Learning The Lifestyle Part 2

Learning The Lifestyle Part 2

Sensing that there was something else, he asked, “What are you not telling me?”

Wondering how he seemed to know, she answered, “Reed and I slept together when we could before I totally ended it with Neil.

Reed made no secret about it either. He would kiss me just when he knew Neil would catch us.

Once he had me straddling his lap kissing me when Neil caught us. My father aided in this too. Neil got really jealous and I tried to get him to believe that Reed was doing it to piss him off.

No one knew that Neil could get violent though. Finally one night after he caught Reed practically making love to me on the front porch, he took me into the barn and we argued and he started hitting me.

My brother caught him and went and got Reed. Reed beat him pretty good and then tied him to a stall door while we waited for the cops. While we waited, Reed told him all about how he had been sleeping with me for the past two months and really rubbed it in that I preferred him to Neil.

Neil ended up getting charged with domestic violence and we were finished. Reed had me back and after that is when he asked me to marry him and that’s the whole story.”

“So you really loved Reed the whole time and just dated Neil to get back at Reed, right?”

She shook her head yes.

“Okay that takes care of one, now who is the third one?” He asked, intending for her to tell him about the other one. The drunk mistake as she put it.

Rolling her eyes, she started again, “The other was Taylor, Reeds good friend from where he used to live before he moved to Denton. At our graduation party, we all got really drunk. Reed got me drunk on tequila and I was smashed. I remember everything too. I just couldn’t control myself. We were all dancing and trading partners and soon I looked over to find Reed all over this blond. Taylor and I begin to kiss and make out and the next thing I know we are in bed making love. The next morning I find that Reed has slept with that blond, but since I slept with Taylor, I can’t really be mad. Reed and I talked it over later and we both decided that it was an accident and we should just forget it. That is why I don’t drink tequila.”

“You did last night,” he reminded her.

Sighing, she replied, “Yes, I did, but I didn’t drink a lot and I didn’t lose control.” Thinking on this she added, “Too much.”

She smiled at Michael and he smile back.

“I like it when you lose some control. Last night was great, wasn’t it? I want you like that always, but I am willing to bet you don’t need tequila to get that way either,” came a sexy response.

Thinking that she might be a little sore, he decided to change the subject before it landed them in bed. “So, what do you have to do today?”

Wondering at the mood change, she frowned but went with it. “Nothing till two. I have an air show at two, but you already know that, Boss.”

The ringing of the phone interrupted them. Michael answered it and found it was Baron. He informed Michael that he forgot to invite him to a party that they were having a week from tonight. He also asked about Silk and Michael, taking the phone into the other room, updated Baron to everything that had transpired the night before. Baron again told Michael of the party and asked if he would bring Silk. Michael asked if he thought she was ready for that step and Baron said that she was, but that Michael should talk it over with her first. Michael said he would and that if so they would be at the party. Hanging up, he smiled to himself. Here goes, he thought.

Coming back in the room, he found her still on the floor where he sat. This made him sure that she would want to go to this party. Time to tell her about it.

Sitting down, he began with a kiss, “I have something to tell you and something to ask of you. My friend, Baron, who is into this lifestyle also, is hosting a party with his slaves next Friday night. There will be many things going on at this party tonight. Many of the BDSM things that we have talked about and the fetish stuff too. It would be a great learning experience for you. I have told him about you and he has invited us. Would you like to go?”

Nervously she asked, “What will I have to do there?”

Noting the quiver in her voice, he calmly told her, “Nothing you don’t want to. At this point it will be for you to watch and learn. Baron and his head slave know all about you and they both agree that you should not be made to do anything you don’t want to. You will see many things and this will give you an idea of what might be expected of you. This is a way for you to see what might interest you. I know that some things are not for everyone.”

“Will you be near at all times?”

“I will have you as close as you can be, but I will tell you now that I will participate also. You can be near enough to watch but you may not always next right next to me.” He stated firmly.

Knowing that she was overly curious, he knew that she could not resist. He watched her think on it and smiled as he saw the look that told him she was going to say yes, cross her face.

“All right Master, yes I will go. I really want to see this and learn. So what time?” She asked finally of him.

A triumphant smile split his face as he gave her the details and she listened without comment.

He explained what would be expected of her from a slave’s point of view. Things like the positions she would be using. He told her that she would probably not use the belly position but not to totally rule it out. He told her that all slaves would be naked, but since she was there to learn, if she did not want to be naked she could wear a slave outfit. He also told her that she would have to wear a collar. He watched her take all this in and saw that she never flinched once.

“What does a slave out fit consist of, Master?” She asked.

“Are you worried that you’ll be next to naked anyway?” He laughed.

With a frown she replied, “No, I wanted to know if I should just go naked. You know that say that clothing is like window dressing. Just makes the item prettier. So if the clothing is not going to flatter and tease, why waste the time and money?”

Seeing that she was not afraid, he smiled as he answered, “Okay, I see. All right, a slave outfit is something that leaves little to the imagination and looks submissive. No black leather or anything like that. I prefer light colors. The outfit I bought you would not work, too bold for me. It will be skimpy and made to provide easy access to your body for touching and fondling. On your wrists and ankles, you will wear cuffs that have loops on them for attaching to straps and things like that for tie down. Do you understand what I am saying?”

She shook her head and then asked, “So where would I get these things also what about the collar?”

A little surprised at her lack of fear, he didn’t show it though. Smoothly he replied, “Well that is easy, I will take you to a place where it can all be bought. As for a collar, you could get them at any pet shop and you can also buy smaller collars there that would serve as cuffs, but I usually buy all of these things at the shop I mentioned. If your asking about a collar as in what you should wear, I’ll pick one out for you. It’s my right as your Master.”

She listened to him and watched his face and eyes. God she loved his eyes. She decided that no matter what, she would learn this and show him that she could be his slave, his perfect slave to be exact. Something in her wanted to please this man that wanted to own her body and the make her give over all control of herself to him. Somehow it just felt right.

“Do you understand what I mean by my right, Silk?” He asked of her.

Not sure what he meant; she shook her head.

Somehow knowing that she was ready, he began, “Silk if you agree to be my slave, I then in turn own you. You’re my property. A collar is a symbol of that ownership. When I place it on your neck, I am asserting my ownership over you, claiming you as mine. You will wear it to show your acknowledgement of that ownership and that you agree to be mine. I can also take it away from you. This is a bad thing. By taking it away, I am saying that you are no longer mine. You don’t want that ever,”

Think on this she asked, “So if you take it away, then we are finished forever.”

“Not always, I can take it away from you as punishment and that would mean that you no longer have my protection. I could still use you but your no longer mine. You can also earn it back. If you don’t belong to me, then you can be used by anyone without my consent. As long as you’re a slave that is. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“ I think so. If I am a slave, then I need protection from a Master, which comes from ownership; which the collar symbolizes. You want to collar me as your own. Is that correct?” She asked.

Amazed at her grasp, he nodded, “Yes that is about it. So, do you want to be my slave and are you willing to accept me as your Master? For me to own you?”

Not knowing if it was proper, but not really caring at this moment, she rose up and slid her body up his. Kissing him on the mouth she purred, “Yes, Master. I want you to collar me, to own me,” she stressed the word own. Then she rubbed herself against him again.

Watching her with total pleasure, yet knowing what she did and was doing was bad behavior. She hadn’t been asked to rise or to do anything else and yet she took it upon herself to do this. Michael hated to stop her teasing but she had to learn. Watching her face, he slid his hand up her side to her breast and then grabbed her nipple and pinched it hard. She jerked to a stop and worry creased her brow. He held tight to her nipple as she slid to the floor. Once there he didn’t let go. He gave her a look that told her she had misbehaved. She dropped her eyes to the floor.

“I didn’t ask you to move, did I?” He asked and gave her nipple a slight twist and was surprised at the moan that escaped her.

She moaned again, “No, Master.” The pinch hurt at first but now it was sending signals straight to her core, signals that flamed the passion once again in her. WOW! She though.

Thinking to himself, he decided to punish her to see her reaction. What he was going to do would make it or break it for this relationship. If she were truly into this, she would remain afterwards. Time to find out.

“Down” he ordered as he let go of her nipple.

She assumed the position he had taught her the night before quickly. She felt him stand up and then walk away from her. A slight dread filled her and she knew that she was to be punished, but how?

Michael watched her quickly assume the position without fault. This made him smile. Michael went down the hall to the back bedroom. Opening the door, he went in. He knew that she knew he had left the room and was probably awaiting his return with fear. Good he thought to himself. Perfect. He selected the paddle he was after and left the room again. Slowly he returned to her side, this time kneeling on the floor next to her prone body.

She felt his hand on her behind and then it slid down and lifted the hem of her skirt. He lifted it so that her bare bottom was totally displayed.

Without a word to her, he gave her a smack on her ass. She made a startled sound in her throat, but stayed where she was. He gave her more for a total of ten swats and then stopped. Her whole ass was red, as Michael had made sure that he had hit every part of her behind. She had stayed down and took it all. This really surprised and pleased him. The only response he received from her was whimpers and moans.

“Do you know why you were punished, Silky?” he finally asked.

“Yes Master,” she replied in a small voice.

Smack! Again on her ass, “Well, why?”

Gritting her teeth against the swat she replied, “Because I disobeyed and moved without permission.”

Another swat. “I don’t like your tone. Never address me like that again. You will always talk to me with total respect in your voice. Do you understand?”

