Little Rock Chocolate

Little Rock Chocolate

Rebecca was starting to take piano lessons from a teacher
near her home in Little Rock, AR. She was young enough that
she could not reach the foot peddles on a full sized piano. As
much as her mother wanted her to learn the classics Rebecca
was drawn to the sound of ragtime music. When she heard the
sound a piano being played in the gallery of an enclose
shopping mall and was drawn to the joyous sound. She had
never heard the tunes of Scott Joplin before so she followed the
sound through the court until she found the source of this

In the middle of a food court surrounded by planters
filled with green plants and bright flowers sat an upright piano.
Seated at the bench was a heavyset black woman playing with
carefree abandon. Rebecca stood by the corner of the piano
absorbed by the sound of the music. She felt every tempo
change and was thrilled at the bright and airy sound.

When the woman finished playing a number she gave the
slender girl with blonde hair a warm smile. "Do you like the
music Honey Child?" She asked. Rebecca said that she loved
the music. And the women chuckled with a warm laugh of a
happy woman. She asked if Rebecca played the piano and
Rebecca told her that she was taking lessons.

The woman asked if she could read music. Rebecca
looked at the sheet music and saw that she could read it and
said that she could. The woman scooted her bench back and
invited the girl to play.

Rebecca stepped between her legs and started tentatively
fingering the keys. The woman used her left hand to play the
rhythm and set the tempo for Rebecca to follow. Slowly
Rebecca picked up the tempo but stumbled on some passages.

When the girl asked where she could learn to play this
music the woman gave her a business card. Ruth Ivy the card
announced was a piano teacher followed by a Little Rock,
address and a phone number.

Rebecca was thrilled and ran looking for her mother. Of
course her mother was not happy about her daughter wanting to
learn such crass music. But she did spoil Rebecca and gave in
to the idea of letting her learn the music two days a week.

Her mother called Ruth and made arrangement that
would be satisfactory for both of them. For the first scheduled
lesson Rebecca's mother took her to Ruth's home and watched
her teach her daughter. She didn't like the sound of the music.
She found it grading on her ears. Soon she found it easier to
just drop her off and go shopping for a couple of hours before
returning to pick Rebecca up.

Ruth was a very dark black woman with a robust figure.
Her breasts were an F-cup and her behind matched. When she
smiled she showed two rows of perfect white teeth set in bright
pink gums. The woman truly enjoyed playing the music of
Scott Joplin. She told Rebecca that he wrote his music while
playing in an St Louis MO whorehouse. The look on the
child's face told her that she had no idea what a whorehouse
was so she took it upon herself to explain to Rebecca what it
was that happened in those places.

This newfound knowledge filled the child with food for
thought. When she was home alone she began to think about
the physical workings of sex and experimented briefly by
touching herself between her legs. In her home you would
never conclude that there was such a thing as sex. Her parents
slept in separate bedrooms. Her mother never permitted herself
to be kissed on the lips for fear it might smudge her lipstick. To
her mind her daddy was much too nice a man to ever do the
dirty things that Ruth told her about.

Eventually Rebecca was allowed to take the bus to visit
Ruth. She rode it so much that the regular riders all knew her.
She carried a practice keyboard with her and as some of the
riders were musicians and they would have a little jam session
on the back of the bus on her way to Ruth's.

Ruth's home was a pleasant mixture of smells. The
woman loved to cook. She soaked beans overnight in salt
water. She made a habit of getting up at 5 AM every day to
start simmering beef or chicken stock for the soup she made
every day. The list of soups she made included: rice, lentil,
Navy bean, split pea, French onion, carrot, minestrone and on
hot days a Mexican gazpacho. She baked sourdough bread,
Irish bread and even braided bread that she gave an egg wash
and sprinkled with caraway or sesame seeds on. She made her
own pretzels. When she made pies you could tell the filling by
the way she use a knife or fork to perforate the crust. Rebecca
loved to be invited to eat at Ruth's home and found ways to
visit her all the time. Then it was back to learning to play the
jazz piano.

After Rebecca learned the basic style she quickly learned
to play many of the Joplin pieces. Then she was taught the other
styles of jazz. The New Orleans style was fun too. She became
proficient in Memphis, Chicago, New York and West Coast
along with what is considered to be a Big Band style.

