It Pays to Advertise!

It Pays to Advertise!


Do you enjoy reading sexy stories?

Do you fantasise that you are taking a leading role in them?

Would you like to do more than just fantasise?

Author, looking for inspiration, invites members of the opposite sex (to him!) to
share their fantasies by email or on a more personal level and see
them transformed into erotic fiction in which they are the star!

(Contact details given)

So ran my advertisement a few months ago, placed in various places, likely to be seen by sexually adventurous women who might see it as a genuine opportunity to feature in a story or might even see it (heaven forbid!) as an opportunity for a few 'sticky moments'.

Was I concerned about the reasons prompting a response?……… not really……. I knew I'd probably write a story on the back of what happened (if anything did) anyway.

Did I get any responses? ………. Would I be writing this if I didn't?………………………………..


I got an email in my inbox from someone called Gillian and I confess that at first In thought it was one of those spam messages which arrive with monotonous regularity from females who think I might wish to take a look at their websites featuring photographs of themeselves in various poses with the promise that if I pay a large subscription I'll get to see them in far more explicit poses and in greater detail and larger photographs. They invariably find themselves immediately deleted!

I read Gillian's message and was glad I did. She was obviously a woman with a fertile and active imagination who was looking for more of a 'hands on' approach than an email fantasy. She had read some of my stories (why not all of them?) and had commented on some apparently using a 'pen name' which I could check if I wanted to (Of course I wanted to). I checked and found that she had not been a shy girl in the uses to which she had put some of my stories and could well imagine the arching back and the buttock clenching as she had reached climax in her computer chair! She further told me that even though we had never met, she already imagined that the stories she orgasmed to, featured me and her and that she had on occasion just pulled her skirt up and her knickers down and 'wanked herself off' without actually reading a story.

I was curious about this use of phraseology. English women almost invariably describe this activity as 'masturbation' My own sex (from almost any part of the world) 'wank' but I have had several Scottish girlfriends over the years and it was only these women, who would 'wank'. (Because I find this so arousing, I've always been turned on by women with Scottish accents! ) Any women out there who'd like to comment on this; why not email me? Anyway, I was very interested to find out exactly where Gillian was from.

She didn't exactly live close but I was quite prepared, in the interests of 'research' to drive the fifty or so miles to the town where she lived and so it was that a week later, I arrived at the pub she'd told me about at around eight in the evening. She had sent me a couple of photographs with one of her emails so I spotted her almost immediately sitting on one of the dark red leather corner bench seats towards the back of the lounge bar. She was smartly dressed, as we had arranged and agreed, in a dark grey business suit with an 'A' line skirt and a dark top. She was, I knew, in her late thirties; her hair was dark chestnut and she was quite tall at about 5'9" but I am 6'1" so that didn't matter. She hadn't mentioned that she was of 'ample build' (what woman would?) and I would think that she was probably about size 16 (38C?). To be fair, I hadn't mentioned that I am on the large side myself! If she had followed my instructions, I knew exactly what she was wearing under the suit.

I asked her what she would like to drink and indicating an almost empty wine glass she said that she'd like another white wine. I went to the bar and returned with the wine and beer for myself and sat down next to her. We made small talk as we sipped our drinks and then made small talk about my journey there and eventually worked our way round to discussing my stories; where did I get my ideas from and the things people usually want to know. I told her that some were based on personal experiences, some were based on actual people and my ideas about how they would react in a given situation and some were based on pure fantasy. She said that she needed to visit the 'Ladies' ('bathroom' to you Americans) and that another glass of white wine waiting for her, on her return would be most welcome. I attended to this and bought another beer for myself. On my return, the bar now rapidly filling up, I found to my slight irritation that another couple had occupied the seats on the opposite side of the table. They were in their early twenties.

Gillian came back and I stood up to let her into the corner seat again. She smiled at the girl opposite and tilting her handbag towards me, opened it and half pulled out a pair of black silk knickers. The girl across the table opened her eyes wide; her face was a picture. Her partner's face was buried in his pint glass and he saw nothing. Gillian (or Gill as she insisted I call her) move closer to me so that our thighs were pressed together and raised her bottom a couple of inches up from the bench seat.

