks in each direction from home, a few friends and nothing to base lifes experiance on except the movies. I did smile, I did act excited but to go away for a whole week? I don't know about that!

This man came, gave my Dad a ticket and away he went with our car. it must be ok, Daddy smiled at him. I had to wait by the bags until they checked in with this man coming in a golf cart.
"Hi ya doing sweet thing" he said smiling checking me out with that sexy look.
Whew! My throat closed, I had a hot flash and felt weak. No one had ever talked or looked at me the way her did, I mean, he un-dressed me! I have to pee! So my Mom pushes me on the golf cart as I'm stiff and we take off. This is this and that is that, showing us all the differant buildings. I never knew places like this existed it was as big as a small town!
"Well the room isn't much but hey, were only going to sleep here….come on, lets go to that patio and have lunch"
So I put my bathing suit on and it was tight. Have i grown that much? I now have breasts, not that much but they were more than sprouting and the bottoms were really tight.
"Well you'll just have to put up with it this week dear" Mom said not looking at me.
Down to the pool I go, sit on the edge with my feet in the water, the sun beating down on me, oh ya, this was so very nice.
"Looking good!!" I turned and there the golf cart guy was going by smiling at me.
Is he crazy? He has to be 19 or 20! Why is he…..! OMG! He thinks he can….! Why am I getting feelings in my vagina? What is the matter with me? I was very upset about this and went back to our room after the third time he passed by.

So I gathered up my clothes, went in the bathroom to wash the clorine off me thinking about the golf cart guy. Sure, I knew what sex was, a boy puts his thing in you and nine months later you have a baby! That was my total knowledge of sex! You don't want to have a baby then don't let a boy put his thing in you! My breasts were hurting as they were growing, I started my period at xmas which was horrid and the only good thing was, I grew more pubic hair which hid that ugly slit between my legs. My whole body was changing but of course I didn't know that and as i soaped my pubic hair, yikes, what was that? A shock hit me and i didn't know why! With caution, I ran my finger bewtween my lips and oh my, I was wet and not from the water, Damn! So I got out of the tub, dreid myself off wondering what caused that so I sat on the toilet seat lid, opened my legs and looked at myself in a mirror. Holy! With my lips open, I seen what I now know as my clitoris standing at attention! Why is that up like that? I touched it and oh my, that felt so nice! If it feels good, can it it be bad? So I contined to move it around and began thinking of the golf cart guy taking me in his arms, kissing me when all of a sudden from way down inside me, this surge of power raced up my through my body crashing in my Vagina!! Holy! It took my breath away! What happened? I sat there panting like a dog laying in the sun not able to explain what happened but I knew I liked it. What ever it was. Mmm, maybe I'm becoming a woman!

This was the ranting of a upimg girl who only seen a picture of a naked male in the National Geographic magazine! Honest to God, I knew nothing. Anyway, I thought I was pretty hot stuff, I mean, I masturbated, right? So that night we went to the stage show and once again, I was put in my place. The band, a live band with instruments other than guitars, six girls scantily clad doing a wonderful dance, a singer who everyone knew but me and a hypnotist. Without my knowledge, he had six people already to go from the audience and by touching each one on the head, they had a huge smile.
"Wow, is it ever hot in here" and they all started to act like it was very hot.
Going to big man on the end, he asked him if he thought it was hot in here.
"Your fucking right it's hot in here!"
Everyone was sceaming with laughter.
"It's cold!" he said quickly and they all began to shiver.
He said they were watching a very sad movie then a happy one but the best is when he said there was no number 6.
"Count ones to ten" he said to this woman.
"1-2-3-4-5-7-8-9-10" generating a big smile.
"Where's number 6?" She looked around, shrugged her shoulders.
"What's a 6?" and so on.
I laughed so hard I pee'd myself a bit.

