Loving Her

Loving Her

I walked down the hall of our school watching her walk. Her ass jiggled slightely, just enough to tease me though. I watched teh way her boobs bounvced. Boys watched as she walked but I was the only girl. Nobody knew I was lesbian, yet.

When I got home I watched ehr walk to my brother's room. Her hair shined as though she was an angel. And she was, if you considred being a virgin an angel.

The door shut behind ehr with a loud creak. Nobody was home except for bro and me, and Partrica, the girl. But my brother didn't know I was home. I kneeled at the. I heard my brother say, "C'mon Pat, let's have some fun!" Patrica shouted no and I heard someone struggling. I heard her shirt rip and a latch being undone. She started crying. I knew my bro and i knew he was sucking on her nipples. Hemoaned in lust. I couldn't take it. I knewe he was gonna rape her. I opened the door to see him tugging down her skirt. he was holding her flat so her DD 36 breasts fell out to the sides. He gasped as I punched him in the face. I led Patrica to my room.

"God, none oif my bras are gonna fit ya!" I mummbled loudly.
"Got any sports bras?" She asked.
"No, I left it in my gym locker."
"Um, Gloria(me), are you a lesbian?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Cuz I am."

I jumped up and locked the door. I softly said, "Wanna, ya know?" Shje nodded and I jumped onto my bed, She climbed on and sat on top of me. She put her lips to mine and slipped ehr tounge inbetween my lips. I opened my mouth to her and my tounge greeted hers. I reached down and grabbed a nipple. I twisted it and played with it, rolling it around in my hand. Soft moans echoed through my mouth. Patricia reached down and took off my hand. She peeled back and sat up. I was confused but I under stood why. She took off my shirt and unlatched my bra. My boobs merrily greeted her eyes. She got on her knees so, beforeshe could move, I pushed my foot up and pulled down her underwear with my toes. I shoved my big toe um her clit. She moaned.

I heard a soft knock. I got to my knees and looked out the keyhole. It was my brother. "Please let me in!" He pleaded, "I wanna watch!" I looked over at Pat and she shook her head. I said no and walked back to the bead. I sat crossed legged and eat her pussy, my tounge shooting in and out of her steamy pussy.

Suddenly I heard my broither's car pull away. I took Pat's hand and led her to my bathroom. I pushed her in the shower and I turned on the steamy water. I grrabbed the soap as I turned her around. I lathered up the soap and began rubbing. When I got to her sweet ass I shoved the bar up, a soft moan arising her lips. She did teh same to me and the shower was done. I heard my parents car pull up " Fuck!" I screamed becasue I heard my brother's pull up after. How did he know wheere the hell they were!

~To be continued~

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