I moved my hand down and pushed it under her bottom, pulling the material from under her while picking up my drink with the other hand. Gill, nonchantly, toyed with her own drink and chatted brightly about some programme which had been on TV the night before as I teased the material out from under her rear end. When I pulled my hand away she lowered herself down again and I was pleased to hear a little gasp as her bare arse cheeks landed on the (comparitively) cold leather seat!

A minute or so later, I pushed my fingers into her back and she raised herself again so that I could slide my hand under her again. I started to run my fingers up and down her arse crack and down to her pussy. She parted her thighs slightly to make it easier. Her cunt was shaved, something she hadn't told me about. With her bottom resting on my upturned palm I was able to finger her cunt lips which parted stickily as I pushed against them. My middle finger sank between them and into her soaking wet vagina; I pushed the tip into her love tunnel and rasped my finger nail against the ridged flesh inside. She gasped and the girl opposite looked at her with a mute question on her face. She must have picked up a signal because she ran the tip of her tongue over her lower lip and gave a very small 'nervous' cough. Her partner just carried on talking about something in which she obviously had absolutely no interest whatsoever but I knew that we had her full attention.

I adjusted the angle of my hand and pushed two fingers inside her and began to finger fuck her. Every ten seconds or so, I altered my hand position so as to tweak her clit with my fingers. She didn't seem to have the tight control she'd enjoyed earlier; she seemed to be having difficulty raising her wine glass to her lips. Her eyes had taken on a glazed look. I glanced across the table and noticed that the girl was breathing hard and her right hand which had been resting on the table top had slipped out of sight below it. Soon afterwards I saw furtive but frantic lower arm movements just above the table top and had no doubt what she was doing. Her dense partner, got up and headed for the 'Gents'. The girl got up from her chair and came round to our side of the table and sat next to me so that she'd be facing her boyfriend when he came back.

Gill had got to the lip biting stage and I couldn't see how anyone looking at her could fail to guess what was going on, but people were just wandering around and not really paying any attention to our corner. Not true about the girl on my left of course. Now she was next to me I could see her hand inside her waistband and her splayed apart thighs and convulsive movements made it obvious what she was doing. I opened my own legs and pressed my thigh against hers. Her boyfriend came back and asked if she wanted another drink; she said 'no' and he went up to the bar to get himself another pint.

In response to a frantic finger fucking, Gill suddenly climaxed and collapsed on my hand, almost breaking my wrist. My other neighbour suddenly went rigid and relaxed next to me with a loud exhale of breath. I suddenly became aware of two female hands making their way from opposite directions across the front of my trousers. My cock was rigid as Gill found my zip and eased it down. I gripped her wrist and whispered 'not here' to both of them and making myself 'decent', I stood up and shepherded both girls out of the bar.

My car was in the pub car park and soon we were in it and heading for Gill's house, which she told me was 'just round the corner'……… not quite true, but close enough for jazz as they say. Gill sat in the front seat and spent most of the journey rubbing my cock through my 'Chinos' , while I felt her cunt, thus driving us both crazy. The 'new' girlfriend (Debbie) sat in the back and from what I could see in the mirror (and from turning round at red traffic lights!) spent the whole journey teasing herself with one finger. I asked her what her boyfriend would think when he got back from the bar.
'Who gives a fuck?' was her only response.

She told us he was just a bloke at work who had been trying to get into her knickers for months, but when she'd agreed to go out with him, he'd just talked about football and seemed more anxious to get beer down his throat than pay attention to her. Debbie said that before we'd shown her a more potentially exciting evening, the most she was expecting was a quick fumble in Brian's car followed by a rapid orgasm (for him) and a total lack of satisfaction (for her) and the whole sordid business carried out in a haze of beer fumes.

I told her that I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen but I was quite sure it would be more exciting than her original expectations. I explained about the advert and what Gill and I were all about. Debbie giggled and admitted that she'd seen it too and had actually thought about replying, but was more than pleased to 'help with the research'.

Gill seemed quite pleased at the way things were going as well.

