Master Harry Part 1

Master Harry Part 1

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Kajira boarded the Hogwart’s Express with all the other students. They all spoke in their snooty English accents and this grated on her nerves immensely. Being Irish and from America she was twice at odds with the English. It didn’t help matters either that she didn’t want to go to Hogwarts. She had been perfectly happy in her wizard school in America. This however was of no matter to her guardian.

In the middle of her fifth year, her parents had gotten themselves killed on some mission for the Ministry of Magic. Unbeknownst to Kajira, her parents had assigned her a guardian so that she would be taken care of in the event of their death. So now she not only had to move to England but she had to switch schools also. She was not even in control of her money anymore. Before their untimely death, her parents gave her a grossly large allowance each month to spend as she saw fit. Now her guardian controlled her spending but he cut her allowance by half. He said she didn’t need all the things she bought especially since Hogwarts would not allow her to wear the clothing she bought. It seems that they have their own uniforms. Her guardian informed her that Hogwarts was a strict school nothing like the lazy American school she had attended before.

After going over her wardrobe he also informed her that the clothing she wore was much too slutty for Hogwarts. He then took her to Diagon Alley to purchase the things that she would need for school. There he bought her enough uniforms to last the year. Included in these uniforms was something she was finally familiar with. The school robes where just like the ones that she had worn in America except these where black, that she could deal with. While her guardian shopped, she noticed many other students with their parents and this made her sad. She really missed her parents.

She also missed America and her life there. In America she had been free to do what she liked since her parents were away most of the time. Ministry business they told her, she didn’t press since they never asked her what she did with her time while they were away. Since her time was her own, she made the most of it. While she always studied hard and earned good grades, she also learned other things that didn’t necessarily include magic. In America, young witches and wizards didn’t attend wizard school until they were 13 so by her fifth year she was 17 and her interests also included sex as most kids her age where inclined to think about.

Kajira was very attractive and shapely. This she knew because men and boys alike told her this often and her own mirror helped to confirm this fact. With waist length red hair and emerald green eyes, her perfect body added sex appeal to the total package. She knew that dressed as she usually did in America, she was considered very sexy. Slutty in fact, and she used this to the full advantage when it came to getting what she wanted sexually. Knowledge of potions helped also. She scored the highest in her potions class. Armed with this knowledge, there wasn’t a man she couldn’t have.

Now however, she was so frustrated from having gone without since she came to England at the end of last term. She masturbated regularly but this was not much of a substitute for what she had been used to. Back home and at school she could have her pick of any male she wanted. She was used to getting sex at regularly and this going without was tearing her apart. If she didn’t get laid soon she was going to scream.

Once they returned home from shopping, Kajira took her new clothing up to her room to make some alterations. She liked the idea of wearing the little schoolgirl type uniforms but thought the skirt could be just a bit shorter. Knowing her robes would cover them mostly; she shortened them so that if they were seen, the looker would get a glimpse of her thighs, which would be incased in stockings. Finally with the task done she packed her stuff for the trip.

In her trunk, she added the things that every witch or wizard needed. Things like books, wands, scrolls, quills and other such things. Next she added her new robes and uniforms, keeping one set out to change into on the train. She was glad that she would not have to wear it to meet the train because she was certain that her guardian would throw a fit. Finally she added her personal items. As she added these final items she thought long and hard on how to make the shirt sexy but without altering it, she was at a loss as how to fix it to her liking. Finally she got an idea.

Using a potion, she shrunk all the shirts just enough so that when she wore them, they would be tight against her abundant breasts. With the top two buttons undone, people were sure to get a nice view of her cleavage also. With this done, she wanted to see the final product, so after locking the door, she tried on the skirt and shirt. Adding black thigh-high stockings, a thong and her favorite boots to the mix, she surveyed herself in the full-length mirror. Turning this and that way, she bent over to see if the skirt would give a teasing view. With a low whistle she was happy with the results. Finally everything was packed back in her trunk.

Finally the time had come to leave for the train. Grabbing her trunk and broom, she followed him out of the house. When they arrived at the station, he told her that things weren’t so bad, and to help cheer her up he gave her a gift. He asked her to unwrap it on the train.

Once her trunk was settled with the porter, she waved good-bye and boarded the train with her bag and the large box her guardian had given her. She was one of the first to board so she found and empty compartment right away and settle herself for the ride to Hogwarts. She sat and watched out the window for a while watching the other students. Some were goofing off with each other and some were kissing parents good-bye. This made her want to cry. Finally she noticed several good-looking guys. Maybe things would not be so bad she thought. Did the English like naughty sex? She remembered reading this in a book somewhere once. Well maybe things might just be looking up.

Finally the train pulled out of the station. She watched from the window as the city swept by. Finally a thump from the box at her side got her attention. Before she could investigate, the door to her compartment opened and two boys and a girl were standing there starring at her. The girl was in front and spoke first.

“Umm, hullo,” the girl said. “Do you mind if we share this compartment with you? All the others are full.”

Not really wanting company she shrugged. Then she saw that the boys were cute and changed her mind, “Sure. The more the merrier.”

