Late In The Evening

Late In The Evening

Copyright 2001
by FK Publications

“ What the fuck’s this?”

“It’s your cut…the seventy five percent you always take!”

“ You mean to tell me that’s all you can do…c’mon…, that ass of yours is worth more…I’ve seen it in action more than once.”

“ I guess today just wasn’t a good day…that’s all.”

“ You fucken whore…if you’re holding out on me, I’ll…!”

“ Leave her alone.”, yelled the other girl, coming to her friend’s defense.

“ Fuck you, Meg, let’s see what you’ve got for me today.”

“ You wanna see what I’ve got for you?”, ask the attractive dark-haired nineteen year old sarcastically as she turned around and pulled down her black miniskirt, lowering the thing to her thigh high black leather stiletto boots. Going on, she mentioned, “ Here…kiss my ass, asshole!”

“ You know Meg…, you think you’re one tough chick…, don’t you…, but one day I’ll cut you down to size.”

“ Jeff…, you’re nothing but scum, a piece of shit extracted from the lowest corner in the sewers beneath this fucken town!”

“ Damn you, you fucken whore…!”

“ I may be a whore, but you’re nothing…, nothing but a worm…, you ain’t a man, if you were, you’d be in some other business!”

Angered by the girl’s words, Jeff, the pimp, got up from his seat and quickly marched over, pushing Meg and knocking her to the floor.

“ Fuck you…, creep, I oughta turn you over to the pigs.”

“ Yea…, well you may as well then turn yourself in…that’s what’ll happen.”

“ You know…, at times I don’t even give a shit…, maybe in prison we’ll get better treatment, you fuck head!”

“ Stop calling me shit like that, you bitch!”, screamed the guy as he again went up to her, pulled her to her feet, and then smacked the hooker across the face, giving Meg a bloody nose.

Shocked by the violence before her, the other girl, Sue, quickly moved forward and hit Jeff’s back.

“ Ha, sue, that really hurt, you slut.”

Turning around, Jeff struck Sue as well, causing the sexy blond to fly back against the opposite wall.

Dressed in a pair of red thigh high high heeled boots and an orange miniskirt, Sue sank to the floor and cried, holding her hands to her face, letting some of her tears drip down upon her red tube top.

After pulling up her skirt, Meg ran over to his desk and grabbed a paper weight, throwing the object at him with all her might. Like a baseball leaving a pitcher’s hand, the thing went forth across the room and finally hit the pimp in the forehead, causing him to fall to his knees, holding his head and moaning. “ You bitch…, you whore, I’ll kill you.”

“ Yea…, let’s see you do it!”, answered Meg, going up to him and kicking the man in the side of his chest, knocking the wind out of him.

“ That hurts!”, exclaimed Jeff.

In response, she said, “ Good…, that’s what it’s supposed to do.”

“ That’s it…, Meg, give it to the bastard!”, yelled Sue from across the room, getting up now.

Upon her feet, Sue went over to the kneeling man and also kicked him with her beautiful footwear, this time in his right hip.

“ You bitches…, I’ll fix both of you for life!”

With some effort, the man got to his feet and staggered toward Meg. When he was about to raise his right hand and hit her, she simply stepped back, watching the blood run down his forehead and into his face. Still dazed by the blow on his skull, Jeff swung his arm and toppled over, missing the girl. As she stood there and quickly adjusted her black tube top, the sexy girl stepped forward and lowered her boot’s sole on the back of his head as her lay there face down.

“ So you’re gonna cut me down to size…? I don’t think so, asshole.”

Laughing now, sue interrupted, saying, “ Yea…, let’s cut him down a little!”

Walking up to Meg, Sue finally stopped and stood next to her friend, placing her right hand on her hip and shifting her weight.

Weakened and dizzy, Jeff couldn’t get up even if her tried. As he laid there, he heard the two long haired females say to one another, “ Ok, Sue…, tell you what, I’m really sick of this fuck…we can get work on our own just as well…, he’s nothing but a pain…, it’s time we give him some pain.”

“ Ok…, no problem, but there’s just one thing.”