We got to Gill's place which turned out to be a small 1930s detached house in a village about 3 miles out of town. Perfect.

Gill made us 'at home' immediately and got us all a drink. I think she had anticipated that she wouldn't be coming home alone, but of course a threesome wasn't exactly what she'd expected. However, I could see that she was as excited about this new development as I was. Although, I think this was a new venture for Debbie, I could also see that the possibilities had got her juices flowing as well. Gill led the way upstairs and showed us into her bedroom.

Her bed was huge and Gill kicked her shoes off and flopped down on it causing her skirt to rise up her thighs revealing her stocking tops and black suspenders. She reached up and taking Debbie's hands pulled her down with her. Debbie was wearing black 'Ski-Pants', tight over her bottom but with the slightly flared 'boot-top' leg. I took my shoes and socks off and got between them on the duvet. It was a struggle because Gill had her arms round Debbie and was kissing her mouth to mouth. Debbie had resisted for a split second but was now joining in enthusiastically and was already unbuttoning Gill's shirt. When I arrived between them, Gill released her hold on Debbie and started to work on my belt and zip. They didn't put up much resistance and very soon my trousers and underpants were on the bedroom floor. Debbie had succesfully removed Gill's top and bra and was working on her skirt fastenings so that most of Gill's clothing landed on top of mine, to be topped off by my shirt. Debbie seemed to me to be far too dressed for the situation, so I stradled her and took off her top and (black lace) bra and pulled off her ski pants in one flowing movement, revealing a thong matching the bra. The pile of clothing on the bedroom floor was now almost up to duvet level!

I pushed Debbie on her back and lifting and parting her legs, buried my face in the gusset of her thong, inhaling her scent. She clenched her buttocks and thrust her cunt up to my face. Gill worked her way round to be able to fondle her quite large breasts and squeeze her perky chocolate brown, rapidly hardening nipples. I pulled the thong to one side so that I could firstly finger her cunt (which was certainly NOT shaved) and then tease it with my tongue tip before finally, gently reaching underneath and pinching her bottom causing her to rise up from the bed so that I could pull the thong off and throw it on to the clothing pile (followed by those awful calf length nylons which women wear in these circumstances).

Gill seemed to be working her way round to getting Debbie to tongue her pussy but I wanted to taste it first, so I ran my tongue the length of Debbie's crack sucking her clit between my teeth and giving it a 'nip' before grabbing Gill round the waist and pulling her down to me so that I could bury my face between her thighs and push my tongue between her labia and into her shaven haven. She pushed her fanny up at me so that I could slide my tongue into her love tunnel and taste that wonderful slightly musky, slightly lemony juice with which a sexually aroused woman floods herself. She lowered her face towards my stiffly erect cock……… ( did I mention that I had an erection? )…. No?…. well would you be surprised to learn that I had……… pausing only to lick the end making it twitch uncontrollably she took hold of the shaft and guided it into her mouth.

She worked on me for several minutes, dribbling saliva down the shaft and running her tongue over the swollen glans, licking over the weeping 'eye' and rasping her teeth over that scar tissue which every circumsized man has and which is unbelievably sensitive. She squeezed my balls and sucked them into her mouth while stroking my cock shaft with varying speed and pressure. I got the impression that she'd done this before (lol). My tongue was deep inside her vagina and I had a tit in each hand and which I was fondling and squeezing; her nipples were getting their share of attention and were large, swollen and erect. Debbied had pushed herself as close as possible so that I could feel her lithe and sensuous body against mine and knew that her own fingers were keeping her own cunt aroused as she caressed first my bottom and then Gill's.

I turned round to kiss Debbie and thus freed, Gill went down between Debbie's legs and buried her face in the forest of pubic hair down there. I could feel myself reaching the point of no return and told the girls that I was cumming; they pushed me down on my back and Gill straddled my face so that my nose was buried in her cunt and I was able to reach up ad play with her breasts swinging above me, while Debbie sucked on my cock until I could hold back no longer and she pulled away at the final second so that I could spray my cum over her face. She licked what she could reach of it and Gill came down and licked the rest of it from her cheek, eyelid and forehead. They both lay down and kissed deeply, transferring my cum from mouth to mouth with their bodies entwined and writhing in such a way that although I was sexually satisfied I felt stirrings again. I reached over them and using my fingers helped them acheive their own orgasms, which they did with screams of passion.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and presently they joined me. Afterwards we went back to the bedroom and lay down together. That was the start of a night of sexual indulgence and I'll write the details down some other time but over the next twenty four hours (all of us phoned in sick from our work), I did fuck both of them, cunt and arse, several times, so that when we parted I felt like I'd been in a war……….. but they seemed to be able to go on for ever.

