Island Dreams

Island Dreams

I have only a very few times had sex outside of my marriage. I had had sex with other men, but it has been in connection with activities where my husband was along. We both love and accept that. We have openly discussed the possibilities of having sex with others, when the other part is not present, and generally we have agreed not to do that. However, we both believe strongly in sex as a recreational pastime, and as such have accepted that if a really exceptional situation arises then it is OK, on condition we tell the other one about it afterwards. This is my explanation of such an occasion.

About every 3 months my job takes me to another of the corporations sites where we have interdepartmental meetings. We have been doing that for the last 7 years, so we all know each other pretty well. Sometimes somebody quits and a new person joins the group, and in most cases they are rapidly assimilated into the group.

Especially one of the guys is very attractive. We call him Torro because he resembles a bull. I think we have both been attracted to each other for a long time, but even though it would be easy to get together we have never done anything apart from a close dance and a friendly kiss.

Usually these meetings last 3 – 4 days. We stay at very good hotels and we go out for nice dinners after work. Sometimes the meetings have been in the cold north of Finland, some times in the warm south of Portugal. Some times in big cities like Paris, and sometimes in small resorts in the countryside in Cornwall.

This time it was on one of the Greek islands. It was September and still rather warm, but most of the tourists had left the island. It was quiet and beautiful. Partly because of the setting and partly because we needed more time for this meeting our boss had decided that we were to be there seven days, spanning a week-end for which he had arranged some social activities, but no work. I looked forward to the trip, and I was the envy of my husband and children who all wanted to come along.

The first days were rather uneventful, except for the fact that a new guy had joined the group. He was young, quite nicely build and friendly, but at first appearance would not have warranted any attention, if it wasn't for the fact that he appeared to be completely taken with me. He just couldn't get his eyes off me and he was constantly making small talk and getting me things.

We usually dressed up a bit for dinners, and as it was nice and comfortably warm, we didn't wear a lot of clothes. As I don't mind showing of my still reasonably good figure, I often wear thin or light cloths and rarely with a bra underneath . Well, this time I certainly got my desire to show off fulfilled, because Dave, as he was called, couldn't get his eyes off me. On the Friday night I put on a rather see-through lose top made out of a black material. I wore a light shawl which covered me while it was light, but in the dark restaurant I dropped it, knowingly positioning myself where I knew Dave would be able to see through it. We danced a bit later, and I knew from experience that if I stood under the lights my breasts would show very clearly through the material. I admit I did this to be wicked to Dave because he kept staring at me, and it worked because he certainly couldn't help staring now, and he must have known that I was aware that he was looking, but he still couldn't help it. On purpose I danced so close to him that I could feel the hard bulge in his trouser even though he embarrassedly tried to keep apart.

When at some point of the evening I danced with Torro, I also noticed him looking at me, and with him it felt a little different. Now it was almost me being embarrassed.

"I see you are having a bit of fun with Dave", he said. "I have been watching you two, and I am not quite sure what the game is, but it look interesting to me".

"I just felt like teasing him", I said. "He hasn't been able to keep his eyes off me since we first met, so I thought I would play a bit with him".

"I wouldn't mind being teased a little by you as well", he said as he moved me into the spotlight and without hiding the direction of his stare, obviously had a good look at my breasts.

One thing was playing with Dave, but with Torro is was something different. This was getting me excited, which was obvious from the behaviour of my very visibly nipples. He pulled me close and did nothing to hide the fact that his budge also was growing. I felt a sinking feeling in the stomach and my knees seemed to wobble, so I was happy with his tight hold.

"It seems like we are both getting excited about this", he said. How about if we join forces and I help you tease David. I would love to see more of you".

"What do you mean?", I asked.

"Well, you just let Dave and me invite you out for dinner tomorrow night, and you will find out. Just wear something light".

"Ok", I said without much hesitation. I enjoyed having them both watch me, and if I, by pretending to tease Dave, could get Torro excited about me, this might be an occasion which might be excusable for a side fling.

I kept dancing with Dave and Torro for the rest of the evening, and once when Torro handed me over to Dave he said,

"Seeing we both like to dance with this lady, why don't we invite her out for dinner tomorrow night so the three of us can have a nice evening out".

