In The Neighborhood

In The Neighborhood

Copyright 2002
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“ Yea…I know what you’re saying…, I really should make some effort to move.”

“ Don’t waste any time at it…the neighborhood’s not what it used to be…just last week someone was robbed and killed at the local corner store…where’s that…a few blocks from where you live…right?”

“ I know Mary…, I’ll see what I can do…and thanks for yesterday’s visit, you helped me allot.”

“ Ok…Bart, but take my advice, it’s not safe there anymore, they got better places you can live at…places you can afford.”

“ All right…, I’ll start looking in the papers tomorrow.”

“ Good…take care.”

“ I will…, bye.”

“ Bye now.”

After speaking with his social worker on the phone, Bart hung up the receiver with his only good arm and leaned back in his electric powered wheel chair.

Talking to himself, the little handicapped midget said, “ She’s right…, I really should make some effort to move outta this fucken joint.”

Using his right hand, the good one, Bart pressed a button on the arm rest and drove the chair over to a full length mirror on the wall of his dilapidated apartment. Staring away, he saw a short man, only three feet in height, seated in a wheel chair, his normal looking head too big for the tiny atrophied body. Looking on at himself, he shook his head, taking note of the deformed feet and left arm, almost completely useless.

Cursing, he yelled into the reflection, “ Damn you, mom, I hope you rot in hell…, you whore…, taking dope while pregnant with me…you bitch, I’m glad you overdosed yourself ten years back…you slut…I’m glad you’re dead…, you made me this way…I hate you forever!”

After calming down, the guy pressed another button on the contraption and was carried into the kitchen where he drove himself over to the refrigerator. The door open, Bart peered inside, looking around.

“ Shit…out of milk, pop, and just about everything else!”

With a sigh, the man moved himself back a little, shut the refrigerator’s door, and simply sat there, listening to the lonely silence which came in from everywhere, pressing down on him, reminding him of the world’s indifference.

At last, Bart finally decided to go out and buy some stuff at the nearby delecatesant store. Since it was April, the weather was in the upper fifties, not too bad, but cool enough to wear a jacket. As a result, the guy drove into his bedroom, produced a small coat, put it on with a little effort, and then steered himself to the suite’s main entrance.

When he got the door open, he drove the thing out into the dreary looking hall and locked the door behind him. Being on the third floor of the five story complex, Bart drove down the corridor to the old elevators. Leaning forward, the physically challenged man pressed the button and waited. Ten seconds later, the door slid open and he went in.

Downstairs in the so called “lobby”, Bart left the elevator and drove himself from the structure’s main entrance, going out on the side walk, taking in the fresh spring air as he moved down the street, having only an hour or so of daylight left.

Driving along in his custom made chair, Bart looked around and remarked to his own ears, “ Man…, she ain’t bullshitting…, if one pays close attention to this neighborhood, one really sees it all!”

His head turned to the left, he saw a stripped car next to the curb. On the otherside of the street were two condemned buildings, a haven for the heroine addicts and pushers. And all around was trash, garbage piled high on the tree lawns, a reminder of the city’s plight as the new information age past on by, forgetting all about this side of town.

A few more minutes brought him to an intersection having a bar at one corner across the street, one of those run down places where the scum of the Earth hangs out.

Looking at the joint for a moment, Bart saw an old rusted dark blue Lincoln town car parked along the side of the street. However, as his eyes continued to stare, he took note of a young dark-haired lady behind the wheel, smoking a cigarette and wearing a leather jacket. Suddenly, from the bar’s entrance, another young woman appeared, this time a blond, also wearing a waist length black leather coat, jeans, and what looked to be black leather stiletto boots under the denim material as it went down to the boot’s ankles. Quickly, the sexy blond went to the car, opened the door, sat her shapely ass down, and pulled out a bottle of whiskey from a brown paper bag she’d been holding.

While he watched, he saw the short haired blond and the long haired brunette begin drinking from the bottle, each taking turns at downing the strong stuff.