Making an effort to sound respectful and submissive she answered, “Yes Master.”

Pleased with things thus far, he began to stroke her ass. It was red and hot. He felt her lean into his hand again and this pleased him greatly. He ran his hand down to her crotch and found her wet. At this, he beamed.

As he stroked her ass, she thought over what had just happened. She was not hurt in any way except maybe her pride. Her ass felt on fire, but that fire seemed to shoot straight to her core. It was a good pain. She knew that there was no turning back now. She wondered if Michael knew that with that simple spanking, he had committed her for life. She realized that she felt wonderfully happy at the thought and that she was turned on too. Silently she begged him to take her again, showing him her need by pressing her ass up into his caresses. Please, she thought, I need you badly Michael. A whimper escaped her. Her mind was clouded and she realized that he was speaking to her.

He was saying, “You seem to take to this well, but I wonder what you will do with more sever punishment. I like your responses thought.” He noticed that she seemed to want something. “Is there something you would like slave, perhaps another spanking?”

“If you think I need one, Master,” she replied with a lusty tone.

“Hmmmm, well then, what is it you want than, my pet?”

“YOU,” came the answer he knew she was going to say.

Michael stood up and ordered her to stand also. He pushed her towards the bed and once there pushed her down on the bed and motioned her to lay with her head towards the foot again. Michael dropped his shorts and climbed on top of her. Her legs fell apart at his slight touch. On his knees between her legs, he said nothing only positioned her body to his liking. Next he grabbed her shirt and jerked it open. Buttons flew everywhere. Silk grasped. He positioned himself for entry and ordered her to grab the railing. She did as she was told. Finally he slid deeply inside her.

She was out of her mind by the time he led her to the bed. She needed him now. As he messed and fussed with her, she watched and noticed that he was so sure of himself. So strong willed. When he ripped her shirt open she almost lost it. Next she did as he asked and grabbed the rail. As he entered her, her mind screamed, your mine now also and I’ll never let you go now.

With a very rough urgency, he took her. His mind was a crazed as hers. He felt her near her climax and knew he should stop but before he could, she begged for release.

“Yes,” he hissed in her ear. “Now,” he ordered.

He watched her lose control and felt her contract around him tightly. My god, he thought, she one hell of a grip. He felt her milk him, but didn’t want to give in yet. As she came back to reality, he wrapped her legs around his waist and flipped over so he was on his back. He placed his hands behind his head and thought to himself, let her work for what she wants.

“Please yourself slave, but ask before you explode,” he ordered her.

With a pant, she answered, “Yes Master.”

Slowly she began, riding him. She liked this position because she had control. She could do whatever she liked. She began to pick up the pace and felt herself nearing orgasm again. She knew to ask for it but wondered what Michael would do if she didn’t and just let it happen. She knew that her would punish her, but how? Maybe she would try that sometime, maybe later tonight. She was getting very close so she slowed a bit.

Michael smiled as he watched her. He knew she was struggling with the asking to cum. He knew that this was the hardest part usually for a slave. Mostly because they had to pace themselves and sometimes stop so they wouldn’t disobey. Making her ride on top really made it hard because she had the control. She had to say when or ask as the case may be. He noted the devilish look in her eyes and knew she was wondering what he would do if she didn’t ask and exploded anyway. ‘Go ahead, try it Silky. I’ll punish you and you won’t like it,’ He thought to himself. He felt her ease off and knew she was near. He waited to see if she would ask.

“Master,” she breathed heavily, “May I please cum?”

“No,” he replied as he grabbed her hips and pressed her tightly to him. Next he rubbed her to him and he pressed himself up to meet her. “Don’t cum yet,” he ordered, “Not until I say so. Stop yourself.”

“But how, Master? I can’t control it like that. Not when you do that,” she whined.

Smiling he told her, “Think of other things. Breath deeply and focus your mind elsewhere.”

Knowing that he was pushing her, he stopped all motion. He could feel that she was about to lose control. She was not totally ready to master her orgasms yet.

“What are you thinking of?” He asked.

“Horses,” she replied.

With a laugh, he answered back, “That won’t work. I bet the rhythm makes you wet.” He began rubbing her against him again. “Think about this.” He said as he grabbed her nipple and pinched hard.

She arched her back and pulled off of him. “That won’t work. It drives me straight to the edge, Master.”

He entered her again and said with a cold smile, “Really, you like that. Remind me to try clothes pins on them.” He reached down and grabbed her ass and pressed her against him again. “Ride me now, slave.”

She started to rock against him again and felt herself get near once again. Pinching her nipples like that had nearly driven her out of her mind.

“Please Master, now?” she begged.

He didn’t answer her he just smiled. He wanted to see what she would do. Proudly he watched her control it once again by slowing and thinking of other things. This was going well, he thought proudly. When he felt her temperature lower a bit he ordered her to speed up again.

She knew it futile to ask again, he knew what she wanted. He would tell her when. She just kept up the same rhythm. Slowing when she felt herself get close and speeding back up when he ordered. This went on for what seemed like ever. Finally she was complete out of her mind and panting. She was to the point of disobeying him and letting go anyway.

He felt the change in her mood and body and knew it was time to give in. Thinking briefly to himself, that it would be interesting to see if she would disobey, but knowing at this point it would not be fair to push her, he gave in.

“Okay Silky, explode for me,” he ordered.

She picked up the tempo and with in seconds she was out of control. Michael had to grab her hips to keep her in place. She grabbed his arms and dug her nails in deep. He knew without looking that blood was flowing. She threw back her head and screamed, as she let go. Her body began to milk him and he lost control himself. With a yell, he gripped her hips and slammed himself up to meet her.

She dropped her head to look at him and the look on her face was pure animal. Michael knew he had driven her to the point where she could not be dominated. She bent and claimed his mouth hard. He kissed her back. She pressed her mouth to his and then totally out of control, she bit him. He pulled back from her mouth, tasting blood. Still she had the animal look. Michael grabbed her head; tipping it back he bit into her neck. She screamed again, he felt her explode once more. Her nails bloodied him arms once again.

Michael debated whether to push her away or ride it out. Riding it out won over. Finally she slowed and released her hold on his arms. Michael let go of her neck and she relaxed against his chest. Her breathing was still rapid, so Michael began stroking her back and rocking her. He also made an shhhhing noise to calm her.

Panting very hard, she gasped in his ear, “I’m sorry Master. That was wrong of me.”

“Sorry for what? For losing control like that? Don’t be, I loved it,” he answered still trying to calm her. “See I told you, you could lose control without tequila. I knew you could.”

“But your arms. I bloodied them, your mouth also. You should see yourself, you look a fright,” she said as she lifted up to look him over.

He laughed as he looked down at each arm, “It’s okay, trust me, I’ve had worse. You didn’t touch my tattoos so it’s okay. Besides you should really see your neck now. You’ll be wearing turtle-necks for the next two weeks.”

Her eyes went wide and she asked, “My neck, why? What does it look like?”

He laughed again, “Like a sloppy vampire got a hold of you and then there is that bruise from last night across the back. Here see for yourself,” he said as he reached up on the headboard and handed her a mirror.

She took it and looked at her neck and then in a startled tone she said, “Oh my god Michael. Holy shit. It looks bad. Really bad.” She turned her head and lifted her hair trying to see the bruise. “I can’t see the whole bruise, what does it look like?”

“Like shit also. We’ve both learned an important lesson here. We have to keep our hands and mouths off of each other in the heat of passion. I’ve never done that to a women before,” he said motioning to the bite on her neck. “Or that either,” pointing to the back of her neck. “You make me lose control also.”

Blushing, she replied, “I’ve never bit or used my nails before either. I don’t know what possessed me to do that to you. Just seemed right at the time.”

“Good I like it. I like you like that. Always. Don’t change ever or else.”

“Or else what?” She shyly asked.

“You wont like me, so don’t try and find out,” he answered with a straight face that seemed to threaten a smile, “Okay get off of me, lazy bones. You would keep me in bed all day wouldn’t you? Look at the mess you have made. Now I have to wash the linens. Tell you what, help me change the bed and I’ll buy you breakfast.”

“Okay, it’s a deal,” she answered back and got up and proceeded to help strip the bed.

They changed the bedding and got dressed. Michael put the dirty sheets into soak in the machine and then they were on their way. By this time, Silk was starving. Michael took the keys and so Silk just naturally let him drive. He took her by her apartment the get another shirt to wear since her other one was missing a few buttons. She changed her outfit and met him back at the car.

He took them a truck stop diner and watched her face. He was pleased to note that she seemed perfectly comfortable. Some of his dates would not eat here. Too beneath them.

“They serve the best chicken fried steak here,” he told her as he escorted her in.

The waitress greeted Michael by name and asked who was the pretty porcelain doll with him. Silk was used to this reaction since most people thought she looked like a little china doll. Michael introduced her to the waitress and explained that she was like his second mother.

They sat and ordered breakfast. Michael was surprised that she ordered the same thing to the letter as he did. It amazed him that they like some many of the same things. They had so many things in common.

“So how do you eat your steak?” He asked since they were comparing likes and dislikes.

“Rare, just season and brown it on both sides till it’s warm in the middle and give it to me. I think anymore done then that is too much and all the way done is a waste of a good steak,” she answered.

Laughing at her remark, he replied, “I totally agree. I like it really bloody. The best flavor is found that way. I won’t even eat it if it’s cooked through. Remind me to take you out for steak.”