I could see Dave eyes light up as he saw another opportunity to be with me, even though he would have to share me. I felt a bit like a cow at an auction, but couldn't help getting excited about what the evening ahead might bring, so I didn't mind. Dave quickly accepted and we arranged to discuss the details the next afternoon at the pool side.

After that the rest of the evening was a bit of an anti climax. I danced mostly with Dave, but I neither felt like nor could advance further than this tonight. He did casually brush against my breasts, but never dared to approach them directly, even though I would gladly have let him if he had tried. He was in a highly excited state which he had given up hiding, and I found myself being quite excited as well. He must have been ten to fifteen year younger than me, and I was quite excited by the kind of reaction I could still invoke in guys of his age. However as the rest of the group broke up to go back to the hotel Dave apparently couldn't find an excuse for us staying and as we did have tomorrow's night ahead of us we all left together.

The next day I went shopping in the morning and found a dress which was ideal for the night. It was a long dress of very thin material. It opened all the way in the front and had no buttons but was kept together by letting the two sides overlap around the waist and tying a thick belt of the same material around it. I could adjust the amount of cleverage by how much I let the two part overlap, and by letting the belt be rather loose I could let the two parts work themselves apart, thereby pretending not to notice that they split more and more. When they were split it didn't take much forward movement of the body before the material fell away from the breast and bared them to anybody looking in from the side which was obvious from the way the Greek salesman kept to my side as I tried the dress in front of the mirror in the shop. The thin material clung to the body, maybe because of the static in the material, or maybe because of the moisture on the body in the hot shop and my nipples which had got stiff again from the attention of the salesman was very clearly visible against the thin material. As I sat on the stool to tie on my sandals the material fell completely away at the front, and the dress opened almost all the way up to my crotch as the lose parts fell down the sides. I could feel myself getting excited again and looked forward to the evening as I quickly changed back into my more decent morning clothes and left in a hurry for the lunch arranged by the boss.

We had arranged to meet at the pool side about 3 PM. There were none of our colleagues around, mostly old ladies and a few locals. I had been on a sun chair looking out to see when they would arrive since around 2 PM, so I already had had a good dose of the sun. My white skimpy bikini didn't cover very much, and the pool attendants had been watching me intensely since I arrived. I had been innocently rearranging my bikini top several times to allow them a better view of my breasts, and I was fantasising about doing the same for Dave when he finally arrived.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him in a pair of very tight small swimming trunks, clearly showing the outline of his penis against the material. He had an incredible body, which I hadn't noticed before. A deep tan and very well toned. Not a bodybuilders body but with finely the honed muscles of a top athlete. As he noticed the direction of my stare the outline of his penis got more visible and he hurriedly sat down on the chair next to me.

I was very aware of my nipples again signalling my thoughts. It was fun playing with him, but all of a sudden I felt like the prey. He didn't say anything for a while, as if building up courage.

"Thanks for a very nice evening yesterday", he finally said.

"I am glad you enjoyed it", I said, "I thought it was very nice as well".

"You are an extremely attractive lady, and very exciting to be with".

I blushed as I thought of his obvious excitement the night before.

"You have a very beautiful body, and I have had images of you in my dreams all night. I couldn't believe I had really felt the way I did when I danced with you, but I still feel the same now seeing you again, so it must be right".

"How is that feeling", I asked.

"Like I can't take my eyes off you. I just can't help looking at you, and it certainly didn't help the way you looked last night. For that matter, the way you are looking now doesn't help either", he said as his eyes dropped and rested on my breasts, whose nipples felt like bursting the material. I felt myself go wet again and a slightly dizzy feeling engulfed me. I shook it off.

"Wait till you see the dress I bought for tonight", I said, "but for now I think I better turn around before you do yourself an injury". I now allowed my eyes to rest on highly visible outline of his penis. I hadn't been able to keep my eyes away, but I had been trying to hide it. Now I looked with open admiration as I saw the size it had grown to. But without trying to hide it – which he would find it hard to do – he got up and jumped in the water.

