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Seated in the dimly lit chamber illuminated by only a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling, Mike just sat there, his hands folded, and his gaze toward the floor. Dressed in only his prison clothes, the helpless man tried as best he could to block reality from consciousness, thinking about the world he knew before the coupe.

Despite his efforts, reality nevertheless pronounced itself as the sound of foot steps became louder and louder. Finally, Mike looked up and saw two guards standing outside his lonely cell, staring at him through the bars. With his right hand, one of the two removed a set of keys and unlocked the cell door, causing the hinges to squeak as the old thing rotated. Moving forward, the guard stepped inside and stood before Mike. While looking at the man’s red epaulettes going with the khaki colored fatigues, Mike measured the guy off, starting with the combat boots. Thinking to himself, the prisoner said, “ Just another number, doing as ordered.” A moment later, the guard took Mike by the arm and guided him out of the cell where the other gentleman did the same, taking hold of the prisoner’s upper arm.

Together, all three went down a long corridor, almost completely dark with nothing to each side, save for gray the walls . Eventually, they stood before a large metal door at the end of the hall. Opening it, the guard to Mike’s right made a step inside while pulling the prisoner with him. Then, with one forceful motion, both guards pushed Mike forward, causing the guy to fall down, landing upon his hands and knees.

As he remained on all fours like an animal, Mike simply stared at the floor while he heard the door close behind him. Knowing the guards were gone, Mike slowly raised his face, finally staring at a figure seated behind an elegant oak desk. Getting aquatinted with his immediate surroundings, Mike realized the place was illuminated by a lamp on the desk and a single light hanging from the ceiling almost directly overhead. Turning his glance to the right, he made out a well equipped entertainment center resting directly against the wall.

When he returned his tired stare back to the individual seated before him, he took in the smell of cigarette smoke as a cloud of the stuff slowly moved in his direction.

So…, Mr. Michael Davis, my records indicate you’re here for gorilla activity…, I would be correct in assuming that you don’t approve of the new order?”

Saying nothing, Mike only continued to stare forth, resigned not to reveal any important information.

As the interrogator stood up, the uniformed individual walked around the desk, stood before Mike for a moment, and then kicked him in the face, yelling, “ When I ask a question, I expect an answer!”

Still on all fours, Mike fell to his side and looked at the person before him. Staring away, his eyes began at a pair of knee high stiletto boots made of black leather, reflecting whatever light was available. Moving his gaze upward, he met a khaki colored skirt, followed by a uniform jacket the same color. When he past the red shoulder epaulettes with stars pined to them, he looked strait into evil and seduction all in one. Her dark eyes pierced forth as she took a drag from the cigarette and pushed her dark mane to the side, having hairs going halfway down her back.

“Do you approve of the system or not?”

Inspite of his exhaustion from a lack of sleep, Mike felt a touch of sarcasm go through his veins, making him reply, “ Oh I love the new order…, I just joined the resistance for the fresh mountain air.”

“ Fuckyou, you bastard!”, answered the female as she rested her left hand upon the black belt going around her waist, supporting a holster.

As she turned around and went back to her desk, Mike had to admit to himself that she was really something to look at. Raising himself to his knees, Mike said, “ You know…, if we’d have met under different circumstances, I’d ask you out.”

Giving him an evil smile, she pointed toward a chair a few feet away before the desk, and said, “ Here, take a seat.” Doing so, Mike finally sat down when she reached into her jacket pocket, produced a cigarette, went over to Mike, presented it to him, and ask, “ Care for a smoke?”

“ Ok, sure.”

After he took the thing, she held a lighter toward his face, making it easy for the man to fire up.

When Mike was done exhaling his first puff, she said while placing her nice ass upon the desk’s edge, “ Ok Mike…, where’s the rebel hideout, tell me, and I’ll see to it that you’re well taken care of.”

“ Like you took care of everyone else.”, responded Mike before taking another puff.

Biting her upper lip, the beautiful brunette nodded her head, saying, “ Ok, you wanna play hard ball, then we’ll play hard ball.”

As he stuck the white stick back between his lips, her right hand went across his face, knocking the cigarette to the floor. Slowly, she went over, raised her stiletto masterpiece and brought it down, killing the thing, while screaming, “ That’s you…, you’re nothing but a piece of shit under my boot, I’ll show you your place!”

Going back to the man, she stuck her face into his and yelled, “ Where’s all that scum hiding, tell me or you’ll suffer like you’ve never suffered before!”

“ Suck my dick, bitch.”

As a grin crossed her face, she quietly whispered, “ You ain’t gonna have a dick anymore when I’m finished with you.”

“ Then I guess I’ll be dickless…just like you.”

Infuriated, the woman pushed back on him, causing the chair’s rest to fall to the floor. Kicking the wooden chair to the side, she stepped forward and brought her pointed heel down upon his crotch, squeezing his scrotem.

“ Ahh…”, screamed Mike as she increased the pressure.

“ Now where’s the hideout, tell me!”

“ Go to hell.”

“ I’ll send you there first, asshole, now where are those fucken guerrillas?”