She laughed, “It seems that I have to remind you of a lot of things. How am I ever going to keep up with you?”

With a charming smile he said, “Don’t worry, I have faith in you that you won’t fail me.”

The waitress brought their food and they dug in. She talked with Michael and included Silk in the conversation when she could, making Silk feel very welcome. She updated Michael on what had been going on around the diner and they laughed of a few antics of a young new waitress. She then left them to finish their meal as she waited on more customers.

Over coming curiosity, Silk asked Michael, “So does she know about your different lifestyle, Michael?”

Looking up and over at the waitress, he asked, “Who Starla? Actually yes, she does.”

Seeing that Silk was still curious, he told her that Starla was into it also. He explained that was how they met.

Silk looked at Starla and then back at Michael, “She’s a slave? She looks so in control, so so…”

“Dominate?” He supplied.


With a laugh he replied, “No she is not a slave. Starla is a Domme or Mistress. She has her own male slave. John is his name. She also has a few female slaves, but I don’t think they are her full time slaves.”

Confused slightly she asked, “What do you mean by Domme?”

“Dom is short for Dominate. I would be called Dom. Domme is just the feminine version of Dom,” he explained to her.

Michael waited for her to say something about the fact that Starla had female slaves. She hadn’t mentioned anything about being for or against bisexual relationships. He would have to ask her how she felt. To see where she stood on that matter.

They finished breakfast and he paid and left the tip. Before they left, Starla asked Michael if they were going to Baron’s party and Michael assured her that they would indeed be there.

Taking Silk’s hand, Starla told her, “I can’t wait to see you in action. You look like you have the makings of something special.”

“More than you know Starla,” Michael told her as they left.

Silk was beaming with pride as they left the diner. That was a wonderful compliment Michael had just paid her and she was ever so proud of it.

They got in the car. Michael drove again. He didn’t seem to be heading toward either of their houses.

So she asked, “Where are we headed?

“Shopping, we have to outfit you properly.”

As they drove she studied his tattoos. Finally she touched them and traced them. She was surprised to note that you could not feel them at all.

“What?” he asked finally.

“ I have never really seen tattoos. I live in a small town. I don’t even know anyone with one,” she replied. “Does it hurt to get one?”

“Not really. It’s a good pain, ”he told her.

“I wanted to get one, but Reed thought that they looked trashy on a women,” she stated,

“Well your not with him now.”

Thinking on this she smiled and said, “Your right. I’m not. I can get one if I like.”

She thought about this further and liked the idea even more. What to get though?

Michael knew what she was thinking and already decided to take her for her first if she wanted to get one. A butterfly or rose on the middle of her lower back would be so sexy. One around her ankle too, he could already see them.

“Michael, would you take me to get one? I think I would like one,” she stated with a firm resolve.

“How about right now? We can go now and get one. Want to?” he asked her.

Looking at her watch, she asked, “Do with have time? It’s 11:30.”

“We should have plenty of time. What do you have to do to get ready for before your show?” he asked.

Thinking she replied, “Nothing other than the normal stuff at the station, but I need to shower and change before I go to the school.”

“No problem. I’ll have you home by one. Tattoos don’t take that long unless they are really big. You don’t want a big one for you first anyway,” He told her.

“I didn’t know that. I thought it was a long processes.”

Michael took her to the place where he had his last one done. He knew these guys were good and would do quality work. When they got there, they had about a twenty-minute wait. While they waited, Michael helped Silk pick out a tattoo. With his help, she had pretty much decided to get a rose poked through a heart that had a few drops of blood dripping form it. It was about three inches long and about an inch and a quarter across at its widest point.

“I love the colors. Will it actually end up this colorful?” She asked as they waited

“”Yes, if you want it that way. You can also do shading. That does not have as heavy color in it,” Michael told her. “Which do you want?”

Thinking on it she asked he” Which hurts the most?”

“Full color of course, more needle work,” he told her.

“Okay, which looks better?”

Seeing that she thought he was being vague on purpose, he told her, “Which would you like? I think both styles look good. Some tats need full color and some need shading. Just depends. That one would look best in full color, but it is up to you. It’s your body it’s going on.”

She smiled at him thinking, no it’s your body, I belong to you totally, Michael. She wondered if he would take her and brand her if she told him that she would submit to him totally forever. What a thought. She shivered slightly at this and smiled again.

Michael watched her face and wondered what she was thinking, and then he saw the shiver and smiled, thinking he knew. This was going perfectly and Michael was overjoyed.

The tattoo artist came up and asked them what they wanted and Michael took the lead and told him which one she wanted and that it was her first tattoo. The guy smiled at Silk and told her he would be ready for her in five minutes.

Michael told Silk to go use the restroom so she would not have to get up and down. Silk smiled at his thoughtfulness and did as she was told.

When she came back, the artist was ready for her and instructed her to lie on the table. Michael sat on the stool at her head and smiled.

The artist asked, “Okay where do you want this exactly?”

Taking the lead again, Michael traced a circle on her lower back indicating the spot that had talked about when they picked the design out earlier. The artist smeared something cold on her back and then stuck the outline on the stuff he had smeared. After a few minutes he removed the paper.

“Okay, how’s this?”

“Perfect,” Michael replied. Then to Silk, he asked, “Are you ready?”

With a shaky smile, she replied, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

The guy started the tattoo and Silky jumped at the unexpected pain.

Michael laughed at her, “Oh yea! I want to tell you now, the outline hurts the worse”

“Michael, why did you wait till now to tell me that?” She asked.

Grinning, he told her, “I waited so you wouldn’t bolt. This way you’re committed. Does it hurt that bad?”

The artist started tattooing again as she replied, “Not that much, I just didn’t expect any pain. I guess I never thought about it.”

Michael watch Silk as the artist did the outline and saw that she was getting the same feelings as he did and this surprised him. He was sure that she was very turned on and knew that it was from the way the needle felt against her skin. He always got heavily turned on while being tattooed but he had never seen a female feel the same way. Then a thought occurred to Michael and made him wonder if all slaves felt this way about being tattooed, he would have to ask a few.

The artist was finished with the outline in no time and was cleaned to excess ink off so he could begin the color. Silk was almost panting at this point and Michael wondered if she would explode while the artist finished. This caused him to laugh and Silk looked up at him. She had a glazed look in her eyes and this made Michael melt. He knew he had found the one he could spend the rest of his life with. He hoped she felt the same too.

“What are you laughing at?” She asked.

“You, Emerald eyes.”

Silk caught the word and acknowledged it by dropping her eyes to the floor. She wondered what she had done to warrant being told to obey in public. The artist began coloring again after conferring with Michael as to the colors they wanted. She wondered if receiving a tattoo turned on other people. What would Michael say if he knew she was going to lose it right here on the table. She wondered if she should tell him and ask for permission, then decided that this would be a good time to practice controlling it and not letting go. She started by deepening her breathing and thinking about riding her horse in the big open field behind her home. This helped greatly.

Michael was proud when she dropped her gaze to the floor after he said her action word. It usually took a while for most slaves to remember what it meant. He was sure that she understood as he told the tattoo artist which colors she wanted and where. As the artist resumed his work, her felt her squeeze his hands again and watched for the signs that told him she was close to losing control once again. Just as he thought she would go over the edge, he felt the shift in her. Her breathing deepened and she seem to relax after a few minutes. After a second of confusion, Michael realized that she was controlling it. Michael wondered what she was thinking about.

The artist finished the coloring and was cleaning off the ink again. Michael watched as he put the finishing touches on the tat and as the artist was cleaning it and applying ointment, Michael leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I would have let you cum, if you wanted to and would have asked me, but I am very proud that you controlled it.”

“Thank you, Master,” she panted in a whisper, “Maybe next time.”

Catching the words next time, Michael laughed, “Your addicted, aren’t you?”

It was the artist’s turn to laugh, “I knew she was about two minutes into it. I thought she was going to cum right on my table.”

At this Silk blushed as she got off the table and excused herself to the bathroom. A laughing Michael paid the artist while she was in the bathroom.

“Thanks man, you do really great work,” Michael told the guy as he tipped him.

“I know women want perfection so I try hard. As for the other thing, she is not to embarrassed I hope,” he said to Michael as he cleaned up his area.

“She’ll get over it I’m sure, since she plans on a next time,” Michael told the man and they both laughed again.

They were still laughing when Silk came out of the bathroom and came over to where they were. She glanced at her watch and then tugged on Michael’s sleeve. When he looked at her she pointed to her watch.

He glanced at his own watch and saw that then needed to get going so she could get to the station on time. It would do for the Boss to make an employee late. They’d both hear about it from the Head Program Director.

Silk was quiet all the way home and Michael wondered why. She still looked flushed and excited, but she said nothing. They pulled into her apartment building parking lot and Michael shut off the car and waited for her to get out, she seemed in a daze.

“What do you have to do to get ready?” He finally asked, startling her.

Looking up at his smiling face, she replied, “I need a shower and to change my clothes. Do you think it would be okay if I wore a midriff shirt as to not cover my tattoo?”

“Gee, I don’t think the Boss would mind as long it is not too short.” He answered with a wink. “Now, lets get you in the shower and ready for work.”

She laughed and got out of the car and went up the walk to her building. She then remembered that Michael had never been in her apartment. Mentally she thought, had she picked up everything. This caused her to smile.