To himself, Bart said, “ Fucken bitches…they get themselves all screwed up and then at some point have kids…put more defects into this world…, they oughta be beaten to within an inch of their lives…, drunken whores!”

Thinking nothing further, Bart continued on his way when he heard the Lincoln’s engine start. Turning around, the watched as the car made a U-turn and slowly pulled up along the curb, still moving, going at the same speed as his chair.

Rolling down the window and taking another swig from the bottle, the good looking blond wearing two large earrings, ask in a rude tone of voice, “ Hey you…, what the fuck where you looking at?”

“ What…what are you taking about?”

Without warning, the car came to a halt and the passenger door opened with the blond handing the bottle to the brunette, saying, “ Here, Kate…, hold this.”

“ Sure Cindy.”

Getting out, the young woman went up to Bart and stood in front of this chair, blocking his path, her hands on her hips and her weight shifted. When Bart immediately stopped, she said, “ So you like staring at people…you little shit.”

“ Please get out of the way…can’t you see I’m kind of inconvenienced?”

“ Listen you crippled piece of crap…”, mentioned the girl, “ Don’t hide behind your handicap with me…!”

“ C’mon…I ain’t got all night!”

“ But we do…ain’t that right, Kate?”, yelled Cindy back to the car.

“ You bet.”, replied the sexy brunette, raising her curvaceous and pretty ass from the vehicle’s seat and coming over as well, the bottle in hand.

After taking another drink, Kate gave the booze to Cindy who finished off the rest of it, finally throwing the empty thing to the ground, causing it to crash into hundreds of pieces.

Looking up at the two girls under the influence now, Bart said, ‘ Ok ladies, c’mon…, it’s getting dark, I’ve gotta buy something and get home.”

“ Oh listen to that, Kate…, it’s about dark and the little baby’s gotta get home…think he’ll want us to read him a bed time story?”

Trying to ignore them, Bart pressed a button on his machine, wishing to steer himself around the girls.

“ Hey…, where do you think you’re going…, cripple?”, ask Cindy.

Not answering, Bart started moving along when suddenly the blond reached down and flicked one of the switches, causing the thing to stop.

“ You listen here!”, yelled Bart, a little angry now.

“ Wow, Kate…, listen to him…he talks like he’s someone big.”

“ Yea, you little shit…”, mentioned Kate, “ Don’t you know little kids shouldn’t yell at us adults.”

“ I ain’t a kid…I’m thirty three years old.”

“ It’s all the same to us, cripple…, you look like a deformed kid to me…, doesn’t he Cindy?”

“ Sure does…, a crippled pile of shit!”

“ Fuck you!”

Looking at one another for a moment, the two girls then returned their attention down at Bart when Kate grabbed him by his right arm and forcefully yanked him from the seat, throwing him to the sidewalk.

“ No…, what are you doing…you hurt me!”

“ Good…, suffer!”, yelled the dark-haired bitch, turning around now and squeezing her nice and attractive jean clad ass into the small wheel chair, placing her black boots upon the foot holder as best she could.

Pressing the appropriate buttons, Kate steered herself around somewhat, saying, “ Cool…, look at this Cindy…, forward, back, left, right…, how neat.”

Her attention returned to Bart laying on the concrete, Kate ask, “ So did you ever win anything in those races, you know, those politically correct tournaments for all the crippled people…, oh, I’m sorry, the physically challenged.”

‘ Please…, pick me up…, I can’t move or walk by myself…please stick me back in the chair!”

“ Is that so…?”, mocked sexy and dominating Cindy, standing there, staring down at the helpless little man looking up to her, fear in his eyes.

With a sadistic elegance, Cindy raised her high heeled boot and slowly lowered it down upon his chest, saying, “ Just think…, all I gotta do is press down harder and harder, eventually you’ll suffocate.”

“ No…, don’t!”, cried the poor creature.

While Kate kept going in circles with the chair, playing around with it, Cindy removed her stiletto work of art from his chest and squatted, reaching toward his crotch, asking, “ How big is your dick…I mean, if it’s in proportion to your body, it’s gonna be pretty small…I would think?