They all piled in and sat their stuff down. The red haired boy sat down with the girl and the black haired boy gave her a look of apology before taking a seat next to the box.

“Hi, I’m Ron,” the red haired boy said and stuck out his hand, “This is Hermione,” pointing to the girl, “And he’s Harry,” pointing to the black haired boy next to her.

Smiling at Harry, she said, “I’m Kajira.” Before she could add more the box began thumping again.

Jumping to his feet, Harry exclaimed, “What have you got in there?”

“Well actually I don’t know. It’s a gift from my guardian. I haven’t got a chance to open it yet,” she told him.

The box thumped again causing Ron to say, “Well, looks like you better open it before it opens itself.”

Grabbing the box she tore into it to find a young black and orange cat. The cat climbed out of the box and into her arms. She looked at it and her heart melted. The cat looked like a Halloween cat causing her to say, “I think I’ll call her Spook.”

The cat meowed as if to say she agreed and the others laughed.

“Guess she likes her name,” Harry said.

Everyone laughed again and agreed. Hermione got up and released a ginger colored cat from a carrier that Kajira hadn’t noticed before. Then she sat back down and Kajira noticed that she was holding hands with Ron. So that’s how it was.

“Since we haven’t ever met you before and you don’t sound English, may we ask are you new?” Hermione finally asked.

Kajira explained her story and told them that she was from America. She told them all about her former life and school. As she talked a cart full of goodies came around and everyone ordered stuff. Harry offered her a chocolate frog and she gladly accepted it. As she reached for it their hands touched and she felt a spark of attraction. She looked up to see that Harry felt it too.

Finally Hermione jumped up and told the boys to leave the compartment to go change while she and Kajira changed also. She informed everyone that they were about an hour from the school. The boys left and while Hermione changed into her uniform and robes, Kajira sat and watched. Finally at Hermione’s insistence she changed into her uniform also. Before she could pull her robe on, Hermione turned and after a good look at her gasped.

“Oh my gosh, your skirt is so short. Did you get the wrong size or did it shrink?” Then she noticed the shirt, “Oh my, your shirt too. I don’t know if that will be allowed at Hogwarts.”

“So, I don’t care. I wear what I please.” Kajira informed her as she sat and pulled her boots back on.

After a short knock the boys reentered the compartment and both were laughing. They stopped short when they saw Kajira. Harry gave a low whistle and Ron’s jaw dropped. Hermione closed his mouth for him and pushed him down on the bench.

With a sexy smile, Kajira stood and asked, “Like it?”

Both boys blushed and stuttered a yes. This caused her to laugh. Hermione gave her a dark look.

“Really Kajira, they will not allow you to wear that at the school. You should really let me fix it for you,” Hermione offered.

Ron started to say that Hermione could fix anything, she knew all the spells but Kajira stopped him.

“No, I will wear what I please. I don’t care if they like it.” She stated punctuating it with a stomp of her foot.

“You wouldn’t dare,” came a familiar voice from the doorway.

Everyone turned to see Draco standing in the doorway. Kajira turned and gave this new comer a once over. While he was cute, he was a bit pale and small for her tastes.

With a cold glare and ice in her voice, she ended the argument, “I do dare, because it pleases me to do so.” With that said she took her seat and began placing her other clothing into her bag, simply ignoring the others.

“Get out of here Malfoy. Your not welcome,” Harry growled.

“Don’t worry Potter, I don’t what to soil myself by hanging out with a poor loser, a mudblood and an American whore. You sure can pick them Potter,” Draco said and turned to leave.

Hermione jumped up and slammed the door before Harry could pounce on him.

“Ahhh, Mione, why did you stop him. Harry would have beaten the slimy git to a bloody pulp.

Harry turned to see the affect that Malfoy’s words had on the new girl. He was surprised to see that she was largely unaffected. He decided to say something anyway, “Hey don’t take what he says to personal. He is always like that.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t. I don’t really care what he or anyone else thinks for that matter,” She told him in a matter of fact tone, “But what about you two. I assume he meant those comments for you guys,” She added pointing to Ron and Hermione.

Ron and Hermione both spoke at once, “No worry, we are used to it.”

With a big smile, she asked, “So which is which since I am pretty certain that I’m the American whore?”

Grinning also, Hermione said, “Mudblood here, guilty as charged.”

The four of them then all began to laugh so hard that tears came to their eyes. Finally as the train was pulling in to the Hogwarts station, they stopped and gathered up their stuff.

As they left the train, Harry asked, “What year are you?”

“Sixth year,” She told him.

Hermione thought that she looked to be their age so she asked, “How old are you?”

“17, I’ll be 18 on Halloween,” then when she saw the confusion she added, “In America, we don’t start wizard school till we are 13. So we are 19 when we finish. You started at 11 right?”

They all nodded their heads in unison as they went to find a carriage. Being the last ones off the train, they had to share with other students. Harry allowed Ron to go with Hermione and he found one to fit him and Kajira. Inside were a few third year Ravenclaw boys. When Kajira sat down her robe opened a bit and they were treated to a display of legs. Harry gave them a dirty look until they finally quit looking.

