Jessica's Adventures!

Jessica's Adventures!

A little bit of info: All characters in this story are made up, and I have no idea, if they really exist. You may put this story on another site as long as you consult me, at I am making a series of these, and I wish all fan mail or comments to be sent to the same address mentioned earlier. Enjoy!

Part 1: Intro

Jessica lay in her bed, hot, sweaty, and naked. She was rolling around slowly, moaning loudly, and thrusting her hips in the air. She was also asleep. 5 more minutes of this and she woke up, hotter and sweatier. She had been dreaming.
“Oh God!” she said loudly, “That was an amazing dream!” she looked at her alarm clock, “8:00 A.M.” she said to herself, getting up, walking into her bathroom.
Jessica lives in a family of 7. Her mother, Jane, her father, John, both happily married with 4 children: 22 year old twins Jaimee and Jennifer, 18 year old son Ben, and 19 year old daughter Jessica, the main character of my stories.
Jessica looked in the mirror in her bathroom, panting hard. She got out her toothbrush and paste, and started brushing her teeth. Once done she went into her bedroom, and started getting dressed. She dressed in a tight white t-shirt, and blue jean shorts. She doesn’t wear underwear, sometimes. She walked downstairs, where she was greeted by her loving family, who were sitting at the table. Oh yes, I forgot, the family also has a dog named shadow, as the 7th member of the family.
Shadow ran up to her, and she started to pet him, “Hey boy!” she said happily. Afterwards, she walked to the table in the kitchen, where her father, mother, twin sisters, and brother sat, all eating breakfast.
“Good morning!” Jessica greeted her family; “Good morning!” said her family in unison. Jessica took her chair at the table, where a bowl of cereal, cheerios, waited for her. She put her spoon in, and started eating. Jessica had finished high school a while ago, and decided not to go to college. Her parents didn’t like this, but they decided it was her life, so she could do what she wants. After everyone finished their cereal, Jessica’s dad went to work, where he owns his own company, but no one but he and his wife know what it is. He was followed by Jessica’s mom, who works at a school, a high school, but not the same one Jessica and her siblings went to. Her brother left 10 minutes after them, where he was going to his girlfriend’s house for the weekend.
So this means that Jessica and her twin sisters were stuck together for the time being. She headed to the living room, where she plopped on the couch, watching T.V. Her sisters also followed her, sitting on another couch. Jessica only got 4 hours of sleep last night, and soon, she fell asleep on the couch.

Part 2: The Dream

Jessica was in a building, at the very entrance. On the left was a flight of stairs and on the right a hallway. She took the hallway, where there were 6 doors, 3 on the left, and 2 on the right, and one at the very end, covering the wall. She went to each door one by one, all of them being locked.
She turned around, and tried to go up the stairs, but was thrown back by an invisible force. She tried once more, the same result. She decided not to do this anymore. Soon everything was black, and then after a minute, she entered another dream. She was being fucked, madly, by a big, strong, muscular guy. She couldn’t describe this to anyone who asked, all she knew was that she was fucking madly.
The next thing she knew, she woke up, sweatier and hotter than this morning. Her 2 sisters by her side, “Jessica, are you ok?” asked Jaimee, a look of concern on her face. “Yeah, you were moaning and shouting and moving all over the place in your sleep.” Stated Jennifer
Jessica looked at each of them in turn, and then said, “I was just uh, I’m not sure what happened, I’m fine though.” She said, looking nervous. “Well,” started Jennifer, “It’s already8 P.M.”
“HOLY SHIT!!” shouted Jessica, jumping up, “I was asleep that long?! Where are mom and dad? They should be home by now.” “They both called and said they were spending the weekend at a hotel together.” Said Jaimee. The twins ran upstairs, into their room.

Part 3: The Slumber Party

Jessica was really hungry, and she decided to make a sandwich, which she did, and ate it, really quick. It has been 20 minutes since her sisters went upstairs, so she decided to check on them.
She headed upstairs, where they were both coming down the stairs, “Oh” said Jaimee, “we were coming to get you to ask if u wanted to play truth or dare with us”
“I would love to” said Jessica fast, smiling. They all walked into their room, and sat down in a circle, well, a triangle, and looked at each other.
Jessica asked, “Ok, Jennifer, truth or dare?” she responded, “Truth!” Jessica and Jaimee both smiled, and Jessica asked, “Are you straight, Lesbian, or Bisexual?” Jennifer blushed, and said, “Bisexual.” Jaimee and Jessica smiled, and then everyone eventually asked the same question, everyone turning out to be Bisexual. Then it was Jessica’s turn again. “Jaimee, truth or dare?” she answered, “Dare” Jessica smiled, “I dare you to get naked!” Jessica and Jennifer laughed, while Jaimee frowned. She stood up, and slowly took her clothes off, soon being naked. Jessica and Jennifer giggled, but Jessica also got wet. “SHUT UP!!” shouted Jaimee, sitting back down. “Jennifer, Truth or dare?” “Truth.” She responded. Jaimee frowned, and then asked, “Do I turn you on?” Jennifer blushed, and then answered, “Yes.” Eventually, everyone was naked, from dares. They all looked at each other, blushing. Jennifer asked Jessica, “Truth or Dare?” and Jessica answered, “Dare!!” Jennifer grinned, and then dared her, “I dare you to make out with Jaimee.” Jessica blushed crimson, and then looked at Jaimee, leaning in, kissing her lightly on the lips. Jessica was a virgin, but has sucked dick many times, and eaten a couple pussies. Soon the 2 of them were frenching, holding on to each other, sucking the other’s tongue. Jessica grabbed her sister’s tits, and squeezed, also pinching her nipples. Jaimee did the same.
Jennifer watched, getting horny, “HEY! Let me in too” they all giggled, and the 3 of them started frenching, 3way. They all started squeezing someone’s ass and were all moaning. Soon they stopped frenching, and they laid Jennifer down on a bed, and Jaimee and Jessica started eating her out. Both of them started fucking her with their tongues, loving her taste, and how both of their tongues touched while they did this. Jennifer laid a hand on each of their heads, moaning loudly. Soon, she EXPLODED in their faces, panting hard, laying back. Jessica and Jaimee shared her cum, and made out with each other for a minute.
Jennifer got up and grabbed Jaimee, leading her to a dresser, both of them pulling out a strap on dildo, putting them on. They were sort of double ended, so they fucked themselves also. Jennifer pulled Jessica up, “Its time to lose your virginity.” she said gently, getting behind her, with Jaimee behind Jennifer. Jessica awaited the plunge, and soon, something hard and long rammed into her pussy, her hymen breaking, she moaned loud. Jaimee did the same to Jennifer, all three of them moaning loud.
Jessica yelled, “IT HURTS STOP, STOP, PLEASE STOP!!” But Jennifer did not stop. But, soon, the pain, went straight to pleasure. “No, don’t, DON’T stop, PLEASE don’t stop!” Jessica laughed while she fucked her, sweat pouring down her face.
Jessica exploded in orgasm without warning, cum spraying everywhere, Jennifer and Jaimee doing the same. They all fell down together, panting hard, all falling asleep.

Part 4: The Dream, again.

Jessica was dreaming again, in the same house as before. She tried the hall again, except the 2 doors on the right were labeled. One labeled, “Jaimee” and the other labeled, “Jennifer”. Jessica opened the one with Jaimee’s name on it. Inside were pictures of jaimee, naked inside. The same happened for Jennifer’s door. If she stepped inside one of the rooms, she would have visions of herself fucking them. She loved it.

End of chapter 1

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