Will I see them again…………. God! I hope so!
I had a steady stream of responses to my advertisement but I don't have the time or the inclination to tell you about all of them, so I'll just give you a 'taste' of the sort of ideas I had suggested to me. As I've said, some lead to 'skin on skin' contacts whereas others remained as 'Cyber' contacts as it was obvious that this what the writer wanted. One of these was from a lady calling herself 'Hannah'. She did send me a photograph later and I was slightly surprised to see that she was Asian although I from which part of that continent, I was never given any precise information although I would hazard a guess at India, a country whose women I have always thought most intriguing, but have never had an opportunity to experience first hand for myself, women supposedly versed in the teachings of The Kama Sutra!

I know that The Kama Sutra is (apart from making very boring reading….. and I have read it) is a treatise on the ways a woman is supposed to be able to please a man consisting of a series of extremely long and tedious lists most of which have little to do with sexual contact. All that stuff about various positions takes up quite a small part of the full text……. better off listening to the Bonzo Dog band's short song on the subject which goes something like:
'We tried position thirty one
It was a terrific fun…..
In position seventy two
You were me
And I was you'
But I digress……… Hannah was married and told me from the start that this was not her real name, but the name she was known by because it was an Anglicised version of her actual name which British people seemed better able to deal with.

Her husband worked nights and she was alone in the house from 11pm to around 9am. Just as well she only wanted to 'Cyber' because she lived a considerable distance away and I'd have had a very long drive to get to her…. I'd probably have spent the night fast asleep and what a waste of time that would have been!

It started off as email pure and simple and rapidly developed into Instant Messenger sex, but the typing mistakes from both sides where two people are trying to rapid type one handed while the other hand is occupied elsewhere become very frustrating and eventually this became mobile phone sex!.

Hannah would see her husband off to work and sort things out in the house and then go and lie down on her bed and phone me. I would always ask her what she was wearing and very soon her opening remarks would be on this subject. At first she would be wearing a nightie of sorts but I soon made it clear that she was to wear something a bit more raunchy and asked for a list (by email) of the contents of her knicker drawer. I asked her what stockings she wore and told her to go and buy various things which she didn't own.

Eventually, she would tell me that she was wearing, for example, barely black 10 denier nylons, a black lacy suspender belt, black lace knickers and matching push up bra and that she had her vibrator handy; I would tell her that I was lying on my bed
stark bollock naked and that I had an erection just thinking about her. I'd tell her to pull her knickers tight up into her crack and fondle her breasts; to rub herself through the material of her knickers but on no account to touch herself. I'd start to masturbate and hold the phone close to my cock for ten seconds and ask her what she thought I was doing. Her breathing would start to get heavy and she'd beg to be allowed to touch herself. Eventually, I'd tell her she could put her hand under the waistband of her knix and cup her cunt but not to do anything else. I'd ask her if she was wet and she'd breathe…. 'yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss'

I'd tell her she could finger her cunt and that she must place the phone down there so I could hear how wet she was. Little 'slurping' noises would sound in my ear. I'd let her listen to me again and by now my cock shaft would be wet and slippery and she'd hear the sounds of a man wanking hard… I'd forcibly stop myself if I thought it was happening too quickly. I'd told her to get herself a cheap digital camera and I'd tell her to hold it above herself and take a photo of her mid section with her knickers round her knees and her legs strained apart. I'd take one of me at the same time and later we'd exchange them. I'd get her to take her knickers off and push the vibrator into her cunt (sometimes up her arse) and fuck herself with it, stopping just before she came, to run the vibrating tip over her clit and to put the phone there so I could listen…… usually at this point we'd both be out of control and wank to a mutual climax.