They walked up the steps to her door and she unlocked it and went inside. Michael followed thinking to himself that this was the first time he had seen her place too. What he saw made him smile. She seemed to like the same things that he did. Their places were very similar in decor.

She set her keys down on the breakfast bar and turned to walk down the hallway, she looked at him. “You coming,” she asked.

He followed her to her bedroom, wondering what she had in mind. Surely not sex. They didn’t have time.

She gestured for him to have a seat on he bed and hung up her jacket. Then she walked over to where he was sitting on the bed and pressed the button on her answering machine. She listed to her messaged while she proceeded to gather clothes to wear after her shower. One call was from a salesman trying to sell siding; the next call was from Marcia at school asking if she really had hooked up with Michael, at this she looked at him and laughed; next was a hang up; then her father calling to tell her that her horse was with foal and last was one from Reed.

He reached over and pressed the pause button, “Would you like to take this in private?”

“No, you have a right to hear, besides how would he know you listened,” she answered innocently.

“Do I,” he asked and then pressed the re-play button.

“Silk, this is Reed. I guess your screening your calls since I know your there. I really hate when you get your temper going. Well listen, I try again later. Do me a favor and grow up and answer when I call again. Bye.”

At this Michael clenched his fist and thought to himself, the nerve of that guy. He was the one who needed to grow up.

The next one was from Reed also, “Silk, it’s me again,” this time he didn’t sound so tough. “I wanted to talk to you, but your playing games again. Stupid Irish temper of yours. I hope you understand about all this. It really is for the best. I am thinking of you in all this. Damn, I wish you would answer the phone. I’ll try again later.” Then he hung up. This was the end of the messages.

This one pissed Silk off. Michael watched her noticing that she was mad now. When the phone rang a minute later, he was not surprised to hear her say it was Reed.

She snatched the phone up, pressed the speaker button and growled, “Yes, Reed.”

Michael smiled as Reed replied with hesitation.

“Well, hello Silky. Why haven’t you been answering the phone?” He stated with.

With a smile to Michael, she sneered, “Maybe I wasn’t home. Ever think of that?”

“Right, sure Silk,” Reed laughed. “Like I believe that. You were just screening calls because you’re mad and hurt.”

“Hurt no, mad yes. Mad as hell in fact, but not over the break up and for your information I was out all night. Just got in and listened to your messages just before you called,” She stated.

Shocked, Reed replied, “With who and…” at this he seemed to falter, “Did you sleep with him?”

With a laugh, she shot back “Not that it is any of your business, but, yes I did. Oh and Reed, it was ten, now wait, make that a hundred times better than it ever was with you.”

Reed started to yell and call her names and she was reaching for the off button when Michael stopped her. Hold on he mouthed to her.

Michael then picked up the receiver and listened as Reed was yelling at her, still calling her names. She could still hear him over the speaker too. With his hand over the receiver, he told her to shut him up.

“Reed, stop talking to me like that. My father wouldn’t like it,” she said to him.

This stopped him. She heard him sigh.

At this Michael spoke up. “And Reed,” he paused letting his Deep Male voice sink in, “He likes her stupid Irish temper.”

He then proceeded to hang up the phone but not before Reed yelled,” Who is this?”

Silk noticed that Michael’s hands were clenched into fists. “Michael, I am sorry about that. I shouldn’t have baited him like that.

“I’m not mad at you Silk. I am mad at Reed. You don’t treat women like that, like he did. Especially since he dumped you. That guy is an asshole and you, my pet are better off without him,” Michael told her as he hugged her to his chest.

He held her for a few minutes, and then noticed that it was ten minutes to one. They had to leave by one thirty for her to be on time so he had better hurry her along. She still needed to shower and before they left, he wanted to do something for her.

Pushing her from his chest he informed her, “You need to get in the shower so we wont be late. So get going.” He swatted her behind as she walked away. She laughed and went to the bathroom. He kicked off his shoes and lay down on her bed to wait. “Oh and Silk, no masturbation, you don’t have my permission.”

She started the water and got a towel ready as it heated up. Just as she stepped in the shower she heard the phone ring again. She yelled to Michael; just let the machine get it.

Having every intention of doing just that, he listened as the message informed callers that Silk was out and before it could finish, Reed started yelling for her to pick up. What an ass Michael thought again and picked up the receiver as he shut off the machine. With a smile he listened.

“Silk, are you there? Silk, you will tell me who that was right now,” Reed demanded.

Making his voice sound even deeper, Michael replied, “She will do no such thing, you’re not her Boss or her Master, and since I know who you are, I know you’re not her father either. So you have no right to tell what to do, whatsoever.

“Just who the hell is this?” Reed demanded heatedly.

“On the verge of sounding childish,” Michael smirked, “This is the man who rocked Silk’s world last night, and will continue to rock her world every night.”

“This is her fiancé, so you better listen up and leave my soon to be wife alone,” Reed shot back.

Shaking his head and sighing, Michael said, “Now why did you have to go and lie. See I can deal with just about anything, even assholes like you, but I can’t abide liars. Listen up liar; I already know that you dumped Silk. So that makes her fair game. Thus, I am taking up where you leave off.”

Reed demanded again, “Put Silk on the phone right now or I’ll call the police.”

“Last warning for you, Reed. Silk is mine now and she doesn’t want anymore to do with you. So don’t call her again, liar,” and with that, Michael hung up on him.

Silk had just walked in the room, catching the last bit of the conversation. Michael was lounging on her bed, smiling. She was wrapped in a towel.

“Who was that?” She asked.

“Reed,” was all he would supply.


“Why don’t you get the stuff to put on your tat and I’ll rub it on for you,” he offered.

She went to her jacket in the closet and retrieved it from her pocket. She then brought it over to the bed, handed it to Michael and then turned around and dropped the towel.

Michael liked the fact that she was not shy. Nakedness didn’t seem to bother her in the least. He squeezed some ointment onto his finger and began to smear it on her tat. As he did this, he noticed that she curled her toes. He also noticed that her mood changed again. She seemed to be getting turned on.

“Does this turn you on, Silk,” he asked?

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Turn around and close your eyes,” he told her.

She did this and he changed positions on the bed so that he was lying so that he could hang his head off the bed. She was right in front of his face now.

“Spread your legs and keep you eyes shut,” he told her as he pulled her to him. “Lean forward and place your hands on my chest.

Trusting him, she did as she was asked. Before she could wonder what he was up to, he kissed her between her legs, causing her to spread her legs further. He also was rubbing her tat, which sent lightening bolts straight to her core. She gripped his shirt, and then remembered to be careful of marking his chest. He was bringing her close very quickly and she was panting.

“Just let go, Silk. You have my permission,” he told her quickly and went back to giving her oral pleasure all the while stroking the tat on her back.

Within seconds, she totally lost control. “Oh, Michael. Yes, don’t stop,” she cried.

When she was through, he slid out from between her legs and she sank to her knees beside the bed. “You okay, pet,” he asked?

“Yes, just need to catch my breath. That was incredible. Thank you.”

“For what?” He asked, not understanding.

“For that, you didn’t have too, but thank you.”

Glancing at the clock, she jumped up and finished dressing.

Michael noticed that she chose a turtleneck half shirt and a hip hugging skirt. He also noticed the stockings and garter she put on. Wondering if she always dressed like this, he asked, “Do you always wear stockings?”

Blushing she replied, “Yes, I do. I don’t like hose because they slip too much and you have to pull them down to pee. Also they rip a lot when you pull them up. I have worn stockings and garters since the 9th grade. I also think they are very sexy.”

“Very old fashion too,” he told her.

Frowning she asked, “Why, don’t you like them?”

“Oh, I like them. You just never meet women who wear them all the time. Most only wear them for looks. Please keep wearing them, they are very sexy,” he reassured her. “So, do you always wear dresses and skirts too?”

At this she laughed, “Do you watch me that closely, Michael? Are you my stalker?”

Grabbing her and bending her over, he kissed her on the lips and said, “Why yes, my dear, I am stalking you. I told you I really like you.”

She laughed again and said, “Good, but now if we don’t get going, I’ll be in trouble and late.”

“Damn,” he said winking at her as he let her go, “Foiled again. Well if we must, let’s go. Are you sure, last chance?”

“I’m sure,” she replied and then seeing his pout, she stroked his face, “But we’ll have later, lover. It’s only four hours.”

Beaming her a smile, “Okay, if you say so, lets go,” he told her and he left the room.

She grabbed her jacket and slipped her feet in her shoes and out the door she went. They went to the car and Michael took the lead and drove again. It just seemed natural to let him. As they drove to school, she watched him noticing his piercing blue eyes and streaked blond hair. She also noticed that he was very muscular. She also remembered from seeing him standing in front of her that he was probably well above 6 foot.

“How tall are you Michael?” She asked.

“Six-foot two,” he told her.

“How much do you weigh?”

“Around 240, why,” he questioned. “How tall are you and much do you weigh?”

“I was just wondering. I myself am five foot eight and weight a hundred and twenty pounds give or take,” she responded.

“I’m impressed, most women never tell their true weight. Very nice.”

At this she laughed, “How do you know I am telling the truth?”

Giving her a serious look, he told her simply, “I don’t abide lying, so you wouldn’t lie to me, Silk.” Then he laughed at her serious look and said, “Besides, I picked you up, remember. You’re just a mere slip of a thing, really.”

