In The Dark Of Night

In The Dark Of Night

Copyright 2003
FK Publications

Alone by herself, Amanda strolled down the desolate street. No one around, only the sound of leaves moving to and fro in the cool autumn breeze, the full moon’s light casting its shadows here and there.

Dressed in a black waist length leather coat, black high heeled boots, and jeans, the dark-haired twenty five year old walked along, her hazel eyes moving back and forth, taking in every sight and sound, the street making her a little nervous as she went, flanked on both sides by trash and dilapidated buildings.

As she moved, the attractive young lady realized she had to pee. A minute later, she really had to go, not sure if she could hold it much longer. Looking around, Amanda saw the end of some alley up ahead situated between two eerie brownstone structures. Having to piss real bad, she decided to go over and into the darkened narrow throughway.

Twenty seconds later, the girl squatted next to a couple of metal garbage cans sitting flush up against the wall. Quickly, she unbuckled her pants and pulled them to her knees. Wasting no time, Amanda did a panty peel, exposing her nice curvaceous ass to the air. In no time, the yellow stuff flowed from her hairy cunt!

While she pissed away, the girl stared on, toward the opposite side of the alleyway, at the second run down apartment building. However, as piss still flowed from her cunt, she was startled by a sound almost directly behind her! Turning her head to the left, Amanda suddenly realized a window was quickly opening, the thing’s lower sill almost touching the ground.

Out of the darkness came a pair of hands, strong hands, grabbing hold of her left ankle.

With her lovely ass still exposed and the last drops of piss dripping from her pussy, Amanda felt a surge of terror go through her frame, causing her to yell, “ No…, let me go…, leave me alone!”

“ Get in here you bitch…pissing right next to my window…, but that’s ok…, you got a terrific ass…, I like it!”

“ Please, let me go…, please!”, cried the girl, realizing she was loosing the battle, her feet already inside.

“ I said get in here!”, yelled a dirty looking guy, perhaps no older than forty.

Amanda started to scream, “ Help…, someone help…, please!”

Before she knew it, his hand went across her face, making her ears ring.

Overpowered, she was finally pulled in all the way, the big guy closing the window afterward, pushing her to the floor as well.

“ Please let me go…please!”, begged Amanda.

“ Take your jacket off, then pull your pants all the way over your boots…do the same with your underwear.”

“ Please…let me go, I won’t tell anyone!”

“ I said take it off, whore…now do it or I’ll kill you!”, replied the guy as he picked up a knife laying on the nighstand next to his bed.

Terrified, the girl complied, afraid for her life!

In a few moments, she stood before him wearing only her shirt, bra, and the boots.

“ Take that shirt off.”

After it came off, he told her to remove her bra as well. All naked now except for the footwear, poor long-haired Amanda just stood there, her frame shaking.

“ Yea…, not bad, bitch…, not bad…I like girls with nice hairy cunts…, not bad!”

“ Please…do we have to do this?”

“ Ofcourse we do…that’s what you get for pissing by my window!”

“ I’m sorry…I just had to go real bad!”

“ No problem….now it’s my turn to go real bad…, ha, ha!”

“ Please…no!”

He grabbed her the shoulder and threw the young lady to the mattress, the girl landing on her soft and firm ass.

“ Yea…and I bet you’re real tight as well…one tight bitch!”

After the guy had his fly open, he mounted her and pushed it in, fucking her unwilling cunt!

“ Get off of me…, please!”

The man ignored her, pumping away at her, going deeper and deeper.

As his pulse got faster and faster, Amanda looked to the side for a moment and saw an empty bear bottle sitting on top of the nighstand, right in front of a brass lamp. Moving as fast as she could, Amanda grabbed the glass thing and smashed its top end against the nighstand’s edge. With all her might, the girl rammed the remaining part into the side of his head, one of the jagged edges going into his ear, cutting his flesh!

“ Ahhhh…, you fucken whore!”, cried the guy as he rolled over to the side, holding his ear.

Again, Amanda reached toward the nightstand, grabbing the small lamp. As fast as she could, she smashed its circular base right down on his head, causing the knife to fall out of his hand. She grabbed it and threw it across the room.

