I Met Elaine

I Met Elaine

I am mady .. 26 yr old male , 5:11 tall, short black hair, living alone .

It was chilling December morning , when i was searching for my alarm to turn it off, my hands moved over the clock as i turned it off, my eyes slowly opened, as i didn’t wanted to getup , it was feeling nice in bed warm under my blanket. i looked at clock , it was 7 in the morning. i slowly got up,, washed my face and i was making coffee for myself, i live alone, 26 yrs old single guy, working with reputed firm and earning well, i poured my steaming coffee in mug and was sipping slowly as the events that happened yesterday slowly came to my mind, suddenly i kept the coffee on the table and searched my pocket and got that visiting card, i was reading it ,, Miss . Elaine Samuel , press reporter, and suddenly my mind took me around 13 yrs back,

i was around 13 when Elaine and her family moved to next to your house, your parents became very close soon, having dinners together, or going to picnics . Or just watching soccer together cheering for there favorite teem, Elaine was around 12 at that time, shoulder length dark hair, fair, deep brown eyes, and little shy. But we became very close, everyday we used to study together, if she is having any problem in her studies she used to rush me, anytime. We used to play together, most of times she used to have dinner with me at my place only, as days passed we got close.

When i turned 15 and she was 14 she rushed to my room once, she never used to knock on door. but the time she entered my room i didn’t heard the door as my and i was reading some adult story which one of my friend gave me and i was having really hard on , pressing my shorts ..

Maddy tell me one thing,, she shouted from behind and i suddenly pushed the book under blanket,
Yess Elaine ,,, when u… came ?? i was trying hard to cover my hardness which was clearly visible , before i pull up the blanket she saw , bust she didn’t said anything , we talked casually for a while, she didn’t told me why she came to my room and what she wanted to ask, i could see she felt little shy. She left the room,
Next day she was not talking to me much, but she wanted to ask me something, she was struggling,,
i looked at her , and she asked me .
Mady what were u doing last night?
ahh, nothing ,, i said..
ru all right mady ?? Is everything fine with u…??
yess elaine ,, nothing happened to me ,, why ur soo worried???
Umm she stopped for a moment..
i mean i saw something wrong between ur legs , .. i was shocked as this shy girl was asking me ,,
Nothing happened Elaine ,, don’t worry ,,, … it happens with the age .. As we grow up,,,
i don’t know how much she got it , but she didn’t asked anything then..

Days passed and she started understanding things, her body was changing now, she was having nice curves, and we started talking more openly about things now.

One day we both were watching TV in hall and my mom and her mom working in kitchen, she asked me almost in whisper,

Mady do u masturbate??
Yess Elaine,,, I was not shocked as we used to talk things abt male and female organs and masturbation.
Mady ,,, . She stopped,,, she wanted to say something ,
Yess what’s it Elaine? I mean,, she looked at me,, do u have any reading stuff still ?
I smiled and I gave her a book when she was going back after dinner,
And she never returned that to me and I never asked too..

But nothing really happened between me and her , we were just friends, when I turned 17 my family moved to other place , we kept in touch over phone , but year later I moved to hotel and then we never talked . I got busy in my studies but I always used to think about her, I tired to trace her , went back to our old city but got to know that there family moved to some other place as her dad changed the job, and I never got any contact of her,

I looked at the card again… still not believing, and yesterday when I was coming back from office I heard a soft voice calling from behind as I walked towards my car.
Mady ….
Yess I do remember that voice,, I stopped, couldn’t believe my ears. I slowly turned back, I saw a beautiful gal, standing and smiling. She was wearing blue business jacket short skirt up to her knees. , her black hair tied in a neat bun. Pinned up neatly those brown eyes, yesss she is Elaine , I was in shock and I was so happy to see her. I rushed to her,
Godd damnnn Elaine its u…gosh where were u?
She smiled. See I caught u and we both were so happy. She was in hurry she gave me her card , call me tomorrow mady I am in hurry right now my boss is with me and we have to prepare for a meeting, I will tell u everything tomorrow, ,

I was standing there, holding the card, and she was gone,, I thought it’s a dream …but it was not..
I finished my coffee, and called her.
We talked for a while, she told me where she is living and it was just 3 months that she moved to the city, and she got to know about me from a other news reporter who took my interview few days back about the emerging small scale industries, well to my surprise she was living just 2 blocks from my flat, we decided to have dinner at her place,
Whole day I couldn’t work, I kept thinking of her, she was turned in to more beautiful gal,
Her body more full, every curve. I was waiting for the evening.