I changed the sun chair to a sun bed and laid down on my stomach. Feeling the atmosphere from before I undid the bikini top at the back. My excuse was in order not to get lines, but the strings holding it was so thin that it really wasn't necessary. Dave lay down next to me. We talked innocently about the nice hotel, weather etc. until Torro arrived. He sat down on the other side.

"I have booked at table for us at a very nice restaurant in the harbour. It is on a boat out in the harbour, and we have to be rowed over there. It is very exclusive and it is going to be quiet tonight, now that the season is over, so we can relax and enjoy the view of the town from the water".

We talked about the arrangement, the time to meet etc., but I couldn't get my thoughts off Dave. Today he seemed so much more self confident. He didn't hide the fact that he was looking at me, nor had he felt overly embarrassed by the way I was looking at him. It was like he was another man. I listened to them as they talked about the old boat we were going to, but I couldn't concentrate. Finally when they both were quiet I asked Dave to put some oil on my back. I was just longing to feel Dave's hands on me, dreaming about what it did to him to be so close to my body. Both volunteered and as I reached for the oil in my beach bag I made sure I lifted my body far enough off the sun-bed that my breasts very freely hanging down in clear view. I handed it to Dave letting him have a clear view on his side. When I lay down again I put my hands under my head which allowed a better view of the sides of my breasts, without the nipples actually being in clear view.

I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting a feeling of excitement creep over me as I felt four hands on my body. Dave made a pool of oil at the small of my back before he passed the bottle to Torro. Using the oil from the pool Dave oiled and massaged my shoulders and as far down the sides as he could get, which was sufficiently far to be intimate. I felt myself go wet again, wondering if it showed through my thin bikini briefs. It probably did. Torro had started on my left foot and was working his way up towards what by now was getting a very wet crotch. He spend more time on the inside of my legs than the outside, and when he got so far up that the two legs met and prevented him from getting further, he just simply lifted my left leg aside. I could feel the air against my wet spot and was aware that it must be very obvious to him. I lifted the other leg out to the other side at the same angle and couldn't help arching my back which pushed the wet bit higher and made it more obvious. Torros hands had now reached the edge of the bikini bottom on the outside of my left leg. He slipped a finger under the material and lifted it up a bit so he could get the oil all the way up to the edge without getting the material oily. As he traced his fingers all the way across my bum cheek under the material I felt myself spreading the legs more and lifting my bottom hoping he would touch me where I was aching to be touched. But he only ever so slightly touched the edge before he continued on with the other side. I was getting really frustrated, especially since Dave had now reached the top of the bikini bottom and was pushing it further down, again in order not to get oil on the edge. But the feeling of him tugging at the material made me want him to take it off, so I lifted off the bed again, but he never slipped it further down than at the most half an inch. In order to lift off the bed, I had to support myself on my elbows, again letting my breasts hang free. I noticed the pool attendants staring with lust as I felt Daves hand slide far down the side and cup my hanging breast. I almost felt like coming. His fingers found my nipples and massaged them gently. Meanwhile Torro was finished and slowly traced a finger up the inside of my leg, sending shivers up my spine. He finally slipped a finger under the material and lifted the bottom of my bikini button away baring my wet and swollen lips, but only ever so slightly caressing them with the flat top part of his finger, never getting near the sensitive spot. I was trying to push myself against his finger, but he had let go. As Dave also let go I frustrated realised the sense in stopping here and lowered myself down on the bed again with a sigh.

I felt Torro close to my ear as he whispered "just wait for tonight".

I got the feeling they had a plan, but I didn't know what, and I really didn't care. As far as I was concerned they could do with me what they wanted. I was just so excited it was dripping out of me. I had no doubt this would be one of those occasions which would justify sex on the side, and I couldn't wait.

Both guys got up. I turned half against Dave to see his penis again. It was still very visible. He smiled and blew me a kiss as he had a last stare at my exposed breast.

"See you at nine" was the last I heard before they were off. I didn't think I could wait that long.


Fortunately it was quite dark at nine for the dress was really quite thin. Thank god for the still very warn nights. We met at pool side bar for a quick drink before leaving for the part of the harbour where the boat was waiting to row us across to the old sailing ship.