As the brunette came to a halt with the chair, she leaned forward and said, “ Ha.., Cindy, you mean you’re gonna pull down his pants?”

“ Yea, why not?”

In a matter of seconds, she forced his trousers down to his ankles, exposing his private parts.

“ Hey, Cindy look at that…he’s kind of normal down there…!”

“ Yea…let’s have some fun with him…see what he can do!”

Looking both ways, Kate got up from the chair and pushed it to the side. Together, Kate and Cindy raised the screaming little man up and carried him over to the car where Cindy opened the truck and they both tossed him in, closing the rear hood afterward.

Giggling, the two evil cunts got back in the vehicle and drove off, headed down the street into the errie twilight.

All alone in the dark, little Bart helplessly laid there, feeling the car’s motion as it moved along the bumpy streets, cracks and chuck holes everywhere, headed to an unknown destination, someplace he knew he wasn’t really eager to see.

Thirty minutes later, he sensed the vehicle coming to a halt. Listening, the physically challenged man heard the two doors open and then shut, followed by the haunting sound of footsteps, obviously belonging to the young women.

His face aimed upward, Bart heard a key enter the trunk’s lock immediately succeeded by a gush of fresh air as the hood went upward, revealing Cindy and Kate’s faces.

Looking at one another for a moment, the sexy ladies then reached down and grabbed the little guy, one girl holding him by the armpits and the other wrappiong her hands around his ankles.

“ Ok…, Kate, upstairs with him.”

“ You bet.”, replied the brunette, allowing the trunk’s hood to fall shut, momentarily piercing the gettoes evening silence as most people already turned in, pulling down their shades and hiding from the neighborhood’s uncertainty.

“ What are you doing…please, let me go!”

Smiling, Cindy answered with mocking humor, “ Let you go…, if we did that, you’d have to crawl home…that would be negligence on our part…we’d never even think of something that nasty…ha, ha…!”

From his perspective, Brad realized he was being carried up the back wooden steps of an old brick apartment building, probably having at most thirty or so suites, all in a run down and neglected condition considering the looks of the building’s back yard, trash all over, a few old cars missing essential parts, together with busted glass scattered atop every square inch of the broken pavement.

At last, the two girls reached the back door of apartment twenty eight, a couple of flights up. Sticking her hand down in her jean pocket, Cindy produced her key and unlocked the door, letting both herself and Kate in, carrying their little prisoner into the kitchen.

“ Please…!”, begged Bart, after he was dropped to the floor.

As his eyes roamed around the room, all he saw was an old lamp upon a dented kitchen table, a stove, an old refrigerator, and a couple of chairs going with the table.

“ Care for a beer…, Cindy?”, ask Kate, stepping over Bart and going to the refrigerator, opening it and removing a bottle of the stuff.

“ Yea.”

“ Ok…:, said the brunette, reaching in for another and tossing it to her friend.

The caps twisted off, both young attractive girls removed their jackets, hanging the leather things over the back of each respective chair, lit up cigarettes, and finally parked their perfect asses atop the seats, drinking away at the brew.

When they finished up, Cindy looked down at the guy, asking, “ What are we gonna do with him, Kate?”

“ Didn’t we intend to finish what we started?”

Grinning, Cindy put the bottle down and got up, strolling over to the little man laying on the old peeling linoleum. Squatting next to him, the sadistic blond placed the cigarette between her lips and began tearing away at his clothes, stripping him naked.

“ Yea, Cindy…like you said back outside on the street, he looks kind of normal down there.”

“ Think we could make him get it up?”

“ I don’t know…what do you think?”

Reaching into her left front jean pocket, the blond removed a twenty and showed it to Kate, saying, “ This says I can do it…wanna bet?”

“ Sure.”, replied the brunette, also having enough cash on her to meet the proposition.

“ Let me go…you’re gonna get in trouble for this!”

“ Yea…, but remember…”, answered Cindy, “ We may get in trouble…but you’re already in trouble…, ha, ha…!”

