Coming home to the empty house was a luxury Lauren was going to enjoy. It was a hot day and she felt clammy. She wandered into the bathroom, threw off her clothes in an untidy mess, and then ducked under the shower. Feeling fresh, she abandoned her work clothes and tried on her lingerie. Sexy bra, thong, stockings and suspenders…
Well, if there had been someone around it might have been worth it, she thought, as she tried to look herself up and down in the mirror.
Lauren stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. A tiny pink lacy bra with a front fastening held her young breasts comfortably. They weren't small, but not outrageously big, she told herself. Just right? Maybe.
She looked down to where her recently trimmed bush was hardly concealed by her matching pink thong. She turned around and looked over her shoulder at her rear. Not bad. And her legs were not bad either. Why couldn't she get a guy? She turned to face herself again and brushed back her long blonde hair. Should she dye it brunette? She blinked back tears. Her dark eyes were a little damp. She could live in hope, but there didn't seem much hope right now.

Lauren put on her jeans, shoes, and pulled on a top, before wandering back to her bedroom. She glanced down again at her crotch. It felt warm. She felt the stirrings of desire. She rubbed her crotch with her fingers.
She lay on the bed, thinking. She closed her eyes and let her fingers touch her stomach gently. She ran them over her breasts, then touched her lips with one of them. They went back to her breasts. They cupped them, squeezed them and then pinched the nipples. Still fantasizing, she undid the clasp between her breasts and let them free. She cupped them again, ran her fingers around her nipples. They were hard now. Those hands stroked her stomach again and then ran gently just above the elastic of her panties.
She sighed. Then one of the hands went inside and explored a bit further. The other hand stroked her inner thigh before pressing lightly on her pussy through the thong.
Lauren rolled over and buried her face in the pillow. Lifting up her backside she felt one hand pulling the crotch of her thong aside and the other stroking what it found underneath. She pushed against her swollen clitoris.

A noise from outside brought her back to reality. She froze, finger in her juices. She jumped from the bed, tidying the creased surface with a sweep of her arm, before sitting down on a chair. She was really aroused, but felt anxious masturbating in her own room. She didn’t know why, but it seemed kind of odd.
Her thoughts ran to the vibrator under her bed. She’d bought it a while back, but had never used it. She was still a virgin, and wanted to stay that way. Still, she thought, wrapping her hand around it. It wasn’t small, and Lauren wondered what it would feel like throbbing inside her.
Her thoughts began to grow rapidly in her mind, and started to spread into ideas. The more she looked at the plastic shaft, the more it appealed to her. After a few minutes of staring at it, she decided that she had to put it inside her or she’d go insane with desire.
But there wasn’t really any way of doing it without losing her virginity, and that was a definite no-no.
She cast her mind back to conversations with her friends at school about sex and related stuff. What had Sarah been saying that time…oh yeah, how great it was when she was fucked in her ass. She hadn’t thought much of it at the time, but…she couldn’t, could she?
Lauren studied the vibrator more closely. It was smooth, with the exception of ridges running down the length. She considered what would happen if she put it up her rear. Would it hurt? Or would it feel good? Lauren gently touched her opening with a finger, through her clothing. It didn’t hurt, although it didn’t feel great either.
Still toying with the vibrator, she turned it on. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it could be set to different levels of vibration. Lauren paused for a second, before deciding that she had to find out how good vibration felt. She turned it up to full power, and gently placed it on her crotch.
Even through her jeans and thong, the feel of the toy was amazing, and she could sense her pussy becoming damper. But Lauren didn’t want to tempt herself into doing anything else in that area.
She got up, and slowly bent over her chair. The vibrator was still running in her hand, and she brought it closer to her back door. She wasn’t planning on actually putting it inside her yet, after all, there were two layers of clothing between her and the vibe, but instead just wanted to see how it felt.
Lauren gasped as she felt the vibrations pummelling around her underside. As she pulled away and sat back on the chair, she realised that Sarah had been telling the truth. Although she’d only experienced a tiny amount of anal pleasure, it really did feel great. And Lauren knew that she had to have more.

The problem, of course, was where to do it, Lauren thought as she sat back on the chair, playing with the elastic of her thong. She couldn’t do it in the house and she certainly couldn’t do it at school.
The sun beamed through the window. God, it was a hot day. Far too hot to be indoors.
This glancing observation suddenly rang a bell in her head, although she wasn’t entirely sure why. If it was too hot to be indoors…she should be outdoors. Outdoors…hmmm. Could she experiment with her vibrator somewhere outdoors? This possibility was quickly dampened by the realisation that everybody else would be outside, and Lauren didn’t particularly want to be seen by anyone. Except perhaps Abby…
Abby was a girl in Lauren’s school. She was the same age, good looking, and with more than ample cleavage. Lauren, although she hardly admitted it to herself, liked her in a way slightly more intimate than normal friendship. If she’d been a lesbian, she’d have said she fancied her. But she wasn’t a dyke, although she did sometimes get very hot when Abby was around her.
Another noise from outside brought her back to her senses. There was building work going on a little way down the road.
Lauren suddenly had an idea. There was a patch of woodland about a mile from her house, with thick cover, and she remembered a large area of thick ferns. Surely nobody would see her there?
She looked at the clock. It read 4.00. If she was going to do this now, she’d have to hurry up. But she really wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. After all, it might actually harm her. And there was always the embarrassment of being caught.
Lauren knew that if she sat there thinking about it, it would never get done. She got off the chair, and put the vibrator in her pocket. But…no. She was going to do this. She was a girl on a mission.