I had decided to start the evening decently and had the dress well gathered at the front in the pool bar, but during the walk to the pier, the loosely tied belt had quite correctly as I anticipated not been able to keep the dress from separating further and further as we walked. It was mostly from my right side the view to my breasts was obvious, and it didn't take long for Torro to position himself at that side. As we had neared the harbour I was aware of him looking at me every time we passed one of the overhead lights, but I pretended not to be aware even though I knew the dress had separated enough to allow a good view not only of part of my breasts but also of the inside of my thighs as each long stride split the dress open almost all the way to the crotch.

There were another seven people waiting as well, all very elegantly and lightly dressed in thin summer clothes. A young couple went first, then Torro jumped down the ladder to help me down, while Dave stood on top of the ladder again staring without bothering to hide his stare at my now practically exposed breasts hanging free under the separated material as I bent forward to go backwards down the rungs of the vertical ladder. Looking up I noticed a smile on his lips, but I also noticed the two guys in the last group looking over the side to watch the show. This had all the ingredients of an interesting evening.

Fortunately the young girl of the couple before us also wore a very thin white cotton dress. Her breasts were very clearly visible through the material, so she kept some of the attention away from me. If I had wanted to be decent I would have had a hard time. As it was, I quite enjoyed the cool feeling up my legs as the slight breeze hit my crotch which I found it impossible to hide as Dave and Torro sat on each side of me, each holding a hand preventing me from pulling the dress closed. It had split almost up to the belt as I sat down on the low bench running across the middle of the boat. The two oarsmen stood on the railing as they rowed the boat, and from that position they not only were able to look right down to my naked breasts but also to my very thin lace panties. The way Dave and Torro insisted on holding my hands I was now sure they had arranged to do what they could to show me off, possibly as a revenge for me teasing Dave but also possibly because they just found it exciting. Whatever the reason was, it had me very excited.

As we reached the schooner I did have an opportunity to pull the sides of the dress together again, but I did it as little as I felt I could get away with without making it obvious that I quite enjoyed the eyes on my body.

We were seated at the front of the boat, up a little ladder, together with the young couple and a group of three, being the two guys who had watched me descend the ladder earlier and an other lady who seemed to be their boss, judging from the way the were addressing her.

I sat closest to the edge, facing the front, with Torro next to me and Dave across the very small and narrow table. At the very front sat the young couple, and on the other side of the boat from us sat the other group of three, with the two guys quickly positioning themselves on the side where they could watch me. A sun sail was suspended over us, at this time of the day serving more as a shield against the dew which might descent upon us later during the evening. The lanterns and some paraffin lights lit up the area providing a very cosy atmosphere.

The two young waiters for a time paid more attention to the young couple in the front as the girl's dress appeared transparent in this light and as it clung to her body her nipples were very visible and obvious created some attention.

"Try not to be obvious about it", Torro said to Dave, " but try and turn around and look at the girl in front, she looks really magnificent".

Dave turned around on the pretexts of looking for the waiters, who seemed to fuzz around at the front of the boat all the time. "Yes, she is stealing all the attention from our little lady here", he said as he again faced us.

"Maybe we should have a competition to see who could gather the most attention", Torro said looking at me, to see my reaction to his proposal. But it wasn't really for me to comment on that so I kept quiet.
The waiters finally brought us our drinks. As we toasted Torro all of a sudden stopped me as my glass touched Dave's for the toast.

"Hold it right there", he said. He looked down my front where my left breast had become partly visible from the move to toast. He moved his hand to my stomach and pulled the dress further apart so that my breast now was clearly visible to him and to the anybody to my right side. "Keep it like that when the waiters come for the order, and lets us see who gets the most attention."

The two guys from the other table, who anyway had their back to the girl in front was now staring openly at our table. We finished out toast and I emptied my glass feeling a burning sensation all the way down my throat and stomach. The feeling continued all the way down between my legs and ended in a shiver. The combination of the drink and the exposure was getting me giddy. As I put down the glass the dress closed partly again, but Dave quickly took my hand and held it tight across the table so when the waiters came for our order, my left breast was again freely visible under the dress. First they didn't notice but soon I felt that they were fussing around straightening cutlery and tightening ropes around us, so obviously they had noticed. I looked innocently at Dave, pretending to be madly in love with him. Holding his hand like this, and having the eyes of four to five guys on my breast made it easy to pretend that was the case.