Seeing this and his reaction, Kajira leaned over and whispered in his ear, “There was no harm in them looking Harry. That’s why I wear them so short.”

Harry turned to look at her and saw a look of invite in her eyes. Was this for him, he wondered? Could she actually be coming on to him? He would have to find out.

Placing his arm on the back of the seat slightly behind her head, he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Remember we start younger here. Those boys are only 13.” Then he nipped her ear and placed a hand, unseen by the boys, on her thigh just at the hemline of her skirt that somehow had ridden up even higher.

The carriage stopped at the castle and the Ravenclaws jumped out in a hurry to avoid any more problems with Harry. Harry sat with his hand still on her thigh. Finally he mentioned that they were at the castle and it was time to get out.

His face was inches from hers when she turned her head. She could see the deep pools of green that were his eyes. Licking her lips, she smiled at him then leaned over and pressed her lips against his. To her surprise, Harry reached up and cupped her face and kissed her back, forcing her lips apart. With a moan, she kissed him back, allowing him to plunder her mouth.

Finally with a groan, he broke the kiss and they were both breathing hard. “We’ll finish later. We are expected in the Great Hall for the Sorting and Welcome Back Feast,” he told her as he got out of the carriage. He held a hand out to her to help her down. As they walked away, she didn’t release his hand, so hand in hand they walked over to where Ron and Hermione were waiting for them.

Hermione noticed they were holding hands first and alerted Ron to it as they walked up. They both smiled to the others thinking it was time Harry had someone. He deserved some happiness for once. They all entered the castle and went towards the Great Hall. Professor McGonagall was herding the first years to the front for Sorting. Everyone went to his or her table to watch the sorting.

Harry noticed that Kajira held back and wondered why. Then the thought occurred to him and he looked at her robe and saw that she didn’t have a house symbol on it yet. Being the gentleman, he led her up to the front where Professor McGonagall and the first years were.

“Yes Potter,” McGonagall said looking down her nose at the pair before her.

Harry leaned over and whispered, “This is Kajira and she is new but she is a sixth year so no one thought to take her with the first years for sorting.”

McGonagall looked at him for a moment then at her list. Surely he was wrong. Then she saw it on the bottom of the list. Kajira Wheaton from America, sort first. “Oh I see, I must have missed it and forgot to tell Hadrid. No problem. Step this way young lady.”

Kajira leaned over and whispered, “Thanks Harry. Oh what house are you in?”

“Gryffindor,” was all he said as he strode away.

As Harry took his seat he crossed his fingers. Please put her in Gryffindor.

Kajira follow the Professor up to the front of the room where all the first years stood waiting. She noticed that most of the Professors that sat that the table were old and one was even dead or a ghost anyway. Of the two that looked somewhat young Kajira could see that they were not the type to be swayed by her looks. One looked greasy and evil and the other looked rather haggard and worn out.

The Professor led her to a stool and indicated for her to sit. The Professor then went and retrieved a ratty old hat from the great table. When she brought it over to where Kajira sat the hat began to sing a little ditty. Kajira didn’t pay much attention. This was similar to the routine that all first years when through at her old school. Finally the hat was done singing and the Professor sat it on her head.

“Hmmm,” said the hat. “You’re from America.”

The hat was talking to her in her mind. She was somewhat surprised.

“Yes, is that a problem?” She asked the hat, immediately on the defense.

“No, no, not at all,” the hat told her. “Now, where to place you, let’s see, hmmm I see that you are a bit flashy and forward, a Ravenclaw trait, but I also see that you use your body to get what you want and that’s a Slytherin trait. Hmmm you’re a tough one.”

Before he could go on she said, “Please put me in Gryffindor.”

“Why Gryffindor? You might be just as happy in the other houses,” the hat replied.

“Harry is in Gryffindor,” was all she said.

“Harry Potter?” at her nod he went on, “So, you fancy our Harry. Well he does deserve something after all he’s been through. Let’s see you do possess the courage of the Gryffindor and like Harry you have lost your parents. Okay if you’re sure.”

She nodded again and the hat called out, “GRYFFINDOR.”

Everyone from Gryffindor clapped and cheered. Harry was probably the most relieved.

With a large smile on her face she handed the hat back to Professor McGonagall and ran to where Harry and his friends sat. As she turned to go her robe flashed open and Snape noticed her short skirt and a flash of legs.

Well now, Snape thought to himself as he saw her hug Harry. What had Harry gotten him self into? Knowing that 17-year-old boys had raging hormones, Snape knew that he was probably not the only one who had seen the flash of legs he had just seen. He was also certain that after seeing the look of relief on Harry’s face when the hat called out his house and the way she ran to him, the two would need watched real closely. Who knows, Snape thought, maybe Harry and this America girl just might prove to be entertaining. This brought a smile to Snape’s face.

Kajira knew that the greasy Professor had seen her short skirt and legs as she turned to go. She saw the look of shock register on his face before she ran off. Now she sat next to Harry watching the Professor from the Gryffindor table. She saw the sly smile cross his face and wondered if she put it there, time to find out about him.

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