Hearing no response, she removed the boot and pointed toward her desk, yelling, “ Go over there and kneel!”

Doing so, he got up and walked over, stood a foot before the desk, and went to his knees, taking note of a name plate directly in front of him, reading, “ Lieutenant Commander Solfia Kaufman.”

“ That’s a very impressive name.”, said Mike with humor.

“ Yea, I’m quite fond of it, it’s better than yours.”, replied the officer as she strolled up to him, finally standing behind the male.

Opening her holster, the woman removed her pistol, pressed it’s barrel against the back of his head, and ask, “ Are you gonna tell me or not?”

“ If you shoot me, you’ll never know.”

“ Just remember one thing, dickhead.”

“ What’s that?”

“ I’ve got all the time in the world.”

Before he could respond, she brought the object’s grip down hard upon his skull, knocking him cold.

When he came to, he found himself in the same room, seated upon the wooded chair. As he looked forward, her blurred face became clearer and clearer until he took full note of her physique, hearing “ I’ll bet you’ve got a real headache, here, why don’t you have a couple of these.”

About to reach forward and take the pills from her hand, he realized his wrists were shackled behind his back. Looking downward, the guy realized he was completely naked from head to toe, having his ankles shackled together as well.

Moving a step forward, Solfia said, “ Arch your head back and open wide.”

“ Ok.”

Doing so, she let the two white pills fall into his mouth when she next raised a glass of water to his lips, saying, “ This’ll wash the drug down…drink.”

“ What did you give me?”

“ Oh nothing really…, just a couple of pain killers; however, the stuff’ll only last a half hour or so, after that, you’ll feel whatever else I intend to inflict.”

Returning to her desk, the lieutenant commander set the glass down and ventured over to the stereo, flicking a switch. A moment later, Mussorgsky’s masterpiece, “ Pictures at an Exhibition.”, began, filling the room from wall to wall.

After one minute, Mike felt the drug take effect, reducing his headache, making the word seem a little better.

“ So tell me where the hide out is.”, said the lady as she slowly walked up to him, moved behind the guy, and finally began caressing the back of his neck with her hand.

Feeling better now, Mike smiled and ask, “ What’s in it for me?”

“ Oh…, who knows, I might just do you a little favor.”

Still behind him, she lowered her hand down to his cock and massaged away, going on for over two minutes until Mike’s organ responded, swelling up to a full erection.

“ How nice.”, remarked the lady as she moved in front of him and dropped the gun belt, unbuttoning her jacket in the process. With the tunic off, she slipped out of her skirt and finally took off her bra and panties, standing naked before the prisoner, save for the boots.

“ What do you think?”, ask Solfia seductively while she returned to her desk, took up the cigarette pack, removed a stick, fired up, and inhaled.

“ You’re nice.”, replied the naked man in his bounded state.

Facing the desk now, she leaned forward and placed her forearm against the furniture’s edge, arching her sexy ass up a little. With her head turned back toward Mike, she removed the cigarette from her mouth, letting her other hand slowly move over her butt’s smooth surface, caressing everyspot.

“ Like my ass?”

Before he could respond, she answered her own question,” Of course you do, all men like women’s butts, that’s why guys are always asking women to sit on their faces.”

“ Then why don’t you sit on my face.”, said Mike as the music continued.

“ Oh…, I intend to, just tell me what I wanna hear and you can have my ass for a whole hour.”

“ Sit on me first and then I’ll tell you.”

“ Now you’re trying to fool me.”, replied Solfia as she took another drag and finally exhaled a cloud of smoke.

“ No, no…, I’ll tell you the truth, just set me down to the floor and get on top of me and I’ll give you every detail.”

Smiling, the sadistic female moved away from the desk and approached. When she stood next to his side, the lady raised her right boot, placed it against his thigh, and pushed, throwing the guy over, causing him to land on his side. With the chair moved away, Solfia again pressed her boot upon him, rolling the man to his back.

As she hovered above him with one hand on her hip and the cigarette in the other, Solfia said, “ Ok, I’ll place my ass right in your face, but when I get up again, I better hear the truth.”

“ You’ll hear the truth.”, answered Mike.

With reverence, the woman turned around and lowered her beautiful rear on top of the guy’s head, blocking out the light.

For the next five minutes, Mike actually let himself enjoy her sexy behind. However, after another minute, while she was still smoking away, Mike opened his mouth and quickly closed it, biting her in the butt!

Quickly, she jumped up, turned around, and kicked away at his head, yelling, “ You motherfucker, you bastard, I’ll teach you a lesson…!”

After six kicks, she stoped and ask, “ Where’s the rebel hideout?”

With the medication wearing off, he was again in pain, but nevertheless managed to say, “ I promised to give you the truth.”

“ Then give it to me!”

“ You’re nothing but a dam slut and a whore.” Going on, he added, “ Now that’s the truth.”

Angered, Solfia replied, “ No more mercy, that’s it, from now on I’ll make you suffer!”