During the few seconds that he was dazed, Amanda jumped from the bed, grabbed all her clothes, and finally darted toward the same window, pushing it open and crawling out.

She ran a few hundred feet toward the far end of the alley and quickly put her clothes back on, the jacket obviously going on last. Her heart racing, the girl left the alley altogether and ran for a quarter of a mile, she ran and ran until she left the errie side stride and finally reached a bus stop. There, Amanda reached into her jacket and produced a cigarette, calming herself down. Three minutes later, the bus came, no one else on board except for the driver. Amanda parked her ass and just sat there until she got off twenty minutes later.

Quickly, the girl strolled over to another side street of the same crummy city and walked down to her place, another dilapidated multi-suite brownstone, this whole area being nothing but a huge ghetto.

Once inside her apartment, Amanda bolted the door and exclaimed to herself, “ Fucken assholes…fucken world…I hate it all!”

Disgusted with life, the girl took off her leather jacket and walked back to the bedroom where she slipped out of her cool looking boots and finally got undressed. She went into the bathroom and filled the tub with water, lowering her naked ass into the thing afterward, washing herself off, especially her cunt.

When she got out of the tub, Amanda dried herself and returned to the bedroom, turning off the light and tossing herself to the mattress, falling to sleep in the moonlight, waking up now and then, too nervous to sleep straight through this most unfortunate night.

The next morning, she got up, got dressed in similar clothes, ate breakfast, and then left, taking the bus to work, employed at the nearby K-mart store, working in the stockroom pricing this and that.

“ What’s wrong, Amanda? You don’t look happy today.”

“ Nothing, Lisa, I’m fine.”

“ C’mon…, tell me…, we’ve been friends for three years now…I know when something’s bothering you…so what’s wrong?”

Amanda looked over at the attractive blond with collar length hair and said, “ It’s…, well, have you ever been…?”

Standing there dressed in a casual shirt, blue jeans, and brown western boots, Lisa asked, “ Ever been what? What are you talking about?”

“ You know…”

“ Um…, not sure…, what, what is it?”

“ I’m talking about rape…have you ever been raped before?”

Lisa’s face expressed concern when she inquired, “ Why…don’t tell me you’ve been…”

Nodding her head, Amanda broke down in tears, trying to keep her attention directed at her work.

Her eyes wide open, Lisa said, “ How, when…, who did it?”

“ I don’t know his name…never saw him before, it happened last night while I was going home from my second job at that fucken convenient store, I took a short cut to the bus stop…then I had to…well…, pee real bad, so I stepped into this dark alley and squatted, the next thing I knew, some first floor window opens and this guy pulls me in.”

“ Then you know where he lives…, right?”

“ Um…yea.” Amanda went on, “ After he gets on top of me and…, well…, you know…, I reach over for this glass bottle and smashed it into the side of his head, that’s how I got away.”

“ Did you tell anyone?”

“ No.”

“ Then let’s go to the cops…, you said you know where he lives…and if you smashed glass into his head, he should have cuts…, that’s evidence.”

“ I don’t wanna do that.”

“ Why?”

“ Because I’m…, well, scared, what if he gets out again and comes after me…, no…let’s just forget about it.”

“ That’s crazy, Amanda…, you’re actually gonna let some jerk get away with that…raping you!”

“ Let’s forget it.”

“ Don’t you wanna get even…, I mean…, really pay the bastard back?”

“ It’s all too much for me…I just wanna block it from my mind.”

Lisa didn’t say much more after that, both sexy young ladies working away, pricing a whole case full of laundry detergent.

The next day, both girls where together again in the same stockroom, doing the same stuff, the same thing day in and day out. As she priced this and that with the ticket gun, Lisa said, “ Amanda…, I’ve thinking…”

“ About what?”

“ About what you told me yesterday…, you know…, the rape.”

“ I don’t wanna talk about it….let’s forget it.”

“ In know a way we can get even.”

A pissed off expression on Amanda’s face now, the brunette said, “ Listen…, I said I don’t wanna talk about it…, ok?”