During the day we did all the things a family could do, eating being number one on the list. I had a bit of an argument about going to see the floor show again but Mom gave in seeing that I was in an guarded area. This was fabulous, even better the 2nd time as I was on a high. During the intermission, one man said to the other,
"Know what? We should learn how to do that! It's a real panty remover" as both laughed.
"Ya right! All you have to do is give the right suggestion. I could say to her, your in the bathroom, the door is locked and you feel like a shower so get un-dressed" and they left laughing.
Holy moly! Could that happen? I guees it could, I mean, they lost that number 6! So on Wednesday, they were going to a dance and when the show was over, I was to come straight back to the room which I did. I lay there thinking of how I could get a boy to take his clothes off and of course I masturbated. Ha ha ha, I went to sleep with a smile on my face with them waking me up when they came in as they had a few drinks.
"Oh good" Daddy whispered "she's asleep" with the sounds of rustling clothes.
A grunt, a groan and I opened my one eye just a bit then sprung wide open! There was my Mom on top of Daddy, he bare bum in the moonlight, bouncing up and down on Daddy! Moving an inch, I couldn see what was going on but I couldn't make the connection. And then like a slap in the face it hit me! Sweet Jesus, that's my Dad's dick? I stopped breathing! Mom was now going faster with a long almost silent growl coming from one of them with Mom sitting straight up! A moment later, she had some tissue in her hand as she leaned forward with Daddy's big dick coming out of her then falling forward. I didn't move, I was frozen to the spot until I heard Daddy snoring. I didn't sleep to well the rest of the night, this was very upsetting.

Needless to say, I felt guily about seeing them make out but telling them was out of the questiom, this was something I was going to have to live with. Add to this, I just found out how sweet it was to masturbate pkus the golf cart guy throwing a kiss in the air then grabbing his crotch as he passed , well, it was mind boggling for me. In addition, going to that stage show every night, seeing those dancing girls with next to nothing on and how happy they looked, the hypnotist controlling peoples thoughts and actions, it's no wonder I fantisized most of the time about sex! It was everywhere, all the time! At the stage show during intermission, I overheard two men ralking.
We are gpong to have to learn how to hypnotize! Hell ya the other one said. Plant the suggestion that she's alone in the bathroom, the door is locked and she wants to take a shower! They both laughed hard and moved in. Whew! I guess they could do that! Anothor ti,e I was in a stale whentwo woman came in. So what did he say one asked? The other replied, I thought about you getting all that haor in your mouth baby, so I shaved my pussy, just for you….like it? They both laughed with the other one saying, God, that's so nice, why do men like pussy so much? I don't know the other one said and I don't care but please don't stop! So I sat there trying to imagine someone between my legs becoming very horny again. Does it never stop?

That week at the resort changed me forever! The very day upon arriveing home, I took out the two books they had on hypnotism, absolutely mesmerized by what I read! Not onlu did I read the ome book that night but I remember every word and phrase, even the comma's! The second book pretty well covered what the first book said only with diffent language. OK, so now you have all this information, you've made notes, who's going to be your subject? I still smile when I think about this as my Cousin Sharron came in wanting to know what it was like at the resort/ Da Da! I have my subject! So I told her they played this game and i was going to show her doing a test where my thumb was on her forehead and told her I was pushing but in fact I wasn't. If they fall back, they are a good subjecxt and she did stumble back In less than a minute, she was under and it's a good thing I have a stronge heart as it was beating a million times a minute! To make sure, I had her do a little dance, which was terrible by the way becoming scared.
"When I count to 3, you will noit remember anything, you will feel great…one, when you hear the words yuk yuk mak, you will do what ever I ask. Two, feeling super and you really like me, three!"
A big smile came over her face and Holy, she gave me a hug! I didn't mind, as a matter of fact, I felt quite proud of putting her under!

"I'm going now Rita, I'll be back about two" Mpm shouted downstairs. Yippee!
As soon as that door closed I said yuk yuk mak and Sharron was under again. Now what? Well why not try it? Here comes that boy you like, wow is he ever handsome. He bends over and gives you a kiss which I did and she kissed me back saying, I want you Sharron, I've always wanted you putting my hand between her legs! And I want you she blurted out as she grabbed me, hugging me hard! Now what? Better stop this right now! Ok, he's gone but you feel horny! Oh look, theres Rita, she's asleep laying down on the floor. Your thinking, I wonder if she would mind if I felt her boobs? No, she wouldn't mind. Undo her blouse and…oh wow, look, no bra? Gee whiz, look at them, she has nipples! Bet she wouldn't mind if I sucked them a bit! Sharron took my breast in her mouth which sent and electric shock through me! No one had ever touched me and here i was shortly after returning from the resort and my cousin was sucking on my breast! Holy! There was no question on my mind that I was wet, was Sharrom? Pulling her panties to the side, she was as i ran my finger up and down her slit as she moaned in a high pitch! Damn! How do I get her to lick me? Best way is to tell her! Look! Rita is taking off her shorts and panties, I think she wants you to taste her! You love her so much, it would please her so! Sharron came around between my legs and without any hesitation, she began licking my pussy. Now I didn't know good from bad oral sex, what I did know is, when I climaxed, it was a 10 times better than masterbarion!. As time went on, two sleep overs and in to October, Sharron was doing me on a regular basis.