As the waiters left, he let go of my hand, but I left it on the table in the same position.

"You know", he said, "from this position I am probably the only guy here who doesn't have a clear view of your tits".

"That is a pity", Torro said, "because it really is quite a sight". It is a long time since I have seen so nice tits. Full, just sagging enough to show the maturity, and such hard nipples".

I could feel his eyes on me, but I kept looking at Dave eyes which alternated between looking at my eyes and down the front of my dress, where he was unable to see the object of Torros gaze. I felt myself grow hot and my breathing changed. Suddenly all I could concentrate on was Dave's eyes and the reaction I had on him, or possibly didn't have as he couldn't see my breasts. I had a flash in my mind of the state of his penis under the table, and I felt myself go wet. His eyes and their alternating direction almost begged me to bare myself more for him. The air was electrified. I straightened my hair down the left shoulder and kept my hand there for a second. Then I slipped the thumb under the dress at the shoulder, and slowly moved the material further out the shoulder. I kept moving the thumb down the front having caught the material and pushing it apart. As I felt the cold air hit my nipple, Dave's eyes stopped alternating and stayed fixed on my now completely bare left breast. I looked down myself and felt very naked when I saw the extend to which I had bared myself. I looked up to now find Dave's eyes on my eyes again. They seemed sleepy and out of focus as if he was in a daze. As I leant back the dress closed partly again, but the hard nipple prevented it from closing over it. I kicked off my left shoe and moved my bare foot to Dave crotch where I felt an enormous hardness. He just kept looking at me, but I had to look away as I started to rub it lightly. I causally looked around as I still worked on him. The two young guys kept throwing glances in my direction, but for now the show was on a light burner and they concentrated on behaving well towards their female companion. Dave caught my foot and tickled it lightly so I had to withdraw it in order not to make my position obvious.

We ate the dinner without much more display, but the conversation kept circling around exhibitionism and voyeurism and in the course of the conversation I was able to explain some of my feelings on the subject, which made it obvious that I was enjoying exhibiting myself. It turned out that Dave had a girlfriend who also was some years senior to himself. He loved the thought of other people staring at her, but she was too shy to really do anything in public, even though Dave had often tried to persuade her. Torro thought the idea exhilarating but there was no way he could get his wife into anything like this. Both of them were openly talking about this being a great experience, and there was no indication they intended to stop at this point. I was just longing for the continuation.

Is wasn't long in coming. We were having the coffee with a Greek brandy and as we toasted again Dave leaned across the table and slipped the dress open so my left tit again was visible. As Torro leaned forward to toast me, his eyes rested on my growing nipple and he put his hand on my right thigh. I fell a thrill go through me as I noticed how high up he had placed his hand. He pulled the side of the dress apart, and as I looked down I saw part of my white lace panties. He tugged it further apart until the material slipped apart all the way up the belt. Not only were my panties now completely visible, but since they were so small my stomach was bared above the panties. The cool air gave me goose bumps and I realised I was breathing in small gasps as his hand moved further up between my legs.

Dave could see what was going on, but he was unable to see my half naked state. Instead he pulled the material at the top further apart so there was now a visible gap in the dress all the way down the front. My left breast was completely bared and now he also bared the right and in the process he pinched my nipple and put a hand under the breast as if lifting it to feel the weight.

"God, you are beautiful", he whispered, almost as if to himself.

I looked around and noticed the waiters standing leisurely at the front mast not really trying to hide that they were looking. I didn't care. They were both rather attractive Greek types, and by now Torro had his hand all the way up my crotch and I was loosing any last bit of inhibition I might have had. He had found my sensitive spot, and even thought it was through the material the feeling was so intense that I had a hard time sitting still.

"I want you to take off you panties", Torro whispered loud enough for Dave to hear. I looked at him. His eyes were resting on my right tit, but now they met mine. They looked very intense and excited.