Ruth was a very emotional person when Rebecca learned
to play a song with the right tempo Ruth would hug and
squeeze her to her big soft breasts. Rebecca found her a joy to
be around and she sought out reasons to spend time with Ruth
She loved it when Ruth stood behind her and stroked her
shoulders and complementing her on what a natural ear she had
for jazz. On one of these days as Ruth was standing behind
Rebecca; in her excitement at the way she played her massive
breasts fell out of the top of her dress. Rebecca turned around
and found that she was looking directly at the large dark
chocolate colored areola. For reasons she could not understand
she could not resist opening her lips and taking it into her
mouth even before Ruth could react.

Ruth's first instinct was to stuff her breast back into her
dress but when the child claimed her nipple she placed her hand
on the back of her head and stroked her golden hair. Rebecca
put her arms around her wide hips and clung to her as she
suckled on the nipple. Ruth stroked the back of the child and
enjoyed the feeling of her warm wet mouth on her skin.

Ruth asked her if she was sure she wanted to do what she
was doing? Rebecca looked up at her with big blue eyes and
said she loved her so much. Ruth practically smothered
Rebecca as she pulled her tightly against her big breasts. Then
she pulled her to her feet and led her to her bedroom.

As Ruth sat on the bed she pulled Rebecca between her
legs and asked her one more time if she really wanted to take
this any farther? Rebecca nodded her head in the affirmative
and clung to Ruth in the best bear hug she could manage.

Ruth kissed her on the cheek and slowly ran her hands all
over her body. She sat back and unbuttoned her simple cotton
dress and pulled it down to her waist. She reached behind her
back and unhooked her bra and pulled her straps off her
shoulders one arm at a time allowing the huge mounds of flesh
to fall free.

Rebecca could not take her eyes off the massive breasts.
As dark as her skin was her areolas were even darker and the
nipples looked as large as sewing thimbles. She could not resist
placing both her hands on the two orbs the size of diamond
backed watermelons. They were soft as pillows and as smooth
as silk. When she leaned forward to take one of her nipples
into her mouth Ruth gathered her up in her arms and sat
Rebecca on her lap. She positioned the child on her large left
thigh so she could suck on Ruth's right tit. Then she placed her
right hand on Rebecca's right inner thigh below the hemline of
the dress and stroked the soft flesh.

Rebecca almost wet her pants as the hand worked its way
slowly up the leg and touched the moist crotch of the white
panties. The material felt slippery to the touch. Much to her
delight the woman's fingers slipped under the leg band and
sought out her little clam. She stroked the slit gently causing it
to become slippery as the girl secreted juices in a newly
awakened excitement that she did not understand. The index
finger found the little pea sized clit and gently touched and
stroked it. Rebecca thought she was going to pee and tried
desperately to hold it as long as she could.

When she could withstand the feeling no longer she let it
go, she was surprised that a flood of tingling feeling ran
through her body and that no pee came out of her. She was
short of breath and her body was as limber as a rag doll. She
lay on the big breasts and closed her eyes. She could have
fallen asleep if it were not for Ruth's need to fulfill her own
sexual desire.

She sat the girl on the bed and then stood before her as
she remover the rest of her clothes. Facing the child, Rebecca
so could see everything that was taking place.

She used her toes to remove her comfortable shoes. The
dress fell to the floor around her feet. All she had on was the
panties thin from many years of washings. She had been in
these panties all day and the elastic in the crease of her legs
were coated with the yellowish collections of sweat and skin
cells forming a scum of slippery and smelly substance. The
crotch was wet from lubricant she had secreted in her sexual
desire for this sweet child.

She had to rest one hand on the side of the bed as she
used the other hand to pull her panties down and step out of
them. As she bent over her breasts swung like clock
pendulums. Rebecca watched fascinated at the sight of the
crotch of the first black woman she had ever seen.