Sometimes we'd indulge ourselves for a couple of hours like this; taking photos to send as attachments and sometimes me telling her to get up and dress in something else. Sometimes I'd order her to go around the following day without any knickers and wear a short skirt; and hold-ups (not tights); sometimes I'd tell her to go out of the office where she worked part time and buy an ice lolly, then go into the toilet and put it in her knickers and hold it against her pussy for at least (usually) 5 minutes…. sometimes 10! This would drive her crazy! I'd also tell her to wear the same knickers (usually black satin) for several days and to cum in them…….. and pull them up into her cunt crack afterwards.

But after a week or three, she phoned less and less and although I still hear from her from time to time and its still great fun when she does…. but I think she now wanks herself to sleep on memories! If her husband isn't fucking her on a regular basis he must be mad or gay or in dire need of a large dose of 'Viagara'!

Shortly after this I had an email from Beth. My first impression was that I had unearthed a real prick teaser with this one, but I then realised that Beth was actually very shy but trying to give the impression of being someone who was very switched on and streetwise. The reason for this became clear when I found out that she was a very large girl with limited sexual experience who fantasised as much as anyone else…. probably more than most if the truth be known. In fact her entire sexual experience was fantasy. She was actually ashamed of her size and that was a great pity. She was also at 35 years of age, a virgin.

I met her (properly) for the first time at a motorway service station having emailed for several weeks. She liked to be spanked……… more than that she liked to be beaten hard and there was certainly enough target area. I put 'properly' in brackets there because I'd actually seen her 'on the sly' previously. After a lot of emailing and a few mobile phone calls I'd said I'd like a pair of her knickers and asked her what sort she wore. I think the question surprised her and she asked what sort she'd expect her to wear. I told her 'a dark red thong!' and that she must have worn it for 24 hours and masturbated in it at least twice. She asked if that meant she was to sleep in it. I told her 'yes, of course'.

She didn't live too far away from me and worked somewhere where we shared the same road home. This led by a country park with a large carpark. I knew a lot of her routine and she thought she knew mine….. but I hadn't actually told her the truth. She said, she didn't want to meet just yet but she'd leave the thong ('sure its no trouble?.'…. 'Oh No… I have lots of them'……….. but I think she'd have to go to Marks and Sparks one lunch time PDQ!….. for non Brits, Marks and Sparks is a friendly name for one of our large national clothes shops…. 'Marks and Spencer') in a plastic bag by a certain tree.

I had no idea what she drove and more to the point she didn't know my car. I got there an hour before her and watched her drive in and leave the knickers (in a Marks and Sparks bag!) where she'd said.

Later, when she checked to see if I'd got them, I said her car was very nice. At first she was angry, but later calmed down and I told her that she had nothing to be ashamed of….. and that I'd I'd already orgasmed over her thong. I suggested that she had nothing to lose in a proper meet now; she agreed and I promised to bring her underwear back…. she said I could keep it!

The motorway services meet was the first of many. After a quick introduction in the car , we drove to her flat about 5 miles away where I got her to put the thong on (although she proudly showed me a dozen thongs of various colours and materials in her knicker drawer….. they were all obviously brand new and hadn't been worn!)

I put her over my knee and spanked her bottom hard, and afterwards as this wasn't enough, took my belt to her; then one of her slippers, a wooden spoon from the kitchen and finally BOTH slippers together. She took this over my knee, over the arm of the sofa, over the kitchen work top, and just bending over with her hands on her knees (she physically couldn't touch her toes!). I beat her over her dress and with the thong and with it down and off… with her thighs closed and lewdly splayed wide open so that her wet cunt was on open view with the labia glistening pinkly. I dragged her into the bedroom and put all the pillows in the centre and pushed her down on top of them, stripped her and taking a thick, wide leather belt from her wardrobe, and doubling it (she had quite a large waist!) gave her a slow measured tthree dozen welts across her bottom, upper thighs and back. Afterwards, I pulled my trousers and underpants down and mounted her from behind and took her 'Cherry'.