She laughed at him and then thought of something, “Michael, when I went to take my shower you said something about masturbation. I wanted to tell you that I don’t.”

He glanced at her and saw that she was very serious. “Never?” He asked, “Why not?”

Color crept up to stain her cheeks, “Actually, I really don’t know how. By the time I had those urges and feeling, I had met Reed and begged him to take my virginity. I never really thought about it much.” She told him.

“You never have ever touched yourself at all?” He asked, not totally believing that a women as easy to turn on as she was, had never masturbated.

She blushed again and looked away, “I’ve touched myself of course, but I have never had an orgasm from doing so. I don’t really know how.” She noticed he was smiling. “Are you laughing at me?” She fumed.

At this he started laughing, “No, I am not laughing at you. I was smiling because I was thinking about how much fun it will be teaching you. I laughed just now because you look so mad. You’re really cute when you’re mad by the way.”

“Teaching me,” she blushed an even deeper to shade of red, “To masturbate?

“Among other things little one, yes. You’ll like it, trust me. Now tell me have you at least experienced pleasure from just a hand or fingers?” He asked with extreme frankness.

“Yes, from Reed and Neil both. Neil liked to bring me off that way a few times before he would go down on me and Reed would during movies and sometimes between classes to tease me. Said he liked it when I panted,” she told him.

At her words, he raised an eyebrow; “I like it when you pant too. So, between classes huh, very naughty little one. Did anyone ever know what you were doing?”

She chewed her lip a little and then spoke up “Neil did, he told me later that he saw Reed do it a few times and my best friend saw it once, but usually we kept it very secret. I told Reed not to, but he did it anyway.”

They had arrived at school and so the conversation was over. Michael parked the car near the station part of the school and they both went in. Silk looked at her watch and saw that she had ten minutes to get her stuff ready. More than enough time actually. She gathered all her stuff and went into the flight deck. Donny was there, he smiled as she walked in and gave her the quite signal that told her he was about to go on the air. She gave him the okay signal and set her stuff down.

As the song ended, Donny switched on the mike and spoke in to it with a clean clear voice, “That was an oldie, but a goodie, by Styx. Up next is the weather with our own Amanda White. This is Donny Love saying good-bye for the week, next up is everyone’s favorite coed, Silky Lang. See ya all back here next week at ten. Be well and party safe.” Donny signaled to Amanda and switched off the mike. He then turned to her and smiled as he pulled the head phones from one ear. “How’s tricks, cutie?” He asked.

“Good,” she told him. “Are you ready to switch?”

“Just a sec, let me set these carts up and I’ll switch you,” he told her as he set up the six carts that resembled the old eight track tapes, which would play commercials. They were designed to play one after another when set. They were thirty to sixty minutes long. This gave them time to switch places with out any dead air. Dead air was a big no-no. You could get fined or even fired over dead air. After setting them, he waited for Amanda to finish with the weather and signal him. At the signal, he started the first spot; the others would play in secession. He then took off the earphones and gathered up the remainder of his stuff and moved allowing her to switch him places.

First she placed the earphones on, which allowed her to hear the actual show that was going out over the air. She pulled it off one ear just as Donny had done. They were into the second spot at this point, some ad for a used car dealer that promised great prices for students. She grabbed the cart that had the station identification spot that told listeners she was up next on it and set it next to the cart machine. She then placed her list on the table next to the soundboard and started grabbing a few CDs from the rack for the next songs she would play. She popped in the first CD she would play and set it to the track she wanted. The third cart had played by this time and so she removed the first cart and popped her station identification in. She then only had to wait for the last commercial to play and then she would begin her show. With that she turned back to Donny, who was taking readings from the equipment. He wanted to learn about the equipment along with being a DJ so Michael had him spend an extra two hours each day working with the other stuff that was used to put a radio show out over the air.

“How are you today, Mr. Love,” she joked. Everyone loved Donny’s call name.

“I would be better if you would just go out with me, Miss Lang,” he told her using her call name.

She laughed and told him, “Dream on Donny boy, I told you I don’t date DJ’s. To much professional jealousy.”

“Shot down again, you are one mean lady Silk,” he told her trying to be serious. Done with his readings, he gathered up his backpack and water bottle, preparing to leave he told her, “I will go lick my wounds again, in private.” He was pretending a pout as he left the flight deck.

With a laugh, she turned back to the soundboard and listened as the fifth spot was finishing and the sixth and final one began. She readied herself for another four hours of live show. She always felt nervous for the first few minutes. She listened and readied herself to press the button that would announce her to the listening world.

“You’ve been listening to the awesome sounds of KEWL 99.5. Coming at you from Mission University located right on our very own campus. This is Silky Lang and I’ll be your host for the next four hours for some good times, great jokes and stories and some KEWL tunes. So just sit back and absorb this rockin’ tune. Rock on, coeds,” the spot told listeners. She then pressed the play button on the CD player and listened as the track she has chosen began to play.

Next she set about pulling some more carts and CD’s to play for the next hour. Her first hour she played what she liked but after three o’clock she would start to take requests and play what the listeners wanted. She also turned and logged into the flight deck computer and messenger services that was behind her. It was linked with the Head Program Director and Michael so that they could talk to her without interrupting her show with noise. It was hard to talk while running an air show, but they could instant message back and forth with ease. It was mostly used to deliver memos and praise to the DJ and sometimes to mention a mistake that need to be corrected right away. Silky had never really used it much. She had received memos and atta-girls and thanked the sender but she had not chatted much on it otherwise.

She turned back to the soundboard, as the song was about to finish. She popped another CD in the next player and set the track she wanted. As the song came to a close, she switched on the mike, “That was Madonna. Next up we have a five play. Commercial free. But first we have a joke for all of you out there in radio land. This one comes from the computer department. Thanks guys. Okay, how many computer geeks does it take to change a light bulb? Give up? Who knows, they don’t need light to program.” She pretended to laugh. “Alright folks here’s your five play as promised, and remember,” she told them as she started the song, “I’ll be taking request after three, so pick a song and give me a call. This is Silky Lang for KEWL 99.5.” The song took over and she shut off the mike.

As she lifted the earphone from her ear she heard the click that meant some one had sent her a message. She turned to see from who and wasn’t surprise to see it was Michael.

‘Nice,’ it said.

‘Thanks’, she typed back. She then turned around to set up the next three songs for the five play that she was starting.

‘So tell me, when Reed would make you cum with his hand in the hallway, would from rubbing your clit or would he stick his finger inside you?’ Came the message with a click.

At this she blushed and typed back, ‘Both.’

‘What about Neil,’ came the next question?

She turned to start the next song and then came back and typed, ‘With a finger inside every time. He had a way of wiggling it that made me just loose it.”

‘But you have never made yourself cum this way?’ he typed

‘NO,’ she sent back.

Then she typed, ‘I don’t lie Michael.’

“Okay emerald eyes, I believe you,” was all that he wrote back.

At this she knew that their relationship did indeed exist in school. She wondered what the others would say when they found out she was dating the Assistant Program Director. Before she could think more on this, she remembered just what exactly emerald eyes meant and hastily typed, ‘Thank you, Master.’

A smiley face was her reward.

She went back to her show for the next fifteen minutes. During this time, she finished her 5 play and played two commercials and one public service announcement. She was telling a funny story that was just emailed to her when she heard the messenger click again. She finished up the story and started a song to play before she turned to the computer.

‘What’s you favorite color,’ he asked.

“Emerald green and don’t laugh,’ she sent back.

‘LOL,’ came back.

Then, ‘Seriously?”

‘Yes, it looks the best on me and I really love the color,’ she typed.

“You would look divine in royal blue and bright red too, my pet,’ he replied.

She didn’t know what to say so she just typed back, ‘Okay Master.’

‘You don’t believe me?’

She typed back, ‘Yes, I believe you, but I have never really tried them so I can’t really say yes or no personally.’

‘I’ll show you later,’ was his return.

‘Yes, Master,’ she shot back and with that turned back to her show.

It was time for another story. She found one in the box and proceeded to read it on air. As she did this she sat up three more spots. She didn’t usually find the stories very funny, but since the FCC really limited what could be said on air, they didn’t have much choice. She then began a two-minute commercial break. And set up three more carts to be played in a few minutes.

After the last one played she switched on the mike for a live station identification, “This is Silky Lang with KEWL 99.5. After this next commercial break I’ll play our last 5 play and then its time for requests, so start them calls.” As she told them this she popped her special request spot. “Remember kiddos keep em’clean. Now, who gives you live requests every weekday from three to six?” She then played the cart, which was a bunch of college kids screaming KEWL 99.5 and switched off the mike. When it ended she started the next set of spots and set up three more to play while she put away the CDs and carts she had already played. DJs had to keep their space clean or they would end up with a mess that usually caused delays and dead air. Neatness was a must.

Next she set up 4 CDs to play and waited while for the last spot to play out, when it did she pressed play on the first CD player. She then began to set up the recorder to record requests. Most people didn’t know that when they called into a radio station for a live request, the call was recorded and played back later. There were several reasons for doing this. One was for censorship. In case someone said something they shouldn’t, they could bleep it out or choose not the play the call. Next was to give the DJ time to find the song as to give the appearance of having it at their fingertips, ready to play. That’s way DJs seemed to be able to start the song during the call. Made the listener feel like they were number one even if for only a few seconds. With this all ready, she sat and waited to begin the next CD.

Michael walked into the flight deck and she smiled up at him. Damn he was so sexy, she thought. She wondered what he wanted.