For a few minutes, Lisa remained silent. However, she was determined to help her friend, sickened by the thought that someone out there would get away with what he did. Thinking, Lisa decided to fool Amanda into giving her some information, the place where the man lived, where the incident took place.

“ I saw him yesterday while I was driving home from work.”

Curiosity on her face now, Amanda replied, “ Who?”

“ Him…the rapist.”

“ Really…how’d you know it was him?”

“ Well…., I drove down this side street…, you know…, what’s it’s name…?”

“ You mean ‘Herman’?”

“ Yea…, that’s it, ‘Herman’…, then out of this side alley I saw some guy, a big bandage on the side of his head…he looked pretty mean to me.”

“ Stay away from there…I ain’t ever gonna walk down that street again…I’ll take the long way around from now one.”

“ Ok….just thought I’d let you know.”

“ All right…, but let’s just forget the whole thing.”

“ No problem.”

The desired information in her head, Lisa simply spent the rest of the work day in the stockroom, doing whatever was required. Quitting time came around at four and the girls left, Lisa going out into the parking lot by her old ford, followed by Amanda. Standing next to her car, Lisa asked, “ Need a ride to your next job?”

“ No thanks…I don’t start till six…I always go across the street there to McDonald’s and get something to eat before I catch the bus and go to that convenient store.”

“ Ok…, but what about tonight, when you get off…why don’t you give me a call and I’ll pick you up…drive you home.”

Not wishing to be a burden, Amanda answered, “ No…that’s ok…, I’ll be all right….., rape’s like lightening…it doesn’t strike twice in the same place.”

“ Who told you that one? Well…, whatever…, try to have fun.”

“ Bye.”

Lisa lowered her denim covered ass behind the wheel and dark-haired Amanda strolled over to McDonald’s.

However, Lisa didn’t drive straight home. Knowing the town pretty well, she knew how to get to Herman street. Still wishing to get even with the guy for hurting her friend, the determined blond drove along, eventually finding the appropriate intersection. After making a left, Lisa turned into Herman and slowly went down the street, her eyes moving back and forth, searching for the narrow alleyway. Sure enough, less than two minutes later, the girl said to herself, “ I bet that’s it.”

She pulled over to the curb, turned off the engine, and raised her perfect ass. Just standing there, she remarked, “ Boy…what a neighborhood…looks worst than the fucken street I live on…and that says something.”

The immediate area was quiet, but not friendly looking. On the other side of the street were a couple of stripped cars, telling her she’d better hurry up and find what she’s looking for.

Not wishing to raise suspicion, she walked at a casual pace over to the narrow throughway. Once there, Lisa went down the alley and looked around, saying to herself, “ Ok…, if I had to take a piss late at night…, where would I do it?”

The attractive girl walked a few more steps until she said, “ Yea…, over there, by those garbage cans…the wall has a slight indentation and there’s a window there too…just like she said.”

Lisa went over and then down to her knees, remarking to her own ears, “ It didn’t rain since she was raped…so I think I can…”

Slowly, she pushed her nose to the asphalt, arching her ass up a little. Sniffing away, the young lady finally said, “ Yep…, smells like dried up piss…this is the spot….and the creep lives right in there….ok, now I know.”

Getting up, the blond left, going back to her car and driving off.

Behind the wheel, her brain worked on and on, “Ok…, ok…, how do I handle this…what comes next?” Finally, after ten minutes of thought, the girl then said, “ Yea…, that’s it, now I know what to do…a little risky but I should get away with it.”

A plan in her head now, Lisa got on the nearest interstate ramp and drove out to the suburbs, to a shopping plaza that had what she needed. Her car parked, she got out and stepped into a gun shop. Inside, the clerk asked, “ Hello ma’am…can I help you?”

“ Ah…, yea, got any revolvers?”

“ Ofcourse…, here, look these over.”

She went to glass counter and stared at the merchandise, finally saying, “ I’ll take that one…that pistol over there…and I’ll take a pack of bullets that match.”

“ Ok.”, was the guy’s response as he removed the weapon and reached for a small cardboard box full of amo.