"Say Pretty Please", I said to tease him a bit.

"Pretty Please", he said.

I pushed the chair back a little and leant forward to lift myself off the chair. As I did Torro grabbed the material of the dress and pulled all of it behind me to my left side so there was no material between me and him or the chair. Also the move made the dress separate even more in the front so my right side was bared almost all the way, and no longer covering any part of my breast. I shivered as I sat down on the uncovered wooden lacquered bench. Torro pulled my right leg all the way over between his legs and held it there as if in a clamp. I was very conscious of him looking at my nicely half shaved crotch. Only a little tuft of dark hair was remaining at the top of the slit. He slowly ran a fingernail up the inside of my thigh sending shivers down my spine and making my nipples stand out even harder. This time he didn't hesitate but went straight for my dripping wet cunt. I had to lean back as my back arched in an involuntary spasm as he hit my most sensitive spot. He played with it expertly sending waves of heat flooding through me. All the time Dave was just watching me and looking around to see the others watching me, probably dreaming that this was his girlfriend fulfilling his dreams. I was very much aware of being on display and I really enjoyed the fact that I had the attention of so many male eyes. I have previously experienced being watched like this, but that had been at private parties. Doing it here, out in the open on a boat in the sea, with a number of strange males watching me, really made me lose control. As I neared the climax I couldn't help grabbing my own tits and massaging my nipples as I enjoyed Dave's fascinated face and his longing eyes. Torro's fingers expertly played with me, shifting position when he felt me getting too close to the edge. I looked at he waiters who had now moved over to our table obviously enjoying the performance without bothering to hide their excitement. Even if I had wanted to, I would have been unable to cover myself due to the way the dress was now draped around my back, and my leg still was held securely between Torro's legs. As he finally brought me to the climax I almost fell off the chair as I shot back in an arch which lifted me off the chair and finally brought my naked lower part above the level of the table allowing Dave a first row view of the last act of the performance. With a final shake I collapsed on the chair and it took me probably a full minute to regain enough composure that I could withdraw my low free leg and again drape the dress around me.

The waiters fussed about me, offering us free extra brandy and exotic looking drinks. Funnily enough I didn't feel the least embarrassed as I sometimes do when the excitement is over. I was being treated like a queen and I enjoyed it.

When finally the waiters realised the performance was over they left us alone.

"When I saw you dancing with Dave the first night I realised you liked people watching you, but I had never thought you would go along to this extend", Torro said. I had arranged with Dave we should like to see how far you would go and I think this was the most exciting performance I have ever experienced, don't you think Dave?"

"I can't remember ever being so excited before", Dave said. "I am not sure who is teasing or punishing each other the most any more. I though we were going to bring Jen to a confrontation with her actions the first night and see her finally get shy but she has on the other hand now got me so excited that I feel like bursting, and I am not sure now who it is that has the upper hand."

"Have you done anything like this before?", Torra asked.

"Never in public like this", I answered truthfully. "At parties it has sometimes gotten rather steamy. But I think this has also been the most exciting thing I have tried in regard to public "performance". "

"How far would you go", Torro asked.

"I don't know. Probably not further in a place like this".

"Where then?", Dave now joined the inquisition.

"Maybe some place not quite so intimate as here. I don't mind stranger looking, but I don't really want them to join. When they get too close I fear others getting carried away and wanting to join".

"But how far would you go, if there were no others nearby", Torro wanted to know.

"I don't know. It depends on the situation I guess. You will have to try to find out", I teased him knowing very well that we all wanted to continue this somewhere where they could also satisfy their needs and desires. I was still burning. The atmosphere thick with sex and I was longing for proper bodily contact and to experience a dream of me with the two of them coming through.

Before long we broke up. We were the only party wanting to leave so we got the boat back all to ourselves. It was still difficult to sit decently in the boat and the oarsmen still got a good view of my more or less revealed body, but it wasn't quite as exciting this time.

Back at the pier we slowly walked to the promenade running along the waterfront. A nice garden shielded the walk from the street and the houses and as we passed the first light Torro stopped me and pulled the dress slightly apart again.