Five minutes later, Lauren left the house, on her way to the woods. She had the vibe, some lubricant in the form of petroleum jelly, and herself. As she walked down the road, she couldn’t help but feel that everyone was looking at her. What if they knew what she was doing? Lauren pulled herself together by reminding herself that there was no possible way that anyone else could know.
She wondered if she’d prefer them to know. Probably not, although the consequences might be interesting…
She’d covered about half a mile now, and was leaving the main streets. She remembered that song about the teddy bear’s picnic, the first lines went “If you go down to the woods today you’ll be in for a big surprise; If you go down to the woods today you won’t believe your eyes”. She couldn’t help giggling at the relevance of the nursery rhyme to her current situation. Damn…people are looking at me, she thought as she quickly subdued her mirth.

She took a side entrance to the woods, not wanting to be seen. There were large clusters of ferns a little way in, and she decided she’d be safe there. Wandering along the path, Lauren wondered why she was doing this, but soon realised that there wasn’t really an explanation. She just felt an overwhelming desire to.
She could see the patch of thick, tall ferns approaching. She was nearly there.
Upon arrival at the patch, Lauren looked around in case anybody was about. Nobody was, and she quickly darted through the ferns, looking for a suitable spot.
She saw the perfect place, secluded and hidden. There was even a tree there to rest against…or to hump?
Lauren sat down, leaning against the tree trunk. This was it, she thought. But how the hell was she going to go about doing this thing?
Her pussy began to dampen again, and she started to become hot and turned on. She touched her breasts with her hand, before drawing a line down her tummy with her finger. She stopped short of her thong, and instead drew her hand away, before replacing it at the back of her neck. She slowly moved it down her back, feeling the smooth skin. When she reached her jeans and underwear, she continued to move it down through her arse crack, but stopped short of her rear hole.
Lauren paused for a split second, before sucking her finger like a baby. She removed it, coated with her saliva, and rubbed it around her nipples, making them even harder. She was ready with eager anticipation.
She stood up, looked down at her jeans. She placed her hand over her crotch, and was rewarded with an intense sensation. Everywhere she touched was burning with desire for the relief of an orgasm. But that would have to wait.
Lauren undid the clasp on her jeans, and gently moved them down, feeling release from the tight clothing. Somehow, it all felt so natural…it certainly gave a new meaning to the phrase “getting back to nature”.
She examined herself. Her lingerie was still in place, and she trailed her hand down the nylon stockings, feeling her legs through the material.

Lauren began to play with her thong. If she was going to take it off, she might as well make a show of it, even if there wasn’t anyone else around. Wondering what would be the best way, she pulled it up a little, rubbing the material over her pussy. She pushed it down a little, letting her wet snatch feel open air, before pulling it firmly back up again. But Lauren didn’t want to drive herself over the edge, and slowly peeled off her thong, which was now almost dripping with her juices. Pulling it over her ankles, she thought about tasting it. But she remembered that straight girls didn’t do that…but did straight girls go to the woods to masturbate their ass? Oh for…well, one lick couldn’t hurt? Lauren placed against her pussy in order to soak up some more of her fluids, before bringing it to her face. She darted her tongue against it. She darted again, and, before she knew it, Lauren had nearly all of her thong in her mouth, sucking every last drop of her cum from it. She wondered if other girls tasted that good. If Abby tasted that good…
Lauren sat down by the tree. She was hidden from view, although she knew she’d have to be careful not to make too much noise.

Lauren took the vibrator from her jeans pocket, realising that it was too big to go into her as she was. She really needed something smaller, like a pen, or perhaps a small candle. But she only had her fingers. She’d put her fingers in her pussy before, so it probably wouldn’t be that different, or would it? Still, there was only one way to find out.
Lauren opened the pot of Vaseline and rubbed a liberal amount around her index finger. She rolled over onto her side, and moved her hand just above her bum cheeks, before slowly going down into the crack.
She made contact with her asshole. The feeling was indescribable, and she rubbed the jelly around it. Well, this was it, the final moment before she would know if she shared Sarah’s views on anal pleasure in girls.
Lauren’s finger slipped into the hole it had been circling for the past minutes. She gasped, and stopped rigid with the shock of a completely new sensation. It took a little while before she regained herself, and she pushed in further, as far as she could. She now knew that she certainly shared Sarah’s views.
Well, Lauren thought, it was going to be worth coming here if this was anything to go by. She decided to try two fingers, and began to pull out. Pulling out was different to going in, still pleasurable, but in a different sort of way. As she began to finger-fuck herself, she also found that she could use her sphincter muscle to pull and push as well.
Lauren was now desperate to try the vibrator. She lubricated it, and placed it at the entrance to her asshole. It began to slowly widen her hole as she applied pressure to it, stretching her as it moved in. Lauren could hardly breathe, but she didn’t stop moving in until it was almost at the hilt.
She began to move it in and out of her, slowly at first, but gaining speed. Waves of pleasure swept through her body, and she began to turn on the vibration. Lauren was in heaven, but she could no longer wait. Turning the vibe onto maximum power, she rammed it in and out of herself, twisting her body into different positions as she did so.

After what seemed like hours of this, it began to get dark, and Lauren knew that she would have to end her session. She pulled out the vibrator from her ass, which was now stretched beyond recognition. She put her thong back on, and her jeans, before putting her toy away.
She looked to see if anyone was around. Nobody was, and she started back on the path for home.

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