Out of her purse came her credit card. After the guy looked at it, he said, “ You’ll have to fill out a criminal records form first…after you check out clean…, you can come back and pick up the stuff…I’ll hold it for you…it’ll be a couple of days to a week.”

“ Can you call me when it’s ready?”

“ Sure.”

She gave him her phone number and paid for everything. Finally, the girl left the place, got on the highway, and drove home, back to the inner city.

A few days later, she got the expected call. After work, she stopped at the same gun shop and picked up the pistol and bullets. When she got home, sexy Lisa made herself some supper and coffee, firing up a fresh cigarette afterward. She was a little nervous, if her plan went wrong, she’d be in deep trouble.

At last, it was dark out. Nevertheless, she still had plenty of time to kill. As a result, she turned on the TV and just sat there, watching CNN for the next few hours. Finally, it was after midnight.

Eager to get going, Lisa loaded the gun, stuffed it under her belt, put her leather jacket on, the thing looking just like her friend’s, grabbed a flashlight, and then left her apartment, wearing blue jeans and her western boots. Down by her old rusted ford, the girl lowered her ass and drove off, headed for Herman Street.

It didn’t take long and she was there, parking her car along side the curb directly across from the alley. The attractive chick reached for the flash light and got out of the ford, hearing nothing but the wind, the moon shining quietly above. Like a cat in the dark of night, she entered the narrow passageway. Less than a minute later, hot looking Lisa was before the same window again. Turning on the flashlight, she aimed the thing at the window and peered inside. Sure enough, on an old wore out mattress laid some guy, sleeping, a few bandages on the side of his face.

“ Ok…that’s him.”, remarked Lisa to herself.

Reaching for the window with free hand, she found it unlocked. As a result, the girl pushed it all the way open and removed the pistol from under her belt.

“ Hey you…, asshole, wake up!”, said Lisa with a loud whisper.

Nothing, the guy only made a snorting sound and rolled over.

Determined to wake him, Lisa put the light down for a second and reached for a small stone, parts of the old walkway falling apart. She threw it in the window, striking the man on the head. Startled, he quickly sat up as she grabbed the flashlight and shinned it at him, saying, “ Get up…out of the bed or I’ll use this…blow your fucken brains out!”

Taking note of the gun, he got out of bed and walked to the opposite side of the room, furthest from the window.

“ Good now stay there.”

Lisa lowered herself inside until her boots hit the floor.

“ What do you want?”, asked the guy.

“ You fucken raped my friend…you’re gonna pay.”

“ You’re full of shit…get lost, cunt!”

“ I ain’t fucking around!”, replied the girl, raising the pistol and aiming it at the guy.

For the next minute, they stared each other down. Finally, he lost his nerve and said, “ All right, all right…what do you want from me?”

She walked over to the mattress and said, “ Let’s go…leave the apartment…no tricks or you’re dead.”

“ Can’t I at least get dressed…all I got on is my pajamas.”

“ Move it, mother fucker…out the door!”

He complied, leaving the bedroom and going out to his livingroom. There, he opened the main entrance to his apartment and stepped out into the dimly lit downstairs hall. With Lisa a few feet behind him holding the gun, the man ventured to the building’s front door and opened it, going outside into the night, taking a flight of stairs up to the side walk, directly on Herman. After she stepped outside as well, Lisa pointed at her car, saying, “ Over there…go to that ford.”

The guy went over and heard, “ Ok…here, stand by the trunk.” After he stood behind the car, Lisa reached into her pocket and produced her keys, the flashlight stuffed into her jacket now. The trunk open, she gave the order, “ Get in…crawl in there.”

“ Where are we going?”

“ Shut up and get in.”

After she shut the rear hood, Lisa mumbled to herself, “ To hell…that’s where you’re going…to hell!”

She lowered her terrific ass behind the wheel and drove off, headed to her friend’s place.

Under the cover of darkness, Lisa parked her car along side the curb in front of the old building in which Amanda lived. She got out and went to the trunk, opened it, pointed the gun down at him, and finally said, “ Get out…move!”