Determined to get her information, Solfia went over to the desk, killed the cigarette in an ashtray, took up the half filled glass of water, and returned to Mike. Turning the glass upside down above his face, she emptied its contents, squatting down next to him afterward. Slowly, she pushed the empty thing below her harry beaver and pissed away, filling the glass almost to the top. Done, the woman left it sit there, walked over to the other side of the oak furniture, and opened a drawer, removing a plastic funnel.

Back before Mike, she again squatted, forcing the plastic object’s narrow end into his mouth. With the thing against the back of his throat, the lietantant commander grabbed the glass full of piss and held it above the funel, saying, “ Tell me where the rebels are or I’ll make you drink this nice yellow stuff.”

The thing in his mouth, he nevertheless replied, “ Piss on you, cunt!”

Tilting the glass, she emptied its contents into the funnel, causing Mike to drink away. He tried to keep it from going down his throat, but she pushed harder on the funnel, forcing him to consume it all.

When the urine was gone, she pulled out the funnel, threw it to the side, and stood up, going back to her desk. After dropping the glass into a wastebasket to her left, Solfia took up a sharp letter opener and returned to her prisoner, standing above him, tapping the blade against her palm, asking, “ So what’s it gonna be, are you gonna tell me or not?”

“ Fuckyou!”

Fuck me…?”, inquired the female rhetorically as she squatted before him, saying further, “ I don’t think so… you ain’t gonna fuck anyone ever again.”

Smiling, Ms. Kaufman mused for a moment, taking in the music, and eventually said, “ That’s a great composition, it’ll make perfect background for what I’m about to do.”

Extending her arm, she moved the blade to his cock, looked at him, and ask, “ Well…?”

Hearing nothing from the man, she used her other hand to take hold of his dick, pulling it upward, stretching it to its limit. As the blade made contact, she slowly moved it back and forth, causing blood to emerge. For a moment, Mike lost his nerve, yelling, “ No…, no…, please…, don’t…!”

“ Ok.”, said the lady as she retracted the object, allowing him to catch his breath.

Twenty seconds later, Solfia ask, “ Where are they?”

Getting himself back together, Mike replied, “ Go finger yourself.”

Fine.”, answered Solfia as she returned the blade, this time moving quickly. As the shackled man yelled away, she cut his cock off, laughing in the process, saying, “ There…, now you can finger yourself as well!”

The organ removed, she dropped it to the floor and grabbed his scrotem, stretching it also to its limit. Again, Solfia cut away, removing his nuts while Mussorsky’s work acted as an obligoto to his screams of agony!

Dropping his balls next to his cock, Solfia stood up and got herself a few pieces of tissue, wiping some of the blood off both her hands and the letter opener. With the metal object replaced on her desk, the sociopath female returned to her clothes and got dressed, finally putting the gun belt around her waste.

Turning toward him, Solfia lit up a cigarette and said, “ Are you gonna tell me or not, you know you’re still alive…more can be done to you.”

In severe pain, Mike nevertheless managed to raise his head and spit in her direction, saying, “ I’m not the only one, soon the whole country’ll stand up and put an end to this bullshit!”

“ You wish…, why do you think we’re here in the first place…because the old regime was corrupt.”

“ You’re corrupt.”, said Mike with effort.

At the top of her lungs, she yelled back, “ Democracy doesn’t work, the masses are all jerks, let the people rule and all you’ve got is chaos!”

Loosing strength, the man couldn’t continue the conversation, he just laid there, bleeding away. Upon her desk, the officer pressed a button, speaking into an intercom, “ Sergeant, go downstairs and get an ax, come back with two other guards, make it fast.”

“ Yes ma’am.” ,was the response.

Two minutes later, Solfia heard a knock on the door. After she opened the entrance, a uniformed man entered with the sharp instrument, having a four foot handle. When the remaining two guards stepped inside, Solfia closed the door and ventured over to Mike, squatted, and removed the shackles upon his wrists. Looking at one of the free handed men, she said, “ Stretch his arm out and hold it down.

“ Yes ma’am.”

When his arm was held firmly in place, the second free handed guard took hold of Mike’s other arm and did the same.

With herself standing upright again, Solfia took a drag from the cigarette, placed one hand on her hip, and simply looked at the man with the ax, slowly nodding her head.

Obediently, he swung the thing and brought it down upon Mike, cutting off the victim’s right arm between the elbows and shoulder!

Mussorsky’s composition was coming to an end, blasting forth with its well known part used in the summer Olympics. As Mr. Davis screamed and moaned, Solfia yelled, “ Where’s the rebel base?”

Hearing nothing, “ she gave the ax man another glance, causing him to remove Mike’s other arm as well. With blood pouring forth upon the floor, Solfia kicked Mike in the side two times before she squatted down and unlocked the shackles around his ankles.

Fully upright again, the female officer made a step back and ordered, “ Cut his legs off!”

Quickly, the sharp blade came down, digging into his left thigh. However, it only went in halfway, causing the man in combat fatigues to swing again, this time removing the leg. Finally, after another two swings, Mike’s second leg went off as well.

After Mike passed out from the severe pain, Solfia shook her head and returned the cigarette to her lips. Removing the pistol form its holster, the dark-haired bitch smiled, aimed the gun at Mike, and fired.

The End


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