“ What Sue?”

“ Well…, I mean, we’ve gotta do him in, if we don’t, he’s gonna come after us…, right?”

“ Yea…, I agree, let’s kill the bastard, let’s get rid of him for once and for all.”

Looking around the room in the old apartment, Sue saw a letter opener on his desk. Obviously, she went over and took it up. Returning, the fluffy haired blond squatted and raised the thing above his back, having the pointed end aimed downward.

“ Wait…, just a moment.”, said Meg as she pushed her long dark mane to the side.

“ What?”

“ I’ve gotta get even with the creep…, I mean…for the last year or so, he’s made my fucken life a living hell, it’s pay back time…I want him to feel something before he goes.”

“ Ladies…, please, can’t we work out some kind of a deal.”

“ Fuck you!”, exclaimed Meg as she pressed down harder with her stiletto masterpiece.

“ Please, I’ll give you money.”

Her eyes aimed at a vault in the same room, Meg said to the guy, “ Oh…, we want money all right…we want what’s in that safe over there.”

“ There’s nothing in it…, it’s empty…all my money’s been put in the bank yesterday, I don’t keep cash here that long…it might get stolen.”

“ And you expect me to believe that, you fuck?”

“ Yea…, it’s true.”

“ If it’s true, let me see…, open it.”

Like a wounded animal, Jeff tried to crawl over to the huge metal box as she removed her foot.

Seeing that he wasn’t getting anywhere, Meg kicked him in the side of his head, saying, “ Give me the combination, what is it?”

“ It’s 25-6-18”

“ It better work.”, remarked Meg, going over to the thing.

“ One, two, three, and she had it open. After looking inside, Meg screamed, “ Damn…, fuck, the asshole was telling the truth!”

At her friend’s side now again, Sue peered into the safe, saying, “ Yea, guess that’s that…it’s empty.”

“ Should we force him to right us a check?”

Biting her upper lip, Meg responded, “ No, I don’t think so…, I don’t want any record of our being with him tonight…it’s too risky…when they find his fucken corpse, I don’t wann be the first suspect.”

“ Please Meg…, don’t do this…!”

Quickly, the brunette turned around and marched over, again kicking the guy, right in his face, yelling, “ Fuck you…, I ain’t got an ounce of sympathy for your fucken ass…you’re gonna die, and you’re gonna die today!”

Frightened, Jeff mustered all his remaining strength and yelled out as loud as he could, “ Help…, someone help!”

Through an open window and into the darkness, his voice echoed, bouncing off the wall of a nearby building in the dilapidated neighborhood.

“ Shut the fuck up…, creep!”, said Meg, once more kicking him in the face.

“ Help…, someone help me…!”, cried Jeff a second time.

“ Asshole.”, mentioned Meg while rolling him to his back with her boot.

Again, he screamed, “ Someone…, please!”

Quickly, the girl stepped over the guy and lowered her ass right into his face, sitting directly atop his mouth.

“ There…, that’ll keep him quiet for the moment.”

“ Ha, ha, Meg, ain’t you gonna charge him for that service?”

“ Charge him? Yea…, why not, I’m gonna charge him all right…he’s gonna pay with his fucken life, that’s what.”

From beneath her crotch, she heard nothing but low mumbling sounds as he struggled for air.

“ Hey Sue, get over to his desk and see if there’s a scissors or something…, will you?”

“ Yea…, sure.”

Going over to the piece of furniture, Sue then said, “ Yea, I’ve got a scissors.”

“ Good, come here with it.”

Upon her return, Sue gave the thing to Meg who then said, “ Unbuckle his pants and pull down his shirt.”

“ Ok.”

When she finally had his trousers and boxers pulled to his knees, Meg ordered, “ Asshole, let’s see you jack off, c’mon…, what’s wrong, don’t you like my ass?”

Again, from beneath her womanhood, she heard only sounds.

“ Hey mother fucker, I want you to get a hard on…, if you don’t, I’ll take that as a personal insult…, understand?”

Nothing, he didn’t erect. Laughing, Sue remarked, “ I think I know what the problem is, Meg.”