He crawled out of the trunk, hearing, “ Over there, cross the street and go into the main door of that apartment building.”

Obviously, he obeyed, crossing the street, going up a low flight of stairs, and finally entering the small lobby area. Lisa hit the button with Amanda’s name on it.

“ C’mon…, c’mon Amanda…wake up…get your ass outta bed!”, complained the blond as she pressed again and again down on the button.

Finally, Lisa heard, “ Hello.”

“ It’s about time, Amanda…, it’s me, Lisa, I’m downstairs, let me in.”

“ What are you doing here at this time, it’s way past midnight.”

“ Just buzz me in…you’ll know when I’m up there.” Glancing over at the rapist, she repeated herself, “Yep…, you’ll know when I get up there.”

When the lock made its noise, Lisa said, “ Open it!”

He pulled open the door and stepped into the main hall of dilapidated structure.

“ Up the stairs…go!”

The man went up two flights of wooden steps when the blond whispered, “ Ok…go over there…to number twenty eight.”

Once he stood before the panel, Lisa told him to knock. He wrapped twice until the door went inward, Amanda standing there in her night robe.

“ Oh no…”, cried the brunette, making a step back and placing her right hand to her mouth, “ What do you want from me…, please!”

“ Take it easy, Amanda.”, said Lisa’s voice as the guy stepped into the suite, followed by the blond.

Seeing her friend, Amanda suddenly burst forth, fear written all over her, “ Lisa….what is this, what’s with the gun…you mean you actually brought him here?”

“ Ofcourse.”, replied Lisa, closing and locking the door.

“ Why?”

“ We’re gonna get even…gonna have some fun of our own!”

“ Fun? There’s no way I can have fun with this guy…there’s nothing funny about all this…! Lisa! Have you lost your mind?”

Wishing to say something, the guy spoke up, “ C’mon ladies…, let me go, let’s forget about all this.”

“ Fuckyou!”, cried the blond.

“ Yea…, well…, you’re gonna get in trouble too, you know…, kidnapping’s against the law…so is pointing a gun at someone.”

“ You’re against the law…your fucken mother should’ve had an abortion before she shit you from her cunt!”, replied Lisa.

“ Lisa…, what are you gonna do with him…what do you have in mind?”

“ I’ll show you…we may as well begin…, go get some of that rope you got in the kitchen, remember, that nylon stuff…I thought I saw some when I was here last week.”

“ Ok…, but what for?”

“ Just get it.”

Still nervous, Amanda ventured out to the kitchen and returned with the stuff together with a scissors.

A big smile on her face, Lisa looked at the man and said, “ Ok shithead…, take off your pajamas, strip, then lay down on the floor…on you stomach.”

Reluctantly, he complied, removing his nightclothes and finally positioning himself on the wooden floor.

“ Good…, now Amanda…, tie his wrists together behind his back…real tight, then do the same to his ankles.

Afraid the guy might jump them somehow, Amanda did as Lisa suggested, securing his hands and feet. When the man was all tied up, Lisa strolled up to the side of his head and looked down at him, asking, “ What’s your fucken name, asshole?”

He didn’t answer. As a result, she raised her voice, repeating her question, “ What’s your fucken name?”

“ Mark.”

“ Mark. Well Mark…, pleased to meet you!”

With that last sentence, the blond kicked him in the mouth with her right boot, causing his lips to bleed.

“ Lisa, what are you doing?”

“ What does it look like? C’mon Amanda…, don’t be such a pussy cat!”

“ But the law…this is illegal!”, cried the dark-haired girl.

“ Law? What law? If this society had any fucken law, scum like this wouldn’t be walking the streets!”

“ We should report this…go to the police!”

“ And then what…it’ll be your word against his…he’ll be out in no time…coming after you!”

“ Untie me.”, yelled Mark.

“ Fuckyou, asshole!”, said Lisa, again kicking him in the mouth, knocking one of his teeth loose.

Next, the blond looked at her friend and asked, “ Got any rubber bands, four or five of ‘em?”

“ Why?”

“ Do you have any?”

“ Yea, but?”

“ Go get ‘em…c’mon…, just indulge me a little!”