Then one Saturday morning in October, Sharrons head was on my tummy resting after she gave me a tremendous climax, she came out of her hypnotized state by herself What? She looked at me, then around, then moved back a bit! I don't understand she said in a panic, I…I… Think Rita, say something! You don't remember Sharron? Up on my elbows I said, oh it's been so nice smiling at her, you just love to lick my pussy. I kept smiling, what else could I do? She just starred at me, recording what I said. I do? Oh yes, you love to lick me and I love it too. She looked down at my exposed crotch, then back up at me so I said, go ahead, crossing my fingers, taste me, you'll see how much you'll like it! She did hesitate for a moment but in seconds she was at me just like before. She said she had no memory of ever rating me before but I just sloshed it off saying, it's just a memory loss, happens to me all the time and that seemed to satisfy her, Whew! She was leaving and there was Todd, our paper boy coming up the walk with a wide smile collecting. I never thought one way or the other about Todd sexually until I was returning from the litched with his money. Know what Rita? Every time I see you, you seem to be glowing! Gulp! Now that caught me by sirprise! I didn't quite know what to say for a moment but finally muttered, and you too Todd. Talk about dumb! OK, well thanks, see ya around he smiled and left. So there I was, fresh from Shannon giving me oral sex and my Vagina was pinging! You want to get fucked? Ohhhh!

It wasn't so much that Todd was the person of my dreams, I had been looking at guys in a different light the last little while but he had a reason to come to my house. I seen him twice that week on his bike with some of his friends and by Thursday, I was going to make a move on him Saturday. As soon as Mom left, I took my panties off, pulled my shorts up tight making a camel toe in my crotch. Was I ever excited. In he came and there was no question about it, my slit was well pronounced! My shorts were in the crack of my bum too and smiled going to get his money and also coming back. Was his face ever red!
"Got a minute Tood? I have something I want to try for school" giving him my best smile
"You not going to hurt me are you?" his face still flushed.
Right there in the hall, I gave him the thumb against his forehead test and he almost fell back! Yes, he would do! He went under quickly so I said to him, your on you way home, it's at night and you pass this row of houses and this light comes on. I wonder who lives there so you look both ways and dart across the back yard to where the light came on. A girl is sitting on her bed facing you holding a tennis racket and you can see her white panties"

He may have been able to see her white panties in his minds eye but he had hold of his crotch! Oh my goodness, look, she's taking off her panties! She's looking down at her crotch and you have to take out your dick! With a wicked smile on his face, out came his 5" dick and began to rub it. No, you don't want to rub it, you want it out but you want to enjoy this, keep watching. So I bent over examaning this muscle thinking, what a wonderful thing! I blew softly on his erection and it jumped each time thinking, I can't do this here in my house! With Shannon, I mean she's a girl, we could get away with a lot but a boy, no way! One thing I did know, it felt like my pussy was dripping I was so horny! You would really like to be in there with her Todd to put it in her. Ya, I sure would he whispered. Damn! I can't help myself. Then go ahead put it in her and took his dick in my mouth. This was something I had to do! I didn't plan it this way, it just happened! What a strange feeling that was when all of a sudden and without warning, his dick began to pulse then his hot juice hit the back of my throat! There was no time to react, just swallow what he gave me! Yes I was stunned, I never even thought about him having a climax. Looking at him, he had the stupidest look on his face you can imagine. I got to get him out of here. Back into it's hadding place, still hard bringing him out of it telling him he wants to make out with me. There! Done!