“ What?”

“ You’re ass ain’t naked…, you’re sitting on him wearing your clothes.”

“ Yea…?”

“ Yea…, here, let me try.”

Before she got up, Meg said to the guy, “ If you scream again, I’ll ram this thing in your chest…, get it?”

Nodding his head, Jeff couldn’t say a word, he only laid there, hoping the girls would have mercy.

Slowly, the sexy brunette raised her nice ass and stepped aside, watching Sue take off the last piece of her clothing, leaving only her boots on.

With grace, Sue stepped over Jeff and gently let her shapely posterior descend. Finally, the girl sat on him and said, “ There, Jeff, now let’s see what you can do.”

Despite her attractive butt right on top of his mouth, Jeff didn’t get hard, the pain in his head took top priority.

“ What the hell’s wrong with you, asshole…get it up!”, demanded Meg, kicking him two times in his left leg.

“ I don’t think he’s good for much.”, mentioned Sue, seeing no response from the hepless pimp.

“ Well in that case…I’ll just have to cut it off.”

Opening and closing the scissors rapidly, Meg approached with a wicked grin on her face and knelt next to the guy.

The realization of his fate sinking in, Jeff began kicking and twisting, arching his body up and down as well.

“ Wooo horsy, wooo…!”, mocked Sue as Meg brought the sharp thing closer and closer to his cock.

His motions getting wilder and wilder, Sue couldn’t hold on anymore, falling off to the side. Suddenly, he yelled out, “ Help, someone call the cops…help!”

“ Damn…, shut the fuck up…, Sue shut him up!”

As fast as she could, Sue got up and again sat on his face, pressing downward with all her might. While she kept herself steady as best she could, Sue watched Meg grab his organ, stretch it out, and finally cut the thing off with the scissors. Swiftly, the two blades did their work, slicing through the soft tissue. With blood pouring forth, sue maintained her balance inspite of his efforts to push her away.

“ Ha, ha, you bastard…, how does that feel…, fuck you!”, exclaimed Meg while tossing his cock to the side.

“ I can’t hold on much longer, Meg…, he’s really working up a storm.”

“ That’s ok…, I’ll just shut him up with this here.”

Grabbing Sue’s panties, Meg knelt beside the guy’s head and said to her friend, “ Ok, quickly, get off and I’ll jam this down his throat.”

“ Hey…, those are mine!”

“ I’ll get you a new pair, now let’s go, get off his fucken face!”

Wasting no time, sue raised her butt and pulled herself away. Forcefully, Meg rammed the female underwear into his mouth and pushed down as hard as she could.

“ C’mon…, Sue, give me a hand…, help me hold him down.”

Using all her strength, the blond sat on his chest and tried to hold his arms in place as best she could, allowing Meg to push the panties further and further into the guy, eventually interfering with his breathing.

Looking into his eyes, Meg could see him beg for mercy. In response, she made a fist with her right hand and began punching his face, doing it over and over and over until he stopped struggling, finally laying there, taking in his fate, absorbing all the pain.

“ There…, that’ll keep him quiet for a while.”

“ What if he spits it out, Meg?”

“ He won’t.”, answered Meg, getting up and going over to the desk.

From one of the drawers, she produced some duck tape, returning and taping his mouth shut, wrapping the stuff all the way around his head, really preventing it from coming loose.

“ Now that’ll do it…, right?”

“ You bet.”, answered Sue as she let go of him and stood up.”

In pain and still dazed, Jeff couldn’t stand or even move much now even if he tried.

“ Ain’t he a sight.”, mentioned Meg, standing up and shifting her weight.

“ He sure is.”

“ Yea…, but he needs to be decorated somewhat…, don’t you think?”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ I’ll show you what I mean.”

Making a step back, sexy dark-haired Meg lowered her skirt and eventually took it off. Afterward, she removed her panties and top as well. With only the boots on, Meg stepped before the guy on his right side and squatted over his face, hanging her ass right over his eyes.

“ I’ve had to go ever since my last fucken session.”, said the brunette while lowering her left hand gently down to the side of her butt.