Amanda left the livingroom and came back a few moments later, giving Lisa four heavy duty rubber bands. A grin on the blond’s lips, she placed the pistol to the livigroom’s table, removed her jacket, tossed it to the sofa, and then went back to the guy.

With her left boot, the hot looking young lady rolled Mark to his back. Still having a wicked grin on her face, sexy Lisa went down to her knees next to the man and reached into her flannel shirt’s breast pocket, removing a cheap ball point pen.

“ What are you doing, Lisa?”, asked Amanda

“ Just watch…you can learn something.”

The blond turned the pen upside down and placed it next to his cock. Afterward, the girl stretched out his organ as far as it would go, almost the full length of the pen!

“ Hey…, no, that hurts…what are you doing?”

“ Shut up, asshole!”

The rubber bands in her other hand, Lisa started rapping them around his cock and the pen, securing his dick to the writing instrument. She doubled, then tripled each rubberband, increasing the pressure, making sure his cock wouldn’t slide back down. When she was finished, Lisa stood up, placed her hands on her hips, and said to Amanda, “ There, what do you think…, now he’s got a permanent hard on whether he wants one or not, ha, ha!”

With all four strong rubber bands cutting into his dick like it was some kind of sausage, Mark begged, “ Please…, you’re hurting me…don’t do this…, c’mon!”

“ Oh…does it hurt?, mocked Lisa as she started to undress herself.

“ You’re taking off all your clothes, Lisa!”, cried the brunette.

“ No shit…, like I said….I’m gonna show you something!”

Lisa removed everything except her boots. All naked now, the attractive girl stepped over the man, her face toward his. Slowly, she lowered herself, finally sitting on his unwilling cock!

“ No…ahhh…., that hurts…you’re hurting me!”, cried Mark as Lisa took hold of his dick and pulled it up to her cunt, finally sliding it all the way in!

“ There you go, asshole…, nothing like a little fuck…, yea…, let’s do it together…you and me…, my cunt’s just dying for action!”

To Amanda’s utter amazement, Lisa started riding the guy, going back and forth, up and down, forcing his dick in and out of her slit!

“ Yea…, oh yea…I love to fuck…don’t you just love to fuck, Amanda?”

“ Lisa, you’re insane!”

“ Why…, I’m just giving him what he gave you…, rape!”

His dick got redder and redder as he begged, “ Get off of me, c’mon, please!”

“ Fuckyou…and I really mean, fuckyou, ha, ha!”

“ Get off of me…, help, someone help!”, yelled the guy at the top of his lungs.

Immediately, Lisa smashed her fist into his face while her tight and deep cunt continued to fuck his dick.

“ Amanda, take that stupid robe off and sit on his face!”

“ But I got nothing on underneath!”

“ That’s the idea, park your ass in his face…go ahead, shut this asshole up…you don’t need the neighbors hearing all this.”

Not thinking of anything else, Lisa removed her robe, revealing her beautiful naked frame. She went over to his head and then sat down, parking her curvaceous ASS! right into his face.

As the two young women sat there, facing one another, Lisa said, “ If you bite her, I’ll tear your cock off, ok?”

He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t bite either.

While Lisa bounced up and down, torturing his cock, she gave the command, “ Eat her out…start with her asshole…then work yourself toward her cunt…, let’s go!”

At this point, he was terrified of the blond. Consequently, he did as she said, licking Amanda’s back door and finally giving service to the brunette’s hairy pussy!

“ Ain’t this fun, Amanda…, yea, ohhhh, ohhhhh…., yes…, yea…I think I’m gonna cum…yes I think I will…right down on his stupid dick!”

Faster and faster went the blond, pressing her two hands to the floor on opposite sides of his frame, her face turned to the side, twisted with a perverted delight.

“ Oh…yea!”, cried Lisa, her legs spread apart over this waist, her cunt still going up and down!

“ Yesssss…., yea…oh…here it comes!”

She burst forth, her whole frame on ‘fire’, bathing in pleasure, feeling on top of the world!