Al that week I smiled secretly knowing that at some point, Todd was going to be my first lover. I would wake up horny, I was horny all day and then I'd go to bed horny, I wanted to give up my virginity and take care of my being horny. Haveing sex was not going to be a problem but not getting pregnant was the problem! Ask Mom to put me the pill? She might have but my Father would have a fit so I called my Aunt.
"You Damn right I'll get you on the pill, get over here!" It was just that fast and easy "Now you listen to me Rita! You take one in the morning when you go have a pee. You don't have any money to get any? No problem! Go to my drug store, I'll set it up for you! One thing we don't need is another mouth to feed!" Thank God for Aunty. Wow! Now I can screw who ever I want and not get knocked up, laughing that evil laugh. I'm ready Todd, come and get it! I couldm't help it, I busted out laughing hard. I seen Todd twice that week with friends and since this was his last year in public school and I went to an all girls high school, the fact that I was more than a year older than him, he waved and I know he wanted to talk to me but didn't want to take the chance. So on that Saturday, he came early and Mom was still there, Damn! Another surprise!
"you look so nice Rita and I was wondering if you liked to swim?" What a question!
"Yes I do but it's a bit cold for that, isn't it?"
"Ya, sure is. We have a pool in our building and I was wondering if…." Say no more
"The answer is yes!" with both of us laughing.
"How about to-morrow morning about 10?"
"Sounds good to me" This is even better.

Well to-day is the day I lose my virginity! I've heard many girls says how much it hurt and I've never had anything in me but maybe I should put some vasoline in there which I did or at least I tried. So away I go and Todd is waiting for me at the front door. He's just bubbling as he leads me to the elevator and down to the basement where the pool is. Wow! A nice size, plastic palm tree's with the sauna and showers on the other side.
"You ever had a sauna Todd?" approaching it.
"No. Want me to turn it on?" At this point, he would have done anything to please me
"Give me a minute to change"
My panties had vasoline on them but I couldm't help that and the bra was tight. My breasts had grown? So I gathered up my clothes taking them out to a chair with Todd's face flushed. No time to comfort or worry about him, this is my time! Back in the sauna we go, fix my towel and sit down as Todd is fooling with the heater. What are you waiting for Rita? OK,OK!
"Um Todd? You come here often?" Oh, he's hard!
His face is like a neon light blinking on and off! red/white, red/white, red/white! I was glancing at his crotch and face with Todd almost in tears.
"I'm so sorry Rita, I can't help it! Seeing you here, I…"
"Shhh, let me see" smiling at him.

The moment of truth!! He sure didn't want to pull down his bathing suit but there was no place to hide. He was looking all around trying to think of an excuse why he couldn't so I said,
"Come on Todd, it won't huurt!"
The as though he had no time to lose, down came the bathing suit with his pride and joy jumping up in the air. Nice! I reached over taking him by his dick pulling him a step closer to me looking at this marvelous muscle. A drip of sperm formed at the opening so I licked it off, I liked the taste!
"Be careful Rita, it's loaded!" he squeaked.
No sooner did he say that then he shouted quickly,
"Rita Rita!"
His dick began to pulse, he's going to shoot! I didn't wait, I shoved his dick in my mouth and at the same instant, he began to pump his sperm in my mouth! High pitched mini screams came from Todd ans low groans of pleasure came from me. This was so good! making sire i gor every drop. Standing, his eyes were darting everywhere, he was panting and when I took my bathing suit off, oh my, he hugged me! I don't want a hugged, I want to make love! No words were spoken as i laid down with Todd getting on top of me. We both had hold of his cock as he seached for that hidden entrance and found it with the head going in. Yow!

"Todd? Your squishing me!" He almost jumped off me saying how sorry he was.
"Nothing has ever been inside me Todd so go easy!"
Owe! It hurt a bit when he pulled back and aslo when he thrust it in me.
"You OK Rita?" he was so concerned about me.
"Ya" with wild shooting feelings going in every dorection. "put it in further!" I gasped.
Holy geez! He shoved it all the way in! There was no stopping him now as he pounded me hard trying to shove himself inside me! My vagina was burning, I was hurting and I had enough!
"Todd? Your hurting me?" Just like that he went up on his knee's!
The burning was still there, my vagina was pulsing with some blood on his penis.
"You ok Rita?"
"I feel like I'm on fire….I need some water!" Son of a gun!
Todd took charge raising me up, grabbed our bathing suits taking my hand and naked went to the showers. Like he knew what he was doing, he was cupping his hands together full of water and shoving it on my crotch! Wow! So we got dressed with Todd walking me to the front door.
"Todd? This doesn't mean I'm your girl friend or I'm your boy friend! If I want to go out with another boy, I don't want you getting mad"
"I know! gee Rita, that was so cool" what a smile.
I just had to give him a kiss before i left. Todd is so nice!