“The live request thing is really working out. I’m glad we talked the Head PD into it,” he told her.

Beaming at this, she replied, “Yes. Thank you for help with that too. I could never have talked him into it without you.”

“It was a good idea and I heard you make it work at your home town radio station. I’m glad you brought it to me. You have made it a success when others have failed,” he told her.

She was glowing at this point from the praise he was giving her, “I made it work by recording each call and playing them back. Others tried to do them live. Live never works. Too many potty mouths out there,” she told him.

“Well, anyway, I’m off to the cafeteria for a soda, want one?” He asked.

“Yes, I was to sidetracked to remember to bring one,” she told him with a wink, “But make mine a water. I don’t drink a lot of soda.”

“I knew that actually. I would have brought you one even if you hadn’t of said so,” he said as he walked out the door.

As he walked away, he thought to himself. He was really glad thing were working out so well with Silk. He really felt a connection that went much deeper than the Master and slave relationships, much deeper than even sex. He felt that she could be the one. Instinctively he knew he would give all of the lifestyle up if that was what Silk wanted, but he was delighted that she wanted that side of Michael too. With this thought in mind, he noticed a spring to his step and wondered if anyone else saw it. He could wait to take she shopping tonight. What a grand time they would have.

He was getting his soda from the machine when he noticed that a couple girls were watching him. He was used to this. Due to his looks and his parent’s money, women seemed attracted to him. Sometimes he really hated it. That was brought him into the lifestyle in the first place. When he was seventeen, he wanted girls to like him for something other than money. He met this older lady who was a Dominatrix and she showed Michael that some people wanted things that didn’t involve money. Michael spent a years as her sex slave, learning everything she had to teach. Then she decided that Michael would make a better Dom than a slave, something secretly Michael had already figured out, but knew that the best Dominates were once slaves themselves.

So she began his instruction by getting him his first slave. By this time Michael was already so into the lifestyle, that normal sex held no fascination for him in the least and Michael wondered if it really ever did. He could still perform normal sex and even enjoyed it, but it never gave him total pleasure, until last night. Last night with Silk, they did it twice in a very normal way and he was totally satisfied each time. This told him what he already knew in his heart and mind; Silk was different. She was special on more ways than one.

While he pondered this thought, the girls had approached him and he looked up to find two very nervous girls wanting to talk to him. “Yes,” he asked ever the Dom.

“Sir may we talk to you in private?” the bravest one asked.

Amused at this sort of thing, he nodded to the door and said, “Okay, but there isn’t that much privacy on a campus of 6500 students. This way little ones.” He then led them out the side door in to a deserted corridor.

“Okay want did you two want?” He asked of them.

The brave one spoke up again. “ Well Sir, we were guests at the party last month at Sir Paul’s. We saw you there and remembered you from school.”

At this he smiled. So they were slaves. He glanced to their necks and saw no collars. No owners, he thought, “And,” he prodded.

“Well Sir,” the other one stuttered, “We wondered if you were in the market for a pair of slaves. We are unowned and are in need of a Dom to serve. We would like to become your slaves as we noticed that you didn’t seem to claim ownership of any in particular.”

His first thought was to decline thinking on how Silk would take it. Then he thought why not, she would have to learn that she had to share. He could take these two on for a while, and then sell them to a deserving Dom. They could help him train her. With this in mind, he said, “Why don’t you two follow me to my office, where we can have total privacy.”

He led them to the station. He neared the flight deck and thought for a second that he should take them to his office without letting Silk see them. Then changing his mind he thought, no Silk was the slave and he the Master. She would just accept.

“Wait here,” he told the two just outside the door to the flight deck, “I have to drop something off.”

He went in the flight deck and handed her the water. She was on the air and gave him the wait signal. He looked back at the two girls who were whispering to each other. They were rather cute. They looked like slaves too. He liked their outfits too, very sluty, which is how he liked his slaves personally. They both had on short plaid skirts, one red the other a blue with suspenders. Both wore white half shirts and white stockings that stopped just a few inched below the hem of their skirts and high-heeled shoes. Some would call this a schoolgirl outfit. Michael called it pure sexy.

“Who are the bimbos?” Silk questioned him as she switched off the mike, a hint of jealousy in her voice

Anger flared up in him at her brazen comment. “Slaves, my pet,” he stated simply.

“Whose?” She seemed to demand.

“Mine, emerald eyes, mine,” was his harsh reply as he walked out the door.

She watched as he led them away to his office, not knowing what to make of what he had just said but knowing it wasn’t her place to question him. Especially since he had just put her in her place. She thought on this as she ran the rest of her show. She remembered that in the book, the Master had more than one slave and she also remembered Michael telling her that his friend Starla had a few slaves and Baron too. Maybe this was normal. She still felt a little jealousy thought.

Then the thought came to her. Maybe this was a test. Maybe she was to prove herself to Michael. With this in mind she decided that she would prove herself with whatever it took. The bimbo twosome would not take Michael from her without a fight. With that in mind she went back to her show.

Michael led them to his office and shut the door behind them, a sign to others not to disturb him. He took his seat behind the desk. “Kneel,” he ordered.

They both gracefully dropped to the position, even thought the floor was slightly dirty, without question. Michael liked that.

“Now, what are your names?”

“Slave Cyndee Sir,” the first one answered.

“Slave Stacy Sir,” came the timid response of the second.

Michael noticed that they never lifted their eyes to him while they spoke. They were well trained.

“You will call me Sir or Sir Michael for the time being. I have one other slave presently, but she is very new to this. You will help in training her,” he told them.

“Yes Sir,” they chorused in unison.

“I have many rules, but we will go in to them later. I have only one rule for you at this moment. There are no ranks in my home. You are equal in that you are all slaves. I will not abide any petty jealousies or foolish games that jealous slaves play. Is that clear,” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” again came their answers in tandem.

“Okay, tell me about yourself, slave Cyndee,” he told her.

“Well, Sir, I’m twenty-three. I come from Washington. I have blond hair and gray eyes. I’m five foot five and weight one hundred and fifteen pounds. I’ve been a slave for four years. I have a list of my limits for you at home; I can supply you with them at your earliest convenience, Sir,” Cyndee told him, wondering what else to add.

Stacy spoke up next with a slightly nervous stutter, “Sir, I am also from Washington. I’m twenty-four and have been a slave for four years also. I’m five foot six and weigh one twenty-five. I am a natural red head and have green eyes. I too have a list of limits available for you, Sir.”

“Can you email them to me tonight,” he asked of them.

“Yes Sir,” again they answered.

“Okay, nice, very nice. I’m pleased at your level of experience. You will work out fine in my house,” he informed them. “So are you two bi?” He asked next.

“Yes Sir, we are Sir,” answered Cyndee.

“Slave Stacy, are you just shy or are you afraid of me for some reason,” he asked, not liking her timid attitude.

“No Sir, just very submissive. I have found that most Doms like this in a slave. If you don’t I will change. I am somewhat shyer than Cyndee thought, Sir,” she answered with more of a clear and braver tone.

“You will address each other and slave Silk as slave whatever their name is. Is that clear?” He ordered.

“Yes Sir.”

All right, when can we get together? I am free all weekend,” he informed them.

“We are free all weekend also, Sir,” Cyndee told him.

“Only speak for yourself, slave.”

Chastised, she rephrased her response, “Sorry Sir, I am free all weekend, Sir.”

In a strong clear voice that almost surprised him, Stacy spoke, “I am free also, all weekend, Sir.”

“Good, how about coming over tomorrow afternoon around three? We can all get to know each other and eat a bite. I will have had time to go over your limit lists and we can play a little if everyone is comfortable. As I said you will also be helping to train slave Silk too. Again please don’t mistake that as rank of any kind. I have already stated that there is no rank among my slaves. You are all three equal in my eyes, except that you two have experience,” he asked of them.

“That would be great Sir,” Cyndee told him.

Yes Sir, I would be pleased to do that for you, Sir” Stacy told him.

“Alright, if you have no other questions, you may go.”

“One question Sir,” Stacy asked.

“Yes,” he said turning towards her again.

“Is slave Silk a student here also, Sir?” She asked.

“Not that it is really any of your business slave Stacy, but yes. You have already seen her actually,” he told her.

“Sir, is she here now? May we meet her before we go, Sir?” Cyndee jumping in.

Glancing at his watch, he saw that it was almost six. Silk would be done is just a few minutes. He would have her come in and meet the two girls. He wanted to see how she would act. She seemed almost jealous earlier. Time to call her to the carpet so to speak. Turning to his computer, he told them, “Yes that would be possible and a good idea.” He then typed a message to Silk.

The computer clicked behind her and she read, ‘Emerald eyes, come directly to my office after your show.’

‘Yes Master,’ was her reply.

Then she added, ‘Out,’ which meant she was signing off now.

She then turned back to Marcy and evaded her questions about the night before. Finishing up her show, she began to gather her stuff and put stuff away.

“Come on, Bennett, your holding out. Did you with Michael or what?” Marcia whined.

Or what, crossed her mind, thinking that Marcy would scream if she told her the truth of what went on last night. Finally she supplied, “We spent the night together, that’s all I am telling you.”

“Oh no, you have to at least tell me if he was a stud or a dud,” Marcy informed her.