I reached her place, she opened the door, she was looking stunning, she was wearing short skirt, light yellow top. Her silky black hair just tied up with a clip. She was wearing very light makeup. We talked a lot, every moment we spend when we were together, she told me that her parents moved to different place and she was trying hard to keep in touch with me, and that’s when her mom died in a car accident, lots of things suddenly came up on her, and she had to stop her studies and joined a news group. She cooked food and I helped her in kitchen, we laughed we talked abt everything, had our dinner, we were sitting on couch close, and she looked at me, and asked.

Soo Mady you’re still single?? yesss I said.. So r u Elaine,, I asked her ,
She told me about the guy she was going around 2 yrs back but then she came to know he was a jerk and she never saw him,

Suddenly we sat there quite for a moment, no one was talking, I looked at her, our eyes met, I was looking in her deep brown eyes, and unknowingly my hand softly hold her hand , I felt her body shivered gently to my touch , I could see her sharp breathing as her hands moved very little but she didn’t pulled her hand back,

My fingers were very slowly creasing over her hand, gently touching her wrist. I was in some kind of trance, I thought it’s a dream, she closed her eyes, her fingers clenched I could feel her breathing getting heavy .she said..

Madyyy plzzz what u doing? I dint stop as my fingers gently moved up over her arm, she was not protesting, her body was responding but her mind was saying no..

Plzz madyy nooooooooo…. She said very softly ,, something deep in her mind was screaming and telling her not to stop ,, I felt her shiver madly as my hand brushed her face on her cheeks ,she looked in my eyes, I could see that strange feeling in her brown eyes, we both were breathing hard, our heart beats getting so fast, I could feel my hands shaking as I slowly pulled the clip from her hair and her silky long hair fell on her back , she closed her eyes again, this time her hand came to my shoulder , our faces got close , more close, without a single word ,,we could literally hear our breathing …

Our faces were so close, just inches away, we felt each others hot breathings hitting our faces, and this was turning me on so badly. My lips were just inches away from her. My hand was slowly creasing her silky hair .my fingers gently moving in her hair, I was feeling her hands on my shoulder as one hand slowly moves over my neck..

Oooooooooooooo Madyyyyyyyyy she moaned as I pressed my lips on her soft and tender lips… Kissing her gently,, I felt her nails digging in my shoulders as she pulled me closer and we were kissing deep . Our lips playing with each others, our hands moving over each other bodies, she was breathing harder, moaning… As I slowly licked her lower lips, running my tongue tip over her lips. Her mouth was half opened as she suddenly grabbed my tongue and sucked it.. I felt as if my whole body is on fire. We kept kissing passionately.. My lips meet her subtle, full, luscious, red lips. It was bliss; all I could do was sit there and let her lips touch mine. I began to probe her lips with my tongue, slipping it between them once and a while. She opened her mouth to mine and her tongue darted in. I slowly began to get bolder and let one of my hands to begin exploring her body. Running it through her hair, down her cheek, along her back…

I could feel her whole body jerking violently as my finger tips gradually traced her body outline, exploring her sensual body inch by inch,

OOOOoooooo GGooddddddddd madyyyyyyyyyy she moaned as I took her lower lips between my lips and pulled it gently almost taking her on my laps. My hands were touching her back slowly rubbing…Now our hands were moving freely over each others bodies, I was feeling her soft round curves pressing on my chest. Her hands moved around my neck as I slowly licked down her neck, she was sitting on my laps. I sucked her slender neck gently,, kissing and licking it ..Her whole body jerked madly on my laps, her head moved back and her silky hair all cascaded wildly on her back and shoulders. Her grip went tighter on my shoulders as she felt my tongue tip slowly dropping on her cleavage.

OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd she almost screamed as my fingers slowly peeled off the fabric her body was trembling she was wearing white lacy bra and her wonderful curves struggling to get free, my tongue slowly traced her bra strap, licking her tender skin along it, hearing her moans and her body queering, with every tease, I pulled the hooks and her firm soft round breasts were just in front of my face..