Standing upon her feet now, Cindy pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed the thing to the side. Afterward, she took off her bra and stood there looking down at him, her weight shifted. Taking a puff from the white stick, Cindy ask the man, “ What do ya think of my tits…like ‘em?”

To himself, he had to admit she was nice, but fear kept him from producing an erotic response.

“ I ask you a question…shit head…, what do you think of my tits?”, yelled Cindy, kicking him once in the side.

“ Don’t, please…!”

“ This jerk’s stupid!”, exclaimed Cindy, squatting down and grabbing his dick, pulling at it, yelling, “ Get it up…c’mon…!”

“ Cindy…, you gotta make him like you…otherwise it ain’t gonna work…I mean…you know…!”

“ Oh really…?”, ask Cindy, humor in her words.

“ Ofcourse…”

Raising her left knee, the beautiful girl straddled the little midget who had his back to the floor and then knelt over him, looking down into his eyes. Slowly, she lowered her right tit and shoved it into this face, saying, “ There…, like me now?”

Her head turned back a second later, Cindy looked down toward her ass, seeing his cock behind her denim covered butt.

“ Man…, you little shit…what’s wrong with you…you creep…I’m insulted…why ain’t you getting hard?”

“ Perhaps he’s an ass man.”, giggle Kate.

“ Yea…maybe.”

Standing herself up, Cindy proceeded to remove her pants and panties, pulling ‘em over her black high heeled stiletto attractions. When she was naked, sick Cindy turned around and slowly lowered her amazing butt into his face, finally sitting on the guy, her ass crack parallel with his mouth.

After the blond just sat there for five whole minutes, both women watching his cock, Kate laughed and said, “ Ha, you loose…where’s the bread…I want it.”

“ Fuck, Kate…, c’mon…give me more time.”

“ Admit it…you just can’t do it.”

“ Yea?”

“ Well yea…you don’t see anything happening, do you?”

With a frustrated sigh, Cindy eventually raised her nice ass and turned around, angered at the loss of money, kicking away at Bart, yelling, “ You piece of shit…you cripple pile of garbage…I oughta kill you…!”

When Kate removed the bill from Cindy’s hand, she said, “ Yea…thanks…, nothing like a little extra cigarette money…”

A mean look on her face, the blond said, “ All right…, why don’t you try it…see how far you get.”

“ It ain’t gonna work, Cindy…, he’s scared and in pain…just look at his eyes.”

“ I still want you to try.”

“ Ok…, ok,”, answered the dark-haired girl, starting to take everything off until she too had only her boots on, the footwear looking just like her friend’s.

All naked now, Kate sat down on the guy’s face, looking at his dick, saying, “ See…, it’s all the same…nothing.”

However, despite his fear and anxiety, little Bart took in her butt’s smell. To his surprise, she had some perfume sprayed on her crotch area, an aroma reminding him of some lady he knew a few years back, someone who treated him with a little more respect, a person he longed for eventhough he never did it with her.

The fragrance entering his nose, Bart was momentarily able to place his mind elsewhere, thinking about this other lady, wishing to escape the uncertainty of his present fate.

Before he knew it, he heard a loud scream from the blond, “ What’s this…I don’t get it, the little motherfucker’s doing it…he’s got a hard on!”

Her head turned back, Kate smiled a remarked, “ Well, well, look at that…guess I’ve got what it takes.”

“ Ha, ha, Kate, very funny…, the guys on this side of town pay good money to fuck me…you ain’t gonna tell me I ain’t no fucken good!”

Angered and full of hate for the little man, Cindy yelled, “Get up, Kate…, move over.”

Smiling, Kate responded, “ Sure, no problem.”, as she raised her butt and stood on her feet.

At the top of her lungs, Cindy roared, “ You little shit…what does she got that I don’t!”

“ Please, no…!”, begged nude Bart while the naked blond kicked away at him with her boots.

“ I ask you a question…what does she got that I don’t!”