When she was done, Lisa got off the guy and said to Amanda, “ Here…, you try it…, it’s fun…fuck his dick!”

Shaking her head, Amanda got up and said, “ No…, Lisa, c’mon. let’s end this.”

Laughing, the short-haired blond replied, “ Oh Amanda…you’re such a whimp…, but if that’s what you want…then I’ll end it…no problem.”

Lisa walked out of the livingroom and into Amanda’s kitchen. Less than a minute later, the girl returned, holding a long fish knife in one hand and a drinking glass in the other.

“ What are you doing with my knife?”, insisted Amanda.

“ You said we should end it…well…, here it goes!”

In shock and disbelief, Amanda stood there and watched as Lisa knelt behind the top of the guy’s head, put the knife to his throat, then quickly sliced deep into his flesh, going all the way from one ear to the other.

Out sprayed a fountain of blood, striking Amanda right on her chest and tits!

For the next twenty seconds, Mark’s body convulsed as all kinds of choking sounds came from his mouth and throat. In no time, he was dead!

In a panic, naked Amanda quickly darted for the door, reaching for the lock, wishing to run out in the hall and get away, her mind flushed with terror!

Before the brunette could get the door open, Lisa jumped up and ran over, pushed the same knife to Amanda’s throat, and finally forced her back, away from the door, over to the sofa.

When both young ladies had their gorgeous butts parked, Lisa kept the knife at Amanda’s throat and said, “ All right…, you ain’t gonna tell anyone about this…, ok? If you do…I’ll get out on parole someday….I’ll be looking for you…, get it?”

“ But I thought we were friends?’, whimpered Amanda.

Lisa moved the knife away and replied, “ Oh we are, we are…in fact I really wanna be your friend…, I’ve always liked you Amanda!”

“ What do you mean, what are you talking about?”

“Slowly, the blond moved her face to Amanda’s nice tits. Next, she began licking away at the guy’s splattered blood, saying, “ Mmmmm…, yea…, you’re nice Amanda, real nice!”

In went the brunette’s left nipple, right between Lisa’s lips, the blond now sucking away at the girl!

Petrified with fear, Amanda just sat there, shaking all over, not knowing what to do!

“ Yep Amanda…we’re gonna be friends for life!”

After Lisa had enough of the dark-haired girl’s tits, she gently raised Amanda to her feet and finally knelt behind the girl. Quickly, Lisa moved her free hand down to her cunt and massaged away as her face went right into the brunette’s nice ass!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Lisa kissed away at her friend’s rear for the next ten minutes, saying, “ See…I like you, I really love you…man have you got a nice ass!”

“ Please Lisa…, you’re sicker than that guy you just killed!”

“ Don’t worry, evertyhing’ll be ok…just leave it all to me!”

Another ten minutes had to go by until Lisa finally pulled her face away from Amanda’s butt and got up, strolling over to the dead man. The knife still in her hand, Lisa squatted before his waist and removed his nuts, cutting them right off. Into the glass they went. The blond returned to her friend and gave the glass to her, saying, “ Here you go…a present…get some formaldehyde and preserve ’em as a trophy to our victory.”

At this point, Amanda didn’t know what to do or say, her will-power disappearing altogether, the young lady finally landing in a dreamlike state, complying with whatever Lisa wanted.

The brunette took the glass to the kitchen and placed it on the counter. When she came back, Lisa said, “ Ok…, get dressed…, then help me with his body, there’s no one out this time of night, we’ll wrap it up in garbage bags, then carry it down to my car. I’ll drive to some deserted area and dump it together with his pajamas, no one’ll connect anything with us…then I’ll be back.”

They did exactly what Lisa said. After the body was disposed of and Lisa returned to Amanda’s place, both girls cleaned up the apartment. Finally, when everything was all set and Mark’s balls were in the freezer, Lisa turned to Amanda, saying, “ All right, let’s go to bed…I think I’ll spend the night here with you.”

Drained of all resistance, Amanda complied. Fifteen minutes later, the two girls were in bed together, wearing nothing, the blond laying on top of the brunette, licking away at every part of Amanda’s frame, getting turned on like never before!

The End

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