Learning The Moves

Learning The Moves

I was in my bedroom putting the laundry away when the song "Smooth" came on the radio. I immediately turned it up; it was one of my favorite songs of the moment and it just made me want to dance. Nobody was around or else I wouldn’t have done it, I’m way too self-conscious usually.

So anyway, I totally fell into the music; dancing and getting myself worked up. Hell, I was practically getting turned on just dancing by myself. If I do say so myself, I danced pretty well. I just know I would never be ale to do anything like that in a club. It was so… sexual. I ran my hands over my body and was seconds away from just taking my shirt off. When the song was over the DJ started talking ad I heard someone start clapping. I jumped and turned around to see Paul standing there with the biggest grin on his face. I picked up one of the shirts from the laundry and threw it at him. "Freak!"
"Hey! What? You put on a good show." He said, catching the shirt.

"How long have you been standing there, anyway?"

"Well, most of the song. I came up to ask you to turn it down, then changed my mind when I saw you. You really are quite good." He walked over to me and put his arms around my waist. "How come you’ve never danced like that for me before?"

"I don’t know… you never asked." I kissed him. "Would you like me to do a dance for you sometime?" I whispered in his ear provocatively, rubbing my left leg softly between his legs.

"Oh god yes." His hands were assaulting my body suddenly, and his breathing turned slightly heavy. I think my dancing really did turn him on!

"So what song do you want me to dance to?"

"Mmm. I really loved the way you were moving to Smooth. Could you possibly," he whispered, kneading my breast through my shirt, "do that for me?"

"Anything you want, baby. Grab a seat, I’ll get the CD."

Paul pulled a chair from the corner of the room into the center, closer to me. I put in the disc, flipped to track 5, and pushed "play" and "pause." I turned around to him and told him to sit down. He did, and I told him to get comfortable, I’d be back in two seconds.

I went to my dresser and his eyes followed, wondering what I was planning.

"Close your eyes!" I said as I pulled something out and headed to the bathroom. In there I closed the door and looked in the mirror. I pulled my shirt off over my head, then undid my bra and slid it off down my arms. Then I put the other shirt on. It was a tight, short sleeved; cranberry colored button down little thing that ended about an inch above my navel. I knew it drove Paul wild, what was the reason I bought it in the first place. I smiled at myself in the mirror then went back into the bedroom.

"Oh my. You look so incredibly sexy right now, baby. You know, we could just skip the dance-"

"No way! The fun has barely started. Now promise me you’ll let me do this my way. Just sit back and enjoy the show, ok?"

"Promise." We kissed briefly before I went to turn the song on. With one final thought I pushed "repeat" then "play" again.

I heard the unmistakable drums that started out the song, and as the guitar chords filled the room I started dancing. I turned around to face Paul and he was jus sitting there watching me intently, his lips parted slightly.

As Rob Thomas started singing I changed a bit and danced more to the lyrics than anything else. I moved so I was directly in front of him and closed my eyes. As I got more into it, and the chorus came on, I let my hands become his, touching me how he loves to. I played with my breasts through my shirt and was thoroughly enjoying this idea of dancing for him. Once I felt confident enough, I took two steps forward so my legs rested on either side of his chair and leaned forward and placed my right hand on the back of the chair. I never stopped "dancing" until then, when I stopped long enough to kiss him passionately. His tongue invaded past my lips and explored eagerly. I pulled away mid-kiss. He started to say something, but I put a finger to his lips to stop him. I then performed the first lap dance of my life. I think it turned me on as much as him! I could feel he was already pretty hard as I started grinding my pussy against his crotch. His hands held me at the waist as I danced with him. With my left hand I unbuttoned my shirt slowly revealing my silky breasts. I leaned forward so my breasts were just inches from his face.

Taking advantage of that, his hand moved from my waist to my breast as he leaned forward and licked my nipple then sucked it into his mouth. I moaned softly and forgot about the dancing as he bit down playfully.

"Shit, where was I?" I asked jokingly as I pulled away from him.

"You were about to lead me over to our bed."

"Liar!" I laughed.

We fell silent and I started dancing again for him.

"Oh god, Hon, you keep that up and I’m gonna cum before anything happens." He panted.

I took the hint. I stopped dancing but remained on top of him. I removed his arms from around me and intertwined our fingers as I held them high in the air. I let go and in one swift movement his shirt was off him and on the floor.

I again took hold on his hands but this time encouraged him to stand up. I then kissed and licked my way down to his stomach, then after unbuttoning and dropping his pants, further still until I reached the base of his penis. He wasn’t wearing any underwear today.

I grabbed the shaft with one hand and kissed the swollen cockhead, parting my lips and licking the precum off. I took the whole head in my mouth and started sucking and licking in a circular motion while stroking the shaft with my hand. He moaned and grabbed my head with his hands, trying to thrust more of him into my mouth. I looked up at him and his eyes were focused on me. I didn’t stay at his cock long, though. I wanted that man inside me. I stood up again and pressed myself against his chest. We kissed as his hands unbuttoned my shorts and slipped them off. His hand reached between my legs and started stroking me through the material of my panties. The kiss ended and he pulled my panties down my legs. He knelt down and held his hand out for me to join him. I went down on my knees and again we kissed. He pulled me towards him and crushed my body against his. Somehow we ended up rolling around on the carpet. He was about to enter me when I stopped him.

"Rug Burn" I panted, not wanting to explain any further. He rolled off me and quickly grabbed the comforter from the bed and threw it to the floor. We moved over there and continued. He climbed on top of me and I grabbed his cock, easing it inside me. He moaned as I did this and started sucking on my neck. He just stayed there fully inside me for a second, sucking on my neck, kneading my left breast. He started thrusting slowly at first, then built up speed. He slammed into me over and over again; I loved every minute of it.

I writhed under him in orgasm, crying out his name. He just kept right on going sending me into another orgasm, not letting me calm down from the first one. My nails dug into his back as I held onto him. I wrapped my legs around him and matched him thrust for thrust, trying to get him as deep as possible inside me. A third more intense orgasm overcame my body before he came, slamming into me and grunting something incomprehensible. My body kept shaking as he thrust softer another few times before collapsing on top of me, spent. I just closed my eyes and waited for the effects of the orgasm to wear off before moving. He rolled off of me onto his side and kissed me softly after regaining some strength. Then he pulled my body towards him and onto my side, away from him. We spooned, he sucked on my neck for a little while, and I said softly to myself, "We’ll have to try that again sometime," before dozing off to sleep, exhausted. The sounds of Rob singing "or else forget about it" once again could be heard in the room.

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