"I love watching you as we walk under the lights and your body is being lit up. The material clings to your body all the right places and reveals all the exciting parts when you walk. Would you mind walking like this for a while", Torro asked.

" I would love to walk like this for you", I said as I enjoyed his eyes on my body.

We walked quietly along the waterfront. The schooner was anchored about 100 meter from the coast, but about a kilometre north of the pier. I wondered how much of my performance had been visible from the coast. I could certainly see and recognise the people on the boat and as we approached the point which was closest to the schooner, the waiters waved to us. We had stopped under one of the lights and it was obvious that they had recognised us, for the other people also looked at us.

The water was very calm and there was a reflection of the schooner in the water. On the other side of the bay there was still lights in many of the small houses scattered around the mountain side. It was a beautiful scenery.

I was taking in the scenery and dreaming of the experiences of the evening. Torro sat on the wide stone wall to my right side where he could watch me, and Dave had moved behind me with his hands on my hips and I was leaning up against him.

I felt Dave's head move down the side of my hair and I felt him grip an ear lope between his teeth and play with it. I pressed myself against him and felt the large bulge in his trouser. Dave kissed my neck and I twisted my head so our mouths could reach. He was grinding his bulge against my back, and I was getting highly excited in no time at all.

"How far would you go in a place like this", Torro asked as he looked at my heaving breast and hard nipples against the material.

"Try me", I dared him. I had decided there were no limits tonight. They weren't going to see me back off.

He put a hand on the inside of my thigh and slowly slid it up against my still naked crotch. I leaned back against Dave as I spread my legs a little. I turned up my face to Dave for another kiss. This time it was long and passionate. Torro was still only stroking the inside of my thigh teasing me. As we kissed I felt Dave's hand move to my belt and undo it with a quick move. As It fell to the ground the dress opened all the way down the front. Torro's hand slid further up and I spread my legs further to allow him free access. As he finally hit my again swollen clit I think I cried out a little. I was getting to the point where I really wanted to feel a man inside me so I didn't mind it when Dave slid the dress over my shoulders and completely removed it. He moved a bit away from me as if to take in the view of my naked body against the backdrop of the schooner and the guests at the railing watching the activity on the promenade.

Torro was doing a good job again, so it took me a little while before I realised that Dave's body which again pressed against me was burning in another way, and only as I felt something hard sliding past my bum and in between my legs did I realise that he had dropped his own clothes. I wanted to turn around and look but he grabbed my arms and put them behind his head indicating he wanted me to stand like that. My breasts were raised and pointed straight towards the scooner. Dave's hands were playing with my nipples. Torro had stopped playing with me. He had moved back a bit and was watching us. It didn't matter because Dave large dick was sliding back and forth between my legs as we moved. I lowered a hand and grabbed it forcing it harder against my clit. I couldn't believe the length of it. When he pressed against me I could get a whole hand around the part that stuck out in front. I couldn't wait to feel that inside me. I let down the other arm and as I leaned one arm on Torro's knee I bend over and used the other hand to guide him into me. Leaning on Torro's lab I felt Dave sliding into me, further and further. I don't think I had ever felt anything so deep inside me. As he started to move in and out I tried to push harder into him. It was a wonderful feeling to be filled so deeply. Torro leaned back so he could watch my swinging tits. He tried to grab them, but they kept getting pulled out of his hands my the violent jerks. Finally he gave up and only watched us.

I looked up and saw the guests at the schooner all standing at the railing. Even the girls had joined watching. One of the guys had an arm around the boss, and I remember wondering how they were going to spend the night after the excitement of watching us. I looked down at Torro who looked like he was in pain, and I realised he probably was. As well as I could amidst the violent movements I started to unbutton his trousers. It was difficult, but fortunately he caught on to my intention very fast and helped. As I slid the trousers, they were only shorts, all the way off I looked with fascination at the size of his dick as it slowly swelled thicker and thicker. I wondered if this was why they called him Torro, but realised it didn't need to be. His whole body was that of a bull. I grabbed it and started licking it. I couldn't believe it kept growing. It wasn't getting excessive long, just very fat. The veins stood out and the head had grown to the size of a child's hand. I tried to take it in my mouth, but I simply couldn't get my mouth open enough, so I just ran my tongue up and down it the best I could while I was being pushed around.