Silk had finished gathering up and cleaning up and was setting some commercial spots to play in the same manner that Donny had done when she came to relieve him. It would give Marcy the time to get set, as it had done for her at the onset of her show. She had a devilish smile on her face all the while and as she traded places with Marcy, she whispered, “Stud, most assuredly stud.” She then laughed and walked out of the flight deck and leaving Marcy to sigh.

She stopped at the desk next to the flight deck and repacked her stuff back into her backpack. She then turned her mind to Michael’s office. She wondered of those girls were still there. Setting her stuff on the floor next to the desk, she steeled herself and prepared to enter Michael’s office as ordered. She would show them that she was proud if nothing else.

She went to his office and gave a knock at the door, as was the rule when his door was shut. She also informed him that it was she knocking.

“Come in,” came his order.

She let herself in and saw that the other two were indeed there. They were also in the kneel position next to Michael. She felt that jealously again. She then remembered her place and looked up to Michael briefly and then dropped her eyes to the floor, “Yes Master?”

“Kneel,” was his only reply.

She dropped as smoothly to kneel as she could, hoping she looked graceful. She tried not to let the resentment and jealously show.

“Introduce yourselves, my slaves,” Michael ordered.

Not sure what to say, she let the others take the lead.

“My name is slave Cyndee, I am pleased to meet you slave Silk,” the blond one began looking directly at her.

“Silk, you may meet the eyes of another slave,” Michael told her.

She lifted her eyes to the blond girls, trying hard not to let resentment show.

“I’m hoping to gain the right to serve Sir Michael and wear his collar soon. I also look forward to becoming your slave sister,” Cyndee finished.

“And I am slave Stacy. I am very happy to meet you slave Silk. What a lovely name you have too. Did Sir Michael name you?” The redhead said to her.

“No, it is my name,” she said not sure what the redhead was talking about.

“Silk or actually Silky is her Christian name, slave Stacy. Her parents named her that,” supplied Michael.

Stacy finished up, “I am also hoping to serve Sir Michael and wear his collar too. I also hope to be very good slave sisters with you.”

Silk risked a quick glance to Michael and saw that he was overly pleased with himself. This shot her full of spiteful pride and she addressed the two before her looking them both in the eyes, with a strong voice. “I am, slave Silk. It is nice to meet you both also. I will serve Master Michael and wear his collar soon.”

Laughing at her remark, Michael added, “She will also have a sore red bottom later to go with her attitude. Now apologize for your rudeness to your sisters, slave.”

Feeling the sting and weight of his words, she replied, “Yes Master. I am sorry. Please forgive my rudeness, sisters.” She added the last word in hopes of pleasing Michael.

“All right, now we all know one another.” He said and he sat up and grabbed a slip of paper. Writing his address and number on, he gave it to Cyndee. “Here is my address and number. Call if you need directions. We shall see you at three,” he told them.

“Yes Sir. See you then,” Cyndee answered as she read the slip he had gave her. “Oh and may we have your email address Sir? So we can email you those lists tonight.”

“He wrote it on another slip and handed it to her. “Yes, I had almost forgotten. Anything else?”

“No Sir,” they chorused again.

“Okay you may stand and you are excused. See you tomorrow,” he told them.

“Thank you Sir. See you tomorrow, Sir,” Cyndee said.

“Yes thank you Sir and see you tomorrow slave Silk,” Stacy offered.

They stood up and left the office. Michael watched as Silk still knelt on the floor after they left. Her head was lowered it what seemed defeat. Michael wondered what she was thinking. He knew by her earlier attitude and words that she was extremely jealous. In one way he didn’t care. He was the Dom here, she would just have to learn to deal with these things if this is what she wanted, but a part of him felt her pain and hated to have to be the cause of it. The knowledge that they would not be permanent helped ease his conscience. He would let Silk think that they would be around for a while during her training thought. It helped a slave to give her all if she thought she might be second best. He decided then not to tell her that there was no rank among her sister slaves. Let her compete a little to be his favorite. He made a mental note to tell the other two girls not to say any thing to her about rank. He needed to have a private conversation with those two again before anything went any farther tomorrow.

He finished clearing up his desk and glanced at the clock on the wall. 6:30 it read. Good, he thought, time to go shopping. He looked over to her again and saw that she was really in a pout about the whole thing. Time to put an end to this once and for all. “Silk, stand up and come over here,” he told her in a not so gentle voice.

She stood, and came over to him. He pulled her down on his lap and hugged her to his chest. This made her feel better instantly. She knew that she was being silly, but she just couldn’t help it. She was not usually a jealous person either. She lifted her face finally and looked in his eyes. She always felt she could read a person’s eyes pretty well. What she saw in Michael’s made her heart beat faster. It also made her feel better. She decided that she could deal with this and quit acting like a jealous lover.

Michael saw her face and knew that she was feeling better. He hoped that when she looked in his eyes, she saw the love projected to her in them. She seemed to and smiled to him finally. “Are you ready to go shopping little one,” he asked her?

“Yes Master,” she said, “But before we go, I think I need some more ointment on my tattoo. It feels dry. Could you help me?”

Mentally he cursed himself as he lifted her shirt. Why hadn’t he remembered? If might hurt after being rubbed while she sat in the chair during her show. “Yeah it’s dry. Does it hurt?” He asked of her as he touched it gingerly.

“Not really. It just feels a little raw and tight, but I figured it was because it was dry,” she told him.

Feeling bad, he told her, “I am sorry, I should have remembered that. I knew that the chair and your shirt would rub against you and rub all the ointment off. I should have looked at it when you first came in. Forgive me little one. Get your stuff and I put some on for you.”

She went out of the office and got her jacket and backpack. Bringing it back to his office, she retrieved the tube of ointment from her pocket. As she entered his office, she sat her stuff down on one of the chairs and then came around the desk. She handed him the stuff and then turned around and lifted her shirt. She prepared herself for the lightening blots that would shoot straight to her core once he began to touch her tat.

He squeezed a big drop onto his finger, and then smeared it on her tat. Her heard her sharp intake of breath. “Does it hurt?” He asked concerned.

“No,” came a strangled answer from her.

Then it dawned on him that she was turned on earlier by him touching it. She must be feeling the same thing again. He wanted to explore this further, but they needed to go so he could make it to his favorite lingerie shop before eight. All the other places he wanted to go were open till midnight or longer, but Madame’s closed early. She carried the best stuff especially slave outfits. Michael hadn’t found better anywhere in the world. With that in mind, he finished coating her tattoo and with a kiss just above it he handed her back her ointment. “All right, how’s that feel,” he asked?

“Much better,” she purred. She took the ointment and went over and stuck it back in her pocket. What now she wondered as she turned back to him.

Michael had stood up and was looking at her. She smiled at him. He knew she wondered want was going to happen next and liked keeping her in suspense. He then turned and grabbed his leather jacket off the back of his chair. “Let’s go, my pet,” he told her and turned to walk out the door.

He led her to the car. Once there he unlock and opened the door for her to get in. He then went around to his side and got in and started the engine. Turning out of the parking lot, Silk noticed that he was headed towards the city. She wondered where exactly he was taking her.

“Might I ask the name of the place you are taking me?” She asked.

“I could tell you but you probably wouldn’t have heard of it or been there. This place is top dollar so not many college students go there. It also caters to the lifestyle so normal people don’t shop there much,” he told her.

“Oh, well since I haven’t done much in this place other than normal food and stuff like that shopping, your probably right. I don’t really know what the city has to offer outside of Wal-Mart really,” she said with a laugh.

At this he looked at her. He couldn’t believe that no one had taken her partying or out into the city. He then remembered Reed and with that he asked, “You never went out with Reed or even by yourself?”

“Reed was only here a week and during that time we rented that apartment and I was getting settled into school. That took up like four days of his visit. We went to dinner one night and saw a movie, but that is mostly it. He drove and the place we went was next to the Wal-Mart. I haven’t done much on my own and no one has offered to take me anywhere other than a dorm room, accept you. Other than that, I’ve kept busy with my studies and the station,” she stated.

You poor thing, he thought. Then dorm room hit him and he laughed, “A dorm room?”

She laughed too, “Yeah, there’s this guy in my English comp class that keeps offering me a good time if I would just come to his dorm room. I told him no, but he is persistent.”

“What’s his name, maybe I know him,” he asked her?

“Jon Becker, I think he plays football or something.”

“Becker,” Michael hissed, “That asshole, stay away from him. I have heard that he is really rough with the girls and I am not talking BDSM.”

She laughed, “You sound jealous, Michael.”

Before she could go on, he gave her a grave look, “Don’t make that mistake. I am not jealous. I know him for what he is. If you like guys like that, like your Neil, than by all means have at it. I have seen how he treats girls first hand. When I said rough I meant that he beats up on girls. He is also known for getting them drunk and taking advantage of them,” he told her in a harsh voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you,” she said in a low voice and then looked away to the window.

Shit he blew it again. Gentle you fool he chastised himself again. He reached over and stroked her arm, “Silk, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. I am not mad at you, or offended and I am not jealous either. Not of Becker anyway. I was just informing you, trying to protect you and through you, your girlfriends. He really is a bad guy.” When she looked back at him, he stroked her cheek with a finger, “You sort of scared me too. The thought flashed through my mind that you could have actually went out with that asshole and been hurt by him. Even if you hadn’t shared yourself and your body with me I would want to protect you from him.”

She looked at him and felt love from his eyes. She really liked his eyes they were so expressive. His hand was still stroking her cheek so turned he face a little and kissed his fingers.