I had intended to finish this account at this point which was written a week or so ago but just as I was 'wrapping it up' I had an email from a woman who I had to find more about. She sent me a photo attachment from which I could see (and from what she told me in the email) that she was in her mid 40s, on the plump side, Scottish (well, born in Edinburgh) of Indian parentage but living very close to my home town. Her fantasies were all to do with sex with white guys and being spanked as an adult schoolgirl/office secretary as foreplay. Her husband worked away from home during the week….. which oddly enough is MY situation…… I go home to a normal domestic life 150 plus miles away at the weekend.

This lady ,who I asked me to call her shall call Gina although I have no doubt that this was not her real name, was not at all shy. When I suggested that we indulge in Cyber sex she said she had assumed that there was more on offer. When I suggested that I call round the following night, she asked what was wrong with 'tonight'. I went round that night!

She opened the door to me wearing a black pencil skirt hemmed above the knee, a cream button fronted top, through which I could see the lines of a cream lacy underwired bra. Further down, I could see 'barely black' nylons and shiny black high heeled court shoes.

She poured me a stiff drink. It wasn't the only thing that was stiff when she brushed against me.

We sat on the sofa and she told me she had read all my stories on XNXX. I said in that case she'd have known how to dress to please me. In answer she took my hand and placed it on her knee before guiding it up her thigh to where I could feel the elasticated stocking tops of hold-ups. She knew my views on 'tights' then…. good start! Thus encouraged, I continued north with my hand and her thighs parted invitingly so that I could feel her pussy through the front of her knickers. She stood up and kneeling in front of me undid my zip and belt and then in one quick movement pulled my trousers to my knees. My underpants soon followed resulting in my cock twitching and and waving about in the firelight. She took it in her mouth and ran her tongue around the tip and then pulling her skirt up she draped herself over my lap.

Her bottom seemed to swell under the white lacy knickers, which I began to spank to the accompmiment of encouraging little cries from Gina. I spanked her harder and then harder still as she thrust her bum up at me before reaching between my legs to fondle my cock. I pulled her knickers to mid thigh and pulled her legs apart and then resumed the spanking. She looked back at me over her left shoulder and told me that she had been such a bad girl that day and that she deserved more than an over the knee spanking. I asked her what she deserved and she told me she truly deserved to be caned on her bottom.

She stood up and went to the sideboard and returned with a crook handled school style cane. I ordered her to the centre of the room and told her to raise her skirt over her back, stand with her legs wide apart, bend over and grasp her ankles. I stood behind her and and swishing the cane through the air a few times, gave her six strokes across her bare rump. Each stroke caused her bare buttocks to dimple and the flesh to bounce; each stroke caused her to draw her breath in with a gasp; each stroke caused her to sag at the knees and then come back into position. After the third stroke, an angry red weal appeared where the first had landed and at the same time intervals, others followed. After the fourth stroke, a hand tentatively left an ankle to rub the writhing flesh but was ordered back into position. After the sixth she was permitted to stand and rub her arse; but only briefly as I told her to take her knix off and assume the position again with her legs much wider apart as I tapped her inner thighs with the cane until I approved of her position.

Her cunt was on open display and I could see how wet it was. God! I was more than ready for her as well…. but I gave her another six with much the same results as before except that after the last stroke her bottom seemed to have doubled in size and looked like a railway marshalling yard with all the criss-crossing lines! I took her hand and led her into her bedroom where I invited her to kneel on the bed and entering her from behind selfishly came, deep inside her vagina, in a matter of six or seven thrusts!

She fell on her side and started frantically to wank herself off as I undid her top and pushing her bra up played with her tits as with a shriek, she climaxed. My cum appeared at her pussy lips and started to flow down her thighs mixed with her own juices. She scooped it up and licked her fingers……………….

I'm going to leave it at this point. Obviously, I stayed the night and neither of us got much sleep……. but that may be something for another story……… but by that time who knows what new adventures may have taken place?

I'm feeling really horny having written this account, so I'll just check to see if anybody else has replied………………………………………..

Maybe hear from someone reading this soon…………… who knows…………… it certainly pays to advertise!

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