Jefferson High-ch.3: Amber & Jeanine

Jefferson High-ch.3: Amber & Jeanine

"Oh shit. Put on your clothes now!!"she said. I pulled up my pants while she put on her blouse. "Here. Take this." she handed me her bra. "Stay here and stand on the toilet. Stay quiet." I did as I was told. She left the stall. The door opened and I overheard their conversation.

"Why did you lock the door?" asked the male voice.

"I'm sorry it's just a habit of mine." Danielle replied.

"Just don't do it again allright."

"Fair enough."

I heard a stall open and close next to me. I stood there on the toilet and bent over so my head wouldn't be exposed. Then I heard the girl leave. I stepped off the toilet and unlocked the stall door. I ran out of that bathroom as fast as I could. I jumped into my car and drove off the campus. While driving, I had the greatest feeling in the world (obviously). I went home and jumped on the phone to tell my friends what had just happened.

My mom called me out to go to the corner store to pick up some things. So reluctantly I went. The store was close enough that I didn't have to drive, so I decided to walk. I passed by Amber's house a couple of blocks away. She and Jeanine were sitting in front of the house on the front porch. Since it was summertime, they had next to nothing on. Amber stood up. I tried not to stare until she called out my name. It's another dream I told myself. There's no way she's calling me. But it was real. She was calling me.

So I walked across her lawn and I stepped on her porch. "Hey." I said trying to act casual to hide the fact that I was really nervous.

"Hey yourself Antonio. Guess who we just talked to?"

"Who?" I had no clue who she talked to.


"Oh." I said surprised.

"Yea and she had the most interesting story to tell us." Jeanine chimed in.

"She was good wasn't she?" Amber said.

"Of course. What do you think I would say?"

"Heh. Of course she is she's a really good fuck. And according to her she said you were damn good too."

"Did she?" I said flattered in a way.

"We want you to prove it." Jeanine said.

Oh hell yes I said to myself in my head. My eyes lit up like a kid on christmas day and taking his first look at all the presents he got. Amber and Jeanine got up and walked in the house. Jeanine grabbed my beltline and pulled me inside.

Amber rushed to the couch and she layed down on her back and her legs spread open. "But before you do. We have something to show you." she said with a seductive smile. She stared at Jeanine longingly with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers. Jeanine stared back. Jeanine walked slowly towards Amber. I got a little closer but not too close, so I could watch what would ensue.

Jeanine placed herself on top of Amber between her gaping legs. Their breasts merged together in perfect voluptous harmony. Jeanine lightly kissed her lips and stroked her auburn red hair. Amber then kissed her back and rubbed Jeanine's back. The light kissing turned into full making out. I have never seen anything like it in real life. I've never even seen a girl kiss another girl on the cheek and here I am seeing two hot chicks making out with each other with the intent of some girl-on-girl lesbian action!

I tried to keep my cool as I watched this live show. Jeanine now was kissing her cheek and the side of her neck. Amber's hands were now making their way up the back of Jeanine's tank top. Amber helped her take her top off and it was revealed that she had no bra on. She had the greatest little nipples I've ever seen. They suited her rather large breasts. Amber played around with her breasts a bit before Jeanine bent down to pull up Amber's blue tank top to start pleasuring her breasts. Her breasts were almost how I pictured it in my dream, and they still were perfect.

They were stroking and sucking and kissing each other for what seemed like forever. Amber finally ran her hands into Jeanine's shorts grabbing her luscious ass. She pulled them down to reveal Jeanine's pink thong. Jeanine smiled at Amber when she did this and continued to play with her breasts. Amber slid her hands over Jeanine's ass and finally put her finger inside her thong, playing with her pussy. Jeanine let out a slight moan.

From where I was I couldn't see much of what was going on with her thong so I nonchalantly walked over to where I could get a better view. Now Amber was fingering Jeanine's pussy. Jeanine stopped what she was doing to fully enjoy this pleasure. Amber pulled down her thong to expose her completely shaven clit!! The sight of her pussy made me wanna whip out my dick and have a go at her. But I talked myself out of it. My time will come. Right now I was gonna enjoy two girls pleasuring each other like only two girls can with each other.

Jeanine completely took off all of her remaining clothing while Amber took off her tank top. Jeanine then turned around and stuck her pussy in Amber's face. Amber looked a bit surprised but she willingly and lovingly invited her tounge to Jeanine's wet cunt. Jeanine took off Amber's shorts and white floral thong and threw it in my general direction. Somehow I caught the panties. I felt the cloth as it was nearly dripping wet with Amber's pussy juices. It felt great to the touch to feel something that close to such a great pussy.

Jeanine was fingering and rubbing Amber's pussy while licking her juices off her fingers. Jeanine's face was turning red as she was trying to hold back an orgasm. I decided it was time that I couldn't take it anymore and I wanted me some of this action. The girls were too involved with each other to notice me walking by them to Jeanine's pussy. Her juicy, wet pussy was being heavily enjoyed by Amber as she thrashed her tounge up and down and around her slit.

I was kinda nervous when I placed my fingers on her clit. It was so moist and warm, I had to explore further. I slid my fingers inside while Amber took care of business with her tounge whipping around everywhere including my fingers. Jeanine couldn't take this anymore and she moaned louder and louder until she finally orgasmed.

Out of curiosity I wondered how the inside of jeanine tasted like. I stuck my fingers in my mouth, tasting every last drop of jeanine. Words could not describe this taste and feeling I got from this action. Jeanine was weak as she got off of Amber and rolled over on the floor. Amber and I took this as an opportunity to really give Jeanine a great orgasm. She was on her knees with her ass and pussy sticking up in the air.

Amber and I took the opposite sides of jeanine as I took out my very hard, throbbing dick. I teased her as I grabbed my dick and ran it up and down her slit. Amber grabbed her hair and directed it to her pussy. I slowly forced my dick into her tight little pussy. Not putting it in all the way at first, I took it out as slowly as I put it in. I gradually got faster and faster with my motions and she took all that I had to offer. Amber still had the back of jeanine's head and hair and her face was buried in the lightly hairy pussy of Amber. Amber arched her back in pleasure while her pussy was being tounged. I still fucked jeanine doggy style until she finally screamed in orgasmic pleasure while I blew my load into her.

I was still on my knees when Amber let go of her hair. Both of them saw my dick hanging there semi-soft with a mixture of my cum and jeanine's juices. Each of them started to lick and they took turns sucking my dick to get it back to it's original hardness. With my dick firm, Amber laid down and spread her legs. I sought this opportunity and started to fuck her. Jeanine sat on Amber's stomach and flaunted her gorgeous boobs in my face. I played around with her boobs and she rocked back and forth on her stomach.

Amber finally had her loud, screaming orgasm. This time I blew my load after she had her orgasm but it didn't matter. But unfortuantely like all good things, this came to an end. And so concludes the best day of my life (and obviously the most memorable!!!!).

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