I could sense Dave starting to come. But I didn't want him to come yet. I slowly stood up indicating for him to stop. He did that with great difficulty. I turned around facing him and for the first time I looked at his dick. It matched his lean body. Long, curved upwards, very hard. I bend down to take it in my mouth at the same time presenting my wet opening to Torro's straining dick. He grabbed my hips and slowly guided me backwards until I felt the head resting against my opening. As I slowly pushed backwards, I also pulled Dave's dick into my mouth. This one I had no problem getting into my mouth and with a good deal of experience in this matter, I was also able to take it a good way down the "deep throat" to Dave obvious pleasure.

The feeling of Torro sliding into me was a completely different feeling from Dave's. If felt like being ripped apart. I could very clearly feel the head as it moved into me, when it stopped I rested my full weight against it forcing it even deeper. It was a awkward position and trying to control both the sucking and the rocking motion in one go was impossible, especially since the sensation of Torro's dick inside me was so intense that I couldn't keep from involuntary spasm's which brought me out of rhythm.

I paused and moved off.

I turned around and asked Torro to lie down further back on the wall and then I climbed on top of him. I grabbed his dick with both hands and guided it into me as I looked across at the people on the schooner. The young girl with the white dress was leaning over the railing, and I though I saw her moving in a tell tale rocking motion, but the light wasn't on her in the same way so I couldn't be sure. Anyway I was now concentrating on my movements as Torro in this position could grab hold of my tits and his circling pinching movements were bringing me almost out of control again. It was quite had work, because I was enjoing the intense feeling of the movement inside me so much that I moved in long strides to get the most movement out of it, slowly on the way out to get the full feling of the length sliding out, without getting all the way out, and then plunging hard down to feel the ripping feeling. I had almost forgotten Dave behind me until I felt his fingers touching my exposed back hole. He wet his fingers in my juices and slid a finger into me. That was just so fantastic. He held his finger still so that my own movements made me ride on his finger, and as I bopped up and down I could feel both my openings plunged at the same time. I sat up straight and grabbed behind me to get hold of his dick, It was still very wet and I had no problem guiding that into me instead of his finger. As I leant forward again I felt him starting to thrust first slowly testing my reaction but as I went wild and started my own plunging up and down I felt him slipping further and further into me. This was beyond my wildest dreams. A sandwich on a pier in full view of all the people on the boat. I felt Torro starting to come and his spasm's brought me to my own climax which only the fact that Dave had almost all his length inside me prevented me from shaking him off. Torro stayed inside me while Dave finished off in a couple of strides. We were all completely out of breath but when I finally stood up I felt both half limb members sliding out of me and the combined cum pouring down my legs.

"I dare you for a swim", I yelled as I jumped on the wall and dived off into the deep water below. Both followed immediately and we swam all the way out to the schooner and around it. The waiters and the oarsmen were whistling and calling out comments in Greek which we didn't understand, but from the tone of the voices, they seemed positive and appreciative, but also inviting us to come on board again. We declined and swam back without having seen any of the other guests, which made me wonder what was going on on the boat and if maybe they had started a show on their own which we had missed.

Back on the pier we dressed and waived goodbye to our audience which had played an important part in creating the excitement. We walked back to the hotel arm in arm and with Torro's hand resting lightly on a breast and Dave's on my back side until we came to the bar where a number of out friends were getting drunk. We got a few drinks more and moved off to the lift. Dave got off at a lower level, but when Torro and I were alone he moved in front of me and gave me a long and wet kiss.

"Jen", he said, "this has been a very exciting experience, but I have dreams of a long night with you exploring what we can do for each other. Do you feel like continuing?"

"I do, but then I don't", I said. "A part of me would love to, but I would have such a bad conscience later that I think I better not. The other part of the night was a one in a lifetime experience, which I just had to do. Spending the night with you, is tempting, but I don't think that is within the agreement I have with my husband. But I will go to sleep and dream of you and the experience we had tonight."

We kissed goodnight and went to each of our rooms. Frustrated but with a conscience I could live with.

— end of story —

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