“ I, I…, please…you’re hurting me!”

Her teeth clenched together, Cindy went down to her knees and grabbed the little handicapped man by the hairs atop his head, dragging him over to the kitchen wall.

“ You deformed crippled shit!”, screamed Cindy, pounding his head against the plaster, causing blood to eventually emerge and drip to the floor.

Watching the act of brutality, herself a little sick as well, Kate slowly moved her hand to her cunt and began fondling herself, getting off at the scene before her eyes.

Exhausted, Cindy let go of his head, seeing that he was still conscious.

“ You sure gave it to him…, didn’t you Cindy.”

“ The bastard…who the fuck does he think he is…insulting me like that.”

“ If you want his dick so bad…, why don’t you just take it?”

Smiling now, Cindy calmed down somewhat and responded, “ Yea…, why not…I think I will.”

“ No…, please, no…!”, yelled Bart, watching the blond bitch walk over to a drawer built into the far wall and remove a knife.

Back by her victim, Cindy squatted and took hold of his dick, stretching it to its limit.

“ Please, don’t…!”, cried Bart, kicking and screaming.

A second later, blood squirted forth as his cock came loose, the thing in Cindy’s hand. While he wailed away, the blond cut his nuts off as well, keeping the two things in her hand, blood all over her fingers.

Standing her self up, Cindy went over to Kate and showed her the detached flesh. Looking down at it, Kate remarked, “ Some restaurants got Bull’s balls as part of there menu…what do you think his’ll taste like?”

“ You don’t expect me to eat his nuts?”

“ Depends…if you fry ‘em and put lots of salt on ‘em…they might be ok.”

“ You think so…?”

“ You’ll never know till you try.”

“ Ok.”

After Cindy got a pan and some cooking oil from one of the cabinets built into the kitchen’s wall, the sick blond cunt removed his nuts from the flimsy scrotum sack and dumped ‘em into the pan, pouring the oil in afterward, finally placing the “meal” on the stove and turning on the burner.

Hearing his own nuts sizzle away, Bart yelled and pleaded as pain saturated his system, “ Please, please…, call an ambulance…, please…I’ll bleed to death!”

In response, Cindy ventured over to the guy and kicked him, saying, “ Then bleed to death…, just do it quietly!”

“ Please, help me…!”

Frustrated, Cindy squatted, turned around, and lowered her ass into his face, preventing the guy from yelling out. While she sat there, the minutes went by until Kate said, “ Ok…, looks like it’s ready.”

“ Put some salt in and bring it here.”

“ Ok.”

The “food” salted and the pan removed from the stove, Kate turned off the burner and went over to her friend who still had her butt atop the guy’s head. Going down to her knees, Kate pinched one of his cooked nuts between her fingertips and ask, “Who’s gonna go first?”

“ I will.”, replied Cindy.

“ Here you go…open wide.”, said Kate, dropping one of Bart’s testicles into the blond’s mouth.

As she chewed, there was a moment of silence until Cindy responded, “ Not too bad…it’s actually good…try the other one.”

“ All right.”, mentioned Kate, slowly taking up the remaining nut and placing it into her mouth.

The thing consumed, Kate said, “ Yea…, you’re right…not bad…I mean…, it’s great!”

Liking it so much, they decided to do the same with his detached penis, cooking it and finally eating the thing.

Suddenly, the brunette ask, “ Hey Cindy?”

“ Yea?”

“ Let’s eat him.”

“ What?”

“ Let’s finish him off…if his balls taste good, so should the rest of him…and most of all, the cops won’t find a body.”

Laughing, Cindy looked down at the guy beneath her and answered, “ Yea…, ok…, man Kate, talk about weird.”

“ It’ll be fun…you’ll see.”

When Cindy took up the knife again, she got off his face and knelt beside him. Her arm raised, sexy Cindy quickly brought the pointed instrument down into his chest, piercing his heart.

As blood poured forth, Kate said, “ Man, look at that…the red stuff’s flowing all over the floor!”