I laid low for the next few days, catching up with my homewaork while my vagina healed.
"How come you don't have any time for me Rita?" Shannon complained
"I don't know" closing the bathroom door
Sharron satisfied me as usual, more in fact as my climax was more intense! Life was good! So on my way home that Wednesday, Todd caught up to me.
"Hi Rita! I've missed you a lot, You ok?" Seeing him brought back gpod memories.
"I'm fine, how are you doing?" giving him my best smile.
"Well to tell the truth, I'm hard 24/7"
"Poor baby. Wish I could help you but you know, there's no place" He had a surprise for me.
"I was thinking about that and the fire stairs in that apartment building woukld be perfect. They never use them unless there's a fire" You bugger? How did you think of that? Flash backs of him pounding sperm in my mouth got me excited so I nodded my approval. The second floor, Todd took his erection out and in seconds he was away. i liked that, i liked that a lot but I needed that dick of his! Off came my slacks and panties, not caring if we were caught with Todd almost objecting.
"Put it in, give it to me" I whispered louder than I should.
Holy! Has he been practising? This feels so good! Yes Todd give it to me…harder…harder!

So through November and the first part of December, Shannon was doing me once a week, sometimes just afterTodd made a deposit in me. I tried to talk her out of it the first time not telling her why but she would have none of it! You want some? Well then have some, maybe you'll listen to me from now on. I was prepared to say, I told you so but insted, she went at me with gusto! Go figure! Todd was doing me twice a week, sometimes 3 times if you count on the odd Saturday. As in all things, even though everything is working well, for some unknown reason you want to change. You have a boat but you want a bigger one, a car but you want it faster and so on. That's where I was at. Tood was super but I wanted to try something new. Then on December 21st, he said to me while walking me home after a nice pleasurable session,
"My Aunt and Uncle are staying with us over the holidays"
"Oh that's nice. Your happy about that?"
"Ya except it makes my room crowded.. My two cousins will be bunking with me. Oh well, it's only till new years day" Honestly, I just asked the question like anyone would.
"How old are they?"
"Alex is 15 and Jerry is 17" Boing!
"That's nice. Hope I can meet them over the holidays" my heart beating just a bit quicker.
"Sure, no problem" You never know where it's coming from!

On the 23rd, i was coming home from getting some dry cleaning for Daddy when this van pulled up beside me.
"Hi beautiful" It was Todd with two guys smiling behind him.
"Hi" Smiling as I amswered back and whew, these had to be his cousins.
"Get in and say hello to my cousin Alex and Jerry"
The door slid open and in I went with pings in my vagina!
"You didn't tell us she was this nice Todd, I'm Alex and our driver is Jerry…So Todd was telling us you are kind of naughty" whew! There both a lot bigger than Todd.
"That's not true! Todd would never say anything bad about me!"
"No no, I don't mean the bad baughty, I ean the good naughty" laughing.
"You told them about us?" slapping him on the back of his head.
"i couldn't help it Rita, they wormed it out of me!" bending forwaard.
"Don't be to hard on him, it isn't every day you lose your virginity! You too, right?"
"I'm not saying a word"
"That's ok, Todd says your sensational" I had to pat him on the shoulder for that.

"So you know any girls that would like to get a pre Christmas boink?" as all 3 laughed.
"No, i'm sorry guys, I can't help you, I have my hands full taking care of Todd"
Hoops and hollars came from the 3 of them as alex grabbed Todd pulling him out of his seat.
"Get back here pal, she wants you!" sitting down across from me.
OMG, can I do this? What is he going to do? You want the 3 of them? I didn't jave to ask any of these questioons as Todd took his cock out. That bugger! Well if he doesn't mind, neither do I! I fell over taking his dick in my mouth with groans and moans coming from all 3. I was to bust sucking Todd to noyice but suddenly felt hands feeling my boobs. Here he comes with Todd blasting his sperm in my mouth. my coat was now open and when i sat up, Alex was behind me pulling mu zipper down. Jerry through a blamket in the vack with Todd pulling my slacks off then my panties.
"Mmm, nice cunt!" Alex said," she trims her hair!" At this point I didn't care what they said.
Todd didn't waist any time with for play, he rammed it into me with Alex clapping.
"Fuck her Todd, fuck her hard! here, let me help you!"
He grabbed my ankles pulling me up with Todd slamming hard against me. An aggg and Todd was away his sperm flowing in me. I must have taken a stupid pill that morning as i inended to get up having given them a show but no way! Alex had his dick out trying to move Todd out of the way. Holy, he's going to do me too? Duhhh! Wake up Rita!