My fingers went creasing up on her rib cage, sending shivers in her spine… she was moaning,,, my tongue slowly moved over her creamy skin, licking her roundness, tasting her sensual trembling skin, making her body shudder with suddenly shivers as I teasingly drive my tongue closer to her erect nipples but not touching it as I slowly lick back between her tow soft curves,,

PLlllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz donttt teaseeeeeeeeee me like that,,, she moaned, her fingers were creasing in my hair and suddenly she clutched my hair tight and pulled my face even close . I was moving my tongue tip very slowly and seductively around her erect nipples, still not touching them , just licking around the skin , she couldn’t take it anymore, as she moved on my laps so violently tossed her head back hard ,, pulling my face as she shoved her breast in my mouth .. I opened my mouth eagerly as I sucked her softness madly. My mind was blank as I felt her nipple growing more between my lips as I pulled it, nibbled over it… Sucked it as hard as I could and as deep as I could take in my mouth,

Her nails almost dig in my back she scratched all over , leaving red marks ,we both were on fire, breathing so hard, our mind and bodies completely in some kind of trance, our hearts beating so fast ,as she pushed her soft breasts toward my mouth as I sucked her erect nipples one by one,

Slowly I made her lay back on bed, she was in some other world now, completely turned on, her body was burning with wildest desire. I was kissing her belly my fingers moving slowly down her belly.. my nails almost scratching her tender skin ,, slowly taking off her skirt, she was looking at me as my tongue tip moved in small circles around her belly button, AAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she moaned and pushed her head back .. her belly dropped deep inside as she took deep breath , her full breasts were falling up and down as her breathing was getting uneven…my tongue kept teasing her belly button , my hands and fingers creasing her body .. Touching her sensually, worshipping her tender body , the room was filled with the moans and groans ,, our bodies covered with thin layer of sweat, we both could feel the burning bare skins rubbing on each others as the wildest passion was just building up ..

Suddenly her whole body went num… Her hands gripped the sheet tightly ,,u could see her body completely arched up wildly, her upper portion was just supported on her shoulder as her hips were up in air, when she felt my tongue tip suddenly dropped towards her naval and licking her sensually towards her inner thighs…

OOooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,,, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ……….. Kkkeeeeeeeeep doooinggg itttttttttttt,,,,, she whispered barely … she was trembling all over , her whole body was jerking as I could smell her wetness. I moved my tongue tip slowly on her inner thighs. I was not in any kid of hurry, I wanted to feel her , I wanted to explore her every inch , I wanted to make her feel she is so special for me , .. I kept licking her thighs slowly moving towards her knees ,, now she was resting on her elbow and she was looking at me, still breathing wild , I was looking in her eyes, and they were so wild now,, full of lust and strange satisfaction,
The moment was arousing me incredibly, I kneel down in front of her, took her one slender leg in my hands and started kissing her legs ,, slowly moving my tongue tip over her skin ,, it was unbelievable for her, her childhood friend was teasing her beyond her own imaginations, she let out a sharp moan when I took her toe in my mouth and start licking it , our eyes met, both were looking at each other with so much hunger , breathing hard, I was still flicking my tongue tip over her toe , and that was sending shivers in her spine, she was never teased like that before, so sensual and slow, still deep and seducing, her every inch was burning with wild passion, we both were panting and groaning as if tow wild animals in there first heat. Completely out of this world, just lost in those most sensual feelings, most wildest and most arousing, ..

Suddenly I dragged my tongue tip on her legs up towards her thighs,. I was teasing her, sometimes I was licking her faster moving fast towards her wetness, and suddenly I used to pull back my tongue tip just slowly creasing on her creamy inner thighs, she was out of control , her body was moving violently on the bed, her hands gripped my hair soo tightly, she was almost hurting me , her silky long hair all cascaded everywhere , little damp with her sweating , I felt her body gripped in some kind of rapid thrusts as she jerked violently twisting her hips trying to force it towards my face , .


Her legs spread wide as my tongue slowly moved towards her burning core. I saw her belly moving deep inside. her eyes looking at my tongue tip as she started feeling those sudden small jerks in her hips. Her breathing stopped for moment, as if she skipped her heart beat; her whole body went completely rigid her legs stretched straight her hands clutching my hair and pulling me madly as I drove my tongue tip over her dripping wetness, touching her soft swollen love folds. ..

AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she just managed to moan, she wanted to scream but she was unable to as if her voice got stuck…

And that was the moment I was dreaming ,, yesss I was tasting her, her most sensitive and most sensual parts, my tongue was driving up and down on her silken wetness ,, my whole body shivered ,, I felt those tingling running in my spine as the heady aroma of her oozing honey filled my nostrils, I was loving it ,, feeling her hands in my hair, her bucking hips towards my face , her sweet trembling body moving under my grip soo violently ..and my tongue tip was teasing her most private part, I was in haven ,,she was flowing already ,, as I kept my tongue moving up and down ,, running my rough tongue surface very slowly over her sensitive inner skin, with every tease and every touch she was moaning madly,,, her voice now hitting high pitch ,

OOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSS DONNTTTTTTTTT STTTTOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ,,, KEEEEEEPPP DOINGGGG ITTTTTTT.. YESSS THATSSSSSS ITTTTTTTTTTT… EATTTTTT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ,,, GODDDDDDDDDDDD I AMMM LOVINGGG ITTTTTTTTTTTTT,,,, and her screams and moans driving me so wild .. As my tongue started driving over every sensual skin…exploring every single inch,, touching her every untamed places where she never been touched before in her life,
I suddenly pushed my tongue tip up against her clitt, and that’s when she lost her control over body ,, suddenly I felt her whole body so still for a moment, as my tongue flicked over her throbbing clit, which was slowly coming out of the tender hood, I felt her thighs gripping my head in almost death lock , I kept lapping over her clitoris rubbing it with my tongue , flicking over it side by side, and I heard her gasp sharply when I slowly started rubbing my index finger on her dripping wet vagina …she was being stimulated ruthlessly ,, she never felt such rush before, and my dream was coming true ,, I was tasting my best friend.. My finger went slowly up against her opening, spreading her lisp sensually I could feel her body jerking madly and violently.. Her moans were filled in whole room, my tongue was moving and wriggling all over her wet pussy lips, leaving no surface untested. Then like a ravenous beast i would travel back to her mouth to leave a trace of herself on her lips. My tongue began to inflict such pleasure on her pussy that she found herself clutching my head with her thighs and trying to hold me there with my tongue against her wetness…

Suddenly I pushed my tongue tip in her ear and sensually moved everywhere inside her ear, licking her ear lobes madly,,, and that did the trick, she exploded like a volcano ,, her every inch was on fire, as she felt her every vain shattering inside her body, , as if all the boiling blood rushing towards her sensual wet lips. She held me tightly screaming my name.. as waves after waves washed her body and mind , her cumm was dripping down my hard cock , sliding over my inner thighs, she kept shuddering violently groaning in strange voices her face was in my neck , her hands gripped my shoulder and she hugged me soo tightly, as I slammed up hard against her dripping pusssy twice sending my hardness even more deeper almost hitting her cervix.. her vagina swelled as she oozed more honey ,,, I kept slamming more harder as I was getting closer to my own orgasm ,

AAAAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy givveee ittt tooooooooooooooooooo
Cummmmm innnsideeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

She kept screaming in my ear as my hands moved on her soft hips holding her tightly as I pulled her harder on my cock, her wetness flowing all the time, my cock was getting more stiff and growing harder inside her .. She felt her tender pussy lips being stretched wide. I screamed her name all the time,, my whole body was shivering wildly ,, I couldn’t hold it back anymore…

Honeyyyyyyyy III AAMMM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG,,,, I screamed as I send globes of white thick love seed inside her ,,,, her whole body squeezed against mine again , as her own climax hit her once again and she screamed so madly when I suddenly pushed my index finger against her tight back hole ….that’s was it, our bodies triggered off is something like series of explosions .. Screaming and moaning madly as we crushed our bodies into each other,

AAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,, EEllaaaaaaaaaiinneeeeeeee I screamed as my cock sprayed all my cumm deep inside her, she felt my hot boiling cumm hitting her sensual inner walls, we stayed like that for long , panting and breathing hard…
Our bodies recovering from that explosive orgasm we both hard, .. I never sever felt anything like that in my whole life, it was something magical,

It was not just the mind blowing sex, but it was something else, we both just breathing deep in each others arms, we could feel that closeness , yess whatever happened it was soo right, as if we both were waiting for it , just for this moment and just for this day ,

We fell sleep in each other arms, … when I opened my eyes, it was still chilling December morning, but the room was soo warm, sky outside was clear, and the soft sun rays creasing our bodies, I looked next to me, Elaine was sleeping in my arms, I could see her face so tender, her hair all spread on my shoulder. I gently brushed her face with my finger; I didn’t want to wake her up. But she opened her eyes and smiled, hugging me more close,

Good morning sweeety ,, I said,, kissing her forehead.

Mmmmmmmmm ,,, she just rubbed her face over my chest…

I was stroking her hair gently,,,


She didn’t said anything,, her eyes closed as she was not ready to wake up soo early in that chilling morning ,

I slowly pulled her face up.. Her eyes still closed, .. … I smiled, and hugged her tightly,

She pulled the blanket over our shoulders and I felt her warm sensual body wrapping around mine again,


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