“Am I forgiven, little one?”

She smiled and said, “There was nothing to forgive.” That was all she would say.

They pulled up to a shop in the middle of a tree-lined street and Michael stopped the car, killed the engine and set the brake. She looked at the shop front. Madame’s Fine Lingerie Emporium it read. If she were to judge the shop by its front she would have to say that it was elegant and expensive. She wondered what she would find inside.

Opening the door, Michael said, “Come on, let’s go have a ball.”

She got out and came around the front of the car. Michael was waiting there with his hand out to her. She took and they both headed towards the entrance. Once inside a lady at the door greeted them warmly.

“Welcome to Madame’s Fine Lingerie Emporium. A saleswoman will be here to help you out shortly. If I may have your coats, I’ll hang them up right here and then you can be on your way,” she said as she held out her hand.

Michael helped her out of her coat and then took his off and handed both to the lady. “Is Madame herself available to help us?” He asked of the lady.

“She is very busy, but I can check for you,” the lady said in a slightly condescending tone as she picked up the phone.

“You do that and tell her Michael St. Paul is the one asking,” He said with his nose in the air.

The lady paled at the recognition of his name and made the call is a nervous voice. She talked for minute and then hung up and looked at them with a new light in her eyes. “Madame will be with you shortly. Please have a seat,” she said and indicated the settee to their left.

They took the offered seat and waited for Madame. Silk wondered at the way the lady acted when Michael mentioned his last name. Maybe she ought to find out just who Michael St. Paul really was.

“Michael why did she act like over your name?” She decided to ask him right now.

Looking at her, he saw she was really clueless about him. “My family is very rich. I told you that,” he told her.

“Like how rich are we talking here? Filthy or what,” she asked.

“Obscenely so. The St. Paul’s are like obscene rich. Didn’t you know that,” he asked searching for face.

“Oh,” was all she could say.

Reed’s family was rich, but not like that. Also Reeds parents had died and left it all to Reed, but he did come into his total majority till his twenty-fifth birthday. For now he lived on a couple trust funds that left him about $10000 a month. She wondered want Michael’s trust funds looked like. Before she could think on it, Madame showed up.

“Sir Michael, how nice to see you again. It has been forever since you have graced my humble shop.” Madame said with a bow.

This caused Michael to laugh out loud, “Humble my foot wench,” ha said, “I’ve seen your prices, and you are being modest in your description. Extravagant would be a better word, but anyway, how have you been?”

This caused Madame to laugh too. “I have been good and business has too,” she began as she turned to Silk and gasped out loud. “Who is this lovely creature?

“Allow me to introduce you Madame. This,” he said gesturing to Silk, “Is my new slave, Silk. She needs to be outfitted in the finest slave wear. I checked her wardrobe and she hasn’t a decent thing to wear that comes close to my fine standards for my slaves. So she is at your mercy, Madame.”

“Well then, shall we head this way,” she said directing them through the curtain and out on the showroom floor.

Immediately Silk saw that she was right, it was glamorous and expensive. How expensive she would soon see. They were led through another curtain into a large fitting room that had a couch inside. Michael took a seat quickly and Madame went through the curtain at the back of the room.

As Madame walked away, she called back over she shoulder, “Have her disrobe to only her panties, Sir Michael.”

Silk looked to Michael and asked, “Sir Michael? Is she a slave also?”

“She used to be. Now she is what we call switch. She does whatever strikes she fantasy on that given day. Now you heard her, strip,” he told her with a laugh.

Not really being shy about her body she did as asked. Something Michael didn’t know about her, was she was raised as a nudist. Both of her parents belonged to colonies. They had also taken their children along so nudity was nothing new to Silk. As she disrobed, she gave her stuff to Michael and noticed that he folded it as she handed him each piece. Once she was naked except her little lace panties, a young woman came in with a measuring tape and took her measurements then left the same way that Madame had gone. A few minutes later, Madame came back in the room carrying an armful of clothes and handed her a lace robe.

“Here, it gets chilly in here sometimes,” she told Silk. As Silk turned to put on the robe, Madame saw the new tat on her back and said to Michael, “Can we rub that stuff off or into that tat while she tries on clothes. That stuff may stain the clothing.”

Silk looked to Michael for the answer since he was the expert when it came to tattoos.

“I don’t see why not. Grab a tissue from over there Silk and bring it to me and I’ll clean you off. I should have though of that myself,” he said to them both.

She retrieved a tissue and brought it to him. Then she turned and dropped the robe to her buttocks. As he wiped off the ointment she gave a low moan. Damn it was sensitive.

Michael liked the moan and smiled when he saw that Madame had heard her too and knew what had caused Silk to moan. He gave a wink to Madame and she gave him a knowing smile in return.

“Okay, darling. Let’s try on some of these lovely outfits that I have brought for you. I think these will look the best on you,” Madame told her as she held out a scrap of fabric the color of cream.

Silk took it and figured out how to put it on. It turned out to be a baby doll night that was so sheer it was almost invisible. She looked to Michael for approval and he gave a nod of his head.

Once she had it on, Madame came up and checked to see if it fit well across the chest. Silk then noticed that the young woman had returned and with her a cart full of stuff. Madame said something to the young woman who Silk realized was an assistant and the assistant nodded in agreement and then reached to help Silk out of the outfit. Once it was off, she placed it in a basket the side of the cart. Madame then handed Silk another outfit.

This one was a light blue and just as transparent. Silk again figured out how to put it on, it was another sort of baby doll. She then turned and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. It was very pretty, but she thought it looked too pale with her dark hair and fair skin. Finally she turned to Michael. He nodded again.

“Michael I know you like light colors the best, but I look better in bright ones. These wash me out,” she told him.

Madame came to her defense, “She is correct, Sir. This one belongs in brighter colors with her pale skin and dark hair. She is like a china doll. These outfits will just wash her loveliness out.”

He gave this some thought. He actually agreed with them after seeing her in both of the pale colored outfits, but it went against the grain. His slaves always wore submissive colors. Then it occurred to him. He had never seen a slave that looked like Silk. Most were so bold looking without clothes that pale submissive colors looks good on them. If he had saw Silk without the submissive look on her face, he would have guessed she was a Dominatrix anyway. With that thought, he said with a dismissive wave of his hand, “Fine, brighter colors it is, get rid of this pale crap, but I still must approve it.”

Madame gave a laugh and started to leave with her assistant to get more stuff for Silk to try.

“Wait, I liked that first one. You will wear it so keep in the basket Madame,” he ordered.

“Yes Sir,” Madame twittered as she swept from the room.

With in a few minutes, Madame was back with a new armful of clothes, these in bolder colors. She handed the first to Silk to try on. This one was a bright blue baby doll. Once she had it on, she turned to Michael.

Michael gave a low whistle and was glad that he had agreed with them about the colors. Bolder were most assuredly better on Silk.

The processes went on for about thirty minutes and she felt that she had went through a about a hundred outfits, most of which Michael approved of. Finally they seemed to have run out of things for her to try on. Silk was glad. She felt as if she had tried everything in the store on. Finally Madame told her to put her robe back on.

“Next we will go into the other room and find some shoes and a few robes to go with your stuff,” Madame suggested.

“Okay, that would be fine. I don’t have to approve that. Silk can buy whatever type of shoe she likes. I want her to be comfortable in them. As for the robes I leave them in your capable hands Madame,” Michael told them.

Madame told her to put her street clothes back on and when she was dressed, Madame led her to the next room and Michael followed them. Madame led her to a large rack of shoes and told her to take her pick. She began choosing a few and trying them on. She heard Michael talking again to Madame.

“Do you have a computer attached to the Internet and a printer?” He asked Madame.

“Yes, its over here,” Madame told him and led him over to the register area. After setting him up with the computer, she came back over to Silk and began to help her with the shoes.

Silk had set aside about four pairs when she came back. Madame nodded her approval and handed Silk another pair that was low heeled and laced up the legs. They were white.

“These will look divine with most of the stuff you picked out. You have the legs for them.”

Madame then added a pair that would look good with the harem girl outfit that Michael had really liked. While they finished looking at shoes, the assistant came over with an armful of robes in various colors and fabrics. Madame went through them and gave the assistant back the ones she didn’t like. The assistant took them away as Michael came over holding a few sheets of paper.

“Thank you Madame for the use of your computer and printer. How are we doing here ladies,” he said nodding to the pile of shoes that had amassed between the two women.

“We are pretty much done, unless you see something that strikes your fancy and you are most welcome for the other,” Madame told him.

Turning towards the register, he said, “Nope you have handled it well my pets,” he said as he walked away. “Shall we conclude this visit, Silk and I have more shopping to attend to.”

The assistant and Madame hurried to the counter with the stuff and Silk followed a little behind, feeling like a whirlwind had just swept her off her feet. As she came to the counter, she saw Michael pull out his credit card and the thought occurred to her that she had no idea what this stuff costs. Probably a mint, then she saw the total and gasped.

“Michael you can’t be serious. That is over a thousand dollars,” she whispered to him.

“So,” was all he would say and gave his card to Madame.

Madame ran it through the card reader and then waited for the receipt to print. When it printed, she handed it to Michael for his signature and placed the extra copy in one of the bags. After Michael handed her back the signed copy she clapped her hands and a young man or rather a boy really, appeared from yet another curtain.

“Please help Sir Michael get his purchases to his car Sean,” she ordered the boy.

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