I could feel Todd's sperm running down past my bum with Alex getting between my legs smiling.
"Relax baby, Your going to enjoy thjis"
Oh wow! He was bigger and longer pushing it all the way in then started up slowly never taking his eyes off me. Jerry and Todd were talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying as I was getting feelings in my vagina I never felt before.
"Don't fight it" Alex whspered kissing me "Give me your juice!"
I didn't know what he meant except that it felt like I was going to climax! Can it be? Things were heating up inside me as Alex kept saying, give it to me! He knew what he was doing all right as he began to speed up I began to not only moan but shriek and cry! Alex was now pounding me hard shouting at me, give it to me, ket it go, I want it!. Omg it's coming. I started to scream, something opened inside me and the flood gates opened! Alex unloaded in me pushing hard against me shouting, thar she blows! I couldn't help myself, I was crying and couldn't stop.
"You Bastard" Todd shoted "You've hurt her!"
"Take it easy Todd, I didn't hurt her, she just had her first intermal orgasm!"
Todd passed me some paper towels and helped me on with my panties and slacks. I was finished, i had nothing left in me Stopping where I lived, there was no need to say anything, actions speak louder then words.
"Hope your ok Rita, I'll call you later"

Hanging up the dry cleaning, I went in the bathroom and cleaned up as best i could nad went to bed. Mom woke me asking me to come for supper but I didn't want any. My clock radio said 6:10 and wow, I was full of life. Taking a shower, my pussy felt good, I felt good so I made myself a bacon and tomatoe sandwhich, I was starving. Do some laundry, clean yoyr room, I couldn't sit still!. At nine, Tood called and askede if I was ok.
"I feel good. How are yoyr cousins?"
"They are raving about you"
"Coming over?'
"No I have to go with my Mom and Aunt…they want to see you again"
"Sounds good to me, in about an hour?"
I got in the back of the van and geez, they had the blanket down already
"I didn't get any of that good stuff yesterday" Jerry said getting out of the drivers seat with Alex getting behind the wheel, undoing his jeans as he came. Yes, I want some of that! Up went my skirt, off came my panties laying down with Jerry kneeling between my legs. I let a yell out of me because what he was holding in his hand was a monster!
"Don't panic, it will fit, I'll take it easy, don't worry!"
Well I was worried, I mean his cock was huge with Akex laughing hard.

The head went in and Jerry still had hold of it.
"See? It's ok. Now relax and enjoy" as he pushed it in further
Now I don't know how big he was but I can tell you honestly that I couldn't take it all!
"Your hurting me!" I said and he backed off a bit.
"That better?" and oh ya, that was a lot better. "Here we go" he said and I could feel him pumping into me. What a nice feeling. Alex pulled over and as soon as he gor up, Alex rolled me over and inserted me from behind. I never did it this way and after few pumps, he took it out and ahhh, he shoved it in my bum! I began to scream as Jerry took off pounding my fists on the floor.
"Relax Baby, your going to love this! In truth, it did hurt a bit but it was also pleasurable if that makes sense.
"Son of a bitch, is she ever tight" and away he went. More paper towels saying to myself,
"When I get out of here, there's no way I'm getting back in!"

"You know the rest Rhonda. I turned 15 and by 16 I turned my first trick, remember that?"
"Yes I do and i told you to stop as you were ruining the business"
"That's right" Laughing "I got a hundred dollars and you said, come back when your 17 and you'll make ten times that on a quiet day! I looked at you in that business suit sitting behind the wheel of that Caddy convertable and I said to myself, that will be me some day"
"That was 5 years ago. Times fly's when your having a good time"

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