The hairs were tightly curled. Some had broken off and
were clinging to the inside of the panties like watch springs. As
she stood up with her legs spread Rebecca saw her labia
protruding beyond her crack. The flesh was as pink as that in
her own cunny. Rebecca could not resist reaching out and
touching the pubis. The hair felt surprisingly soft. After
rubbing the moist flesh she pulled her hand back and smelled
her fingers. They were covered with the mixed aroma of her
cheep perfume and the smell of her juice. Rebecca found the
smell stimulating and it made her pussy wetter.

Ruth turned around and bent over to pick up her clothes
and place them on a chair in front of her dresser. Of course as
she did so the child could also see her ample buttocks. The
cheeks spread as she bent over and Rebecca saw the dark skin
of her sphincter ringed by the black hair and the pink skin of
her inner bowel lining. She froze in place when the child
reached out touched her asshole.

The girl stroked the moist valley in an act of childish
curiosity and lightly probed the puckered hole before her.
When she smelled her fingers afterwards she found the smell
not at all unpleasant. Ruth gave her all the time she wanted
before she stood up and sat down on the bed next to Rebecca.

Now it was time for her to undress Rebecca. She took
her shoes off and stuffed her socks in the shoes and placed them
by the bed. Then she stood her on her feet as she unbuttoned
the back of her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. She held
on to Rebecca as she stepped out of the dress. When she had
tossed it onto the chair she pulled the straps of the slip off the
shoulders and tossed it onto the chair too.

She admired the smooth skin of her student. The only
marks on it were a few brown moles and a white scar on her
knees and elbows where she had fallen while she was learning
to roller skate as a younger child. Her body looked like a boy's.
The only give away that she was female was the lack of a bulge
in her panties. The material was even stuck between her crack.
Ruth could not resist feeling the girl's body. When her fingers
touched the little nipples the girl shivered like she was cold.

Ruth used both hands to stretch the waistband of the
panties and pull them down. As she leaned forward to drag
them down the slender legs her face was close enough to the
vagina to smell the fragrance of the girl's pussy and the hint of
urine. Rebecca had to place her hand on the woman's strong
back as she lifted one leg at a time.

What an unlikely pair they made. A large, middle aged,
dark skinned Negro woman and a skinny, pale skinned
Caucasian child. The contrast was striking but to them it
seemed to make no difference what so ever.

When the girl was naked she followed Ruth's directions
and knelt between the large thighs. Then she placed her hands
on them and moved then aside until her face was close enough
to fell the heat. She parted the labia and used her finger to play
with the large pink clit she found there. What a curious looking
nub it was, it was semi hidden under its hood of pink flesh.
With the labia parted this way she saw for the first time the
urethra of a female, and the cavity of a woman's vagina. She
wanted to find out how deep the hole was and she stuck the
index finger of her free hand into it. To her surprise and delight
the hole seemed bottomless. Then she was inspired to see how
many fingers she could stuff into the opening. With Ruth's
blessing she found out that she could fit her entire hand into the
canal without much trouble. She felt the lining of the warm
cunt on her wrist and thought it felt like a slippery corrugated
hose. An extremely excited Ruth took the girl by her forearm
and showed her how to fist fuck her cunt. Her fat body
quivered and shook with delight and she wrapped her legs
around Rebecca's body and squeezed the breath out of her as
she climaxed.

When she recovered she gathered the girl into her arms
and laid her on the bed so that she could continue making love
to her. She started kissing Rebecca's body all over and telling
her how much she enjoyed what Rebecca had just done to her.
Rebecca was a little shocked when Ruth moved between her
legs and started sucking on her pussy and tongue fucking her
little clit. She spread her legs as wide as possible and trusted
her eager cunt on the older woman's talented tongue. Her
young body trembled and squirmed as that special feeling built
inside her. This second orgasm was not as big a shock to her
but it certainly took her breath away. She lovingly stroked
Ruth's hair and professed her love for her as she came down
from her sexual high.

Rebecca continued her piano and sexual lessons from
Ruth for several years. Ruth even introduced her to another of
her students. She was black teenager that was seventeen. This
girl was a light cream and coffee colored skinned girl. Her hair
was slightly bleached so that her brown hair had some copper
colored highlights. She loved to spend hours-kissing Rebecca.
The three of them found more ways to have a three-way than
Rebecca thought possible.

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