With Bart obviously dead now, the blond cut him open, exposing his insides. His chest cavity wide apart, psycho-Cindy reached in with her bloody hands and removed his guts, tossing everything to one side onto the kitchen floor. For over two minutes, she went at it, pulling out his heart, lungs, intestines, and everything else, the pile next to the corpse getting higher and higher!

And all the while, Kate stood there and watched, her cunt overflowing, getting wetter and wetter, the sick and perverted scene stimulating her degenerate urges.

When his insides where completely removed, Cindy severed his head as well, using the same knife. At last, she cut off his arms and legs.

Hungry for “dinner”, Kate ask, “ What part are we gonna eat tonight?”

“ The torso, we’ll stick the rest in the freezer for now.”

“ Ok.”, responded Kate, picking up the separated body parts and stuffing ‘em into the refrigerator.

That done, Kate opened the oven and removed a large flat rectangular pan approximately two by one feet. Back by her friend, sexy and blood smeared Kate squatted and took up his midsection, placing the thing in the pan. Next, she went to the oven and stuck it in, closing the door afterward and turning up the temperature.

“ It’ll take over an hour or so.”, said Kate.

“ Yea.”, answered Cindy, raising her naked self, blood sprayed and smeared all over her tits and arms, and going over to the refrigerator. A second later, she reached for a bottle of Jack Daniels and opened it, taking a mouthful of the stuff.

The liquid down her throat, Cindy strolled over to Kate and ask, “ Want some?”

“ Sure.”

In less than ten minutes, the bottle was finished off, both girls getting wasted.

Totally drunk, Cindy staggered around the kitchen, bumping into this and that. Struggling with her balance as well, Kate finally fell over and laid there, looking up at the ceiling. Coming over, Cindy stood next to her friend and gazed down into Kate’s open eyes as the brunette was stretched out next to the pile of Bart’s internal organs.

Slowly, Cindy went to her knees as Kate reached up for the blond’s waist and pushed her face into Cindy’s cunt. Licking away, she heard, “ Ohhhh…Kate…, I love you…oh,. oh!”

“ Your cunt’s good…!”

In no time, Cindy reached for Kate’s pussy and began fingering the girl. At last, both women were on top of one another, rolling back and forth, even laying their backs directly into the bloody and smelly organic mess!

With blood and bile all over themselves, they continued to go at it, really rubbing and working it up.

As drunken Cindy sucked away at Kate’s tits, the intoxicated brunette remarked, “ Smell it… I can smell the stuff cooking…it’s like…”

“ Yea…smells a little like pork…”

“ Hey…, at least we now know what it smelled like at Aushwitz.”

“ Yea.”, answered incoherent Cindy, her cunt all wet and throbbing.

At last, the two dykes exploded in a burst of mutual Euphoria, surrounded by nothing but carnage.

Staggering to their feet, Cindy and Kate looked at a clock when Kate said, ‘ Guess it’s about done.”

Before the stove, Kate opened the oven’s door and looked inside, satisfied with what she saw. Reaching forward, she grabbed the pan but quickly removed her hand, yelling, “ Fuck…it’s hot!”

“ You’re so drunk Kate…, you don’t even know what you’re doing!”

“ Get me something.

After she grabbed a piece of Bart’s clothing, Cindy gave it to Kate who used it to remove the tray, protecting her hands. When it was on the kitchen table, they poured Salt and pepper on it. Letting the thing cool for a few seconds, the two savage girls then dug into his cooked remains with their bare hands, ripping away as they went, tearing pieces off for themselves and sticking ‘em into their mouths.

Each girl having a rib in her hand, the two drunken sluts sank to the floor and pushed their hairy cunts together, again rubbing it up. As they played away, they’d also lick each other’s lips, cleaning up the residue left on their mouths as they ate their sick meal.

Still down on the floor, the boozed up young ladies slowly drifted off, leaning upon one another until they lost consciousness, sleeping the alcohol off for the next five or six hours, dreaming of each other and whatever else went in and out of their twisted brains!

The End

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