“ Oh yea…, now that’s beginning to feel better.”

Slowly, Meg’s assholo opened, allowing a nice long piece of crap to emerge, finally dropping down on the guy.

“ Man…, that’s sick, Meg…you just shit in that jerk’s face!”

“ That’s right…and I ain’t done yet.”

Again, a brown piece came forth, this one a little smaller.

“ Oh, that feels good, relief at last!”

With her shit, came piss as well, flowing downward, striking him on his nose. Since his mouth was taped shut, he could only take in air through his nostrils. However, as her yellow nectar trickled away, the nasal passages were then blocked, preventing him from breathing. Struggling, the guy tried to take in air, making the most revolting sound ever.

When she was through, sexy Meg stood up and went back over to the desk, taking up a tissue box. Coming back, she squatted and wiped her ass clean, dropping the soiled paper on top of his head.

After a minute, he could breath again. Nevertheless, the relief was short lived. As he continued to lose blood, his vision gave way, causing everything around him to appear blurry. In his mental fog, he heard Meg’s voice as if it came from a dream, “ All right…, let’s really give it to him.”

Taking the scissors, Meg opened them all the way up, using only one of the blades. Since the object was extremely sharp, she had no problem piercing his skin as she began right below his breast plate and slowly cut open his abdomen, stopping an inch above his crotch.

“ Meg…, what the hell, that’s sick…I’m gonna throw up!”

Before Sue could utter another sound, she arched her frame forward and barfed up her supper, spraying puke right down on Jeff, most of it going on his chest and neck.

Coughing afterward, the blond said, “ Meg…, you’re crazy…what are you doing?”

“ I’m gonna have fun, that’s what.”

With a sick precision, the cruel brunette peeled his flesh to both sides, exposing his intestines. Although Jeff was still alive, his frame hardly made any motions, his brain moving in and out of consciousness.

Reaching in, wicked Meg yanked on his small intestine and began pulling, uncoiling the thing right before her friend’s eyes.

“ Meg!”, screamed Sue, sinking to the floor.

“ Shhhhh…, quiet, don’t make so much noise.”

“ Yea, butt…?”

“ I’m gonna give the cops something to really look at.”

After she stood up, Meg began strolling around the smaller chamber, uncoiling the bloody stuff as she went. Over the desk, around the chair, and finally right before the door.

“ There…, that’ll do it…, maybe the pigs’ll think his intestines’ll lead ‘em to the answer of “who did it?”, ha, ha…!”

Repulsed, Sue nevertheless kept herself together enough to get up and grab her skirt and top. With no underwear, she quickly got dressed and said to Meg, “ C’mon…, please, we’ve gotta get going…if they find us, we’re done for!”

“ Yea, yea.”

“ I mean it…let’s go!”

“ Wait a second…will you?”

Excited, vengeful Meg took up the scissors again and squatted before the victim. Quickly, she stabbed him in the chest, piercing his heart.

“ There…, now we know for sure he’s a goner!”

“ Ok…, now let’s go, please…, get dressed and let’s go!”, stuttered Sue.

Smiling, Meg looked down at her hands after dropping the scissors and remarked, “ All right…, let me wash off.”

With a defiant and confident air, Meg strolled out of the room and entered the apartment’s bathroom. Inside, she washed off her hands and then returned, taking up her clothes afterward.

All dressed, the girl looked at the blond and said, “ All right…, get your purse and we’ll leave.”

As fast as she could, Sue grabbed her hand bag and darted over through the entrance, headed toward the apartment’s main door. Turning around, she yelled, “ C’mon, let’s get the fuck outta here!”

“ Coming, coming…”, responded the dark-haired one, leaving the room and approaching the blond.

The apartment door open now, Sue stepped out into the hall and held open the entrance, allowing Meg to step outside as well. Gently, Sue closed the door and began walking, headed toward the steps.

Nervously, Sue ask, “ I’ve got only one fifty on me, how about you?”

“ About the same.”

“ Good, that’ll take us outta town…let’s hurry…, there’s a gray hound station only two miles from here.”

The End

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